Days Transcript Wednesday 3/10/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/10/21


Episode #13976 ~ Evan prepares to kill Ben. Shawn and Ben close in on Evan. Paulina inadvertently stirs up drama for Eli and Lani. Theo returns to Salem.

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Paulina: Ah, thank you, abe. You are doing the honorable thing.

Abe: Hold it, paulina. I agreed to make an introduction. I am not on anyone's side.

Paulina: Oh, yeah, yeah. Okay, but I'm sure you'll do the right thing for your town and for your family.

John: Gabi. Is everything okay?

Gabi: No. Everything sucks, in fact.

John: It's not arianna, is it?

Gabi: No, no. Arianna is fine, I spoke to will and sonny this morning.

John: Okay, good. Then what's wrong?

Gabi: I just got dumped.

Abe: I always try to do the right thing for this town and my family.

Paulina: So once you convince the landlord to make me a deal.

Abe: Now, ms. Price--

Paulina: Oh, paulina, please.

Abe: Paulina, I have told you repeatedly that I only agreed to make an introduction.

Paulina: But I believe you have a real opportunity to prove that you're a visionary.

Abe: You also seem to believe in bulldozing people.

Paulina: No, not bulldozing, simply making my case for a new and vibrant town center. And just so you know, I play fair, not like that dimera woman.

Abe: Oh, so it's not fair that kate has a signed lease for a property you want?

Paulina: No. No, it's not the lease. It's not the lease, mayor abe. It's the way she's using her history with you. This is a business deal. She's framing it in personal terms.

Abe: And you dropping the word "family" into every other sentence, that's not personal?

Paulina: Mayor abe, I did not get where I am by underselling myself. Now, you don't have to take my word for it. If you want to know more about my track record, just ask anybody in miami.

Abe: [Laughs] Oh, well, miami and salem are two very different places.

Paulina: Which is why it's a good thing that I'm here. Somebody needs to bring a little pizzazz to this one-horse town.

Lani: Who is this from? Oh. "My dearest carver and jules, maybe you weren't born with these in your mouths, but don't you worry. Aunt p's got your back." Well, at least it wasn't a couple of ponies.

[Knock at door] Maybe I spoke too soon. Theo?

Theo: Surprise.

Lani: Oh! I wasn't expecting you here until tomorrow.

Theo: Yeah. I couldn't wait to see those babies, so I caught an earlier flight. I hope that's okay.

Lani: It's more than okay. It's great. Welcome home.

Theo: It's good to be back.

Lani: Aw.

Eli: Hey, mom. Sorry I'm late. I got caught up at work.

Valerie: No worries. Not a problem. So what is it that is so urgent?

Julie: Oh, sammy.

Claire: Grandma julie.

Julie: Hi, claire.

Claire: What is it? What's wrong?

Julie: I was just reading. Your aunt sammy has been arrested for the murder of charlie dale.

Claire: Oh, my god. Okay, well, this is very weird.

Julie: Yes, it is.

Claire: Grandma, I thought charlie and I were meant to be together. I was such an idiot.

Julie: He fooled a lot of people, darling.

Claire: Well, at least now allie doesn't have to be scared all the time.

Julie: Right. She doesn't, and you don't either, so you just put charlie dale behind you and move on.

Claire: Yeah, and focus on helping ben.

Julie: What?

Claire: Uh, that just-- that just slipped out, I'm sorry.

Julie: Helping ben? Helping ben what?

Claire: Helping ben find ciara.

Julie: Ciara?

Claire: Ben thinks ciara is still alive, and I do, too.

Eli: Oh, ciara, you really shouldn't have messed with me. Because you did, I'm gonna make you a widow.

Male narrator: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

[Soft orchestration]

Julie: So you not only believe that ciara is alive, but--

Claire: We have figured out who was holding her hostage. It's this guy, this ex-con named alan rhodes, and you're not gonna believe this, grandma, but dad ran his name through the database. His mugshot came up, and he's got a tattoo of a shark.

Julie: A shark? Like the shark in susan banks' vision?

Claire: Right.

Julie: What else was in the vision? Tell me again. Is it something about ciara in a glass box?

Claire: Yes, yes, exactly, and ben had this dream with ciara in it, and in the dream, ciara was behind this glass partition.

Julie: Oh, my god. My head is spinning here.

Claire: So then ben and my dad, well, this ex-con, this guy, he had moved from his last known address, but ben and dad, they managed to get their hands on this box of items from his apartment.

Julie: Items, what do you mean by that?

