Days Transcript Friday 3/12/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/12/21


Episode #13978 ~ Chloe tries to tell Brady she has feelings for him. Rex puts a damper on Xander and Jack's two-man bachelor party. Kristen takes extreme measures to protect her secret. Ben fears he's too late to save Ciara.

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Sarah: Why aren't you in prison? Oh. Oh, my god. Oh, my god! You were pretending to be susan banks.

Kristen: Okay, okay. Sarah, sarah, sarah. Come on. I know this--this looks crazy.

Sarah: Oh, you think? You broke out of prison. Again. And now you're pretending to be someone else-- again.

Kristen: Yes, because I had to--I had to. Chloe is trying to steal brady from me, and there is no way in hell I'm gonna let that happen.

Chloe: Susan showed up at my office with flowers.

Brady: Stinkweed? Poison ivy? What was it?

Chloe: No. Surprisingly not. The real thing. She apologized for being so rude to me.

Brady: I did not see that coming.

Chloe: No. Neither did I, but I guess she said she felt guilty about not having a premonition in time before your shooting. And I guess she was frustrated, and she...

Brady: Oh, my god.

Chloe: Took it out on me.

Brady: I guess that makes sense, in susan's weird world.

Chloe: Yeah, but I would rather her be my friend. You know what?

Brady: Hmm?

Chloe: She's actually a bit more insightful than I gave her credit for.

Brady: How's that?

Chloe: Well, um... she helped me recognize something that I wasn't admitting to myself.

Brady: Well, would you mind telling me what that is?

Chloe: I haven't spent this much time with brady in years, and we have become close again. And...[Sighs] You know, it does make me think about when we were really good together. And... you know, of course, it also makes me wonder if maybe--

Kristen as susan: Maybe what?

Chloe: If you know, maybe we would be good together again.

[Sirens wailing]

Claire: We'll be at the hospital soon.

Shawn: Look, I'll be fine. I'll be fine--I just wish i I could say the same about ciara. Look, I know that ben is desperate to find her, just like we all are, but god, I wish he would have just waited for backup.

Claire: So many people have tried to tear ben and ciara apart, but their love is just too strong. I have to believe that now is no different. Somehow, some way they will be together again.

Ben: Where the hell is she?

Evan: I'll take curtain number one.

Ben: Open it!

[Suspenseful music]

Oh, my god.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Ben: What the hell is this? Where's ciara?

Evan: I'm guessing under all that rubble.

Ben: What the hell did you do?

Evan: Nothing. When I left, ciara was alive and well, but it looks like she found a way to blow herself up.

Ben: Let me in the room. Let me in the room!

Evan: looks kind of unstable.

Ben: Now!

Evan: Okay, but I don't think you're gonna like what you see.

Ben: Ciara? Ciara, can you hear me?

[Creaking sounds]

Evan: We need to get out of here...okay? You can come back for ciara's corpse some other time.

Ben: I'm not going anywhere without my wife.

[Creaking continues] Ciara? Ciara! Can you hear me?

Sarah: How long has this been going on?

Kristen: A couple of weeks.

Sarah: Oh. Oh, that explains why chloe said that susan was acting so possessive of brady.

Kristen: I'm possessive? Oh, my god. That slut can't stay away from him. Oh, you know, and whenever I turn around, she's oh, so seductively changing his bandages and shoving her muffins in his face.

Sarah: Chloe and brady are just friends. And coworkers.

Kristen: Yes, sarah, I know. And chloe loves using basic black as an excuse to drop by john and marlena's place.

[Gasps] "We need to go over the files, brady. Oh, sure we can work in your room, brady, so I can get into your bed."

Sarah: When chloe told me that susan was being jealous of her, I asked point blank if she had anything to be jealous about, and chloe said no. She said...

Kristen: What?

Sarah: That kristen is the only woman that brady loves.

Kristen: But that's not what chloe told me.

Sarah: What do you mean?

Kristen, imitating susan: Well, see, I just scuttled my my little tush down here tonight to apologize to miss chloe. And I brought her some pretty flowers, and I asked her forgiveness for being so mean, mean, mean whenever she's hovering around brady like a big old buxom butterfly.

