Days Transcript Wednesday 2/10/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/10/21


Episode #13956 ~ Lani and Eli try to find a way out of their predicament. Ivan comes clean with Vivian. A desperate Gwen pleads for Jack's help. Chad is thrilled when Abigail agrees to move back home.

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Lani: Anything?

Eli: Damn. It's no use.

Lani: I can't believe we were so close to getting the babies back and... it's all my fault.

Eli: It's not.

Lani: Ivan has our ammo. He has our phones because of me. I was desperate, I was willing to do whatever he said. And now we're stuck in here.

Eli: Okay. Then we just keep trying.

Lani: I will claw my way out of here brick by brick if that's what it takes to get to jules and carver. Ivan! Can you hear me? Let us out of here! Let us out!

[Loud orchestral music playing]

Ivan: [Humming]

Vivian: Ivan? Ivan. Ivan! What is all this racket?

Ivan: Racket? Madame, it's hardly a racket. They say music increases the plasticity of the growing brain, madame.

Vivian: What about their eardrums?

Ivan: Pardon?

Vivian: Why does it have to be so loud?

Ivan: Madame?

Vivian: [Shouting] Why does it have to be so loud?

Ivan: Oh. Louder the better, madame.

[Humming along with music]

Chad: Please, abby.

[Sighs] Tell me you wanna put our marriage back together again. Tell me you'll stay.

Abigail: I'll stay.

Chad: You will?

Abigail: On one condition.

[Soft, tense music]

Jack: [Sighs] Uh-huh. R...right. Okay. Thanks, perry. Thanks for letting me know.


[Phone beeps off] Rafe... just bailed on his interview. Life of a police commissioner, right? But that was our front page. Looks like we're gonna have to change the layout for the evening edition. What do you think?

[Suspenseful music] Jennifer?

Jennifer: Hmm?

Jack: Are you okay?

Jennifer: Oh. Yeah. I mean, I just... thought my mom would be back by now.

Jack: Oh. She, uh, didn't say where she was going?

Jennifer: No. She's been gone an awfully long time. I wonder what's keeping her.

[Intense music]

Gwen: [Exhales sharply]

[Cell phone ringing] Oh, god. Oh, god.

[Cell phone continues ringing]

[Loud orchestra music playing]

Ivan: Perfect. Madame, would you like to feed the babies?

Vivian: I can't hear a word you're saying.

Lani: Let us out!

Ivan: No!

Lani: Somebody help us!

Eli: Let us out of here!

[Mysterious music]

Vivian: Those words are not in my head.

Ivan: Madame, I have a small confession to make. We have guests.

Vivian: What do you mean? What guests?

Ivan: The detectives grant.

Vivian: Eli...and lani? They're here?

Ivan: Well, in the upstairs bedroom to be precise, madame. Since last night.

Vivian: Oh, my god. Why?

Chad: Tell me. Whatever the condition is, I don't care.

Abigail: Well, you should care because I need you to have realistic expectations.

Chad: Yeah. I can do that. I can do realistic.

Abigail: Okay. Well, the reality is there's a lot of tension at my parent's house since we found out about gwen. My dad's very angry with my grandmother with her part that she's played in it all, so it's not a very healthy atmosphere for thomas and charlotte right now.

Chad: So you're gonna bring them home?

Abigail: Yeah.

Chad: Wait, so then... you coming home is about the kids, not because... you wanna give our marriage another chance?

Abigail: I didn't say that.

Jack: Your mother didn't answer?

Jennifer: No. I hope she's okay.

[Intense music]

Gwen: Laura. Laura.

[Exhales shakily] She's dead.

[Somber music]

[Cell phone beeps]

Jack: Maybe your mother went back to wherever she came from after the way I blew up at her.

Jennifer: Your anger was understandable.

Jack: I know. Laura was just trying to protect you by keeping gwen's existence a secret, but... I mean, my god.

Jennifer: Right.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jack: Well...

Gwen: Jack.

Jack: Gwen?

Gwen: Can you please come to my hotel room right away?

Jack: Uh, what's going on?

Gwen: I can't explain over the phone. Just please hurry.

Jack: I'm on my way.

[Cell phone beeps]

Jennifer: What was that about?

Jack: I don't know. Gwen just said that she needed me to come over and wouldn't tell me why.

