Days Transcript Thursday 5/23/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/23/19


Episode #13535 ~ After Holly's funeral, Nicole lashes out at Eric, Sarah, and Maggie. Maggie gives in to temptation. Gabi recruits Kate to help her destroy Stefan's relationship with Chloe. Doug and Julie celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

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Sarah: Holly fay jonas. How is it even possible that we're burying her right now?

[Door clicks open] The funeral is soon. Y-you better get dressed.

Eric: I'm not sure I'm going.

Rex: Why not?

Eric: Nicole's made it pretty clear that she doesn't want to see me.

Sarah: No, she's just angry. Deep down, she knows that you're not to blame for holly's death.

Eric: I don't know about that. But I'm not giving up. Brady said he's gonna talk to her. See if she's okay with me going to the funeral.

[Melancholy music]

Brady: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Chloe: Thanks.

Brady: Come in.

Chloe: Are you heading to st. Luke's?

Brady: I'm gonna go see nicole first.

Chloe: [Sighs] I can't even imagine how she's feeling this morning. But at least you're there for her.

Brady: Well, I don't know how happy she is going to be to see me because I'm gonna try to convince her to let eric come to the funeral. She's still angry with him.

Chloe: She's still angry with me as well. She came over and ripped into me about holly's death all over again.

Brady: I'm sorry that she did that, you--you-- you carried that little girl. You protected her, you loved her, like she was your own.

Chloe: We all loved her very much.

[Sighs] And I know, uh, maggie's heartbroken to have lost her grandbaby. Uh, speaking of maggie, do you know if she's here? I wanted to see her before the funeral.

[Cymbal shimmering]

[Forlorn music]

Maggie: [Sighs] "Important errand to run. Will meet you at the church." "Victor."

[Sobbing quietly]


[Troubling music]

Victor: Mm.

Kate: Well. I hope the wife didn't throw a fit because you're meeting me.

Victor: I didn't tell her.

Kate: You snuck out? Such a coward.

Victor: Eh, saw no point in making her more upset than she already is. What's so urgent?

Kate: Well, I have info about xander.

Victor: Already? You haven't even started working with him yet.

Kate: Well, it's not about titan. I got back to the salem inn last night, and he was there, with nicole, and it was very, very weird.

Victor: Hmm.

Xander: Nicole, it's me. Open the door. What the hell are you wearing?

Nicole: Whoa! It's my dress for holly's funeral. What do you think?

Xander: You've completely lost your mind.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Julie: Darling, you know how much I love hosting gatherings at our club, but...

[Sighs] Not for such a sad occasion as this.

Doug: The loss of a child?

[Sighs] It's gonna be a tough day for a lot of people you and i care about, sweetheart.

[Tender music]

Julie: What's this?

Doug: You weren't supposed to see that until tonight. Uh, but, uh... now that you already have, we--maybe we could just celebrate, um, a great milestone before everybody else arrives.

Julie: And what milestone would that be?

Doug: Fair lady... happy 25th anniversary.

Julie: [Laughs] Aww. My love.

[Uplifting music]

[Footsteps approaching]

Gabi: Is that the best you can do?

Stefan: It's fine.

Gabi: It's crooked. Let me fix it. I'm not gonna bite you. Unless you want me to.

Stefan: The hell are you doing here?

Gabi: Isn't it obvious?

Stefan: I told you, it's over. I'm committed to chloe. You need to get that through your head.

[Mysterious music]

[Door handle shuffles]

Chloe: Maggie. How are you doing?

Maggie: I'm trying to stay strong, but it's not easy.

Chloe: I know, um... look, this isn't gonna make it any easier, but... I wanted to... return this to you. You gave this to holly.

Maggie: Yeah, I remember.

Chloe: I was gonna suggest that holly be buried with it, but nicole made it very clear that she doesn't want any of my input with the burial arrangement, so...

Nicole: Mm. So I'm guessing these don't say "grieving mommy."

