Days Transcript Wednesday 5/22/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 5/22/19


Episode #13534 ~ Eve sets out to punish Ben. Ben becomes more suspicious of Claire. JJ and Haley grow closer while taking refuge at the Horton cabin. Lani makes a confession to Rafe.

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Jack: The era of inept law enforcement is over.

Eve: Yes.

Jack: We are cracking down on crime and cracking down hard.



Jack: So, without further ado, I am pleased and proud to announce my new and improved police commissioner, eeeeve deveraux!

[Crowd whooping]

Jennifer: [Mouthing] What?

Jack: It was eve who first encouraged me to run for mayor. She was a stellar campaign manager, and I have complete confidence that with this tough, smart, visionary woman leading the salem pd, we will finally restore law and order!

[Cheers and applause]

Eve: Thank you so much, mr. Mayor.

[Jack laughs] And I'm honored to accept this position, and I look forward to our continued partnership as we fight on behalf of these wonderful citizens of this great city.

[Cheers and applause]

Jack: All right! Any questions? Y-yes?

Jennifer: I have one. Have you lost what's left of your mind?

[Knocking on door]

Hope: Haley? Jj?

[Knocking] Come on, open up. You have a credit card?

Eli: Yeah.

Hope: Don't worry--I won't ruin it.

Tripp: Hey. What's going on?

Hope: Tripp. W-what are you doing here? Where's jj and haley?

Ciara: Lani lied to me.

Rafe: Lani. You didn't tell me that ciara came by yesterday. And I had no idea that david was sick.

Lani: Okay, yeah, I lied. But I was only trying to protect david.

Rafe: Protect him from what?

Lani: From ben. There's no way that man is stable enough to be around his nephew.

Claire: Ignore this. Ha ha! Mm-hmm.

[Dark music]

[Door opens]

Ben: Claire. What are you doing?

[Intense music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Claire: Haven't you heard? Tripp broke up with me.

Ben: Ciara told me. I'm sorry.

Claire: Well, you know, tripp's the one who should be sorry. I literally went above and beyond to help haley. I...I let my boyfriend marry another woman, knowing that it was gonna destroy my relationship. And guess what. It did.

Ben: Well, maybe you and tripp can work things out.

Claire: I just--I didn't want him to get in trouble. Right? I wanted to protect him. I wanted to be with him. Did he appreciate that? At all? No. No, ben, not one bit. And now...

[Chuckles] You have no idea how much this hurts.

Ben: Well, you're obviously really upset about tripp. But what's up with his clothes? Were you gonna torch 'em?

[Off-key violin notes]

Rafe: I know you wanna protect david, but...hey. You don't have to lie, okay? Just come to me.

Lani: Rafe, you have enough that you're dealing with, and i don't want to pile on.

Ciara: I'm sorry, but why, exactly, is lani a part of this discussion? Who is she to say whether ben is stable enough to spend time with his own nephew?

Lani: I really don't understand why all of a sudden ben is so determined to be around his nephew.

Ciara: When ben was growing up, jordan took care of him. And when they finally ran away from his sadistic father, her stepfather, she was all that ben had. So all he's trying to do is be there for her son the same way she was for him.

Rafe: Hmm. Yeah. I don't know, I-I--

Ciara: You can set ground rules, you can supervise. Come on, rafe, you can do anything you want. Just please don't shut ben out, please. And don't deny that sweet baby the only family he has right now.

Eli: No sign of haley and jj.

Tripp: I tried to tell you guys they weren't here.

Hope: What you haven't said is why you're here.

Tripp: So when haley and jj took off, I was listening to my dad's police scanner, and i heard you guys might have a tip that they might be at this motel and so I came here to try to convince them to turn themselves in, but they were gone. I don't know if they were ever really here at all.

Hope: You expect me to believe any of that?

Tripp: Why wouldn't you?

Hope: You married haley to keep her from being deported. All of a sudden, now you want her to turn herself in?

Tripp: Things are getting a little out of hand.

Hope: Something we both agree on--haley and jj are in deep trouble. If you're holding out on me, you're gonna be in it right alongside them.

Jj: I'm glad tripp was able to bring us money for these outfits. Hope we fooled the guys on the ferry.

Haley: I've always wanted to see smith island ever since you told me about it, just...not like this.