Jennifer: Jack, don't go. It could be a setup.

Jack: You don't know that.

Jennifer: Well, neither do you.

Jack: No, I don'T. But I'm gwen's father. I have to go there if she needs me.

Jennifer: Because you're a good man. But please... be careful.

Jack: I will.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Abigail: I wanna take this slowly. I wanna rebuild the whole foundation and I wanna make it stronger.

Chad: Yeah. I want that too.

Abigail: So I'm gonna take that separate bedroom and we're gonna start counseling. Which, I know we've done that before, but, for some reason, this whole trust thing is a real problem for us.

Chad: No, me. I'm the problem. Okay? I'm the problem. There's nothing that I want more than for there to be a day where you can look me in the eye and know that I am exactly the man that you need me to be.

Abigail: And there's one more thing.

Chad: Anything.

Abigail: I am going to be living under this roof and I am going to do the work, but I cannot make any promises about our future.

Chad: Okay. I understand. I'm gonna rock those therapy sessions, okay? And I'm gonna not only tell you that I love you, but I am gonna show you every single day-- every single second of every single day-- because I will do anything to make this right. Anything.

Abigail: Okay. Well, I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna pack, then.

Chad: This is your home.

Abigail: Yeah, it is. Tell the kids I will be back home soon.

[Solemn music]

Chad: [Sobbing]

Eli: Let us out of here, damn it!

Lani: Please just let us out. I promise you, we won't hurt you. Just let us out!

Vivian: What are lani and eli doing in chicago? In our home? What aren't you telling me?

Ivan: Perhaps we should feed the children first, madame.

Vivian: Answers first. We have spent months in peace and quiet, and then one day, you just disappear and you come back with these two precious babies. Tell me something. Does stefania bear a striking resemblance to detective grant?

Ivan: Which one, madame?

Vivian: Both! Oh, please don'T... don'T. Did they bear these children?

Ivan: Yes, they did.

[Intense music]

Vivian: You told me that you got them from a legitimate doctor.

Ivan: I did, madame. And she got them from the university hospital nursery, madame.

Vivian: So you kidnapped them? Why?

Ivan: Madame, lani grant cut short the life of your beloved stefan. And you were denied the opportunity to avenge his death, so when I learned from an old friend in salem, madame, that lani was giving birth to twins, I thought, "what perfect kismet," madame. She took your son away from you. You can do the same to her.

Vivian: Why didn't you just tell me that from the beginning?

Ivan: I started, madame. When the mission was accomplished, I hoped you'd be pleased and proud of my initiative, madame. But you seem to be sort of against it, and I panicked.

Vivian: You lied to me.

Ivan: Half truth, madame.

Vivian: You know, I do... I do applaud your initiative.

Ivan: Madame.

Vivian: But now I have... I have such deep feelings for these babies. I can't-- I can't possibly let them go. The question is... what do we do with our unwelcomed guests?

[Banging on door]

Eli: We need a plan B.

Lani: We have been trying to get out of here for almost 24 hours. We've thought of everything.

Eli: We'll get out of here, lani. All right? We're gonna get our babies. I promise.

Lani: How is this happening? They are literally on the other side of that door and there's nothing that we can do.

Eli: Like hell there isn'T. You and me, we can do this. We came this far, and I'll be damned if we give up now.

Julie: Oh, good. You are home.

Chad: Any news on the twins?

Julie: Yes. I just came from rafe. Eli and lani have tracked them down and should be rescuing them even as we speak.

Chad: Thank god. Hopefully the monster that took them gets what's coming to him. Or her.

Julie: From your lips to... well, while I was there, I questioned our police commissioner hernandez on his progress with the arrest of gwen. I was not encouraged.

Chad: Well, progress is tough when the only proof is rolf's admission that he gave gwen the drugs. That's not exactly strong.

Julie: Well, gwen is just gloating over this, bold as brass. I mean, that should count for something.

Chad: Not a confession, unfortunately. It's not nearly enough.

Julie: Well, we can't give up, chad. We just can'T... any more than you and abigail can give up on your future.

Chad: We're not, actually. She'S...she's coming home. She's actually packing her things right now.

Julie: [Exhaling] Oh. Oh, that's the best news! And I needed it so badly right now. Oh, that's wonderful. I knew that your marriage was so strong that it could not be broken by some british sociopath.

