Days Transcript Wednesday 3/31/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/31/21


Episode #13991 ~ Marlena makes an offer to Ciara. Theo runs into an old flame. Paulina tells Chanel she needs to get a job. Brady is stunned by Kristen's confession.

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Kristen as susan: Damn it! Why aren't you picking up? I just need to know that brady didn't find out my secret.

[Door opens]

[Suspenseful music]


[Laughs] I-- I didn't hear you come in. How long have you been standing there, huh?

Belle: "I did it. Sami brady dimera confesses to charlie dale murder." Not exactly what I would've recommended if I was still representing you, sami.

Claire: [Groans] Mom, help me. We don't have any aspirin. Please tell me you have some in your bag.

Belle: Why, what's wrong? Are you coming down with something?

Claire: I believe they call it a, uh, champagne hangover.

Belle: You were drinking champagne in the middle of the day?

Claire: Don't blame me. Blame chanel.

Belle: Who's chanel?

Claire: [Sighs]

Chanel: Hair of the dog. Why not?


Paulina: Chanel? What is all this?

Chanel: Hmm, let's see. Caviar, filet mignon, cracked crabs, asparagus with hollandaise. Oh, and a chocolate mousse for dessert.

Paulina: Oh, don't you dare.

Ben: You were with ciara? How is she?

Theo: I don't have to tell you how tough she is.

Ben: That I know. She didn't happen to remember anything else, did she?

Theo: No, I'm sorry.

Ben: Well, I'm hoping dr. Evans might be able to change that.

Theo: What do you mean?

Ben: We have a way that might help get her memory back. It's all up to ciara.

Marlena: It can be a very effective tool if you're willing to try it.

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[Soft orchestration]

Claire: So I was just sitting at the café, minding my own business, when this girl asked to join me, uh, and then she suggested that we order champagne.

Belle: Hmm. Just some random girl.

Claire: She looked cool.

Belle: You didn't think it was strange that somebody wanted to drink champagne with you, who you've never met?

Claire: Well, she said it was her treat. Anyway, anyway, after a few bottles--

Belle: A few bottles? No wonder you have a headache.

Belle: Tripp was there for bottles two and three.

Belle: Uh-huh, okay. And so this chanel, she was paying for all of this champagne?

Claire: Well, yeah, that's what she said. Except then when the bill came, she tried to just stick me and tripp with it.

Belle: Hmm, well, that must have been a fortune.

Claire: Yeah, $556...

Belle: What?!

Claire: Not including tip.

Belle: You spent $600 on booze, claire?

Claire: No, I didn'T. Obviously, me and tripp couldn't afford that.

Belle: So what did you do?

Claire: Well, luckily, eli showed up just in time.

Belle: [Scoffs] Eli is a cop. He can't afford to be picking up bar tabs like that.

Claire: He didn't, mom. Paulina did.

Belle: Who is paulina?

Paulina: Don't you touch that food, missy.

Chanel: I'm hungry!

Paulina: Did you pay for all of this?

Chanel: I charged it to the room.

Paulina: And who's paying for this room?

Chanel: Do we have to play this game?

Paulina: Who's paying for this room?

Chanel: Uh, you.

Paulina: Damn straight, it's me, and it is not cheap.

Chanel: Well, it's not like we can return the food.

Paulina: No, we can'T. So if this is my room, this is my dinner.

Brady: I just walked in. I thought you had left town, susan.

Kristen as susan: Oh, yes, I did, uh. I went to see roger on tour and, uh, well, I only stayed for one show and then, uh, well, here I am.

Brady: Here you are.

Kristen as susan: Oh, speaking of visits, um, how--how did your visit go with kristen?

Brady: I, uh--how did you know about that?

Kristen as susan: Oh, well, chloe told me. Uh, she's in there with your daddy, and they're fixing dinner.

Brady: Chloe's here already?

Kristen as susan: Oh, yes, oh, yeah, sure she is, yeah. Why?

Brady: I should probably go say hi to her.

Kristen as susan: Well, no-- no, no, no. I mean, because you know what? They are fixing up a feast. Feast, yeah, and, uh, they practically kicked me out of the kitchen and I just think, why don't I just make you a little seltzer water here, and you and I can catch up, all right?

Brady: Right, okay, okay. Yeah, that'll give you a chance to, uh, explain the secret that you don't want me to know about.

Kristen as susan: Uh, did you say "secret"?

