Days Transcript Friday 6/21/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 6/21/19


Episode #13553 ~ Tripp breaks up with Claire, who becomes unhinged. Hope tries to track down a missing Ted. Kristen orders Xander to get rid of Ted. Rex tells Sarah he wants to get married immediately.

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Hope: What do you think, important for us to support each other, right?

Ciara: Mm-hmm, right. You're right, mom. I've learned to not get hung up on my petty problems. And it may have taken a while, but I can finally appreciate claire for the person she really is.

Claire: Aw.

[Door opens]

[Phones ringing distantly]

Eve: You enjoying your accommodations?

Ben: Is it time for my arraignment?

Eve: Arraignment? Arraignment, what's an arraignment again? I'm sorry, I'm kind of new at this job.

Ben: You can't keep me here without an arraignment. I have rights.

Eve: You gave up those rights when you murdered my daughter. You may have gotten away with that, but you're not gonna get away with this because I already had proof that you had means and opportunity to set that fire that nearly killed haley and tripp. But now guess what. Hey. I've nailed down your motive.

Ben: I want to call my lawyer.

Eve: Oh, oh, I'm sorry. Phone lines are down.

[Tense music]

Sarah: Here, just now, watching you pray, I just thought that's it, that's where he gets his strength from.

Eric: What strength?

Sarah: The strength that everyone depends on. Especially your mom and sami.

Eric: Yeah, well I don't think I've been very much use to anybody. Not for a while now. I mean, talk about strength, you and rex, you, uh... you made it.

Sarah: No, we just-- we did our jobs.

Eric: Above and beyond the call of duty.

Sarah: Actually we wouldn't have been able to do it if xander hadn't given us rolf's diary.

Eric: No, the hell with xander. You... you did it. Thank you. I'm very grateful.

[Elevator dings]

Rex: Hey there, beautiful. What are you smiling about?

Sami: Come on, eric, can't we be done? We got most of it. Can't we just pack it in?

Eric: Grandma always said today's dirty dishes should be dealt with today.

Sami: No, that was about today's problems.

Eric: "Face a new day with a clean slate."

Sami: Can't believe we're never going to see her again.

Eric: Yeah, well we need to take comfort that she lived a full life. Sami, she was dearly loved.

Sami: And she'd want us to focus on will and his miraculous recovery.

Eric: Thank god for that.

Sami: Yeah, I'm not just thanking god. I am thanking everyone involved, including that creepy xander cook. I don't care why he decided to hand over rolf's diary. I'm just glad he did.


Xander: Hey, it's me.

Kristen: Just get in here already. I can't take the chance on anyone seeing me.

Xander: Well, you wouldn't have to worry if you'd leave your face on.

Kristen: Are you kidding me? I have spent so much time as that simpering idiot I'm starting to lose brain cells.

Xander: That must be why you summoned me. So tell me, how can I help?

Kristen: We need to deal with the ted laurent problem.

Ted: [Groaning] What? What happened? Where the hell am I?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

[Door opens]

Claire: Hey.

Tripp: Hey. How was the wake?

Claire: It was heartbreaking and really, really sad.

[Breathes deeply]

Tripp: I'm sorry.

Claire: Just thinking about my poor grandma. Cold and alone. Just really glad I'm here. With you.

Tripp: [Chuckles awkwardly] Yeah, hey, look, we, uh... we need to talk.

Claire: Oh. Oh, this is about what happened with eve, isn't it? Tripp, I told you, she was pressuring the hell out of me. I literally had no choice, okay? I had to tell her that you were the one who framed ben.

Tripp: It's okay. It's okay. I mean, she's the police commissioner, so I couldn't ask you to lie to her. That would be breaking the law, and I know that you would never do that.

Claire: Yeah. Okay, so if it's not about that, then what do you want to talk about? Come on, just tell me. Whatever you want to say, just say it.

