Days Transcript Tuesday 1/19/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 1/19/21


Episode #13941 ~ Chad takes another hit thanks to Gwen; Abigail makes a difficult decision; Jake receives a surprise visitor; Eli questions Xander about the twins' kidnapping.

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Xander: Oh, hey, look, I know charlie dale worked for me, but he worked for philip, too. Philip's the one you should be questioning. Why in god's name would I want to kidnap ava vitelli?

Eli: I'll handle it. Why don't you check in with the bureau again? This isn't about ava vitali.

Xander: But when rafe dragged me down here, he said this was about a kidnapping.

Eli: It is. Someone kidnapped our twins. Bonnie lockhart, she id'd the person who did it.

[Doorbell rings]

Bonnie: [Exhales] Hi--ah, maggie. I didn't expect you to open the door. But it is your house. Of course you live here. I mean, did justin tell you about our... date?


Chad: This isn't the back of your workshop, all right? This desk is an antique.

Jake: Sorry. I just got caught up in this article I'm reading in "the intruder".

Chad: That's about your level.

Jake: Well, the article's about you, actually. How you cheated on your wife with the nanny. Seducing the nanny, brother? Really? That crosses all sorts of lines.

Chad: Let me see that.

Jake: Yup. Gwen must've given them A... what do they call it, an exclusive? It reads like a real firsthand account.

[Knock at door]

Abigail: Come in.

Kate: Abigail? Have you seen chad?

Abigail: No.

Kate: [Sighs] Look, I know that gwen told you that chad slept with her.

Abigail: Well, then you know why I'm leaving him.

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[Soft orchestration]

Kate: Are you sure this is what you wanna do?

Abigail: I honestly don't know what choice I have.

Kate: You could forgive him. Gwen lied to him, abigail. She manipulated him.

Abigail: I'm not leaving him because he slept with gwen. I am leaving him because he slept with gwen after accusing me of sleeping with jake, after I assured him that it wasn't true, and after he chose to take gwen's word over mine for god knows how long.

Kate: He loves you and he hates what he did.

Abigail: He loves me? Love is not the issue. I love him. Just because that is true does not mean that I can live with him.

Jake: Man, if that article was edited, hard to imagine what they left out, huh? I mean, talk about in-depth reporting. Hey, isn't your father-in-law the editor over there? And abigail's mom, she works there too, right?

Chad: No, they run "the spectator."

Jake: Oh, wow. Well, thank god for small favors. I mean, imagine if they had to proofread that or, god forbid, fact-check it?

Chad: Look, you wanna do this?

Jake: Oh, mr. Shin. Ni hao. Come on in.

Shin: Did you both see the headline in today's paper?

Jake: Yeah, we were just actually talking about that.

Shin: "Dimera ceo in a different kind of merger with children's nanny."

Jake: Merger? Is that a play on words?

Shin: One of the many disturbing things in the article is that you were drinking heavily the night of the incident. That somehow rings true.

Chad: Okay, listen, nothing in that article was true.

Jake: So you didn't merge her?

Chad: Okay, listen. That woman is a lying sociopath, all right? She's been lying about my wife, and in fact, she's the one that rented that room abigail's name.

Shin: Did you or did you not have sex with her?

Chad: Yes. But--

Shin: There is no "but" here. You had sex with an employee. And she tricked me, and I was stupid enough to fall for it. It's not a great defense.

Jake: Oh, come on; hey, chad has a very trusting nature.

Shin: Anyway, the board and i are in full agreement. We can't even appear to condone this behavior.

Chad: Yeah, you're right. And that's why I think that it's best for the company if I resign as ceo of dimera enterprises. Effective immediately.

[Doorbell rings]

>Justin: Bonnie. Wait. Sorry, I just heard the bell. How long have you been waiting?

Bonnie: Long enough to realize I'd been a fool to think I'd ever be welcome in this house.

Xander: Look, I'm really sorry about your kids, but what does this have to do with me? If that lockhart lunatic said it was me, then she's lying, and not for the first time.

Eli: She didn't id you. She saw your old friend and cohort dr. Amanda raynor. That's right. She saw the woman who helped you steal kristen dimera's baby. She's the one that stole our twins from the hospital.

Sarah: Lani. Lani. I'm looking for xander.

Lani: Eli just took him into the interrogation room.

Sarah: I don't know what's going on. Rafe said something about kidnapping?

Lani: Yeah. Someone took our babies from the hospital.

Xander: Raynor took your kids? Why?