Claire: Well, ben and i went through it all, and it was just a box of junk. But then we found this book, "alice in wonderland." Do you remember?Land." Ciara loved that book when she was a kid, and in ben's dream, ciara was reading the sequel.

Julie: "Through the looking-glass."

Claire: Yes, but, grandma, it wasn't just that she was reading it in ben's dream. The book in the dream and the book in rhodes' box, they matched.

Julie: What do you mean they matched?

Claire: The same font, the same cover art, and, grandma, there's more.

Julie: No, no, stop. I'm just overwhelmed with all this. It's strange, but we have got to tell the police.

Claire: No. We already did, remember? We got my dad involved, but, grandma, the police, they can't do anything because this ex-con, rhodes, he's moved from his last-known address, and nobody knows where he is. But ben and I, we are determined to find her. We are going to figure this out, come hell or high water. Grandma, we are gonna bring her home.

Julie: Does hope know about this?

Claire: No. Nobody even knows where she is.

Julie: Well, somebody's got to find her.

Claire: What are you doing?

Julie: What do you think I'm doing? I'm going to call doug.

Claire: No, grandma. You can'T.

Evan: Ah, damn it, wes. Where the hell are you?

Ben: Shawn, I need to talk to you. Look at this. My dad got it. It's orpheus'. Take a look at the call log. He kept calling the same number.

Shawn: Yeah?

Ben: My dad calls the number, and guess who answers? The son of a bitch who killed my sister.

Shawn: Christian maddox, aka, evan? That murderer has been at large since october, and he's getting phone calls from his daddy in prison? You know what? No. Somebody's gonna tell that warden that--

Ben: Shawn, there's more. He's got ciara.

Shawn: What did you say?

Ben: My dad called the number. He got him to admit it. He's got ciara.

Shawn: You better not be putting me on.

Ben: Damn it, shawn! I wouldn't do that! Maddox has ciara, and the only way we have to find out where is that phone. Depression makes it hard for me

Theo: They're beautiful.

Lani: I am so in love with them.

Theo: They look like you.

Lani: I know, but don't tell eli.

Theo: Well, they look like him, too, but mainly like you. I got them something.

Lani: Theo, you didn't have to.

Theo: No, I did. There was this craft fair in my neighborhood, and I saw these and I thought they should have them.

Lani: Oh, theo. They're wonderful.

Theo: The zulus make them.

Lani: These are perfect, from a perfect uncle. And we are gonna take such good care of these.

Theo: Those are some pretty fancy spoons.

Lani: Silver spoons.

Theo: Who got them those?

Lani: My aunt paulina. She blew in here like a cyclone from miami, and she is already spoiling these two rotten, just like she spoiled me.

Theo: Have I met her?

Lani: No, and trust me, if you ever met her, you would never forget her.

Paulina: So you had ye olde salem inn, ye olde jewelry store and ye olde dry cleaners. Baby, if variety was the spice of life, salem is a sodium-free diet.

Abe: Not to generalize, right?

Paulina: [Sighs] Oh, come on. Who's on your zoning board? Martha stewart? Mamie eisenhower? Honey, salem is whiter than an alaskan tundra, and I'm not talking about them miles and miles of picket fences.

Abe: Well, I am sure I know what you're talking about.

Paulina: Now, come on. This town needs me. You need me, and I need to take off these shoes. Ooh, they killing me. I need to sit down.

Abe: Oh, well, there's ye olde bench.

Paulina: No, let's go someplace else where I can buy you a drink. Salem isn't dry, is it? I mean, I can get a drink here?

Abe: We repealed prohibition just last week.

Paulina: Oh, good, great. I'll kick off these tina turners, and I'll wine and dine you. Lead the way.

Abe: Well, let's see. There's the--there's the cafe and the bistro.

Paulina: Yeah, well, that looks about as inviting as a rest stop on the florida turnpike. Can't the--what about someplace with some atmosphere?

Abe: Well, there's the brady pub.

Paulina: Oh, irish cuisine, so varied, so spicy.

Abe: Well, they have great mozzarella sticks.

Paulina: Oh, wouldn't they just?

Eli: So lani and I have decided unanimously that we want you to be carver's godmother.

Valerie: Oh, eli, thank you. I'd love that. The grandmama and the godmother.

Eli: Yeah, and we're gonna ask julie to be jules' godmother, but we haven't told her yet, so keep it on the low.

Valerie: Okay, well, you do know that she's already expecting that, right?

Eli: Really?

