Days Transcript Monday 06/17/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 06/17/19


Episode #13549 ~ Will and Sonny get remarried. Kristen, disguised as Nicole, scrambles to hide Ted from Stefan and Abe. Maggie questions Xander about why he lied to her. Kate and Gabi discuss Nicole's suspicious behavior.

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[Quiet music]

Will: Hey. Hey. Oh, my gosh, is that a smile?

Sonny: It just might be. I have some great news. We found rolf's diary.

Will: What? How? Where?

Sonny: Yeah. It's a complicated story. The important thing is that kayla and rex and the other doctors are working around the clock on rolf's diary to formulate a cure for your tumor.

Will: Really?

Sonny: Really. Will, our prayers have been answered. We are gonna beat this. Okay? And tomorrow, we're gonna get married, and it's gonna be the start of a very long and happy life together.

Will: Wow. That's great.

[Elevator bell dings]

Maggie: Have you heard the wonderful news about will?

Marlena: They found the diary.

Maggie: Yes!

Roman: Kayla called to tell us about it--finally, some hope. How'd they find it? Who found it?

Maggie: Well, you're not gonna believe this--xander kiriakis turned it over.

Xander: [Whistling]

[Stops whistling] Damn it. I know I left holly's autopsy report right here. Where the hell is it?

[Poker clatters]

Nicole: No good deed goes unpunished, does it, ted? Oh... you wanted to give nicole the good news that her baby girl is still alive. Spoiler alert! I already knew. But I can't let anyone else know, so... hmm. Eh...

[Sighs] Now what the hell am I gonna do with you?

Stefan: That all sounds good. I'll have nicole send the contracts before you go.

[Tense music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Sonny: There's so many people out there waiting to see you. And gabi said she's gonna stop by with ari.

Will: Really?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Will: Well, what if i scare her with, you know, how I look?

Sonny: You look great.

Will: [Laughs]

Sonny: You always look great to me.

Marlena: Knock, knock.

Will: Who--oh--ari!

Arianna: Daddy!

Will: Hey.

[Soft, emotional music]

Maggie: Oh.

[Phone beeps] I'm sorry, am I interrupting?

Hope: No, no, no, no.

Maggie: Okay.

Hope: Not at all. What's going on?

Maggie: Um, I just thought I'd give you a heads up. I'm heading home to give victor an update on will.

Hope: He'll be happy to hear there might be some good news.

Maggie: Yeah.

Hope: Maggie. I know the last few days have been incredibly difficult for you. I'm so sorry.

Maggie: I'm not sure i handled it all so well. But, um, I hope xander, his good deed makes a turning point for our whole family.

Xander: Where the hell did that autopsy report go?


Ted: I know you changed the autopsy report to make everyone believe holly was dead.

Xander: That was the whole point of the scheme. So what?

Ted: Well, I heard rex already caught you. I just wanna make sure there are no loose ends.

Xander: Don't worry. Loose ends are not my style.

Ted: How about the original report? The one that proved that holly didn't die. Please tell me--did you destroy it?

Xander: It's safely tucked away from prying eyes.

[Sighs] Ted laurent. That sneaky son of a bitch must have stolen it. But why?

Nicole: I have to get rid of you before stefan sees you. Ah...ha ha.


[Intense music]

[Doorbell rings]

Stefan: Hey, carver.

Abe: Well.

Stefan: Long time no see. Come on in.

Abe: I stopped by to give you an answer on your job offer.

Stefan: Excellent. Let's talk in the living room. After you.

Abe: Thank you.

Abe: What the hell?

Arianna: I missed you so much, daddy.

Will: I missed you too, sweetheart. More than you could ever know.

Arianna: Are you going to get better soon?

Will: Uh, I...

Marlena: You know what, sweetie, um... daddy's pretty sick.

Arianna: Daddy will, are you going to go away again?

Kate: Here.

Gabi: What am I gonna do? My daughter has already lost her father once, I don't-- I don't know what I'm gonna tell her if she--

Kate: Okay, okay. Has she been asking about that?

Gabi: [Softly] No. But to be honest with you, I'm just worried that she doesn't understand that death is permanent.

Kate: Okay, well, that wouldn't be surprising, considering how many people come back from the dead in salem.

Gabi: Like nicole walker?

