Days Transcript Wednesday 1/13/21

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 1/13/21


Episode #13937 ~ Kate urges Chad to tell Abigail the truth before Gwen does. Abigail, Jack, and Jennifer start to piece together their information on Gwen. Eli and Lani's twins go missing. Bonnie mentions to Justin that she ran into a woman with twins yesterday.

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Abigail: What the hell are you still doing in my house?

Gwen: Why don't you ask your husband?

Jennifer: Do you think we should put--

Julie: Good morning, lovebirds!

Jennifer: Oh.

[Stuttering] Julie, have you been up and out already?

Julie: Oh, of course. I had to go shopping for my brand-new great-grandbabies. Oh, it is so lovely to be shopping for a baby girl again. It's been a long, long time for me. But I did find something for carver too. It's a onesie that's a little, tiny cub uniform.

[Laughs] I can hardly wait to hold those munchkins in my arms again.

Jack: Julie.

Julie: What?

Jennifer: There's something you don't know.

Julie: [Scoffs] Oh, dear. What now?

Lani: [Sighs]


[Knocking on door]

[Emotional piano music]

Eli: Look who I found.

Lani: Oh, my god. You found--you found-- you found carver and jules? You found them, eli. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Hi. Oh, hi. Hi, sweet girl. Oh, my goodness. Oh, let me see your face. Oh.

[Dramatic music]

Lani: What? No. No.

[Yelps] No!

[Breathing heavily]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Eli: Baby, you gotta get some sleep.

Lani: I just had a dream that you came home and you had them. And I was so happy.

Eli: Baby...

Lani: No, but it wasn't-- it wasn't them. It was two dolls.

Eli: Hey, we're gonna get them back. We are, and they are gonna need you. Baby, you have to take care of yourself.

Lani: [Breathes deeply] Did you hear anything? Did you--did the--the-- the apartment call you? Do you have any leads?

Eli: Not yet.

Lani: Oh, my god. Eli, I cannot do this. I cannot go through this again.

Eli: Lani, hey. Look at me; hey. We won't have to--

Lani: You don't know that, eli. My god! This is exactly why I didn't wanna get pregnant again. Remembering everything that I went through with david. Coming home to an empty cradle and--and now this? This is my worst fear. This is---

[Sobbing] What do I do? What am I gonna do?


Julie: The babies were taken from a hospital nursery?

Jack: It's unbelievable, I know.

Julie: And nobody told me until now?

Jack: We heard and you were already asleep in bed.

Julie: So what?

Justin: We were hoping they would be found by now. We didn't wanna worry you.

Julie: Oh!

Jennifer: Where are you going?

Julie: Seeing eli. My grandson needs me.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Abigail: Why is she still here when I told her to pack her bags and get out of the house? You told me I was never gonna have to see her ever again.

Chad: I know what I said.

Abigail: Okay, so what? After you took her word over mine about me having an affair with jake, you've now allowed her to convince you that she was only lying because she was scared of him?

Chad: She didn't--no. She didn't convince me of anything.

Abigail: Then why is she still here? Why didn't you throw her out?

Chad: I was going to, but... then it dawned on me that the kids would wake up this morning and she would just be gone.

Abigail: So?

Chad: So. We may despise her, but the kids don'T. The kids love her. I thought that they should have a chance to say goodbye. I didn't think it was fair for them to wake up and have her just be gone.

Abigail: And you just made that decision without talking to me about it at all?

Chad: When I came to bed last night, you were asleep, and this morning.

Abigail: I wasn't asleep. I was just tired of talking about it.

Abigail: Charlotte and thomas can say goodbye to gwen after breakfast. I'm gonna go out for a while. When I get back, she better be gone. For good.

[Dramatic music]

[Soft acoustic music]

Lani: [Sighs]

Eli: Listen. Lani, we're gonna try and stay sane. We have to think about this like cops. We look at what happened, and we build a case.

Lani: I don't know if I can do that, eli.

