Days Transcript Monday 3/1/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/1/21


Episode #13969 ~ Chloe questions Susan's behavior. Lani becomes suspicious of Kristen. Abigail presses Gabi to join forces with her against Gwen.

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[Soft dramatic music]

Abigail: So back in business?

Gabi: Yeah. Yes, after a certain amount of drama at titan, philip finally caved and made the deal.

Abigail: Hm. You know, I'm looking to close a deal with you too. So are you going to help me nail gwen zczech or not?

Jennifer: Oh, very cold here in boston.

Jack: Here too. It's all going smoothly?

Jennifer: Yeah, thanks to mike, but dealing with my mother's estate and selling her house, it's a little bit more complicated than I expected unfortunately.

Jack: [Sighs] Honey, I am sorry that you have to deal with all that.

Jennifer: It's okay. I'm grateful my brother and i are doing it together.

Jack: So you think you're going to have to stay a little bit longer in boston then?

Jennifer: Yeah, I'm not sure. Maybe a week, maybe more. I'll have a better idea in a few days.

Jack: No rush. Just take care of yourself.

Jennifer: I miss you very much.

Jack: I miss you too, sweetheart, more than you know.

[Knocking at door] Oh, someone is at the door.

Jennifer: I'll let you go. Talk tonight?

Jack: Definitely, I will. Love you too. Bye.

[Phone beeps]

[Tense music]

Kristen as susan: Here you go, brady. Hope you haven't starved to death.

[Knocking on door] Now what?

[Sighs] Ugh! You again?

Chloe: Uh, that's right. Good morning, susan.

Kristen as susan: What in the heck do you want now, hmm?

Susan as kristen: [Sighs]

Lani: I'm sorry. Pictures of my kids when you're missing yours--

Susan as kristen: No, no, no. It's not your fault.

[Cries] I mean, mine are so far away, rome, italy, for land's sake.

Lani: What are you talking about? Rachel is in salem.

Susan as kristen: You know what? You're right--right.

[Muffled] I just-- I just meant that what--

Lani: Kristen, what is the matter? What's going on with you?

[Dramatic music]

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[Soft orchestration]

Susan as kristen: [Gasps] I'm sorry.

[Laughs] I just--oh, god. I just had a moment, and I'm missing my little girl, and I know she's here in salem. I know that. And she's with brady. I know that too.

Lani: Then why did you say italy?

Susan as kristen: It's just--

[Clears throat] It was because when brady was here, the last time we spoke, he mentioned that he wanted to bring rachel to rome, and I just, you know, I got all misty. And I am thinking about the man I love with-- fruit of our love, seeing the old world without me.

Lani: The old world?

Susan as kristen: Is that wrong?

Lani: It just doesn't sound like something you would say.

Susan as kristen: Oh, yeah? Oh.

Lani: But I forgot you're a dimera. Your ancestors are from there.

Susan as kristen: [Sighs]

Lani: So of course it's the old world to you.

Susan as kristen: Right.

Lani: I can see how it makes you sad thinking about rachel and brady going there without you.

Susan as kristen: Mm-hmm, and that isn't even the half of it. I hear that their gelato is so much better than our ice cream here.

Lani: Excuse me?

Susan as kristen: Oh. I just was-- um...

[Laughs] I'm sorrY. I was just-- I was just thinking about how I wanted to see my little baby have her first gelato.

Lani: Oh. Right.

Chloe: I don't think I deserve to be talked to like that, susan.

Kristen as susan: [Gasps] I'm sorry. Huh. You never did say why you were here.

Chloe: Well, I made some zucchini muffins this morning. I thought brady might like some for breakfast.

Kristen as susan: Oh, is that what you thought?

Chloe: I just said that.

Kristen as susan: You know what? I think I can speak for myself and mr. Brady black when I say that you thought wrong, sister.

Gwen: Sorry, I know I should've phoned first. I just thought I'd take my chance.

Jack: Oh, come in, come in, gwen, please. It's cold out there. What's going on?

Gwen: I wanted to thank you again.

Jack: For what?

Gwen: What do you think? For coming to my room when I told you about laura-- coming straight away, no questions asked. And when you saw her body... for believing me when I said it was accident. I'm not really used to people trusting me-- taking me at my word.

Gabi: You really want to team up, huh?

Abigail: Against gwen, yeah.

Gabi: Why?

Abigail: Have I not explained this to you already? Because she's a deceitful, destructing, lying bitch.

Gabi: Uh, I mean, why should I care about that?

