Days Transcript Wednesday 3/24/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/24/21


Episode #13986 ~ Ciara is thrilled when Theo stops by for a visit. Ben encourages Jake to be proactive about Ciara. Lani and Eli prepare for the christening of the twins. Valerie has disappointing news for Paulina.

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Eli: Buddy. There we go.

Lani: How do I look?

Eli: Damn.

[Lani chuckles] Way too sexy for church.

Lani: Wait, really? Is it-is it too much?

Eli: No.

Lani: Should I change?

Eli: No, you should not change, all right? I'm kidding. You look great.

Lani: Thank you. So do you.

Eli: Thank you.

Lani: [Laughs] Let's just hope we don't get all messed up trying to get these babies fed and into their christening gowns.

Eli: [Clears throat] Yeah.

Lani: Well, look at you two. Oh, my god. Daddy got you all dressed up.

Eli: And fed. All by myself.

Lani: Mm. All of a sudden, you are just looking way too sexy for church.

[Knocking at door] Mm.

Eli: Why?

[Lani laughs]

Abe: Hey, sweetheart.

Lani: Dad.

Abe: Eli. Yes.

Eli: Hey.

Lani: Come on in.

Abe: All right, so are my grandbabies ready for their big day?

Lani: They are. Because daddy over there got them all dressed up.

Eli: Well, it's the least I could do. Your daughter has done everything else. She's booked st. Luke's, she arranged the ceremony. Everything.

Abe: [Laughs] Well, does that include setting her aunt paulina straight?

Paulina: Mm. [Chuckles] As coco chanel once said, "before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off."

[Sighs] Mm. Well, maybe miss coco never saw herself looking this good.

[Knocking at door] Oh, well, if it isn't my fellow godmother.

Valerie: Well, I'm glad you haven't left yet for the church.

Paulina: Why is that?

Valerie: I was hoping we could talk.

Theo: Hey, claire.

Claire: Oh, theo. You look so nice.

Theo: It's my niece and nephew's christening today.

Claire: Are the flowers for the christening?

Theo: No, these are for ciara; I was actually headed to the hospital. Have you seen her?

Claire: Yeah. Yeah, yesterday.

Theo: Why do you look sad?

Claire: Because as happy as I was to see her, she wasn't one bit happy to see me.

[Knocking at door]

[Melancholy music]

Ben: Hey.

Jake: Hey. I heard they found ciara alive. That's amazing.

Ben: Yeah. It is.

Jake: You gotta be over the moon, right? Dude, what's wrong? Why aren't you at the hospital with her?

Ben: I was at the hospital. She said she didn't want to see me.

[Tense music]

[Monitor beeping]

Ben: I would never hurt you, ciara. Ever.

Ciara: You stay away from me.

Ben: Listen to me.

Ciara: You stay away from me. I'm warning you.

Ben: Listen to me. I love you, okay? I love you. You love me.

Ciara: What? You--no.


[Breathing heavily] Why would he say that to me? I mean, he's the necktie killer. He belongs in a mental hospital or a prison. How could I possibly ever love someone like him?

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[Soft orchestration]

Theo: Ciara really has amnesia?

Claire: Yeah. My grandma said it's called selective amnesia. She remembers her whole life right up until the night she came home and caught me with tripp. She remembers running out of there. She remembers getting into the motorcycle accident. But after that, nothing.

Theo: I don't understand. That was years ago.

Claire: Not to her. To her, it was like last night. So she totally hates my guts.

[Door opens]

Doug: Oh. Oh, thank god. Oh, thank god. She's here. Sweetheart, our precious granddaughter has come back to us.

Ciara: Hi, grandpa. Hi.

Doug: Aww. Aw, great to see you.

Ciara: Good to see you. Hi.

Julie: We thought we had lost you forever.

Ciara: Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry that I put you guys through this mess. But it's so good to see the both of you.

Doug: I'm sure all that was not your fault.

Julie: Well, he's right, there.

Doug: Can't wait till your mother finds out.

Ciara: Shawn never got ahold of her?

Julie: Well-well, not yet, sweetheart. But he'll track her down.

Doug: Your mother never once gave up hope that you were alive. She just knew somehow god would bring you back to us and to all the people who love you. Wow.

Jake: What do you mean, ciara doesn't want to see you?

Ben: The place where that creep was holding her, there was this explosion that happened right before I got there.

