Days Transcript Monday 2/15/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/15/21


Episode #13959 ~ Ciara gets a message to Ben. Charlie urges Claire to believe him. Lucas and Allie have a run-in with Charlie. Nicole pressures Rafe to allow Ava to live with him.

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Ava: I should be out of here tomorrow, maybe sooner, and, um, then you've got my full cooperation.

Nicole: What about charlie?

Ava: Like i told you, I know he is my son, but I can't let him get away with what he's done.

Nicole: No, I meant... allie said that he's violent. And he just threatened you. You can't go back to your apartment.

Ava: That's very sweet of you, nicole, but I know you don't have room for one more.

Nicole: No, but rafe does.

Ava: Oh, no, that's, um--no.

[Chuckles] That's too much to ask.

Nicole: No, no, it's not. He's got a big house and you'd be safe there and there's no way that charlie would ever come over--

Rafe: Nicole, can I speak to you for a minute? In private?

[Monitor beeping]

Charlie: She'll believe me. She has to. Just--just do it. Just--[Huffs]

[Line trilling]

[Phone ringing] Hey.

Claire: Why aren't you in jail?

Charlie: They dropped all the charges against me.

Claire: What? How is that even possible?

Charlie: 'Cause I didn't commit a crime.

Claire: The dna test said you are henry's father. That proves what you did to allie.

Charlie: Well, it proves that I had sex with allie, which I did, but it was 100% consensual.

Allie: It's ginger tea. I gave some to grandpa, too. He's resting. Here you go.

Marlena: Thank you, sweetie. Oh, my goodness. Food poisoning on valentine's day.

[Chuckles] Not very romantic, is it?

Allie: No, but I'm just glad that you're feeling a little better.

Marlena: I am. I'm so sorry that I couldn't officiate at steve and kayla's wedding, though.

Allie: Yeah, but I'm sure they understood.

Marlena: You know, I'm--I'm sure they did. Tripp said that abe was able to fill in for me.

Allie: Oh, um, that-- that actually reminds me. I--I went over to tripp's the other night to apologize to him for accusing him of attacking me.

Marlena: Wow. That can't have been easy.

Allie: No, no, it wasn'T. I feel so terrible about everything I put him through. I mean, I forced him to defend himself for months when he didn't even do anything wrong.

Marlena: I know that, but you only just remembered what happened in london. Honey, I'm sure in time, tripp will forgive you.

Allie: I don't know. I won't blame him if he never does. It's not like this was just a little mistake. I mean, I--I almost destroyed his life.

Tripp: Hey, I'm headed out, so if you wanna join the party, it's cool.

Lucas: Uh, what party?

Tripp: Uh, my dad and kayla just got married.

Lucas: Well, that's great. That's great news. I've been out of town for a couple weeks, so I don't--I don't know what's going on.

Tripp: Yeah, well, uh, welcome back.

Lucas: Thanks. Hey, uh, do you got a second?

Tripp: It's really not a good time. I'm heading to the hospital to see my mom.

Lucas: Yeah, I'll make it quick. Um, it's kind of important.

[Phone ringing]

Ben: Unknown number?

[Line trilling]

Ciara: [Sighs] Oh, damn it, ben, pick up the phone. Pick up the phone. Pick up the phone, ben.

[Dramatic music]

Ben: Ciara?

Ciara: Ben? Ben, it's me. [Gasping] It's ciara. Oh, my god, I can't believe I finally got through to you.

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[Soft orchestration]

Tripp: I really need to get to the hospital.

Lucas: Right, listen. I'll make it quick. I just wanted to say that allie finally remembered what happened to her that night in london. She said that you weren't the one who attacked her. So obviously I owe you a very big apology. I'm sorry, man. I am. I went way too far. I lost it, you know? My--my protective instincts just kicked in, and I went a little crazy, but I know it was wrong and I'm sorrY. I--I am truly sorry for it.

Marlena: Honey, you--you didn't remember that it was charlie that attacked you, and the dna results did seem to show that tripp was your baby's father.

Allie: Yeah. I just--I still feel awful about tripp.

Marlena: Yeah, we all do. I think we have to focus on the future. I think we have to make sure that justice is served here.

Allie: Yeah.

Marlena: How are you feeling? I mean, now that you've remembered what happened?

Allie: [Sighs] Um, honestly? Not too well. I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping. Every time I close my eyes, I just--I can't block out those images of charlie standing above me and pushing me down, grabbing my wrists, everything.