Valerie: Mm-hmm. I talked to her on the phone the other day. Rather, I listened to her on the phone, and that's all she talked about. You know, I sure hope I'm there when you tell her because she said she was going to act very surprised.

Eli: Oh, god. That sounds just like my grandma julie.

Valerie: Mm-hmm.

Julie: What do you mean, I can't tell doug? He's her grandfather.

Claire: I know, but just, please, not yet. This is why I didn't want to tell you sooner.

Julie: What do you mean?

Claire: Grandma, we don't have any proof, and even if we did, we can't be sure that we're gonna find her in time. Ciara is still in a lot of danger.

Julie: You're right. It would be risky to tell doug. He'd be feeling excitement and relief, everything that I'm feeling, but if our remarkable granddaughter is out there somewhere and in danger-- right. I don't want to tell him and break his heart a second time.

Claire: Let's just wait until we have good news, until we can bring her home.

Julie: We'll wait, and we will have good news. We just have to pray we'll have that good news.

Shawn: All right, so the calls at that number were all received within a 10-mile radius of three cell phone towers, all of them brookville. All right. They're trying to triangulate it now to get a more precise location.

Ben: Well, brookville, that isn't even that far away. Do you think ciara has been there the whole time?

Shawn: It's possible.

Ben: I wouldn't exactly call brookville a city. I mean, how long is it gonna take them to get an address?

Shawn: Well, those towers are 10 miles apart. I mean, he could have been outside when he took the calls.

Ben: So you're saying there might not even be a specific address.

Shawn: No, what I'm saying is that he might have been on the move.

Ben: So how long is this gonna take?

Shawn: It's going to take a few hours.

Ben: My dad thinks maddox is onto him. I don't think we have that long.

Evan: Precious husband has to come home eventually. When he does, I'm gonna have a little surprise for him.

John: Okay, I really am sorry you got dumped. I didn't realize you were seeing anybody.

Gabi: Well, I wasn'T. So yeah, you're right. I wasn't exactly dumped, more like humiliated and insulted.

John: Okay, I see.

Gabi: And by that jerk jake dimera, you know, here's the real kicker: He told me in no uncertain terms that he is not interested in me because he wants to be with kate. Kate, of all people who's old enough to be his mother, kate who's been with every single man in this town--

John: All right. Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy there, okay? You are talking about the mother of my children.

Gabi: Yes, that's right, yes, the twins that came out of the sky. It's just--I'm sorry. I'm in a really foul mood. They're great people. I know that, in spite of their mother.

John: Okay, again, don't talk like that about kate to me. All right. Understand?

Gabi: Okay, fine. I didn't know you were the president of her fan club.

John: Look, she is my ex-wife. She's a friend of mine. I respect her. Besides that, I'm thinking the opposite. Whatever the hell she sees in jake dimera is beyond me.

Gabi: Really. So what's your problem with jake?

Ben: I'll make him tell me where he is.

Shawn: No, ben, don't! He's not gonna tell you anything. You already said that he thinks that we're on to him. Don't! Wait. Ben, wait for him to call.

Ben: I can't just stand here and do nothing.

[Phone ringing]

Evan: Dad?

Lani: Would you like to hold her?

Theo: Yes, but it makes me nervous.

Lani: Don't be. Plus, you need to get used to this because you are gonna be doing a lot more of it.

Theo: Really?

Lani: Really. Sit.

Theo: She's so tiny. Am I holding her okay?

Lani: Yes, you are holding her perfectly. You're such a natural with her. You know, you're gonna be a very special person in her life.

[Baby coos]

Theo: I still think you should've named her theodosia.

Lani: Actually, we have-- we have a way to make that up to yoU. How would you like to be jules' godfather?

Valerie: So julie and I are godmothers. What about the godfathers?

Eli: Well, abe will be carver's, of course.

Valerie: Right.

Eli: But, you know, he tries to be a little bit more subtle about it than julie.

Valerie: Well, she sets a very low bar for subtlety.

Eli: That she does. Plus I don't think abe would forgive us if we had anyone else be the godfather for his namesake.

Valerie: Right. So what about jules?

Eli: We're gonna ask theo. He flies into town tomorrow for the christening.

Valerie: Oh, that's great. Abe will love that.

Eli: Yeah. Well, look, I better get out of here. Lani and the twins are meeting me at julie's so we can ask her together.

Valerie: Oh.

Eli: Would you like to join?

Valerie: I wouldn't miss it for the world, that grand performance. I can just see it now. "Oh, you want me to be the godmother? Oh, just knock me over with a feather." I'm sorry.

