Days Transcript Monday 3/29/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/29/21


Episode #13989 ~ Susan informs Kristen she's tired of playing her game. Chloe attempts to confess her feelings to Brady. Gabi inadvertently puts Philip in harm's way. Xander attacks Roman.

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Sarah: Of course. You're just trying to protect me.

Marlena: Susan? I asked you a question. You're strong.

Gabi: Philip, I--

Philip: No. If you have other plans, that's fine. I may be the ceo, but you are your own boss.

Gabi: It's not that. I just--I don't know what you have in mind and I'm still kind of getting over somebody.

Philip: Same here. This'll be a business dinner. But like I said, if you have something else going on--

Gabi: No, I don'T. I don'T. But you're okay with helping me take down your mother?

Philip: Mom understands that when it comes to business, anything goes.

Gabi: Well, this isn't just business for me right now. See, will and sonny are raising my daughter, so gabi chic is all that I have.

Philip: I get that.

Gabi: Good. And I would love to have dinner with you.

Philip: Great.

Jake: So rex skipped town with xander's fiancée? Well, good for him. Or not?

Kate: Hmm. You know, the whole thing came totally out of nowhere. Apparently, sarah was dead set on marrying xander kiriakis. And then suddenly, rex thinks that she's the love of his life and he has to have her and--I don't know. I have no idea what got into her.

Jake: I don't know. Maybe she saw rex and realized xander was a mistake. I mean, rex is a doctor and xander's a--

Kate: Baboon.

[Chuckling] I don't know. I mean sarah has always been fickle. She went back and forth between rex and his brother eric for months. Months. Just something-- something isn't right about this, you know? And I just can't put my finger on it.

Jake: Mm.

Brady: I actually have a theory as to why sarah changed her mind.

Chloe: Oh, yeah? What's that?

Brady: Well, rex managed to convince her and make her understand that she was about to marry a baby-switching, homicidal, lying, creep and she figured, "well, I guess I deserve better than that."

Chloe: Well, I guess that makes sense.

Brady: I keep picturing xander's face when he walked in on his half-naked bride-to-be in bed with rex on his wedding day. I'm telling you, chloe, I get a little fuzzy feeling inside. It makes me feel good.

Chloe: Oh, stop.

Brady: Is that bad?

Chloe: You can't stand him.

Brady: I can'T. I have reason not to stand him, okay? I mean, even the new and improved supposed xander I can't stand.

Chloe: Mm. How did maggie react to all this? Have you spoken to her?

Brady: [Sighs] Yeah, I did. She's upset. She's sad about it and this is the last thing she needed because she's already going through this grim situation with her other daughter.

Chloe: Yeah.

Brady: And that makes me feel just a little bit guilty about reveling in xander's misfortune, I suppose.

Chloe: Well, maybe you should.

Brady: I should what? Feel, what, feel guilty?

Chloe: Well, I mean being left suddenly by the love of your life on the day you're supposed to marry them?

Brady: Hold on. You feel sorry for him?

Chloe: Actually, I do.

Xander: Scotch. Neat. And leave the bottle.

Roman: What's in the brown bag? Oh. Looks like you have had enough to drink, obviously.

Xander: I'll decide that.

Roman: Okay. I'll put it another way. I'm not gonna serve you.

Xander: Oh, you are just a real gift in my life, aren't you? First, your son steals the woman I'm supposed to marry today, and now you're getting all moral about how much drink I've had. I'm know how to serve myself.

Roman: You're not going behind the bar, xander.

Xander: You're in business to serve the public. How am I the villain here?

Roman: Nobody said you're a villain, but you're a sloppy, obnoxious drunk who's getting on my nerves, so go, leave, get out of here.

Xander: Sloppy?

Roman: All right?

Xander: Even if I was passed out, I could handle the likes of you.

Roman: I don't think so, xander. Let's go, let's go!

Xander: I'm not leaving.

Philip: Xander, what the hell are you doing? Depression makes it hard for me

Brady: Hold on. How can you possibly feel sorry for xander? The guy left you to die in the hands of a drug lord. He's a thug. He just thinks of himself.