Abigail: Because she drugged me, and she let you take the fall for it.

Gabi: You know, you and me, we're not exactly butch and sundance. See, I think you're a prissy know-it-all, and you hate my guts.

Abigail: I don't hate your guts, I mean, as much as I hate gwen, I mean--

Gabi: There's also the fact that you don't know squat about making people pay.

Abigail: Yeah. Otherwise, I would've done it to you a long time ago.

Gabi: So you're dying to get even with your sister, but you don't want to do it without me.

Abigail: You promised you would think about it.

Gabi: I have thought about it, and the answer's no. Your mission:

Abigail: So you're just gonna let gwen get away with drugging me and letting you take the blame for it? You would've gone to prison again. You wouldn't have gotten out this time, and arianna would've grown up without a mother.

Gabi: Right, and you had your doubts about it being me from the get-go. What'd you do with these doubts? You kept them to yourself. You let chad and julie pin it on me.

Abigail: I thought I was losing my mind, gabi. And let's not forget. You have actually tried to make me think that about myself before.

Gabi: I didn't drug you this time, and everybody knows that. All right? I have my life back, my company back, and you know what I've realized? That it's just not-- revenge is really not that satisfying anymore. So I'm going to do the best I can for my business, be the best mom that I can for my daughter, and if you want to go after gwen, go for it. You can do it.

Abigail: As much as it really pains me to say this, not without you.

Abe: So the investigation into laura horton's death is ongoing.

Eli: Yep.

Abe: The investigation is gonna be tough on jennifer and mike and the grandkids.

Eli: Yeah, I know. Miss horton died while she was alone with a woman who had a serious grievance against her.

Abe: [Sighs] It's a sad situation.

Eli: Yeah, sure is. Oh, hey, abe. I spoke to charlie dale's next of kin, and rafe brought in sami for questioning.

Abe: All right. You know, I have to tell you, as much as I empathize with sami's fury, I still don't believe in vigilante justice. I don't want the people of this town thinking they can take the law into their own hands.

Eli: Mm, you and I are on the same page there.

Abe: How is the case against sami?

Eli: I won't know anything until I get the ballistics report.

Abe: Yeah, all right. Well, you know what? I'm not going to keep you 'cause you must be on your way home to your family.

Eli: Yeah, well, actually, I'm going to pick up carver and jules from grandma julie and my mother. They're babysitting.

Abe: Oh.

[Laughs] Lani's not home?

Eli: No. Lani--she's at statesville visiting kristen dimera.

Lani: Do you remember that little gelato stand near the piazza di spagna?

Susan as kristen: Ah! How could I forget about that day? Oh, wow. Pizza and ice cream, my favorite meal.

Lani: Not pizza. Piazza.

Susan as kristen: What?

Lani: You know what? I'm probably mispronouncing it. Your italian was way better than mine when we were in the convent.

Susan as kristen: Oh, don't even say that.

Lani: No, it's true. Whenever we got our day passes, I always made you do all the talking. Do you remember that day at the piazza when we climbed up the spanish steps?

Susan as kristen: Yeah, yeah. Oh, what a day.

[Both chuckle]

Lani: I guess I shouldn't be reminding you of all the good times in rome. I know how bad you want to go there with rachel and brady.

Susan as kristen: Yeah. Yeah, I do. I miss them so much.

Lani: I know you do. And I'm sure when brady is all healed up, he's going to be coming here to visit you all the time.

Chloe: You're not brady's keeper, susan, and I don't take orders from you.

Kristen as susan: Oh, well, he doesn't need your lousy muffins. He's going to have my blueberry pancakes.

Chloe: Oh, well, here's an idea. How about we let brady, who's a grown-up, decide what he wants to have for breakfast?

Kristen as susan: When are you going to get it through your thick head that he's already decided? Hm?

Brady: Susan, what has gotten you so upset?

Kristen as susan: That thing right there.

[Tense music]

Abe: You know, I appreciate lani's loyalty to a friend, but I just wish her loyalt didn't extend to one like kristen.

Eli: I don't love it either, but lani is convinced that kristen has her back.

Abe: And what do you think?

Eli: Well, kristen did confess to stabbing victor so that lani wouldn't be prosecuted for letting her escape.

Abe: Well, that was after you had leaned on her to--to do the right thing.

Eli: True, true. Well, she also got lani to forgive me after I kind of, you know, pressured her to confess.

Abe: But lani was carrying those babies, and even kristen knew that she shouldn't be under that much stress. It wasn't about you.