Xander: What if somebody else had been at the door? What if they'd seen you wearing that?

Nicole: Oh, please, I knew it was you. Those patchouli fumes were knocking on the door while you were still getting out of the elevator.

Xander: Yes, well, maybe it is too much.

Nicole: Yeah, it's giving me a headache. But how about I take you shopping tomorrow and we can find you a new scent? Something less... robust?

Xander: Aww. That's a lovely idea.

Nicole: Yeah.

Xander: Except for the fact that no one can see us out and about together 'cause no one can know we're working together.

Nicole: Mm.

[Knocking on door]

Brady: Nicole? It's me, are you in there?

Doug: I don't suppose my gift's around here anyplace?

Julie: Oh! I was going to give it to you after dinner. You know I didn't forget.

Doug: Trust me, after all these years together, I know you never forget anything.

Julie: [Laughs]

Doug: Go ahead, open it.

Julie: Okay. Oh, doug! Oh, it's beautiful! This reminds me of...

Doug: Switzerland. You and I finally reunited. And we married for the third and final time. And the rest is history, beautiful history.

Julie: You know, I don't suppose it's possible... but I love you now more than I ever did before.

Doug: Well... I'm a very lovable guy.

Julie: Thank you for my gift. Thank you for... the music. The romance.

Doug: Yeah.

Julie: The passion. Thank you for a thousand days... of love. And all the laughs.

Doug: And a few tears along the way. But this, uh, celebration is not quite over.

[Romantic jazz music plays]

May I have this dance, my most beautiful girl?

Kate: Xander was coming out of nicole's room. And the thing is, they didn't seem unfriendly, if you know what I mean. They seemed kind of chummy.

Victor: How so?

Kate: They were shaking hands, almost as if they had agreed to a deal.

Victor: Did you hear what they were saying?

Kate: No. No. I wasn't close enough.

Victor: Nicole can't stand xander. Wonder what she's up to.

[Knocking on door]

Brady: Nicole?

Nicole: Hide. Hide. Uh... just a minute.

[Suspenseful music]

Brady: Hey. How are you holding up? Oh, look, hey, hey. It's okay. It's okay. I'm here.

Nicole: Brady, I couldn't sleep. All I could think about was holly, all the days lost, all the days I'll never have.

Brady: I know. I know. Having a little, uh, champagne?

Nicole: Mimosa. I-I know I shouldn't, but my nerves, I just-- I just needed something, and... what am I gonna do, brady? How am I gonna say good-bye to my little girl?

Brady: Look, I'll tell you what you're gonna do. You're gonna rely on all the people that love you, so much, and their support that they're going to give you, and... there's one person in particular who would-- who would really like to come to the funeral. I spoke to eric.

Nicole: No.

Brady: Really, but, nicole--

Nicole: No.

Brady: He wants--

Nicole: Absolutely not.

Brady: Nic, he loved holly. He--he just wants to say good-bye. I know you're angry with him right now, but I think it would mean the world to him to be there. I was hoping you'd consider it. He was ready to be a father to her. Nic, he--he's grieving, a lot. Please, consider it.

Nicole: All right. A favor to you. But you have to promise, you won't let him anywhere near me.

Brady: All right. I'll let him know. But I am hoping that sometime in the not-so-distant future, you will find it in your heart to forgive him.

Nicole: No. I will never forgive him.

Eric: She's angry. She's shut everyone out of her life except for brady.

Sarah: And that's not weird at all? When nicole and holly moved to nashville, she hated brady. She'd go off on how he destroyed her life and any chance of happiness, and now he's the only one that she's letting in? It's just...

Eric: She believes that brady is the only one who really fought for holly.

Sarah: I mean, even still, you have to admit, it's kind of odd after everything that he did to you two.

Eric: Brady's genuinely sorry. He made his amends. Now he's fought for nicole to keep her out of xander's life. I'm just grateful that my brother, he stood up to that psycho and managed to keep him out of her life for good.

