Days Transcript Wednesday 6/12/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/12/19


Episode #13546 ~ Jennifer and Eve have a heated confrontation. Maggie admits to Victor she fell off the wagon. Chloe and Rex grow closer. Stefan has a surprising offer for Abe.

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Jennifer: You and I need to have a little talk.

Eve: Well, I don't know what you want, but you can save it--

Jennifer: Kayla told me everything. You stole rolf's diary from seth burns and I know why-- because you don't want jack to get his memory back.

Jack: Ex-mayor carver, I'm so glad I ran into you.

Abe: Is that a fact?

Jack: Yes. You're giving me a chance to give you a chance to congratulate me in person.

Stefan: Chloe.

Chloe: I don't wanna talk.

Stefan: No, no, no, no. Please, wait. Look, I know you're probably still very angry, and I don't blame you. What I did was...

Chloe: Repulsive? Gross? Unforgivable?

Stefan: Look, please. I made a mess of things. Hopefully, it wasn't unforgivable. Please, chloe. Tell me what I can do to make it up to you.

Rex: Hi.

Sarah: Hey.

Rex: Did you talk to your mom yet about will?

Sarah: No. [Sighs] Not yet.

Rex: Sarah--

Sarah: Henderson said she wasn't feeling well.

Rex: Will is counting days. She has to know.

Sarah: I know. It's just that it nearly killed her to bury holly. How do I tell her that she's about to lose someone else that she loves? I don't think that she could take another hit like that.

Maggie: Oh, god.


Brady: Well, that doesn't look good.

Maggie: Oh. Oh, brady, my head is killing me. [Grunts]

Brady: I hope this isn't your way of trying to get out of a meeting, maggie.

Maggie: 30 plus years of sobriety. How do I face all those people that I've let down?

Brady: You haven't let anybody down, maggie. Matter of fact, you've helped a lot of people. Now it's their turn to help you.

Maggie: [Sighs]

Brady: Ready?

Maggie: As ready as I'll ever be. Um, I have to ask you. Did you talk to nicole last night?

Brady: I did.

Maggie: Well, I hope you know that no matter how much I had to drink, I wasn't lying or hallucinating. I know what I saw. And I saw kristen dimera.

[Soft dramatic music]


Kristen: Brady?

Xander: No, it's xander.

Kristen: Damn it.

[Sighs] What the hell do you want?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Rex: Do you want me to go with you?

Sarah: No. No, it's just something I have to handle myself.

Rex: Because maggie can't be in the same room as me?

Sarah: That's not true. It's a little true.

Rex: Thank you.


Sarah: But it doesn't matter because when we're married, and she sees how happy we are, she may even want to sit down and share a meal with you.

Rex: Oh, my god. So much to look forward to.

[Laughter] No, I'm serious. I really can't wait to marry you.

Brady: I did talk to nicole, and kristen dimera was nowhere in the room, maggie. She wasn't anywhere. You must've imagined seeing her.

Maggie: Oh. Well, everything about yesterday was a little fuzzy.

Brady: A fifth of booze will tend to do that.

Maggie: Yes. I guess I have to admit that I was wrong about kristen. I--she is dead, right? It just, um, it just seemed so real.

Xander: Must've left my phone here last night.

Kristen: And that's my problem because?

Xander: There we go.

Kristen: Oh, good. Now you can leave.

Xander: It's dead. Can I use your charger?

Kristen: No, you may not use my charger.

Xander: You know what? You should tone back the bitchiness a little bit-- very un-nicole-like.

Kristen: Nicole was a royal bitch in her day. And for your information, when I'm alone in this room, I'm kristen dimera, and i can be as bitchy as I want. Nobody's business but mine.

Xander: And maggie horton's, apparently.

Kristen: Oh, that old lush? What about her?

Xander: She told me she saw you.

Kristen: That's your fault. I thought it was you at the door bugging me again.

Xander: She also told me that she sent brady to investigate. How'd you handle him?

Kristen: By lying my ass off.

[Chuckles] Who are people gonna believe? Poor, heartbroken nicole, or that pathetic lush maggie--

Xander: Oh, that's enough. She has a drinking problem, okay? And she thinks she just lost her grandchild thanks to us. So just give her a break.

