Days Transcript Friday 6/14/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 6/14/19


Episode #13548 ~ Ted reveals a shocking secret to "Nicole." Sarah, Brady and Maggie question Xander about Rolf's diary. Kate and Hope get into it about Ted. Haley and JJ share an emotional goodbye as she prepares to be deported to China.

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Maggie: You found rolf's diary?

Brady: This is some kind of trick, right?

Sarah: Brady's right. There's no way that that's real.

Maggie: Xander wouldn't lie. Not about this.

Xander: Thank you, maggie. And you're absolutely right. I... I would never be so cruel. I know how important that diary is to all of you. I-if I m.

Maggie: Oh!

Xander: That is the formula for the serum.

Sarah: I-it actually does look legit. This could be what we need to save will's life.

Maggie: Oh, how wonderful!

Brady: It is, yes, this is wonderful. Look at you, coz, coming in, saving the day. How'd you do this?

Xander: Pardon?

Brady: Where'd you get the damn diary?

Eve: Give that back! Give it!

Brady: Well, where'd you get it?

[Dramatic music]

Eve: Good news. Ms. Chen has been cleared for release.

Haley: Wait, I have to go now?

Jj: And just like that? No warning?

Eve: But, jj, there is a warning. I'm here to give you a heads-up that officer stites here is going to take haley into custody as soon as all the paperwork is done here at the hospital, so, within in a hour, she will be out of here and on her way back to china.

Jj: You really are...

Haley: Jj, don'T.

Jj: A nasty...

Haley: Jj... let's not waste what little time we have left on eve.

[Dramatic music]

Come here. I want to spend my last few moments here completely focused on you.

Ted: Proof that holly didn't die. This will be my redemption. Everybody will see me as a kind, decent, honorable man... especially hope. All I have to do is to call the mother and share the good news.

[Tense music]

[Phone ringing]

Nicole: I don't have time for calls from annoying nobodies. Please.

That's something I learned from you, father. Don't get distracted by minor irritations. Keep your eye on the prize. You know, I think you would be proud of how I handled all of this. How I found my wings and flew back home.

[Laughs] Oh, I can't believe it myself! I am finally back where i belong. How long have you been standing there?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Gabi: I've been standing here long enough to hear you say that you're back where you belong. What does that mean?

Nicole: It means I'm back doing an important, well-deserved job.

Gabi: At the horton center?

Nicole: [Laughs] No, no, I d--I don't think so. I've been hired at dimera enterprises.

Gabi: What?

Nicole: Stefan decided to revive basic black and he made me ceo.

[Phone beeps] Oh, for god's sake.

Gabi: Yeah, I don't know anything about that. But I don't understand why stefan would want to revive some loser company when I'm running gabi chic. We'd be doing the same thing.

Nicole: Only my company would do it better. Just like stefano did so many times in his lifetime, basic black is rising from the dead. Just like me.

Gabi: Okay. Sure.

[Stammering] What is the deal? Stefan's trying to push me out?

Nicole: I don't know. I mean, your name never came up, but what I do know is stefan is in his office with the attorney, and they're drawing up the initial paperwork as we speak.

Gabi: Okay, well, I'm gonna speak with stefan now.

Nicole: Okay.

[Sighs] Oh, god.

Hope: Hi.

Kate: What are you doing here?

Hope: Waiting to see will. Kate... I'm so sorry for everything that you're going through.

Kate: Well, I'm sorry that you had to go through will yelling at you yesterday because you were on a date with ted. But, like I said then, there's not a word that will said that wasn't true, and I would think long and hard before you get involved with a creep like ted.

Ted: Miss walker, this is ted laurent again. Please, as soon as you get this message, you need to call me. It's urgent that I speak with you, please.

[Sighs] Maybe it's good she didn't answer. I need to come up with a cover story of how I got my hands on that folder. And I must keep my hands clean.

Xander: As I'm sure you recall, I worked for kristen and rolf in nashville.

Brady: Mm-hmm, so what?

Xander: So I had access to everything in the warehouse. But why are we wasting precious time on details? You have to get that to the hospital straight away. But if you'll just indulge me for one moment, maggie, I know this situation with will has been killing you and, sarah, you have been amazing, working non-stop trying to save your cousin's life. I-I just pray that now you can finally make that happen.

Sarah: We're gonna do everything we can.

Maggie: Thank you, xander. Thank you so much. Oh!

[Dramatic music]

Brady: Bravi! Well-done. Yeah, I think they bought it. Unfortunately, I don't, so why don't we get real?

Kayla: Can I ask you a question?

Eve: I suppose.