Kate: Why are you saying it like that?

Gabi: Because stefan gave her a job at dimera, okay? He's resurrecting basic black just so she can run it. I think he's trying to push me out.

Kate: Okay, listen, I know that you're upset about will, and I think right now you're overreacting, honey.

Gabi: Oh, really? I think I'm under-reacting, okay? You didn't see how hostile nicole was with me--and weird.

Kate: Weird how?

Gabi: I-I just heard her tell somebody that she's finally gonna have everything and that she's not gonna let anybody screw it up.

Kate: Who was she talking to?

Gabi: I don't know. I don't know, but... I mean, come on. She just lost her daughter. She dumped eric. She loses all her friends and she's saying that she's gonna get everything she's ever wanted? I mean, who could be on the other side of that line?

Kate: Do you think it could be possible that she was talking to xander kiriakis?

Xander: Where the hell are you, laurent? What are you up to?

Abe: Nicole? What are you doing here?

Stefan: She's my guest.

Abe: Well, I wasn't aware that you knew each other.

Nicole: [Coughs] Sorry. Actually, um, we just recently met.

Stefan: Nicole asked if she could take over basic black again, and I agreed.

Abe: You're...working for dimera.

Nicole: Is...there a problem?

Abe: Just surprising, given the history.

Nicole: [Huffs] Well, abe, I mean, I-- I have to find a way to move on with my life somehow.

Abe: Of course. I... I'm so sorry.

[Phone ringing]

Stefan: Whose phone is that? Once-daily toujeo helps you control your blood sugar.

Roman: Hope. You okay?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I'm just trying to decide should I stay, should I leave? I'm worried if will sees me, it might upset him.

Roman: Why would that upset him?

Hope: Because I ran into him recently, and he got very upset when he saw I was with ted.

Roman: Oh. I heard about that. I also heard about you and rafe divorcing, and I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear that.

Hope: Me too.

Roman: You know what, I was gonna get some coffee, but this hospital coffee is so bad.

Hope: Maybe I should go grab some coffee--good coffee--and some takeout for the troops. What do you say?

Roman: [Chuckles]

Hope: I have a feeling kayla and the other doctors will be pulling an all-nighter in the lab.

Roman: Yeah. I think everybody would appreciate that.

Hope: It's what my gram would do. I'm proud to be a horton.

Roman: You're not just a horton. You're a brady, too.

Hope: I like to think that.

Roman: Well, you better think it, sister-in-law, 'cause I got some news for you, okay? You ain't getting out that easily.

Hope: Come here.

Roman: All right?

Hope: All right.

Roman: Once a brady, always a brady--for life.

Hope: For life.

[Line ringing]

Nicole: It's mine. Oh.

[Beep] Unknown caller. Probably spam.

Xander: Laurent, it's me. I know what you took from my room. I can't imagine what you're planning to do with it. But if you've shown it to anyone or even suggested that holly might still be alive...

[Door opens]

Xander: Then you will live to regret it.

[Door closes]

[Tense music]

[Phone beeps]

Abe: What's your phone doing on the floor?

Nicole: Well, I... dumped my bag over. Probably fell out.

Stefan: Well, you missed a file, I think.

Nicole: Stefan, don't--

Stefan: What is this?

Nicole: Give those to me--

Stefan: Autopsy report?

Gabi: Xander kiriakis?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Gabi: Why would nicole be on the phone with him? What made you think of that?

Kate: I have good radar, okay? You know, nicole lives near me now, and the other day, I saw the two of them together engaged in a very strange handshake.

Gabi: Nicole was shaking xander's hand?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Gabi: She hates him.

Kate: I know. I was told that it was a farewell of sorts, a kind of formal end to their marriage.

Gabi: But you don't believe that explanation.

Kate: I know people conspiring when I see them.

Gabi: What do you think they were conspiring about?

Kate: With those two? Nothing good.

Sonny: Ari... you, uh, you don't have to worry about daddy will, okay?

Will: Ari, um... this is, um... not easy for me to say, but I-- I want to be honest with you.

Sonny: Will...

Will: The truth is that, um, we don't know if I'm gonna go away again. I don't want to, you know. I never want to leave you. But if I have to, I... I want you to always remember how much I love you.