Jake: Oh, man.

Ben: She's gonna be okay, physically. But she had this head injury where now she can't remember this block of time at all. The whole block of time with me in it.

Jake: You serious?

Ben: Yes, I'm serious. She was in this bike accident years ago, and I was the one who found her. She was on the side of the road. She had a broken leg, and I took care of her. That was the beginning of me and her. All she remembers is the bike accident. She thinks that's the reason why she's in the hospital.

Jake: So she has no idea who you are.

Ben: No. She knows who I am. The guy who killed three women. But as for the rest of it, us falling in love and getting married, it's like it never existed.

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Abe: Paulina still thinks that you want her to be the godmother. Did you see the look in julie's face when she heard her crowing about that?

Eli: Yeah.

Lani: She didn't do it on purpose, dad. She just misunderstood.

Abe: It does not change the fact that julie's feelings were really hurt.

Eli: Look, you definitely got to give it to my grandma. She sucked it up, and she didn't tell paulina off.

Abe: Well, you know this can't go on. I mean, this has to be resolved before the christening.

Lani: I was going to.

Abe: So what stopped you?

Lani: Somebody was nice enough...

Eli: And brave enough...

Lani: To volunteer and do it for me.

Paulina: Valerie, come on-come on in.

Valerie: Oh, okay.

Paulina: I'm glad that you came by. I have a little something for you.

Valerie: For me? Really?

Paulina: Would I lie?

Valerie: Oh. Oh, you shouldn't have.

Paulina: I know, but I did. Go ahead. Open it.

Valerie: Okay...oh. What is...this?

[Paulina laughs] Oh, this is so, so very sweet.

Paulina: I got one for myself too.

[Both laugh]

Valerie: Look at that.

Paulina: Oh, those precious little babies. They are so lucky to have two strong, smart, god-fearing women for role models, don't you think?

Valerie: I do.

Paulina: I mean, I know so. Because raising two babies on two cops' salaries, that's a heavy lift, if you know what I mean.

Valerie: I do.

Paulina: And you being a fancy surgeon, me being a real estate tycoon, well, those kids are gonna have everything they need.

Valerie: I certainly hope so.

Paulina: I know so. Eli and lani, they couldn't have picked two better woman to be the twins' godmothers.

Valerie: Well, I can think of another person.

Paulina: You mean tammy? Mm-mm. She's already godmother to my little girl. Well, she's not little anymore. But I called her last night. I talked to her. She's fine with it. Trust me. Everybody's thrilled.

Valerie: Mm. Not everybody. I know one person who isn'T.

Paulina: What? Who?

Valerie: Julie williams.

Julie: So how are you feeling today, ciara?

Ciara: Well, I'm still a little sore from the surgery. And my head's pretty foggy.

Julie: You've been through so much, darling.

Ciara: Yeah. And this really strange thing happened to me yesterday.

Doug: What really strange thing?

Ciara: So you know that guy ben weston?

Julie: Yes.

Ciara: Yeah. He came to visit me. I was terrified. I mean, I was alone with him, and I was afraid that he was gonna do something to hurt me.

Julie: Did you say that to him?

Ciara: Yeah. But then he told me that he loved me and that i somehow loved him back. I mean, isn't that the sickest thing you've ever heard? And besides, why isn't he locked up somewhere? Why would he say something like that to me?

Ben: I went to that hospital expecting to say with ciara until she was well. She couldn't get rid of me fast enough.

Jake: Man. I'm so sorry. Did you try to jog her memory at all?

Ben: I didn't even have the time, man. She thought I snuck into her room to hurt her.

Jake: So she doesn't remember that she married you.

Ben: No. The surgeon, kayla johnson, came into the room. She ordered me to leave. Kayla was the one who figured out about the amnesia.

Jake: Okay, so did you talk to her?

Ben: Yes, I talked to her, and she told me it's best not to pressure ciara right now to remember.

Jake: Wow. It's gotta be temporary, her memory loss, right?

Ben: I hope so. Otherwise, I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do. Allergies don't have to be scary.

Abe: God bless valerie. She's really taking one for the team.

Lani: I know aunt paulina is pushy, dad. But she's also a sweetheart. And I just, I don't want her to get her feelings hurt.

Abe: [Scoffs] You know, if she was hurt, she set herself up for it. She just assumed that she was going to be the godmother. She-she didn't even let eli finish talking.