Kayla: How do you live with yourself? There are women who know when little leaks show up,

Eve: How do I live with myself?

Kayla: Mm-hmm.

Eve: Haley chen is the one that broke the law. She's being deported. Well, that's her fault, not mine.

Kayla: Well, as angry as I am about that, I'm talking about will horton, who is down the hall, dying. I know that you took that diary and I know you took it because you are terrified that jack will use it to get his memory back, and then he will dump you, and you will be alone, which is exactly what you deserve.

Eve: You know, everybody thinks that I'm a monster, but I'm not. I want will to live.

Kayla: Then prove it and turn over that diary.

Eve: I would if I could, kayla, but I don't have the diary.

Brady: Let's hear it--the truth this time.

Xander: I just told you. I had access to all of rolf's work. I could make off with whatever i wanted and that's exactly what i did. You saw me in nashville. You were there. We were both there when the warehouse blew sky high.

Brady: You're right, we were. But the diary wasn'T. The last time anybody saw the diary, it was here in salem. So don't tell me that you swiped it from rolf's fun factory, xander. How'd you really get it?

[Phone ringing]

Nicole: [Groans] Okay, who is this?

Ted: Oh, hi! Uh, ms. Walker, hi, this is ted laurent.

Nicole: Well, I don't know what you want, but stop harassing me.

Ted: I-I'm not. I just need to talk to you about something very, very important.

Nicole: Oh, I'll tell you what's important: My meeting with stefan dimera, so I'm not leaving this house or talking to anyone or anything until we're done. So back off.


Ted: Well, at least I know where you are.

[Phone ringing]

Xander: Well, it's been lovely chatting, but I really have to take this.

[Phone continues ringing]

[Dramatic music]


Nicole: What are all these calls from ted laurent? Did you tell him we're working together?

Xander: Relax, kristen.

Kristen: Don't call me that, you idiot.

Xander: I'm alone. Calm down. And, no, I didn't tell ted anything. All he knows is that I have a partner in the holly jonas deal. He has no idea who it is.

Kristen: Well, you better keep it that way, 'cause I'm in like flynn at dimera, and I'm gonna prove to everyone that I'm the best, and even brady will have to admit that there's no one better.

Xander: And what about when the mask comes off? Will he still admit it then?

Kristen: Oh, you leave that to me. Your job is to not screw things up. Everything I ever wanted is finally within reach, and I'm not gonna let you or anyone else screw it up.

Gabi: Who you talking to, nicole?

Kristen: Well, gabi, that's none of your business.

Jj: Are you sure you don't want to make a run for it? Haley, we can pull it off.

Haley: No, jj. I told you I'm done running. What I have to do right now is to figure out a way to say good-bye.

[Door opens]

Jj: Melinda, what--

Melinda: I heard haley's being deported.

Jj: And you think that you can just walk in here like nothing happened? If you had spoken up earlier, haley would have become a citizen. She could have avoided this whole nightmare.

Melinda: You're right. Haley, please talk to me.

Haley: I thought I'd never see you again.

Melinda: I've been working round the clock on your green card application. Now that you can prove that you have a parent who's a U.S. Citizen, we might be able to expedite the process. I mean, there are no guarantees, of course, but there's definitely more hope than with your marriage to tripp, so... we'll see.

Haley: Wait, so, if this does move fast, then ice will back off, right? I mean, they won't fly me all the way to china just to turn me around and fly me right back.

Melinda: [Sighs]

Jj: What is it?

Melinda: While I really want to speed up this process for you, it could still take years.

Jj: Okay, what about in the meantime? Can haley stay here?

Melinda: No, she'll have to leave as planned. But she'll need to fight for her right to return...from china.

Jj: Do you have any idea how scary this is for haley? Being forced to go back to a country where she doesn't know anyone all alone.

Melinda: Haley's not gonna be alone. I'm going with her.

Haley: You're coming with me? What a--what are you talking about?

Melinda: I found us an apartment in beijing. And I set up interviews for you at a few local hospitals that need nurses, so you can keep doing what you love. I had your resume and your recommendations translated, and I had them sent.

Jj: Is this supposed to make up for what you did?

Haley: No one's saying that. But, um... I will say thank you. This is really, really thoughtful. But I don't know, I'm sorry. I just--I guess I'm just a little confused, because you told me that I was on my own.

Melinda: I'm your mother. And I know I haven't been there for all those years, but I am here now, and I promise you, you're never gonna be alone. I will leave you to say your good-byes.

[Dramatic music]

Sarah: We got it!

Maggie: We got rolf's diary!

Kayla: Where did you get that?

Maggie: From xander.

Sarah: We have to get it to the lab.

Kayla: Yeah, let's do it.