Ben: Ciara, hey. Hey, you shouldn't be in here.

Ciara: Don't worry. Nobody's gonna know.

Ben: I wouldn't be so sure about that. Eve was just in here. If she finds out that you came to see me--

Ciara: What I meant was, that nobody is gonna know that I was here because I'm not here as ciara brady. I'm your new attorney.

Ben: None of the cops just saw you?

Ciara: Nope. Just the one by the desk and luckily he's new.

Ben: I gotta tell you that you are a big improvement from my old lawyer, ted laurent.

Ted: [Groans] The last thing I remember... I was with Nicole walker. Wait, you don't want me to tell hope about holly?

Kristen as Nicole: I don't want you to tell anyone.

Ted: Why not? I know it must have been a shock and it's a lot to take in, but this is a miracle. Your daughter is alive. We need to shout it from the rooftops.

Kristen as Nicole: No. We don'T.

Ted: [Yelps] I had just given her the good news about holly. Why would she attack me?


Kristen: You recognize this?

Xander: Holly's autopsy report.

Kristen: Bingo. So maybe you can tell me why ted laurent had this in his grubby little hands.

Xander: Well, I assure you it was not my plan--

Kristen: I don't care! Thanks to your carelessness, that sleaze was about to tell all of salem that holly did not die in the crash.

Xander: That was unfortunate--

Kristen: No, unfortunate is the hairstyle I'm forced to wear as Nicole. You not destroying that report was gross incompetence. And you're anything but incompetent. So as far as I can tell, the only reason you're keeping that is you were going to use it against me, weren't you?

Kristen: We've talked about this. People finding out that Nicole's child is still alive spells disaster for us. So if you're planning on crossing me, remember what happened to ted laurent.

Xander: Well, you still haven't told me. What did you decide to do with the former da?

Kristen: Now there's nothing to decide. There's only one option. Ted laurent has to die.

Eve: Hope.

Hope: I'm in a rush.

Eve: Do you want to hear how I'm doing at my new job? I actually accomplished something that you couldn't accomplish.

Hope: I'm not interested, but congratulations.

Eve: Aren't you just a little bit curious? Maybe you would be if you knew it was about ben weston, your daughter's boyfriend. Hope, I got him locked up, and this time the charge is gonna stick.

Ben: I have to tell you it was very smart of you to tell the guards that you're my lawyer.

Ciara: Thank you.

Ben: You even dressed the part.

Ciara: This?

Ben: Yeah.

Ciara: Oh, no, I, uh... I'm actually wearing this because I just got back from my grandma's wake.

Ben: Wake?

Ciara: Yeah. My loving, sweet, amazing, grandma caroline. I hadn't seen her in a while. She's been living in california with my aunt kim. But just knowing that she was there gave me a lot of comfort, you know, and now it's like...

Ben: I'm sorry. Ciara, I'm so sorry.

Eric: For you.

Sami: Thank you, dear brother. Mm.

Eric: For grandma. For me.

Sami: Okay. Ready? To grandma. She was a wise woman. But her true gift was that she knew how to love.

Eric: Yeah, I wish she had passed that gift down to me.

[Solemn string music]

Sarah: Uh, I'm just-- I'm happy about will.

Rex: I know.

Sarah: His scans came back, and the tumor has gotten even smaller, and I'M... I'm just happy.

Rex: Well, I know a way that we can be even happier. Like I said before, now that will is out of the woods, you and I can get married.

Sarah: Right, right, we can start finalizing our plans.

Rex: Yeah, I was actually thinking more along the lines of throwing those plans out the window and getting married right now. I comparison shop for everything to get the best deal. Gas is 6 cents cheaper here. Sale rack! No! And, for loans, I go to lendingtree.Com. I wanted to consolidate my credit cards in to a personal loan to pay them off faster. Lending tree made lenders compete for my business and I ended up with a loan that saved me over $9000 and no more credit card debt. I mean $9000! It's a lot of money. Lending tree, may the best loan win. Once-daily toujeo helps you

Eve: Thanks to me, ben weston is gonna be behind bars, locked up for the rest of his life where he belongs.

