Days Transcript Tuesday 3/16/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 3/16/21


Episode #13980 ~ Ciara reunites with her loved ones. Sami confesses the truth to Lucas. Ben has a setback. Allie behaves guilty around Claire.

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Shawn: Look, I need to know that you're gonna prosecute maddox and his father orpheus to the fullest extent of the law, all right? Those two deserve to be in prison for the rest of their lives, ms. Trask. Okay. Okay. Keep me posted.

Belle: You know, it's okay to take a break while you're in the hospital.

Shawn: No, not until I know that justice has been done.

Belle: You sure you're not just throwing yourself into cop mode to avoid worrying about your sister?

Shawn: Look, maybe a little. Okay, maybe a lot. I am, yeah; it's just that, I mean, we spent so much time thinking that we'd lost ciara, and now--

Belle: Now you need her to be okay.

Shawn: Yeah.

Belle: She will be. I believe that.

Marlena: Hi.

Belle: Hi.

Marlena: Sorry to interrupt. Thought I'd let you know that ciara is out of surgery.

[Gentle music]

Ben: Did kayla say anything about ciara's condition? Was the surgery a success?

Claire: I didn't actually get to speak to her. The nurse said she'd meet us here and give us an update.

Ben: I just hate waiting.


Claire: Are you okay? Ben?

Ben: I guess I just--i inhaled a lot of smoke and dust rescuing ciara.


Claire: Are you sure you shouldn't get checked out again? You really don't look so good.

Ben: I'll be fine once I know ciara's okay.

Kayla: Hey.

Ben: Kayla, hey. How is she?

Allie: Where's my phone? Where is my phone?

Nicole: Honey, honey, it's right here.

Allie: Okay, "sami brady charged with the murder of charlie dale." Thanks. Great for a great alert there.

Nicole: Okay, anything new?

Allie: Um, no. It says that she's not saying anything to the cops.

Nicole: Hmm.

Allie: What?

Nicole: Oh, nothing.

Allie: No, tell me.

Nicole: Well, it's just that, you know, I've known sami for a very long time, and this is the first time I've ever heard of her exercising her right to remain silent.

[Sly music]

Sami: I told you already, I have nothing more to say to you.

Rafe: Yes, and in most cases, fewer words from you is something that I would welcome, but I didn't come here to speak. I came here to tell you you have a visitor.

Sami: Oh, good. I hope it's my new lawyer, 'cause I got dropped as a client by my loving sister.

Lucas: Nope, try again. It's the loving ex-husband.

Rafe: Good luck.

Lucas: Yup. I'm not going anywhere till you tell me everything.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Sami: I told you, I have exercised my right to remain silent.

Lucas: I'm not a cop. Doesn't matter.

Sami: Well, I'm still not going to talk.

Lucas: Okay, good. You can listen, and I get to talk for a change. That'll be nice.

Sami: Fine. Talk all you want. It's not like I'm going anywhere.

Lucas: Okay. Let me just run down the timeline here. I called you, and I told you that charlie wasn't gonna be convicted for what he did to allie, and you hopped on a plane from italy to salem directly, and you got off that plane, and you went to his apartment and blew a hole in his chest, really? Did I leave anything out?

Sami: Let's say, for the sake of argument, that everything you just said is true, that I did put a bullet in charlie dale.

Lucas: Did you?

Sami: I'm saying for the sake of argument. I don't understand why you or anyone else would have a problem with that. Charlie dale got exactly what he deserved. I hope he rots in hell.

Allie: My mom really doesn't help herself, does she?

Nicole: No, no, she doesn'T.

Allie: It just kills me that I don't know what she's thinking.

Nicole: Well, have you talked to her?

Allie: I can'T. I mean, I've tried, but every time I go down there, rafe has some excuse of why I can't see her.

Nicole: Well, there should be no reason why you can't see your mother.

Allie: Where are we going?

Nicole: We're going to the police station so you can talk to your mom.

Allie: Okay, but what about rafe?

Nicole: I can handle rafe. Maybe he can turn you down, but there's no way he can say no to me.

Ben: Is ciara awake?

Shawn: Hey, wait, aunt kayla.

Kayla: Shawn, you should not be up on that leg.

Shawn: Well, that's what the crutches are for. Wait, so hold on. So I heard that my sister's out of surgery. Is she all right?