Maggie: Yeah, go. Go.

Eve: Uh, maggie, um... the diary--did xander happen to say where he got it?

[Dramatic music]

Xander: [Scoffs] Don't you have a company to run?

Brady: Mm, but I'm not going anywhere until you tell me where you got the diary.

Xander: Why are you so fixated on where it came from? All that matters is where it's going... which is to will's doctors. Thanks to my selfless act, they might still be able to save his life.

Brady: See, that's where you lose me--the whole you and "selfless" in the same sentence, it doesn't really work.

Xander: Are you dim? I'm trying to help a man survive; I'm giving hope to his family.

Brady: But not out of the goodness of your heart, right? Come on, xander. You had something in your possession that everybody wanted, something that anybody would have given anything to have. Why would a hustler like you just give it up for free without demanding something in return? Something like, let's say, oh, my job. Haven't you wanted to run titan forever?

Xander: You know, brady, i don't expect someone like you to understand this, but over the years, I've learned that there are more important things in this life than just some job.

Brady: [Chuckles] Like what?

Xander: Like love.

Kristen: Why are you still here anyway?

Gabi: I'm waiting for stefan. That jerk refuses to see me. He won't even open the door. He's left orders to not be disturbed.

Kristen: Well, obviously he's avoiding you.

Gabi: What for?

Kristen: Duh, so he doesn't have to tell you to your face that you're out. Dimera is moving in a different direction. I mean, you did hear about the job offer that's out to abe carter.

Gabi: No, no, what kind of offer?

Kristen: Chief communications officer. Now I'm guessing that abe would communicate to you that stefan has determined that you're not fit for dimera anymore so he won't be needing you or shabby chic.

Gabi: It's gabi chic.

Kristen: Oh, right.

Gabi: Why is it that you're being such a bitch?

Kristen: How dare you say that to me? My daughter is dead.

Gabi: You're right. I'm sorry. That was insensitive of me.

[Tense music]

Kristen: Bye-ee...bitch.

Kate: Hard to believe that you would end your marriage over a low-life like ted.

Hope: Excuse me, but he is not the reason rafe and I are getting a divorce.

Kate: Whatever. The point is, I get it. I was involved with him and then I found out he's a liar, he's a cheat, and he's a two-faced snake, and you should get out before you regret it.

Hope: I'm gonna go check on will. Excuse me.

Kate: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Kristen: Ugh, stefan, what is taking so long?

[Knock at door] Harold, can you get that?

[Knocking continues]

[Kristen grumbles]

Ted: Hi.

Kristen: Oh, you seriously did not just come here. Well, I'm busy.

Ted: No, no, no, I need to talk to you. This cannot wait. Trust me, you want to hear what I have to say.

Kristen: Well, clearly you won't stop stalking me until i do, so go ahead, spill.

Ted: Your daughter holly is alive. -We bought a house in a neighborhood

Haley: [Stammering] Did that just--did that really just happen?

Jj: I know. Melinda really knows how to drop a bombshell.

Haley: Jj, we--we have to say good-bye.

Jj: I know, but I have a question. How do you apply for a green card in china?

Haley: I'm apply for a green card here.

Jj: But melinda said that could take years, so what if, in the meantime, I-I apply for one there? They must need emts, right? Or ex-police officers.

Haley: That is an incredible offer, but... don't you even think about trying to get to china, okay?

Jj: That is all I want to think about.

Haley: Jj, there's so much i need to tell you. And we don't have time, so please let me get this out. Okay? We first met right here in this hospital, where you saved my life. And since then, you've been saving my life in so many ways. And I am so grateful to you.

Jj: Haley, don't you get it? You saved me, too. Back then, I was... I was dead inside. Every day, I was just going through the motions, just feeling no real connection to anything, and you changed all of that. Brought me back to life. And even though it was scary at times, being on the run, not knowing what would happen next, I've never felt more alive than I did when I was with you.

Haley: [Crying] Can I tell you something? Something that I've been wanting to tell you for so long?

Jj: Of course.

Haley: Jj, I... I need you to promise me that you won't wait for me.

Maggie: I don't see where this is any of your business.

Eve: I'm the police commissioner.

Maggie: Xander didn't commit any crime.

Eve: Just answer the question, maggie. Did he say where the diary came from?

Maggie: Actually, no. He knew that time was of the essence, so we gratefully accepted it and got here as quickly as we could.

Eve: Well, thank you for clearing that up.

Maggie: One more thing, eve.

Eve: [Sighs]

Maggie: You know, there was a time when I was so supportive of you and brady, because I truly believed you loved him. But this thing with jack and now you're going after jennifer, i don't know what has happened to you.