Chloe: All I'm saying is he--you know, he really seemed to change when he fell in love with sarah. He does love her. I do believe that.

Brady: Then why did you try to tell her not to marry him, then?

Chloe: Because I mean I thought it was a mistake, and I'm kind of relieved that she didn't go through with it. But that doesn't mean that I want to gloat over xander's misery. I know what it's like to have your heart broken, and it sucks. And I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Kate: Rex has made a lot of mistakes, but he's my son and I love him, and I just don't want to see his heart broken. Or worse.

Jake: What's that mean?

Kate: That means that xander despises him, I'm sure. And believe me, you don't want to be on xander's bad side. Philip found that out the hard way.

Jake: Well, I don't know xander that well, but from what I've heard, he's changed since he fell in love, huh?

Kate: [Scoffs] Hardly. I don't believe that. I mean, he may have acted civilized for sarah's sake, but I don't think he ever really changed. And now that she's out of the picture, I'm sure that he can revert back to the old xander. There's no way he's gonna take this lying down.

Xander: Stay out of this.

Philip: Not gonna do that.

Xander: What are you gonna do, you arrogant son of a bitch?

Gabi: I wouldn't provoke him, 'cause you're as drunk as a skunk, and he's a decorated marine.

Xander: Oh. Decorate this.

Roman: Hey!

Kristen as susan: You know, I just, um--I went and surprised roger on tour.


Marlena: That's quite a suitcase you took.

Kristen as susan: Well, that is just how I am. I just never know what to pack, and so I just--whoo! Pack everything. [Chuckles] And it turns out all I needed was this little robe next to my bed in case of a fire.

Marlena: Sounds like you had a nice time.

Kristen as susan: Yeah. You know, I thought I'd be there a lot longer. That's why I, you know, took this big, old trunk.

[Laughs] But, um, yeah, the surprise was on me. And roger is not going back to memphis. They want to keep him there on tour.

Marlena: Will you be going back to memphis anytime soon?

Kristen as susan: Well, actually I was hoping that I could stay here for a little bit longer.

Marlena: Yeah. What do you mean by "a little bit longer?"

Kristen as susan: I promise, I promise I won't be any trouble.

Marlena: No, no, no. It isn't that. It's just that things have gotten a little complicated here. I mean john and brady are recovering and sami is-- has her own issues.

Kristen as susan: Oh. Well, that's just terrible. Hmm.

Marlena: So you understand.

Kristen as susan: Well, yes I do. Of course I do. Absolutely, and you know what? I am gonna be your right-hand woman. Whatever you need, I'll do it.

Marlena: Thanks. That's very generous.

Kristen as susan: You want me to make dinner?

Marlena: No! Uh, no. No, thank you. John's handling that.

Kristen as susan: Mm! Oh, that's why it smells so good in here.

Marlena: Yeah, he's making beef stew.

Kristen as susan: [Gasps]

Marlena: I imagine there's enough for four.

Kristen as susan: Oh, does that mean that brady's gonna be back here for dinner?

Marlena: Yes, brady's coming.

Kristen as susan: Well, that's just great. It'd be good to see him again.

Marlena: Yeah. Well, I'll tell john that we're expecting one more person.

[Cell phone ringing]

Kristen as susan: Ugh. Just what I need.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Sighs] Yeah, yeah. I will accept the call.

Susan as kristen: Hey, kristen. It's me, susan banks.

Kristen as susan: You know what? This is not a good time.

Susan as kristen: It is the perfect time. You told me that I'd only be here for one month, and it has been one month today. So when you gonna get here and do the switcheroo-ie, hmm? Your dry skin story changes from one day to the next.

Kristen as susan: Well, gosh. Has it been a month already?

Susan as kristen: Yes it has. Now, I have been counting the hours and the minutes, and it sounds like you haven't been doing the same thing. Time sure flies when you're having fun, huh, kristen?

Kristen as susan: Okay, susan, I am not having fun. I promise you that.

Susan as kristen: Why not? I mean you got your hot man, your little girl, and you got all the hot fudge sundae you can want. I mean I'm the one who's not having fun. I mean I'm stuck here having rice pudding and jell-o mold. Oh, and you know what? That vivian is following me around wherever I go.