Kayla: She is. I was just about to give ben and claire an update. As everybody knows, ciara had a number of internal injuries, but we were able to repair most of the damage.

Ben: And what about the head trauma?

Kayla: Well, we won't know, really, until she wakes up, but the scans all look good, and all indications are that she will make a full recovery.

Claire: Hey. You're strong.

Ben: [Coughs] Can we go in and see her?

Kayla: Sure, but she hasn't regained consciousness yet. It probably will take a while, so why don't we do one at a time, all right?

Claire: Okay, well, I think we all know who ciara would want to see first, no offense, dad.

Shawn: Hey, you think that I'm gonna argue with the man that saved my sister's life?

Ben: Oh, god. [Coughs] Thank you.

Shawn: Yeah.

Kayla: You know, ben, are you okay?

[Line trilling]

Marlena: Oh, hi, john. It's me. I just wanted to let you know that ciara's out of surgery. Seems to have gone pretty well. She's not awake yet, but kayla's feeling very optimistic, so as things progress, I will be sure to let you know. Talk to you soon. I--I love you. Bye.

Belle: Oh, let's hope our ciara really is okay.

Marlena: Yes, that would be a miracle, wouldn't it?

Belle: It would, and they exist. Nobody knows that better than you.

Marlena: I feel so lucky and blessed that our family is well. You know, as long as we have a moment here, there was something that I wanted to discuss with you.

Belle: Okay. What's that?

Marlena: Well, I wanted to ask you why you're throwing sami to the wolves.

[Melancholy music]

Rafe: Well, hey. What are you guys doing here?

Nicole: Well, allie's here to see her mother, and we're not gonna take no for an answer.

Lucas: Listen, I am the last person that's gonna judge you for what you did to charlie, okay? I'm trying to help you 'cause obviously you're not helping yourself.

Sami: It is not my fault that belle quit on me.

Lucas: You didn't see that coming? You guys fight all the time. Give me a break, all right? I can help you. I can get you a solid criminal attorney if that's what you need.

Sami: And you think I need it because you think I'm guilty.

Lucas: I think the police have some serious evidence pointing your direction.

Sami: No, no, no, it's mostly circumstantial evidence, lucas.

Lucas: We both know, with your track record in this town, with your history, sami, melinda trask isn't gonna have a problem convincing any jury that you're guilty.

Sami: You're right about that, but the da does have one big problem with their case.

Lucas: What's that?

Sami: I'm innocent. This is the sound of an asthma attack...

Belle: I made it very clear to sami that I cannot represent someone who consistently lies to me.

Marlena: Even if it's your sister?

Belle: Especially if it's my sister. Mom, sami is completely incapable of being honest.

Marlena: You know, the stakes here are incredibly high.

Belle: You think I don't know that? Listen, I don't know what kind of game sami's trying to play here, but she's the one who needs to understand if she is convicted of murder, it will cost her her life.

Lucas: All right, I know it's usual for me to be a couple steps behind you. That's how you roll. But I am lost this time.

Sami: But that is kind of the point.

Lucas: All right, listen to me. Your fingerprints were all over the murder weapon, right?

Sami: Yes.

Lucas: And you had gun residue on your clothes.

Sami: Also true.

Lucas: And you just admitted to me that you went to that apartment to shoot him.

Sami: But that does not mean that I am guilty.

Lucas: Listen, I don't wanna play 20 questions here. I want you to be honest with me. Tell me everything. Tell me exactly what happened the night charlie dale was murdered.

Allie: Rafe, please, I just wanna see my mom.

Rafe: And you can, soon, but first I have some great news for you.

Allie: What is it?

Rafe: Ciara is alive, ciara.

Allie and nicole: What?

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: You found her?

Rafe: Uh, no, I didn'T. Ben did. Yeah, he rescued her.

Allie: Oh, my god.

Rafe: Yeah.

[Somber music]

Ben: [Coughs] Oh, my god, thank god. It's me. It's me. It's okay, baby. You're gonna--you're gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay. Thank god. You're gonna be okay.

[Tender music]

Ciara, I'm right here. I'm here. Hi, baby.

Ciara: Ben? But the last time I saw you, it was--

Ben: In our dreams.

Ciara: But this is real?

Ben: This is very real.