Jj: Well...this is my family cabin. We'll be safe here for a little while until we figure out how to get into canada.

Haley: I like it. It's really, really charming in A...rustic sort of way. I bet you had a lot of good memories here growing up.

Jj: Yeah, I sure did.

Haley: Jj... are you sure about this? You really want to give up your whole life to run away with me? Things are bad.

Jj: Haley, we... we talked about this. I-I...I want to get away from my dad. And my mom can come visit us. Hey...canada is awesome.

Haley: It is?

Jj: Yeah, first of all, it's beautiful. And the people are so nice there and....there's hockey and skiing and moose.

Haley: [Laughs] Moose.

Jj: Yeah, sure. Who doesn't like moose?

Haley: I just--I-I didn't know you were a fan.

Jj: Remember, I used to be a cop. Maybe I could become a royal mountie. Hmm?

Haley: [Laughs] Yeah, yeah, no, I can, um... yeah, I can totally see you rocking that red jacket. Uh, and that hat--so hot.

Jj: Yeah. What about poutine?

Haley: Uh, excuse me?

Jj: It's a canadian junk food classic. Gravy on top of fresh fries and cheese curds.

Haley: Yeah, I-I don't know about that, but... but I am pretty starving.

Jj: Starving?

Haley: Mm-hmm.

Jj: I don't know if there's so much around here except, uh, two cans of beans and weenies.

Haley: Beans with what?

Jj: Weenies. You know, like little hot dogs? Franks and beans? Check it. My mom always, uh, kept a few cans around for sentimental reasons. Apparently, she and my dad survived on these when they were on the run.

Haley: Okay, now, that is a story I need to hear.

Jj: You know, believe it or not, those were happy times for my parents. Seeing them now... it's hard to believe they were ever happy.

Jennifer: You're replacing hope brady hernandez with your wife? Is this a joke?

Jack: Joke? No! No, not at all. As I said earlier, eve did a brilliant job as my campaign manager, and I expect her to do the same for the salem police department.

Jennifer: Is she qualified? Because she has no background in law enforcement. She's more likely to commit a crime than stop one.

Eve: Jack, come on. We're done.

Jack: I--uh, t-thank you. Thank you, that'll be all for today, thank you for coming, and as always, thank you for your support, thank you--

Jennifer: You are making a huge mistake, jack. Come on!

Jack: I know you are upset about your cousin, but I'm the decider--I've made my decision.

Jennifer: Making eve top cop? Are you kidding me? Have you lost your mind, jack? How are you gonna sell that to the public?

Eve: Well, newsflash for you, jennifer--police commissioner's an administrative job. You don't have to be a cop. I'm gonna bring a fresh perspective to the position-- an outside view.

Jennifer: An outside view? You're married to the man who gave you the job, eve.

Eve: And I'm sure you're gonna put that in that little hatchet piece that you're gonna write about us after this. But I can tell you right now-- I'm completely independent.

Eve: No, you're not. You're gonna be a complete failure, because you are no more qualified to run a police department than he is to be mayor.

Rafe: I'm looking after david because jordan asked me to. And my priority is to keep him safe.

Ciara: Yeah, but ben would never hurt anybody, especially his own nephew.

Rafe: Ciara--

Ciara: How could letting him spend a little time together be harmful? And besides, you obviously need help with the baby, otherwise lani wouldn't be around him all the time.

Lani: Oh, no, I'm happy to help.

Ciara: Yeah, well, so is ben.

Rafe: [Small laugh]

Ciara: Rafe, can you please just try to give him a chance? Please, please, please, please, please, please? Please.

Rafe: Okay, you know what?

[Mug thunks down] Tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna talk to jordan. But I will tell you, the last time I saw her, she was not in a good place. I will ask her, however, and if she says it's okay... then I guess I'm okay with it.

Claire: Ha ha. Torch them? Uh...why on earth would I do that, ben? I'm angry, but I'm not crazy.

Ben: So what's the plan here?

Claire: Well, tripp tossed me out like trash, so...figured i would toss his clothes into the hallway and show him how mad i am--I don't know.

Ben: I don't blame you.

Claire: You don't?

Ben: No.

Claire: Ciara understood how I felt, but, um, I really didn't expect you to.