Brady: No, no, you said "secret" when I walked in. You seemed pretty mad at your phone, too, susan.

Kristen as susan: Ah, well, uh...

[Laughs] You know how that is.

Brady: How what is?

Kristen as susan: Phones.

Brady: Okay, um, what's the secret? Tell me.

Kristen as susan: Oh, my goodness. I'm not sure, I don't remember. You know, I'm going to go in the kitchen, help john and chloe.

Brady: Susan, come here-- come here for just a second. You're keeping something from me, aren't you?

Kristen as susan: [Groans] I am.

Brady: Yeah, and, uh, I don't want you to go anywhere until you tell me what it is, please.

Kristen as susan: Okay, okay.

[Laughing] All right, you know, I cannot tell a lie. I cannot. All right. The secret is... chloe lane has feelings for you.

Chanel: I ordered plenty; there's more than enough for both of us.

Paulina: Oh, how very thoughtful of you.

Chanel: You know, while we're standing here, the filet is getting cold, so can we just dig in?

Paulina: I cut off your credit cards because your spending was out of control.

Chanel: And I heard you.

Paulina: Wine and touring and chateaus in europe, glamping safaris in south africa.

Chanel: South africa was an amazing trip.

Paulina: Carnival in rio.

Chanel: I barely remember that one.

Paulina: And you're not even sorry?

Chanel: Sorry for what? That I had a good time? That I saw the world, broadened my horizons? Isn't that what you gave me the cards for in the first place?

Paulina: Maybe--maybe it was. But, baby, that part is over.

Chanel: Why?

Paulina: Because you need to learn responsibilities. Time for you to--time for you to make your own way.

Chanel: With what? I don't have a job.

Paulina: Ooh, well, oh, let me see. Now, how can you possibly remedy that situation?

Chanel: So you leave your daughter to sink or swim, but you're covering college for a niece and nephew you barely know?

Paulina: That's right.

Chanel: How is that fair?

Paulina: It's fair because it's my money; I spend it the way I want to, and I don't want to spend any more money on a lazy ingrate like you.

Claire: Uh, paulina, who is a character, by the way, is chanel's mom, lani price's aunt.

Belle: Okay, so chanel then is lani's cousin?

Claire: Yes. She and paulina came to town to meet the twins.

Belle: Mm, and she didn't have any trouble paying her daughter's $600 champagne bill?

Claire: No, and thank god she didn't, or I would be scrubbing dishes.

Belle: Might have taught you a lesson.

Claire: Oh, my god. Really, mom, now is the time to give me a lecture?

Belle: I don't know. Is getting drunk in the middle of the day gonna be a thing for you?

Claire: No. You know what, it did feel kinda good to blow off some steam.

Belle: 'Cause of ciara?

Claire: Yeah. Just makes me really sad that after everything we went through to become friends again, she's just back to hating me.

Belle: Honey, I'm sorry.

Ben: I know ciara is confused in her head right now, but i certainly believe in her heart she still loves me.

Theo: That's just it-- I don't think she does.

Ben: And what makes you say that, theo?

Theo: I spent some time with ciara, and she opened up to me. It's not that she doesn't remember you. She refuses to accept that she even could...

Ben: Could what? Say it. Love a serial killer? Is that what you just couldn't bring yourself to say, theo?

Theo: I was trying to be tactful.

Ben: You don't have to be tactful. It's not me. I am not that guy anymore, man. Did you bother even trying to tell her that? Did you stick up for me at all, theo?

Theo: No, actually I didn'T.

Marlena: I heard theo came to visit you.

Ciara: He did. He actually just left.

Marlena: Ah, that must have been nice for you.

Ciara: Yeah, it was, but even he couldn't explain how i somehow ended up married to the necktie killer.

Marlena: He wasn't around the last couple of years.

Ciara: Marlena, I appreciate you trying to help me, but why would I want to remember ben weston somehow duping me into falling in love with him?

Marlena: You weren't duped. That love was real.

Ciara: Well, he said he rescued me after my motorcycle accident, so I must have been pretty vulnerable then.

Marlena: Mm, yeah, well, the truth is, you were very wary of him in the beginning, as you should have been, but then you spent more time with him, and you got to know each other, and you fell in love.

[Monitor beeping]

Ciara: How could I fall in love with a man who killed three women? Who tried to kill will, your grandson?

Marlena: Odd as it seems, I believe in him.

Ciara: Why?