Lani: I know.

Abe: And watching julie try to cover up how hurt she was--it just broke my heart.

Eli: It'll all get settled, abe. My mom will make sure of that.

Abe: Paulina has to learn that she just can't rush in and take over.

Lani: Dad, she doesn't always do that.

Abe: She tried to tell me how to do my job.

Lani: What?

Abe: Yeah, it's true. She is interested in a lease on the gabi chic store space, and she expects me to make it happen. Now, she gave me a lecture on how the square doesn't have any black-owned businesses, and she says that it's my job to change that.

Eli: She does have a point. About there not being any black-owned businesses in the square.

Abe: Well, yeah. Yeah. I don't disagree with her argument. But per her request, I introduced her to the landlord. And that's as involved as I'm going to get. What?

Lani: [Chuckles] Something tells me that aunt paulina is gonna get exactly what she wants. She always does.

Paulina: What are you saying, valerie? That julie williams thinks that she should be one of the godmothers?

Valerie: I believe she was expecting to be asked.

Paulina: Oh, she's not satisfied with little jules being named after her. You know, some women, they just never have enough.

Valerie: Eli loves his grandmother, paulina, and they have a very close relationship.

Paulina: Close? Lani said that she hadn't even said a word to him until a few years ago.

Valerie: Well, that was my doing. A few years ago, julie didn't even know eli existed. But now, she loves him and would do anything for him.

Paulina: Yeah, well--look, I love-I love eli. And you, you're a fine person. But why should other of the godmothers just come from your side only?

Valerie: Well now that's a good point.

Paulina: Thank you.

Valerie: But... and even I have had my issues with julie. But she loves him with her whole heart.

Paulina: Well look, I'm sorry. Her feelings are hurt. But she'll just have to except that eli and lani, they want me to be jules' godmother.

Valerie: That's just the thing, paulina. That's not what they want.

Claire: This was ciara'S. Ben let me have it when we thought ciara was gone forever.

Theo: I know that that's ciara. Is that other little girl you?

Claire: Yeah. We were such good friends back then. You know, when ben rescued her, I thought I'd have my best friend back. But now, all she remembers is catching me with tripp. And she doesn't even remember the other awful things I did to her.

Theo: If you're lucky, maybe she never will. You think I should hold off visiting her?

Claire: No. No, she'll be really happy to see you. Just keep her thinking that the reason why she's in the hospital is because of the motorcycle accident. Aunt kayla's afraid that if anyone tries to force her to remember, it could be really bad for her.

Julie: Darling, there's a lot about ben you don't know.

Ciara: Like what?

Julie: Well, he's had a great deal of medical care, really, years of therapy, and he's been restored. He's back to being the good person he was when he first came to salem.

Ciara: Back when he worked at club tbd?

Julie: Right.

Ciara: Are you sure about that? Because something about him just seemed very off to me.

Doug: Off how?

Ciara: Just confused. You know? Delusional even.

Doug: Well I promise you this, you don't have to be afraid of ben.

Ciara: Yeah, but why did he say that we loved each other? And why did claire tell me that it was the truth when she came to see me? I just, I don't get it. Ben and I hardly even know each other.

Doug: Well, there is an explanation, sweetheart.

Julie: Darling, remember what kayla told us?

Ciara: What did aunt kayla say? Was it something about me? Will one of you guys please tell me what's going on?

Ben: Ciara looked at me, and I could tell that she was just scared to death. Of me, of what I might do. It was like a knife in my heart.

Jake: Had to be.

Ben: You know, ever-ever since I really starting thinking that she could be alive, I had this fantasy in my head that the first time we saw each other again, we'd be so happy. Then I find her under a bunch of rubble, and I thought lost her again. And then she makes it through the surgery, and I can't wait for her to open her eyes and look at me. But she's still lost to me.

Jake: Hey. Don't think like that. All right? Hey, listen to me. Ciara will get her memory back. And I think I know how to make that happen. To be a thriver

Lani: Mom, don't worry. I understand. We will be taking lots of pictures and videos, and I will email them all to you. Yes. I love you too. Bye.

Abe: So how's your mom doing?

Lani: She feels so guilty for not being here today. I told her that I understood that her tour was booked a year in advance. But I don't think it helped.

Eli: Did she explain why aunt paulina popped back in your life with no warning?