Kristen as susan: Well, you know what? Maybe she wants to be your friend.

Susan as kristen: Well, I don't want to be her friend. And stop changing the subject. You see, roger--his tour's about to end, and I just miss my hubby.

Kristen as susan: Uh, you know what, susan? That is--I was gonna call you about roger. His tour has been extended.

Susan as kristen: Who told you that?

Kristen as susan: I don't know. It was--there was a message on marlena's phone.

Susan as kristen: You know what? You're lying to me. You are lying to me and I will not have it. You told me one month, and that is 30 days. I know that.

Kristen as susan: You know what? Actually, it's not a leap year.

Susan as kristen: Don't give me that leap year. I am sick of playing "babes in the bighouse" and I am sick of your excuses.

Kristen as susan: Susan, please, just--I need just a little more time.

Susan as kristen: For what?

Kristen as susan: Well, chloe actually admitted that she wants brady.

Susan as kristen: Oh, so you were right all along?

Kristen as susan: [Sighs] Unfortunately, yes. And if I leave now, susan, she might move in on him. And he is feeling so lonely right now. And it might just work.

Susan as kristen: Hmm. So what you gonna do, hmm? I mean how are you gonna stop it?

Kristen as susan: [Sighs] I don't know. Look, you know what? I just--I have to go now.

Susan as kristen: Well, why are you talking to me like me?

Kristen as susan: Well, yeah, that's it, yeah. Just a little more time. Like we said. Okay, bye-bye.

[Cell phone beeps]


Brady: Can't believe you.

Chloe: I know. I'm a sentimental fool.

Brady: No. That's not what I meant. The fact that you're able to forgive xander and empathize after everything he put you through. It's amazing.

Chloe: Yeah. Well, I haven't forgiven him. I mean I haven't forgiven mimi for things she did to me over 20 years ago. I mean, I'm-- I'm not that kind of person. I can't just get over things quickly.

Brady: Yeah. Me neither. You know, um... I know you had to get over a lot for us to be friends again. And that really means a lot to me. Really does.

Chloe: It means a lot to me, too. Brady and I--we make a really good team here together at work, and you know, we enjoy each other's company. I love helping him with rachel. And we're just--you know, we're old friends with a lot of history, but that's it.

Kristen as susan: Huh. So then why did you turn down philip kiriakis for a date?

Chloe: How do you know about that?

Kristen as susan: Oh, well, he just came to see brady and I just happened to be there. And he just told me everything. And it's because I'm so easy to talk to.

Chloe: What'd he say?

Kristen as susan: Well, I mean, he says he really cares about you and I mean, he says that you're not interested, though. And, uh, he also said he thinks it's because of brady.

Chloe: Mm. He said the same thing to me, but--

Kristen as susan: But what? And I thought he was very convincing. Huh? You do see the point, right? I mean did you turn him down because brady black gives you that funny feeling down there in your basement?

Chloe: My what?

Kristen as susan: Yeah. I mean did you feel like you have to hang around him all the time 'cause you want that spark to happen between you. And, you know, grow that flaming love so hot that he just tosses kristen out, huh?

Chloe: [Sighs] Brady, there's something I need to tell you.

Jake: You know, if you're that worried about rex, I know a couple of guys in philly who wouldn't mind sending a message to xander.

Kate: You don't even know rex.

Jake: He's your son. What more do I need to know?

Kate: Oh, my god. That's so sweet.

Jake: [Chuckles] See? Only you would find it sweet to sic a couple of leg-breakers on a guy.

Kate: You know, people think that we have nothing in common. But deep down, we are oh, so simpatico.

Jake: Mm. Deep down. That's what really matters, right?

Kate: Definitely.

Jake: I'm so glad you finally realize that I'm all about you.

Kate: I do realize it. And it is very, very attractive.

Jake: Mm. Too bad about that headache, huh? Uh-oh.

[Chuckling and smooching]

Gabi: Are you all right?

Philip: I'll be fine.

Xander: Hey, what's that marine decorated with? Ribbons and bows?

