Days Transcript Thursday 3/18/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/18/21


Episode #13982 ~ Kristen reveals her dastardly plans to Sarah. Chloe and Brady encourage Rex to fight for Sarah. Ciara lashes out at Claire. Xander frantically searches for his bride-to-be.

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Ben: I don't understand this. Ciara's my wife. She's my life. How can she not remember me?

Kayla: I know how hard this is for you. But like I said, it's not personal. Ciara has been injured, and she needs time to heal.

Ben: How much time?

Kayla: I wish I could tell you that, but I can'T. But what I can tell you is that we will all be doing everything we can to help her. And you just need to hang in there, okay?

Ben: Well, claire's in there with her now. Maybe that'll help her come to her senses.

Claire: You remember me.

Ciara: Of course, I remember you, claire. You're that bitch who almost slept with my boyfriend, tripp.

Claire: What are you talking about?

Ciara: You know what? Save it, claire, because I walked in on you guys at the loft. I saw you two practically naked on the couch. You just couldn't wait to jump his bones.

Brady: [Sighs]

Chloe: Do you wanna take a break?

Brady: Nope. I'm good, I'm good.

Chloe: Brady, you're recovering from being shot. Are you sure being at the office isn't too much?

Brady: No, I'm okay. You know what is too much? Susan banks hovering over me 24/7 in that townhouse. I mean, I'm glad that marlena brought me in, but I could use a breather from that woman.

Kristen as susan: Well, we both want brady to be happy.

Chloe: Yeah, that's right. You know, we've been good friends for a long time.

Kristen as susan: Oh. Only friends, huh?

Chloe: Well, once we got past the divorce, yeah.

Kristen as susan: [Sighs] See, I have this sixth sense thing.

Chloe: Mm-hmm, I've heard.

Kristen as susan: Yeah. And it--right now, it's telling me that you're tired of being friends. And it is telling me right now that you're falling for him.

Brady: Chloe, hey.


Chloe: Yeah.

Brady: I asked you about the third quarter projections. You okay?

Chloe: Uh, yeah, why?

[Clears throat]

Brady: Because you disappeared.

Xander: Yes, uh, dr. Sarah horton? Well, could you check the computer again please? Well, isn't it possible that she went straight into surgery and didn't check in? Fine, just call me back when she shows up please.

Jack: Xander, what are you doing here? I thought you were getting changed for the wedding.

Xander: There can't be a wedding without the bride, jack.

Jack: You still haven't heard from sarah?

Xander: Not a word. I'm pretty sure she's in trouble.

Sarah: [Grunts]


[Gasps] What the hell?

Kristen: [Laughing] Ooh! How do I look? Hm?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Brady: Hey. If there's something on your mind, I want you to tell me what it is.


Rex: Hello? Hi.

Chloe: Oh, hey!

Brady: Hey, rex.


Rex: None other.

Chloe: Hey.

Rex: It's good to see you guys.

Brady: You too.

Chloe: Nice to see you. What are you doing in town?

Rex: Oh, I'm just here to see my dad, and he told me you were working here, so I thought I'd take you to lunch.

Chloe: Ah, that is so sweet. And ugh--I wish that we could.

Rex: Mm.

Chloe: But honestly, we are knee-deep in work right now.

Rex: Okay. Um, it's all good. I will, um, catch you later.

Brady: Hey, hey, hey, hold-- everything okay, man? You do seem a little down.

Rex: Yeah, a lot down actually.

Chloe: What's going on?

Rex: It's sarah's wedding day. For some strange reason, she's decided to marry the world's biggest loser.

Xander: I've reached out to everyone I can think of. There's not a sign of sarah anywhere.

Jack: Well, you have you tried calling her again?

Xander: About 1,000 times, but she hasn't answered any of my messages. Neither has bonnie.

Jack: Well, it's like I told you before; they're both probably really busy getting ready for the wedding.

[Phone ringing]

Xander: It's bonnie. Finally. Why'd it take so long for you to return my calls?

Bonnie: Sorry. I forgot to put my phone on charge last night.

Xander: Just put sarah on.

Bonnie: Wish I could, but sarah's not here.

Xander: What do you mean she's not there?

Sarah: Why are you wearing my dress?

Kristen: [Hums wedding march]

Sarah: [Scoffs] I get it. Oh, yeah. You're torturing me because it's my wedding day.

Kristen: Well, actually, sarah, it's-- it's my wedding day.

Sarah: What? Kristen, look, I get it. I get that you panicked when I said that I was gonna tell brady but he--

Kristen: But nothing. See?