Eli: No, look, I don't know how I'm going to keep a straight face.

Valerie: I don't mean to be mean, I'm just kidding. I know julie will be a great, fantastic godmother.

Eli: Yeah. Yeah, she will.

Valerie: You know, sweetie, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see you so happy. You've been through a lot to get to where you are right now.

Eli: Yeah. Well, we definitely went through some dark times--losing david, and-- just being scared that we'd never see the twins again, but they're home. They're safe, and lani and I, we couldn't be happier.

Valerie: I see that.

Eli: You know, if I'm even half as good of a parent as you were, carver and jules will be lucky.

Valerie: Oh, sweetie, I love you.

Eli: I love you, too.

Theo: Her godfather?

Lani: Yep. Eli and I discussed it, and he is 100 percent on board.

Theo: You sure you don't want someone else for the job, like dad? I mean, he has a lot more experience with kids than I do. Besides, I don't want his feelings to be hurt.

Lani: They won't be. Eli and I talked about it, and we decided that both babies deserve their own godparents, so we're gonna ask dad to be carver'S.

Theo: I've never been a godfather before, and it sounds like a big responsibility. Are you sure you trust me?

Lani: Yes, we trust you, and we love you, and we're hoping that with this new responsibility, that you'll be spending more time in salem.

Theo: Thank you. You hear that, jules? I'm gonna be your new godfather.

Abe: Well, all right. Here we are. There you go.

Paulina: This is it? This is our destination?

Abe: Oh. Is something wrong?

Paulina: No, no, no, no. I think you just might have warned a girl that she was setting off on a three mile hike.

Abe: It was a block and a half.

Julie: Hello, abe. Wow, what fantastic shoes! I love them.

Paulina: Well, I'll trade you for a pair of hiking boots.

Abe: Well, this is lani's aunt, paulina price.

Julie: Lani's aunt! Well, I'm delighted to meet you.

Abe: And this is--

Paulina: I'm here for the christening.

Julie: Wonderful, wonderful.

Paulina: I wouldn't have missed it for the world, and I just saw them, and I tell you, those two might be the most beautiful babies ever born.

Julie: You will get no argument from me on that.

Paulina: You've seen them?

Julie: Well, yes, of course.

Abe: You see, you didn't let me finish my introduction. This is julie williams. Jules was named after her.

Paulina: Well, I don't understand. Why would they name that little girl after this old white lady?

Julie: Yes, that's me, that old white lady.

Abe: You see, you still didn't let me finish my introduction. This is julie williams, eli's grandmother.

Paulina: She is?

Julie: Eli's late father was my son, david banning.

Paulina: Oh, my goodness! Oh, I'm sorry. I had no idea eli had a-- I mean, I had no idea you were his grandmother.

Abe: Obviously.

Paulina: Oh, no, you know what? Oh, I can see the resemblance now. Uh-huh, you're the cream in his black coffee. Yeah, I like me some cafe au lait myself. You should be very proud of that young man. Oh, he looks like a movie star, got a body to die for.

Julie: More important, he has a fine character, a wonderful mind, and he's good at his job.

Paulina: Well, of course he is, but you know how that saying goes. "A brain my take you a long way in this life, but good looks will get you in the door."

Julie: Who said that?

Paulina: Well, I did. I oughta know. It worked for me.

Lani: I hope your girlfriend won't mind that you're gonna be spending more time at home because we want you here for the twins' birthdays and holidays and--

Theo: No problem. She's actually not my girlfriend anymore.

Lani: What? The last time we talked, you said everything was okay.

Theo: We just broke up.

Lani: I'm sorry. Are you okay?

Theo: Lani, I really don't wanna talk about it.

Lani: Oh, I should've known not to ask a male carver about his feelings.

Theo: So who's gonna be jules' new godmother?

Lani: He said, changing the subject.

Theo: That's right. So who is it?

Lani: We're gonna ask julie. She thinks the sun sets and rises on them both, but jules is really special to her.

Theo: You didn't tell her i wanted jules named theodosia, did you? 'Cause if we're gonna be be godparents together, I don't want her to be mad at me.

Lani: No, trust me, I did not tell her, and I never will. Speaking of that, I'm headed to take the kids to meet eli at julie's place to tell julie the good news. Do you wanna come with me?

Theo: I'd love to.

Lani: [Sighs] Theo, it is so good to have you home.

Evan: Dad?

Shawn: You idiot, are you crazy?

