Days Transcript Monday 06/10/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 06/10/19


Episode #13544 ~ Ben rushes to Smith Island to find the cabin on fire; Tripp and Haley are trapped in a dangerous situation; Sonny demands Eve surrender Rolf's diary to save Will's life; and Lani has a realization about her relationship with Baby David.

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Eve: What are you doing here, sonny?

Sonny: Either give me dr. Rolf's diary right now, or I promise you I will kill you.

Eve: Oh, well, I would think twice about, uh, threatening the police commissioner, if I were you.

Sonny: Maybe you don't understand--I will do anything to save will's life, including ending yours. So if I were you, I would give me the damn diary!

Rafe: Whoa, hey, hey, hey. What's, uh... what's--where'd that come from?

Lani: Don't you see it? Your marriage with hope is over. And eli and I are done.

Rafe: Oh...

Lani: We're both free, and there's nothing stopping us.

Rafe: From what?

Lani: From being together. You, me and david.

Rafe: Right.

Ciara: So what made your anxiety skyrocket?

Rory: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Ciara: Try me.

Rory: The necktie killer-- he just threatened to strangle me.

Ciara: [Light laugh] What? That--that's crazy. Why would ben try to threaten you?

Eli: I'd like to know that myself.

Rory: What?

[Tense music]

Hailey: What's wrong?

Tripp: I wish I knew what was taking rory so long with the passports.

[Eerie off-key notes]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Sonny: I talked to john. I know you were alone in seth burns' office.

Eve: And as I told john, I was there to meet with mr. Burns about setting up a fellowship for paige--

Sonny: All right, that's bull! We all know it. But I don't care. All I care about is saving will's life.

Eve: Well, you're not hearing what I have to say here. I can't give you something i don't have, sonny.

Sonny: I need to make something very clear to you. The tumor in will's head is growing, and the only way to treat it and the only way to stop it is with rolf's formula. It's the only hope that we have. I just want the diary! That's it! No one will know I got it from you. Do you want money? I can write you a check--better yet, I will give you cash.

Eve: No, sonny--

Sonny: Just name the price.

Eve: Sonny, stop, stop!

Sonny: I will not stop, because the man that I love is dying, and I will do whatever it takes to save him. Not...not for me, but for our daughter.

Rory: Listen, I don't want any trouble with the cops.

Eli: Then tell me why ben weston threatened you.

Ciara: Ben wouldn't do that. Rory's high. He's just being paranoid.

Eli: Is he now?

Ciara: Yeah.

Eli: Where's weston? Unless you wanna go back down to the station, where I am sure I will find the stash that's on you right now, you'll tell me where ben weston is.

Rory: Dude, this is, like, so not cool. Okay, okay, ben's going to smith island--horton--horton cabin. Horton cabin.

Eli: You better not be lying to me.

Rory: Okay, okay, now what? Now what?

Ciara: tell me why ben would be headed to that cabin.

[Dramatic music]

Haley: Was it a huge mistake to trust rory?

Tripp: What choice do we have? Plus, he did come through with those passports for you and jj, so...

Haley: Tripp, do you think jj will be able to fly up to canada to be with me? I mean, that--that ultimatum that jack laid down was pretty hardcore.

Tripp: [Sniffing] Do you smell smoke?

Haley: Yeah. Someone must be having a campfire.

Rafe: I don't think you know what you're saying.

Lani: Of course I do. Rafe, we are great together. And we're great with david. You feel connected to him, just like I do.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Lani: And no--no man would ever do what you did, rafe-- agree to take in a baby and care for him the way that you have. But you shouldn't have to do it alone, not when it feels so right for us to do it together. We can do this. We can be a family.

Rafe: Oh, lani, lani, I-- I'm sorry, I cannot believe that I didn't see this sooner.

Lani: I know. It--it makes perfect sense, right?

Rafe: No. No, it didn--no. It's wrong, okay, is what it is, and it is entirely my fault.

Eve: [Softly] Sonny... I understand your pain. I truly do. And I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But I swear to you on my daughter's grave that I do not have rolf's diary.

Sonny: [Sniffles] Does that mean that you destroyed it?

Eve: I did not destroy it.

Sonny: [Sniffling] You better hope to god that you're not lying to me, because if you had the power to save will's life and you're choosing not to, his death will be on you.

[Door slams]

Ciara: Ben and I just got something to eat. I left for a few minutes to go talk to someone, and when I came back, he was gone.