Roman: Hey, get your ass out of my place right now or you're gonna spend the night in the drunk tank. You got that? Now get the hell out of here.

Xander: I don't want to be here any more than you lot want me here. I just want my girl back.

[Tense music]

Discover the replenishing power

Brady: You look very serious. What--is there something wrong?

Chloe: I don't--

Brady: Talk to me.

Chloe: No, no. There's nothing wrong. I've just been-- I've been wanting--

[Cell phone beeps]

Brady: Sorry.

Chloe: Wait, what's that?

Brady: That is my phone reminding me that statesville visiting hours have started.

Chloe: Oh. You need to be reminded of that?

Brady: Chloe, I haven't-- I haven't even seen kristen since before I got shot.

Chloe: Oh. I didn't know that.

Brady: By the time I got on my feet, she had gotten in trouble again and I wasn't able to see her until today. I have about two hours to get there and back.

Chloe: Okay. Well, I won't keep you.

Brady: No. No, I don't need to leave this second. I want to know what's on your mind.

Marlena: You seem a little bit flustered.

Kristen as susan: Well actually, I'm just a little out of gas from my trip.

Marlena: Oh, is everything all right?

Kristen as susan: Yeah. I mean more or less. It's just this was roger on the phone and he just misses me so much and he can't wait to see me again.

Marlena: Well, it's hard to be away from your husband. You know, you're still welcome here, but it makes me wonder why you're not eager to get back to your husband.

Susan as kristen: Has too been 30 days. 30 days has november-- oh, to heck with it.

[Chuckles] Oh, roger. I just miss you so much. But I can't wait to give you a hand-made souvenir from statesville. I gotta get the heck out of here.

Jake: I got an idea.

Kate: What?

Jake: You think dimera enterprises would go under if you and I, I don't know, took a personal day tomorrow?

Kate: [Chuckles] Well, I think that you're the boss and you can do whatever you want.

Jake: That's right. I am the boss and the boss is starving. The boss also thinks it would be a great idea to redd up, go downstairs, grab a drink, and maybe some dinner.

Kate: Well, how about we have a little hors d'oeuvre first?

Jake: That can be arranged.

Roman: All right. Put this on your lip. Otherwise you're gonna look like a prize fighter in the morning.

Philip: Thanks, roman.

Gabi: I feel awful. I shouldn't have shot off my big mouth.

Philip: Well, it wouldn't have made any difference. Xander's been looking to deck me for months. Years.

Roman: Well, you know what? I've had enough of this day. I hope you two weren't coming in for dinner tonight.

Philip: We were, but I understand.

Roman: All right. Yeah, i gotta get things cleaned up back there. Take good care of the lip, all right?

Gabi: We could have dinner at my place.

Philip: Isn't ava vitali staying with you and rafe? She wouldn't be too happy to see me. The feeling is mutual.

Gabi: Well, she's staying at my brother's still, but I moved out.

Philip: Since when?

Gabi: Yesterday. Come on, champ. Let's get out of here before xander gets back.

Philip: Good idea.

[Soft tense music]

Xander: Bloody hell. Sarah. Your mission:

Philip: How'd you get jake to let you move in here?

Gabi: Oh, I'm letting them live here.

Philip: What?

Gabi: Yeah, I still own this place.

Philip: But you preferred living at rafe's?

Gabi: Yes, and then nicole convinced rafe to let ava vitali move in. And well, that house is just not big enough for me and her, so here I am.

Philip: Is this house big enough for you and my mother? Surprised she hasn't called me to complain about this.

Gabi: Jake keeps her pretty busy.

Philip: Yeah, I know.

Gabi: I told her and jake that they could move out, but they decided to stay. Anyway, make yourself comfortable. I'm gonna get you another ice pack and another drink.

Philip: It doesn't have to be in that order.

Gabi: Gotcha. Hey, you have some blood on your shirt.

Philip: It adds to my rugged image as a decorated marine.

Gabi: Take it off.

Philip: What?

Gabi: Your shirt. Take it off so I can get you a clean one. I'm sure harold can find one that fits.

Philip: Ah, don't bother. I really don't care.