Eli: Lani, you can. Here's one solid thing that we know. Whoever walked in that hospital left with our babies in broad daylight. What does that say?

Lani: [Breathes heavily] Somebody reckless? Somebody who, uh... just lost their own baby?

Eli: Exactly. Somebody desperate. Or it could have been hospital personnel.

Lani: Yeah, maybe both?

Eli: There is one other motive besides someone who was desperate for a baby.

Lani: What?

Eli: Somebody who wanted to get revenge on us.

Lani: For what?

Eli: Honey, how many arrests have we made? How many people have we put in prison?

Lani: No.

[Sobs] No. I don't wanna think it's that, eli. If--at least if it's somebody who wanted a baby, they would try to take care of our babies. But if it's what you are saying and they want us to suffer... mm-mm. No, because I don't know-- no--it cannot be that. It cannot be that. It cannot be that.

[Sighs] It can't be that.

[Door thuds]

Jennifer: Sweetheart, I wasn't expecting you.

Abigail: I just need to talk to you and dad but I, um-- I just heard about eli and lani's babies on the radio. Do you guys know anything else?

Jack: No, no. But if anything changes, the newsroom is gonna call us.

Abigail: It's just horrible.

Jack: Look, you said you needed to talk to us. Did something happen to you?

Abigail: Yeah. Gwen.

Gwen: Wow. Abigail seemed pretty upset.

Chad: Yeah, she's furious. So am I.

Gwen: That excuse that you gave her explaining why I'm going to stay is not good enough. You're going to have to come up with something better before she gets home. Or I can tell her that you and i had sex on new year's eve.

Chad: Why are you doing this?

Gwen: Abigail thinks that I'm a home-wrecking slut who's after you.

Chad: Yeah, well, you are not gonna wreck my home or my marriage. What do you really want?

Bonnie: [Clears throat]

Justin: Bonnie. Nice to see you.

Bonnie: Hey. Uh, I just wanna tell you I got your message, and I'm really looking forward to having dinner with you tonight.

Justin: Good.

Bonnie: You don't seem very enthusiastic.

Justin: Uh, no, no.

Bonnie: You know what? I saw you sitting here, and I thought I'd tell you in person. I'm just too pushy. I'm sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Justin: No, it's nothing. Would you like to sit down?

Bonnie: [Exhales] Breakfast and dinner in the same day? Are you kidding me?

[Laughs] Justin, a little me goes a long way, you know?


Justin: Bonnie, I'm looking forward to making you dinner tonight, and I'd like you to join me for breakfast. Have a seat.

Bonnie: Okay. Uh, how come you look like someone just died?

Justin: Because I'm reading a very sad article in "the spectator."

Bonnie: Oh, don't read the news. That's enough to ruin anybody's day. Me, I read the horoscope. Mine said I'ma get lucky today, so I'ma buy me a powerball ticket.


[Sighs] Okay, anyway. What's wrong in salem? Escaped convicts, blackouts, somebody come back from the dead?

Justin: Eli and lani grant, a very nice, young couple, good people. Their newborn twin babies were abducted from the hospital.

Eli: Did you finish interviewing the nursery staff yet? Well, okay, what about the background checks?

Lani: You're telling me that somebody walked out of the hospital with two babies and didn't see a thing.

Eli: Please.

Lani: When you are done watching that video footage, you send it to me.

[Knocking on door]

Eli: Hey, I gotta go. I gotta go.

Julie: Oh, my darling. Oh, hi. I just heard the terrible news. Nobody told me until just now.

Lani: Oh. You're surprised that I wanna be involved? Well, you better get used to it, damn it, because I am gonna be all over you until you find my babies.

Eli: Lani.

Lani: [Sighs] Sorry, julie.

Eli: Grandma, I'm sorry I didn't give you a call--

Julie: It's okay. It's okay.

Lani: And we have been a mess.

Julie: Of course. Why wouldn't you be? What can I do to help you?

Eli: No--my old friends at the bureau-- they're all over this. And so is every other cop in the tri-state area.