Eli: Yeah. Lani thinks kristen's a changed woman, so, look--all I can do is take her word for it.

Abe: Well, what choice do you have?

Eli: Exactly.

Kristen as susan: Oh, I was just telling chloe here that I whipped up a batch of my famous blueberry pancakes that you--

Brady: What's in the basket?

Chloe: What's your favorite muffin?

Brady: You didn'T.

Chloe: I did.

Brady: Oh, you did.

Kristen as susan: Oh, my god! You just keep your muffins away from him!

Brady: Excuse me, hey! Excuse me. What's gotten into you?

[Dramatic music]

Susan as kristen: [Sighs] I am so worried about brady. Mm. I mean, he is laid up from taking that bullet, and the guy-- the guy who shot at him, he is still running around loose. I mean, what if he takes another crack at brady?

Lani: Look. I get you being worried.

Susan as kristen: You know what I think? Huh. I think the perpetrator is hiding in plain sight.

Lani: I'm not following.

Susan as kristen: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. And I bet she has her filthy fingerprints all over brady right now.

Lani: Okay, kristen.

Susan as kristen: Huh?

Lani: What are you talking about?

Susan as kristen: Miss chloe lane.

Lani: Okay, look-- I have infant twins, and I know that I am sleep-deprived, but I don't get that.

Susan as kristen: Oh, okay. You know what? It's pretty simple. Mm-hmm. You know, see, chloe is the one who got brady mixed up in the whole mob business, which led to him getting shot. Now, in my mind, chloe-- it's as if she was the one pulling the trigger. I mean, that doe-eyed diva-- I mean, she is just tripping all over herself, you know, throwing herself at brady. And, I mean, she's probably doing it right now as we speak.

Lani: Kristen, how could you possibly know that?

Jack: I'm sorry. There's nobody else here. Please, sit down. Um... please. Uh, I don't really feel like I deserve your thanks.

Gwen: I disagree.

Jack: You found yourself in a horrible situation. I didn't really do that much to help.

Gwen: You're the one who phoned the police. If it was up to me, I probably would've just tried to hide the body or something.

Jack: Well, it's pretty hard to get a body through the lobby of the salem inn.

Gwen: Well, regardless, I would've done something that would make me look guilty, okay? And I swear, I did not kill your wife's mother. That was an accident.

Jack: I believe you.

Gwen: Really? Because I think abigail would've changed your mind.

Jack: What makes you think that?

Gwen: She thinks I killed her grandmother on purpose.

Jack: Oh, I don't think that. I don't think she does.

Gwen: Yeah, I do. She told me herself in so many words.

Abigail: Look--my dad didn't know about gwen, so she had a rotten life.

Gabi: I already know that.

Abigail: Okay, point is, that now he feels guilty, like, really guilty, and I need to figure out how to stop gwen before she uses that guilt to turn him against jj and me and possibly even my mom.

Gabi: Okay. I get that. I get that. I just don't care. You're going to have to figure this out yourself.

Abigail: I have tried, but every time I do, I mean, gwen gets me so angry, I end up smacking her.

Gabi: Well, don't do that. You're going to be playing right into her hands.

Abigail: Well, how do you know that?

Gabi: I was born knowing that, just like you were born knowing the difference between a salad fork and a dessert fork.

Abigail: Okay, see? See, that right there-- that is exactly why I need you because you--you are gonna be able to get under her skin. You're gonna be able to make her life a living hell without, you know, losing control like I do.

Gabi: Why would I do that?

[Laughs] I mean, I don't want to be collateral damage in this war between you and your sister.

Abigail: Oh, come on, gabi. You have your own issues with gwen.

Gabi: Really? Like what?

Abigail: Uh, like jake.

Gabi: I stole him from her.

Abigail: And you don't think she has anything to do with the fact that the two of you broke up?

Gabi: You're going to have to try a little harder than that.

Abigail: Okay, fine. Let's make it a business transaction, okay? You help me stick it to gwen, and I will help you get something that you want.

Gabi: Really? Like what?

Abigail: I don't know. There's got to be something you want. Just name it. I'll do anything.

Gabi: Anything? I've lost count of how many asthma attacks I've had.

Gabi: So you need my help, and you're willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Hm. Wow. You really want to put the hurt on your big sister.

Abigail: And I'm going to with or without your help, but I know the two of us could do more damage together than I could ever do on my own, so what's it going to take to get you onboard?

Gabi: There is one thing I want.

Abigail: Name it.

Gabi: Jake. You break up him and kate, and I'm in.