Ciara: Oh, baby, I knew you would come for me.

Ben: Always. And now that we are back together, I'm never going to leave your side again.


Claire: Hey, hey, hey, ben, ben, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Ben: What the hell happened?

Claire: You were on your way to see ciara, and you passed out. Kayla says your lungs are so weak from all the smoke inhalation, you need oxygen.

Ben: I need to see ciara.

Claire: And you will, and you will, as soon as you're strong enough. Okay, my dad's in with her now. Just relax.

Ciara: [Gasps]

Shawn: Ciara? Hey. It's okay, all right? You're safe now. What's the #1 retinol brand

Allie: Oh, my god, I cannot believe ben found ciara. I mean, after all this time...

Rafe: Yeah, I know. Isn't that great?

Allie: Yeah.

Rafe: You should go celebrate.

Allie: I want to, but i really need to talk to my mom.

Rafe: Yeah, I understand. She's not going anywhere, you know? Your dad's in there right now. Who knows how long he's gonna take? And then after that, she's actually gotta meet with her lawyer.

Allie: Nicole.

Nicole: Look, do you promise to call allie as soon as sami is available for a visit?

Rafe: I promise, yes. Yeah, come on. I'll walk you guys out. Come on.

Marlena: Belle, I--I don't blame you for being upset with sami, and I hate to ask this of you.

Belle: No, I will not. I will not reconsider representing sami. There are plenty of good criminal attorneys out there. I'd be happy to recommend a few.

Marlena: Thank you, but if sami is uncooperative with you, you can imagine the grief she would shower on somebody else.

Belle: Okay, I tried, okay? I really did, and it was a lot to ask, considering that she just unapologetically unleashed jan spears on my family.

Marlena: I'm not trying to defend her, but I can say she really did believe that she was protecting our family.

Belle: Right, I know. She had her reason, right? She always has an excuse, and just like always, she shoots first and then refuses to answer questions later.

Sami: You want the whole story?

Lucas: Yeah. I asked you twice. It's better than half.

Sami: Okay, but you cannot tell anyone. You repeat this to anyone, and I will call you a liar, and I will never speak to you again.

Lucas: All right. It's me. Calm down, okay? Whatever happened that night at the apartment, I'll stick by your side, always.

Sami: Okay. Thank you.

Lucas: But tell me everything, all of it.

Sami: Okay, so after you called me in italy and told me that charlie dale wasn't gonna pay for what he did to allie, I was furious.

Lucas: We all were.

Sami: But I wasn't gonna let it stand. I went right to the airport. I got on a plane, and the whole flight, I was just--I couldn't stop thinking about that monster and what he did to our daughter. For ten hours, I just kept getting angrier and angrier. When I landed, I went straight to his apartment. By the time I got there, I was so angry, I couldn't even see straight. I was determined to hurt him the way he hurt our little girl. And then I just started knocking on the door, just banging on it, but there was no answer, so I thought I would just let myself in, wait for him inside.

Lucas: How did you get in the apartment?

Sami: Well, I was gonna break in, but then I reached down to the doorknob, and it turned in my hand. The door was unlocked, so I just walked in and decided to wait there.

[Quiet dramatic music]

But it was so quiet inside. The curtains were drawn. The lights were out, but I knew immediately that something was very wrong. I knew that I wasn't alone in the dark, and that's when my anger and my rage got replaced by something else... fear. It was the same fear I felt all those years ago when alan harris... did to me what charlie dale did to our daughter. I was scared. I was in the apartment of a rapist. No one knew that I was there, and no one would know if he hurt me, and I just kept picturing him hiding in the dark, thinking he was so much smarter than me.

And that's what did it. That's when the rage came roaring back. I went to turn on the light, and I was ready to confront him. I was ready to make him pay the way I made alan harris pay.

Lucas: You had a gun?

Sami: No. No. The strangest thing happened. I looked down at my feet, and there was a gun right there on the floor, right there next to me, like I had wished it to happen.

Lucas: Where did it come from?

Sami: I have no idea, but I reached down to grab it, and then that's when I looked across the room, and I saw why I had been feeling that I wasn't alone. It was charlie dale.

Lucas: What did he say?

Sami: Nothing. He was lying there on the floor with a bullet hole in his chest. Charlie dale was already dead.