Julie: All right. Well, I figure you still need to eat. So I got some fixings for my soup. And I'll just throw it together here and put it on the stove.

Lani: That's really sweet of you.

Julie: Oh. And when you catch this creature who stole my namesake and abe's, I'm gonna make their life a living hell. And you know I can do it.

Lani: When you are done watching that video footage, you send it to me.

[Knocking on door]

Eli: Hey, I gotta go. I gotta go.

Julie: Oh, my darling. Oh, hi. I just heard the terrible news. Nobody told me until just now.

Lani: Oh. You're surprised that I wanna be involved? Well, you better get used to it, damn it, because I am gonna be all over you until you find my babies.

Eli: Lani.

Lani: [Sighs] Sorry, julie.

Eli: Grandma, I'm sorry I didn't give you a call--

Julie: It's okay. It's okay.

Lani: And we have been a mess.

Julie: Of course. Why wouldn't you be? What can I do to help you?

Eli: No--my old friends at the bureau-- they're all over this. And so is every other cop in the tri-state area.

Julie: All right. Well, I figure you still need to eat. So I got some fixings for my soup. And I'll just throw it together here and put it on the stove.

Lani: That's really sweet of you.

Julie: Oh. And when you catch this creature who stole my namesake and abe's, I'm gonna make their life a living hell. And you know I can do it.

[Tense music]

Jack: Your mother and I know what kind of a person gwen is.

Jennifer: Anna told your father where to find this hidden folder of clippings that gwen had made on all of us.

Jack: Confronted her about it.

Abigail: Yeah, so I heard.

Jack: Yeah. Just a lot of vain doublespeak. Anything she said, none of it was true.

Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: She's pretty great at that.

Jennifer: Yeah. She really is. It turns out she's been trying to turn your father and i against each other.

Abigail: How?

Jack: Telling me not to give up and telling your mother not to forgive me.

Abigail: Ugh, the nerve, I-- well, thank god it didn't work, and I'm sorry I didn't already say this. I am so happy that the two of you are back together. It's just--it's the greatest news.


Jack: Yeah.

Jennifer: That awful time is behind us.

Jack: Mm.

Abigail: Well, hopefully chad and I will be able to say the same someday.

Jennifer: Why? What's happening with you two?

Abigail: Gwen. She's trying to get in between the two of us, and I'm afraid she might succeed.

Gwen: I like it here. I don't want to go back to the real world. It sucks there.

Chad: Does it suck more than living in a house full of people that despise you?

Gwen: I'm used to being despised.

Chad: I'll buy you a house.

Gwen: Tempting. No, thank you.

Chad: I should have told abby the truth.


Gwen: You didn't, did you? Now I can understand why. Because she's come back from her--what is it now, chad-- her third extended stay in the bin? Yeah. And if she found out that you had been screwing around on her, well, it might just send her back to the loony bin forever. And poor thomas and charlotte. They'll grow up without their mummy. And you are going to have to live with that guilt forever. Every time you look into those beautiful children's eyes, you'll be reminded of the weakness and the stupidity that broke your lovely little family apart.

Chad: Abby and I have been through too much to let a con artist like you come between us.

Gwen: Keep telling yourself that.

[Sniffs] But in the meantime, I suggest that you put on your thinking cap. You're going to have to find a way to turn my temporary reprieve into a permanent stay, or your marriage is over.

Chad: You're disgusting.

[Dramatic music]

Chad: Hey, kate. Um, do you have a minute?

Kate: Um, well, actually jake and I were just going to have breakfast.

Chad: It's urgent.

Kate: Eh--look. I know that abigail told you about jake and me, and I know that you're not happy about it--

Chad: It's not about him.

Kate: Okay, um, could you just-- could you give us a few minutes, and I'll meet you a little later?

Jake: Sure. No problem.

[Indistinct chatter]

Kate: Okay. So what's wrong?

Chad: I screwed up. I don't know how to fix it.

Jennifer: You and chad-- you're devoted to each other. How could gwen possibly think that she could come between the two of you?

