Days Transcript Thursday 1/14/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/14/21


Episode #13938 ~ Gwen convinces Abigail that she slept with Chad. Chad tries to reason with a very upset Abigail. Gwen is cryptic with Kate about her motives. Lani and Valerie see the new sketch of the kidnapper and recognize her.

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[Cell phone ringing]

Eli: Detective grant.

Justin: Eli, this is justin kiriakis. I am with bonnie lockhart right now, and I think she may have seen the person who kidnapped your babies.

Eli: Oh, my god. That's great news. We're gonna meet you down at the police station

Lani: What? Eli, what? Did they find the babies--

Eli: Not--not yet, but we just got our first legitimate lead. Let's go.

[Foreboding music]

Raynor: It's about time. These babies are more than ready to get out of here.

Ivan: I trust these babies are safe and well.

Raynor: See for yourself.

Ivan: I will.

[Dramatic music]

Kate: My advice is that you tell abigail the truth... and you suffer the consequences. But you need to do that before gwen gets to her, or you could lose your marriage.

Chad: How do I do that? How do I look my wife in the eyes and tell her I did the exact thing I accused her of?

Kate: You suck it up, my friend. You just say the words. You admit that you cheated and you beg her for forgiveness and then maybe you duck.

Chad: I'm such an idiot.

Kate: Yeah, you are. But, look, everyone screws up, okay? Then we fix it. But the thing is that you have to get in front of this, because abigail needs to find out about what happened from you, not from the nanny from hell, gwen.

Gwen: You want all the answers so badly? Here's a little dose of the truth. I didn't sleep in a chair on new year's eve. I slept with your husband.

Abigail: You really expect me to believe that you slept with my husband?

Gwen: No. No, actually, I don'T. I would be skeptical too, but given that you know I'm quite the expert prevaricator, now, abigail, what honesty?


[Laughs] Oh, I can't tell you what a relief it is to finally get that off my chest.

[Sighs] Confession is good for the soul. Isn't that what they say? God knows I've got a lot to confess. That first time that chad held me close. That first kiss.

Abigail: Just stop it.

Gwen: He was so hungry--

Abigail: You are lying.

Gwen: Of course you would think that. Of course you would, that's understandable. But when I give you all the graphic details of what happened that night, I have a feeling you will believe every word.

[Dramatic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Justin: Okay. We have to leave.

Bonnie: But why? How much help could i possibly be? I only saw that woman for a couple minutes.

Justin: Well, it's long enough to identify the babies that were stolen.

Bonnie: But what if we're wrong? I mean, how is that woman gonna feel if I rat her out to the police and it turns out she was with her own kids?

Justin: You ran into her not far from the hospital, not long after the babies were reported missing, okay? That's a hell of a coincidence!

Bonnie: But what if we're wrong?

Justin: Bonnie, please! You can't let eli and lani down. Let's go.

Valerie: Eli and lani? What's going on?

Justin: [Sighs] Bonnie may have seen the kidnapper and your grandchildren. We're meeting lani and eli at the police station right now.

Valerie: I'm going with you.

[Baby cooing]

Ivan: The babies look healthy.

Raynor: Well, at least they're finally asleep.

Ivan: I commend you on a job well done.

Raynor: Stealing babies from their parents is not something I'm proud of.

Ivan: It's not as if you haven't done it before. Your experience with newborns at university hospital is why I chose you in the first place.

Chad: Gwen, she set me up and I never saw it coming. All of that concern... and sympathy all while pouring poison in my ear. And the... the kiss with jake, the bracelet that he bought her, the room at the salem inn. All of it lies and I-- and I fell for every single one of them.

Kate: She played you.

Chad: It shouldn't have been that easy. I should have believed abby. All right? I confronted her about sleeping with jake, and she denied it. You know what gwen said? Gwen said that it was-- that it was so damn easy to fool me because I was all but ready to believe the worst of my wife, and you know what? She was right.

Kate: Chad, it's not like you and abigail didn't have a tricky history.

Chad: But that's-- none of that is an excuse, kate. I-- I should have talked to her. Okay? I should have listened to her. We could have-- we could have worked through this together. That is the husband that I promised her I would be. Instead, what did I do? I got drunk and I slept with the nanny, the woman who is trying to drive a stake in our relationship.

Kate: Okay. You made a mistake. Like I said, it's a terrible mistake, but you and abigail love each other so much. You've worked so hard to get where you are, and I really believe that if you own what happened--

Chad: If I own what happened? Then what? Is she gonna just say, "oh, honey, yeah, you slept with a woman who's trying to destroy my life, no big deal."