Sarah: Oh, no.

Kristen: Oh, yes.

[Laughs] Yeah, you know? And, uh, in the course of our conversation, I asked--susan asked chloe if she was in love with brady. And she denied it, at first, and then susan just kept prodding just a little bit more. And she admitted it. She admitted it. She wants brady. In fact, they are having dinner together right now.

Sarah: Wait. Chloe asked brady to dinner?

Kristen: No! No, no, no. He asked her. I was standing right here. Which means her plan is working. I mean, chloe knows that brady is vulnerable, and she is going to try every trick in her whore handbook to steal him away from me.

Brady: Hey, hey. You okay?

Chloe: Yeah, yeah. Why?

Brady: Chloe, I've known you forever. I think you're blushing. I don't know why. Hey, listen. If there's something that you need to say to me, you know there's nothing you can't tell me, so just say it.

Chloe: Well--

Xander: A round of drinks for everyone--tonight we celebrate, because tomorrow is my big, fat greek wedding. Whoo! Got it?

Chloe: You don't have any friends, so how are you having a big wedding?

Xander: Well, yeah, I mean, truth be told, it'll be a rather intimate affair and a lot more scottish than greek. Hey, I'm gonna be wearing my great-grandfather's kilt.

Brady: Oh, my god that's--I don't care.

Xander: Well, I understand that you two helped my beautiful bride with her dress, so the least I can do is buy the basic black team a shot of ouzo and a shot of scotch.

Brady: Xander, I don't do shots anymore, I don't drink and if I did, I wouldn't want to drink with you, so here we go.

Chloe: Okay. Let's go. Oh, and, uh, give my condolences to sarah. I told her it was a huge mistake marrying you, but you know, she wouldn't listen to me. Ta-ta.

Xander: Well, hey. More for us, right, jack?

Jack: Eh.

Xander: Yeah.

Sarah: Okay, so if... you're a fake, then what happened to the real susan banks? Oh, god. You didn't--

Kristen: Kill her? No, no, no. Of course not. Of course not.

Sarah: Is she locked up somewhere?

Kristen: Yes, yes. At statesville. With dentures, a dye job, contacts, and she looks exactly like me.

Sarah: You forced her to switch places with you.

Kristen: No, no, no. She volunteered.

Sarah: To go to prison? That's hard to believe.

Kristen: Okay, sarah, it's true. It really is true. With all her eccentricities, I mean... susan does have a strong sense of what's right and wrong. And when I told her that chloe was taking advantage of my incarceration to steal brady, she understood that was very wrong and jumped at the chance to help me.

Sarah: Well, you can't keep this up forever, so what's your plan?

Kristen: I want chloe to stay away from brady. I want to drive home the message that he is spoken for, and she needs to back off.

Sarah: I don't like this.

Kristen: I swear to you susan wants to help me. She really does, but no one can know what we're up to. So sarah, please. I swear. I need you to keep my secret.

Sarah: I'm sorry. I can'T.

Ben: Ciara, you hang on! You hang on. I know you're close. I know you're close. I can feel it. I know you're alive. You hang on! Struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes

Kristen: What do you mean you can't? Just pretend like you never saw me.

Sarah: That's not possible.

Kristen: Why not? You gave xander a pass.

Sarah: Xander changed.

Kristen: You don't really believe that?

Sarah: Yeah. Damn right I do. That's why I'm marrying him tomorrow.

Kristen: You are marrying that worthless piece of--

Sarah: Yes. In fact, I am here to pick up my wedding dress. You know, I love xander with all my heart. I know--I know he did terrible things. Just like you. And just like you... he became a different person.

Kristen: Maybe, but... nothing changes the fact that he let you fall in love with my child, while yours... was in a grave.

Roman: All right. Here you go. Two scotch. Two ouzo. One serious hangover.

Xander: Keep the drinks coming, and hold the commentary.

Roman: Good to see you, jack.

Jack: Right. You know, I think roman's got a point. Maybe I should order us some decaf.

Xander: No. Let's drink some scotch. Right up your kilt. How was that, mate?

Jack: Like my internal organs are on fire. Okay. Next one.