Abigail: Oh, she doesn't just think it. She's doing it.

Jack: What--what happened?

Abigail: Gwen is the reason that chad thinks jake and i were having an affair, because she told chad that she saw jake and I kissing.

Jack: And he bought that?

Abigail: Yeah. He bought that. She also told him that she overheard me making a reservation at the salem inn on new year's eve, which I don't know-- she must have just made herself.

Jennifer: That's horrible.

Abigail: And chad can't stand jake. Everybody knows that.

Jack: Well, especially gwen, it seems.

Abigail: So when she showed him the room at the salem inn all decked out in champagne and everything, he got so angry that he stayed out all night long.

Jack: Stayed where?

Abigail: There at the inn. He was there. And gwen, of course, is there to comfort him.

Jack: No--don't tell me-- you're not saying that gwen--

Abigail: No. No, no, no. Oh, god. Thank god. Chad apparently got drunk and slept in the bed, and she fell asleep in a chair. This time. But I just--I can't believe-- I cannot believe I let her take care of charlotte and thomas. And the whole time, she's been trying to ruin my life. And I'm just-- ugh. Sorry. I just didn't sleep very much last night.

Jennifer: It's okay. It's all right, sweetheart. So tell us. Did everything get resolved?

Abigail: Ah, chad said that he was gonna throw gwen out, and then I came downstairs this morning, and she's there just sipping tea like, you know, everything's just fine.

Jack: Chad didn't kick her out of the house?

Abigail: No. I mean, he said that he thought that the kids would be really upset, you know, if she just vanished out of nowhere, and I guess he's probably got a point.

Jennifer: Oh, no, no, no no, no, no, no. You and chad are gonna take care of those kids. They will survive. Okay? This gwen character, she has to hit the road, and the sooner the better. Come here.

Bonnie: To have your babies get stolen from the hospital... that's awful.

Justin: Every parent's worst nightmare.

Bonnie: I'm sure the cops are working night and day to get those babies back, right?

Justin: Well, according to "the spectator," nobody saw anything strange. No alarms were tripped.

Bonnie: I bet it was an inside job. Sorry. I watch a lot of "law and order." Sue me. But seriously, I'm gonna tell you. I had mimi's baby with me for a while, and it is real hard to pass off somebody else's baby as your own. And whoever did this, they got two babies to contend with. It's like I told that lady yesterday.

Justin: Huh? What lady?

Bonnie: Ah, the lady I saw in a park off the square. She was trying to get her two twin babies to stop crying, and I told her she ain't gonna get no sleep for a long time.

Justin: Hold on a second. You talked to a woman yesterday with twins?

[Dramatic music]

[Pot clanking]

Julie: So please tell me what's happening. Do you have any suspects?

Lani: We got the fun job of making a list of everybody who has it in for us. Vivian alamain is at the top of that list. She still blames me for...

[Sighs] Stefan's death.

Eli: Lani, she's dead.

Julie: Oh, never assume. She was buried alive. She survived that.

Eli: Yeah, but this time, she died in a police station in front of a lot of witnesses. It's more likely that someone wanted to get revenge on us.

Lani: And that is a long list.


Julie: Oh, my god.

Lani: Yeah, I know.

Julie: No.

Lani: It's a terrible thought.

Julie: I know. I know who's taken your babies.

Justin: Bonnie, this woman with the twins, were they infants?

Bonnie: Well, they were tiny. Oof, I held one of 'em. I just couldn't help myself. They're so darn cute.

Justin: The woman let you hold one of them?

Bonnie: Well, I wouldn't put it that way. It was more like I picked the baby up before she could say no. Didn't seem to like it, though. In fact, she didn't seem to like me, period.

Justin: Any idea why that was?

Bonnie: [Chuckles]

Julie: It's gabi hernandez. It has to be. And you know I am right. Remember, she was ready to kill me to stop the two of you from getting back together again. You're happily married. She has to leave town.

Lani: It makes sense, eli.

Eli: She left town to be with her daughter. She was completely over us.