Kate: [Sighs]

Chad: She's never gonna talk to me again. You are right. I have to tell her the truth... before she finds out in the worst possible way.

Abigail: Here's what i believe. For reasons that I have yet to understand, you are out to destroy my entire family. Not just chad and me, but my parents as well.

Gwen: [Chuckles] Everybody needs a hobby.

[Suspenseful music]

Gwen: I'd offer you one, but... we all know what happens when you mix drink with meds. Oh. Gosh, one of the perks of living here, the excellent scotch.

Abigail: You know, you are good. Okay, I'm gonna give you that. You're good. Because I never doubted for one second that you were actually my friend. Whatever I needed, wherever I needed it, there you were. And you're clever. You know, my parents party, the letter from my dad to kate. You know, and I am curious. How did you come to find out about that letter, anyway?

Gwen: Well, I didn't actually know about the letter, per se. It was just one day I happened to overhear your daddy having a discussion with kate about their affair. So naturally, I just decided to snoop around in kate's room, and there was the letter. I had proof.

Abigail: Mm-hmm. And you made sure I found it too, right? And then when I started to freak out, you insisted that I have a glass of champagne to "calm my nerves," because what could go wrong?

Gwen: You chose to read that letter, abigail. You chose to guzzle down glass after glass of champagne. You chose to humiliate your parents in front of all of your friends and family. All I did--

Abigail: All you did is set the trap like the sick little sadist that you are. But guess what? Your number is up, you are out! Go find yourself some other victims. Get out of my house! Ever wonder what retinol dermatologists use

Bonnie: [Sighs] I'm really out of my comfort zone here right now.

Justin: You'll be fine. Just describe the woman... and work with the artist until you get as close an approximation as you can. The sketch, I mean, could be the key to eli and lani getting their babies back.

Eli: What's going on?

Valerie: I ran into justin and bonnie at the pub. They said they were on their way here. They're waiting for the sketch artist now.

Eli: She's not here yet? The hell is taking her so long?

Lani: What exactly did bonnie say?

Valerie: That yesterday in the park, she ran into an african-american woman who had two newborns in a stroller, a boy and a girl. The woman said that she had just left the hospital.

Lani: With my babies. Valerie, what if those are my babies?

Raynor: It was a huge risk for me to return to that hospital. A lot of people on staff-- they're aware of my history.

Ivan: I am sure there is a certain notoriety that comes with having switched your colleague's dead baby for one very much alive. But I trust you were discreet?

Raynor: Yeah, I avoided the security cameras, lobbies. There was one nurse who recognized me, but she just assumed that I was back on staff, and I let her believe that.

Ivan: Well played.

Raynor: Look, are we done here? As long as I am anywhere near that hospital or in this state, I am in jeopardy.

Abigail: I told you to leave. Get out!

Gwen: I'm not gonna do that.

Abigail: Well, then I'll just have you thrown out.

Gwen: Oh, come on, abigail. Don't you want to know what happened between chad and i on new year's eve? Aren't you curious? No? Not even a little?

Abigail: Okay. Fine. Let's hear what you have to say.

Gwen: Huh, yeah. Thought you'd want to know. I mean, who wouldn't? Right, then, I suppose I'll start with how I got chad to doubt your fidelity to him, which really wasn't hard at all given that he doesn't trust you much to begin with anyway. And... there was that affair that you had with brother stefan, wasn't there? And we all know how very jealous your husband can be. Quite, quite jealous. So no... it didn't take much at all, really. The kiss between you and jake--

Abigail: Which never happened.

Gwen: The bracelet--

Abigail: That was intended for kate.

Gwen: The hotel reservation--

Abigail: That you made using my credit card.

Gwen: Yeah, you know, you really ought to be more careful about your financial information, abby. Anyhoo...

[Chuckles] Where was I? Yes, that's right. Chad and I, when we left the party and we heard that you had left with jake... all it took was just a little nudge to get him running off to salem inn to catch you in the act with jake. Oh... and when he opened the door to that hotel room, he saw all the flower petals on the bed and there was the champagne and... bless him. Poor man, he almost lost his mind.

[Sighs] So he took said champagne and he drank it down.

Abigail: So that whole night I was calling him and he wasn't responding, but... you took his phone, didn't you?

Gwen: I did, yes. Just turned the ringer off. And all the while, chad is getting piss drunk and imagining you in bed with jake.

Abigail: And the clock struck midnight and you stuck your tongue down his throat.

Gwen: No, actually, no. It didn't quite happen that way. See, it started with this lovely chaste little kiss. And then he drew me in for... for a real kiss. That was nice. And then it was that kiss that told me that he wanted so much more.