Xander: Ooh, perhaps a little toast, from my best man.

Jack: I haven't prepared anything.

Xander: You are a writer. I'm confident you'll come through.

Jack: To life's greatest adventure.

Xander: Climbing everest?

Jack: No.

Xander: Kilimanjaro?

Jack: Love, xander. I'm talking about love.

Xander: Oh, then do continue.

Jack: With any of the other big decisions in life--buying a house, taking a job--we consider the risks. If it's too great, we turn it down. We look for something safer. Something with guarantees. Love has no guarantees. Love is a leap of faith, but with the right person there's no fear. Together, you'll laugh, cry, create... determine... live. It's all one big adventure. The wonderful, winding road of love. May you and your bride to be travel it together in health and happiness always.

Xander: Oh, I will drink to that.

Rex: So xander cook is getting hitched. Who's the unlucky girl?

[Tense music]

[Ben coughs]

[Structure creaking]

[Ben continues coughing]

Belle: I just can't believe it. I mean, I guess I always knew it was possible that ciara survived the explosion, but hearing all of this--I mean I am just, like, floored.

Claire: I know. I'm just praying that ciara's okay. Ben took evan off at gunpoint.

Belle: A gun that he had pointed at you, and so you punched him?

Claire: No, mom. I didn't punch him. I elbowed him in the ribs.

Belle: He could have killed you--what were you thinking taking a chance like that?

Shawn: Belle, easy. I already told her not to do anything like that ever again. But what I didn't get the chance to tell her was her mom probably would have made the exact same move.

Belle: Well, that's true, but...god I am just so glad you two are okay.

Shawn: Me too. Now, would somebody grab my shoes and find my clothes?

Claire: Why?

Shawn: Because I've gotta go help ben find ciara.

Ben: [Coughing]

[Groaning] Aah... ciara! I'm here, love. I'm here. I'm here. Discover the replenishing power

Roman: What are you doing here?

Rex: I came here to surprise my dad. Is that cool with you?

Roman: That is very cool. Hey, listen, tell you what. Let me take that upstairs, okay? I got deliveries in the back, business calls to make, then I'll cook you something. We'll catch up. Sound all right?

Rex: Oh, that sounds good. Thank you, dad.

Roman: God, it's good to see you.

Rex: You too.

Roman: All right, buddy.

Rex: So jack, how much is xander paying you to drink with him?

Xander: Jack's my best man, actually.

Rex: You're standing up with this guy? Have you two...actually met?

Xander: We're celebrating, so just move along.

Rex: No, no. Wait, wait. The curiosity's killing me. So what kind of a woman would actually choose to spend the rest of her life with you? Like, who is this pathetic loser?

Xander: It's your ex-wife.

Sarah: I will never forget what xander did.

Kristen: But you will forgive him.

Sarah: Xander delivered my daughter. He was the first person to see that love between us. To see how powerful our bond was. And when my baby died... he couldn't bear to take that away from me.

Kristen: And so he took it from me.

Sarah: Yes, and it was so, so wrong.

Kristen: Yes it was. And I understand you not hating xander, but to forgive him? To marry him? Sarah, I mean, he broke your heart.

Sarah: Yeah, and I remember when I opened it up to him again. He took me to the cemetery... to see where my daughter was buried. He showed me that... he had replaced the headstone. And the one with rachel's name was gone. And there was a new one, and it said, um...

Kristen: It said mackenzie horton.

Sarah: Xander wanted to save me the pain of having to change it. And he wanted to make sure that my daughter was honored properly. And it hit me. The full cycle of mackenzie's life. Pregnancy, birth, death. Xander was there for all of it. He was right by my side, and I knew that I wanted him to stay there. For better, for worse, for always.

Kristen: I hardly think one gesture makes up for all the damage he did.

Sarah: Yeah, well, I... I don't care what you or anybody else thinks about who I love. I don't have to explain myself, and I don't have to make any excuses. I'm sure that brady feels the same way.

Kristen: You want to throw your life away? Go ahead. Do it. But I am not letting you walk out that door without you swearing that you don't tell anyone that I'm masquerading as susan.