Chad: Well, there's no guarantee. We're gonna take it slow. One step at a time.

Julie: That's a wonderful first step towards reconciliation. And I have an idea for the second step.

Chad: Uh-oh. An idea?

Julie: Don't be frightened, chad. When it comes to relationships, from my long experience, nobody knows better what to do and what not to do than I do.

Chad: [Chuckles]

Jennifer: Oh, abigail! Hey. How did things go with chad?

Abigail: Oh. Well enough. I think the kids and i are gonna move back in to the dimera mansion.

Jennifer: Oh! That's wonderful.

Abigail: Yeah, it is.

Jennifer: But?

Abigail: I just almost changed my mind on the way over here.

Jennifer: Abigail...

Abigail: There's just so much going on right now, I just-- I can't even think straight.

Jennifer: Just focus on chad and your family.

Abigail: But gwen is technically considered family now too, isn't she?

[Disquieting music]

Jennifer: I just can't imagine how hard this is for you.

Abigail: Even after I told her dad didn't abandon her, even after I said he never knew she existed-- I mean, she's still just as hateful as she's ever been.

Jennifer: Your poor father. He's trying so hard to make up for everything gwen's been through and see the good in her. In fact, she called just a little while ago--

Abigail: And what? What did she want?

Jennifer: She didn't say. Um... didn't explain. Just needed to see him. So he went.

Abigail: Well, I don't like the sound of that.

Jack: I'm here. What's the emergency?

[Disquieting music]

Gwen: You know how you said you wanted to make up for my miserable childhood but you didn't know how?

Jack: Yes.

Gwen: Well, if you meant that, I think I know what you can do.

Jack: What's that?

Gwen: For starters, I'm gonna need to need you to keep an open mind.

Jack: About what?

Gwen: About this.

Jack: My god. No pulse. Did you call an ambulance?

Gwen: She died instantly. There was no point.

Jack: What did you do to her?

Gwen: Of course that would be your first assumption. Like I'm some sort of a murderer or something.

Jack: Gwen, just tell me what happened!

Gwen: For the record, I didn't do anything to her. Okay? She came over here. She... wanted to talk. She offered me some tidy apology, thinking that I would just forgive her. Of course I didn'T. That woman ruined my life, jack.

Jack: And you killed her!

Gwen: [Starts, stops] She tried to leave. Her stupid words, thinking that it was gonna make everything better. It didn'T. So... I grabbed her arm, and then she tried to break free, and then... well, she sort of lost her balance, and then she... she hit her head on the corner of that desk.

Jack: That's it. It was an accident.

Gwen: Yes, it was. It was. I swear. But now everyone's gonna think I bloody pushed her on purpose, aren't they?

Jack: Dear god.

Gwen: Please, jack. Jack. Listen. Listen to me. You have to believe me. Everything I said happened exactly as I described it. You are my only hope. Do you hear me? I need your help. I need your help.

Lani: Ivan, let us out! Let us out!

[Babies crying] I'm so close, and I can't even comfort my own child. I don't even know which one it is.

Eli: Jules is the feisty one.

Lani: Yeah. She is.

Eli: Hey. And they both will be in your arms before you know it.

[Baby continues crying]

Vivian: Oh, stefania. It's all right. Mommy vivvy is right here.

[Crying continues]

[Pounding on door]

Ivan: Madame, I think we should take the children and run. Buenos aires is lovely this time a year.

Vivian: What good would that do? No, I... I think it's time that... we need a permanent solution.

[Babies crying] It's time. It's time for me to finish what I started.

[Pounding and crying continue]

Chad: Got some nonalcoholic wine.

Julie: Oh. Excellent. And I've ordered the very favorite foods that abigail likes from julie's place. So now you have candles and flowers and the mood is set. You can have a lovely little celebration when she returns.

Chad: Thank you for this, julie. For everything.

Julie: Mm. You were afraid I was gonna book a mariachi band. Perhaps fireworks. Something really over the top, right?

Chad: Yeah, I might've been bracing myself.

Julie: Uh-huh. Well, I think there's been enough over-the-top behavior in the last week to last for a decade. After everything you and abigail have been through... all she needs now is good old-fashioned wooing. And I imagine that you know how to take it from there.