Rory: You should be glad. Weston's a psycho.

Ciara: Don't call him that! And don't just tell me that he suddenly decided to go to smith island without telling me. Why, rory? Why would he do that?

Rory: He was going after someone.

Ciara: Who?

Rory: You--I've said too much already, all right? That guy's crazy! I don't wanna die!

Ciara: Rory, wh--uggh!

Ben: [Coughing]

[Tense music]

[Coughing] Claire, what the hell have you done?

Tripp: You know? Let's pack some supplies so we'll be ready to roll. Haley, look.

Haley: Oh, my god. Oh, my god, oh, my god. The cabin's on fire! We--we have to get out of here.

Tripp: There's no way we're going out that way--come on!

Eli: Freeze!

Ben: Thank god you're here. Listen, there's people trapped inside--I saw the door open and close. They're trapped inside right now--you hear me?

Eli: Son of a bitch! Officer tyson, take him in. Book him for arson!

Ben: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I didn't do this!

Eli: Bag that lighter and get him the hell outta here!

Ben: The cabin was on fire when I got here!

Eli: Call in the fire!

Ben: Eli--

Haley: Help! Somebody help us!

[Intense percussive music]

I'm just a normal person

Kate: Days? You're telling me my grandson has days to live, okay? Because I don't accept that.

Roman: Hey, kate, look, i know this is...hard, very hard, but kayla thinks we need to prepare ourselves.

Kate: Kayla needs to prepare herself for a lawsuit right now, okay? Because, clearly, your sister is only worried about covering her own ass because she doesn't want her hospital held responsible...

Roman: Kate--

Kate: For our grandson's death. He has his entire future ahead of him, and if she's not gonna fight for him, I am.

Roman: Stop. Stop. This has nothing to do with kayla, and nobody's giving up on will. Okay? But the reality is we have one option, and time is running out.

Kate: Okay, then, we need to find the notebook. We need to find it.

Sonny: Don't bother. It's a dead end.

Eve: I've had it, xander. You give me that diary now or you're gonna be sorry.



Rafe: I have been so unfair to you.

Lani: What do you mean? Rafe, the past few weeks spending time with you and david... I have cherished every second of it.

Rafe: Yeah. I know you have, and you have been so unbelievably generous, but I've been so damn selfish and self-absorbed, I did not even see how this was affecting you.

Lani: First of all, I just said how being here has been so wonderful. And when you get shot and you-- you lose your wife, it's okay to be a little self-involved.

Rafe: No. It's not. It's not, lani. Listen to me, it is not, not after what happened to you. You lost your son.

Lani: No. Rafe, no. Don't go there.

Rafe: Listen, it's okay--

Lani: No! Why can't everyone just stop psychoanalyzing me? Acting like it is... so crazy for me to want to care for a child who has no one. What is so wrong with that?

Rafe: No, no, no. I was wrong, okay? I was wrong. Listen. Listen, this is my fault, okay, lani? I should've never let you get so close to him.

Lani: Let me? I chose to be here, rafe.

Rafe: [Softly] I know. I know you did. But here's the thing, okay? Here's the thing that you are losing sight of-- david's not your baby. Lani, he's not yours, and he never will be. He's jordan'S.

Lani: Who is in a mental institution and may never come out. Who--who's going to raise david then? Ben? Her serial killer brother? Hell, no. Jordan made it very clear that she didn't want ben anywhere near her son, and no-- no court is gonna give him custody. He killed three people. And he--he tried to burn ciara alive!

Ciara: Ben, where are you? What's going on? Rory said that you threatened him, and then you ran off to smith island? I-- please, ben, just call me back, okay?


Claire: Wait. Ben went to smith island?

Ciara: If you believe rory, then--then, yeah, he did.

Haley: What about the window?

Tripp: No. No. The fire's too intense.

Haley: There's a back door. This way.

[Shrieks] Oh--ooh!

Tripp: Haley! Haley... haley. In terms of treating sensitivity,

Rafe: I know you love david. I do. But...for what's been going on the last few weeks, lani, it's not good, okay? It's not. It's messing with your head.

Lani: So I'm crazy.

Rafe: No. No, no. No, no, you're not crazy, it's just the idea... the idea that you're gonna raise this child... that there's a future, that there's a family here-- it's fantasy.

Lani: Maybe to you it is. But it's not to me. This is all very real.

Rafe: Lani--

Lani: Why can't you see that? My love for that little boy is real. His love for me is real, rafe. Okay? I--I can... I can feel it!