Jack: Abigail should not have attacked you, but she has been under an enormous amount of stress.

Gwen: [Sighs] Yeah, and I'm to blame for that, right?

Jack: You slept with her husband. And even if you don't admit it, I know that you gave her the drug that took her away from her family for months.

Gwen: I shouldn't have come here.

Jack: I care about you, but I'm also onto you. Keep that in mind.

Gwen: Your daughter thinks that I am capable of murder.

Jack: I'm sure that when the facts come out, she will accept the truth.

Gwen: Now I doubt that, just like how I doubt I'll ever be welcomed into your family after all the rotten things that you say I've done and said. You know, it really makes me wonder. Do you really believe what I told you about how laura died, or are you just setting me up?

Abe: Well, keep me up to date on laura horton and charlie dale's cases.

Eli: Yes, sir. Well, look-- I better get going before I'm late picking up the babies.

Abe: Ah, yes. Well, you know, since lani is visiting kristen, you probably need some help in getting those little angels home.

Eli: You volunteering, grandpa?

Abe: [Laughing] I am indeed.

Eli: Well, let's go.

Abe: All right.


Kristen as susan: You can't eat those muffins!

Brady: Why not?

Kristen as susan: Well, because--because they have zucchini in them, and that is vegetable, and all that roughage is gonna wreak havoc on your system. It's--miss chloe, you know what? Everybody knows that muffins have fruit in them.

Brady: Oh, for god's sake. You know what? I'm going to take my chances because these look really good, okay?

Kristen as susan: No!

Brady: All right. What are you doing? What's wrong with you?

Chloe: Yeah. I would like to know the same. What is happening?

Kristen as susan: I made you-- I made you a hot breakfast. And the least you can do is take a bite.

Brady: I'm sorry, okay? This looks very--it's very nice. It's a little cold. It is cold.

Chloe: Okay. I hope you enjoy these. Bye.

Brady: No, chloe, hold on. You went to all this trouble for me. These are my favorite. I don't want you to go. Please, please stay.

Susan as kristen: How do i know that chloe is throwing herself at brady? I don't know exactly. I just think it's a pretty good guess.

Lani: Kristen, I know it's hard being separated from brady like this, but I really think you're being paranoid about chloe.

Susan as kristen: No. I don't think so. Not at all. Uh-uh. I can see her right now. She is coming up with all these excuses to try and change his bandage-- her hands just all over him and--

Lani: Okay, stop! Time out.

Susan as kristen: What?

Lani: I know what's going on here.

Brady: You haven't lost your touch.

Chloe: Mm. Well, thanks. Hey, remember the year I made you a giant zucchini-muffin birthday cake?

Jack: Oh, my god. Yeah. I do. It was my favorite.

Kristen as susan: Well, you know, I'm just gonna swoop these off into the kitchen.

Brady: All right. Susan, if it's not too much trouble, could you bring out some coffee? Do you want some coffee?

Chloe: No, I'm good. Thanks.

Brady: Okay, milk, no sugar.

Chloe: Oh, you know what? I actually brought all the work that you didn't get done yesterday--

Kristen as susan: Oh!

Chloe: If you wanna go through it.

Kristen as susan: No, no, no, no, no. No work today. No work today.

Brady: Excuse me. That's not your decision to make, susan.

Kristen as susan: Hey, brady. You are in pain, and you know it.

Chloe: Oh, are you?

Brady: No, look--a little. Pain meds aren't exactly on the menu for recovering addicts.

Chloe: Oh, brady, I'm sorry.

Brady: No, it's not a big deal. It's not a lot of pain. Listen--why don't we go to my room, and we can work there?

Kristen as susan: Absolutely not!

Brady: Is there something going on that I'm not getting?

Chloe: Yeah, I would like to know the answer to that too. You're treating me like I'm the enemy.

Brady: Susan, what's going on?

Kristen as susan: Okay. Okay. I guess I have no choice but to tell you the truth. One of the worst things about a cold sore

Lani: I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.

Susan as kristen: Oh, no?

Lani: You don't have to pretend anymore.

Susan as kristen: I don't? I swear, I didn't wanna do this.

Lani: It's all right. Look--I understand.

Susan as kristen: You do?

Lani: Yes. You just told me you're worried about brady, and you're not getting any sleep because of it. You can't go to him because you're in here for stabbing a man who took your daughter and made you think that she was dead for a whole year.

Susan as kristen: Right.

Lani: It's too much for you.

Susan as kristen: Oh! It sure is.