Lani: She doesn't have to explain. I know that's just how she is. She swoops on in without a warning, and then she leaves exactly the same way.

Abe: Well, that couldn't have been easy for you when you were little.

Lani: I got used to it. My mom said she talked to auntie paulina last night, and she just kept going on and on how honored she was to be jules' godmother.

Eli: Oh boy.

Lani: Right? Your mom has her work cut out for her.

Paulina: Eli and lani do so want me to be jules' godmother. You heard his speech. You were there.

Valerie: It was about julie.

Paulina: What?

Valerie: You didn't let him finish.

Paulina: Are you sure?

Valerie: I'm positive.

Paulina: Well. Why didn't lani say something?

Valerie: Well, she didn't want to hurt you, paulina. And you were so excited, and she didn't want to tell it in front of everybody. In fact, she was on her way here to tell you herself, but there was so much to do getting ready for the christening, I told her I'd come and talk with you.

Paulina: But julie, she's no spring chicken. I mean, how's she gonna-how's she gonna jules' spiritual guide until she's grown up?

Valerie: Well, I'm sure that eli and lani have thought about all that.

Paulina: And they still want her?

Valerie: They do.

Paulina: Thank you. Thank you for telling me.

Valerie: You all right, sis?

Paulina: It's just, lani, she means so much to me, and I thought... but, you know what, I was wrong. No, it's all right. I'll be okay; I'm fine. You better go on. I don't want you to be late to the church.

Valerie: Well, why don't- why don't we ride over together?

Paulina: No, I can't go now.

Valerie: Paulina.

Paulina: I-I can't go. It's just--it'll be too humiliating.

Valerie: No. I know for sure that lani and eli both want you there. Please come.

Paulina: No. You know what, I had to move around a whole lot of things just to even fit this in today, and I got million calls I gotta return today. So you just go on. Go--you go ahead, go ahead. You give them my love.

Valerie: You sure? Okay, sis. If that's the way you want to do it.

[Soft music]

Ciara: Well, it is clear that you guys are keeping something from me, and I would like to know what it is, please.

Julie: Of course. Your aunt kayla told us that you had been through so much, you're going to need quite a lot of time to get well again. And she said that we shouldn't talk about any subject that's upsetting to you. Now, obviously a man with ben's background has been upsetting, and therefore we won't talk about it.

Doug: Well, remember, he's reformed.

Julie: Yes. Yes, I know, darling. But he's not here, and ciara's made it very clear that she doesn't want to see him. So why talk about him if that's what she wants?

Doug: Julie's right. Nothing is more important than your health.

Julie: And what you need to do is rest right now.

Doug: Right, right, right.

Ciara: Oh. No, you guys don't have to go.

Julie: Well, we'll be back very soon, I promise.

Ciara: Okay.

Julie: You look beautiful, darling.

Doug: See you later, alligator.

Ciara: In a while, crocodile.

Both: [Laugh] Mwah!

Ciara: Bye, grandpa. Love you.

Doug: Love you.

Ben: Dr. Rolf's memory serum. Are you freaking kidding me?

Jake: My mom swears it works.

Ben: Your mother's vivian alamain! And dude, not for nothing, it didn't seem to really work for you.

Jake: Yeah, of course it didn't work on me, because gabi and my mother thought I was stefan with amnesia. And everybody knows they're wrong. Forget I even brought it up.

Ben: Well, isn't that the drug they gave will horton, to get his memory back?

Jake: Yeah, it is. And that's how gabi knew about it, why she gave it to me. Look, man, the only reason I brought this up is because you said you didn't know how you would go on if ciara you didn't remember you two together.

Ben: This drug's not exactly fda-approved, man. I mean, didn't will horton have to take that on the sly?

Jake: Yeah, he did. So it's not gonna be easy to get your hands on it. But hey, don't give up on seeing your wife again.

Ben: I told you. Kayla told me that I--

Jake: I don't care what kayla said! Dude, listen to yourself! I care about what I saw when you and ciara were together. She's crazy about you, man. And she still is. Even if her mind's playing tricks on her. So if there's a magic memory drug for her, that's you, pal. Ahoyy!

Doug: Ciara looked so sad when we left her.

Julie: Right. Well, she said her head was still foggy. That-that probably caused it.