Kristen: Since when do you give a damn about maggie kiriakis? Hm?

Abe: I'll pass.

Jack: Are you still mad that I beat you? Or is it because I've already accomplished more in a few days than you did in several terms.

Abe: Spare me.

Jack: In case you haven't heard, my new commissioner's already caught that fugitive illegal, haley chen.

Abe: You also had your son and ex-wife arrested. You must be so proud.

Eve: I'm gonna tell you exactly what I told sonny and john. I don't have the diary, so back off, jennifer.

Jennifer: And I'm just supposed to take your word for it?

Eve: What, are you gonna slap me upside the head with a laptop to shut me up--

Jennifer: Will horton could die and you can stop it, so would you rather lie and just destroy people's lives--

Eve: [Sighs] Here it goes again. You're gonna tell me how I just ruined your perfect life because jack married me. He loves me...

Jennifer: Will horton is a brilliant, sensitive young man, and he is going to die. You could save his life. Are you really such a monster that you're just fine with him dying instead of doing the right thing?

Eve: I've got a lot of work to do. So don't let the door hit you on your way out. I said, get out of my office!

Jennifer: I'm not going anywhere.

Eve: [Huffs] In terms of treating sensitivity,

[Tense music]

Eve: You have ten seconds to get out of my office. Otherwise, I would have one of my guys come in here and arrest you for harassment.

Jennifer: I'm not going anywhere, like I just told--

Jack: Uh, what's going on here?

Eve: It's jennifer. She's hounding me, and I don't have time for her nonsense.

Jennifer: No, I'm trying to save a life, jack.

Eve: [Scoffs]

Jack: All right, all right. I want you to just take it easy. I got this.

Eve: No, I got this, my love. I'm better now that you're here.

Jack: So...[Stammers] Someone tell me what this is about.

Eve: Nope, you go ahead. Tell him about those wild, crazy accusations...

Jennifer: They're not accusations. They are suspicions, and I am not the only one having them. John black has good reason to believe with corroborating evidence that eve stole rolf's diary and she's keeping it from you because she is scared to death of losing you, jack.

Chloe: You think you can make up for sleeping with gabi just hours after I buried holly? What are you, arrogant or stupid? No, both. What you did was disgusting. You're disgusting.

Victor: [Chuckles] Every once in a while, chloe lane gives a bravura performance. Almost worked with brady. Lucky for him, he got away before she ruined his life. Too bad you couldn't hold on to her a little longer. She could've ruined yours.

Brady: I know exactly how alcohol can play on your mind, maggie, which might explain what I walked in on last night.

Maggie: What do you mean? Thank you.

Brady: You and xander here on this couch, his head on your shoulder, all friendly. It freaked me out, to be honest with you.

Maggie: Well, why didn't you wake me?

Brady: Because you were both snockered, so I just picked you up and carried you to your bed.

Maggie: Oh. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I put you to so much trouble.

Brady: Oh, no, it wasn't any trouble-- anything to keep you away from that maniac, whom I assure you wouldn't have been in conversation with in the first place if you had been sober.

Maggie: Well, I guess I had a few drinks and xander joined me.

Brady: He joined you in some--you know, I'm seriously considering just removing his head from his body.

Maggie: No, brady, no, no. That's not it...

[Stammers] He totally surprised me. He was very sweet.

Brady: [Scoffs] He was sweet?

Maggie: Yeah.

Brady: Well, I'm--I'm more inclined to believe kristen dimera rose from the dead than that.

Maggie: No, no, it's the truth.

[Sighs] He was-- he was so kind. We talked. No, we really talked down deep. That young man is so wounded and he's vulnerable.

Brady: [Laughs]

Maggie: Oh, come on.

Brady: Sorry, maggie. No, no, no.

Maggie: Listen, do you know that his father died?

Brady: Yeah.

Maggie: And his mother was an alcoholic? The kid practically raised himself. Now, I'm-- listen, I know alcohol-- clouds your perception and all that. But... I saw another side of him. And it was genuine. Xander's not the monster everybody thinks he is.