Lani: And you didn't wanna unload on me because I just told you how happy I am, but, kristen, I am your friend. You don't have to be strong for me. You can tell me how scared and lonely you are, and I'm not the only one listening.

Susan as kristen: Oh, my god, is this whole place bugged?

Lani: No. That's not what I meant. Do you remember what we used to do in the convent?

Susan as kristen: Um... mm. My head is just foggy right now. Maybe you can remind me?

Lani: Yeah. It was so peaceful there. We would work in the garden or the kitchen, and then we would go to the chapel, and we would just talk to god.

Susan as kristen: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I remember that.

Lani: Heavenly father, please watch over kristen right now. Please help her to stay safe and well while she is here, fatheR. And please help her to know that you hear her prayers. Father god, and please watch over rachel and brady.

Susan as kristen: And, lord jesus, please keep that hateful slut, chloe lane, from taking away my brady. And lead him not into temptation when she leans over in that low cut in the front dresses with them push-up bra underneath. And deliver him from evil. And when I say evil, you know what I'm talking about. Amen.

Lani: Amen.

Kristen as susan: If I don't want you here, it's because you have been bad for brady more than once.

Brady: No, susan, stop, stop. Listen--chloe is not responsible for my drug addiction when we were married, okay? She had nothing to do with it. That was all on me.

Kristen as susan: Yeah, but you didn't get yourself plugged!

Chloe: Okay. Brady knows how awful I feel for asking him to help philip.

Kristen as susan: Oh. Oh. You feel awful. And that just fixes everything, huh? Brady could've been taken from his family forever, and because you feel awful, everything is just hunky-dory?

Brady: Susan, susan, why are you so protective of me?

Kristen as susan: It's not you. It's not! It's your daddy! It's your daddy that i'm worried about.

Brady: What does my father have to do with any of this?

Kristen as susan: Well, he's not a well man. He's not! I mean, he has that aneurysm. And those men, those--those terrible men that shot at you, they are still at large, and they may just follow this little missy, and you know what? That would put you right back in the line of fire. And you know what? If you want to get yourself shot, then you do that because I don't care! I don't, I don't! I don't care! But you know what? Dr. Marlena evans' husband, you know what-- he could not handle you taking another bullet. It would just kill him, brady! It would. And then dr. Marlena evans would be a grieving widow, and you know what? I can't be there, brady! I can't! I need-- I can't bear that.

Jack: Gwen, please. Please, sit down. Thanks.

[Sighs] I'm a journalist, and my job is to report the facts. When you've been a reporter as long as I have, you start to develop an instinct. You start to notice things about how people do different things to try to cover up the fact that they're lying-- they're not telling the truth. I also did a background check on you and your mother. Everything that you told me about your life with her, it all checks out. So when you describe to me what happened with you and laura, I could see that you were telling the truth then too.

Gwen: You know, I've been on my own for most of my life.

[Clears throat] Not really used to people believing in me, let alone standing up for me.

Jack: Well, you better get used to it because that's what fathers do.

Abigail: I don't know how to handle gwen, and you want me to go after kate?

Gabi: Why not? I mean, what has she ever done for you? She backed me at dimera and with chad too, and then there's the little matter of her getting into bed with your father while your mom was in a coma.

Abigail: If evil were tennis, gwen is a talented young phenom. Kate is serena williams.

Gabi: Come on. It's been decades since she put sami in death row. She's gettable now.

Abigail: I mean, I don't know. Maybe you're right, but I just--

Gabi: But what?

Abigail: I just-- jake is such a nice person, and I don't--

Gabi: Uh-huh, and what? And I'm not? What is it? I'm not good enough for him? Is that what you're trying to say?

Abigail: No, no. I mean, it's--no. I just think that they seem like they're happy together.

Gabi: Really? Okay, well, if that's how you truly feel, then you can find somebody else to help you take out your sister. (Upbeat music plays)

Chloe: Susan, we didn't realize how scared you were for john.

Kristen as susan: Now do you understand, brady?


Brady: Yeah, yeah. I--I understand. I'm sorry. Oh. It's okay.

[Soft music]

Lani: It's okay to let your guard down.

Susan as kristen: [Exhales]

Lani: You can cry.

Susan as kristen: Oh, I do cry. I cry all the time ever since I got here. I mean, I am overwhelmed with sadness.

Lani: I can tell.

Susan as kristen: Yeah. And you know the one thing that is making me really sad right now?

Lani: What?

