Days Transcript Monday 2/22/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/22/21


Episode #13964 ~ Vivian makes a deal with Kristen. Chloe reveals to Brady that Philip kissed her. Tripp helps Allie, who's having a tough time with Henry. Claire lures Charlie into a trap.

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Kayla: You know, I honestly cannot believe that you are hungry after that lavish brunch in the honeymoon suite.

Steve: Well, as I recall, we were a little distracted from the meal. Weren't we?

Kayla: You are distracting.

Steve: Oh. Ooh. Besides, I didn't say I was hungry.

Kayla: True.

Steve: I just wanted to come here and pick up some take-out so we don't have to bother with making dinner because you, my beautiful, sweet, wife, and I have better things to do. You know what I mean?

Kayla: I do know what you mean. I love it. I love it.

Steve: Give me those lips. I want some lips.

Allie: Please stay asleep. Please stay asleep. [Loud knocking] No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

[Gentle music]

[Phone rings]

Charlie: Claire?

Claire: Yeah. Yeah, it's me.

Charlie: Hey. I was just thinking about you. I haven't stopped thinking about you. I miss you. So much.

Claire: So, listen. I was wondering if maybe we could get together.

Charlie: You and me?

Claire: Uh-huh.

Charlie: Are you serious?

Claire: Yeah. Unless you don't want to.

Charlie: No, no, yeah. Absolutely, I do I just-- I just didn't expect this. Yesterday you said that you never wanted to see me again. What changed your mind?

Chloe: There you go. Are you comfortable? Is that good?

Brady: That's good, yeah. You're spoiling me, thank you.

Chloe: That's what I'm here for.

Susan: Hmm. Hi, there, Chloe.

Chloe: Hi.

Susan: You here again?

Chloe: Yeah. Well, Brady can't come to the office, so I figured I'd bring the office to him.

Susan: Oh, well, isn't that just sweet of you.

Chloe: Did you do something different?

Susan: Different how?

Chloe: Maybe your hair looks a little bouffant.

Susan: My ha--oh. Wait. Well, I went to the beauty parlor and I just let the stylist work her magic on me.

Chloe: Nice. [Cell phone ringing]

Susan: Oh, you know what? I'm gonna go down to the pub. Yep, that's what I'm gonna do, and I'm gonna get me some chowder, and then I'm gonna do a little shopping, and then-- all right, goodbye.

Brady: Bye.

[Curious music]

[Phone beeps]

Susan: Yeppers. I'll accept the call.

Kristen: Did you do what I asked?

Susan: Yes, I did, I did. And I guess I'm about to find out if blondes really do have more fun.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "Days of our Lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Chloe: Did Susan seem a little strange to you?

Brady: Always. She defines strange, Chloe.

Chloe: I mean more strange than usual.

Brady: In what way? What do you mean?

Chloe: Well, ever since she moved in here, she's always hovering around right at your elbow, peeking around corners, and she just flew out that door like she couldn't get out of here fast enough. It was weird.

Brady: Well, hey, cheers to that.

Susan: You know, it darn near broke my heart to lose my signature Sassy 'Do. And you know what Chloe did? She told me that my hair looked like a bouffant. And she said it like it was a bad thing.

Kristen: Chloe's there?

Susan: Oh, yes, she is, and she is fussing all over Brady like a Florence Nightingale. Spoiling him.

Kristen: She is?

Susan: Mm-hmm. His words too.

Kristen: That bitch. You know what, this is it, Susan. We need to do this right now. Trade places before that damn Kewpie doll seduces Brady. All right. Now that you have your hair dyed, we need to deal with those teeth. Now listen up --

Claire: I don't really wanna talk about it over the phone. Could you come to my place?

Charlie: I'm on my way. Oh, and Claire, I hope you know how much it means to me that you reached out.

Claire: I'll see you soon. [Phone beeps] If the only way to make sure you're buried behind bars is to get to confession, then I'm gonna get it. (Upbeat music plays)

Roman: Get a room. Get a room.

Kayla: Oh. Hey! Welcome back.

Roman: Ah, my beautiful, wonderful sister. You are a lucky guy.

Steve: Yeah, I know that.

Kayla: So how were Carrie and Austin?

Roman: Well, they were great. Back together. I'm very happy about that.

Kayla: That is wonderful news.

Roman: And by the looks of these two smiling faces, I guess that the surprise Valentine's Day wedding was a big success.

Steve: It was, it was. A few bumps along the way, but it's official. We are very married.