Marlena: You know what? I think will could use some rest now, and I think you, my darling girl, could use an ice cream from the cafeteria. Yeah. Okay? How 'bout a smooch?

Sonny: Here. Sit by daddy.

Will: Oh, thank you.

Arianna: Do I still get to be your flower girl?

Will: Absolutely. I love you.

Arianna: I love you too.

Will: Okay.

Marlena: All right.

Sonny: Thank you.

Marlena: Of course.

Sonny: Hey... I know that was hard... okay? But this is not good-bye. Not anymore. Hey, I'm all for being honest, but... what is it? Are you okay?

Will: Yeah. I'm, um, I'm just--I'm thinking.

Sonny: Thinking about what?

Will: I-I know that, you know, we're waiting for this miracle cure to--to happen--

Sonny: It's going to happen.

Will: And I know we're waiting for--for my mom and dad to get here, but... sonny, it'S... getting a little hard to talk and--and breathe.

Sonny: Do you want me to get a doctor?

Will: No, no, no, um... the doctor said this would happen... near the end.

Sonny: Will--

Will: No, I-I don't need a doctor. I need to marry you.

Sonny: And we will, okay? We're gonna get married tomorrow.

Will: No. Tonight.

Sonny: Tonight? You mean like right now?

Will: Yeah. I don't want to risk leaving this earth without being married to the man that I love. (Brian) I've had a heart attack,

Sonny: Will, listen to me. Our families will be here tomorrow, okay? We'll be surrounded by all that love and hopefully there'll be a new drug to cure your tumor, okay?

Will: I know what I'm feeling...sonny. When I fell asleep earlier, I was not sure that... that I-I would wake up.

Sonny: Will--

Will: But I did, I did. And the first thing I saw was--was you with the most-- with the handsomest, most beautiful smile on your face.

Sonny: It's because I have hope.

Will: That means everything to me. I-I can't explain how... how comforting it is to have you here with me. I don't need another reason to fight. You are my reason. You're the only reason that matters. Say yes.

[Sonny sniffles] Come on, sonny. Marry me. Marry me tonight.

[Dramatic musical sting]

Nicole: That is my daughter's autopsy report. Do you mind?

Stefan: Sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I was just...trying to be helpful.

Abe: Why are you carrying that around?

Nicole: Well, maybe it'S... something I need to do. Maybe it just reminds me that this is real and it's not just some horrible nightmare.

Abe: Of course.

Nicole: [Stammers] And now I just--I just need some time alone, so could you both please just get out and leave me alone?

Maggie: I overheard you on the phone.

Xander: What, um, did you hear me say?

Maggie: You were threatening someone. I didn't hear what it was about.

Xander: Oh, you didn't? It was--damn telemarketers.

Maggie: Telemarketers?

Xander: Scourge of the earth. No matter how many times i threaten their lives, they just keep calling back. I'm sorry you had to witness the ugliness. Is there something I can do for you?

Maggie: Uh...I wanted to thank you again for turning over rolf's diary. Sarah and the other doctors are hopeful they can use it save will.

Xander: I'm very glad to hear it.

Maggie: But I am curious. Why did you lie to me?

Sonny: Hey, I'm glad you're all here. Um...will has requested that we move the wedding up.

Kate: So he doesn't want to wait?

Sonny: He doesn't want to take any chances.

Arianna: My daddies are getting married!

[Moving music]

Nicole: I'm so sorry that i snapped at you. I just--[Inhales] But I really just do need a moment alone.

Stefan: You sure you don't want me to give you a ride home?

Nicole: Thank you. That's very thoughtful but, um, no. I'll be okay. I'll be okay.

Abe: You know, we only want to help in any way we can.

Nicole: Thank you, uh, abe. Uh, so did you decide to accept stefan's job offer?

Abe: Well, the truth is, I came here to turn it down.

Stefan: Why?

Abe: Because for years I've watched lexi and theo struggle and get pulled into the orbit of the dimera family. And it led to nothing but disappointment and heartbreak.

Stefan: I'm not my father.

Abe: I know. And I hope you mean it when you say that you want to turn this family around.

Stefan: I do. I just need you to help me do it.

Abe: Well, in that case, the answer's yes.

Stefan: Ha.

Abe: You know, I... I know it would make lexi proud if I were... part of something that erased the terrible legacy of stefano and those in his family that supported him.