[Laughs] Chloe lane is trying to steal the man I love, and I am doing whatever I need to protect my family.

Sarah: What does that have to do with putting on my dress?

Kristen: See, this is why i knocked you out and dragged you down here because you refused to stay out of my business. You know, I had no choice. So I removed you from circulation.

Sarah: Keeping me prisoner.

Kristen: I'm keeping you quiet. You see, if anyone finds out that I am impersonating susan banks, I am gonna have to go back to prison.

[Scoffs] And that little slut is gonna take over my life. So--hmm.

Here comes the bride

Sarah: Kristen, you're desperate. But this--this--this is a bit extreme. I mean, even for you. Can you imagine? How brady's gonna react

Kristen: Yeah, brady will never know. And besides, you're the one who gave me the idea.

Sarah: What are you talking about?

Kristen: See, I can't have xander thinking you're missing. So I just need to get him to back off. I, uh, I told you to break it off with him, and you told me that doing it through a phone call or a text wouldn't work. So guess what. We're gonna do it in person.

Sarah: I'd never do that.

Kristen: Yeah, but you won't have to.

[Tense music]

I will.

Not everybody wants the same thing.

Ciara: You don't remember hooking up with tripp?

Claire: No, I do. It's just--

Ciara: Okay, you know what? I don't even give a damn, claire. I don't care. You can have him. He's all yours, okay? You can marry him for all I care.

Sarah: What the hell is that?

Kristen: It's a sarah mask. I made it myself. Spending time with rolf does have its benefits.

Sarah: [Sighs] What are you gonna do with it?

Kristen: Hmm. I'm gonna wear it, silly, when I, or you, dump xander at the altar.

Sarah: Ugh, you are insane! This isn't gonna work.

Kristen: Why not? Hm? I walked around as nicole for months, and brady had no clue, not even in bed.

[Laughs] So if I can fool brady, it'll be a piece of cake with a moron like xander.

Sarah: You're so wrong.

Kristen: Whoo. Imagine this. The bride enters, resplendent in her gown. Her face is done to perfection.

[Sighs] And the groom takes her hand in his as they are going to be joined in holy matrimony.

[Gasps] Oh. But when the priest gets to the part about forever holding your peace, sarah speaks out!


Sarah: This is a joke.

Kristen: [Sobs mockingly] "Oh, xander. I'm so sorry. I should've told you sooner, but I just kept hoping and praying that I would get past these feelings and enter this marriage with an open heart. But I just can't get past the feelings. I'm still in pain. And the pain that you caused me when you let me fall in love with a baby that wasn't mine."

[Laughs] "I really wanted to forgive you, xander. Hm? To look towards the future and stop dwelling in the past. I just--

[Scoffs] I couldn't do it. 'Cause every time I looked at you, I remember what you did. I can't do it. I can't marry you, xander." I think he'll buy it, don't you?

[Dramatic music]

Brady: We actually saw xander at the pub last night. He was having the lamest bachelor party on the face of the earth. You know, it was pretty bad.

Rex: Yeah, yeah. I saw him there last night too. He was rubbing his wedding in my face and reminding me of how badly I screwed up with sarah and insisting that he's gonna make her happier than I ever could.

Chloe: Oh, please.

Rex: No, he's right about one thing. I did screw up with sarah big time. And honestly, I don't-- I don't think I ever got over her. Still think about her all the time. But I--I destroyed that relationship. I mean, I took her for granted. I lied to her. I cheated on her more than once. So I don't-- I don't think she's gonna take a chance on me again.

Brady: Rex, look. If you really feel that strongly about her, I think you should tell her before it's too late.

Sarah: Xander won't fall for this.

Kristen: Well, I don't see why not.

Sarah: Well, for starters, you don't sound anything like me.

Kristen: Hm. Well, I will. You see, this mask has a mechanism in it that alters my voice.

Sarah: [Scoffs] You can say the words, but xander won't ever believe it. The moment that you open your mouth, he's gonna see right through it. You will fail, kristen. I am as sure of that as I am anything in my life.

Kristen: I learned at the knee of stefano dimera. I don't think so. Oh, well, it's time to text xander. Um, and make sure that he knows that his bride hasn't gotten cold feet, at least not yet. Well, well, well, you have a lot of missed calls. I think your fiancé is freaking out a bit.

[Phone ringing]

Sarah: Is that xander?

Kristen: Whoa, no!

[Gasps] Well, look at this. It's your ex-husband.

Sarah: Rex? What does he want?

Kristen: Huh. Well, let's find out. I need to, uh, test this little baby out anyway.


Sarah: Kristen.