Ben: Yeah, well, what tripp did was completely unfair... expecting you to, what, just wait around for years? It's just wrong.

Claire: Thank you. Yeah, try telling tripp that.

Ben: I could. But honestly, I think you could do a lot better. I haven't really been a big fan of that guy since he tried to frame me for setting that fire at the cabin.

Claire: Yeah, I know. That was a horrible thing to do.

Ben: You know they reopened the case, right? Jordan swears she had nothing to do with it, and even though there's zero proof linking me to the fire, I'm back to being the number one suspect. Go figure. All because of that cigarette lighter. You know, the one jj found in your jewelry box? Claire, I know you think I left it here, but I'm telling you--

Claire: Well, how--how else would I have ended up with it?

Ben: I don't know, claire. All I know is that that is the lighter that jj took to the police, because it was the same kind of lighter that I used with chad and abigail. And then ciara told the police that it was similar to the one that I had back at the cabin.

Claire: So?

Ben: So if the police decide that lighter's mine, I'm gonna go to prison. That's why I would like to take a look at it for myself. Can I see it, please?

Claire: No! No, you can'T.

Tripp: I wish I could help you guys, but I honestly have no idea where haley and jj are.

Hope: And I honestly think that you know more than you're saying. He leaves us no choice but to bring him in for questioning. Cuff him.

Tripp: What?

Eli: Let's go.

Tripp: [Scoffs]

[Beep beep]

Eli: What is it?

Hope: Tripp's lucky day. "You have... officially been relieved of your duties as police commissioner. Cheers." Mayor jack deveraux. My pink slip.

[Intense music]

Jj: One order of beans and weenies. Go on.

Haley: All right, here goes nothin'. Hmm. Not bad. Not bad. Can you believe mayor jack deveraux used to eat these?

Jj: [Laughs] Listen, dad acts all high and mighty, but... in addition to being a rapist, uh... my dad was sentenced to prison, um, for life for murder.

Haley: What?

Jj: It was--it was an accident. The guy turned out to be alive, dad still got locked up. That's why it''s amazing to see how self-righteous he is now. Going after you with a vengeance. When he broke out of prison and went on the run with my mom.

Haley: Where'd they go?

Jj: They hid out in the circus.

Haley: No, seriously.

Jj: I swear. Like, my dad was an animal keeper, and my mom got knives thrown at her and... my sister was a clown.

Haley: [Laughs] What?

Jj: Yeah, if canada doesn't work out, we can always give that a shot.

Haley: Wow. Your--your dad sounds like he was a very different man back then. Your mom must have really loved him if she decided tag along on that crazy ride.

Jj: Yep. She did. Which is why it''s killing her now. He doesn't remember how much they meant to each other.

Eve: You just had to ruin this for jack, didn't you?

Eve: Nothing has been more ruinous to jack than you.

Eve: [Scoffs] You just can't stand the fact that he loves me and that we're married. So you had to come all the way down here just to destroy us. You know what you are, jennifer? You're pa-the-tic!

Jack: Excuse me--what's going on?

Eve: I'm just letting your ex know that she needs to get a life.

Jennifer: I'm just letting eve know where she can shove her insults.

Jack: Uh, could I--please, could we just talk privately? Privately, please. Privately. Jennifer, please. Can we just--please.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: Look, I know... I know that you're disappointed that I beat your friend abe in the mayoral race, and I know that you resent me for naming eve as hope's replacement. But... change has come to salem. Change has come, and if you could just accept it--

Jennifer: Don't you sling your slogans at me and don't you tell me how to feel. I don't know how she talked you into giving her that job, but she is not the right person for it, and she is manipulating you, jack.

Jack: I know what I'm doing.

Jennifer: Oh, I wish that were true, but it's not. But as a journalist and citizen of this city, I am not going to let you jeopardize anybody else's lives with this reckless decision that you have made.

Jack: Meaning what?

Jennifer: Meaning I am going to be all over the two of you. And I am going to expose both of you for the con artists that you are.

Eve: Jack. Do not let that shrew get to you. This is your big day.

Jack: And yours, madame commissioner.

Eve: Damn straight. Yes, that police department needs a shake-up, and I'm just the woman to do it. Killers like ben weston certainly won't be roaming the streets when I'm in charge.