Brady: Now I know you were hallucinating.

Xander: Maggie and I sort of bonded over some melted ice cream. She kinda reminds me of my mother.

Kristen: Mm, because they're both drunks?

Xander: You know, I actually feel sorry for you sometimes. So cynical.

Kristen: Oh, and you're not? Please. Your bonding with maggie is nothing more than you trying to score points with her daughter.

Xander: [Scoffs] No, I actually hadn't thought of it that way, but that's not a bad idea. Maggie can't stand sarah's cheating fiancÚ. She puts a good word in for me, who knows?

Kristen: [Sarcastic laugh] Good luck with that. In the meantime, I need to figure out how I'm gonna convince brady to give nicole another shot.

Xander: Brady still not biting?

Kristen: No-- all that misguided loyalty to eric. Now, he made it very clear that he is not going to give into the feelings I know he still has for me.

Xander: Careful. Push too hard, and you might lose him-- not that you have him.

Kristen: I will. But you do have a point...

[Groans] I guess I'm gonna have to play cool for a while...

[Groans] So now we can focus on the next prize-- taking control of dimera.

Limu emu & doug

Rex: Oh, don't worry about being late. I'll just wait for you. Okay.

[Utensils clattering loudly] What'd those forks ever do to you?

Chloe: Sorry.

Rex: [Chuckles] Don't apologize. I just feel bad for the silverware. So, I'm guessing this lousy, no good, terrible day you had yesterday didn't get any better.

Chloe: I don't know. This is a huge improvement instead of smashing a certain person's head in. I am channeling my anger by organizing the silverware.

Rex: Very practical-- like, using the non-breakables.

Chloe: Oh, trust me. He's not worth shattering a single glass over.

Rex: May I suggest in your current mood, you might wanna put the knife down.

Chloe: It's not like I haven't used one before.

Rex: You wanna talk about it?

Chloe: [Sighs] You know, I've made some lousy mistakes in my pathetic love life, but this ranks right up there. You know what the worst part is? I've no one to blame but myself.

Stefan: I don't need your observations on my personal life.

Victor: Just a fact. Clearly, you're just as much of a failure in your private life as you are in business.

Stefan: Dimera's doing just fine considering everything we've been through.

Victor: You're on life support.

Stefan: I'm aware of our challenges. And I have just the solution. Abe! Join us.

Abe: What can I do for you?

Stefan: You know, I played chess online with theo yesterday. He pulled me into a double pin that I did not even see coming.

[Chuckles] Said you taught him the move. Kudos.

Abe: So you spoke with theo? How was he?

Stefan: He's great. You must be proud of him.

Abe: You have no idea. I'm thinking about flying out to see him soon.

Victor: Well, now that you've lost the election, you have plenty of time on your hands. Are you thinking about retirement? I highly recommend it.

Stefan: Hopefully, you're not thinking of retiring. I'd like to offer you a job at dimera.

Jack: Eve has rolf's diary? That's ridiculous.

Eve: Yeah, that's exactly what I tried to tell her, jack.

Jennifer: Rolf's diary was in seth burn's office. They have security footage of eve going into the office when we wasn't there.

Jack: What--that's it? That's your evidence?

Eve: Yeah, and it's crazy, huh? Listen, I wanted to meet with seth about setting up a fellowship for paige. That is all!

Jennifer: The diary is missing. The only person who has anything to gain from it disappearing is eve.

Jack: Oh, I--okay, I know what this is. You're going on the war path again because you need for me to get my memory back. That'S...

Jennifer: No, I don't-- you know what? I don't need anything from you. This isn't about you. This is about will horton, and he has days to live, and that diary-- the doctors need it. There's a formula in it so they can make an antidote, and your wife will not give it over.

Jack: Is this true?

Eve: Let's just talk about this in private.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. Don't you dare lie...

Eve: Just get out! Get out of my office!

Jennifer: Don't let her do this to you, jack! Please! I understand. You're a changed man. But I don't believe that you are heartless. We have to help will. That's it, so please, talk to your wife. Tell her to do the right thing for a change.

[Tense music]

Eve: [Sighs]

Jack: Tell me the truth.

