Days Transcript Thursday 1/28/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/28/21


Episode #13947 ~ Marlena hypnotizes Allie to help her remember the details of her assault. Meanwhile, Abigail and Gwen have an explosive confrontation, Charlie bonds with someone unexpected, and Ben makes an admission to Claire about Ciara.

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[Dramatic music]

[Knock at door]

Ben: Hey, claire. What are you doing here?

Claire: I came to apologize.

Marlena: Hi, honey.

Allie: Grandma, I heard that uncle brady got shot. Is he okay?

Marlena: Yes. Yes. He hasn't regained consciousness, but the doctors say he's gonna be fine. Your grandfather's with him right now.

Allie: Well, you should be in there too, so we can just totally reschedule our appointment.

Marlena: No. No. We're gonna keep our appointment. Honey, it's really important. This is about your life and moving on, and you can't do that until you remember what happened in london.

Allie: What if I don't wanna remember?

Chad: Hi.

Abigail: Hi.

Chad: I got your voice mail. You said you wanted to see me.

Abigail: Thanks for coming.

Chad: Like I said last night, I know your whole world has been turned upside down. And it kills me that you're going through all of it alone. I wanna be there for you. I will be there for you, if you let me.

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[Soft orchestration]

Chad: I'm really sorry for hurting you.

Abigail: I know you're sorry. And I know you wanna help me, but I'm not gonna lean on you right now.

Chad: I thought that-- I thought that, because you called me over here--

Abigail: That I was ready to get back together? I'm not.

Chad: Okay. What did you want to see me about then?

Abigail: Gwen.

Gwen: Do I know you from somewhere?

Charlie: I don't think so.

Gwen: You look very familiar.

[Gasps] I know. I saw you in "the intruder." You are--you're charlie dale. Yeah, you're ava vitali's son. Oh, goodness, you must have some mommy issues.

Ben: Claire, you have nothing to apologize for.

Claire: Yes, I do. And I should have done it last night when you walked me home. But the other day when you barged in and found me with charlie, I was incredibly rude to you. At the time, I just--I couldn't imagine what reason you would have for reacting the way you did.

Ben: Honestly, neither did I. All I knew was that your grandmother thought that this charlie guy could be a threat to you. She didn't say why.

Claire: I'm guessing you know now?

Ben: She filled me in. I ran into allie last night, and I talked to her before I saw you, and she's obviously having a hard time with all this, as I'm sure you are too.

Claire: You could say that. I mean, my boyfriend, the guy I thought could well be my soulmate, kidnapped his own mother and probably raped my cousin.

Allie: I mean, of course a part of me wants to remember what happened in london so that I can finally get justice, but, grandma, that was the worst night of my life. I mean, I don't know if I can handle reliving it.

Marlena: I know hypnosis can be very daunting to some people, but I'll be right there with you every step of the way.

Allie: At first, I couldn't remember anything that happened that night, and then I started having these horrible flashes with this monster on top of me, you know, pinning me down, and me saying no over and over again. I don't know, I was so sure it was tripp, and now it seems like it wasn't, and it might be charlie, and I don't know, it's just--it's all still like a blur in my head.

Marlena: I know. That's why we're having this session. So you can get some clarity.

Allie: What if I remember doing something wrong?

Marlena: What does that mean?

Allie: What if I didn't resist as much as I think I did, or what if I didn't say no as many times as I think I did? What if I remember this whole night, and I realize that I got myself into this whole nightmare?

Marlena: You listen to me. Understand this. You did nothing wrong. It's not your fault what happened. It isn't about whether you did too much, did too little, fought too much, fought too little. It isn't even about what he thought. This man committed a crime against you, a terrible crime. Look, I'm not gonna pressure you. I won'T. I just--I want to do what's right for you. Whenever you're ready, that'll be the right time.

Allie: [Sighs] No. No, I need to know what happened to me. And I need to know who hurt me so that I can make him pay. My nunormal: Fewer asthma attacks.

Abigail: I want you to do something.

Chad: Okay, anything.

Abigail: I want you to go to the police, and I want you to tell them what you told me. That rolf was the one who supplied gwen with the drug that caused my psychotic break. It that a problem?

Chad: No. No. No. I'll do it.

Abigail: But?

Chad: I'm just not sure there's any point.

Charlie: What's your name?

Gwen: Oh, sorry, I'm gwen.

Charlie: Well, gwen, don't believe everything you read, especially not in some trashy tabloid.

Gwen: Not a fan of the rags, are you, charlie? So I suppose you've got, what, more sophisticated taste, have you?