Marlena: Because I know he was having a hard time, but he took medication, and he worked so hard on himself, and he became the man that you fell in love with.

Ciara: Can someone like that ever really get better?

Marlena: Ben did. If he hadn't, I never would have advocated for his release from bayview, and I certainly would not have been in favor of your relationship with him.

Ciara: So you thought it was a good idea for me to marry ben?

Marlena: Well, you sure loved each other. Ben adores you, and he was no longer the man that we knew in the past.

Ciara: Well, if that's the truth, then why am I terrified of him every time I'm in a room with him? Hello this is vanilla.

Chanel: So now you're gonna tell me about living on a budget while you're wearing shoes that cost more than some cars.

Paulina: [Laughs] I spend because it's my money. I worked 12-hour days for half of my life to get to where I am today, and I'm proud of it.

Chanel: I'm sure you are.

Paulina: What is that supposed to mean?

Chanel: It means, I don't need to be reminded of how much you worked. I spent my life in daycare and with the nannies.

Paulina: You love daycare, and those nannies, some of them, they were your best friends.

Chanel: Did you hear what you just said?

Paulina: I just tried to do the best I could to give you a good life.

Chanel: I would have rather had you.

Paulina: You--you think that I didn't want to spend more time with my little girl?

Chanel: Did you?

Paulina: More than anything in this world.

Chanel: Maybe not anything.

Paulina: Your father was gone. I had to put a roof over our heads and some food on the table.

Chanel: It didn't have to be caviar.

Paulina: Well, when I could afford it, I just wanted to spoil you. I'd thought it would show you how much I loved you.

Chanel: Well, it showed me something.

Paulina: I am not pretending to be the best mom. I could have been more hands-on, and it's definitely my fault that you don't understand the value of money, but that needs to change.

Chanel: Okay, I hear you, and it changes starting tomorrow. Now, can we please just eat?

Paulina: No. You wanna be a queen? You gotta get a j-o-B.

Chanel: Seriously?

Paulina: Seriously. Whew. [Laughs] This looks delicious.

[Sentimental music]

Brady: You think chloe has feelings for me?

Kristen as susan: I mean, you don't seem a bit surprised.

Brady: You're not the first person to suggest it.

Kristen as susan: Oh? Who else?

Brady: Um, kristen. Kristen and philip, they've both said something, but I--I asked chloe, and she denied it.

Kristen as susan: Well, of course, she's gonna deny it, silly. I mean, you--you are committed to kristen, and--and, you know, chloe doesn't want to seem like a home wrecker to anyone.

Brady: Okay, you know what, no one would ever think that about her.

Kristen as susan: Well, kristen might, and chloe, you know, it's not like chloe's gonna come between the two of you, right?

Brady: Chloe told you? I mean, she told you that she had feelings for me?

Kristen as susan: Oh, my god, oh, my god, you know what? She's gonna be so, so upset that I told you and that I gave up her secret. Oh...

Brady: I got to talk to her. I gotta talk to her. I got to say something.

Kristen as susan: No, no, no, no, no, no. Um, no, that is the last thing-- that's the last thing you should do. Uh-uh, she's gonna be mortified.

Brady: I think it's best to keep things in the open.

Kristen as susan: Ooh, no. No, no, mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm. It's better just to get away. Mm-hmm.

Brady: Get away?

Kristen as susan: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm, that's right, that's right. You know what, 'cause if you love kristen, and you care about chloe as a friend, um, you're just gonna give her her space. I mean, it's gotta be hard for her, you know, being around you so much and knowing that she can't have you.

Chloe: Brady. Hey, you're home. Just in time for dinner.

Brady: Yeah.

Chloe: Is everything okay?

Ben: So instead, you just decided to throw me under the bus and told ciara that she shouldn't be with me.

Theo: I didn't tell her anything. She's scared, and I was being a supportive friend.

Ben: A supportive friend? A supportive friend would be supporting her marriage.

Theo: Why should I? I don't even know you.

Ben: You know damn well I love ciara, theo, and you know she loves me.

Theo: Do I? 'Cause I wasn't around when you two were together.

Ben: She came and visited you all the way in south africa. I'm sure she would have told you how she felt about me.

Theo: That's different, seeing it in person. I don't know this version of you.

Ben: But you do believe that I've changed, right?

Theo: My dad and everyone else tell me you have.

Ben: Look, I know how much you mean to ciara. So I will do whatever it takes to prove myself to you, but i would hope that you're gonna be a good enough friend to try and convince ciara to retrieve her memories.