Doug: You know, honey, I'm not gonna go against kayla's orders, but I do not agree with her. I mean, ciara deserves to know that ben is her husband and he loves her. Maybe she would even remember if we talk about it.

Julie: Darling, she's terrified of ben right now. She cannot imagine falling in love with a man that has that history.

Doug: Yes, but honey, she did fall in love with him.

Julie: She's very frail right now. Hearing from us that her life is different than what she believes it is--I'm afraid it's just too stressful for her, darling.

Doug: Our poor little granddaughter. What she's been going through. And ben, golly. This must be breaking his heart.

Julie: Of course.

Jake: Ben, I don't care what the doctor said. You are ciara's husband. You have every legal right to see her.

Ben: Look at you, man. You put on a suit, you're a lawyer now?

Jake: We both know I'm right.

Ben: What are you-what are you talking? You didn't see the way she looked at me. I'm not gonna pressure her. I'm not gonna have her relapse.

Jake: Ciara's tough. Are you forgetting that? She's your wife. She can handle the truth. So if I were you, I'd be honest with her.

Ben: You are not me.

Jake: Yeah, and thank god, 'cause look at you. Who is this guy? You want your wife back? Fight for her.

Theo: Are you up for a visitor?

Ciara: Well, I am if it's you.

Theo: I remembered your favorite flowers.

Ciara: Theo. Wow, it's good to see you. Are you here on vacation?

Theo: I came for a family thing, and then I heard about you, so I had to come see you.

Ciara: That makes me very happy. And look at you. I mean, you've healed so well. You're walking great.

Theo: Yeah. I was-I was lucky. How you doing?

Ciara: Oh, you know, I'll be okay. I haven't really changed much since we were kids. You know, still getting into messes, getting myself hurt.

[Chuckles] Hey, remember when we were kids and I convinced you to run away with me?

[Both laugh]

Theo: Yes. Yeah, you were always tough.

Ciara: So, what's the family thing?

Theo: It's a christening. I'm actually gonna be the godfather to one of my sister's twins.

Ciara: Wow.

Theo: Yeah.

Ciara: Huh. Well, I knew lani was pregnant, but twins? I mean, wow, that must have been such a great surprise.

Theo: What? Oh, yeah. Yeah, it was.

Ciara: Yeah, the last time I saw lani and eli, it seemed like the pregnancy was bringing them together. I think they'd make a really great couple, don't you?

Theo: I know they would. And I think you're right.

Ciara: So, you're a godfather now.

Theo: I am. Yeah, to my niece. Her name's jules.

Ciara: Oh, wow. Jules. I like that. Jules. Well, she is one lucky little lady to have you as a godfather.

Lani: I really wish we would hear from your mom.

Eli: Yeah, I know.

Lani: Oh, my god. I should have told my aunt paulina myself.

Valerie: Hey.

Eli: Mom.

Valerie: Hi.

Abe: Well, glad to see you're still in one piece.

Valerie: Yeah. It took longer than I expected. You know, it's hard to get a word in edgewise with paulina.

Lani: How did she take it?

Valerie: Harder than I thought. She's decided not to come today.

Lani: Oh, no. Let me call her.

Valerie: No, you know, lani, I would wait. Your auntie's a very proud woman, and she was absolutely mortified that she had assumed she was the godmother.

Lani: I just, I really hate the thought of her feeling bad.

Valerie: I know. But, you know, give it some time. Smooth things over after the ceremony.

Lani: Yeah. I know you're right, but i just--I really feel awful. She acts like nothing phases her. But on the inside, I know that she's really feeling bad.

Paulina: [Sighs] Well, coco, you win. Take off the makeup. Party's over.

[Phone ringing] Uh-uh. No, I can't deal with you right now. This is the sound of an asthma attack...

Claire: So, ciara still doesn't remember anything since the motorcycle accident.

Julie: I'm afraid not, no.

Doug: We're gonna check in on her again after the twins' christening.

Claire: Oh, right. That's today.

Doug: Yeah.

Claire: You must be so excited.

Julie: Oh, we are. Of course. Although, lani's aunt paulina assumed that she was going to be chosen godmother to little jules.

Claire: Instead of you.

Julie: Well, I'm sure that eli wanted me. But aunt paulina is very sensitive. And we did get off on the wrong foot with each other.

Claire: Oh, how so?