Kayla: For the last time. As I am not letting this guy go. Again.

Steve: Vicey-versey, baby.

[Both laugh]

Tripp: You seem surprised.

Allie: I am.

Tripp: When you apologized to me the other day, you caught me off guard. In the moment it was just really hard to say, you know, no problem. It's all good.

Allie: Yeah. Why wouldn't it be? Tripp, I'm so sorry for what you went through. You know, I think about some of the horrible things that I said to you and I just--I get so mad at myself I--

Tripp: Allie, look at me. I told you, I forgive you.

Allie: You really do?

Tripp: After the hell Charlie put you through, I'd be a jerk if I didn't.

Charlie: I know I said it on the phone, but I'm saying it again. It means so much to me that you're willing to see me. So, what did you wanna talk about?

Claire: I'm just gonna silence my phone so we don't get disturbed. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. About what happened. About what you said. And I've realized that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. It only matters what I think.

Charlie: So, what do you think? Have you changed your mind about me?

Kristen: You do understand what you have to do?

Susan: Oh, yes, yes, yes. I got it right here.

Kristen: Just don't screw this up. I pulled a lot of strings to get you those pearly whites and those blue contacts, so just go pick them up, get here as soon as you can because I do not wanna spend another minute in this Godforsaken prison when Brady needs me.

Susan: Okay, okay. Just hold your horses. The cavalry is coming.

Kristen: Great. I'll expect you within the hour.

Vivian: Boy, that was an interesting conversation.

Kristen: Where the hell did you come from?

Vivian: Well, you know, sneaking up behind people's back is one of my many skills. You know that.

Kristen: Along with coming back from the dead.

Vivian: Ah, well.

Kristen: Yeah, now if you'll excuse me.

Vivian: Just when it was becoming fun for us?

Kristen: [Laughs] I don't know what you're talking about.

Vivian: Oh, come on. Don't play coy with me. You're hooking up with that Elvis-obsessed hick. You're trading places again, aren't you?

Kristen: That's ridiculous.

Vivian: Oh, come on. Don't even try to deny it. You know, I was thinking about what you said last night. How you wanted to bust out of here, but not in the traditional sense. And then it came to me. You're doing a little switcheroo with that hick, aren't you?

Kristen: And what if I am? It's not like I have a lot of options. I mean, Chloe has been sniffing all over Brady and I need to stop her.

Vivian: What? By playing that you're Susan Banks? That idiot? That's hardly catnip for your big hunk. And then of course there is the competition. Chloe. Remember her? Big blue eyes? Big arched eyebrows?

Kristen: Just stop it. Just stop it. It's the best plan I could come up with on such short notice. Just forget what you heard, all right, Vivian?

Vivian: I, too, have other business on the outside. So, I was thinking maybe I could get a few years taken off my sentence. I could go to the warden. I could tell him all about your little plan.

Kristen: You wouldn't dare.

Vivian: Really? Try me.

Kristen: Fine, Vivian. What is it gonna take to keep your mouth shut?

Brady: These are the featured items in the fall line look book. Tell me what you think, and be honest.

Chloe: Hmm, well, I would say timeless, classic, sustainably sourced and made. I think we have a hit.

Brady: I agree with you.

Chloe: All right.

Brady: I agree, we're gonna have to compete with Gabi Chic though, by the way.

Chloe: Gabi Chic? I thought they went out of business.

Brady: Well, word on the street is Gabi has shopped her company to Titan. So, if Xander's out, guess what that means? Prime competition would be Philip.

Chloe: Well, I guess we're gonna have to give him a run for his money.

Brady: I'd like to run his ass into the ground.

Chloe: You really don't like Philip, do you?

Brady: Hold on. I took a bullet because of that guy, all right?

Chloe: Well, it wasn't totally his fault.

Brady: There you go.

Chloe: What does that mean?

Brady: Chloe, you defend him whenever you get the chance. I mean, you always do, no matter what he does, and I don't understand it because the guy just plays mind games with you, it's annoying.

Chloe: No, I don't think that.

Brady: Really? Well, explain this to me. How come, out of the blue, he accused you of having feelings for me, huh? What?

Chloe: Well, it wasn't exactly out of the blue.

Brady: Really? Why's that?

Chloe: Well, Philip only said that to me after he kissed me.

Charlie: Does this mean that you believe me? That what happened to Allie was consensual?

Claire: I'm sorry, Charlie, but I don't. I believe Allie.

Charlie: I don't understand.