Brady: Listen, do you-- do you want a ride to the church? I can--I can wait till you get dressed if you want.

Nicole: That's very sweet, but I-I still need some time alone.

Brady: Okay. I'll see you there.

Nicole: Okay.

Brady: It's just... strange.

Nicole: What's wrong?

Brady: Nicole, I'll be honest with you, it smells like-- it smells like cheap cologne in here. Is there somebody here?

Nicole: The room service waiter who delivered the champagne was wearing way too much cologne.

Brady: Yeah, I-- he should consider a lighter scent or something.

Nicole: Yeah. I couldn't agree more.

Brady: Pretty bad. All right. I'll see you, uh, I'll see you soon, okay?

Nicole: Yeah, thanks.

[Door shuts]

Xander: For the record, women usually love the way I smell.

Nicole: Oh, would you get over it? We've got bigger problems to worry about, which is why i wanted to see you. You have a loose end that you need to take care of. Right now.

Gabi: The ego on you. I didn't come here for sex.

Stefan: Oh!

Gabi: Oh, did I say that too loud?

[Whispering] Sex!

Stefan: What the hell do you want?

Gabi: Stefan, I came to pay my respects to chloe.

Stefan: You can hardly stand to be in the same room with her.

Gabi: True. But parker and ari, they're besties, and I mean, I'm a mom, okay? Chloe just lost a child. That is just unimaginable.

Stefan: Couldn't you have just sent a card?

Gabi: I have something better than that. See, I took a photo of ari with parker and holly a few weeks ago and I thought she'd want a copy of it.

Stefan: I'm sure chloe will appreciate that.

Gabi: How's parker taking the news?

Stefan: He's pretty shaken up. Chloe thinks the funeral will traumatize him, so he's staying here with the nanny.

Gabi: Well, I have an idea. Why don't I, uh, bring ari over and he can play with her until you and chloe are done at the service? I'm sure that he could use a friend right now.

Stefan: Wow. You actually make it seem like you might have a heart.

Chloe: Well, I should head to the church.

Maggie: Um, is it okay if I get a ride with you?

Chloe: Of course, but... aren't you going with victor?

Maggie: Apparently, he has something more important to do.

Chloe: Uh, is everything all right with you two?

Maggie: Oh. We've hit a rough patch. You know. Since holly's death, it's kind of stirred up a lot of emotions, and... kate is taking advantage of it. She's putting herself right in the middle of things that don't concern her... like my marriage.

Chloe: That woman is all fangs and claws. Whatever she's up to, you need to put a stop to it.

Maggie: Yeah.

Kate: Maybe nicole was just making nice so xander would give her a divorce.

Victor: The divorce is a done deal. Brady negotiated it with xander.

Kate: Really? So is that the reason that brady gave xander a job at titan?

Victor: Partly.

Kate: Oh, my god. Seriously, are you never going to tell me the full story?

Victor: No.

Kate: All right, fine. Whatever. The point is that if xander and nicole have really already worked out their divorce, it even makes less sense that she was there with him.

Victor: If that idiot is in bed with that whore-- so to speak-- then there is definitely something fishy going on... and I intend to get to the bottom of it.

Eric: Thank you. Brady. I really appreciate it. Okay, bye.

Sarah: So? He convinced nicole to let me go to the funeral.

Sarah: Good. I'm glad. You deserve to say good-bye to holly.

[Door handle shuffles]

Rex: Guys, I'm so sorry. I have to go to the hospital. One of my patients just coded. I can't go to the funeral. I'm so sorry. I know it's gonna be really hard and I just want to be there with you.

Sarah: No, no, go. Your patients need you more.

Rex: I love you.

Sarah: I love you.

Rex: Take care of my fiancéE.

Eric: Yeah.

Rex: Thanks.

[Melancholy music]

Sarah: You'd better get dressed if we wanna be on time.