Rafe: Right.

Lani: When he--when he is sleeping and I go to pick him up, and the way that he looks at me, he's so relieved that I'm still there to comfort him and to--to feed him and to--to nurture him. And--and I'm--I'm relieved too, because I have so much love to give my little boy...

[Sobbing] Oh, my god! Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

[Sobbing] Oh, no...

Rafe: Hey, hey...

[Whispers] It's okay.

Lani: No, no, no, it's not okay, it's not okay. No, because... rafe, he's not my little boy. He's not my little boy. My little boy... oh, my god!

Rafe: [Whispers] It's okay.

Lani: My little boy, he's gone, he's gone.

[Sobbing] Oh, my god! This is not right. I-I...oh. I've been... I've been mourning my own son and--and--and... the little boy that I lost. It's just... I had all this love inside of me and no one to give it to. And this little boy, he's so precious. And he's so beautiful and-- and he's healthy and... he needed me. And I needed him. And I let it take over my life, rafe, I let it take over my heart.

Rafe: It's--it's okay. Lani, it's okay, hon. It's understandable.

Lani: 'Cause, um... some part of me always knew that it wasn't right. And I need to apologize to david. My david. Because no one could ever replace him in my heart.

Rafe: Mm.

Lani: I am so sorry. Baby, I am so sorry. Mama is so sorry.

[Sobbing] I'm so sorry.

Rafe: Lani, it's okay. It's okay.

[Melancholy music]

Sonny: I pushed eve as hard as I could, asked for that diary in every way that I could think of. But she swears on paige's grave that she doesn't have the diary.

Kate: [Scoffs] So what are we supposed to do? Throw our hands in the air and just accept that will's gonna die?

Will: Yes, you should. Because I have.

Eve: [Sighs] Damn it, xander. Why haven't you called? You know what? Fine. If you won't come to me, I will come to you.

Ben: I'm telling you I didn't set the damn fire!

Eve: Well, well, what do we have here?

Castle: Detective grant and I caught weston setting fire to the horton cabin on smith island. Help is on the way. Here's the lighter he was holding. Should I take his statement?

Eve: Uh, no, thank you... detective castle. I'll take it from here.

No water access!

Eli: Then go around back. See if there's another way in.

Tripp: Haley...haley, wake up. Haley, come on, come on.

[Coughing] Haley, come on...


[Muttering] I'm gonna get you out of here. Okay...

[Intense music]

Claire: Why would ben go to smith island?

Ciara: I don't get it either. We were literally like just having food in your section, right here, and then you got a phone call and left. Ben seemed really, really distracted, but before he could tell me why, eve came over and started harassing him.

Claire: What? Really?

Ciara: Yeah. She was being really, really nasty saying that she's gonna do everything that she can to make sure he stays in jail for good this time. But ben told me that I should let it go, but I can't let it go--you know me. I couldn't let it go. So I ran after her, and i chased her and I followed her and I let her have it. But when I came back, ben was gone, so my question is, do you know where he went?

Claire: No. No, I don'T. I must've been on my break.

Ciara: Okay. 'Cause when I went looking for him, I ran into jj's old friend, that loser rory, and get this-- he said that the necktie killer threatened to kill him.

Claire: Wait, wait. Why would he say that?

Ciara: Yeah, I don't know. He must've been smoking a ton of weed and was totally paranoid or something. That's what I tried to explain to eli.

Claire: Wait a minute. Eli was there too?

Ciara: Yeah, and eli demanded that rory tell him where ben is, and eli said that he was at smith island, which is... probably a lie, if that's even true. Anyway, ben is gone, and he's not answering his phone, and i need to find him. Okay, if I hurry now, then I can probably make the last ferry.

Claire: Wait, wait--you can't go to smith island.

Ciara: Why not?

Kate: Will, honey, you can't lose hope.

Will: I-I'm not, um... I'm just being realistic. You know, I-I'm--I promise you, I'm fighting this, but it... to be honest, it feels more and more like a losing battle.

Kate: Honey... are you in pain?

Will: No, not right now. But, you know, sometimes I feel myself... slipping away, and... this is happening, and we need to prepare.

Roman: Will... whatever you need, okay? We're here for you. I spoke to john. He said marlena's calling your mom.

Will: Thanks. Yeah, I didn't want to... upset them if I didn't have to, but now that we are where we are, I-I asked grandma to reach out. And will you, um... will you call dad for me?