Charlie: I'm not above reading "the intruder" once in a while, especially when a interesting story catches my eye. Like yesterday, there was one about some poor nanny that was taken advantage of by the big, bad daddy of her little charges.

Gwen: So you read my story? I'm flattered.

Charlie: Don't be. I didn't really buy it. It seemed really one-sided to me.

Gwen: Well, you're certainly entitled to your own opinion. I'm just glad that I got my story out there. May I? So let me ask. I wonder what else we have in common, charlie?

Ben: Your grandparents think there's a very good chance that charlie did this. That it was him, not to tripp dalton, who assaulted allie.

Claire: It just doesn't make any sense to me, ben. Charlie is sweet, he's funny, he's kind. The charlie that I know could never do something like that.

Ben: Well, maybe you don't know him as well as you think.

Allie: Sorry, I'm just really nervous.

Marlena: It's okay. Take a deep breath. That might help you relax. I want you to remember that in your mind, we're gonna be in your apartment in london. Your body is gonna be right here. Whatever memories come up, I'm gonna make sure that you're safe. I promise. Okay? Shall we start?

Allie: Yes.

Marlena: I'm gonna have you-- yep, thank you. Let everything relax. Be aware of your breathing. With every breath, let all the tension flow out of your body. Good. Depression makes it hard for me

Abigail: Gwen tried to ruin my life, and you're gonna tell me there's no point in reporting her to the police?

Chad: Listen, rolf doesn't have any credibility, and even if the police do believe him, all gwen has to do is deny it.

Abigail: But rolf did confirm that gwen did came to see him in prison, specifically to ask for the drug.

Chad: Yes; he told me to my face that he had one of his guys on the outside give her the drug.

Abigail: And then she slipped it to me and watched gabi take the fall.

Chad: We don't have any proof.

Abigail: Well then, I guess it's just still your word against gwen'S.

Chad: And anyone who read that article in "the intruder." They're just gonna think I'm doing it for revenge.

Gwen: Well, I'm just dying to know what really happened between you and mummy dearest.

Charlie: Not much to tell.

Gwen: You and I both know that that's not true. Come on, charlie, your secret's safe with me.

Charlie: What?

Gwen: I don't know. It's just that--you're kind of like this straight arrow. Like you wouldn't even hurt a fly, let alone your own mother. I can only imagine that ava vitali, your mum, must have done something truly wicked to have her son keep her bound and gagged in his own flat.

Charlie: My mother is unstable.

Gwen: She hurt you, didn't she?

Charlie: My mother abandoned me when I was a kid. She only had enough love for her other child, her golden child. So as far as she was concerned, I didn't exist. You okay?

Gwen: Yeah. It's just, I know exactly how you must have felt. My father, he won't even acknowledge me. He won't even admit that I'm his daughter. All his love is reserved for my perfect little sister.

Charlie: Sounds like you have some pretty serious daddy issues.

Gwen: Yeah, I've found ways to deal with it.

Charlie: Being rejected by a parent can make you do really dark things, extreme things that you might end up wishing that you had never done.

Gwen: I'm intrigued. Tell me, charlie. Have you been a naughty boy?

Marlena: I want you to focus on the sound of my voice. I'm gonna guide you. You're in london. It's december. Not last december. December a year ago. You're at a nightclub called jubilee. I want you to look around. Tell me anything, anyone you can remember about that.

Allie: I see people. Lots of people drinking and dancing and having a good time.

Marlena: Did you interact with anyone? Did you have a conversation with anyone?

Allie: Yeah. Yeah, there was this one guy. Clean-cut, preppy, not really my type, but he seemed nice. He said he was from california, and he was visiting on school break.

Marlena: Hmm. What else do you remember about that?

Allie: He asked me to dance, but I turned him down.

Marlena: Was that the last time you saw him?

Allie: No. No, he came back about an hour or so later, and he asked me to dance again, and this time, I said yes. But at this point, I was pretty wasted. I was unsteady on my feet, kind of stumbling all around. Finally, the guy offered to take me home.

Marlena: Go on.

Tripp: [Laughs]

Allie: Whoo!


Tripp: Okay, so you're home now, so I'm gonna go.

Allie: No, silly. We need to finish our dance.

[R&b music]


Marlena: What happened next?

Allie: I don't know. After that, it all is just kind of blank.

Marlena: You can't remember anything else?

Allie: I don't know. I was pretty drunk. I don't know, maybe i blacked out?

Marlena: Yeah, maybe. Maybe your mind made you forget what happened. It's a way of protecting you. That happens a lot in trauma. I can help you push through that if you're ready.