Jack: I can't even imagine what it's like for you to walk and see him there free, walking around. But I tell you what. Now you have the power. You have the power, and you can get justice for your daughter.

Eve: Thank you. Thank you for giving me that power, jack, and I promise you I will not waste it. Yeah. Ben weston? He's gonna get exactly what he deserves.

Ben: Why can't I see the lighter?

Claire: Because I threw it out after jj gave it back to me. Yeah, I didn't wanna be tempted to smoke again, so...

Ben: Okay...[Huffs] I mean, I really wish I could have seen it. You know, maybe I could have told the police it definitely wasn't the lighter I used.

Claire: Uh, and...and do you think they would just take your word for it?

Ben: I-- that's a good point.

Claire: Yeah. What are you doing here, anyway?

Ben: Came by to grab ciara's spare phone charger, actually.

Claire: Okay.

Ben: Do you smell that?

[Sniffing] It's like chemicals.

Claire: No. No, I don'T.

Ben: [Small laugh] You know, maybe it's lucky for tripp you tossed that lighter.


[Unsettling off-key notes]

(Woman) when you take align,

Ciara: Thank you. Thank you so much for agreeing to talk to jordan.

Rafe: Okay.

Ciara: Oh, my gosh, um, also, do you mind if I took a couple of pictures of david real quick just to show--

Lani: He's napping right now, ciara.

Ciara: You know what? I won't wake him. I promise.

Rafe: No, it's okay. Go ahead. Yeah.

Lani: I, um... really sorry that I lied to ciara, rafe. But I don't feel comfortable with ben seeing the baby.

Rafe: Yeah, I understand. I understand your reasons. But this is my decision to make, and you should have come to me.

Lani: You're right. It won't happen again. And I know that you want to protect david as much as I do.

Jj: Rory and I, we've-- we've had our issues, but I... think we're good now.

Haley: So you're gonna ask him to get us fake passports?

Jj: Yeah. It's a good thing tripp brought us that money, 'cause...they don't come cheap.

Haley: Yeah, I don't know, jj. This rory guy sounds a little shady.

Jj: But, I mean, so was i back then. I mean...dealing drugs, getting busted. Angry at the world.

Haley: Huh. Well, I find that very hard to believe, actually. Just 'cause you're one of the most... caring, most kind people I've ever met. Jj, you saved my life. Now here you are saving me from being deported back to china.

Jj: And, uh, now I'm going to show you what a truly great guy I am... by doing the dishes.

Haley: Thank you.

Jj: Mm-hmm.

[Quiet music]

There's no water. Let me see if I can take a look down here.

[Loud hissing]

Haley: Oh, my god!

[Hissing continues]

Eli: Jack can't do this. And what is that fool thinking?

Hope: That I have no respect for him, which is true. But it's good news for you, tripp. Now that I'm no longer on the force, technically I can't bring you in for questioning.

Tripp: He's still on the force.

Eli: True. But I have no idea who my new boss is, and without clear orders on how to proceed, I have to make a judgment call. And my judgment is to take your story at face value.

Tripp: Uh...thank you.

Hope: Just between the three of us, I know you're trying to help jj and haley, but this is serious business. Ice does not play games.

Tripp: I'll be careful.

Hope: You better be. Otherwise, the three of you could end up behind bars.

Eve: Oh, jack. I can't even begin to thank you for me this chance here.

Jack: Hey, I wouldn't give you the chance if I didn't think you'd do a terrific job.

Eve: Well, you know my first order of business is to find that fugitive haley chen and bring her to justice.

Jack: What about jj?

Eve: Jack, now, if you're asking me to protect him--

Jack: I'm not, I'm not, I'm not. If jj is indeed harboring a fugitive... it's a crime, and he'll have to...suffer the consequences. I wanted more from

Jj: [Exhales] Oh, thank you.

Haley: God, you are so drenched. Do you need help with that?

Jj: Yeah.

Haley: Hmm. Yeah, I guess those, uh, those pipes were pretty old, huh?

Jj: You never know what can happen when they, uh, when they get turned on.

Haley: [Small laugh]

Lani: Why didn't you say anything to ciara about jack offering you hope's position?