Brady: You have a heart of gold. You really do. But make no mistake. Xander knows that. He will take advantage of you if given the chance. You need to remember what he did to our family and to our friends. Please. Don't make that mistake of trusting him. He always has an ulterior motive. You need to keep your guard up. You hear me?

Maggie: You're probably right.

Brady: Oh, I know I'm right about that. Now, with that, let's go to a meeting, okay?

Maggie: Yes.

Sarah: Mom. I'm really glad I caught you. I really need to talk to you.

Maggie: Well, it sounds important.

Sarah: It is.

Xander: You take over dimera, I pull off my coup at titan-- what sweeter justice could there be? The families that shunned us, marginalized us, made us feel "other"? We win. We get to rule their world for a change.

Kristen: Excuse me, but your family is the one that can't stand you. My father loved me. That's why I have to save what's left of his legacy.

Xander: Why do you care so much about his legacy? You're not even his blood.

Kristen: I'm a dimera in every way that counts. Stefano adopted me and he loved me like I was his own. He made me who I am today.

Xander: I doubt there's many people that thank him for that.

Kristen: You know, for better or for worse, I am my father's daughter, and I am going to make him very proud.

Xander: Dimera does seem to be in a bit of a tailspin.

Kristen: Yeah. Stefan means well. He just gets a bit distracted. No, he doesn't understand that this company is our family's lifeblood, and without it, we're nothing. Ej understood that. That's why dr. Rolf and i worked so hard to revive him-- that we could... get a hold of the house of the phoenix and restore it back to its glory day.

Xander: Well, that didn't exactly work out to plan, did it?

Kristen: [Sighs] No, it didn't, because ej got lost to that shrewd, sami, and now i am going to have to take the reins back from stefan all by myself.

Xander: Well, why go it alone? What about the others?

Jack: Is it true? Have you been keeping rolf's diary away from me?

Eve: Will horton is on his death bed, jack. If I... if I could save him and give him the diary, you don't think that I would do that? What kind of person do you think I am?

Jack: If access to that formula also meant I got my memory back--

Eve: Of course. Of course I would hand over that diary. Come on. You can't blame me for being afraid of what would happen to you if you got that serum.

Brady: Now's not a good time.

Sarah: No, this can't wait.

Brady: Well, neither can this, actually.

Sarah: Mom, please.

Brady: No, sarah. We really need to go to a meeting.

Sarah: You've been sober for decades, mom. Why are you going to a meeting?

Brady: No, no--maggie-- maggie found a bottle of booze in my room. And I didn't drink it, but I...[Stammers] I need this. I'm hoping that whatever you have to tell her can wait.

Maggie: [Stammers] And I'm gonna go get my purse.

Brady: You were gonna tell her about will, weren't you?

Sarah: Ye--he only has days to live. If not now, then when?

Brady: No, I know. I know. She needs to know, and she will soon, all right? I was just hoping it would be after the meeting.

Sarah: I understand that your sobriety is important to you, but can't you just go without her?

Brady: I know. I know this seems like it's selfish right now for me, but it's not. It's important to her too. I promise you can tell her everything you need to tell her when we get back. Sarah, I would not ask this of you if it wasn't critical. Please.

Sarah: Okay. Yeah, I will wait.

Brady: Thank you.

Stefan: I'm sure you're aware dimera's facing some pr challenges.

Victor: [Scoffs] It's in shambles.

Stefan: And that needs to be rectified as soon as possible. I'm looking for a cco.

Victor: And you really think that a chief communications officer's gonna solve your problems?

Stefan: Well, a cco is the guardian of the company culture, its values, its beliefs. It requires somebody of impeccable, unimpeachable integrity. Naturally, I thought of you. Public loves you.

Victor: I wouldn't count on love too much. He lost the election.

Stefan: Because the other side played dirty.

Abe: What would you want me to do?

Stefan: Well, it's a very sensitive position-- requires a lot of trust, and to a dimera, that means family. And let's face it. I don't exactly have a lot of family connections.

Victor: Go ahead, abraham. Tell him he can take the job and shove it.

Xander: Ej wasn't the only one you were trying to revive. There was jack deveraux. Good old J.D. That was a smashing success.