[Mask stretching, squeaking] Hey. Kristen! Hey! Come back here, you crazy bitch! Kristen!

[Phone ringing]

Kristen as sarah: Hello.

Rex: Hey, sarah. It's rex.

Kristen as sarah: Rex? What a surprise.

Claire: Ciara, I-- I think you're confused.

Ciara: About you? No. No, claire. I know exactly who you are. You are a jealous, insecure, little bitch.

Claire: No, ciara, how can you say that?

Ciara: 'Cause it's true! Claire, every time a guy's into me, you try to make it all about you. Every time I want something, you do something to take it away.

Claire: No, no!

Ciara: No, you know what? I don't wanna hear your lame excuses anymore. All right, this is over.

Claire: Stop. You have to listen to me, ciara. I love you. And so does ben. To be a thriver

[Machinery beeping]

Ciara: Did you just say that ben loves me?

Claire: I--

Ciara: Do you mean ben weston? Oh, my god. Oh, my god; did you-- did you really hire him so that he could come in here and kill me or something?

Claire: No, ciara. Please, I can explain.

Ciara: You know what, claire? Leave. Now. I never wanna see you ever again, okay? You're a sick little freak.

Claire: Please, please--

Ciara: Leave, claire! Now.

[Tense music]

[Door clicks close]


Kayla: Ben, you have been through a lot. You need to take care of yourself.

Ben: I'm fine. I'll be fine.

[Clears throat] Anyway, when ciara remembers what we had--

[Coughs] And that she loves me--

Kayla: You know what? Let me get you a cup of water, all right?

Ben: I'm good. I'm good; I'm fine. Claire, hey. What happened?

Claire: I--I don't know. But ciara, she--

Ben: What? Say it.

Claire: She wouldn't listen. She just kept yelling at me about things that happened a long time ago.

Ben: What are you-- what are you talking about? I need to go see her.

Kayla: No, no, no, ben, wait.

Ben: No, no.

Kayla: Ben, wait.

Ben: What? I can't wait, kayla. She's upset, and she's alone.

Kayla: Look, I know that this is difficult, and you're worried about her, but I think that ciara needs her space. From you too, claire.

Ben: For how long?

Kayla: Well, until I can figure out what's going on. I'm gonna go see her, and I will let you know what I find out.

Ben: [Sighs]

Kayla: In the meantime, for your sake and for hers, I'm asking you to stay away.

Ben: [Scoffs]

Kayla: I'm sorry.

Ciara: [Sighs]


Rex: I wasn't sure you'd pick up. I thought you'd be getting ready for your wedding.

Kristen as sarah: Did you call to congratulate me?

Rex: No, sarah. I'm actually calling to say that I think you're making a huge mistake.

Kristen as sarah: Rex, I--I don't know what to say.

Rex: I don't mean to upset you, really, sarah. It's--and I know I'm pushing my luck here, but do you think we could meet in person so we can talk about this?

Kristen as sarah: Okay.

Rex: Really?

Kristen as sarah: Yeah. Pick a place before I change my mind.

Rex: Um, how about the brady pub? I'm staying upstairs.

Kristen as sarah: I'm on my way.

[Line disconnects] Score.

Chloe: Can you imagine if rex actually convinces sarah not to marry xander?

Brady: [Laughs] I would love to see the look on that bastard's face.

Xander: All right. What did you do?

Brady: That was fast.

Xander: Where's sarah?

Brady: Runaway bride? Good for her, man.

Xander: This is serious, brady. No one's seen or heard from her since last night when she told me she was coming here to pick up her dress.

Chloe: Well, she's not here and neither is the dress, so.

Xander: Well, where is she? She hasn't returned any of my calls. She didn't check in at the hospital.

Brady: Xander, I don't know. But, you know, we're working here so, um, we're a little busy but maybe the reason that she can't be found is because she doesn't want to be found.

Kristen: [Sighs]

[Inhales] Well...

[Chuckles] That was unexpected. Hm. Rex brady is still carrying a torch for you.

Sarah: [Sighs] What do you mean?

Kristen: Well, he was trying to talk you out of marrying xander, and um, I agreed to let him try.

Sarah: Kristen...

Kristen: Hm?

Sarah: Please don't do this. Please, please don't do this. I will not say a word to anyone.

[Tense music]

Kristen: I really wish I could believe that. But after what you said about me before, that you're all concerned that I would snap and hurt chloe, sweetie, you would rat me out the first chance you got.

Sarah: I wo-- I won't, I won'T. I swear.

Kristen: Yeah. I really, really wish I could take that chance, but I can'T. I can'T.

[Laughs] All right. I need this.