[Sighs] Allie, you are so strong. I have known you your whole life. You have strength and courage that runs through all the women in our family. Honey, you can trust me. I'm here to help you. Will you let me do that?

Allie: Yes. Yes, please, grandma. Please help me remember. My plaque psoriasis...

Marlena: Okay. Okay. Relax. Take your time. You kissed tripp. Then what happened?

Tripp: [Laughs] I really think I should be going. I think that you should just go to bed and sleep this off, okay?

Allie: You're so nice. Just a nice guy, aren't you?

Tripp: Guilty as charged.

Allie: Okay. Okay, mr. Nice guy. Bedtime it is.

Tripp: [Chuckles]

Allie: Ugh.

Tripp: Oh, uh...

Allie: Oh, that's nice. Ugh. Okay. Ooh.

Tripp: Oh, all right. Nice. Nice and easy. Nice and slow. Nice and slow.

Allie: [Groans]

Tripp: [Laughs]

Allie: [Hums]

Tripp: Are you okay?

Allie: [Sighs] Everything's spinning, but besides that, yeah.

Tripp: Do you want any water or anything?

Allie: No, I'm good. Good and wasted.

Tripp: All right.

Allie: Thank you.

Tripp: Sure. Just get some sleep, okay?

Allie: Tripp was so kind and caring. He was a perfect gentleman.

Claire: Charlie made me feel so special, like he was the luckiest guy in the world to be my boyfriend. Even after I told him that I'd spent time in a mental institution, he didn't judge me. It's like he saw me in a way that no other guy ever has. Like he didn't see me as sick or crazy or damaged. He saw me as a person worthy of forgiveness. As a person worthy of love.

[Sighs] Do you get that?

Ben: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Claire: [Sighs] None of it was real.

[Laughs] I mean, I just--how could I have fallen for someone like that? A kidnapper? A rapist? I just--I can't believe that I was stupid enough to trust him.

Ben: Stupid enough to trust him? No. No, claire, you weren't stupid to trust somebody to hold you again, to love you. What you were and what you are is brave.

Chad: In other news, gabi's back in town. I ran into her after I left you last night.

Abigail: I'm sure that was fun.

Chad: I had to bite the bullet and apologize to her accusing for accusing her of drugging you. I told her that it was gwen.

Abigail: Well, if there's any other woman feel you like you need to apologize to, don't let me hold you up.

Chad: Yeah, I'll... I'll go tell the police what rolf told me.

Abigail: I appreciate it.

Chad: Yeah, I don't know if it'll matter, but gwen does deserve to pay for what she did to you. I know you're angry at me. You have every right to be. You have every right to ask me to stay away. And I'm gonna respect your wishes. But I will never stop fighting for you, and I will never stop fighting for our family.

[Somber music]

Gwen: How bad we talking, charlie? Worse than taking your mum prisoner?

Charlie: All I'll say is that it is possible to become so full of rage, so overcome with the need to hurt somebody the way that you've been hurt, that you end up doing something that you wish you could take back.

Gwen: Well, I have no regrets. Not a one. My conscience is clear.

Charlie: Do you wanna get something to eat?

Gwen: [Laughs] No, I think I'm gonna have to take a rain check on that. But it is really nice to know that there is somebody else in this miserable bloody town who understands where I'm coming from.

[Sighs] Till we meet again, then, charlie.

Charlie: [Sighs] Arrivederci.

Marlena: All right. Tripp helped you into bed, and you fell asleep. What happened then?

Allie: I...I don't know.

Marlena: You don't know what happened? Try to focus on the memory.

Allie: After a while, I woke up. Something woke me up.

Marlena: Do you know what it was?

Allie: Someone was there in the dark.

Marlena: Allie, who was it? Who was there?

[Dramatic music]

Allie: Who are you?

Of course you've seen underwear that fits like this...

Ben: Do you wanna take any of this chinese food home?

Claire: Wow. You must have been really hungry.

Ben: Yeah, I just got the order saved on my phone. All of ciara and my favorites. Usually, I just hit the button without even thinking.

Claire: I miss her so much every day.

Ben: You know, dr. Evans suggested I talk to you about ciara. I told her I didn't really feel comfortable talking to a bunch of strangers in a support group. She figured maybe we could help each other. I know you got a lot going on, so...

Claire: No, no, no. Yeah, I would love to talk to you about ciara.

Ben: Really?

Claire: Yes. But there is one subject that I am done discussing, and that is charlie dale.

Marlena: Honey, who was it? Who was there in the dark with you?

Allie: Charlie.

Marlena: Are you sure it was charlie?