Eric: Yeah, you're right.

Sarah: Eric. I really want to go with you. But given that nicole thinks that there's something going on between us, maybe it's best if we-- if we go separately.

Eric: You're right. I just want to do whatever it takes to avoid making it any worse than it already is.

Nicole: We have to make sure that the autopsy report doesn't contradict what everyone thinks... that holly died in the explosion. So I need you to break in to the hospital and change her records.

Xander: I'm on it. But, before I go, I just want to be sure-- are you up to playing the grieving mother at the funeral?

[Intense music]

Nicole: Piece of cake.

Gabi: Kate. Congratulations. I heard you're over at titan again.

Kate: Yes. Thank you. And you are team dimera, so I guess that means that we're rivals.

Gabi: Well, not necessarily. I mean, we're still on the same team about bringing down stefan.

Kate: You know, gabi, after your big fat revenge... scheme... blew up in your face, I would've thought that would've been a learning moment for you.

Gabi: I'm never gonna forgive stefan. And I'm not gonna stop until he pays.

Kate: Mm, well, good luck with that.

Gabi: Kate.

Kate: Yes?

Gabi: I just want to say that I'm sorry. You know, for the blackmail. I mean, all of it. I was just so hung up on destroying stefan's life, I didn't really think about destroying your life, and I regret that.

Kate: Well, I don't think we need to dredge all of that up now, do we?

Gabi: Water under the bridge.

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Gabi: I know that we aren't as close as we used to-- and this is probably asking a lot, but... I was hoping we could be friends again, I mean, at least for ari's sake.

Kate: How is ari?

Gabi: Sad. She's confused. About holly and everything that's happening. She's the love of my life and the light of my life. I just hope that you could come see her.

Kate: Well... I would like that. Is there something else?

Gabi: I just--I-I miss having my coconspirator. I miss bouncing ideas off of you.

Kate: You have ideas?

Gabi: I do.

Kate: You do not make me regret this.

Gabi: [Sighs]

[Uplifting music]

Eric: Nicole, I just... wanted to say if or whenever you need my help, I'm here for you.

Nicole: Eric. Don't hold your breath.

Eric: I'm just trying to help.

Nicole: Well, if you really mean that, then leave.

Sarah: Please don't do this.

Nicole: Oh!

Sarah: Eric loved holly.

Nicole: Look! Your girlfriend's here to defend you.

Sarah: Eric loves you.

Nicole: Oh, well, unfortunately, any love I had for eric is dead and buried with my daughter. Now, please, get the hell out of my face!

Eric: I'm sorry.

[Stark music]

Gabi: Okay, so I've got stefan on the line. All I gotta do is marry him, take him for all he's worth.

Kate: Hmm. Okay. Sex is a weapon, which is a classic ploy. But it can be a double-edged sword.

Gabi: [Laughs] You think that I would actually fall for that cabrón? Not a chance. Everything is going according to plan. Except for one small glitch.

Kate: What's that?

Gabi: Chloe lane. Stefan thinks that she makes his heart sing or something. So I need her out of the way. Today.

Kate: Oh! Today? Holly's funeral? That's a bit cold, don't you think?

Gabi: Oh, you disapprove?

Kate: Eh. It's chloe.

Gabi: I've got a plan, but I don't think I can pull it off alone.

Kate: So you're asking for my help.

Gabi: Maybe.

Kate: I'll see what I can do.

[Cool music]

Xander: Come on.

[Grunts] Hmm. Holly jonas. Jackpot.

Nicole: I-I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gone off like that.

Brady: Ah, you're-- you're under a lot of stress right now.

Nicole: Well, thanks to you, I have one less thing to worry about. Xander's out of my life for good.

Victor: Is that so? If you're so glad to be rid of xander, how come you two were so chummy last night?

[Dramatic music]

-And we welcome back gary,

[Phone beeps]

[Dial tone ringing]

[Phone chirping]

[Phone beeps]

Stefan: Why are you calling me?