Julie: Oh, she wants everybody to think she's over things. She never gets over anything. And didn't she claim that she couldn't have any more children because of the beating that she got in the prison?

Lani: [Exhales]

Julie: She must've found out that you had the twins and finally realized "this is my chance to finally get revenge."

Eli: Come on, grandma.

Julie: Remember what she did to abigail, to chad. She stuffed abigail with all those drugs so she had hallucinations.

Eli: She was cleared of all those charges.

Julie: Getting cleared of charges does not make you a decent person, and she has a real talent for cruelty, that one. Lani, eli, it has to be gabi. It's gabi who-- who took your precious babies.

Justin: Are you figuring out your next move?

Gwen: [Sighs] Why do you always think that I'm up to something?

Jake: Because you always are. Whatever it is, you can leave me out of it this time. Kate and I have gone public. You got nothing to hang over my head anymore.

Gwen: Oh, god. I don't care about you and kate. Your relationship isn't useful to me anymore. The thought of you together makes me feel so icky.

Jake: How were we ever useful to you?

Gwen: You gave me a convenient excuse last night, one I no longer need.

Jake: An excuse to do what?

Gwen: Lie to chad and blame you for stuff. What else?

Jake: Huh. This wouldn't have anything to do with a room at salem inn on new year's eve, would it? A room that abigail supposedly reserved?

Gwen: You heard about that, did you?

Jake: There was a room at the salem inn. Abigail was here, waiting for chad to come home all night. She was gonna tell him that he was wrong about who I was having an affair with. But chad didn't come home 'til the next morning. Abigail was a wreck, gwen. She thought something had happened to him--

Gwen: I don't care what she thinks or how she feels!

[Tense music]

Jake: Oh, my god.

Gwen: What?

Jake: Oh, my god. This whole time, I thought chad was just a jealous idiot. But it was you, wasn't it? You pretended to be abigail's friend while you fed chad that garbage about me and her. Didn't you?

Gwen: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jake: Cut that crap, gwen!

[Dramatic music]

Jake: You've been ruining everybody's life since you've walked into this house. What I don't understand is why.

Kate: Whatever it is that you've done, it can't be that bad, my darling.

Chad: You know, I thought abigail was having an affair with jake.

Kate: Yes, and I told you it was ridiculous.

Chad: Oh, well it turns out gwen wanted me to believe it.

Kate: I'm so sorry.

Chad: For what?

Kate: Well, because gwen caught jake and I kissing. Jake told her to keep her mouth shut. But I just should've told you the truth, and I should've told you right away.

Chad: Wait, you knew that I thought abigail was having an affair with jake, and you didn't set me straight?

Kate: Because I know how you feel about jake, and I knew that you'd be upset. And you know how much this relationship means to me. I am so sorry.

Chad: It's fine. It's fine. Gwen was... gwen wasn't doing it to cover for you and jake. Did, um, jake happen to buy you a bracelet for christmas?

Kate: Yes; why?

Chad: Well, gwen told me he bought it for abigail. Did you happen to book a room at the salem inn on new year's eve?

Kate: No.

Chad: I guess gwen did that herself, and told me that abigail did it. Supposedly so I could confront them. Nobody showed up. I saw a bed covered in rose petals and a bottle of champagne. I went crazy.

Kate: Even though no one was there.

Chad: I was... I was seeing him in my head. Thanks, gwen. I was loaded, and I killed a bottle of champagne.

Kate: [Sighs] Please tell me you didn't go to bed with gwen.

[Ominous music]

Chad: I still think what I did wasn't that bad.

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: I just don't understand why gwen is doing this, you know? I thought she was my friend, but the whole time, she's just been out to get me?

Jack: I'm gonna ask you a question. Same question I asked gwen. The letter that you read at the anniversary party, the one from kate...

Abigail: Oh, god. Don't remind me.

Jack: How did you-- how'd you happen to find it?