Eli: You tell me, xander. You pressured her to steal kristen dimera's baby so you could give it to sarah. So why would you want her to steal our twins? Ever wonder what retinol dermatologists use

Sarah: Lani. Oh, my god. I am so, so sorry. Why do you think that xander had anything to do with it?

Xander: I just want so badly to make you happy and can't help but go overboard. You're not gonna believe this, but I even almost suggested that you adopt one of eli and lani's twins.

Lani: What just happened right now? What did you remember?

Sarah: Nothing.

Lani: Don't lie to me, sarah. I'm a cop; I interrogate people for a living. And I know you just remembered something right now, and I know that you lied about it. So you are gonna tell me what it was. For god's sake, sarah, I do not know where my children are!

Sarah: It was--it's just something that xander said months ago when I was having a tough time because I had lost my daughter. I told him that you were having twins, and he thought that...

Lani: He thought what? He thought that he was gonna take my babies and he was gonna give them to you?

Justin: Maggie, I invited bonnie over for dinner. That's why she's here.

Maggie: Oh, was that you at the door? I didn't recognize you without your ankle bracelet.

Bonnie: I know. Must've been a shock.

Maggie: How perceptive of you. Yes, it was a shock to open the door and see a woman who looks like adrienne but who is really nothing like adrienne. 'Cause adrienne was kind and loving, and you are cruel and selfish.

Justin: Maggie.

Maggie: Oh, that's right. Adrienne is dead. And you're alive.

[Chuckles] And you are still trading in on the fact that you look like her.

Justin: Bonnie is here because I invited her. And I invited her because I don't think she's that woman anymore.

Maggie: Justin, wake up. You look at her and of course you see adrienne. The woman who you love more than life itself. And that love is blind to what this woman really is. And you are counting on that, aren't you?

Bonnie: No.

Justin: Maggie, i don't understand. Bonnie was here for christmas.

Maggie: Yes, she was. I wasn't happy about it. But it was christmas, and I thought, "well, I'll just let it go." But this? It's a date. No. Just no. I think you oughta show her the door.

Chad: As I said, that article is filled with lies, but I do care about my family's business, which is why I am willing to do what is best for it.

Shin: Good. I accept your resignation.

Chad: Then just let tony know that I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help with a smooth transition.

Shin: Actually, the board thinks it'd be best for some new blood.

Jake: What, me?

Chad: What, him? He's a mechanic. He eats with his hands.

Shin: We don't care. As long as he keeps his hands off the hired help. So what do you say?

Jake: Yeah, sure. I mean, he did it, so how hard could it be, right?

[Both laugh]

Kate: Yes, he believed her. But so did you. For a long time.

Abigail: Yeah, I believed that she liked me. I believed she liked my kids, I believed she liked my folks, which was all a lie. I thought she could be trusted, which was wrong. But if that woman had ever, ever, spoken poorly about chad, if she had tried to turn me against him, there is no way. She would've been out of my house like that.

Kate: Okay, so my guess is, is that she knew that. So she wouldn't risk it with you because she's shrewd and because she's a con-woman, abigail.

Abigail: What, like gabi was? Hmm? 'Cause he believed her too. And I'm gonna ask you something. Do you really believe he would've believed all these women so wholeheartedly if he didn't find 'em attractive?

Kate: I think that you're shortchanging your husband a bit, you know? Because he's a good man who made a stupid, stupid mistake. That he deeply regrets. And he knows it's wrong, and he's admitted it's wrong, and he is ready to do absolutely anything to make it up to you. So do you really wanna give that bitch the satisfaction of breaking up your marriage?

Abigail: She didn'T. He did.

Kate: [Laughs] You're right. You are right. You know, actually, you're right about all of it. You are. So the only thing I can tell you is that the both of you have been through so much, and you have fought so hard to be together. Are you really sure that you just wanna walk out? I'm a performer.

[Somber music]

Abigail: I'm packed. Now I just need to decide if I'm really leaving or not.

Bonnie: It's okay, justin. I'll go.

Justin: No, no. Maggie, I love you. And one of the reasons why i love you is, you're always ready to give someone a second chance. Right? When someone comes into one of your meetings, you don't say, "sorry, you screwed up too many times." You just help them start over. So please, why don't you and bonnie and i just start this all over again?

Xander: Oh, thank god. You're not gonna believe it, but this isn't about ava vitali. Dr. Raynor took the grants' babies, and eli thinks I'm behind it all.

Sarah: I know.

Xander: Well, then you gotta tell 'em that I wouldn't even think about doing something like this.

Sarah: But you did think about doing it. I just told lani all about it.