Gabi: I'm sorry to interrupt. I'm over at your place with parker and ari, but there's a bit of a problem.

Stefan: What's wrong?

Gabi: Well, parker's really upset about holly, and I don't know how to calm him down. I-I didn't want to pull chloe away from her friends and family at a time like this, so I just figured I'd call you instead.

Stefan: Oh, I'm glad you did. I think being here is good for chloe. So I'll handle it. All right, I'm leaving here now.

Gabi: Thank you. We'll see you soon.

[Phone beeps]

Chloe: Hey.

Stefan: Hey.

Chloe: Is everything all right?

Stefan: Yeah, dimera business. Do you mind if I just duck out for a bit? I hate to leave you here, but--

Chloe: No, it's okay. You've been amazing, and I'm so grateful. Uh, so you can go. I'll be fine, I promise.

Stefan: All right, I'll be back soon.

[Tender music]

Brady: Do you really think now is the time and place to bring up whatever you think you know?

Victor: Apparently, I know a lot more than you do. Don't try to deny it. I know you were seen shaking hands outside of your hotel room.

Brady: Is this true?

Nicole: W-what are you, spying on me?

Victor: No. Kate told me when I met with her earlier.

Maggie: That was your errand?

Nicole: Well, you can tell kate to mind her own business, okay, it was nothing.

Victor: Then answer me. What kind of nothing are you carrying on with my idiot nephew?

Nicole: Xander was being a pest, as usual. I told him to leave me alone.

Victor: That doesn't explain the handshake.

Nicole: Well, you know, not that it's any of your business, victor, but he tried to kiss me. He wanted a kiss.

Brady: He tried to kiss you?

Nicole: Yeah. Look, it's about the divorce. Xander went on and on about how he needed closure, and I reminded him that it wasn't a real marriage, so I told him a handshake was all he was gonna get, and that's it, that's what he got.

Victor: I don't buy it. There's something else going on.

Nicole: Well, I am telling you the truth!

Victor: Yes, well, you and the truth haven't always been simpatico, have you?

Brady: She gave you an explanation. Stop grilling her right now.

Maggie: Victor, please. Not now. Not here.

Nicole: Maggie, I don't need you to defend me.

Maggie: I was just trying to help.

Nicole: Yeah, of course you were. But where was your help when holly needed it?

Maggie: We talked about this. I thought you understood.

Nicole: Until I watched my daughter being buried into the cold, hard ground because of eric, chloe, and you. You all failed my little girl. You know what, please, brady, could you just get me out of here, I want to leave.

Brady: That's a good idea.

Nicole: Please.

Brady: Let's--let's go.

[Dramatic music]

Xander: And changes saved.

Rex: What the hell? Who are you? What're you doing here?

Xander: Oh, I had a physical for my new job. I was just looking for the results.

Rex: This is a restricted area.

Xander: Oh, my mistake.

Rex: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I recognize you. You're xander. You're the bastard who slept with my fiancéE.

Gabi: Hi! I wasn't expecting you so soon.

Stefan: Uh... what are you doing?

Gabi: Oh. Parker spilled some juice all over me, so I came up here to clean up.

Stefan: I just saw parker downstairs and he's playing with arianna. Seems just fine.

Gabi: I managed to talk him down.

Stefan: Uh-huh. Will you stop that?

Gabi: Stop what?

Stefan: That.

Gabi: Stefan, what're you afraid of?

Stefan: Nothing. I just need you to put your dress back on.

Gabi: I can't because it's still wet.

Stefan: There you go.

Gabi: Thank you. I'm sorry that you had to come all the way over here for nothing.

Stefan: It's all right.

Gabi: Is there any way that I could make it up to you?

Stefan: [Groans]

Victor: I'm sorry nicole attacked you. She has no right to blame you.

Maggie: I have a simple question. Why did you have to sneak off to see kate?

