Days Transcript Friday 3/19/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/19/21


Episode #13983 ~ Xander gets a major shock on his wedding day. Jack is stunned when Gwen reveals Abigail abducted her. Chad warns Abigail her anger at Gwen has gotten out of hand. Jake confronts Gabi about her motives for moving back into the mansion.

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Jake: Yeah, yeah, I'm looking for him. What the hell are you doing here? You're not moving back in, are you?

Gabi: [Chuckles] How else could I come between you and great-grandma kate? See, if I lived here, I could easily sneak into your bedroom in the middle of the night, drag you into mine and have my way with you. I'm joking, I'm kidding. I'm not here to seduce you, much to your disappointment, I'm sure.

Bonnie: I wish--thank you-- xander would call and let us know what's going on.

Jack: I'm sure he'll call us as soon as he finds sarah.

Bonnie: It's just so weird, her disappearing like that on her wedding day. I mean, she was so excited about getting married. Over the moon, really.

Jack: It's strange, no doubt, but I'm sure there's a logical explanation that--

[Door opens] Well, that's him coming in right now. Xander is...gwen?

Bonnie: Damn.

Gwen: Damn? Or maybe it was who were you expecting?

Bonnie: Oh, sorry, nothing personal. We were just hoping it was xander finding his bride-to-be.

Jack: They're supposed to be getting married today, and she's mia.

Gwen: Really? Well, that's strange.

Bonnie: Stranger by the minute.

Sarah: Ha, ha! I'm coming, xander! No. No! Somebody help me! Somebody, please, you have to help me! God! Kristen dimera has taken my place, and she's trying to ruin my wedding!

Kristen as sarah: God, i want you.

Xander: What the hell is going on?

Male narrator: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

[Soft orchestration]

Gabi: So the real reason I'm here, not that it's any of your concern, is that I was sick and tired of being roomies with mafia princess ava vitali over at my brother'S. And in case you've forgotten, this is my house. Your brother left it to me. So if you have a problem with me living here, then you can just leave, and you can take kate with you. Will you open that for me?

Jake: [Chuckles]

Gabi: And why are you so damn quiet? I mean, if you're not gonna say anything, then why don't you just help me or leave?

Jake: I will leave.

Gabi: Oh, let me remind you, I'm not the kind of woman that chases after a man who doesn't want her.

Jake: Oh, good. Glad to hear you finally get it.

Gabi: I totally get it, and jake, honey, it is so your loss.

Abigail: Hey.

Chad: Hi, uh, kate, can you give us a second?

Kate: Yes, of course.

Chad: Where you been?

Abigail: Oh, I was just down at the salem pd, getting grilled by rafe.

Chad: About you sticking gwen with the syringe? What'd you tell him?

Abigail: I denied it.

Chad: You lied to the police.

Abigail: Why wouldn't I? I mean, gwen's lying to everyone about killing my grandmother.

Jack: Gwen, what are you doing here?

Gwen: Your office told me where to find you. Look, I--I really need to talk to you, jack.

Jack: Well, this isn't really a good time, we're having a-- we're hoping to have a wedding. I'm the best man.

Gwen: Right, well, that would explain your tux, then, wouldn't it?

Jack: Yes, we're just having an unexpected delay.

Bonnie: Okay, I'm gonna go talk to justin, see if he's heard anything. Excuse me.

Sarah: [Grunting] Please! Somebody! Damn it!

Kristen: That is unexpected. Rex brady is still carrying a torch for you.

Sarah: What do you mean?

Kristen: Well, he's trying to talk you out of marrying xander, and... I agreed to let him try.

Sarah: Monster. I have got to get out of here. I have to get out of here before she breaks xander's heart. Ahh!


Xander: Get the hell away from her!

Rex: She's got to-- oh, get off me, man!

Xander: You're lucky I don't tear you to pieces. What happened? What did he do to you?

Rex: I didn't do anything to her. She's here because she wants to be.

Xander: You expect me to believe that, you son of a bitch?

Rex: Yeah.

Xander: She loves me! We're getting married. Tell him!

Sarah: I'm sorry, xander. Rex is right. This was my choice.

Xander: No, that's--that's impossible, that's--

Rex: I know this whole thing is very difficult for you--

Xander: Shut the hell up!

Kristen as sarah: Please, please, please, please! What are you doing here? How did you find us?