Rafe: Hmph. 'Cause I'm not gonna take it. Just left 'em a message. Thanks, but no thanks.

[Phone clatters]

Lani: Rafe, I know you don't wanna take the job because hope got fired, but you deserve that promotion.

Rafe: Well, thanks, but like I said...I don't wanna work for jack deveraux.

Lani: Well, in that case, i hope he reconsiders and keeps hope exactly where she is.

Jack: Hope. I assume you got my text.

Hope: Better than being fired by a tweet.

Eli: For the record, commissioner brady is the best boss I've ever had.

Jack: Oh. Duly noted. Thanks for the input, detective, but the time for change has come.

Eve: I'm gonna need your gun and badge.

Hope: Be quiet, eve. This has nothing to do with you.

Eve: Oh, but it does. I'm the new commish. hey, man, is everything okay?


[Phone rings]

Jj: That must be tripp.


[Beep] Hey, man, is everything okay?

Tripp: Man, you guys got outta here just in time. Hope and eli just showed up at the motel.

Jj: What did you tell them?

Tripp: I gave them some story that I came down here to try to convince you guys to turn yourselves in.

Jj: Did they buy it?

Tripp: Not really. But it's okay. They decided not to bring me in and left.

Jj: [Exhales] I knew hope would be cool.

Tripp: Yeah, listen, jj, there's one more thing. Uh...hope won't be able to help you out anymore because, uh, your dad fired her.

Jj: He did what?

Tripp: Yeah, it's true. From now on, someone else is gonna be running the show.

Hope: Eve?! Eve? Are you kidding?

Jack: Well, uh, eve is a rookie, as you cops like to say. But she was also a rookie campaign manager, and look how well that turned out.

Eli: Terrible, if you ask me.

Eve: He didn'T.

Hope: Don't you think that people are going to see through this? This is nepotism at its worst, jack.

Eve: Well, I beg to differ.

Hope: [Softly] Of course you do.

Eve: Jack didn't hire me because I'm his wife. He hired me... yes, he hired me because after i take over, all of those bad guys out there that are busting a gut over this department here aren't gonna be laughing anymore. So, your gun and your badge.

Hope: Oh.

[Eve chuckles]

Eve: The best to your future endeavors.

Hope: Jack.

Eli: Hope, I am so sorry.

Hope: I'm sorry. For you. Having to work with that scheming...[Groans].

Eli: Is there anything I can do?

Hope: Yes. Your job. This town is gonna need you, eli. God knows.

[Tense music]

Rafe: Jack will never change his mind about hope because...

[Phone klunks down] He knows she'd never fall in line for him.

[Phone rings]

Lani: It's eli.


Rafe: I'm gonna go check on the baby.



Lani: Hey, what's up?

Eli: Bad news. Hope is out as commissioner.

Lani: I heard. Jack deveraux just left here and offered rafe the job, which he turned down.

Eli: And "by here" you mean rafe's place.

Lani: [Sighs] Can we talk about this later?

Eli: Fine.

Lani: Is there any new word on who's taking hope's position?

Eli: Yeah, actually, I just met her.

Lani: A woman. Okay, that's good.

Eli: Uh, no, not exactly.

Jj: Just when I thought my father couldn't go any lower... he fires hope. For her to work so hard for so long and for it to end like this...

Haley: I feel so bad for her.

Jj: She taught me so much. She was an amazing detective.

Haley: Selfishly speaking, i pray that her replacement isn't nearly as good.

Eli: You should have heard the way that ice queen spoke to hope. Yeah, she'll probably be the boss from hell. Hey, I gotta go.


Eve: I heard we got a tip that haley and jj were spotted in a local motel.

Eli: Yeah, hope and I checked it out. There was no sign of them.

Eve: Nothing? No clues as to where they went?

Eli: Not really.

Eve: "Not really"? What does that mean?

Eli: It means... tripp dalton was there.

Eve: Well, where the hell is he? I mean, I'm assuming you must have brought him in for questioning.

Eli: I didn't feel we had probable cause. You do know what that means, right?

Eve: You know what insubordinate means? 'Cause that's what you're being right now.

Eli: I was genuinely concerned that you might not be familiar with the terminology.

Eve: Hope and rafe are your friends, I know that. But let's be clear. I'm not your friend. I'm your boss. And we're gonna do things my way. Starting now, your number one priority is to find haley and jj. Understood?