Gabi: I do. I don't want to look at you with that bloody shirt on for one minute longer. Come on. Take it off and let me take care of this. It's the least I can do.

Philip: Okay. Okay, sure. Thanks.

Chloe: You know what? This is not the right time to be having this conversation.

Brady: Oh, come on. Why not? Talk to me.

Chloe: No. Really, it's not a big deal. You should get going. I don't want you to miss any of your time with kristen.

Brady: Promise me you're not gonna be here working till 10:00 P.M. At night, all right?

Chloe: No, I promise. Actually, I have a video chat with parker at 5:30 I've been looking forward to all day.

Brady: That's good. You just--you seem a little down. Just want to make sure you're okay. Tell me you're okay.

Chloe: I'm fine.

Brady: I know. Have dinner with us tonight. At dad and marlena's place. It'll be great, and guess what? You can come right after you're done talking to parker.

Chloe: I don't want to intrude. It's okay.

Brady: Susan won't be there, if that encourages you.

Chloe: Really? Where did she go?

Brady: Beats me. The important part is that she's there, and we don't know when she's coming back. So just dad, me, and marlena. We'd love to see you.

Chloe: Mm. Are you sure?

Brady: Yeah. I've been having dinner with just the two of them and myself for god knows how long, and you would be a giant breath of fresh air, chloe.

Chloe: [Chuckles]

Brady: Come on.

Chloe: Well, if you put it that way.

Brady: Good. I'll see you later.

Chloe: Okay.

Kristen as susan: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Marlena: No. I told you you're welcome to stay here, and you are... for as long as you need to stay. I'm just curious why you're not rushing back to roger when he's missing you so.

Kristen as susan: Oh, it's like I told you. You know, I hate touring with, you know, the bus and all, because it's a stinky, stinky bus and a lot of people. And I barely get to see roger, and you know, as much as I miss him, you know, this is where I belong right now.

Marlena: I see.

Kristen as susan: Thank you so much for being so wonderful to me.

Marlena: It's our pleasure.

Xander: Sarah, I can't believe you're here. I thought you left town with rex.

Sarah: No. As soon as I got there, I realized I made a terrible mistake. Xander, I am so, so sorry for hurting you. I don't want rex. I only want you forever and always.

Xander: And I only want you.

Sarah: Is there any way you can forgive me? Because all I want to do is marry you right now. Today. What do you say? Hello this is vanilla.

Xander: I can't believe this.

Sarah: Believe it.

Xander: Pinch me.

Sarah: [Laughs]

Xander: You're really here.

Sarah: I am. So now... put on your skirt so we can get married.

Xander: Yes, ma'am.

Sarah: I know that I said it was bad luck for you to see me in my dress, but we're gonna make our own luck, right?

Xander: Yes, we will.

[Delicate dramatic music]


[Laughing] Oh! Sorry about that, love. I have had a few-- sarah? Sarah. Sarah!

Gabi: Bet that stings, huh?

Philip: Not too badly.

Gabi: [Sighs] That's because you're very brave.

Philip: And you're an excellent nurse. Thanks for doing this.


Marlena: Yes, yes. Of course I can. Mm-hmm. Bye. [Cell phone beeps] That was a patient. I'm afraid I have to go. Would you please be good enough to tell john that I won't be home in time for supper?

Kristen as susan: Oh, don't you worry about a thing. Dr. Marlena evans to the rescue.

[Chuckles] All right. I'm gonna hold down the fort for you.

Marlena: Thanks.

Kristen as susan: Until you get back.

Marlena: Thought you would. Thought you would. Bye now.

Kristen as susan: [Growls] Oh, come on, susan. Call me back before you ruin everything.

[Knocking on door]

[Sighs] Brady's home.

[Sighs] Hi. What the hell are you doing here?

Chloe: Brady invited me for dinner.

Kristen as susan: Oh. Well, where is he?

Chloe: Well, he's meeting me here. He went to the prison to go see kristen.

Susan as kristen: Huh. "I just need a little more time, susan." She always needs something, but I need things too. You are not the boss of me, miss kristen dimera.

Brady: Kristen?

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