Marlena: Honey, you're safe now. He can't hurt you again.

Allie: I know. But what I see in my mind is so real and so powerful, and I'm just scared that it's never gonna go away.

Claire: First you said you didn't even know allie, and now you're saying that you slept with her?

Charlie: Yes, but I did not rape her.

Claire: I don't wanna hear it.

Charlie: No, no, you have to hear this, claire. You need to know what really happened.

Claire: No, I already know what happened, and I am not gonna stand here and listen to you lie.

Charlie: I'm not lying. Claire, you know what it feels like to be judged unfairly, to have people decide who and what you are without having all the facts. Please, just hear me out. Please.

Claire: Fine.

Charlie: Okay. So I did meet allie in london.

Claire: What were you even doing there?

Charlie: My mother, she had my spy on tripp. She's obsessed with him. And so one night I followed him to this club, and that's where I met allie. She was drunk, really drunk, and she was kind of all over me. We talked for a little bit and we exchanged numbers, and then we went our separate ways. A little while later, I saw her flirting with tripp, and then she left with him. And then a couple hours after that, my phone rang, and it was allie. And she asked me to come over.

Claire: I thought she was with tripp.

Charlie: So did I. But I guess she decided that she liked me better. And I--and I know, I know that i should not have gone over there. I know that. It was late and she was wasted, but I did. I went over to her apartment.

Claire: And assaulted her.

Charlie: No, no. I'm sorry that I have to tell you this, claire, but she came on to me. She was the instigator. Yeah, we did end up in bed together, but it was her fault. Like, I didn't assault her, not even close.

Ben: Hello?

[Line screeching] Who is this?

Ciara: Ben? Ben, it's me. It's ciara.

Ben: Hello? Is anybody there?

Ciara: Yes, ben, it's ciara. Can you hear me?

Ben: I'm sorry. It's a really bad connection. I really can't make out a word you're saying.

Ciara: No, no, no, ben. Don't hang up, okay? Stay with me, please. Please, just stay on the line.

[Line screeching]

You clean dishes as you cook,

Rafe: What are you thinking?

Nicole: That ava needs a place to stay safe from her psychotic son.

Rafe: So you offer her my place?

Nicole: Well, she can't go back to her apartment. That's where charlie kidnapped her.

Rafe: Nicole--

Nicole: Listen, look, we--rafe. We found charlie in ava's hospital room. If we didn't show up when we did, who knows what could have happened? And you heard what he said to ava on his way out. Oh, "I hope you come home soon"? You know as well as I do that was a threat.

Rafe: Well, she can get a restraining order.

Nicole: Or she could stay with you. It's not like it'll be forever. Just so that I know charlie can't get to her. Rafe, he terrorized her. She's still having flashbacks and hallucinations.

Rafe: Yeah, well, then maybe she should stay in the hospital.

Nicole: Well, I would have her come home with me, but, you know, I have a full house and I don't think allie would appreciate her rapist's mother as a roommate.

Rafe: No, see, that actually makes sense. I mean, why my place? I can--I can think of a million places that she can stay besides my place.

Nicole: Really?

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: Like where?

Rafe: Like, I don't know, maybe the palermo.

Tripp: It, uh--it hurt a lot that so many people thought I could be capable of something so horrible, but I mean, I get it. You know, no one knew I had a half-brother, let alone that he was in london the same time as me and allie.

Lucas: Any idea what he was doing there?

Tripp: It's a long story, but, uh, charlie's back now and he's in jail and hopefully he'll stay there for a very long time.

Lucas: Well, I guess you haven't heard. Uh, the police let him go. The authorities in london decided not to move forward with the case.

Tripp: What? Why?

Lucas: Because charlie claims what happened with allie was consensual.

Tripp: That's insane! He admitted to my mom what he did.

Lucas: He also said that she's the one who invited him over, and she wanted to sleep with him.

Tripp: That's a lie!

Lucas: I know it is, but it worked because he's free now. That sick son of a bitch is free.

Allie: Is what happened in london going to stay with me forever?

Marlena: Honey, you will always remember that it happened, but it won't define you. You're so much more than that. And in time, the memories will begin to fade and--and you'll begin to heal. In fact, you already have.

Allie: You think so?

Marlena: I do. I know so. I'm just so impressed with you. And the proof that I have of you healing is that I see what a wonderful mother you are to henry.

Allie: [Sighs] I didn't want to keep him at first, as you know, because I--I thought he was just going to be a reminder of the worst thing that ever happened to me.