Eve: You know, maggie, i don't have the time to get into this with you now or ever. Ugh.

Kate: [Groans] If you're here to accuse me of going after your husband again, maggie...

Maggie: I'm here for the same reason that you are, to support will. And I am far too happy to even insult you.

Kate: "Happy"? You're happy? Because will is dying.

Maggie: Maybe not. Will has hope--some real hope-- and it's all thanks to xander.

Brady: "Love"? Do you know the meaning of that word? Define it for me.

Xander: It means putting the needs of others before your own, like maggie's for instance.

Brady: Yeah, yeah, I know all about your late night bonding session with maggie, by the way. You two passed out, all liquored up. Way to put her needs first, xander, because it's always great to enable an alcoholic to toss a few more back. Classy.

Xander: You really are a judgmental S.O.B., Aren't you? Fortunately, maggie is not.

Brady: Well, I wish she were. 'Cause somewhere in the back of her head, she's made up her mind that you're a good guy.

Xander: She's right about that.

Brady: Yeah, the mercenary with a heart of gold. Listen, I'm losing my patience with you. Why don't you just tell me about the diary?

Xander: I already have. I saw people suffering and did what I could to make it stop.

Brady: "People," as in sarah? Do you like sarah? I swear to god I thought I saw you making some puppy dog eyes at her. Oh, good job taking advantage of her while she was heartbroken, by the way, to get her into bed, xander.

Xander: What happened between us was mutual and it wasn't just sex.

Brady: Oh. Do you have real true feelings for sarah, xander?

Xander: You're damn right i do.

Kristen: Um... I-I don't understand. My daughter is dead. The van she was in exploded.

Ted: I know, I was there with you when it happened.

Kristen: So what is this? What are you, some sick scam artist, ready to cash in?

Ted: No, I'm a lawyer. I just recently stepped down as interim D.A. Look, this evening, I was looking through some papers in my office. And I came across this. As soon as I saw it, I knew i had to give it to you.

Kristen: What is it?

Ted: Holly's autopsy report.

[Dramatic music]

Kristen: This can't be right. I was told the remains were positively identified as my daughter'S.

Ted: That report must have been tampered with, but, ms. Walker, this is the original. Look, as you can see, the dna of the child found at the car crash does not match holly'S. Ms. Walker, did you hear what i just said? (Announcer) do you push through migraine?

Kristen: Yes, I heard you. But I don't understand. How could this happen?

Ted: Look, I--I don't know for sure, but I do have a theory. See, xander cook recently broke into the hospital lab, and he was caught with your daughter's file in his hand.

Kristen: So xander changed the results? Why would he do that?

Ted: Why? Well, from what I've heard, xander is a very bad man. Maybe he wanted you to believe that your daughter was dead so he could hurt you, could manipulate you. I really have no idea. But none of that really matters anymore. Your precious daughter is alive. And this report can prove it. All right, ms. Walker, i apologize, don't seem very happy about this.

Brady: Xander, I'm pretty sure you've never had a genuine feeling about anyone your whole life.

Xander: Oh, I have several for you, cousin.

Brady: You're a pig. You're a pig who would sell your firstborn for the right price and you know it.

Xander: You know, that's rich, coming from you, the man who blackmailed nicole into leaving town, rather than letting her be with the man she really loved.

Brady: This isn't over. Not by a long-shot.

[Dramatic music]

Eve: Hey! What the hell were you thinking?

Maggie: So that's the story. Xander came through. I'm gonna go tell sonny and will.

Kate: Are you drunk, maggie?

Maggie: Of course not.

Kate: Have you forgotten that you showed up at my door, knocking at my door, drunk yesterday?

Maggie: That's over. I'm sober now and I am delivering some very important news, so if you'll excuse me--

Kate: Okay, I would prefer it if you don't talk to will.

Maggie: Why? Because I think he would be thrilled to know that we found the diary. I mean, everyone in this hospital has been looking for it.

Kate: And who found it? Xander cook, the least trustworthy person in salem?

Maggie: Oh, that's not true.

Kate: Don't go running in there, talking about something you know nothing about. If you need redemption, then you find it somewhere else.

Maggie: You know what? I'm not gonna waste any more time, arguing with you, 'cause I'm telling will, whether you like it or not.

Kate: [Scoffs]

Jj: Don't wait for you... why would you say that?

Haley: Because I know you. Jj, you're so devoted and you're passionate and you're so loyal. But we need to be realistic. I need you to hear me. It'll be a very long time before I can come back, if--if I can. And I want you to live your life. I want you to live your life and I want you to be happy. Go find someone else.