Stefan: What changed your mind so quickly?

Abe: I made a promise to fay to look out for her children. And if you're being honest, I'll be happy to join your efforts to clean up the dimeras. And if not, I wanna be around to watch nicole's back...and make sure you don't take advantage of her.

Nicole: No, abe, you don't have to do that. But it really is your decision, so if you wanna catch the lawyer before he leaves and get all your paperwork in order, that'd be great.

Abe: Why do I get the feeling that you're trying to get rid of me?

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Xander: What is it you think I lied about?

Maggie: Well, you implied you got dr. Rolf's diary in nashville...and everyone says it disappeared here in the hospital in salem.

Xander: You're right, maggie, I...I did lie.

Maggie: Why?

Xander: I didn't want to admit to being a thief.

Maggie: Xander, you've done much worse than that. Why did you steal the diary anyway?

Xander: Well... when we were in nashville...

Maggie: Mm-hmm.

Xander: Rolf was always bemoaning his missing diary and going on and on about how valuable the formulas inside it were. So when I got back to salem, I... decided to get my hands on it.

Maggie: So you found it in seth burns's office. Mm.

Xander: Swiped it right out of there and put it into that lock box. Thought I could use it as insurance--in case of a rainy day.

Maggie: Oh. You could have held it over our heads. Instead, you handed it over for free.

Xander: [Small laugh] I have to confess, I-- even when I saw how much you and sarah were both suffering over will, I still considered holding the diary hostage. But I realized time was of-- was of the essence and that I couldn't risk will's life for my own personal gain. I'm no angel, maggie, but I couldn't do that. Not to you, not to sarah, and not to will.

Gabi: Okay, beautiful flowers for the beautiful flower girl.

Sonny: I got you something. Here, let me, uh, let me help you--that's okay. I always said you were my anchor.

[Quiet music]

Will: I remember every single word you said that day. It was the first thing back in my head when my memories came back.

Kate: No, no, no, you can't kiss yet! Not--not until marlena tells you you can.

Roman: [Laughs] Oh...

Will: Sorry. Didn't--didn't wanna wait.

Kate: No, I don't blame you. But I have to go. I have to get something. I'll be right back, okay?

Will: Oh, I got, uh, something for you too.

Sonny: You do?

Will: Um... grandma, would you mind reaching into the--the nightstand right there?

Marlena: Sure, honey.

Will: Sorry, it's, um, it isn't wrapped. Thanks.

Arianna: What's that?

Sonny: [Light laugh] It's an mp3 player. It's an ancient technology from 2013.

[Light laughter] It's like a phone but without the phone part. And I got it for your daddy for valentine's day.

Will: And it was loaded with a playlist of songs... will and sonny's greatest hits.

Sonny: You hung on to it.

Will: You know, I actually updated it recently to cover our whole lives together. And I was thinking that maybe it could be the dj at our reception.

Gabi: Reception?

Kate: Yes, yes, the reception, because this is a celebration, right?

Marlena: Look at you.

Kate: A celebration deserves a party.

Roman: Well, then we should let everybody know. I know they'd wanna be a part of this ceremony.

Sonny: You know, uh, will and I discussed it, and though we would love for everyone to be here in person, we know that that's not possible. So, you know, we just wanna move forward and know that they're all gonna be here in spirit.

Marlena: Yes, of course they are.

Will: And, uh, we already had a big wedding, and it was perfect.

Sonny: Well, this one's gonna be intimate. And it's gonna be perfect too. Because we have--we have all of you here, and... we have each other.

Gabi: What more do you need?

Will: So, um, well, are we-- we ready?

Marlena: Whenever you are.

[Soft emotional music]

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to share in this joyous celebration. It's a celebration of the enduring love between jackson steven kiriakis and william robert horton.

Get ready for

the insurance-themed experience

Marlena: A lifetime, no matter how long, is never long enough for people who love deeply. Sonny and will have already lived a lifetime together. They certainly had obstacles, and because of the obstacles, sonny and will's love has had to be more honest, more patient, more...resilient. Despite all the bumps in the road, and there have been a few doozies, your love has grown and thrived and endured.

Will: And it always will. Always.