Marlena: But you kept your heart open, and it all worked out.

Allie: Yeah. Now when I look at henry, I just see my son.

Marlena: [Sighs]

Allie: The little boy that I love more than anything in the world. I don't even think of his father at all.

Charlie: Please say something. I know I should have told you this a long time ago, but I couldn'T.

Claire: So you-- you just sat back and let your own brother get crucified?

Charlie: I didn't know what else to do.

Claire: How about tell the truth? I mean, I know that you have issues with tripp, but my god, charlie!

Charlie: I was scared, okay? I was scared. You and I were getting so much closer, and I felt that if you knew that I had a one-night stand with your cousin, I would lose you.

Claire: So I mean, what was your plan, to just--just avoid allie forever? Pray that she'd never remember who you were?

Charlie: Why should she? What happened with allie meant nothing, but you, claire, you mean everything. I've never felt this way before about anybody. I love you. I am 100%, head-over-heels, crazy in love with you, and I felt like if you knew the truth, then you would hate me. But you don't hate me. Do you, claire? You feel the same way I do, right? Tell me you believe me. Tell me that you love me, too.

Ben: I'm sorry. I still can't hear you. I have to go.

Ciara: No, no, no, no, no, ben, please, please don't hang up the phone, please.

Rhodes: Hang up that phone now. Struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes

Rafe: Kidnapping, blackmail, making planes fall out of the sky.

Nicole: Okay, okay, I realize that you have a long list of reasons why you hate ava. I understand that she's hurt a lot of people.

Rafe: Yeah.

Nicole: But reuniting with tripp has changed her. Okay, fine, I know you don't believe that.

Rafe: No, I don'T.

Nicole: Well, I do.

Rafe: Okay.

Nicole: I do, rafe, and look, she wants a relationship with her son.

Rafe: Okay, that's great. No, no, that's great. I've got an idea. Since you're her friend, why don't you tell her that she can take some of that mob money and buy a nice, new house with a top-notch security system?

Nicole: Well, why would I do that when she can move in with the police commissioner?

Rafe: Nicole.

Nicole: I don't mean to push you. I don'T. It's just if charlie hurt ava or if ava hurts charlie and ends up in prison, I could never forgive myself. Rafe, please, if--if you can't do it for ava, please, would you do it for me?

[Monitor beeping]

Tripp: Hey.

Ava: Hey.

Tripp: How you feeling?

Ava: I am much better now that you're here. And I'm getting released.

Tripp: That's great news. Uh, but I have some news that's not so great. Charlie's been set free. They released him from jail.

Ava: I know. He was just here.

Tripp: Why?

Ava: Oh, he wanted to tell me the real story about what happened with him and allie in london.

Tripp: That it was consensual?

Ava: Oh, you heard?

Tripp: Mm.

Ava: Mm.

Tripp: Yeah. Yeah, I just ran into allie's dad.

[Stammers] I can't believe that charlie's doing this, saying that he didn't attack allie when he'd already admitted to you that he did.

Ava: I can't believe he stood here and lied in my face and then blamed the victim. You know, he didn't really wanna talk about that, though. No, he just wanted to talk about his future.

Tripp: Future?

Ava: Mm.

Tripp: What--what future? He's going to prison.

Ava: Oh, he doesn't think so. No, he was, uh, telling me how he was looking forward to taking his girlfriend out for valentine's day.

Tripp: [Scoffs]

Ava: Yeah. And, uh, he's hoping now that he's been cleared of the charges, he'll be able to get back to work.

Tripp: He's delusional.

Ava: Completely. I reminded him that he hasn't been cleared of the charges of kidnapping me. And I told him that I already gave a statement to the police.

Tripp: Couldn't have been happy to hear that.

Ava: No, not at all. He--he thinks that I am determined to ruin his life, and he promised me he wouldn't let me get away with it.

Tripp: Meaning what?

Ava: Well, he said he's going to silence me, make sure that I can't ever testify in front of a court.

Tripp: He threatened you?

Ava: Oh, please. I'm not afraid of your brother. And I told him if he so much as even tries to come near me again, he's gonna regret it.

Tripp: Look, mom, I know how strong you are, but charlie's already put you in the hospital once, okay? And if he feels like his whole world's about to come crashing down, there's no telling what he might do.

Claire: You wanna know how I feel about you, charlie? I feel that you are disgusting. Making it seem like allie asked for it?