[Tender music]

Jj: I don't want anyone else.

Haley: We had this incredible moment in time that I will treasure for as long as I live. It was--it was terrifying and exhilarating and you--you were there for me in a way nobody has ever been before, and I just--i wish so badly that things could have been different for us. I wish it was you that was the other half to my double happiness, but it just--it just wasn't meant to be. I have to leave, jj. And you have to let me go.

Jj: How am I supposed to let you go?

Haley: Because it's what's best for the both of us, jj. Trust me, it'll--it'll be a lot less painful if we accept that this is as far as it goes.

Jj: I don't want that.

Haley: You need to take care of yourself and your future. Jj, you were charged with an obstruction of justice.

Jj: Yeah, but justin will take care of it. It'll be okay.

Haley: I hope so. I do, but I need you to promise me--jj, I need you to promise me that you won't do anything that will get you in trouble with the law. Okay, not just for your sake, but for mine, too. I need to hear you say that you promise that you can let this go. Please, jj, I need this.

And I have one more thing to say. Wo ai ni.

Jj: What does that mean?

Haley: It means thank you.

Eve: Why the hell would you turn that diary over to will's family?

Xander: Now what's your problem? You were the one who was begging and pleading, sending a thousand desperate messages. "Oh, xander, do the right thing. Please, help young will." What, now you want him to perish?

Eve: No, I don't want him to die! What I want to know is did you tell anyone that that diary came from me?

Xander: No.

Eve: I don't believe you.

Xander: Well, you can believe whatever you like, love. It's the truth.

Eve: You didn't rat me out? You're not spinning this somehow so my whole world's just gonna explode?

Xander: No and no again.

Eve: Why not?

Ted: Ms. Walker, I thought you'd be overcome with joy.

Kristen: Well, you thought wrong. I mean, this has to be fake.

Ted: No, no, I assure you, this is real. Holly is alive.

Kristen: Does anyone else know about this?

Ted: No. No, I came straight to you. Of course I came straight to you. Hope! I recently talked to hope and she was, oh, my god, absolutely devastated for you about the loss of your daughter. If you don't mind, I would love to be the first one to give her the good news.

Kristen: I'm sorry. I'm afraid I can't let you do that. In terms of treating sensitivity,

[Tender music]

Melinda: Haley, it's time to go. I'll be with you, right by your side, every step of the way.

Haley: Xičxie.

Melinda: You don't have to thank me. I want to do this.

Jj: Xičxie means thank you? I-I thought what you told me before meant thank you.

Haley: It does. And I meant it from the bottom of my heart.

[Handcuffs clicking]

[Dramatic music]

[Door closes]

Kate: I assume you told will about the diary.

Maggie: He was asleep. So I told sonny. Any luck?

Kayla: Yes, we were able to synthesize the drug that brought will's memory back.

Kate: And caused will's tumor.

Kayla: We are working very hard at coming up with some sort of antidote. We have our very best people working on this--lab techs, top neurologists, researchers in experimental treatments. Everybody is giving it their all.

Sarah: We're working as fast as we can, but...we are running out of time.

Xander: Oh, aren't you a suspicious creature? Did it never cross your mind that maybe I was feeling charitable or generous?

Eve: No, greedy and opportunistic is more your speed, xander.

Xander: Well, let's split the difference, shall we? I did feel genuine sympathy for maggie and sarah. I could see they're in pain and I decided I had to do something to give them relief.

Eve: Oh, really? And where do you get relief in all this?

Xander: Well, I realized i couldn't reveal how the diary came to be in my possession without making myself look bad, so I opted not to disclose.

Eve: Y-you're saying this is all over? That I don't have to worry about this coming back to bite me? Oh, my god. I can breathe?

Xander: Oh, heavens no. No, no, no. I mean, if will lives, I'll be a hero. People will be blown away, just like they were when you became head of the salem police force.

Eve: Okay, where's this all going, xander, hmm?

Xander: Well... I haven't had a lot of friends in high places, but I do know you might come in very handy if I ever need a favor, just like you needed this one. One good turn does deserve another. Wouldn't you agree... madame commissioner?

Eve: [Sighs]

Hope: Message from ted.

Ted: Hope, please call me back as soon as you get this. I have some very good news about nicole walker. I need to talk to her first. Then I'll come find you.

[Dramatic music]

Wait, you don't want me to tell hope about holly?

Kristen: I don't want you to tell anyone.

Ted: Why not? I know you must be in shock and it's a lot to take in, but... this is a miracle. Your daughter is alive. We need to shout it from the rooftops.

Kristen: No, we don'T.

Ted: [Grunts]

Kristen: [Laughs]

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