Abigail: So he was drunk and you took advantage of him?

Gwen: Hardly! Oh, no! No, no, no. I even told him to stop. Said, "we should pretend this whole thing didn't even happen." But he was so sure, you see? Sure that you were in bed with jake. You know, he even said that you'd probably use the same excuse that you did when you slept with stefan. Your mental illness. Oh, dear. Said you were probably a serial cheater who had everybody snowed, so why shouldn't he cheat on you when you were cheating on him? There. Look at that. Now you believe me, don't you? Your mission:

Lani: Thank you. Thank you for your help.

Eli: Yeah, and if you hear anything else, please let me know. That was the last of the hospitals in the area. The nursery at university hospital is the only one with recently born boy and girl twins.

Lani: And based on what bonnie says, the distance from the hospital to the town square where she bumped into this woman... it times out.

Valerie: So it's not a coincidence.

Eli: Oh, absolutely not. Whoever bonnie saw in the park, odds are she has our twins.

Lani: Yeah. It's all up to bonnie now.

Bonnie: Her eyes... well, she had beautiful eyes. Her lashes were really long.

Artist: Does this look like the woman you spoke to?

Bonnie: No, not at all. Look, I told you I was really bad at this.

Justin: Bonnie, just concentrate, okay? Just go back to that moment.

Bonnie: [Sighs] Her hair was short. But not--not too short. And her nose was... darn it! I was just so busy looking at those precious little babies. If I had known there was gonna be this whole sketch business, I'd have paid more attention to what she looks like!

Justin: Of course, okay. It's okay, it's okay. Just stay focused, okay? You just saw this woman yesterday, so the image has to be pretty fresh. So just... let it come.

Bonnie: Okay, I'll try. I'll see if I can remember something else.

[Gasps] She was really tense. I'm sorry. You can't draw that, right? Okay, um... she was tall. I think. But maybe not, because everybody seems really tall to me. Oh, she had great shoes.

Justin: Her face, bonnie. You need to focus on her face. Come on, you can do this.

[Baby cooing]

Raynor: That poor mother. She lost a child several years ago, and now I've taken her newborns.

Ivan: But you're so good at it. And so lucky no one pressed charges when you switched little horton for little dimera.

Raynor: I'm ashamed of what I did to sarah horton and to the dimera woman, and I am ashamed now.

Ivan: You were paid handsomely then, as you will be today. That should assuage some of those guilty twinges.

Raynor: Do you know why I went into obstetrics?

Ivan: Hmm?

Raynor: To bring life into the world. Not to steal babies from their parents!

Ivan: And yet, here you are.

Raynor: Because you're blackmailing me!

Ivan: When you switched those babies, a crime was committed. It would be my duty to report it.

Raynor: You're the criminal here, not me.

Ivan: I see it as simply righting a wrong.

Raynor: You tell yourself whatever you want. But those parents are cops. And I may not know them well, but I do know they will do everything that they can. They will never give up until they have their children back.

Valerie: Lani? We have to believe that with two newborn babies, she couldn't possibly get too far without someone noticing her. And there is the alert.

Lani: [Sighs]

Eli: And now we have a witness. All we need is the sketch of the suspect.

Lani: I thought this sketch artist would be done by now.

Eli: Let me go see what's taking so long.

Kate: Abe? Hey. Any news about the grandkids?

Abe: Ah, no, I'm sorry to say nothing.

Kate: [Sighs] Look, if there's anything I can do to help, absolutely anything, just let me know.

Abe: Thank you.

Kate: You know, I'm sorry that I disturbed you. I'm sure you have a million things to do.

Abe: No, actually, I don'T. I'm just... walking through here trying to think if there's anything I can do to help my daughter and son-in-law find their children. And... I realize it's not a damn thing.

Kate: Hey, uh, why don't you let me buy you a cup of coffee?

Gwen: You know... could tell you that the sex was horrible. Could just say that it was chad just having another romp in the hay. And that for me it was just another excuse not to be alone on new year's eve. But no. It was so much more than that, it was... oh, god, well, it was-- it was deeply passionate, really.


[Sighs] I mean, one might even say it was...

[Laughs] Incredibly mind-blowing. Your husband is a very talented lover.

Abigail: Oh, you bitch.

Gwen: Ah!

[Somber music]

Chad: You told her.

Gwen: Somebody had to. She needs to know what kind of man she's married to.

Chad: I was coming home to tell you.

Abigail: Why didn't you tell me when I asked?

Gwen: [Laughs] God. I mean, isn't it obvious? He was so worried that his frail little vulnerable, fragile wife would go over the edge and back into the padded cell!