Ben: What are you doing? You're crazy! We just lost him! We had him, and you lost him!

Evan: What the hell? Ahoyy!

John: Actually, I got nothing against jake dimera. I barely know the guy. I just think kate could do a hell of a lot better.

Gabi: Yeah, well, I think jake could do a hell of a lot better.

John: Well, there you go. We got something in common. We both agree that jake and kate don't belong together.

Gabi: Yeah, but they're together, so-- you know what? I will now accept that, and I am not gonna give a damn about that stupid idiot anymore. You know, even thinking about it right now is making me kind of sick. You think that kate can do better than jake? Well, sure, I can do better than jake, right? Stupid thing is falling apart.

John: Here. Here you go. Here you go.

Gabi: Thank you.

John: I'm good. Keep it.

Julie: Here we are. I'm afraid we're fresh out of little umbrellas.

Paulina: Oh, as long as there's rum in there, I don't care. And, julie, I'm sorry for what happened before. I've been known to put my foot in it on occasion.

Julie: And on occasion I have put my foot in it, too. Well, look who's here!

Paulina: Oh! Eli, I just met your grandmother, and is that your sister?

Valerie: Oh, I love that.


Eli: No, this is my mother. Mom, this is lani's aunt paulina.

Valerie: Aw.

Eli: Paulina, valerie grant.

Paulina: Oh, so pleased to meet you. Ahh, now I see where your son gets his good looks from. Here, please, have a seat! I just know we're gonna be great friends.

Valerie: I feel it, too.

Eli: So how do you like paulina?

Julie: A little on the shy side, isn't she?

Eli: Mm, just like you, right?

Julie: Oh.

Eli: Lani and the twins are on their way.

Julie: Good, good. One big happy family.

Paulina: I know I just love your hair. Oh, you didn't get it done here in salem, did you?

Valerie: No, I have a stylist in D.C. I see regularly.

Paulina: Mm-hmm. I had mine done in miami. I didn't think there'd be anybody here that I could trust. So tell me, what kind of conditioner do you use? It looks so soft.

Julie: Oh, it's really beautiful--

Paulina: No! Uh-uh! Mm-mm! You know what? I'm sorry. Julie, you and I need to have a little talk. You never touch a black woman's hair.

Eli: I'll explain later, grandma.

Paulina: No, it's okay. It's okay. I'm happy to explain. No, it's a teachable moment.

Lani: Hi. Hi.

Julie: Oh! The babies are here! Oh, look at that.

Abe: Theo, buddy, aw, give me a hug, give me a hug.

Valerie: Darn.

Abe: We'll put this over here. Yeah, man, I thought you weren't gonna be here until tomorrow.

Theo: Well, I caught an earlier flight. I wanted to surprise you.

Abe: Well, you sure did. Hey, this is lani's aunt paulina.

Theo: Lani told me she would be here.

Abe: Yeah. Why don't you sit down here next to me because to say that she's intense is an understatement. Paulina, this is my son, theo.

Paulina: Oh, my goodness! There is just one good-looking man after another in this family, ha! Theo, honey, well, how you feel about dating older women? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Abe: Don't say I didn't warn you. There you go.

Julie: You're so naughty.

Shawn: If maddox has ciara and he knows that we're onto him, he's gonna move her, or even worse!

Ben: I'm sorry, man. I just-- I feel helpless.

Shawn: You and I both. I'm just glad that I stopped you before you said anything. Let's just hope that-- I hope that he thinks it's orpheus calling again.

Ben: What are you doing?

Shawn: Look, I'm gonna get a tracker on that last call, see if we can pinpoint his location.

Ben: Where ciara is?

Shawn: Yeah, this is brady. Listen, I need you to track another call.

Claire: Who are you? And where's ben?

Evan: I don't know.

Claire: Then what are you doing in his apartment?

Evan: He wasn't in the garage, so I came looking for him.

Claire: He keeps that door locked.

Evan: No, it was open, but he wasn't here, so I was just taking off.

Claire: Hey, hey, wait. Wait a minute. I know who you are. Look at this human trying to get in shape.

Paulina: So now you understand why you never touch a black woman's hair?

Julie: Yes, now I understand. I thank you for the teaching moment, paulina, and, valerie, my darling, I apologize. I never meant to offend you.

Valerie: Yes, apology accepted, no offense taken. That's right.

Lani: Excuse me, everybody.

Julie: Aw.

Lani: Can we have your attention, please? Eli and I just want to say how grateful we are to have you all here and to be able to spend this very happy time together.