Charlie: No, no, no, no, no, that is not what I meant.

Claire: Well, it's what you said.

Charlie: It came out wrong. I was just trying to tell you the truth.

Claire: You can tell me whatever the hell you want. I won't ever believe you. Nobody will because allie has remembered what happened to her that night.

Charlie: I don't see how she could because she was totally wasted.

Claire: Yeah, she was, but the memories, the horrifying memories of what you did to her that night were still there. She just needed a little help accessing them. So my grandma hypnotized her, and they all came back.

Charlie: So she remembers that we slept together.

Claire: No, charlie. She remembers going to sleep and waking up to see you standing there in front of her bed. She remembers trying to call the police but you not letting her. She remembers you grabbing her wrists, pinning her down, and raping her.

Lucas: Hey.

Allie: Dad!

Lucas: Look at you! I missed you so much.

Allie: Oh, I missed you too. How did you know I was here?

Lucas: I called nicole and she told me.

Allie: Oh.

Lucas: She told me you were having a nice little visit with my grandson over here. Oh, hi, marlena.

Marlena: Hi.

Lucas: So where's henry lucas? Come on.

Allie: He's being the cutest ever.

Lucas: Is he?

Allie: He's napping in the other room, and, um, grandpa john is resting, too.

Lucas: Oh, okay.

Marlena: Yeah, john and i were a little under the weather, so allie's taking care of us. But we're not contagious. Sit. Have some tea.

Lucas: Okay. [Sighs] So steve and kayla got married, I heard. That's amazing, right?

Marlena: Oh, yes, yes.

Lucas: I actually ran into tripp outside the pub. But don't worry, um, I apologized to him. You know, I told him how sorry I was for misjudging him.

Allie: Me too, actually. I feel just terrible about what I put him through.

Lucas: Yeah, I know what you mean. Well, who would have thought that ava vitali had another son? What's his name, charlie or something or other?

Allie: Charlie dale.

Lucas: Now he's saying what happened between you two was consensual.

Allie: What?

Marlena: What?

Allie: No, no, that is not what happened. He's lying.

Charlie: Allie's lying. I don't know why, but what she's saying is not true.

Claire: You attacked an innocent person, someone I love, someone in my family.

Charlie: I would never do that, claire! Please, you have to believe me!

Claire: You make me sick.

Charlie: You are not leaving right now.

Rhodes: Put that phone down right now.

Ciara: Ben? Ben, it's me, ciara. You have to help me, okay? Ben, please, please. Can you hear me, ben? No, ben! Ben, I love you!

Ben: Ciara?

Ben: Ciara? Is that you? Ciara? Say something. Say something. Hello? Hello? Please. Please. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Damn it.

[Tense music]

Nicole: Come on, rafe. Is it really too much to ask?

Rafe: Yeah, it is. And besides, I have gabi staying with me.

Nicole: Yeah, but you still have one extra room.

Rafe: That's duke's room.

Nicole: Oh, well, we share custody, and like I told you earlier, he's with me today.

Rafe: Well, I get him back tomorrow.

Nicole: Huh. Well, I guess I'll just have to keep him a little longer.

Rafe: Oh, and disrupt his routine? I don't think so.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Rafe: No.

Nicole: My gosh, you are so ridiculous.

Rafe: Ridi--you know what's ridiculous? What's ridiculous is you asking me to take in some mentally-unstable mob princess. That's ridiculous.

Nicole: So you're saying no?

Rafe: Well, I--I'm trying to say no, and you're making it really difficult to do.

Allie: Charlie said it was consensual?

Lucas: Well, yeah. I'm sorry. I thought you knew.

Allie: No, no. How do you know?

Lucas: I called shawn and he told me everything. He told me he was gonna call you too.

Allie: My phone is in the other room. It's been charging. Okay, well, what else did shawn say? I mean, he said-- he said that he was gonna pass my statement on to the authorities in london, and he was just waiting for them to say how they wanted to proceed.

Lucas: Listen, honey, I am so proud of you, the way you've gone after this guy to make sure he pays for what he did, but the authorities in london decided not to move forward with the case.

Allie: No. No, that's not right. No. I--shawn said that with all the details I gave, they would have a really strong case against charlie.

Lucas: Baby, they don't have enough physical evidence of the assault.

Allie: So what? So what? I told them everything about that night.

Lucas: Well, charlie told them something else, you know? It's the same thing. It's the same situation that happened with tripp. It's a he-said, she-said thing. Salem pd had no choice. They had to let him go.