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Maggie: You're right. I do believe in giving people second chances. And I do believe people can change. And maybe bonnie has changed or will change, but not here. I'm not gonna tolerate her in this house. And I won't tolerate her in my life.

Bonnie: Why? Hey, come on. If justin can forgive me, why can't you?

Maggie: Maybe because you tried to steal my husband. Do you remember that? And it wasn't out of love. It was out of money 'cause that's all you really care about.

Bonnie: That's not true at all.

Maggie: Oh, that's right. It's not exactly all. You want money and power.

Justin: Maggie.

Maggie: You try to push people around, don't you? You like lording it over them.

Bonnie: No.

Maggie: No? You made it very clear that you'd like to be the lady of this manor. And what you did to accomplish it was to put adrienne in prison to serve out your sentence. Oh, you must've had a really good laugh over that one.

Justin: Do we really have to go there?

Maggie: And if that wasn't enough, you came into this house and you tried to take my place in victor's bed for money. Oh, you know, they have a name for that particular kind of transaction.

Justin: Maggie, please.

Maggie: And now you're after another kiriakis male. You. Using that same kind of technique.

Bonnie: No.

Maggie: Oh, you think that this time, it's gonna be easier? Because you don't have to put adrienne in prison? Because she's already been taken care of?

Bonnie: Stop it.

Justin: Maggie.

Bonnie: Listen to me. I don't want your house or your man. I don't want anything that belongs to you.

Maggie: Prove it. Get out.

Bonnie: You...


Maggie: What are you doing?

Bonnie: You say all I care about is money. This oughta get me a pretty penny.

Maggie: It's priceless.

Bonnie: In one piece. How about I prove to you I don't care about money? How about I smash this to smithereens?

Xander: Sarah, why in the name of god did you tell lani that?

Sarah: Because that woman doesn't know where her newborns are, and I'm not gonna sit there and lie to her.

Xander: Didn't have to lie. Could've just kept your mouth shut. Now I have to call justin. You know they're gonna take what you told them and run with it.

Sarah: Xander, that is what you said.

Xander: Wait, so you think I got that woman to steal two babies to, what, cheer you up? Oh, and what, no one's gonna notice that, out of nowhere, you suddenly have two kids that kinda don't look like you?

Sarah: Of course I don't think that you did it, because if you did it, then i would have the babies, and if i had the babies, then I would bring 'em to the police station and lani and eli would have their children, but it is not my place to decide what they do and do not know.

Xander: Oh, well, that is very honorable of you, sarah. But because it's not your place to make that decision, now these poor people whose children have been kidnapped are gonna waste all this time trying to pin it on me, giving raynor all the time she needs to take these babies god knows where.

Lani: I mean, it doesn't make sense. Eli, if xander actually took the twins and gave them to sarah, then where are they?

Eli: I don't know.

Lani: Why doesn't she have them?

Eli: I don't know, lani. Sarah just admitted to you that xander planned this.

Lani: No, she didn'T. What she admitted was that the man that loves her said something very stupid in an attempt to make her feel better. I get why you want this to be true, why you want xander to be guilty. You think that it's gonna bring us one step closer to bringing the babies home. It won'T. If xander really took carver and jules and gave them to sarah, she would've told us.

Abigail: The kids are at my parents'. I was finishing up packing and kate showed up pleading your case, telling me I should give you another chance.

Chad: I know I don't deserve that.

Abigail: I think a whole case could be made against the fact that you don'T.

Chad: I don't know if it'll make a difference, but I was-- I don't remember anything that happened that night with gwen. I was completely wasted, and it was meaningless. And there was no attraction whatsoever. In fact, quite the opposite. That woman is repulsive to me.

Abigail: I don't really wanna hear it.

Chad: But I'm only telling you that--

Abigail: That what? That you weren't turned on by her? Or that maybe you were picturing somebody else while you were having sex with her? It doesn't make any difference. I don't wanna picture the two of you going at it, regardless of what you are telling me was going on in your mind.

Chad: I just didn't want you to--

Abigail: You didn't want me to what, think the sex that you had with gwen was mind-blowing? 'Cause that's the way she described it to me when she told me all about the two of you in bed together on new year's eve. Regardless of whether or not you claim the sex was mind-blowing, doesn't make me a bit of difference.

Chad: I shouldn't have brought it up.

Abigail: No, you shouldn't have.

Chad: I had everything that I've ever wanted, and I lost it all. And there's only one person to blame.

Kate: Well, your ex-girlfriend sure did a number on chad. He might lose his wife.

Jake: Well, he already lost his job. Check it out. Chad nailing the nanny is front-page news. So much so that shin came down here, said the board was up in arms, was gonna fire him, so chad resigned on the spot, shin named me ceo.