Paulina: Hear! Hear!

Lani: And especially how happy we are that my mother-in-law, theo and aunt paulina are here. Thank you guys for making the trip. So we are excited for the babies' christening, but we all know that you cannot have a christening without godparents.

Eli: Yeah. Yes, we thought about this a lot, and we've chosen people that we know will guide carver and jules and teach them the family values that we all share.

Lani: So, dad, we would like to ask you to be the godfather to your namesake, carver.


Abe: Can't tell you how much this means to me. You know, this means so much to me that I actually campaigned harder to be his godfather than I did for mayor.

Lani: Really? Well, then you did that very subtly then because we didn't pick up on that at all.

Abe: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Julie: Congratulations, abraham. You are the perfect choice.

Abe: Aw, thank you, thank you.

Eli: Yeah, and I've already asked my mother to be carver's godmother, and she accepted.

Valerie: Yes. Thank you so much, lani and eli. Thank you, and, like abe, I can't tell you how much this means to me.

Abe: Aw, to the godmother, carver's godmother.

Valerie: Ah, and to his godfather.

Julie: Yeah, really, yes, yes, yes.

Lani: And we weren't expecting you, mister, until tomorrow, and this is a wonderful surprise, and even though eli and i were in complete agreement, I could not wait to ask my brother to be jules' godfather. And you accepted. He accepted!

Abe: That's great, theo.

Theo: I know nothing about babies, so I'm just gonna watch you and see what you do.

Abe: Uh-huh.

Eli: Okay, well, the only person that we haven't asked is jules' godmother, and we picked the-- what's the--the word is--

Lani: It's a no-brainer.

Eli: A no-brainer. Uh yeah, it was a no-brainer, and we picked the perfect person, so it is my very happy duty to ask--

Paulina: Oh, my god! Thank you! Oh, I'm honored to accept!

Shawn: Okay, so this time, the call pinged off of a totally different tower. Maddox is no longer in brookville. He's here in salem.

Evan: You know who I am?

Claire: Uh, yeah. Yeah, you're the guy from the gym, right? You know, always on the stair climber?

Evan: No. But I think you know that's not who I am.

Claire: Well, if ben's not here, I'm just gonna--

Evan: No. I think you and I are gonna have a little chat. Let's start off with you telling me just who the hell you are.

I'm erin.

-And I'm margo.

Paulina: Thank you! Oh, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Lani: Aunt paulina, no--

Paulina: You know, I have received many awards in my lifetime, real estate awards, chamber of commerce tributes, businesswoman for y2k. I was even miss south beach when I was younger. But nothing, nothing compares to this! And I share this honor. I share it with all of you. Oh, this has been my pleasure all my life to be lani's aunt paulina, and now I can carry on this tradition for her beautiful baby girl! And I promise you, I promise you I will be the best godmother to that little jules grant that she could ever have! Ahh! Oh! Oh, champagne, champagne, champagne for everybody! Everybody! Mm, here, whoa, oh! Oh, oh! Put that on my tab. But now I really gotta run, really gotta run. There's so much I gotta do. There's the dress. There's the gift. Oh, my goodness! Oh! Mwah-mwah-mwah-mwah! I'll see you all at the christening! Ohh!

Julie: "Put it on my tab," she said. She didn't open a taB.

Eli: Now what the hell are we gonna do?

Shawn: The cell tower is east of the river. It's right before the docks.

Ben: That's where I live.

Shawn: And you think that-- you think that maddox is at your place?

Ben: Why? Why? What the hell would he be doing there?

Evan: I asked you a question.

Claire: I'm claire brady.

Evan: Right. And you know exactly who I am, don't you? I saw your eyes. I saw fear. You're not afraid of the guy on the stair climber at the gym. You're afraid of me.

Claire: I wanna go now.

Evan: I'm so sorry. Can't let that happen. See, ben can't know that I'm here. It's a surprise. Brady, huh? So you related to that bitch ciara?

Claire: Ciara is my aunt, and she's not a bitch.

Evan: Oh, she's an interfering bitch. She screwed up my life.

Claire: You screwed up your life. All ciara did was make sure ben didn't pay for a murder you committed.

Evan: You know what? I'd be pretty careful with how you talk to me if I were you. You remember what I did to jordan ridgeway.

Claire: What are you doing here? And what do you want with ben?

Evan: I'm going to kill him. That's the little surprise I was telling you about. So while we wait for him to come home, I'll figure out what I'm going to do to you.

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