Eli: Understood.

[Door opens]

Tripp: What are you doing?

Claire: Um...I am doing your laundry. I wanted to do something nice for you to, um, make up for what I did to haley.

Tripp: So haley's running from federal agents, and you thought, what, washing my clothes will make everything okay?

Claire: I did a terrible thing. I know that. Maybe you will never forgive me. But... can we at least just try to be civil to each other?

Tripp: Claire, I can't even look at you.

Claire: Okay, well, the reality is, um, you kinda have to...'cause we signed a lease on this place, and I don't think you can afford to live on your own. Can you?

Tripp: Maybe I'll get a second job.

Claire: Tripp, come on. I--as long as we're stuck here together, we might as well just make the best of it. Right? Okay. Well, I know I will. I'm gonna use every second of every day to prove to you that i can be a better person. A person who's worthy of your love.

Tripp: Well, don't get your hopes up. And from now on, I'll do my own laundry.

Jennifer: You know about eve.

Hope: Do I know about eve? Thanks for having this ready for me. I just handed her over my badge.

Jennifer: Hope, I am so sorry. And I am so angry right now.

Hope: Yeah, you're not the only one, cuz.

Jennifer: I tried to talk jack out of doing this, out of making this ridiculous decision, and he would not listen to a word I said.

Hope: Thanks for trying. Ha. Well, it's official, cuz. The inmates really are running the asylum now.


Jennifer: I'm scared for jj and haley, because I feel like eve has every policeman looking for them right now. I really hope that they are somewhere really far away.

Hope: Eli and I, um, were following up on a lead. We had reason to believe that they were at a motel outside of town.

Jennifer: What? W-were they there?

Hope: No. But tripp was. He claimed he didn't know where they were. So we took him at his word.

Jennifer: Thank you. Thank you for looking after my son.

Haley: Can't tell you... enough how much I wish this was a romantic escape for us and not...and not a hideout because we're fugitives.

Jj: We are going to be okay, haley. Look, and I know...I know that your whole world just got turned upside down. Finding out your sister was really your mother. Look, I know that... you must feel like everything you believed in turned out to be untrue. You can believe in this: I'm going to take care of you.

Rafe: Eve donovan is our new boss?

Lani: It's deveraux, and yes.

Rafe: Oh, for god's--

Lani: Maybe I should just make my leave of absence permanent.

Rafe: No! No, you know what? I'm tempted to walk myself, but no, because we--we need every competent cop that we can get now on the force, 'cause eve has no idea what she's doing. None!

Lani: You know, I--I really wish you didn't turn down jack's offer.

Rafe: Okay, you know what? Knowing what I know now, I wish I hadn't either, but... there's nothing we can do about that now. We're stuck with eve, so... we just gotta figure out how we can keep the peace.

Eve: Hey, pull the file on the ben weston fire investigation.

Eli: I thought you wanted me to make the haley chen case my top priority.

Eve: Your top priority is whatever I say it is. Are we clear?

Eli: Yep.

Eve: Ben weston is guilty. He needs to be behind bars.

Eli: There's no proof that ben set that fire.

Eve: You know what--

Eli: Technically, that case is still open.

Eve: Pull the file.

Ben: How'd it go with rafe?

Ciara: He agreed to talk to jordan about letting you spend more time with david. Mm-hmm.

Ben: [Groans] Oh, that means so much to me. Thank you.

Ciara: You're welcome.

Ben: Thank you.

Ciara: And check these out. Look. I, uh, I took them while I was there today--he's sleeping.

Ben: Come on!

Ciara: But still pretty amazing--look at that! Look at that face.

Ben: That is so thoughtful. Thank you.

Ciara: No problem.

Ben: Thank you.

Ciara: No problem.

Ben: Ohh...I love it. Oh, here you go.

Ciara: Oh, thank you, thank you. So how did it go over at combat central? Did you see tripp?

Ben: No, just...claire.

Ciara: How is she?

Ben: Um...she's still pretty upset after the breakup. When I walked in, she was like...standing over tripp's clothes, and for a second i thought, like...

Ciara: Thought like what?

Ben: Naw, it's nothing. Never mind. I'm sure it was nothing.

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