Chad: Shut up! I should have told you... but I couldn'T. I didn't want to hurt you.

Abigail: So that's why gwen didn't move out, huh? She had the secret over you, that's why you let her stay?

Chad: Yes.

Abigail: You got what you wanted. So now you will leave my home.

Kate: Aww. Look at those faces.

Abe: [Chuckles]

Kate: They are gorgeous!

Abe: Yeah, they are, aren't they? Carver malcolm and jules harriet grant.

Kate: Jules?

Abe: Mm.

Kate: Is that for "julie"?

Abe: Yeah.

Kate: Wow.

[Both chuckling]

Kate: That's gonna be one strong young woman when she grows into that name.

Abe: Yeah, tell me about it.

[Chuckles] You know, I never got to do this with lani. Show her pictures. Puff up my chest. I didn't even know she existed until she walked into my life. A strong, beautiful young woman.

Kate: Well, you have been a great dad to her.

Abe: Yeah. I wish that-- I never saw her take her first steps or speak her first words. Wasn't able to take her to school or teach her how to ride a bike. Read her bedtime stories. It's why-- it's why it meant so much to me... to have those moments. Make those memories with her children.

Kate: Abe, the police are going to find carver and jules. Okay? And when they do, you and i are going to be comparing grandparenting notes, okay?

Abe: [Laughs] From your lips.

Kate: I mean it. Anything I can do, just-- you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna write up a press release. I'm gonna do it now. You know, maybe someone will see that, maybe they'll know something.

Abe: Oh, that's great. Thank you, thank you. Uh... thank you for listening.

Kate: I know you're being strong for your daughter. You're being strong for everyone in your life, but sometimes it's difficult holding up the world all by yourself. Okay? So if you ever need to talk, anytime, I mean it, I'm here for you.

Abe: Just might take you up on that. Well, I had better get down to the P.D. To see if there's any news. Kate?

Kate: I know. I'm the best. You're welcome.

Eli: It's done.

Lani: What is it?

Valerie: What's wrong?

Eli: You got anything you want to confess, mom?

Valerie: What are you talking about?

[Dramatic music]

Valerie: [Scoffs] Do we really need a sign to live, laugh, and love?

Gwen: [Sighs]

[Dramatic music]

Gwen: Well... I'm on my way, folks. Although, I have to admit what a shame it is to miss the upshot, all the tears... all the apologizing, the regret, the begging somebody's going to have to do.

Chad: I will throw you out myself.

Gwen: No need.

[Somber music]

Gwen: Aw. Chin up, darling. I know how very painful the truth can be. Maybe one day, you'll thank me.

[Dramatic music]

Eli: How is this possible? The only witness we have, and she gives us a sketch of you.

Lani: Look, let's just have her try again. I'm gonna go talk to her.

Valerie: Eli! Let lani do this.

Eli: Our babies are god knows where, and I'll be damned if I let this woman blow the only lead that we have!

Valerie: But, honey, bonnie is obviously a bundle of nerves. If you go storming in there with lani, she's gonna think you're ganging up on her.

Abe: What's the latest? Is there any news?

Eli: We have a witness.

Abe: Oh, thank god! But who? How?

Eli: Bonnie lockhart. She saw the woman in the park yesterday with the babies. We're pretty sure that's our suspect.

Abe: Well, she's a monster, whoever this woman is. But at least we have a lead and that means we're that much closer to getting these children home.

Bonnie: I'm sorry, okay? And I know what you're thinking. I do not think that all black people look alike, all right? No, I'm--I'm sorry! It's just when they told me to focus on a face that I saw recently, I focused on valerie's face. And I know--I know she wasn't the woman in the park with the babies!

Lani: My babies, bonnie. Mine and eli'S. So I am begging you... bonnie, please, try to remember anything and everything that you can. Because you are our best hope. Bonnie. At this point, you are our only hope.

Bonnie: I really wish I could remember more of what that woman looked like, okay? I just--I'm sorry. I--the truth is, I was just so focused on those precious little babies and when the little boy started crying, I--I know, I couldn't help myself, I know it was rude, but I just-- I picked him up.

[Both sigh]

Justin: Lani, do you have pictures of the babies? A picture of the babies?

Lani: Yeah.

Justin: Take a look and see if that's-- okay.

Bonnie: [Gasps] Yeah, yeah! I think that-- that's the little boy!

Justin: Okay, see? Okay, you're remembering!

Bonnie: Okay.

Lani: Maybe now you can-- you can remember something else about this woman, bonnie? Please?

Bonnie: I can. I will. I will do better this time. I got it all here.