Xander: Susan banks called me. She said she saw you and rex in an intense conversation and warned me that you'd come up here, but... I was certain she was mistaken.

Rex: No, it's no mistake. I called sarah, asked her to be with me so I could convince her not to marry you. Didn't take much convincing.

Kristen as sarah: Rex. I need to speak to xander alone. Please.

Rex: Okay. I'll be downstairs if you need me.

Xander: Sarah, what in god's name has happened to you? Because there's no way in hell I'll ever believe that you were gonna sleep with rex brady on our wedding day.

Sarah: Damn it! Dimeras! Dimeras! Hey! Doesn't somebody need a bottle of wine? Please? Someone! Anyone, I don't care! Please!

Chad: You lied to the police?

Abigail: Yep, just like you did when you said you didn't see me punch gwen's lights out.

Chad: No, this is a hell of a lot more serious, abby. I'm worried about what kind of trouble you might be in.

Abigail: You don't need to worry. It's gwen's word against mine.

Chad: Gabi was in on it with you, right? She saw everything.

Abigail: Gabi is a really smart woman who knows if she opens her mouth she's gonna be incriminating herself. Don't know why I trusted her. The only reason I'm even in this mess is because she decided to let gwen go.

Chad: No, you were in this mess because I am an idiot, and I believed you were unfaithful.

Abigail: Which takes us back to gwen and her lies, which is exactly why she needs to be stopped.

Chad: But you don't need to be the one that stops her.

Abigail: She's already taken enough from me. She's taken enough from my family, so I'm not gonna just sit here and let her get away with it.

Chad: What about what you're taking from this family?

Abigail: What are you talking about?

Chad: Okay, this obsession with revenge. You could go to prison for what you did.

Abigail: I won'T.

Chad: You don't know that! And what if you do? Okay, where does that leave thomas and charlotte? They've already lost so much time with you, abby.

Abigail: Which is another gift from gwen, because she's the reason I went to the psych hospital in the first place.

Chad: Stop, stop! Please. Okay, please. All right, this--this anger is turning you into something that I don't recognize. It makes me afraid for our children.

Jake: I see what's going on here. You got your sights set on some poor slob don't you?

Gabi: Maybe I do, but why do you care?

Jake: I don'T.

Gabi: Good. Now will you please leave, because I am desperate for a bath.

Jake: Ah, no, no, no. I still got a few things I gotta clear up with you, so I'm not finished yet.

Gabi: Yeah, well, I am.

Kate: Hey.

Jake: Ah! What the hell? This--this is not what it looks like.

Kate: Well, it certainly looks like what it looks like.

Jake: No, no, no, gabi was just telling me why the hell she decided to suddenly move back in here.

Kate: Well, I think that's pretty obvious, isn't it? You just don't know when to quit, do you?

Gabi: Actually, I was just telling jake that if the two of you have a problem with me living in my house, you can just move out. And then I asked him to leave so I could take a bath, but he just didn't wanna go.

Gwen: Look, I'm really sorry to barge in like this, but this is really important.

Jack: Is this about laura? Did the D.A. Bring charges?

Gwen: No, it's not that. No. This is about attempted murder, jack--mine.

Jack: What?

Gwen: Yes. Abigail abducted me, and she held me captive in some dungeon over at the dimera mansion, and she threatened to poison me if i didn't confess to killing her grandmother.

Jack: Well, that--that's impossible. Abigail would never do something like that.

Gwen: I just told you that she did, jack. Do you not believe me?

Abigail: You cannot possibly believe that I would be a threat to charlotte and thomas.

Chad: Of course not. You're a wonderful mother. But what you're doing... I'm afraid that you're gonna go to prison, and I might lose you all over again.

Abigail: I'm not gonna go to prison. I reached out to justin, and i told the police if they had any other concerns, they're to contact him.

Chad: And that solves everything.

Abigail: Why are you making me out to be the bad guy here? Gwen is the person who almost destroyed our family and guess what? She's probably not done.

Chad: You're not the bad guy. You're angry. And you're confused.

Abigail: I am not confused.

Chad: Abby, if this keeps up-- I think that you need help. Okay, I think that you need to talk to somebody about your anger.

Abigail: Like a psychiatrist? Because I had one. I had one until gwen killed her.

Chad: You don't know that.

Abigail: I do know that. Gwen said she would kill whoever deprived her of her father. And then my grandma laura ends up dead where? Where? In gwen's room. How much more proof do you actually need?