Claire: My grandmother told me that the memories Allie recovered under hypnosis are reliable. Charlie, she's not lying. You are.

Charlie: Wow, okay. So, if you believe her and you think that I'm a liar and a rapist, then why'd you invite me over?

Claire: Because I think I can get past it.

Charlie: You can get past it? What do you mean?

Claire: What you did to Allie was terrible. But I've done terrible things too. I set a fire that almost killed your brother Tripp and this girl Haley. I set another fire that almost killed Ciara. I could've taken three lives, and you knew all of that, and you never judged me. So how can I judge you?

Roman: I was really sorry to hear about Laura's death. How's Jenn holding up?

Kayla: Well, as well as can be expected. But, hey, we have some good news.

Roman: Okay, bring it on.

Steve: Tripp has been cleared.

Roman: I actually knew that. Nicole and I talked about it before I left.

Kayla: Oh, well then you know that he was absolved of all wrongdoing.

Roman: Yes, I do, and I am glad to hear it. I like Tripp, and that's why I was even more angry about what happened when I found out that Tripp supposedly did it. And now, as it turns out, I feel very sorry for how bad I treated him.

Kayla: Well, you were just trying to protect Allie.

Steve: Yeah, and based on what was known at the time, I get it. And so does Tripp.

Kayla: And thank God his father stuck by him. Steve always believed that his son was innocent.

Allie: Thank you for saying what you did to Charlie. You know, that he should man up. Though I would settle for him slinking out of this town and never having to see him again.

Tripp: Yeah, me too. But Henry... he's Charlie's son, and I love him so much, you know? So, I'd like to think that there's a part of Charlie that is good, you know? That he just had a really screwed up life and it messed him up and, I don't know, that he wasn't born a bad person.

Allie: Nobody is.

[Baby crying]

Allie: All right, speaking of Henry, I'm gonna go get him.

[Crying continues]

Brady: This just keeps getting better and better. I mean, first Philip, he could have gotten you killed and then he kissed you? When did this happen? Tell me.

Chloe: Why does it matter? It's not a big deal. I mean, he made a pass, and I waved it off.

Brady: It's so like him though. He and his fragile ego. He can't accept the fact that you don't want him back, so he assumes that there's someone else in the way, right? So why not me? It's crazy.

Chloe: Yeah, I guess. And you know that's absurd because we're ancient history and you're crazy in love with Kristen.

Kristen: It's not like my resources are full power in here, but I'll do what I can. What do you want?

Vivian: Kate has her claws into my son. I need you to end that relationship.

Kristen: How do you expect me to do that? I'm gonna be saving my own.

Vivian: You're a clever little girl. You will think of something. So, do we have a deal?

Kristen: Okay. I'll do my best. But... you need to help me with one more thing.

Vivian: What?

Kristen: Susan is going to be here soon. Upon which time, she and I will switch identities, and here is what you are going to do.

[Gentle music]

Kristen: Finally! So, did everything work out as I arranged?

Susan: I just don't know if I'm gonna get used to these dentures.

Kristen: Oh, God, it's too bad the teeth didn't fix your accent. Just do me a favor. Can you speak as little as possible? Can you do that?

Susan: You know, I'm known for my gift of gab, and you're gonna deny me that gift?

Kristen: What are you doing? What are you doing, Susan?

Susan: Well, I just wonder what happens if I get some food stuck up in there.

Kristen: I don't care if food gets stuck in there. Just save it for a midnight snack. You're gonna be fine. Oh, my God. [Sighs]

[Henry crying]

Allie: It's okay. You'll be all right. He's teething right now, which is why I have drool all over me.

Tripp: Aww, poor guy. That's gotta hurt.

Allie: Usually this helps, but you know what helps even more? A bottle. So, I'm gonna go get him one.

Tripp: Do you want me to hold him while you do? I totally understand if you don't want me to.

Allie: No. No, it's fine. Here.

[Baby crying]

Tripp: Hey, big guy. Your tooth bothering you? You're okay, shh, shh. Okay.

Roman: Man, so all this time Charlie's letting his half-brother Tripp take the blame for something he did?

Steve: Yeah.

Roman: Ah, Steve, man. I mean, the hell your boy's been through. And I contributed to it. I owe him a big apology.

Steve: Yeah, it's okay. You know, Allie's been by already to apologize.

Roman: So, this Charlie guy, Claire's been dating him, right? I trust that's over.

Kayla: Oh, yeah. She was as horrified as everybody else. She wants nothing to do with him.