Ben: Can I go see ciara now?

Kayla: I'm afraid not. Your blood oxygen level is still so low, and I'm gonna need you to put this mask back on.

Ben: Kayla, I feel so much better now.

Kayla: Well, that's what you said before, and then you collapsed. Oh, inhaling all that smoke and dust has really damaged your lungs.

Ben: [Breathes deeply] See? I'm good, really. I just got excited to see my wife. That's all. If you just let me out of this bed, I'll be fi--

Kayla: You need to save your breath and--I mean, literally save your breath.

Ben: You're really gonna keep me in this bed while my wife is right down the hallway?

Kayla: Only as long as I absolutely have to, and getting all worked up is only gonna make this worse.

Ben: Fine.

Kayla: Thank you.

Claire: But, kayla, he is gonna be okay, right?

Kayla: He is going to be fine as long as he stays in this bed and gets his blood oxygen levels back to normal. I'm going to count on you to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.

Claire: I'll do my best.

Kayla: Thank you.

[Tender music]

Claire: Hey, do not even think about it. I may not be as big as you, but I am pretty tough.

Ben: Claire, please.

Claire: Hey, I know that you are desperate to see ciara, but you almost killed yourself saving her, so it would be pretty pointless to almost risk your life now just because you can't wait.

Ben: I hate waiting.

Claire: Well, you will survive. And plus, you and ciara have your whole lives together.

Ciara: Where am I?

Shawn: You're, uh--you're at university hospital.

Ciara: The hospital? What happened to me?

Shawn: Look, you--listen, you were--you were in an accident, but the good news is, you're gonna be fine.

Ciara: An accident? What?

Shawn: Ciara, do you-- are you okay?

Ciara: I--I'm sorry. I just--

Shawn: Hey, what--do you--do you know who I am? To be honest...a little dust? It never bothered me.

Claire: Hey, ben, stop.

Ben: Claire, seriously, I feel better now. I'm good.

Claire: Kayla said to stay put.

Ben: I know, and she's looking out for what's best for me, but I look better, right?

Claire: Well, yeah, you don't look as pale, but your lungs, ben.

Ben: My lungs are fine. It's my heart that's going to explode knowing ciara's this close. Come on, this is killing me.

Claire: You're not playing fair.

Ben: I'm not playing at all. I need to see my wife.

Claire: There is nothing I could say or do that's gonna stop you, is there?

Ben: Nope. Now, if you would excuse me...

[Quiet dramatic music]

Ciara: Um, well, let's see. Who are you? Well, you have solid cheekbones. You have a nice, fluffy head of hair. Look, you've got that goofy expression on your face.

Shawn: Oh, my god, you're messing with me. Oh, my--ugh!

Ciara: Of course I'm messing with you. Of course I know who you are. You're that protective guy who sometimes needs to be reminded that he's not my father, he's my brother.

Shawn: Okay.

Ciara: And you're also that guy who never let me live down when I was 15 and I cut my own hair.

Shawn: [Laughs] Well, I'm sorry. You--you looked like justin bieber. I mean--

Ciara: Justin bieber?

Shawn: Yeah, you know?

Ciara: Okay, fine. It's okay, shawn-douglas. I forgive you. I mean, that's what big brothers do, right?

Shawn: Well, you know, that's not all we do. I mean, I just wanna hug you right now.

Ciara: Easy. I'm still kinda sore.

Shawn: I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just--I'm just happy to see you. And you know what today is? It's st. Patrick's day.

Ciara: Oh, is it?

Shawn: Yeah, and with you here, with you-- with you being alive and well, it's the luck of the irish.

Ciara: Well, grandpa shawn would be proud.

Shawn: Yeah. Yeah, he would be. And mom--oh, my god, mom, mom's gonna be so happy to see you, like--

Ciara: Mom? Oh, my god, mom. Where is she? Is she here?

Shawn: No. Uh, no, no, she's-- unfortunately, she's not, but, um, I promise you, I will track her down. But until then, I'm sure you probably already know there's somebody else who's dying to see you.

Allie: Ben, claire, is it true?

Ben: It's true.

Claire: Hey, hi.

Ben: It's true.

Allie: Oh, my god, that's amazing. That's so amazing.

Claire: I know. How did you hear?