Sarah: Why should I help you?

Kristen: Because you owe me!

Sarah: For what?

Kristen: You owe me! For stealing my child. And I never thought I was gonna see her again. And then I just lost it. I lost it, and I stabbed victor, which never, never would have happened if you just gave me back rachel when you found out the truth. And I am losing time right now with her. I don't get to wake up in the morning and see her beautiful face. And I don't get to spend the days watching her and these little magical moments that she has. And the one thing that I miss so, so, so much is when I get to hold her at night and just watch her fall asleep.

Chloe: I can't believe how easily rachel went back to sleep.

Brady: Well, I don't think she's ever heard a voice like yours before.

Chloe: Well, I know that you're very capable of singing a lullaby yourself.

Brady: Well, seriously, though, you're really good with her. I mean, you have this way with rachel that's just very sweet. She takes to it.

Chloe: Well, thank you. You know, of course, I adore my son, but I would be lying if I didn't say that, you know, there's a part of me that wishes I had a little girl too.

Brady: Maybe you will one day. You know, I love having a daughter, I do, but it's hard. It's hard right now, because she is just missing kristen. We both are.

Shawn: Hello, girls? My clothes. My shoes. Please.

Belle: You have a bullet hole in your leg.

Shawn: This is a flesh wound.

Belle: You are not going anywhere.

Shawn: No. Ben needs my help.

Claire: Dad, you are on serious pain medication. You cannot go chasing christian maddox.

Belle: Yes. You just need to lie down and relax, honey.

Shawn: How am I supposed to relax when I don't know whether my sister's alive or dead?

Ben: No pulse. She's not breathing. "O, my love. My wife. Death that has sucked the honey of thy breath." No. No, no, no. I felt you breathe, baby. I felt you breathe. I felt you breathe. Oh, my god. Thank god. It's beating. It's beating. It's okay, baby. You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay. Thank god. You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay. I'll be observing your safe-driving abilities.

Rex: No, no, no. There is now way in hell that sarah would marry you. You're the son of a bitch that made her think her daughter was still alive--that destroyed her.

Xander: Oh, you'd know all about destroying sarah, wouldn't you? After all, you cheated on her twice--once with her sister, and the other one you got pregnant...for which I do genuinely thank you, rex, 'cause it was your screwing around that started off me and sarah, wasn't it?

Jack: Fellows, xander--

Rex: She dumped you at the altar once, and she will do it again.

Xander: Look, I understand your regret--you let an incredible woman get away. You must spend every damn day kicking yourself for being such a stupid, selfish idiot. But it's time to move on and accept that it's over. The best man won.

Sarah: My heart aches for you, kristen. It really, really does. There isn't a single day that goes by that I don't mourn what we both lost.

Kristen: If you mean that, then you'll make sure I don't lose anything else. Come on, sarah. You loved my daughter like she was your own. Don't let this hussy replace her mother.

Sarah: Oh, my god. That's not gonna happen.

Kristen: Okay, you don't know that because brady is on his own. He is raising a child, and every day and every moment that I am not around she is moving in on him-- in the house, in the office-- and that has got to stop.

Sarah: How, kristen? What are you gonna do?

Kristen: Nothing. I just need to keep an eye on things. Look, I swear to you I'm not going to do anything.

Sarah: I wish I could believe that. Restraint isn't exactly your strong suit. I mean you just said you stabbed victor, and...what about what happened to haley chen?

Kristen: That was an accident. And the incident with victor is ancient history.

Sarah: But you just broke out of prison and showed up to a hospital with a gun.

Kristen: Yeah, but I turned myself back in.

Sarah: Yeah, but it was after you threatened to kill chloe. Because you thought that she was responsible for getting brady shot.

Kristen: I did not hurt her, sarah.

Sarah: Yeah, but how do I know that you won't?

Ben: I need a damn signal. You stay with me. You stay with me. Come on. Yes. Baby, I'm calling for help right now, you stay with me. You stay with me.

Evan: Put the phone down, weston.

Evan: I see you found your girl. She croak?

Ben: Ciara's alive, just like I always knew she was.

Evan: Not for long, and you either.