Jennifer: Well, look. At least gwen no longer lives in the mansion. That gives you and chad some peace and privacy to work on your marriage without her meddling.

Abigail: Oh... I think it's gonna take more than four walls to keep that one from doing whatever she can to make our lives as miserable as possible. I can't believe I didn't see through her act. I mean, how did I think she was my friend? And how did I hire her to take care of my kids? I just have nightmares about it every night, and I'M... so, so, so, so grateful she didn't do anything to hurt charlotte or thomas.

Jennifer: You don't think she is actually capable of hurting a child, do you?

Abigail: I think my big sister is capable of just about anything.

Jack: What exactly are you asking me to do?

Gwen: What do you think, jack? If the police come in here and they see that her dead body is in my hotel room with my fingerprints on her carotid, I am completely screwed. I'M... I'm screwed.

[Sniffles] You have to help me get rid of her.

Jack: I can't do that.

Gwen: What's the matter? You getting all sentimental now 'cause you had a love affair with her?

Jack: She told you?

Gwen: Yes. She told me. It was her excuse for destroying my life. She had to make up for the fact that she slept with her daughter's husband, and that's why she kept me a deep, dark secret, because of course abigail and sweet, precious jennifer are the ones that needed to be protected at all cost. Well, don't you think it's time that somebody protected me, dad?

Jack: [Sighs]

Gwen: [Sniffles] Surely you're not gonna put the proper disposal of a dead body before the needs of your living daughter, are you?

Jack: What about the needs of my wife? What am I supposed to tell jennifer? Her mother is dead.

Gwen: I know her mother is dead. I know. I know. I know.

[Exhales] I'm horribly sorry. I am. But listen to me, of all the things that I have done in my past, I have... I have never killed someone, jack.

Jack: You said it was an accident.

Gwen: It was! I swear it was an accident. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. You don't believe me, do you? Oh... [Sniffles] You don't believe me.

[Gasps] Really? Out of all the people in this stupid, godforsaken town, if you don't believe me, then no one is gonna believe me, jack. No one.

[Breathing heavily]

Jack: All right. All right. All right. All right. I do. Gwen. Gwen! Look at me. I do. I do believe you. I do. I do. I do believe you.

Gwen: [Breathing slows]

Jack: I am going to help you. I'm gonna help you. All right.

Gwen: Okay.

Jack: All right?

Gwen: Yeah.

Jack: All right.

Gwen: Thank you.

Jack: All right. All right?

Gwen: Yeah.

[Sniffles] Thank you. The body shouldn't be too heavy for the two of us.

Jack: No, woah, woah, woah, woah. Hold on. That is not how we're gonna do this.

Gwen: What do you mean?

Jack: Trying to cover this now is gonna make everything worse. I am gonna call someone I trust, and I will be with you every step of the way. You asked me to trust you, and now I am asking you the same. Will you trust me?

Gwen: [Inhales, exhales] Well, you kind of give me no choice, do you?

Jack: All right.

[Dark music]

Rafe: Why haven't I heard from you yet, grant? You should've gotten back to me by now.

[Cell phone ringing] Hernandez.

Jack: This is jack deveraux. I'm calling to report a doa.

Vivian: Just as I took my precious nicholas from his unworthy mother, katerina. And I raised him. I raised him to be mine. I'm gonna do the same thing with jacob and stefania.

Ivan: Madame, please allow me. Murder, madame, is a messy business.

Vivian: Yes. As it should be.

[Exhales] And then the satisfaction will be all mine. Ivan, go turn up the music. Go on. I don't want the children to hear this.

[Baby crying]

[Pounding on door]

[Loud orchestra music playing]

Chad: I know one candlelight dinner isn't gonna completely change abigail's mind.

Julie: Chad. It's not about the dinner. It's about abigail giving you another chance because she's crazy in love with you. Darling, I know you two are gonna come out of this stronger than ever. Look, you survived gabi hernandez. You can survive the rice check girl.

Chad: Rizczech.

Julie: Well, technically it's deveraux.

Chad: I still can't believe that.

Julie: Challenging, isn't it? Well, as much as we all hate it, she's officially part of the family, and gwen is not going to go anywhere, which means dear abigail is gonna have to come to terms with her half-sister. It's not going to be easy, even when a lady has as big a heart as abby does. So I'm thanking the stars that you will be there to see her through it.