Susan as kristen: It's gelatin. It's nasty! Hey, look--could you maybe the next time you come, just stop off at the pub and get me a chowder and maybe a hot fudge sundae?

Lani: [Laughs] Sure. Whatever you want.

Susan as kristen: [Exhales]

Gwen: [Laughs] Well, that's certainly a new experience for me, having a dad to talk to. Thank you for listening.

Jack: I can't make up for all the years I've lost with you, but I won't abandon you again.


Gwen: Oh. Okay.

[Laughs] Don't worry. I'm not gonna, like, pop in for family dinners or anything like that. I know how your wife and daughter feel about me. They've made it clear.

Jack: Gwen, it's going to take time.

Gwen: Yeah. Well, I'd best be going then.

Jack: I know you're still upset about the fight with abigail.

Gwen: Yes. Honestly, I'm more upset about what the police and the da are gonna do.

Jack: You haven't heard anything?

Gwen: No, nothing. I'm not really sleeping very well recently.

Jack: Ah, well, I have some contacts at the salem pd. I could make a couple of off-the-record calls.

Gwen: Really, could you? That would be good 'cause if it's bad news, I'd rather just hear it from you.

Gabi: See you around.

Abigail: Okay, hold on. Wait, wait, wait, wait! Okay, fine, fine. I don't think you're right for jake, but he's a big boy, and if he wants to stick around while you try to turn him into stefan again, that's his problem.

Gabi: I don't want to turn him into stefan.

Abigail: That's what he said.

Gabi: Oh, okay.

Abigail: Anyway, on the other hand, I think he and kate have a good time but probably not all that serious.

Gabi: So you're gonna do it? You're going to break them up?

Abigail: [Sighs] You're right. I don't owe kate anything. And I am not going to sit by and watch my bitch of a sister succeed at destroying my family. So... I will take care of kate if you swear that you will help me make gwen pay. We have a deal?

It's totally normal to have

constipation with belly pain,

Jack: Hey, honey.

Abigail: Hi. Oh, have you talked to mom?

Jack: Yes, I did, I did.

[Sighs] It's really complicated, what she's going through-- settling your grandmother's estate, but she's got mike there, and so she's gonna be okay.

Abigail: Mm. Well, I hope she can come home soon.

Jack: Oh, yeah. Me too.

[Exhales] I think I should let you know. Gwen was just here. She stopped in while you were out.

Abigail: Wonderful.

Jack: [Exhales] I am sorry that I can say that I have led my life in such a way to put my family in this kind of position, but... gwen is my daughter, and I told her that she can count on me.

Abigail: I really don't know what I'm supposed to say.

Jack: Nothing. I know you hate it.

Abigail: Yeah, I really do.

Jack: As long as you feel that way, I think the best thing would be for you to stay away from gwen.

Gwen: [Sighs] What do you want?

Gabi: You tried to convince me that since I slept with jake while he was with you--

Gwen: You can't hold it against me for drugging abigail and letting you take the rap. Yeah, I still think that.

Gabi: You wanted to know if I agree with you-- if I think that we're even. Well, I'm here to give you that answer.

Kristen as susan: [Sobs]

Brady: Okay.

Chloe: Um, okay. Well, you know what? We don't have to go over these documents together. I have copies at home, so, brady, if you just want to read these and call me later. Do you need me to change your bandage before I leave?

Kristen as susan: Oh, I can--

Brady: I'm--whoa, whoa.

Kristen as susan: I can handle that, I can handle that! Yes, I can. You just go on and--

Brady: No, that's--

Kristen as susan: You get your work done.

Brady: That's not necessary, susan, I can do my own bandage. It's fine, listen-- thank you for the muffins. That was sweet.

Chloe: My pleasure.

Brady: I'll see you.

Kristen as susan: Well!

[Giggles] Thank you very much for stopping by, chloe.

Chloe: Ugh, knock it off.

[Mischievous music]

Lani: Hi, dad.

Abe: Hey.

Lani: I'm surprised to see you here.

Abe: Yeah, well, I thought I'd help eli bring the babies home.

Eli: How'd it go with kristen?

Lani: Well, not being able to be with brady is really hard on her. She's just not herself.

Susan as kristen: [Chuckles]

[Dramatic music]

Susan as kristen: What? Oh! Whoa! Ow! Oh, my god! Oh, my god, girl. Oh, my god, lani. You are about to be-- you're about to have an unexpected visitor. Ah.

[Knocking at door]

Eli: What's that?

Lani: I'll get it. Aunt paulina?

Paulina: That's right, baby! Surprise!

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