Abigail: Well, I couldn't find my shoes that I was gonna wear for the party that day, and I mentioned it to gwen. And she said she thought kate had a pair that would work. Which is the only reason I would've ever looked in kate's armoire. And the box of letters was there on the shelf. And it fell, and the letter to kate was there.

Jack: [Sighs] Yeah. She planned the whole thing. She did. She stole your shoes, she made sure that you opened kate's armoire, and then she made sure you found that letter.

Abigail: And I was obviously upset, and so then she gave me a glass of champagne because she wanted to help calm my nerves, which... next thing I know, I am borderline drunk. And I know I'm not supposed to drink on my meds. I was just in such a state that day, and I know, mom, that if I were in my right mind, there's no way I would've ever, ever, ever read that letter out loud at the party in front of everyone. But she wanted to expose you and kate in the worst possible way.

Jennifer: Sweetheart, she manipulated you. She took advantage of your love for us to hurt you.

Abigail: Whatever gwen is up to, it is more than just trying to get between me and chad. She's out to get the whole family. To get to the bottom of this. I'm gonna call will.

Julie: Well, there is a way to get to the bottom of this. I'm gonna call will.

Eli: Grandma, listen. There's no--

Julie: No, no, no. He won't have any idea why I'm really calling.

[Phone beeps]

[Line trilling]

Julie: Will, it's julie. I was just thinking of you so clearly, I had to call. How are you doing? Great. Oh, doug and I are just fine. I was wondering how things are going for you and... and the gabi situation? Have you seen her lately? Really? Arianna spent the night with her?

[Scoffs] Well, um... good. I'm glad things are going so smoothly. Please give my love to sonny. And we'll talk again real soon.

[Phone beeps]

Julie: [Sighs] Gabi is still in arizona. Arianna spent the night at her place, and will just picked her up this morning.

Lani: She has her own daughter. She wouldn't take our babies.

Eli: She's right.

Julie: There's one other thing I've been thinking-- maybe I shouldn'T.

Eli: Go ahead, grandma.

Julie: Well, if this kidnapper is, uh, white, wouldn't it be very hard to be on the run with two babies of another race?

Eli: Yeah. We--we know, grandma.

Julie: Of course. I'll check the soup.

Lani: Hey. I know she means well. But get her out of there.

Julie: Soup is perfect. Can I serve you some?

Eli: Uh, you know what? Lani, she hasn't really been sleeping lately. I've been trying to get her some rest.

Julie: Of course, of course. I'm out of here, darling; I am. But, you know, if you hear anything at all, you will let me know?

Eli: Yeah, grandma.

Julie: It's just... I just love you both so much. And if any-- I know in my heart everything's going to be fine.

Eli: Thank you.

Julie: [Sniffs]


Eli: Thanks again, grandma.

Julie: Bye, darling.

Lani: [Sighs]

Eli: I'm sorry.

Lani: Why are you sorry? She was just-- she was just trying to help.

Eli: Yeah, I know, but I just got the feeling she was making things worse.

Lani: It's okay. Just wishes it was gabi 'cause I know that she would not hurt a hair on our babies' heads. What if we never see them again?

[Exhales deeply]

Justin: Okay, so tell me about this woman with the twins. What was she like?

Bonnie: Oh, super jittery. And I tell you, she must've starved those poor little ones while she was pregnant, 'cause she didn't have one ounce of baby fat on her.

Justin: No kidding.

Bonnie: Mm-mm. And those babies couldn't have been more than a few days old.

Justin: Were these babies-- were they both boys?

Bonnie: No. One had a pink hat. One had a blue hat. Like the kind you get from the hospital.

Justin: Uh-huh. And these did these babies happen to be black?

Bonnie: Well, of course they were, just like their mama. Didn't I mention that?

Justin: No. It was just a lucky guess.

[Babies crying]

Raynor: Hush, babies. Please. I fed you. I changed you. I don't know what else to do.

[Sighs] I know you want your mama, and I am so sorry for this. I didn't want to, but I didn't have a choice. This wasn't my idea.

[Babies continue wailing]

Kate: You really slept with gwen. How crazy are you?