Theo: Honestly, I'm just glad that I can have my best friend back.

Ben: Theo.

Theo: Look, I promised ciara I'd get her some ice cream. I'll catch you later.

Marlena: You know, I can see why you'd be afraid of ben-- if you only remember the man that he used to be. But he's changed now. He's different, I promise you.

Ciara: And everyone just accepts it? That a serial killer is walking around married to a cop's daughter.

Marlena: It was hard for everybody, especially family and friends.

Ciara: You know, I'd think they'd all be horrified.

Marlena: Well, they--[Laughs] They were.

Ciara: Honestly, it's like you're telling me about someone else's life.

Marlena: I know. So much has happened. Even with claire. You know, claire, you-- you two made up. You returned to the friends that you always were in the past.

Ciara: I don't remember that either.

Marlena: Don't you want to remember it? All the things that have happened that you missed? The friendships, the fun, the weddings, the dances, the parties, everything, all the people that love you so much, don't you want to remember that? I'll be observing your safe-driving abilities.

Marlena: There you are.

Ben: Hey, how did it go? Did you pitch ciara on the idea of hypnosis?

Marlena: Well, I did the best I could.

Ben: She said no. She won't do it.

Marlena: Mm, she just wants some time to think about it, and we can't pressure her.

Ben: No, I understand that, but the more time that goes on that she doesn't remember what we meant to each other, the more scared I am that I may never get her back.

Marlena: I know you feel that way. Ben, we have to be patient and hope that those memories, however deep they're buried, they still exist. But we can't force her.

Ben: Meaning I shouldn't visit her again?

Marlena: For now, no.

Ben: Thank you for trying, dr. Evans.

Marlena: You're welcome. I'm not giving up on her. I know you won't either.

Ben: Thank you.

Theo: Hey, watch out. Chanel?

Chanel: Theo?

Belle: Oh, are you okay? I saw the news that sami confessed.

Marlena: Yes, she did confess, and then she recanted.

Belle: Well, yeah, well, that makes sense. Classic sami, deny everything, then deny the denial, and create a whole new story.

Marlena: Well, it's a little more complicated.

Belle: What does she think she's doing?

Marlena: Sami thought allie killed charlie, so she confessed.

Belle: What?

Marlena: Yeah, and allie thought sami had done it.

Belle: So does that mean neither of them actually did it, right?

Marlena: That's what it seems like.

Belle: So the real killer is still out there?

Marlena: Yeah, and the police have some leads. I haven't heard any specific names yet.

Belle: Well, anyway, I'm here to see ciara. Claire's a mess, and I thought maybe I could help.

Marlena: Mm, sweet. I just left her. She's--she's having a hard time.

Belle: Mm, still doesn't remember anything from the last few years, huh?

Marlena: No, no. I offered, uh, hypnosis to her to see if she could recover some of those lost memories, but she just wants some time to think about that.

Belle: Do you think it could work?

Marlena: Sure. Well, I've had a lot of success in the past. The thing is, the person has to really want the information.

Belle: Yeah. Well, is it okay if I go see her?

Marlena: Sure. It's a good idea. I, um, I'm glad she's having company. She probably needs to be around people that she knows love her and support her. Theo was in earlier. I think he cheered her up some.

Belle: Oh, okay. Well, I'm gonna go.

Marlena: Yes, bye. I've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Chanel: Wow, theo, you look good.

Theo: You too. Wait, why are you in salem? You didn't come here looking for me, right?

Chanel: Someone has a high opinion of himself.

Theo: Sorry, I just thought--

Chanel: I'm kidding and, no, I'm not a stalker. I had no idea you were here. I figured you were still back in johannesburg.

Theo: I'm not.

Chanel: I can see that. So what are you doing in springfield?

Theo: Salem.

Chanel: Right, salem.

Theo: My family lives here.

Chanel: Hmm. That's a coincidence.

Theo: Why?

Chanel: 'Cause my mother's here visiting her family.

Theo: Really? You have family in salem. Who's your mom related to?

Chanel: I don't want to talk about her right now. Let's talk about you. So what have you been up to since we last saw each other in cape town?

Theo: You mean when you broke up with me?

Chanel: It was mutual, and we're still friends, right?

Theo: Yeah, I guess. I mean, we did agree, no hard feelings.

Chanel: It's so good to see a friendly face. I missed you.

Theo: You did, huh?