Chad: She swears it was an accident.

Abigail: And my god, you believe her. You believe her, which reminds me of a whole host of other things that you chose to believe her about that never happened.

Chad: It's not the same.

Abigail: No? Well, you know what is the same? You're my husband. You're my husband, and you're supposed to be on my side.

Chad: I'm 100% on your side. But I am terrified that your obsession with gwen is gonna destroy us.

Sarah: This can't be happening. Ah! I've got to get out of here.

[Door slams open]

Xander: Is that any way to greet your groom?

Sarah: You found me!

Xander: Of course I did! Kristen might have your face and your voice, but she doesn't have your heart. I knew in an instant she wasn't you.

Sarah: I knew it. I knew you would see the truth. Where-- where's kristen? What if she comes back?

Xander: Kristen's behind bars where she belongs, I saw to that. So, why don't you get dressed, bride? We've a wedding to get to.

Kristen as sarah: I'm so sorry that you walked in on rex and me.

Xander: This is on him. That bastard's had it in for me ever since he found out we slept together. And what ticks him off the most is that it wasn't just sex. With you and me, it turned into the kind of love that someone like rex could never understand. That's why he hates me. That's why he--he lured you up here and forced you to-- sarah?

Kristen as sarah: I asked rex to bring me up here.

Xander: That doesn't make any sense.

Kristen as sarah: He called me and said he needed to talk, and he told me that he still loved me, and I realized... I've never really gotten over him.

Xander: But you don't love rex, you love me.

Kristen as sarah: Xander, if that were true, then why would i agree to meet rex here today?

Xander: Wait, today? Where were you last night? Where have you been all this time? Struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes

Kristen as sarah: Where have I been? I've... been walking. Thinking.

Xander: All night?

Kristen as sarah: I had a lot to think about.

Xander: Is that why you insisted we not spend the night together? Why you went and picked up the dress, but didn't take it back to the house? Suddenly you had doubts?

Kristen as sarah: The dress. It was the dress. It brought back all these memories from our last wedding. That was supposed to be the happiest day of my life, and it ended up being the worst day of my life... because of you. Because of your lies. You knew that my baby was dead, and you never said a word to me.

Xander: And I'll regret that for the rest of my life, but we have moved on from that, sarah.

Kristen as sarah: Yeah, i thought we had. I thought that I... had forgiven you. But I realized that I was lying to myself. I could never really, truly trust you again, and what kind of a basis for a marriage is that? So we're through, xander. For good.

Xander: So tell me... if you suddenly had all these doubts about marrying me last night... why did you show up here in your wedding dress?

Kate: Come on, gabi. Let's not make this about jake, okay, you're screwing with the two of us because you can't accept the fact that he's chosen me over you.

Gabi: I've been looking forward to a long soak since ava took all of rafe's hot water, so I'm gonna let jake catch you up on the rest of our conversation. Oh, um, please--please don't be in my room when I get back.

Kate: So--

Jake: So gabi insists that she's accepted that you and i are committed to each other, and she's moving on.

Kate: That's interesting. Did she say with whom?

Jake: No, and I don't care. But I agree with her on one thing. Let's get out of here, huh? Get a place, just you and me. Away from the battiness of this mausoleum.

Kate: Come on. You know this whole dimera thing, you know, what matters to you is important to you.

Jake: Look, I'm running the family company with a brilliant woman by my side. I don't give a damn where i live, as long as it's with you.

Kate: I feel the same way.

Chad: I love the hell out of you, abigail. And all I wanna do is help you get over what gwen did to this family.

Abigail: How do we do that? How do I get over gwen killing my grandmother? How do I get over her exposing my father's affair with kate just to ruin their marriage? How do I get over her seducing you?

Chad: I cannot defend what gwen did to your parents, and i should never have fallen for her manipulations, okay, but when you try to retaliate against her the way that you did, you are stooping to her level. And you are better than that, baby.

Abigail: I--I want to be able to let my anger at gwen go, I don't know how.

Chad: Okay, okay.

Abigail: I don'T.


Jack: It's not that I don't believe you, I'm just trying to understand.

Gwen: What is there to understand? Jack, your daughter hates me. She was ready to kill me. She almost threatened to poison me with dr. Rolf's drug.

Jack: Wait, wait, that same drug that you gave her that landed her in the psychiatric hospital?