Hope: Yeah, well you have a lot to learn. The case you built is entirely circumstantial.

Eve: What, are you kidding me? Eli caught that bastard at the scene of the crime with a lighter in his hand. Any judge would see he had motive, means, and opportunity.

Hope: Well, good luck in finding a competent da.

Eve: You're bitter.

Hope: I'm not bitter, eve.

Eve: No, no, listen, I get it, I get why you would be bitter, losing your job the way that you did. If you would just take a minute here and set aside that resentment, you would see that you should be down on your knees thanking me. Ben weston took my daughter away from me, hope, and I'm trying to save you from that same fate.

Ciara: So many sweet memories of my grandma. Like when I was a little girl, she would make christmas cookies in the pub's kitchen, while she and claire and I sang christmas carols. Well, claire sang them. I mostly just kind of like screeched them.

[Laughs] Later she would let us put icing on the cookies and... claire and I were so close back then. I'm sorry. I should probably get going. I just came to bring you up to speed.

Ben: No, thank you. So is everything else going according to plan?

Ciara: Yeah, so far.

Ben: Okay.

Ciara: As much as tripp did not want to believe that claire was guilty, I somehow convinced him. And we, uh--we both agreed on the perfect way to get claire to confess.

Ben: Yeah. Good. How?

Ciara: Tripp and I are gonna get back together.

Tripp: Okay, the thing is, I don't think we should get back together.

Claire: What? Why? Why, tripp--oh, is this because of haley? Are you guys together now?

Tripp: No, no, there was never anything between haley and me, all right? This is about me. Okay? I'm still processing everything that happened. I mean, ben weston tried to kill me for god sakes and ciara too.

Claire: Okay, well what does that have to do with you and me?

Tripp: It's just she and i were both traumatized. Yeah, and I'm really gonna need to be there for her. Ciara's gonna need somebody to lean on right now, and frankly, so am I. And so we need each other.

Claire: Okay, wait a minute. Stop, wait. You and ciara.

Hope: I understand what it's like to lose a child. We both carry that pain with us every single day.

Eve: Yes, we do. And I don't know if I'll ever be truly happy. It's more--it's more about surviving. But I do take solace in knowing that I have finally gotten my daughter the justice she deserves. If only the interim da, aka your boyfriend, hadn't--

Hope: He's not my--

Eve: Okay, well, he quit out of loyalty to you. Otherwise ben weston would have already been locked up for good by now.

Hope: I understand you offered ted his old job back.

Eve: I did. And I am hoping that he'll make the responsible choice and accept it for your sake more than mine. Hope, it's too late for my daughter. But there is a chance that you can save yours.

[Tense music]

Ted: I gotta get out of here. Oh. Damn. Oh, god.

Xander: You want to kill ted?

Kristen: He's obviously outlived his usefulness to us. In fact, he's a liability now that he's trying to score points with hope brady by coming forward with the truth about holly. Much like you were with sarah horton, when you gave her rolf's diary.

Xander: That's not why I--

Kristen: Easy, tiger. I don't give a damn about the old witch doctor's journal. I just want you to remember where your loyalties lie. And forget about getting the good doctor back into your bed.

Sarah: You--you want to get married right now?

Rex: Yeah, why not? I mean, I have our marriage license and, oh, I took the liberty of picking up our wedding bands.

Sarah: Wow, you've had those on you all day.

Rex: Mm-hmm, well, I figured they would be on our fingers soon enough anyways. So here's the plan. So you have a break coming up, so we can go grab the chaplain, and then mosey on over to the chapel and tie the knot. What do you say?

Sarah: I... I say no.

Sami: You know, I saw you and that sarah horton in the chapel at the hospital.