Julie: Well, I'm afraid I took offense when she called me "that old white lady." And then she took offense when I reached out to touch valerie's hair. Did you know you're not supposed to do that?

Doug: Oh, yeah.

Claire: Yeah.

Doug: Mm-hmm.

Julie: Well, I wish somebody told me. I felt like such a fool.

Theo: So on my way here, I ran into claire.

Ciara: Lucky you.

Theo: She knows what she did was bad.

Ciara: Yeah, well, she should know that it was bad. I mean, if I hadn't walked in on her, she would have slept with tripp. Theo, I-I saw them going at it right there on the couch, in the living room. I tore out of there so fast, jumped on my bike, and I rode away. I was crying so hard. That's the reason why I spun out.

Theo: Look, claire knows what she was did was really wrong.

Ciara: And people keep forgiving her, and she never changes. I mean, she kept you and me apart, theo. She made sure that you never got the letter I wrote you.

Theo: Yeah. I know.

Ciara: And this thing that she did with tripp, it's the last straw. That's it. I am done. I am done with her.

Theo: You can't give her one more chance?

Ciara: You really always see the best in people. Even if they don't deserve it.

Theo: Well, I have to get going to church. Will you at least think about what I said?

Ciara: Okay, fine. I'll think about it. But only if you promise to come back and visit me again.

Theo: Deal. Take care, okay?

Ciara: Oh, theo? I hope you know just how happy it makes me to see you again.

Theo: Same here.

Eli: I know you're bummed about paulina not being here.

Lani: Yeah. I really liked having someone represent from my mom's side of the family.

Abe: Of course you did.

Julie: Hello. Hello, everybody. Good to see you all. Where are the babies? Where are those babies?

Eli: Right over there.


Julie: Ohh! Darling, here they are.

Doug: Oh, wow. Sleeping like the little angels they are, wow.

Julie: Look, look, look. Little jules is wearing the christening dress I gave her. I hope paulina doesn't have a problem with that.

Eli: Grandma, we-we cleared things up with paulina.

Julie: What do you mean?

Valerie: Well, I explained to her that eli and lani really wanted you to be the godmother.

Julie: You did?

Abe: Yeah, they always did. Paulina misunderstood.

Julie: Wow. What did paulina say?

Valerie: Well, she very graciously backed out.

Lani: And I hope you still want to do it.

Julie: If it's what you two really want?

Eli: Yes, grandma.

Lani: Yes.

Eli: It is.

Julie: Oh, yes. I'm just--I'm absolutely thrilled. Let me hug you, let me hug you. Oh, thank you. Thank you, handsome.

Theo: Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late.

Abe: Oh, no, no, no. That's okay. That's okay. I'm gonna go tell father bernard that we are all here. All right?

Theo: What about lani's aunt?

Lani: We don't think she's coming.

Paulina: Well, you thought wrong. I have something to say to you.

Eli: Oh boy. Is now a good time for a flare-up?

Julie: Go ahead, paulina. Say what's on your mind.

Paulina: I always do. I'm sorry.

Julie: You are?

Paulina: I seem to have made a mess of a very special day.

Lani: Aunt paulina.

Paulina: No, just let me finish. Now, when eli gave that-that lovely speech about picking jules' godmother, I assumed that he was talking about me. Bad habit of mine, I'm always the star of my own movies. I shouldn't have been so presumptuous. I have something, and I think it belongs to you.


[Julie laughs]

[Chuckling] We good now? We good?

Julie: Families always have misunderstandings. And now, we're all family now.

Paulina: Oh, you're right. You're right, we are, we are. You two, you forgive me for stirring up all this drama?

Eli: Yes, definitely.

Lani: Aunt paulina, we are so happy that you're here with us today. And we want you to know that we want you to be an important part of our children's lives.

Paulina: Aw, well, that-that just means the world to me.

Lani: Come here.

Abe: Well, now that that's all settled, let's get these babies christened.

Paulina: Yes.

Lani: Let's do it.

Theo: Whoo!

Doug: Here, here. Let's do it.


Valerie: Amen.

Ben: Ciara brady.

Ciara: What are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay away from me. Get out now, or I swear to god I'm gonna start screaming.

Ben: You're gonna scream, go for it.

Ciara: I will.

Ben: Go for it.

Ciara: I will. You think I won't?

Ben: Because I'm not going anywhere until you hear what I have to say. Welcome to this family meeting.

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