Kate: Ugh. What an imbecile.

Jake: Thanks?

Kate: No. No, not you. I'm talking about chad. He should've negotiated some kind of exit settlement. You, ceo? You're gonna do fine.

Jake: Yeah, suddenly I'm not so sure about that.

Feeling sluggish or weighed


Chad: This all on me. It's all my fault. I should've never believed her. And even worse, I didn't believe you.

Abigail: Yeah, I noticed.

Chad: Gwen gave an interview to "the intruder".

Abigail: Oh, god.

Chad: It's about, you know, new year's eve. It's very detailed.

Abigail: Well, I'm sure she enjoyed that, kicking us while we're down.

Chad: Shin saw it. I saw the writing on the wall, so I resigned. Jake is gonna be the new ceo.

Abigail: Well, I'm sure gwen is thrilled. Another person I love takes a hit because of her.

Chad: Love?

Abigail: You know I love you. This is not about love. It's about trust.

Chad: Right. Got it.

Abigail: Gwen did not come to salem to hide from jake. She came here to hurt me, to hurt my family, and it all started with making sure I found that letter from my dad to kate.

Jake: When shin first offered me the job, I said yes just to stick it to chad, but I don't know, the more I think about it, maybe he's right. Maybe I am gonna screw this up. Like, big time.

Kate: Okay, for starters, taking this job to stick it to someone you don't like is totally in accord with the spirit of the company and the family. I'm telling you that. Stefano, he would so approve.

Jake: That's not funny. I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I mean, I could barely make it through shin's first email.

Kate: Okay, I can. You know, I was a very successful ceo at dimera, and I will get you through it.

Jake: Oh, you seem pretty sure about that.

Kate: Oh, well, that's because I am. But there is a caveat. Please don't let the power go to your head. Don't become cocky. You have no idea how many sharks are swimming in dimera waters.

Maggie: Please--

Bonnie: You look at this. You look at what I'm doing. What I always do. Learned it growing up, and I perfected it in prison. You attack me, and I go for the jugular. Yeah. I go for whatever's most important to you. And some women, it's their face. Other women, it's their man. You, it's these stupid little statues.

Justin: Bonnie.

Bonnie: No. Mm-mm. She's right. I haven't changed. I sold you a load of bull right from the get-go. And she sees right through me, doesn't she? Yeah, I sold you a classic con and you fell for it hook, line, and sinker, right?

Justin: No. I'm not buying this. You're not going to do anything with that. Except give it to me.

Bonnie: Is it easy to stop drinking? Hmm? Do you ever reach out for that drink without even thinking about it, just out of impulse? My impulse is, you attack me and I attack you right back. I don't know how not to have that impulse, but I'm trying. Oh, lord, I am trying not to follow through with them.

Justin: I think that means you're changing.

Maggie: Or maybe... she's just got more polish.

Justin: Sorry about that.

Bonnie: [Laughs] Come on, what'd you expect? She didn't make anything up. I did everything she said I did.

Justin: I know you did, bonnie. But don't give up, okay?

Bonnie: Never have.

[Laughs] Never will.

Sarah: So I told lani what you said, and then I told her that I knew that you had nothing to do with taking those babies.

Xander: Well, she's not gonna take your word for it. Look, in my experience, the only thing worse than a desperate cop is a desperate parent.

Eli: I think you're right. I think xander's a dead-end.

Lani: That was our only lead. The bureau has nothing, and the more time that goes by...

[Breathes deeply] We're cops. We know what that means. No. No, no, no. No, no. Eli, no. I just said I'm a cop, okay? I'm not gonna cry. Not until after I have my babies back.

Eli: All right. I'll go cut xander loose.

Lani: Yeah. I'm gonna go over raynor's file again.

Eli: I just hoped that xander's--his connection to raynor would've led us somewhere.

Lani: Wait, eli. Maybe it still can.

Kids can change minds.

Xander: Look, I just wanna say--

Eli: Okay, wait. Xander, first of all, we don't think that you had anything to do with this. But we do think that there's a possibility you can help us, so if you'll just have a seat and let us explain--

Xander: Oh, am I free to go?

Eli: Legally, yes, we can't hold you, but we were hoping that you--

Xander: I really do hope you get those babies back, but since I have nothing to do with this, probably best if I stay out of it. I have very demanding job and i need to get back to the office.

Sarah: Sorry. What xander means to say is that he would just be delighted to do absolutely anything he can to help.

Kate: So then you'll have to factor in the difference between fixed and variable interest rates.