Kristen: For you.

Xander: Oh, yeah. Eve donovan paid me a pretty penny to drop him into her nasty little hands.

Kristen: Yeah, which you did without my consent.

Xander: Because you were so busy with all the others. W.R. And A.V. And A.D. And S.D. Tell me, partner--

Kristen: Okay, I'm not your partner. I'm your boss.

Xander: You insisted on looking after A.D. And S.D. All by yourself, so smart man that I am, I connected those dots. You know what I came up with? Andre dimera and stefano dimera. So you tell me, boss. Am I right?

Chloe: And stefan was all about us taking it slow because I wasn't ready to go to the next level, you know-- that level. Turns out, he was sleeping with gabi the entire time. Who does that? What kind of jerk can't keep it in his pants because a relationship isn't quite going his way?


[Laughs] I'm sorry. Sorry.

Both: [Laughs]

Rex: Oh, don't apologize. It was the worst mistake I ever made. I'm just lucky that sarah forgave me and took me back. I wanna do things right this time around. I'm a dad now. I have a daughter. I wanna set the best example I possibly can.

Chloe: How is emily?

Rex: Perfect...

[Laughs softly] Just giggling and growing. I don't see her enough.

Chloe: Mm.

Rex: But she's my light.

Chloe: Kids have a way of doing that to you. We lost one of our sweetest lights.

Rex: Hey. I really am so sorry. I know how much you loved holly. And you brought her into this world. How do you do it? How do you deal with this kinda thing every day-- life and death and people losing the people they love?

Rex: Doesn't get any easier. I'll tell you that.

Chloe: You seemed pretty upset yesterday about a patient. Do you have any better news today?

Rex: No. Chloe, I... I hate to tell you this, but I think you should know. My patient is someone that you know and care about.

Victor: Come on, abe. What are you waiting for? Tell him you wouldn't work for him if he was the only employer on earth.

Abe: Actually, I'll think about it.

Stefan: That's great.

Victor: This is the kind of bad judgment that lost you the election.

Abe: I'll be in touch.

Stefan: I look forward to hearing from you. Couldn't just keep your mouth shut?

Victor: If you think that loser is going to restore dimera to its former glory, good luck.

Kristen: Well, you clearly put a lot of thought into this. Must've been quite a strain.

Xander: I also considered that maybe A.D. Wasn't andre dimera, but antony dimera. Everyone's beloved tony. Both would be excellent candidates for dr. Rolf's life-restoring serum.

Kristen: You did have a lot of time on your hands.

Xander: Oh, it's fascinating stuff, especially when one considers the great stefano himself survived multiple gunshots, diagnosed with terminal cancer, and then just vanished, headed for certain death. But then... one never can tell with the dimeras, can they, my dear phoenix? You may have lost your tattoo, but you still rose from the ashes, didn't you? So the question is, did andre? Did tony? Did stefano? I'm just a normal person

Chloe: Will's dying? Does lucas know?

Rex: Well, at first, he didn't want anyone to know, especially his parents 'cause he was holding out for a viable treatment, or a miracle. But he's got a matter of days, chloe, so he's a lot more open with people now.

Chloe: Oh, my god. Lucas barely got will back, and now he's gonna lose him again?

Rex: I know.

Chloe: So there's no hope?

Rex: Not unless we get rolf's formula, and that's written in his diary, which we don't have. I went through every last note that I took when I worked with rolf, just trying to find something so I could make this antidote.

Chloe: So there's nothing?

Rex: Nothing, nothing that could possibly help will. It was just a whole bunch of mad scientist stuff. I mean, prosthetic masks that he makes for people so they can look like somebody else.

Xander: Come on, kristen. Inquiring minds want to know.

[Phone beeps] Lucky you. Saved by the bell--for now. Huh. Seems like commissioner eve deveraux wants to hoo-whoo with me.

Kristen: What does she want?

Xander: Just some unfinished business.

Jack: [Scoffs] You're afraid that if I get my memory back, I'll go back to jennifer. I--I love you. I love our life. Just because I remember my past, doesn't mean I forget the present, everything that we have built together-- you have to know that.