Allie: Well, rafe told me the whole story. Have you--have you seen her yet?

Claire: No, no. Ben is just about to go in. My dad's in with her now.

Shawn: Ben, hey. How you doing?

Ben: I'm fine. How's ciara?

Shawn: She's, uh-- she's ciara. She's awake, and she's--she's smiling.

Claire: Incredible.

Ben: And everything seems good?

Shawn: Yeah. I mean, she's, uh--she's definitely the ciara that we all know and love.

Claire: Thank god. And there he goes.

Allie: I'm so happy for him and ciara--I mean, for everyone, for all of us.

Shawn: Yeah. I'm gonna go tell belle and marlena the good news, all right?

Allie: Okay.

Claire: Bye.

Shawn: Bye.

Allie: [Laughs]

Marlena: All right, I understand that you can't represent sami. I do hope you're in her corner.

Belle: Well, mom, come on. She may not be my client, but she will always be my sister.

Marlena: I'm glad to hear you say that. You know, in spite of everything, I do believe that sami's innocent. I don't think that she killed charlie.

Belle: Why don't you think so? Do you think she's not capable after what that sick bastard did to her daughter?

Marlena: I know that sami is smart, and she's savvy, and I know how much she loves her family, and she would never do anything to harm those relationships. What I--what I don't understand is why she lied to you and rafe, especially when she knew that her story could be easily checked.

Nicole: Thank you.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. Oh, it's good to get out of the station for a bit.

Nicole: Yeah, I'm sure it's been crazy with everything that's happened with ciara and sami.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah. Oh, looks like spring is in the air, huh?

Nicole: Yeah, I'd really love to talk about the weather with you, but I didn't bring you here to sip lattes and catch up.

Rafe: Okay. So, uh, why did you bring me here, then?

Nicole: Because, sir, I think you're up to something. Mm-hmm. Is it my imagination, or are you purposely trying to keep allie away from her mother? Huh? Hmm? Hmm? Huh?

Rafe: Guilty as charged.

Nicole: Aha! I knew it.

Rafe: You're right.

Lucas: I don't understand. You're telling me that charlie was already dead when you entered the apartment? Then how did you--

Sami: Okay, just--I'm getting to there. I went to check his pulse, and then I yanked my hand back.

Lucas: Because he was dead?

Sami: No, because I was disgusted that I was even touching that animal after the pain that he caused our daughter. I was thinking about how her life was never gonna be the same, and I was thinking that I felt cheated and robbed, that I had been cheated of my revenge against him, that I should have been the one to put a bullet in his chest, so I picked up the gun, and I shot him myself, through his cold, black heart.

[Gunshot] And then I dropped the gun, and I ran into the bathroom, splashed cold water on my face, and when I came back out, rafe was standing there, and now here we are. On the outside, I looked fine.

Lucas: You shot charlie's dead body?

Sami: I know that probably doesn't make much sense.

Lucas: Well, I mean, it makes more sense than you think, but I don't know. Why did you lie to rafe and belle? Why didn't you just tell them the truth?

Sami: Well, when rafe first found me, I was still in shock, and then I sort of panicked, but in the car ride here to the station, I started thinking if it wasn't me--

Lucas: Well, don't look at me like that. It wasn't me. I mean, the thought crossed my mind once or twice.

Sami: I'm sure it did, but what crossed my mind is who had been hurt by charlie the most, who had the biggest score to settle with him.

Lucas: Oh, my god. You think allie did this.

Allie: Hey.

Claire: Hey. Kayla said we can only go in one at a time.

Allie: Oh, okay. Well, you can go in before me.

Claire: Thanks. You know, it's funny. It really wasn't that long ago that me and ciara hated each other, and now I just--i can't wait to see her.

Allie: Yeah? Well, I'm glad that you guys worked it out, you know?

Claire: Yeah, me too. God, I've missed her so much.

Allie: At least we have one good thing happen in our family right now.

Claire: Hey, I heard your mom got arrested.

Allie: Yeah, she's been officially charged with charlie's murder. It's so unfair, claire.

Claire: I'm sorry.

Allie: Not as sorry as I am, because the only reason that my mom is in this situation is because of me.

Sami: So that's it. That's why I'm here, lying to the cops.

Lucas: Because you would rather be the one arrested than allie. I get it.