Roman: Okay. Well, let's just hope they lock him up, throw away the key. What?

Steve: I'm afraid that's not gonna happen.

Claire: I've been lucky. Even after everything that I did to Tripp, Haley, and Ciara, my family and friends found it in their hearts to forgive me. And I just thought, why is it that I've gotten a second chance but you haven't? It's not fair.

Charlie: So, what are-- what are you saying exactly?

Claire: What I'm saying is... I wanna give our relationship another try.
[Suspenseful music]

Charlie: Really? You wanna get back together with me? That's great. That's amazing. I-- I can't believe it.

Claire: You know it's not gonna be easy, though, right? I mean, my family, the whole town, Ben, they're gonna freak out. But I don't care. Because I can't lose the one guy who's loved me for me. In spite of everything that happened, Charlie... I still love you.

Charlie: I love you too.

[Suspenseful music]

Claire: Do you really mean that?

Charlie: Of course, I do.

Claire: Then we need to take this slowly. We need to rebuild trust. Right? No more secrets. No more lies. Can you do that?

Charlie: Claire, no one has ever made me feel the way you do, like I'm actually worthy of being loved. So yes. However, you want to build trust. Yes, I'm in.

Claire: Okay. Okay. Then let's-- let's start with being honest with each other. About everything. Like I was when I told you every single awful thing I'd done. It was hard for me to do that, Charlie. But I wanted you to know everything about me. I wanted everything out on the table. And so now I need you to be that honest with me. Trust me with the truth, Charlie. Like I trusted you.

Charlie: You mean... what happened with Allie?

Claire: Yes. Please. Please, Charlie. I need you... to look me in the eyes and be honest with me. But if you can't do that--

Charlie: No, no, no, I can. I can. If it means having a future with you, then I'll tell you everything.

Steve: And without a confession, the DA doesn't have a case because Charlie claims the sex with Allie was consensual.

Kayla: Charlie's word against Allie's

Steve: So, there's no recourse.

Roman: Dammit. This is the kind of thing that makes people wanna take matters into their own hands.

Steve: Yeah. I have a feeling there are a lot of people in this town who are on the same page with that.

Kayla: Vigilante justice? Are you saying that you condone that?

Steve: You know I don't. I'm just saying that it's hard to take that, that Charlie punk is walking around free. He got away with rape.

Allie: Thank you for holding him.

Tripp: Hey, yeah, it was my pleasure. And, just so you know, if Nicole is ever busy or whatever, you can always ask me to help. I'd be happy to. Like, really.

Allie: Wow. Thank you, that's really sweet. Do you want me to take him back now?

Tripp: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Allie: Okay. Come here, big guy. Ohh, baby. All right, we got your bottle right here. And applesauce. He just started eating applesauce and he loves it, so if the bottle doesn't work, that should do the trick. But you are much calmer now, so I don't even think we need it. Okay, I'm gonna go try to get him back to sleep so--

Brady: [Sighs] It's pretty brazen of him though, huh? To kiss you without any kind of encouragement. I mean, unless he thought or sensed that you had feelings for him too.

Chloe: But I do not. Definitely not. I made that very clear.

Brady: I don't think that's gonna stop the bastard.

Chloe: Okay, well, here's an idea, how about you stop dwelling on Philip, and we go back to working on our fall marketing strategy.

Brady: Let's work.

Chloe: Okay, good.

Brady: Okay. What do we have here?

Chloe: Well, I sent you some notes from last week's meeting.

Brady: It's just so obvious that he still wants you.

Chloe: And we're back to dwelling on Philip.

Brady: But you know what this means, right? It's gonna light a fire under his ass.

Chloe: Notes. See those notes? Note, notes, notes.

Brady: Notes, right. Let's do work.

Chloe: Read some notes.

Brady: I'm gonna--

Chloe: Oh. Are you okay? You need anything?

Brady: Yeah, just--

Chloe: Aspirin or--

Brady: I just think it's time for me to change this bandage.

Chloe: Well, don't move. I will do it for you.

Brady: You don't have-- what would I do without you?

Chloe: Well, you won't have to find out that because I'll be here for as long as you need me.

Brady: Thank you. [Sighs]

Susan: And this is the key to Dr. Marlena Evans' townhouse.

Kristen: All right, well, I'll definitely need that.

Susan: Yep. You know... I was doing a little thinking, and I'm all for you saving Brady from Chloe's kitty cat claws, you know. Just I get it, I get it. But I just then I think this plan of yours just feels a little too risky.