Kate: Yes, of course I will, honey, but I am not going to give up on finding a solution-- I just can'T.

Will: Thank you. I know, I know.

Kate: I love you so much.


Will: I love you.

Roman: Hey... I love you too, all right? And you hang in there. Keep fighting.

Will: Sonny... uh, what is it?

Sonny: I feel like I failed you.

Lani: Thank you for... helping me realize what I always knew. I just, uh... I couldn't face it.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, thank you... for your kindness. Really, it was unbelievable. Just think maybe going forward, uh... maybe I should have someone else help me out with david.

Lani: Yeah. I understand that. And--and I know that it... it'll be better for david. But I will miss him so much, rafe. And I...I do love that little boy.

Rafe: [Softly] I know. He's gonna miss you too.

Lani: [Quietly] Yeah. Do you think that, uh, that i could say good-bye to him?

Rafe: Course. Yeah.

[Dramatic chords]

Eli: [Coughing]

Ciara: Why can't I go to smith island?

Claire: Because you have no idea what's going on up there. It could be super dangerous, okay? Just, come on, let eli handle it.

Ciara: Okay, but claire, I'm worried. Ben bolting off like that and not answering my phone calls, not calling me back--I just, I--

[Sighs] Something feels really wrong.

Claire: Well, trust me, ha, people walk out on their checks all the time.

Ciara: Okay, no, ben wouldn't do that to you. He wouldn't do that to you. Something doesn't feel right.

Claire: Okay, well, something is not right, ciara. Something is wrong with ben.

[Door opens]

Eve: I'm assuming that you would like your attorney present before making your statement?

Ben: I have nothing to hide.

Eve: Well, all right then. I'm all ears.

Ben: I did not start that fire. The fire was already raging when I got there, and I know who really did start it. Her name is claire brady.

Eve: Excuse me?

Ben: Yes. It's true. And it's not the first time. Claire also started the fire that almost killed ciara.

[Intense music]

Sonny: I threatened eve, okay? I begged her. I even offered her money. But she was adamant that she-- she doesn't have the diary.

Will: That's okay. Thank you for trying.

Sonny: No, it's not enough! I hate that I can't fix this!

Will: No, sonny, no, stop it. It was my... it was my decision to take the serum. And I don't have a single regret about that... even if it kills me. Because you and I... you and I were able to love each other again.

Sonny: [Whispers] I cherish every moment with you. Is it selfish of me that I just wanna lock this door and keep you all to myself?

Will: [Laughs] No, but you think a locked door's gonna stop my mom? She's gonna break the thing down if she has to.

Sonny: Well, when marlena talks to her, I know she's gonna be on the next plane out here. Lucas too.

Will: I don't want my parents to come all this way for a funeral. I would rather them come for a wedding.

[Eli and tripp coughing]

Eli: Call for a medi-copter! And find a clearing where they can land.

Tripp: We need to help her. She hit her head really hard.


Ciara: Claire, there is nothing wrong with ben.

Claire: Okay, look, ciara, I know you love him a lot. And I know his doctors say that he's better now--

Ciara: He is.

Claire: Well, how could you be sure?

Ciara: [Scoffs] Because i know him, claire. I know what's in his heart, and I know that he's a good person.

Claire: Well, even good people can snap. Lucky I caught the express ferry to smith island. Who knows why it happens? Maybe the person just feels unloved, taken advantage of, or maybe just hurt very, very badly. You know, but the point is once you cross that line... there's no coming back.

Ben: I knew something was off the moment I heard claire brady had a lighter that looked just like mine that was found at the cabin where ciara almost died.

Eve: Hmm. Well, I'm sure that claire had a very reasonable explanation for it, right?

Ben: [Scoffs] Eve, she made up some lame story about smoking. I went by her place to ask if i could see the lighter so that maybe I could tell the cops that it definitely wasn't mine. She got super-defensive about it, she told me that she threw it away--meanwhile, there's a pile of tripp's clothes on the ground, soaked in nail polish remover, and it looked to me like she was about to burn 'em.

Eve: So you think that claire was gonna torch her boyfriend's clothes?

Ben: Ex-boyfriend, boyfriend. Look... all I know is that I needed to find definitive proof that i didn't set the fire. If the lighter's gone, then i needed to find another way. So I asked marlena evans to hypnotize me again, because it-- no, look at me. I needed to find something that would just help me remember something new, and I did. When I got back to the cabin and I saw the flames, I heard music.