Eric: And what?

Sami: I don't know, just maybe sensed that maybe...

Eric: Maybe... sarah is engaged to rex, my brother. Your brother, our brother.

Sami: Our brother. Engagements can be broken.

Eric: Why would you say that?

Sami: Well because I want you to be happy. And she seems great, and if you feel some sort of connection to her, I don't know, judging by the way you were sitting next to each other, it seemed like maybe you were into each other.

Eric: All right, can you just please drop this? Please, please.

Sami: I know it's a fraught subject for you because you almost lost your relationship with brady because of what happened with Nicole, but come on. I don't want to ask. Don't ask, sami, please don'T.

Eric: No, go ahead. Why not?

Sami: Why aren't you with her now?

Eric: I would be. But we lost holly. I didn't protect her. That's the way Nicole sees it, all right?

Sami: Kay, but that wasn't your fault.

Eric: Yeah, but I let chloe have holly, and so, in her eyes, I wasn't there for holly. I didn't protect her, and Nicole... she blames me for her death. And so I finally accepted that this is just the way it's gonna be. Even though I still love her, we're never gonna be together.

Sami: Wait, what? Say it again. "Nicole and I--"

Eric: Sami--

Sami: "Nicole and I are never gonna--never gonna be together"?

Eric: Sami--

Sami: Never gonna be together? Ah, that's the best thing I've ever heard! Oh, eric! (Meg vo) I can just suck up my endometriosis pain...

Sami: Whoo-hoo! Awesome! This is the best news i have ever heard, yes!

Eric: No, no, no. You can stop now.

Sami: I'm not gonna stop! This is very exciting. You just admitted that you and Nicole are never gonna be together, hallelujah!

Eric: Can you just stop rejoicing? I mean, this is really hard for me.

Sami: It's not hard for me. Okay, sorry, sorry, sorry! But think about it, come on. Nicole walker is a totally screwed up human being.

Eric: Okay.

Sami: Okay? And I know you two had, you know, whatever chemistry, but was it really more than that? No. She's not worthy of a great guy like you. And now that you're free and clear, you can, you know, go after sarah horton.

Rex: What, you don't want to marry me?

Sarah: No, not right now.

Rex: Why not?

Sarah: Because it's crazy! We can't get married on my ten minute break! That'S...[Stammering] I mean, that's nuts! And what about my mom and your parents. Even if we could get them here in time, they're expecting a big wedding.

Rex: I know this and I've thought about this, so hear me out. My dad, he just lost his mom, and my mom is still emotionally crazed because of will and all of the health problems that he has been through and your mom, she's going through a terrible time, and even if she wasn't, planning our wedding wouldn't exactly be her favorite thing in the world because she hates me.

Sarah: She doesn't hate you.

Rex: All right, you're right. She doesn't hate me, but she thinks I'm not worthy of you. Sarah, think about it. We don't need anybody else because we have each other.

Hope: Ted would never work for you and jack.

Eve: Well, I'm not so sure about that. I mean, I put a phone call into him, he hasn't called me back, so I'm assuming he's still thinking about it. Hope, when's the last time you talked to him?

Hope: Why are you asking?

Eve: Only because, unless you've heard otherwise, who knows, maybe ted is reconsidering his options, personally and professionally.

[Soft dramatic music]

Ted: Hello? Is anybody here? Hello!

Kristen: [Sighs] Ted has left several potentially incriminating messages for Nicole, which, of course, i deleted. And now hope brady has made several attempts to get in touch with him, and she is unlikely to give up.

Xander: Well, her situation will have to be dealt with.

Kristen: Yes, right. But first, ted needs to be dealt with. You can use the tunnels to go in and out.

Xander: You're the one that wants ted laurent dead. Why do I have to kill him? Why don't you do it yourself? I wanted more from

Xander: After all, you're highly capable of murder, quite the expert, in fact. Stands to reason you should be the one to off teddy, especially seeing as he presents more of a problem for you than he does for me.