Jennifer: I know how upset you are about gwen, but we just have to trust that the police are gonna take care of everything.

Abigail: Yeah, but rafe basically said that the cops couldn't even do anything even if they did have a statement from rolf. In fact, he said it was more likely quite gwen would get me thrown in prison for punching her in the face.

Jennifer: I can't believe you punched her.

Abigail: I can't believe how good it felt.


Jennifer: [Chuckles]

Abigail: Oh, luckily, chad did not corroborate gwen's story.

Jennifer: Of course he didn'T. Because he loves you.

Abigail: I do know that.

Jennifer: And I know how hard it is to trust that love. I felt the same way when I found out about your father and kate. But we made a decision to work through all that anger and pain together. And now there's no more secrets and no more lies. We have never been happier or stronger. We are there for each other in every possible way. It's a wonderful feeling.

Rafe: Hey.

Jack: Thank you for coming.

Rafe: Yeah. What happened to your black eye?

Jack: Um... never mind about that right now.

Rafe: Oh god. Is that...

Jack: Yeah. My mother-in-law. My... my late mother-in-law.

Rafe: What the hell happened?

Gwen: She fell.

Rafe: She fell?

Jack: It was an accident.

Rafe: Did you witness it?

Jack: No. No, but I believe my daughter.

Rafe: Your daughter? Oh, so it's true then?

Jack: Yes.

Rafe: See to the deceased. This is now an active crime scene.

Gwen: Crime? But this was an accident.

Rafe: Well, it doesn't matter; I'm sending a forensics unit down here and you're coming with me.

Gwen: You said I could trust you.

Jack: You can. You can. Rafe is just taking you to ask some questions. It's a standard operating procedure, right?

Rafe: Hmm? Yes. For now. This is...

Jack: A shock. I know.

Rafe: I'm sorry for your loss. Does jennifer know?

Jack: No. No. Please, I don't know procedure, but I'd like to be the one to tell her.

Rafe: Of course.

[Disquieting music]

Jack: I would go with you, but...

Gwen: I know. You need to go be with your real family.

Jack: You are my real family too.

Gwen: Go. Jennifer needs you. Jack... thank you. Thank you for being here when I needed you.

Ivan: And I will teach you some simple words in czech.

[Speaking czech] What happened?

Eli: Turns out this wicked old bitch is no match for two cops on a spree to get their kids back.

Lani: Get away from my babies.

[Handcuffs clicking]

Jennifer: Oh. That was quick packing.

Abigail: Oh. Well, maybe I'm a little excited to go home.

Jennifer: Everything is gonna work out fine, sweetie. I'm sure of it.

Abigail: Yeah. Do you know where grandma went? I was hoping I could tell her goodbye.

Jennifer: Actually, I don'T. I think she went out earlier this morning and I haven't been able to reach her.

Abigail: Hmm.

Jack: Oh, good. You're here. We need to talk.

Jennifer: Okay. What happened?

Jack: You better sit down.

Abigail: Dad, what's going on? You went to see gwen. Does this something to do with her?

Jack: No. This has nothing to do with gwen. It's about your mother.

Jennifer: What about her?

Jack: Laura is... laura is gone.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: I'm so sorry. Jennifer, your mother is dead.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: Sweetheart--

Jennifer: No! No.

[Sobbing] No. No. No.

Gwen: So now what?

Rafe: Well, I'm gonna ask you some questions and you're gonna tell me the truth.

Gwen: All right.

Rafe: Now, I would love to start with the question of your "black eye" that abigail gave you that magically disappeared, but... one case at a time.

Gwen: I didn't do anything wrong.

Rafe: Oh. Save it for the recording. But I am going to remind you you are already under active investigation for the poisoning of abigail deveraux.

Gwen: So I'm guilty of everything, then?

Rafe: Yeah. And just a suggestion. Probably don't wanna make another misstep. Understood? This is commissioner rafe hernandez interviewing gwen rizczech in connection with the death of laura horton.

Lani: Oh. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Our sweet babies. Oh, my god. My little angel. Oh. Oh, my god, eli. Our babies. We found our babies. We're here. We're here. We're here. We are here. We're here.

Eli: You're safe, jules. Mommy and daddy, we got you. We love you.

Lani: We're taking you both home.

[Hopeful music]

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