Allie: Charlie's out of jail?

Lucas: Yes. Yes, I'm sorry.

Allie: So I had to relive that night for nothing? And this monster who raped me is just out walking around? I mean, he could be doing this to another woman as we speak!

Claire: Charlie, charlie, let go of me.

Charlie: Please.

Claire: No, please, charlie, stop it!

Charlie: Claire, stop.

Claire: You're hurting me!

Charlie: Claire! Is now a good time for a flare-up?

Claire: Please, charlie, you need to stop.

Charlie: Claire, just gi--

Claire: You need to let go.

Ben: Get your hands off her.

Charlie: We're in the middle of something.

Ben: Get your hands off her!

Charlie: This is private, man. Just-- can you just leave?

Claire: No, I am the one who's leaving.

Charlie: Claire, please don'T. I'm begging you, just-- just listen to me.

Claire: No, you listen to me! I don't believe you, and I sure as hell don't love you. You are nothing to me. Get me out of here.

Ben: You come near her again, you will be sorry.

[Somber music]

Nicole: So you're saying it's a maybe?

Rafe: Um, didn't say that.

Nicole: Well, you didn't not say it.

Rafe: Okay, time out. Can I just ask why it is so important that ava stay at my house? Like, why can't she just have one of the vitali goons look out for her?

Nicole: Well, because I've been trying to encourage ava to step away from the family business and find a new line of work, and I think you would be a good influence on her.

Rafe: Mm, right, right. Maybe she'll take up law enforcement.

Nicole: Well, doubtful, but with you around, maybe you can inspire her to change her ways. You know, like you did for gabi.

Rafe: What does gabi have to do with this?

Nicole: Well, she was in prison too.

Rafe: Yeah, for a crime that she didn't commit.

Nicole: [Sighs] My point is, is gabi has put that behind her.

Rafe: Mm.

Nicole: And she's a devoted mother now, right? And she's a successful businesswoman. She has totally changed her life around, and you know who deserves some of the credit?

Rafe: Mm.

Nicole: You.

Rafe: Right.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. And I think that you could be a really good influence on ava.

Rafe: So you think that I can be like a big brother to ava vitali?

Nicole: Sort of.

Rafe: I'll pass.

Nicole: No, no, no, no. No passing. Look, ava is already committed to going down a better path for tripp, and so all I'm asking you to do is just help her stay on it.

Rafe: Mm.

Nicole: At least until they lock up her other son. You know, the one that wants her dead. Rafe, I really do think you can make a difference in ava's life.

Rafe: Man, you are relentless.

Nicole: So then it's a yes?

Ava: Yeah, charlie definitely has problems.

Tripp: Problems? Mom, come on.

Ava: All right, fine. Your brother is a violent predator. But you know, he always ends up managing to just play the victim because mommy didn't love him enough. I mean, you didn't have it so easy growing up either, right? Look at you, though. You chose to become a doctor, and you dedicated your life to helping people. But what did charlie choose? To assault women. You know what? If he wants to blame someone for ruining his life, he can blame himself.

Tripp: So where is he now?

Ava: Ugh, who knows? Nicole and rafe threw him out. I should be getting out of here soon. Just waiting for that doctor to sign me out.

Tripp: Well, your place is all clean. The fridge is fully stocked. I even loaded a bunch of movies on the tv, and I even had your locks changed.

Ava: You did all that for me?

Tripp: Of course. And I'm gonna be right there with you, mom, all right? I'm gonna be right there to make sure you're safe.

[Monitor beeping]

Allie: As long as charlie is out there, no one is safe.

Marlena: Honey, I know how disappointed you are about this, but charlie is not off the hook, remember? He still has to face charges for kidnapping ava.

Lucas: That's true. Marlena's right. And I don't think we should get you worked up any more than you already are, so, um-- I can't stand to see you in so much pain. So how about we just, um, hang out a little and talk? We can go to dinner. Um, henry lucas and you and me, we could just sit and--and talk for a little while. I think it'll--it'll be a nice distraction for you.

Allie: Yeah. Yeah, I'd like that.

Lucas: You would?

Allie: Yeah.

Lucas: All right, great. Marlena, come with us. It'll be fun.

Marlena: Oh, no, no, I think I'll--I'll stick to my tea. We'll--we'll take a rain check.

Lucas: Okay. Sounds like a plan.

Allie: Feel better.