Kristen: Oh, dear, oh, dear. Are you refusing to do what i asked? Have you, god forfend, been hit by the same fatal strain of moral compass that infected ted laurent? I sure as hell hope not. I sure as hell hope that, since ted got those autopsy reports from you, that you acknowledge that this is your mess, and that you're going to clean it up.

Ben: So you and tripp are gonna pretend that you're getting back together?

Ciara: Right.

Ben: Yeah, I really don't like this idea, ciara.

Ciara: No, ben, tripp and i are just friends, okay? I promise. You should know by now that i only want to be with you.

Ben: I am not upset because I'm jealous, okay? I'm worried about you. You provoke claire like this, she might try and hurt you again.

Claire: You know, i completely understand that ciara's going through a rough time and all, but she has a lot of other people that she can lean on. She has her mom, my dad, rafe, me. Like, we haven't always been there for each other or gotten along, but I will definitely be there to support her now.

Tripp: I know you will. I know you will. It's just you and the rest of your family haven't gone through what ciara and I did, all right? It's like we have this bond, you know? We both had this horrible experience of someone trying to kill us, my god, to burn us alive.

Claire: Oh, I am so sorry! You're right! Oh, my god, I've never been caught in a cabin fire. But now I do know exactly what it feels like to get burned.

Tripp: Come on, claire.

Claire: I seriously cannot believe that you're doing this to me right now. Really, on the same day of my great grandmother's wake? I mean, how cruel can you be?

Tripp: I'm not trying to be cruel--

Claire: Damn it, like i really needed you there today. I really did. More than ciara or haley or anyone else in the world. But instead of being there for me, you just left me to fend for myself. And you know what? You know what, that is totally fine. Because I am more than capable of taking care of myself, and i damn well will from now on. Oh, you are gonna be so sorry that you ever hurt me.

Ben: If anything happens to you... ciara, claire already tried to kill you once. As much as I want to get the hell out of here, you rattling her cage like this, it's not worth the risk.

Ciara: Yes, it is.

Ben: No, ciara, it's not.

Ciara: Ben. I am not gonna let even claire lock you away for something that you didn't do.

Ben: Well, I appreciate that, but this... it's really dangerous.

Ciara: I know. I know it is, but it's also the only way. I promise I will be careful. I'm just counting down the minutes until I get to be with you again.

Ben: Me too.

Ciara: I should probably go. Thank you for being there for me today.

Ben: Always.

Eve: Look, I don't care if the assistant da can fill in. You tell the judge that we need to postpone ben weston's arraignment. What--because I said so, that's why!

[Door opens] Damn it! Hey! What the hell are you doing here?

Ciara: I just came back from my grandma's wake. And being there, it reminded me how much my grandma loved will and then that got me thinking about how wrong I was about ben weston in the first place. So I came here to give the bastard his key back.

Eve: His key?

Ciara: To his place. Cleared out all my stuff. Told him I basically never want to see him again. And I owe you an apology. Eve, with everything that paige went through, I just--it must have been so hard for you to just watch me give ben the benefit of the doubt and I am so sorry for that. And I'm grateful for you and what you did. Thanks to you, I finally know the kind of man ben weston really is.

Tripp: Hey, claire, come on. You need to calm down just as little bit, all right?

Claire: Oh, don't touch me!


[Objects shatter]

[Sighs] I think I should go. Before I do something I really regret.

[Door slams]

Rex: Sarah, I've made all the arrangements. You don't have to do anything. You just--you have to show up at the altar, that's it. Hey, honey, don't you think we've waited long enough? I mean, do you really care about a big wedding?

Sarah: No, I don'T. You know I don'T.

Rex: Okay. Then what is it? Is there some other reason that you don't want to marry me?

Sami: Come on, time to go. You have to go find sarah, win her over.