Lani: [Laughs]

Bonnie: I know I do, I know. I know. Listen, I'm gonna do everything I can to help you find that woman who took your babies. I promise you.

Lani: Thank you, thank you. On the outside, I looked fine.

Kate: Well, someone's pleased with themselves.

Gwen: Yes, well, it's a beautiful day, isn't it?

Kate: Mm. Your plan's not going to work, you know.

Gwen: Ah, so I see chad told you. Did he cry big, great crocodile tears?

Kate: No, actually he was quite strong. He's on his way to see his wife right now and tell her what a truly disgusting and wretched creature you really are.

Gwen: Well, unfortunately, chad's a bit late. You see, I've just had the immense pleasure of informing abigail what a cheating, lying piece of rubbish her husband really is. In fact, I can bet that their marriage is imploding as we speak.

[Melancholy music]

Chad: Did gwen tell you everything?

Abigail: She did.

Chad: The idea of you and jake together... the picture that she painted. I got drunk. I just wanted-- I wanted to hurt you the way that you'd hurt me.

Abigail: But I didn't hurt you. Because I never slept with jake.

Chad: I know, I know. I know, I know, and I'm sorry.

[Sighs] I'm so sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay, I just-- I'm so ashamed. And I should have never believed a word gwen said.

Abigail: But you did. I told you the truth repeatedly. But you chose to believe gwen's lies instead. And that is really what hurts the most, because you should have believed in me. You should have believed in us, and you didn'T. Mm-mm.

Ivan: Your payment, doctor. Oh, don't be shy. You deserve it. You provided me a great service.

Raynor: Yeah, you didn't give me much choice. You know, you haven't even told me why you wanted me to take those babies. Are you selling them on the black market?

Ivan: Oh, no. I have procured them for... someone else.

Raynor: Who?

Justin: You were great.

Bonnie: It's just that those little tykes are counting on me to get 'em back to their parents. I just hope I did better this time.

Lani: Thank you for coming, dad.

Abe: I just wish there was something I could do.

Lani: You're here and that gives me all the strength.

Eli: Here's a new sketch of our suspect.

Lani: That's a huge improvement.

Eli: Before I run this through the database, does anybody recognize her?

Abe: I'm sorry to say I don'T.

Lani: I don't know from where, but she-- she does look familiar.

Valerie: Oh, my god.

Lani: What?

Valerie: I know her. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I know this woman.

Bonnie: Don't suppose there's any tequila handy?

Justin: [Laughs] No, I don't think there is.

Bonnie: Am I a bird brain, or what? I mean, how hard is it to describe someone you just met?

Justin: But you did it. Bonnie, you came through for eli and lani.

Bonnie: Well. Maybe if I help get those kids back to their parents, maybe then it is really my lucky day after all.

Justin: Yeah, maybe it is.

Bonnie: Maybe.

Justin: How about we get out of here?

Bonnie: Sounds great to me.

[Laughs] Hey, wanna buy me lunch?

Justin: Actually, since it is your lucky day, I was thinking about buying you that powerball ticket.

Bonnie: [Chuckles]

Valerie: I'm pretty sure this is the same woman.

Lani: I think so too. Why is it taking so long for this photo to load?

Eli: Mom, where do you think you recognize her from?

Valerie: I used to work with her.

Lani: Yeah, and I-- I knew her when I was pregnant with david.

Eli: There she is. There's the woman that stole our babies.

Lani: Dr. Amanda raynor.

Ivan: Who I have procured these babies for is none of your concern. You have done your part, doctor. Would you please?

[Suspenseful music]

[Cell phone ringing]

Ivan: It's me, madame. I am on my way home.

Kate: What a sadistic little witch you are. Destroying people's lives just for the hell of it.

Gwen: I never do anything "just for the hell of it."

Kate: That's what I thought. So hurting chad and abigail, jack and jennifer. Why? What do you have against abigail and her family?

Gwen: Don't let your coffee get cold.

Chad: I'll never forgive myself for not believing in you. For hurting you like this.

Abigail: [Scoffs] But this isn't the first time that we've been through this. When gabi was trying to drug me and convinced everyone that I was losing my mind, I told you that I was sane. I begged you to believe me. I begged you. But you chose to believe gabi instead. And you promised me that we were never gonna be in this again.

Chad: I know, but--

Abigail: You promised me you were never gonna doubt me again and here we are.

Chad: But we got past that--

Abigail: Yes, because I chose to forgive you.

Chad: Okay, but we can-- we can get past this again.

Abigail: You broke your promise, chad. You don't get to just take that back.

Chad: But I wish I could.

Abigail: I do too. But that's not how it works.


[Sad music]

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