Eve: Music?

[Laughs] My god, ben, I mean, you are all over the map.

Ben: It was claire's ringtone, okay? And I heard it again today. Eve, you gotta believe me, okay? It was claire who tried to kill ciara.

Eve: Talking about hypnosis, ringtones, hearing things-- I don't know, ben, it seems to me like the cheese is sliding off your cracker--

Ben: No, eve, it's not, because I'm better now, okay? I know you don't care, but I'm better now. I didn't do this.

[Sighs] I know you hate my guts, but I'm not gonna sit back and let you frame me. I'm innocent.

Eve: No, what you are is a freak. A delusional psychopath who's trying to make all this up so you can frame claire brady for a crime that you committed.

Lani: Hey, little man,

[Chuckles] The time that you and I have had together has meant so much to me. You are just the most precious little boy. And maybe, if my son had lived, you two would have been friends. I'm gonna miss you so much. But I know you're gonna be in great hands, okay? I love you so much. Such a sweet boy.


Rafe: Hey, little buddy. You know, I got an idea. Why don't you send some of that love that you have eli's way. I'll bet it's not too late to work things out with him.

Lani: Eli knew what was happening, and I... I denied it. He said I was just using jordan's baby to replace ours.

Rafe: Yeah.

[Baby fusses]

Lani: I don't know if he'll ever forgive me.

[Baby fussing]

Rafe: Whoa, little buddy.

Lani: It's okay. It's all right.

Rafe: I know. She's upset too.

Lani: Yeah. There we go.

[Tripp coughing]

Haley: [Gasps, coughs]

Eli: Thank god. You okay?

Haley: Yeah...yeah, I think so.

Tripp: Eli, you just saved our lives, man. Thank you.

Eli: You're very welcome.

Haley: Thank you.

Tripp: [Coughing]

Eli: You're also under arrest.

Ciara: Why...why would you think that ben snapped? He's been taking his meds. He's been going to therapy.

Claire: Mm-hmm, no, look, i just--I think you need to stay away and let eli handle it.

Ciara: No, claire, I can't, okay? I need answers. Oh, my god. Oh, my god, there was a fire at the cabin in smith island.

Claire: Are they dead?

Ciara: Who's they?

Claire: I don't--like anyone who was there.

Ciara: Doesn't say. Oh, my god. Oh, my god, ben was arrested!

Ben: I'm not imagining any of this, eve. I'm telling you the truth.

Eve: And you expect me to believe that claire brady set that fire a year ago and the one today, when you not only have a history in that arena, my officers caught you red-handed, ben.

Ben: I'm telling you right now that it was claire.

Eve: What were you doing at smith island? Were you bird-watching, canoeing, what?

Ben: Rory told me that claire was on her way up there. I wanted to confront her. By the time I got up there, the whole place was up in flames.

Eve: And did you see claire?

Ben: No, but I know she had been there because she left the lighter behind, and I'm telling you right now, the ringtone i heard was hers. No questions asked.

Eve: You can spin this...

Ben: I'm not spin--

Eve: However you want to. But I know you did it. You've gotten away with far too much for far too long, and you know what, ben weston? You...are gonna pay for what you did to my daughter!

Roman: Do you want me to call lucas?

Kate: Roman, there has to be another way. Maybe...maybe if I talk to eve about the diary--

Roman: Is that really what you want right now, a battle with eve deveraux?

Kate: Right now, I feel like I could beat the truth out of her.

Roman: I know. Listen, I know you're angry, okay? So am I. But sonny said it's a dead end, and you heard will. He wants us to accept what's happening and support him.

Kate: Accept that will is dying? How am I supposed to do that?


Roman: I know. Look, I know. Here's how. You just lean on me. I will lean on you, okay? And somehow, together, we will figure how to get through this.

Sonny: A wedding? What are you talking about?

Will: Well, I-I... I hope you'll give me a pass for not getting down on one knee, but... sonny, I wanna marry you again.

Sonny: Will, I love you so much. There's no way I could love you more than I do right now, okay? Married or not. So if you're doing this for me--

Will:, I'm doing this for me. I want everyone in the world, especially our daughter, to know that the most amazing, wonderful man wants to be my husband.

[Whispers] I love you, sonny. You're the love of my life. And even if that life, you know, lasts just a few more days, nothing in the world would make me happier.

Sonny: [Sniffles]

Will: So... jackson steven kiriakis, would you do me the honor of marrying me?

[Emotional music]

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