Ben: You're not gonna shoot us.

Evan: Why the hell not?

Ben: Because that's not how the story ends.

Evan: I'm sorry. The story?

Ben: Mine and ciara'S. We have been to hell and back again. Accidents, fires, prison, explosions, kidnappings. Nothing broke us. Not rhodes and vincent. Not you and your father. You all failed. I found ciara. We found each other.

Evan: Wait. I know. Your special connection.

Ben: It's real, and it is forever.

Evan: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Did they treat you for delusions in the nuthouse? There is nothing special about either of you. You are a psycho, and she is the bitch that ruined my life. And your...your story? It's not a fairytale. It's a tragedy. You're not gonna ride off into the sunset on her motorcycle. I am going to shoot you both and leave you here to rot. But hey, let's look at the bright side. At least you'll rot together.

Ben: It's you and me, baby. I'm never gonna let you go. I love you.

[Structure creaking]

Evan: Say hi to jordan for me.

[Loud cracking]

Chloe: So you wanted me to stay with my eyes closed?

Brady: I did. Now listen, you have been so good to me these past couple weeks. And anything I've needed you've gotten for me, so I figured it was time that I gave you exactly what you needed. Fair warning, chloe, it is much, much bigger than you remember. Open your eyes. I figured you abprobly got your appetite back, having left xander's lame bachelor party,'re welcome.

Do do

Jack: Okay, boys. Xander's got a really big day tomorrow, so we are gonna be on our way right? Come on.

Xander: You know, you had your chance with sarah, and you blew it.

Rex: You still talking?

Xander: You treated her like dirt. I'm gonna treat her better than any other man ever could, especially a fool like you.

Rex: You know, I sincerely doubt that.

Xander: I'll be sure to send you some wedding pictures.

Rex: Well, you haven't closed the deal yet, pal. Sarah has plenty of time to still walk away from you.

Kristen: If I wanted chloe dead, she would be dead. I don'T. That's not who I am anymore, sarah. It's not.

Sarah: Kristen, I... I truly, truly believe that, in this moment, you are being sincere. You do have problems with controlling your impulses. And what I am afraid of is that, if you felt too threatened, or if you got too angry, that you could end up hurting chloe or worse. And honestly, god, if that happened, I would never be able to forgive myself.

Kristen: What are you doing? Are you calling the cops?

Sarah: No. I'm calling brady.


[Line rings]

[Phone rings]

Brady: Sarah. Sarah, hey. Sarah?

Chloe: Is everything okay?

Brady: Uh, yeah. Sarah called, but she hung up. I guess, if it's important, she'll call back.

[Tense music]

Kristen: Darn impulses.

Chloe: You don't expect me to eat this whole thing by myself, do you?

Brady: Yes I do. Yes I do.

Chloe: Oh, come on.

Brady: I'll have a bite. I'll have one bite, but first, I want to know what you were saying before, at the pub. You said that susan had made you realize something. It sounded important. What was that about?

Chloe: Well, I just think that maybe we've been too harsh about her smothering you. You know, susan--she's an oddball, but I think she has a really good heart.

Kristen: Sarah, I didn't want to do it, but you gave me no choice. And I couldn't let you tell anyone my secret.

Xander: Hey, I, uh, need to make a quick call. Could you grab us a cab?

Jack: Oh, gladly. Yeah.

Xander: Oh, and we're not going home, if that's what you're thinking. The night is young, jack! Maybe I'll just wish her good night.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Line ringing]

[Cell phone rings]

Kristen: Sorry, xander.

[Beep] But your bride to be isn't available right now.

Xander: I wish you picked up. I hope you don't have a stripper sitting in your lap. That's my job, and I think I've proven that I'm better at it than anyone else. But what I really called to say, sarah, is...thank you. I'm just ecstatic that you're on life's greatest adventure with me. I love you with all my heart, and I can't wait until tomorrow when we finally become husband and wife.


Ben: Hey, it's ben. Leave a message.

Claire: Ben, it's claire. Can you please call me back and let me know you're okay and if...

[Elevator bell dings] And if you found ciara. Oh, my god.

[Intense music]

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