Sarah: What are you doing? Please, kristen.

Kristen: That, hm? Well, I'm gonna need to give it back to xander after i break his heart at the altar.

[Soft dramatic music]

Sarah: [Screams] Discover the replenishing power

Xander: My fiancée is missing, possibly in danger, and you're questioning whether she wants to be found?

Brady: [Sighs] I'm questioning whether she wants to be found by you.

Xander: All right. I get that you both hate me-- wait, is this, like, your revenge or something? Did you put your little bird brains together and come up with a plan to turn sarah against me?

Chloe: Hey, hey, if sarah came to her senses, it's not our fault.

Xander: Well, you didn't tell her not to marry me?

Chloe: I sure did. But last night when I talked to her, it was just about her dress.

Xander: What about you? When was the last time you heard from her?

Brady: She did call me last night, but I answered and the line went dead.

Xander: And then she disappeared?

Brady: Okay, chloe, we need to get back to those projections, don't we?

Chloe: Sure.

Brady: Excuse me.

[Clears throat]

Xander: You're really not gonna help me?

Brady: You know what, xander? I don't think that's what sarah would want me to do. I think she pulled the plug. I think the wedding is off. So my advice to you is cancel that caterer, like, now.

Xander: [Snarls]

[Suspenseful music]

Kristen as sarah: Let's do this.

Rex: You came.

Kristen as sarah: Well, I said I would, didn't I?

[Clears throat] What are you doing in salem?

Rex: I'm here to see my dad. That's what I keep telling myself. I'm actually... I'm here to see you.

Kristen as sarah: Hm. And to tell me not to marry xander.

Rex: No, no, I only found out about the wedding last night. I mean, I saw xander here. He was talking and gloating about how the best man won and...

Kristen as sarah: And i should dump him because...

Rex: Blunt. As always. Look, sarah. I have no right to weigh in on your personal life, especially after the way I treated you. So I should just shut up and be happy, but I'm having a really hard time doing that 'cause I believe that you and i still belong together. If that's impossible, you never wanna talk to me again, you never wanna see me again, that's fine. But just promise me this. Don't marry xander.

Kristen as sarah: Fine. I won'T.

Claire: Ciara was so angry with me about what happened with tripp.

Ben: Tripp?

Claire: Yeah, when she walked in on us at the loft.

Ben: That was years ago.

Claire: I know. I know, but the way she was talking, it's like she doesn't remember anything that happened after that.

Ciara: [Sighs]

[Machinery beeping]

Kayla: Ciara, how are you doing?

Ciara: Better now that claire is gone. God, I can't believe that she had the nerve to be so kind and friendly after she could do something like that to me.

Kayla: And you're angry with her because...

Ciara: Okay, um, so remember how I told you that tripp and I were planning on taking things to the next level in our relationship? And every time we'd start, I would pull away because of what happened with chase?

Kayla: Of course I remember. And I encouraged you to be honest with tripp. I thought that it would bring you closer together.

Ciara: Yeah. And, um, that's what I did. I went over to the loft to talk to him and... to tell him the truth about why I broke things off. And when I got there, he and claire were on the couch together. I can't even tell you what it looked like, aunt kayla.

Kayla: I understand how upsetting this all is. But I just need to ask you. What is the last thing that you remember?

Ciara: About tripp and claire?

Kayla: Just in general.

Ciara: The accident.

Kayla: What accident?

Ciara: When I crashed my bike. That's why I'm here, right? This is the sound of an asthma attack...

Claire: It was just like you said. Ciara had so much hate in her eyes.

Ben: [Sighs]

Claire: She said she never wants to see me again.

Ben: She doesn't mean that.

Claire: It really seemed like she did. Ever since I came home, all I've wanted to do is make up for the horrible things that I did to her, and I don't think I'm gonna get that chance.

Ben: You don't owe anything to ciara, claire. She's past it. She forgave you.

Claire: Ugh. God. Listen to me going on and on about myself when you must be going through absolute hell right now.

[Both sigh] Ben, I'm so sorry that this is happening. And I am--I'm so sorry that I couldn't get through to her. I tried; I really did. I told her how much you love her, but she just...

Ben: She's just terrified of me, and she thinks I'm trying to kill her. And I don't even know how that's possible because I would never hurt her ever. I love her with my whole entire heart. She has to know that.

Claire: She does. She does. I know that she feels your love, okay? And I know that she loves you too.

Kayla: So the last thing you remember is crashing your motorcycle?