Victor: I left you a note.

Maggie: And my granddaughter was buried today. And I could've used your support. Instead, you chose to be with that woman.

Victor: It was business.

Maggie: And I'm your wife! I needed you!

Kate: Okay, so, what's all the yelling about now? Did someone smash another one of maggie's figurines?

Maggie: Oh, I warned you to stay out of my marriage.

Kate: Maggie. Victor and I work together. It's perfectly innocent.

Maggie: Nothing about you is innocent.

Victor: You're blowing everything out of proportion.

Maggie: You know what? I am so tired of being told that I'm wrong, that I am overreacting. God! I know what I see. And I know I'm right.

Victor: Maggie, please, don't make a scene.

[Glass shatters]

Maggie: Damn you, victor!

[Dramatic music]

Eric: Did you see the way nicole looked at me? The hate in her eyes?

Sarah: She doesn't hate you, eric--

Eric: Yes, she does!

[Door handle shuffles]

Nicole: Brady, I'm so sorry I made a scene.

Brady: Victor had no right to push you like that.

Nicole: I shouldn't have blown up at maggie. She didn't deserve that.

Brady: Nic, you-- you just buried your daughter. You--you held up like a champ.

Nicole: Until I didn'T.

Brady: Everyone understood.

Nicole: No, they didn'T. You do. I couldn't have gotten through this day or--or any of this without you. And I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. Things are bad.

Maggie: [Sighs] Yeah.


[Melancholy music]


[Troubling music]

[Glass resounds]

[Discordant music]

Kate: I didn't mean to upset the wife.

Chloe: Sure you didn'T.

Kate: Oh, good. I came by to see you, actually.

Chloe: Me? Why?

Kate: Yes, um, I was talking to ari on the phone and she told me that she was having a playdate with parker.

Chloe: Yeah. I thought the funeral would be too upsetting for him.

Kate: Yeah, no, I-I get that. I do. The thing is, ari told me that parker is really upset. She didn't give me all the details, but I'm just assuming that it is about holly and... well, I thought maybe you'd like to leave here early and get home and see what's going on.

Stefan: I should, uh, get going. I told chloe I wouldn't be long.

Gabi: I totally... respect that. So you care about her, she needs you. It's been a hell of a long day. What do you need?

Stefan: Gabi, don'T.

Gabi: Well, I mean, you're not gonna get it from chloe. But I'm here. Just you and me. Your pain, your grief. We can make it all go away. One last time.

Stefan: I don't think that's such a good idea.

Gabi: Okay. I understand. At least it was worth a shot, right?


Stefan: Damn it.

[Percussive music]

Sarah: I know that I keep saying it, but... you just kind of have to wait it out. Nicole's daughter is... gone, and she just doesn't know which way is up.

Eric: You know, I keep telling myself that... she's gonna get past the anger and she's gonna come back to me, but what if she doesn't? I mean, how do I live with knowing that I... I destroyed us?

Sarah: You didn't destroy anything, eric. You are too good a man.

[Tender music]

Rex: You're a son of a bitch, you know that?

Xander: And you must be rex. What a lucky man. Have a good day.

Rex: That you slept with sarah is bad enough, but you hit on her the other day?

Xander: My bad. Totally out of line. I apologize to you both. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Rex: What're you hiding behind your back here?

Xander: Nothing.

Rex: Why the hell do you have holly jonas' file?

Brady: Please don't thank me. I've done some pretty bad things to you. Think I'm gonna spend most of my life trying to make up for those things, and-- and not just to you, to others.

Nicole: Brady... that's all in the past. And the past wasn't all that bad, was it? Freddie?

Brady: Canada. Yeah, I remember.

Nicole: We were on the run, but... we were gonna raise holly and tate together. Be a real family. And, for a while... we were happy.

Brady: Yeah, we were. We were very happy.

[Dramatic music]

[ Grunting ]

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