Allie: Yes. I can see him. He's standing next to my bed. He's just staring at me, and he's holding--he's holding a little crumpled-up piece of paper. It must be the note that tripp said he left for me, and then-- who are you? How did you get in here? I saw you tonight. You were at the club.

Charlie: Why? Why did you leave with him and not me?

Allie: I'm calling the police.

Charlie: Sorry.

Allie: Stop!

Charlie: I can't let you do that.

Allie: Stop! Let go of me! Let go of me! Stop! Let go of me. Ow! And then... and then he's on top of me, and he pinned me down, and I kept saying no and I said no and I kept saying no, but he didn't listen and he didn't stop, and then--no, no, no, no! No!

Marlena: Allie. Allie. Tell me what happened.

Allie: [Sobbing] He raped me. Charlie raped me.

Abigail: Hey, gwen. You got a minute for your kid sister? New advil dual action

Gwen: So our dad told you that he knocked up my poor mum and tossed us aside like rubbish, did he?

Abigail: My dad doesn't remember you or your mother.

Gwen: Well, he will now, and so will your husband. Lovely chatting with you.

Abigail: You know, since you are so adamant about people taking responsibility for their actions, I'm sure it'll be no problem for you to take responsibility for what you did.

Gwen: And what might that be, sis?

Abigail: Put that drug in my champagne that almost made me lose my mind.

Claire: After everything that happened with eve, I told ciara that I hoped that we could get back to being close again. She said she wanted that too.

Ben: She did?

Claire: Yeah. And now I'm never gonna get that chance.

Ben: Ciara loved you, claire. She looked past all the things that happened when you were sick. She always chose to see the good in you.

Claire: And in you.

Ben: Yeah.

Claire: I'll let you know, if ciara were here right now, she'd tell us to stop moping around.

[Both laugh] She'd tell us to get over ourselves and live.

Ben: Yes, she definitely would. Mm-hmm.

Claire: I think she'd also tell us to keep looking out for each other, keep talking like this, like friends. We are friends, right?

Ben: Yeah. For sure.

[Dramatic music]

Allie: I tried so hard to fight him. I was kicking and screaming, but he was so strong and so angry, and I was just scared. I was scared not only what charlie was doing, but of what he might do next.

Charlie: [Sighs]

Charlie: Arrivederci.

Allie: After it was over, he lefT. And I just--I just sat there and stared into the black. I told myself that I had just had a nightmare and that I could just go to sleep and wake up, and it never would have happened. I just thought that I could wake up and the darkness would be gonE. And now--now I remember. I remember.

Marlena: Okay, we're going to stop now. I'm gonna bring you out of this. When I count three, you're going to remember everything that happened, everything we talked about. You're gonna feel safe. You're gonna feel calm. One, two, three. Research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia.

Gwen: So you think that I'm the one who put drugs into your champagne. Where on earth did you get that?

Abigail: Chad heard it directly from rolf.

Gwen: [Laughs] Oh, god. Count dracula? Well, he's mad. No one's going to believe a word he says. So what if I was the one who gave you that sisterly push over the edge of sanity? Or so what if I was the one who decided to take a trial run at ruining your life? What if I did do all those things? There's no way you can ever prove it, can you? So there's nothing you can do about it. Just like there's nothing you can do about me sleeping with your husband.

Abigail: Oh, there's one thing I can do.

Gwen: Really? And what's that? Oh!

Chad: Abby, what are you doing?

Abigail: I'm putting my big sister in her place, and if she's smart, she'll stay there.

Gwen: [Groans]

Charlie: Again? Really? What the hell is this?

Tripp: That, little brother, is proof that you raped allie horton.

Allie: Oh, god. Grandma, oh, my god.

Marlena: Oh. Oh, honey. It's okay. You're safe. You're safe now. Oh, I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud. It's all gonna be okay. It's all gonna be okay. That's my sweet girl. I've got you.

Claire: Aren't you gonna open that?

Ben: [Sighs] Ciara and I's first date, we had takeout chinese. It kind of became our thing, you know? General tsao's chicken, opening up our fortune cookies together. I actually asked her to marry me with a fortune cookie. I had it written on the little paper on the inside.

Claire: Ben, that's perfect.

Ben: Don't really feel like reading any more fortunes now that she's gone. It just feels meaningless because I can't really imagine a future without her. Maybe that's why I...

Claire: Why what?

Ben: Why I can't accept that she's gone and that part of me truly still believes that she is alive and one day, she's gonna come back to me.

Ciara: Hello! Let me out of here. Hello? Ugh! Let me out of here! Come on. Come on. Ugh! Come on, let me out of here! Hello?

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