Eric: Did you not hear what i said? She's with rex.

Sami: Oh, to hell with rex. Didn't he cheat on her anyway with her sister or something?

Eric: How did you know that?

Sami: Oh, I have my sources. This is about you, eric. I want you to be happy. And I think sarah could make you happy. She seems lovely, so you should go after her. Okay, well at least promise me that you'll think about it.

Eric: I--I'll think about it.

Sami: That's what I like to hear. Okay, I have to get back to check on will, and then I am going to go home to ej.

Eric: Well, listen, I wish we would have gotten together under better circumstances but it's great to see you.

Sami: Back at you.

Eric: And I didn't even have a chance to ask you, how's ej doing?

Sami: Well, he's okay, you know? Not the same, but then of course how could he be after what kristen dimera put him through. If I ever get my hands around that woman's neck...

Eric: Sami, I don't think that's possible.

Sami: I don't know. I mean, everyone thinks she died in that fire, but a lot of people survived that fire that we thought didn't so who knows?

Eric: Anything is possible.

Sami: Exactly. But maybe I will never see that bitch again. I mean, if she's not rotting in hell, she's for sure a million miles away from salem.

Kristen: Sorry, Nicole. Looks like your precious holly died in the car crash after all.

Hope: Nicole? It's hope brady. I'm looking for ted laurent.

Ted: I'm trapped in here. Hello!


[Door unlocks]

Limu emu & doug I am looking for ted.

Kristen as Nicole: Oh, hope. What are you doing here?

Hope: Wh--Nicole, I'm sorry to bother you, it's just-- I am looking for ted.

Kristen as Nicole: Ted laurent? No, I haven't seen him. Why would you think he'd be here?

Hope: Because he left me a message saying that he had good news about you.

Kristen as Nicole: Oh. Oh, I don't--I don't know what that could be. If you'll excuse me, I am very late for an appointment.

Hope: But, Nicole--

Kristen as Nicole: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Hope: If I could--

Kristen as Nicole: Thank you.

[Line trilling]

Hope: Come on, ted, pick up. Wherever you are, just pick up.

[Cell phone ringing]

[Ringing continues]

Ted: Xander. It's Nicole. She knocked me out. I ended up locked in here. I don't know how or why, but I'm glad you found me.

Xander: Mate, you might want to rethink that sentiment.

Ted: What?

Xander: 'Cause I'm not to rescue you. I'm here to end you.

Ted: Look...

[Dramatic music]

Ciara: Hey.

Tripp: Hey.

Ciara: Where's claire?

Tripp: In her room.

Ciara: Do I even want to know?

Tripp: I told her we couldn't be together anymore. She didn't take it that well.

Ciara: Surprise, surprise.

Tripp: Now we're ready for phase two. What do we do?

Ciara: I went to update ben. I only got caught when I ran into the new commissioner. Don't worry. I came up with a cover story, okay? Eve doesn't suspect a thing.

Eve: I just ran into ciara. Looks like she's kicked you to the curb 'cause she's finally realized what kind of monster you really are.

Ben: Yeah. Yeah, she did.

Eve: Mm, couldn't happen to a nicer guy. By the way... I'll take the key.

Ben: The key?

Eve: Yeah, the key. She told me that she dropped off the key to your place, and you can't have sharp objects in your cell. What, you don't have it? Hmm, well I guess I'm gonna have a lot of questions for your supposedly ex-girlfriend about why she lied to me--

Ben: She wasn't lying.

Eve: Then give me the key.

[Suspenseful music]

Ciara: Mm. I almost forgot. Here, take this.

Ben: What's this?

Ciara: My cover. In case eve finds out I was here.

Ben: Is something wrong?

Rex: Well, give me one good reason why you don't want to marry me right now.

[Elevator dings]

[Soft dramatic music]

Kristen as Nicole: Oh, I'm sorry--

Sami: Who the hell do you think you are?

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