Jake: That's the hottest thing I've ever heard.

Kate: [Laughs] Wait till I walk you through back end deals.

Jake: Whoa. All this time, I thought business was dull.

Kate: [Laughs]

Jake: Kate?

Kate: Yeah?

Jake: Just wanna say, it means a lot that you wanted to go public about us.

Kate: Well, I mean, I kinda made out there, didn't I? Now I'm dating the ceo of dimera enterprises.

Jake: Right, but still, it's nice that you told everyone while I was still nothing, you know?

Kate: Jake, you were never nothing.

[Cell phone beeps]

Jake: Sorry. Damn it.

Kate: What is that?

Jake: It's shin's assistant. I gotta do down to the office, sign some paperwork.

Kate: Okay. Well, you have to get used to being in demand.

Jake: But hey, maybe afterwards we can grab some dinner?

Kate: [Sighs] I'm going to take you for ribs.

Jake: Okay. All right. But even though I'm ceo of a fancy company, I'm still gonna eat 'em like a normal human being, with my hands.

Kate: Yes!

Jake: That's the spirit.

Kate: I love it.

Chad: First, gwen tried to break up your parents' marriage, and then she just moved on to ours.

Abigail: Which wouldn't have happened if you'd trusted me.

Chad: And the reason I didn't was because of my own insecurities.

Abigail: What are you insecure about? Am I that stupid? Am I really that shallow or reckless that I would risk ruining our marriage? Would I risk putting my children through losing that marriage all because I wanted to have some stupid fling with a man that you despised knowing full well that you would find out about it? Or maybe you thought I was losing my mind again, in which case, I don't understand why the hell you wouldn't get me help rather than get yourself drunk and get in bed with the damn nanny.

Chad: I know. I know what I did, okay? And I know what I am asking. I wish I could undo it. I can'T. All I can do is ask. All I can do is ask for you to give me another chance. Okay, look, I quit dimera. Okay, why don't we go-- we can go back to paris. Right? We can start over. Okay. Okay, that was stupid. This is-- of course you're not ready to think about anything like that. Okay, so let me just say this. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you with all of my heart. Okay, I love you more than I have ever loved anything in my entire life. And I know what I did. And I know--and I know what I'm asking of you, okay? But I'm begging you. I am begging you to please just give me another chance. Okay? Just please. Please. Just please give us-- give us another chance. Please. Introducing voltaren arthritis pain gel.

Bonnie: What'd you call that dish again?

Justin: Boeuf bourguignon.

Bonnie: I'll have to remember that. It looked like beef stew but, mmm, tastes like heaven.

Justin: I have to admit, after that little scene with maggie, I thought it might spoil your appetite.

Bonnie: Oh honey, it takes a lot to spoil this appetite.

Justin: I have a confession to make. There have been times in my life when I just wanted to smash one of those figurines myself. There's such a thing as too cute.

Bonnie: So you do have darker urges.

Justin: Oh, yeah.

Bonnie: Hmm. You know, it might be fun to smash one of them cuteness things right up against the wall. But we can't do that to maggie, now, can we?

[Sighs] Maybe we could think of another way to be naughty. Hmm?


Sarah: That is what you meant to say, my darling, right?

Xander: She sometimes translates for me. So yeah, I'd love to help. Not sure how I can.

Eli: We'd like you to make contact with raynor.

Xander: What? Oh, I'm sure I'm the last person she'd wanna hear from.

Lani: Xander, it's our only hope.

Sarah: My love, this is when you say...

Xander: Let's do it.

Abigail: Mom, dad, I'm here. Can you just tell the kids I'll be right up?


Kate: You look like hell.

Chad: Abigail left me.

Kate: [Sighs] Jake told me that you resigned too. You are having what might be called a crap day.

Chad: Yup. Well deserved, don't you think?

Kate: No, I think gwen deserves a bit of the blame too. I could wring her scrawny little neck.

Chad: Yeah, you know, abigail just told me was gwen that led her to that letter from jack.

Kate: Yeah, well, that doesn't surprise me. I wouldn't be surprised if she started the bubonic plague. I knew you couldn't trust her from the start.

Chad: Yeah, well, I did. I... I did, and I lost everything because I did. I never suspected her, not once. That's not true. There was one time that I... I thought that she was lying to me, and I just-- I shrugged it off.

Kate: What? Wait, wait. Where are you going? Where are you going?

Chad: Find out if I'm right.

[Cool music]

Jake: Huh. Kate's right. I can do this. I am ready for whatever walks through that door.

Gabi: Are you sure about that?

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