Eve: [Laughs softly] You know what? I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid that you're gonna get your memory back, jack. I know. I know how strong we are. What I'm afraid of is if you use that serum, my god, I mean, you could-- you could get a brain tumor like will.

[Stammers] I-- I just don't wanna lose you. That's all.

Jack: [Laughs softly] So, you really don't know where that diary is?

Maggie: Thank you for taking me to a meeting. I'd forgotten how supportive the group is, and how safe I-- I feel, and then the strength that I draw from it.

Brady: You got this. And me-- and everyone else around you who loves you. But right now, I have to get you back home to sarah, okay?

Maggie: Yeah. I wonder what she was so intent on telling me. I guess it would be too much to hope that she wants to call off her marriage to rex...


Victor: What are you two doing out and about?

Brady: We went to a meeting.

Victor: I think you should be home resting.

Maggie: I wanted to go.

Victor: 'Cause brady guilted you into it? Can't you go to one damn meeting without dragging maggie into it? Just lost her grandchild. She's not feeling well.

Maggie: It wasn't brady who fell off the wagon, victor. It was me.

[Dramatic music]

Eve: I don't have the diary, jack. But I hope it comes to light for will's sake because nobody knows better than me how much pain-- how much pain you go through when you lose a child, and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. You believe me, don't you?

Jack: Absolutely.

[Tender music]

Eve: It means so much that you believe me--oh, my god-- 'cause I think you're the only person who does.

Jack: [Chuckles] You're the only person who believes in me.

Eve: I do.

Jack: Oh. That's why it's so important that we're honest with each other 'cause you know a lie between us could shatter everything that we've built.

Rex: Okay, thanks. Bye.

[Keypad beeps]

Chloe: Meeting cancelled?

Rex: Yeah, but this was much more interesting.

Chloe: Oh, really? Thanks. Listening to my problems?

Rex: [Laughs]

Chloe: Seriously, thank you for your advice. It gave me some good perspective.

Rex: Chloe, come on. Of course. What are friends for?

Chloe: Mm. Well, this friend had better check in with the chef to see what tonight's specials are, so thanks again.

Rex: You got it.

[Keypad beeps]

[Line ringing]

[Phone rings]

[Keypad beeps]

Sarah: Hey!

Rex: Hi, I just wanted to check in with you, see how you were doing. You tell maggie yet about will?

Sarah: [Sighs] Actually, I-- I still haven't told her.

Rex: Why not?

Sarah: Well, um, she had to go somewhere with brady, and then-- I don't know. The truth is, I'm just hoping that it just would be an unnecessary conversation-- that we'll find the diary, and we'll figure out an antidote, and will will be okay.

Rex: I love how you think, honey, but that's a hell of a long shot. All we need is a miracle. And I'm counting on it.

[Keypad beeps]

[Phone clacks] How long have you been standing there?

Xander: Long enough to know what you need.

Sarah: For you to go to hell?

Xander: Love that wit. But I don't think you're gonna want me to go anywhere. I'm the miracle you've been hoping for.

Jennifer: Hey, hi.

Abe: Oh, you know, I heard about jj's arrest. I'm so sorry.

Jennifer: He's out on bail. Now I'm just hoping that jack drops the charges.

Abe: I hear you on that. Although, I just ran into our new mayor, and he seems pretty damn pleased with his accomplishments.

Jennifer: [Scoffs] What I wouldn't give for you to be back in that job, abe.

Abe: Well, I might have a new one.

Jennifer: What? I knew that someone would snatch you up right away.

Abe: Well, you might not be pleased to hear what it is. I've been offered a position as the cco of dimera enterprises.

Jennifer: Working for stefan? I mean, you're not gonna take it, right?


Abe: I'm not sure.

Stefan: Abe carver is exactly the man we need to restore dimera, mr. Shin. I'm confident he's going to accept my offer. Doesn't hurt that he's family.

[Keypad beeps]

[Door bell ringing] Harold?

[Door bell continues ringing] Harold! This guy--you want a raise?

[Sighs] If you're here to yell at chloe again, she moved out.

Kristen as nicole: I don't wanna talk to chloe. I wanna talk to you.

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