Gwen: There's no excuse for threatening my life.

Jack: My point is that unlike abigail, you're fine, so obviously she didn't inject you.

Gwen: I see. So as it's only attempted murder, then she's still your little angel, is she?

Jack: That's not what i meant.

Gwen: Do you know that the only reason I am standing here right now in front of you is because gabi stopped her?

Jack: Gabi? How is she involved?

Gwen: God. Your darling abigail hates me so much, jack, she enlisted her sworn enemy to help torture me, and when I refused to play along in her game, she almost plunged that syringe into my arm with dr. Rolf's drug. But even gabi--even gabi hernandez knew that that was inhumane, and she stopped her. She knew it was wrong, and she set me free. If you don't believe me, why don't you go and ask gabi about it, and she will tell you how completely out of control abigail is.

Xander: I used to be a gambler. But year ago, even I wouldn't have taken the odds that you and I would find our way back to each other. Thank you for forgiving me, for loving me, for taking a chance on an imperfect man who's gonna do his damnedest to be the husband you deserve.

Sarah: Yeah, we've been through so much, including kristen's scheme to keep us apart. But as scary as that was, we are proof that true love always wins. And I don't think that there's a truer love than ours. I can't give up on xander. I won'T. I will marry xander today!

Kristen as sarah: I was wearing my wedding dress because... despite my doubts, I was gonna go through with the wedding.

Xander: Although you just said you could never trust me again.

Kristen as sarah: Mm-hmm. I didn't want to break my mother's heart. She was so happy for us. Now, are we done here?

Xander: No, we're not. Sarah, all this out of the blue after we've been so incredibly happy. I don't believe you.

Kristen as sarah: [Sighs] Do you believe in signs? 'Cause I do. And just when I was struggling with whether or not I should walk down the aisle to you, rex called. And he just so happened to be in town. And then he asked if we could meet, and I realized that I'm still in love with him.

Xander: But he cheated on you more than once.

Kristen as sarah: I'm sorry, xander. I've made my decision. We're done. Ugh, there's that cute guy from 12c.

Kristen as sarah: Stop it! Why are you making this so hard?

Xander: Because I don't believe you love rex.

Kristen as sarah: I love rex more than I ever loved you.

Xander: The man who cheated on you, lied to you?

Kristen as sarah: You lied to me! And not just to me. You let me fall in love with a baby that wasn't mine. You let kristen dimera think that her baby was dead.

Xander: Who cares about kristen? After all the terrible things that she's done, she got what she deserved, the heartless bitch.

Kristen as sarah: How dare you call her that.

Sarah: [Screaming] God! Uh! Okay. Get a grip, horton. The only way out of here is you. Ugh! What in the world is this?

Jack: I'm sorry, I'm so sorry that abigail did this to you.

Gwen: You said to me that... if I want any sort of a chance of a relationship with you, then I have to drop this vendetta that I have against her. And I did. But jack, she is out for my blood.

Jack: I'll talk to her.

Gwen: What is talking gonna do? She's just gonna cry and make excuses.

Jack: I'm not sure what you're expecting me to do.

Gwen: I think it's only fair that if abigail continues to threaten me, that you use the same rule--your rule-- you apply that to her as well.

Jack: What are you getting at? Are you asking me to cut abigail out of my life?

Chad: Oh, I'm so relieved.

Abigail: You're relieved?

Chad: Yes, that you realize that you need help, you know with your anger towards gwen, and I want you to know that you're not gonna have to do this alone, okay? I am gonna be with you every step of the way.

Abigail: Okay. [Sighs]

Chad: And I understand your anger towards her, I do. I mean, how could I not?

Abigail: I mean, she played us both.

Chad: Yes. But in spite of that, you and I have something that she will never understand.

Abigail: [Laughs] What?

Chad: What? The power of love.

[Both laugh] You and me, together... we are pretty damn formidable.

Abigail: So what are you saying, that's like our super power?

Chad: Yeah, exactly. Only we're gonna use it for the best possible reasons-- to keep our family safe and strong.

Jake: Come on, let's go pack. What is it?

Kate: I don't think that we should move out.

Sarah: I have no idea what this is. Maybe it's my ticket outta here.

Kristen as sarah: Kristen is not some monster, she has feelings like everyone else.

Xander: Why are we arguing about kristen?

Kristen as sarah: Will you please just leave?