Marlena: I will. Thanks for coming by. I just love seeing you and henry.

Allie: No, thank you, grandma. I'm so lucky to have you in my life, and just everyone you help and support, I mean, we're all so lucky.

[Warm music]

Ben: Here, sit down.

Claire: [Sighs]

Ben: Claire, are you sure you're okay?

Claire: Yeah I'm fine. I'm just furious and disgusted.

Ben: I will never let that dirtbag bother you again, okay?

Claire: Thank you. But I'm also upset because that dirtbag held me up. I was on my way to see my grandma, to talk to susan. I really think that she can help you connect with ciara.

Ben: I already did.

Claire: What?

Ben: Ciara called me.

Ciara: I thought you had a hot date for valentine's day.

Rhodes: I forgot my phone... but you know that. Use the hanger, move the table, let the phone fall on the floor so you could grab it, pretty smart.

Ciara: I thought so.

Rhodes: I thought I told you not to pull any more stunts. But you didn't listen. It makes me angry.

Ciara: How angry? So angry that you wanna kill me?

Claire: She called out to you, like, telepathically?

Ben: No, she called me on the phone.

Claire: What?

Ben: I swear to you, I--there was all this static on the line, but I could hear her voice. It was her. It was definitely ciara.

Claire: That's-- that's amazing, but ben, are you sure?

Ben: Yes, I'm sure. I'm positive.

Claire: Ben, sometimes when we want something really bad, our minds, they can play tricks on us.

Ben: Claire, I am telling you this wasn't a trick. This wasn't a dream, some desperate fantasy. This was real. I picked up the phone and I heard ciara's voice. And she said my name. She said that she loves me. I've never been so sure of anything in my life.

Rhodes: No. I won't kill you. But don't cross me again. You have no idea what I'm capable of.

Ciara: I've heard that before. It's a quote, right?

Rhodes: [Chuckles] Al capone said it. Ever heard of the st. Valentine's day massacre?

Ciara: No, I have not.

Rhodes: Went down in chicago about 100 years ago. Victims lined up against a wall, mowed down by machine guns. Bloody mess. Al capone was behind it. But officially, case remains unsolved. Happens more often than you think, people getting away with murder.

Lucas: Looks like henry lucas is having a good time tonight.

Allie: Well, yeah, that's because he loves his grandpa.

Lucas: Aw, get out of town. I love that toothless smile he has. You know, he kinda looks like a little hockey player.

Allie: Yeah?

Lucas: Are you a little hockey player in there? Are you?

[Tense music]

Allie: Who are you?

Who are you? How did you get in here?

Charlie: Is that... my son?

Lucas: Are you charlie dale?

Allie: Yeah, that's him.

Lucas: Man, I'm gonna kill you!

Ava: Aw, tripp. Thank you for being the most wonderful son a mother could ever ask for.

Tripp: How about I go check on your release so we can go home and watch some movies?

Ava: [Sighs] I'd love to, but I might not be going home. I might be staying someplace else.

Tripp: Really, where?

Rafe: With me.

[Soft dramatic music]

Lucas: I'll tear you apart with my bare hands!

Allie: Dad, no.

Lucas: You hear me?

Allie: Dad, dad, stop.

Lucas: You hear me?

Allie: Dad, stop, stop.

Lucas: He's gotta pay for what he did to you.

Allie: Not like this, daddy. Stop.

Lucas: You are so lucky that my daughter's here to stop me right now. You're not getting away with this. If the police drop the ball, I will take care of you myself!

Charlie: Meaning what?

Lucas: What, you can't hear? I told you, I'll kill you!

Allie: Dad, dad! Let's go. Enough, okay? Let's go.

Lucas: Try me. Try me, buddy.

[Somber music]

Ciara: I am so sorry, ben. I tried. I really, really tried, and now?

[Sighs and sniffles] They can lock me in a room, and they can make you think that I'm dead, but... our love is too strong. Our connection is too powerful. I know you heard me, ben. In my heart, I know it. I know you heard me.

Ben: You know what this means? Ciara is alive.

Claire: Okay, uh, what--what else did she say?

Ben: I don't know. The connection was so terrible, by the time I even realized it was her, we got cut off. I couldn't ask her if she was okay or where she is or who the hell is behind this. I couldn't ask her anything.

Claire: We need to go and find susan. I know she can help us.

Ben: Let's go.

Claire: Come on.

[Tense music]

Rhodes: Vincent, we need to talk.

Orpheus: Indeed we do.

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