Nicole: Yes, okay, you caught me. I am trying to get rid of you, abe. I just--look, I am just trying to keep it together, and I don't want to lose it in front of you, and I just really--just need a moment alone.

Abe: Of course. You take care of yourself, girl. And you call me if you need anything. Anytime.

Nicole: I appreciate it.

Stefan: Why don't we go talk job details in the garden, huh?

Abe: That sounds good. Nicole, take care.

Nicole: You too.

[Lightly suspenseful music]

Ohh... thank you for remaining still. That would have gotten messy. Now I gotta get rid of you before someone comes back. How am I gonna drag you through those tunnels? I'll ruin my dress.


[Line ringing]

[Phone rings]


Xander: Can't shake these telemarketers.

Maggie: Well, you oughta sign up for one of those lists.

Xander: I'll do that. But in the meantime, I'm really gonna let the guy have it this time.

Maggie: Well, I'll leave you to that. I just want to thank you again for what you did.

Xander: I'll be praying for will.

Maggie: 'Kay.

[Continues ringing]


Xander: Laurent, what the hell did you do with that report?

Nicole: It's me, you moron.

Xander: Kristen?

Kristen as nicole: Yes, kristen, and thank god I got my hands on the autopsy report.

Xander: You've got the report?

Kristen as nicole: And how the hell did ted get it?

Xander: I don't know. It was in my room...

Kristen as nicole: Never mind--just get to the dimera mansion, and make sure no one sees you.

Xander: What's wrong?

Kristen as nicole: Hurry, or it will be over for both of us.


Marlena: Will, sonny, I understand you've written your own vows.

Sonny: We have.

Marlena: Will, you wanna go first?

Will: Sure. And, sorry--I will keep this short. "Sonny, I must have done something right to deserve this second chance with you. I-I can't believe how lucky I am. My grandmother said that our lives are never long enough when we have love in them. And she's right. No amount of time would ever be enough with you. I love you. I'm so proud and so blessed to be your husband... always.

[Sonny sniffles]


Sonny: Will, I'm not a writer like you, so I borrowed words from another author that I really like... and it's a quote from E.M. Forster.

[Sniffles] He wrote a book that, uh... that's very special to us.

[Sniffles] "A happy ending was imperative. I shouldn't have bothered to write otherwise. I was determined that in fiction any way two men should fall in love and remain in it forever and ever that fiction allows, and in this sense, maurice and alec still roam the greenwood."

[Sniffles] We're getting our happy ending, will. This is marriage, which is a beginning, not an ending. And just like E.M. Forster said, marriage should be for the ever and ever." And this time I know we're gonna have it. I know it will be.

[Music swells]

Marlena: Will and sonny, would you please join hands? Sonny, repeat after me. "I, jackson, take you, will, to be my lawfully wedded husband."

Sonny: I, jackson, take you, will, to be my lawfully wedded husband.

Marlena: "To have and to hold... for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish all the days of my life."

Sonny: To have and to hold for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish all the days of my life.

Marlena: Will.

Will: Hmm?

Marlena: It's your turn. "I, william, take you, jackson, to be my lawfully wedded husband.

Will: Mm. I, um, william... take, uh... take you, jackson to, um...

Kate: Take you, jackson, to be my lawfully wedded husband.

[Soft music]

Will: Um...

Marlena: To have and to hold...

Roman: To have and to hold...

Marlena: For better or worse...

Roman and kate: For better or worse...

Marlena: For richer or poorer...

Marlena and roman: In sickness and in health... to love and cherish...

Roman, kate and marlena: All the days of my life.

Will: All the days of my life.

[Dramatic music]

Xander: Oh, my god, kristen! Did you kill him?

Kristen as nicole: No, i didn't kill him--I probably should have.

[Ted groans] Oh, no, he's coming around. You need to get rid of him, and he's too heavy for me to move.

Xander: Has he told anyone that holly's still alive?

Kristen as nicole: Not that i know of. You need to drag him through the tunnels.

Xander: And then what are we gonna do with him?

Kristen as nicole: We'll figure it out later. Go.

[Suspenseful music]

Marlena: These are the hands that have supported you, held you, comforted you. These are the hands that will never let you go. May your love continue to strengthen you both always. And now by the power and the love vested in me, I now pronounce you husbands for life. You may kiss the groom.

[Soft, emotional music]

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