Chad: I know. She's blackmailing me now. She says if I don't fix it so she can stay in the house, that she gonna tell abby everything. And since abby knows that gwen is the one that convinced me that she was having an affair with jake, abby wants her gone, like, yesterday.

Kate: Oh, god. Okay. So where does abigail think you were on new year's eve?

Chad: She think I passed out in the room and that gwen slept in the chair.

Kate: Really? She believes that?

Chad: Well, I think that she would prefer to not think that her husband was a gullible, cheating moron. I hate that I lied to her. I--it makes me sick. I put the idea of her knowing that-- that I could do something that disgusting... I can't believe I let myself get taken in by someone like gwen.

Kate: Okay. Well, it seems that gwen has been out to hurt abigail for quite a long time, okay? My question is why.

Abigail: I gotta go.

Jennifer: Where are you going?

Abigail: Home. Just gotta make sure gwen's gone. I don't want her around my kids for another minute.

Jennifer: Well, we'll go with you.

Jack: Yes, yeah.

Abigail: Oh, no, no, no. I can handle it.

Jack: I don't think so.

Abigail: Well, I have a whole security staff, and I will strangle her with my bare hands if I need to.

Jennifer: I don't like this one bit.

Jack: I don't either.

Abigail: I just gotta do it by myself.

Jack: Huh? Sweetie.

Gwen: Why on earth would I ever tell you what I'm up to? You're just gonna go and tattle to your little friend, abigail.

Jake: I thought you liked living the good life, gwen, here in the mansion. Too bad you let chad and abigail know what a lying sociopath you are. I'm surprised you're not already out on the street.

Gwen: My darling, I'm not going anywhere.

Jake: Huh. You overplayed your hand this time, gwen. Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you.

Gwen: [Laughs] I never overplay my hand. Now it's time to deal out the last few cards.

Jack: Damn it. Jennifer, what that woman is putting our family through--

Justin: And why? What--what motivated her to be so sadistic?

Julie: Oh, I'm so glad you two are home.

Jennifer: Aww.

Jack: Julie.

Jennifer: How are lani and eli?

Julie: Well, they're trying to pull it together but not succeeding. Would you believe it? They don't even have a suspect yet. I'm just so frightened for those precious babies.

[Both sobbing]

[Dramatic music]

Bonnie: You really think that woman kidnapped those babies?

Justin: I don't know for sure, but it's certainly worth tracking her down.

[Line trilling]

[Phone ringing]

[Phone beeps]

Eli: Detective grant.

Justin: Yeah, eli. This is justin kiriakis. Listen, I am with bonnie lockhart, and I think she may have seen the person who abducted your babies.

[Babies breathing rhythmically]

Raynor: Oh, good. You're asleep.

[Knocking on door]

Raynor: That's the person you should be blaming for this nightmare. Now you can cry your heads off. It's about time. These babies are more than ready to get out of here.

Kate: Okay. I don't know what gwen is after, but I do know that you cannot trust her to keep her mouth shut.

Chad: I know.

Kate: Abigail is jennifer horton's daughter. Okay? And we all know how jennifer reacted when she found out that jack and I had had a one-night stand.

Chad: It almost blew up their marriage.

Kate: And jack told me it wasn't really the infidelity as much as the fact that he kept it from her to protect her.

Chad: Okay, so what do I do?

Kate: Well, my advice is that you go to abigail and you tell her everything, and you suffer the consequences, because if gwen gets to her first, your marriage could be over.

[Tense music]

Abigail: I just wanna ask you one question here before I throw you out of this house myself. The night of my parents' party, you knew about the letter from my dad to kate, right? You were just setting me up to find that? Answer me.

[Dramatic music]

Gwen: Fine. Yes. I did.

Abigail: Well, I would ask you why but I know all you would do is lie about it.

Gwen: I told you that I knew about the letter. Didn't I? You want all the answers so badly? Here's a little dose of the truth. I didn't sleep in a chair on new year's eve. I slept with your husband.

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