Chanel: I didn't realize how much until now. Ugh, I'm starving. How about you take me to get some dinner so we can catch up?

Belle: [Laughs] I still can't believe you're here. It's just so good to see you.

Ciara: It's so good to see you too.

Belle: Oh, how are you feeling?

Ciara: Um. Well, you mean about not being able to remember years of my life?

Belle: Yeah, that.

Ciara: Yeah, well, um, it's weird, to say the least. I feel like I'm myself, but everyone around me has changed.

Belle: Yeah, that must be really unsettling.

Ciara: Yeah. But at least I have my family around me.

Belle: And we are so glad you're back, especially claire.

Ciara: Claire. [Chuckles] Yeah, she loves me so much that she actually tried to sleep with my boyfriend, tripp.

Claire: Oh, uh, you don't-- you don't mind if I sit, do you?

Ben: If you're not feeling well, I can come back another time.

Claire: No, no, no, I'm fine, I'm just nursing a wicked hangover.

Ben: You?

Claire: Yeah, it's a really long story. Uh, anyway, before I fell down the champagne rabbit hole, I ran into jake dimera, who told me that you were going to see ciara.

Ben: And I did. Was hoping maybe I would be able to jog her memory.

Claire: Well, did it work?

Ben: No. In fact, I think it made it worse.

Chloe: [Groans]

Brady: That dinner was amazing, chloe.

Chloe: Yeah, well, I wish I could take credit for it, but it was your dad completely. I didn't know he was such a good cook.

Brady: Yeah, he's good.

Kristen as susan: Yeah, and right now, he's doing all the washing, too. I think you should go in there and help him with the dishes, chloe.

Brady: Susan, would you mind helping my father? It's okay with you?

Kristen as susan: Me?

Brady: Yeah, yeah, that would give chloe and i a chance to talk. I really appreciate it.

Kristen as susan: [Sighs] Okay, I guess I could do that.

Chloe: Okay, um. Uh, yeah, so what's up? What's going on? Is everything okay?

Brady: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, why wouldn't it be?

Chloe: Well, because--look, I mean, I know you really well, and you seemed pretty distracted during dinner.

Brady: I did. I just, um, I think I have a lot on my mind.

Chloe: Yeah, like? I've lost count of how many asthma attacks I've had.

Chloe: So, um, is this about your visit with kristen? You didn't tell me how it went.

Brady: Actually, it didn't go that well.

Chloe: Really, what happened?

Brady: Well, for starters, kristen was not herself, and, uh, I ran into vivian, of all people.

Chloe: Vivian? Is she causing problems for kristen in prison?

Brady: No, no, no, quite the--quite the opposite. They're looking out for one another right now.

Chloe: Really? Like friends?

Brady: Any port in a storm, I guess. I don't know, but vivian did say that kristen--that she was struggling, and every time she sees me, it gets harder every time.

Chloe: Yeah, I get that. Seeing you would make her miss you and rachel

Brady: And she suggested that I not visit as often.

Chloe: Really?

Brady: Yeah.

Chloe: Did you bring that up with kristen?

Brady: I did, and she agreed. She agreed. She told me that it would probably be best if I stayed away from her, focused on rachel.

Chloe: Wow, brady, I'm sorry.

Theo: I'm sorry, I can't go to dinner with you.

Chanel: Oh, well, if you've already eaten, we can just share your ice cream.

Theo: It's not mine.

Chanel: You're carrying someone else's ice cream?

Theo: It's for my friend ciara. She's in the hospital.

Chanel: Oh, yes. Did she have her tonsils taken out or something?

Theo: She was in an explosion. I actually need to go before the ice cream melts. Um, it was good to see you, chanel.

Chanel: Yeah, you too.

Ben: I thought showing her our wedding photo and showing her our wedding rings, that maybe it would trigger something, but all it did was just make it worse.

Claire: Look, ben, she'll come around, I know she will.

Ben: I'm not giving up. Believe me. I already asked your grandmother to hypnotize her.

Claire: That's a great idea. Did ciara agree?

Ben: She said she'd think about it.

Claire: [Scoffs] What is there to think about? Ben, I mean, if she gets her memories back, she'll remember that she and I were close friends again, and she'll remember that she loves you. Why wouldn't she--

Ben: Maybe because she only thinks of me as a serial killer.

Claire: And I am the slut who tried to steal her boyfriend.