Xander: Sarah, this-- this doesn't make any sense. You proposed to me. You love me. You can't just pretend the last several months haven't happened.

Kristen as sarah: I was deluding myself--and you.

Xander: Oh, just come on with me.

Kristen as sarah: I'm not going anywhere with you. Rex is my future.

Rex: Hey, man, you heard her, come on, just leave. Please.

Kristen as sarah: I'm not gonna change my mind.

Rex: Did you mean what you said, that your future is with me?

Kristen as sarah: Every word.

[Laughs] There's plenty of time for that.

Rex: Of course.

Kristen as sarah: But you know what I really want?

Rex: Name it.

Kristen as sarah: I wanna get as far away from here as we can.

Rex: Anywhere you want.

Kristen as sarah: Good. I have to pack a few things, and then I'm gonna meet you back here.

Rex: I--I can't wait, and, look, sarah, you have made me the happiest man. You know, honestly, I still can't believe this is happening.

Kristen as sarah: Me either. Mm!

Jake: I don't get it. I'm offering to put some distance between us and gabi, and you wanna stay here?

Kate: I know, I know. But think about it. I mean, if you move out, that looks weak. And shin--shin's all about appearances. He wants his ceo of dimera living in the dimera manse, come on. And besides that, if we both move out, it looks like gabi chased us out, and there's no way that I want her to have the satisfaction of thinking that we left because we saw her as a threat to our relationship.

Jake: 'Cause she's not.

Kate: Mm.

[Phone beeps] Sorry. Oh, it's rex. He's back in salem. I didn't know he was here. He wants me to meet him at the pub. Oh, you don't mind, do you?

Jake: Not at all. As long as we get to pick up where we left off when you get back.

Kate: You can count on that.

Jake: Uh-huh.

Kate: Muah! Thank you.

Gwen: I'm only asking you to play by the same rules that you set for abigail as you did for me. I dropped the vendetta against her, didn't I? That was--that was not easy, jack. And every time I see you and her... I just think of all the time that you had together as father and daughter... and all that time that I was deprived of with you.

Jack: I understand your pain. But before I would ever distance myself from abigail, I need to give her the same chance that i gave you to end the vengeance.

Gwen: And if she doesn't agree to that, then what happens?

Chad: Okay, so I say step one is we get on with our couples therapy. I can call and I can reschedule our appointment.

Abigail: That's a good idea. And if we repair the damage to our marriage, then gwen won't have won, and it'll just frustrate the hell out of her.

Chad: Abby, we can't go to couples therapy so you can deny gwen a win.

Abigail: You're right.

Chad: It's gotta be because you wanna work on our marriage.

Abigail: Oh, yeah. You're right. I know, you're right, I just--

[Sighs] From-- from this moment forward, it's just about you and me.

Chad: Thank you.

Abigail: For what?

Chad: For being you. For being ready to... to fix this. And for giving me hope that we can get through this, better and stronger than ever.

Abigail: Well, we will. I promise.

Jack: I know the daughter jennifer and I raised, and I know she's capable of forgiveness.

Gwen: I wish I could be as sure of that as you are.

Jack: Don't worry. I'll sort this out somehow. Can't have my daughters hating each other, now, can I?

Gwen: No, I supposed that would be a shame.

Jack: It sure would.

Gwen: Okay, well, then, talk to you soon. Don't kiss me

Jack: Soon.

Gwen: Yeah.

Gabi: What are you doing?

Jake: The hell do you got in that thing, jimmy hoffa? Relax, I was just saving harold the trip.

Gabi: Well, I don't need your help, and neither does harold. I hope that kate is packing and you'll be out of here by dinner?

Jake: We've decided to stay.

Gabi: Suit yourselves. Now, could you please go so i can get dressed? It's so good to be home.

Kate: Oh, why didn't you tell me that you were coming to town? So dinner tonight, right?

Rex: I'm not available.

Kate: Oh, no, honey, it's been so long, we have so much to talk about. What about tomorrow?

Rex: Uh, um--look, as much as I would love that, I-- this is hello and goodbye, I'm sorry.

Kate: What does that mean?

Rex: Sarah and I are back together, and we're gonna leave town.

[Door opens]

Jack: Xander! What happened? You didn't find sarah?

Xander: Oh, I found her, all right. In bed with someone else.

Kristen: [Humming "wedding march"] What the hell? Ah!

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