Ciara: Um, not the actual crash. The last thing that I remember is telling claire and tripp that I hated them, and then I left the loft and got on my bike. I ended up way out on route 17. I didn't know the road, and I was going way too fast. And I hit this really sharp turn and I just--I lost control. I guess I wiped out pretty badly, huh?

Kayla: I want you to think. Is there anything-- anything at all you remember after the crash?

Ciara: No. Should I?

Kayla: No. You just rest, okay? You don't need to worry about anything.

[Softly] All right. I'll see you later.

[Door opens, closes]

Ciara: [Sighs]

Rex: W--wait. You're serious? You're gonna call off your wedding?

Kristen as sarah: The truth is that--

[Sighs] I've been having doubts about xander for a while.

Rex: You have?

Kristen as sarah: These past few years have been filled with so much sadness for me. And I thought that getting married would be the antidote. A new beginning. Hope, new excitement. But I was really wrong. Xander and I have nothing in common. Honestly, I don't even really know who he is. But really it's my baby, mickey.

Rex: Yeah. I remember how crushed you were in paris.

Kristen as sarah: You know, I genuinely thought that I had moved past it. Made peace with what he had done. But the closer I got to the wedding, the more that I started to realize that there is a part of me that can never get over that kind of a betrayal. And last night, I woke up in this cold sweat, and I just--I realized I can't love a man like that. And I can't marry him.

Rex: Okay, but you were-- you were still gonna go through with it?

Kristen as sarah: Yeah. And then you called. And it was like this door opened showing me a way out. It's you, rex. You're the one.

Rex: Um... I just--it's like a-- I just can't believe you're saying this. It's like a dream or something, but you're sitting right here.

Kristen as sarah: This is where I wanna be.

Rex: Do you wanna go somewhere more private? We can talk about this.

Kristen as sarah: Yeah.

Rex: Okay.

Kristen as sarah: Let's go up to your room. We could skip the talking.

Rex: Um, okay. You--you sure?

Kristen as sarah: Very.

Rex: Is--

Kristen as sarah: I'm just gonna--I'll use the restroom, and I'll meet you up there.

Rex: All right, but I mean, if you change your mind, it's--

Kristen as sarah: I won'T. Go.

Rex: Okay.


Kristen as sarah: [Sighs] Now I have to figure out how to get that neanderthal here. Oh, kristen dimera, you are a genius.

[Line trilling]

[Phone ringing]

Xander: Unknown caller. Sarah?

Kristen as susan: No. This is susan banks calling.

Xander: I can't talk.

Kristen as susan: Looking for your fiancé?

Xander: How did you know that?

Kristen as susan: Well, I heard you and sarah are tying the knot today. But I saw her a few minutes ago in a place I do not think she should be.

Xander: Where?

Kristen as susan: At the brady pub. And what she was doing was wrong, wrong, wrong. I mean, normally, I don't stick my nose into other people's beeswax, but I thought you should just know that sarah's with her ex-hubby, her rex-hubby. And they are having a real intimate conversation.

Xander: You must be mistaken.

Kristen as susan: No, sir. I just got new peepers, and I know what I saw. Rex and sarah are getting up close and personal.

Xander: Are they still in the pub?

Kristen as susan: Yippers. I just saw them go upstairs where the bedrooms are so I would just step on it if I were you.

Kristen as sarah: [Sighs] I'm gonna have to work fast.

Ben: [Sighs] How's ciara?

Claire: Is she still upset or...

Kayla: She's calmer now. She's resting.

Ben: Then do we know what's causing the memory loss?

Kayla: Well, I'm still waiting on some of the tests, so I can't give you a medical diagnosis just yet. But it does seem that her memory is perfect up to a certain point. And then beyond that...

Ben: What--what point?

Kayla: When she was in that motorcycle accident. She thinks that's why she's here in the hospital.

Ben: That was years ago. She doesn't remember anything after that?

Kayla: No, not really.

Ben: What do you mean, "not really"? You're trying to tell me right now that she doesn't remember that we're together? Or that we're married? Or what made us fall in love? She doesn't remember anything at all?


Ciara: [Sighs]

[Tense music]

Claire: Stop. You have to listen to me, ciara. I love you. And so does ben.

Ben: I would never hurt you, ciara, never.

Ciara: No, you stay away from me.

Ben: Listen to me.

Ciara: You stay away from me. I'm warning you.

Ben: Listen to me. I love you, okay? I love you; you love me.

Ciara: What? You--no.

[Dramatic music]

[Both breathing heavily]

Kristen as sarah: God, I want you.

[Both breathing heavily]

Sarah: [Grunting]

[Laughing] Hang on, xander, I'm coming.

[Both breathing heavily]

[Dramatic music]

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