Belle: Listen, claire is my daughter and I love her, but yeah, she made some terrible choices, and, you know, she did some really hurtful things to you, but I know that she desperately wants you two to be friends again.

[Monitor beeping]

Ciara: I see.

Belle: "I see" what?

Ciara: Well, initially, i thought that marlena sent you here, but now I'm thinking it's probably claire who did it, right?

Belle: No, I volunteered. I just--I don't know. I want to help try to make things right between you two.

Ciara: Okay, well, if what you're saying is true, then i really hope I can remember how much claire and I meant to each other.

Belle: Yeah, I hope so too.

Ciara: Okay.

Belle: And you know, maybe that hypnosis could help.

Ciara: Maybe it can.

Belle: Well, I love you very much, and no matter what, I am just so happy to have you back.

Ciara: I love you too.

Belle: Okay. You take care.

Ciara: Okay.

[Sentimental music]

Seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage.

Chloe: [Sighs] Brady, I'm-- I'm sure it was awful hearing the woman that you love saying that she doesn't want to see you.

Brady: It was. I mean, I tried to talk her out of--

Chloe: No one tells kristen dimera how to think or feel, right?

Brady: That's the truth.

Chloe: Well, if there's anything I can do...

Brady: Yeah, it's, uh, probably late, and I need to check on rachel.

Chloe: Uh, yeah, okay. Well, I guess I'll see you at the office tomorrow?

Brady: Yeah, no, no, 'cause I'm--I was thinking about doing some work from home tomorrow, actually.

Chloe: Oh, well, why, are y-- are you feeling okay?

Brady: Yeah, no, I f-- I feel fine. I just kinda feel like I should spend more time with rachel, you know.

Chloe: Right, like kristen told you to do.

Brady: It's what I should do.

Chloe: Yeah, of course. Of course, and if you need any help just, you know.

Brady: I will, I'll-- I'll let you know.

Chloe: Okay, um. Ar-- okay, good night.

Brady: Yeah, I'll walk you. I'll walk you.

[Pensive music]

Kristen as susan: Hi.

Brady: Hi.

Kristen as susan: You did the right thing.

Brady: I hope so. I--I think she was a bit hurt.

Kristen as susan: Yeah, well, that girl has been unlucky in love more than once. She'll get over it.

Paulina: Something wrong, baby girl? You still pouting about dinner?

Chanel: I don't care about dinner.

Paulina: Then what is it?

Chanel: Nothing i can't handle.

Paulina: Well, I'm here if you want to talk.

Chanel: I'm fine. You said I need to be independent, right?

Paulina: Yes, um. You know, you sure did order a lot. [Laughs] There might be some crab claws left if you're hungry.

Chanel: Really? Can I have them?

Paulina: They're all yours. You, uh, might not want to get any butter on those designer duds.

Chanel: Thanks, mom.

[Gentle music]

Marlena: Oh, hi.

Belle: Hi.

Marlena: How was your visit with ciara?

Belle: Oh, it was really good, and she is considering hypnosis.

Marlena: Good. I'm glad to hear that.

Belle: And she said she wants to remember how close she was with claire.

Marlena: Yeah. And what about ben?

Belle: Uh, that, I'm not so sure about.

Theo: I'm back.

Ciara: Is that what I think it is?

Theo: Cookie dough with rainbow sprinkles.

Ciara: Oh, yay, thank you.

Theo: Sorry, it melted a little bit. Um, I ran into someone in the square.

Ciara: Mm-hmm. Mmm, soupy. I kinda like it like this. So who was this mysterious ice cream melter?

Theo: Ah, just someone I used to know.

Ciara: Hmm. Even more mysterious. You didn't get any for yourself?

Theo: Nah.

Ciara: Well, do you wanna share some of mine?

Theo: No, thanks.

Ciara: Good, because I don't want to share anyway.

Theo: [Laughs] Okay.

Ciara: [Laughs]

Claire: I guess I can't blame ciara for not wanting anything to do with us.

Ben: The version of me that she remembers was a monster.

Claire: And I was a selfish brat who stabbed her in the back.

Ben: Took forever to change her mind the first time.

Claire: Hey, if it makes you feel any better, my mom's gone to see her. She's making a case for me, and hopefully you too.

Ben: Just that when I see that look in her eyes, it's like I'm losing her all over again. Every day, I prayed that she would come back to us, and now, here she is and...

Claire: She hates us.

Ben: This can't be permanent, claire. She has to remember me.

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