Sami: If I told rafe everything, if I swore to him that I didn't do it, he might start going out there, trying to find out who did do it, and that might lead him straight to our daughter.

Nicole: So you're saying if sami killed charlie to avenge her daughter--

Rafe: Then allie is gonna have to carry that guilt around for the rest of her life.

Nicole: Knowing her mother killed for her.

Rafe: Yeah, and that is a big burden to carry, and especially for someone who's already shouldered a lot of them.

Nicole: And you're just trying to protect her.

Rafe: Well, yeah. I know it's probably an impossible mission, but I gotta try.

Nicole: You're a good man, rafe.

Rafe: Well, allie means the world to me. I mean, she--she doesn't deserve to go through this.

Nicole: Are you sure sami did it?

Rafe: All the evidence sure points that way. I'm still waiting on the autopsy and the full ballistics report, but it's not like sami's fighting it.

Nicole: Wait, sami admitted to shooting charlie?

Rafe: No, no, no, no, but she has not denied it either, and, you know, when have you ever known sami to be quiet whenever she feels like someone wronged her?

Belle: Mom, I have gone over the case file, like, a hundred times. Everything points to sami being guilty.

Marlena: I'll say it again. It doesn't make any sense that she would lie about it. I mean, there must be something more to the story.

Belle: Mom, I just--

Marlena: What? You just what?

Belle: I just want you to convince her to help herself, please. As angry as I am with her, I don't wanna see my sister go back to prison. Oh, hey. So how is she?

Shawn: She's good. She seems really good.

Belle: Oh, good.


[Tender music]

Ben: Ciara, it's me. I'm right here.

I've lost count of how many asthma attacks I've had.

Rafe: Well, I better get going back to the station.

Nicole: Yeah, I have to get going too. I'm supposed to relieve henry's babysitter.

Rafe: Oh.

[Cell phone rings] Sorry.

Nicole: It's okay.

Rafe: Commissioner hernandez. Are you sure? Okay. All right, thanks. Wow.

Nicole: What is it?

Rafe: Uh, some new information. Maybe sami isn't the one who shot charlie dale after all.

Lucas: You know, you could go to prison for this.

Sami: You went to prison for will. If it comes to it, I am willing to do that for our daughter.

Lucas: But we don't know if allie's guilty or not.

Sami: I'm not willing to risk it. Are you?

Lucas: Listen, I'll talk to her, okay?

Sami: What? And say what?

Lucas: I'll talk to her. She'll talk to me, and she'll be honest, and if she's innocent, that means that you're protecting somebody else.

Sami: Lucas, wait.

Lucas: What? What is it?

Sami: Look, you can't tell anyone what I told you, okay? Not even allie. Yeah, I know that you feel as guilty as I do about what that piece of garbage did to her.

Lucas: You're right. I do.

Sami: Okay, then swear to me that you will keep my secret, and together, we can keep our daughter safe.

Lucas: I swear.

[Somber music]

Claire: What do you mean, allie? Why are you saying that charlie's murder is your fault?

[Quiet dramatic music]

That night when I came to see you, when I told you that I tried to get a taped confession out of charlie but my plan failed, you said you could kill him yourself. Did you do it? Allie, did you kill him?

Shawn: Yeah, at first I--i didn't think that she, uh--she remembered me, but then, uh, she started making fun of me, and she told me a story about when she was a kid, and it's like nothing had changed.

Belle: Oh, that is so great.

Shawn: Yeah.

Marlena: Yeah. Was--was ben able to see her?

Shawn: Uh, actually, he was supposed to be in there first, um, but he had this cough attack, and then he ended up passing out.

Marlena: Passing out? Is he all right?

Shawn: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think that just the whole rescuing ciara-- I think it took a lot out of him, yeah. So kayla gave him some oxygen, and now he's back on his feet.

Belle: Aww, guess nobody can keep that guy away from the woman he loves.

Shawn: And I am happy to say, after all this time, ben and ciara are finally together again.

Ben: I waited so long for this, and I promise you that part of me, I never stopped hoping. I never stopped believing that one day, you would be looking back at me with those big, beautiful eyes.

Ciara: Get the hell away from me.

Ben: Baby, it's okay. It's me. It's okay.

Ciara: I know you. I know who you are. You're ben weston. You're the necktie killer.

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