Kristen: Susan, what happened to the excitement about the sundae bar, huh?

Susan: Oh, yeah. I do love me a good sundae.

Kristen: Good, you're here.

Susan: Oh! Oh, Vivian Alamain? Well, look at you. You haven't aged a bit. Which only means--

Vivian: That I take good care of myself?

Susan: Uh-uh. Or you're a vampire. Back off!

Vivian: Oh, for God's sake. No, no, no. I can't do this. I can't be in here with this nut job.

Kristen: Susan, Susan, hey! Look at me. Look at me. You have to trust Vivian because this is all going down right now. Understand? You ready?

Vivian: Help! [Groans] Help! Help me!

Kristen: Guard!

Vivian: I can't breathe.

Kristen: Guard! Guard! There's a woman in here and she needs help! Guard! Guard!

[Vivian groaning]

Vivian: Help me! I-I can't breathe. I'm dying, help! Somebody! Somebody help me! Oh, oh, help. Help me. Help.

Tripp: He's asleep?

Allie: He's out like light. You really helped with calming him down, so thank you.

Tripp: Hey, like I said, it was my pleasure. When he smiles at me, let's just say I'm a big Henry fan, all right.

Allie: Sweet. Yeah, I think he's a pretty big fan of you too, I can tell.

Tripp: Well, I should probably go.

Allie: What?

Tripp: You have applesauce on you.

Allie: Oh.

Tripp: Here, I can--

Allie: Thanks.

Tripp: There you go.

Allie: Thank you.

Tripp: Yeah, sure thing. I'll see you around?

Allie: Yeah.

Steve: You're right, sweetness. We have a justice system for a reason.

Brady: Yeah, sadly an imperfect one. Sometimes people pay for crimes they didn't do, and sometimes guilty people go unpunished.

Kayla: I just pray that Charlie gets the justice he deserves.

Charlie: So, I let myself into Allie's place.

Claire: So, she didn't call to invite you over like you told me?

Charlie: No. It was just at the club, I thought she was into me and then she left with Tripp, and it hurt my feelings. The story of my life. Always second best.

Claire: Yeah, I sure can relate. So, what happened next?

Charlie: She was asleep, and I was just looking at her. And I was gonna leave. I was. But then she woke up and she freaked out and she grabbed her phone like she was gonna call the police. So, I had to stop her, so... I grabbed her arms and then she kept fighting me and then... I don't know, it just-- it just happened.

Claire: What happened? Hey. Hey, it's okay. Charlie, you can tell me. I promise you; nothing is going to change between us. Okay, if anything, it's gonna bring us closer together because I will always, always be able to trust you to tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is.

Charlie: Okay. The truth is, is that... I was angry. She was yelling, and she was hitting me and I didn't know how to shut her up and then-- then I couldn't stop myself.

Claire: So, you had sex with her... against her will. Meaning you raped her.

Charlie: [Sniffles] Yeah. I did.

[Dramatic music]

Susan as Kristen: Oh, God! Holy cheese and crackers! Do not sneak up on people like that!


Vivian: Relax, will ya?

Susan as Kristen: [Groans] So did the clinic buy your heart attack?

Vivian: Yeah. They just said it was indigestion. You know, from the bologna sandwich I had at lunch.

Susan as Kristen: Oh. So, they have ice cream sundae bars and bologna sandwiches here? Maybe prison isn't gonna be so bad after all. But still, I did, I watched that orange and black show. Oh, God. I got a little scared. 'Cause you know what, I just, the thought of being stuck in here for a whole month.

Vivian: Yeah. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

Susan as Kristen: Yeah, especially with the, you know, the prisoners when they make you-- you know what I mean. The letter "B." Starts with that letter "B."

Vivian: [Chuckles] No, I'm absolutely sure you don't have anything to worry about.

Susan as Kristen: Yeah? Just in case. You know, just, I know we're not BFF’s or anything, so it's just-- oww. You know, I just was--maybe... maybe you can protect me. We could protect each other, you know? We could be cellmates.

Vivian: Are you sure you want that? I mean, maybe I could suck your blood in the middle of the night.

Susan as Kristen: Oh, my God. You-- you-- you-- you and Ivan really are vampires. You just back off. Back off, back off.

Vivian: Ah. This is gonna be a really long, long month.

[Uneasy music]

Kristen as Susan: Ugh. Hideous. But perfect. I'm back!

Brady: Oh, my--

[Dramatic music]

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