Days Transcript Monday 05/20/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 05/20/19


Episode #13532 ~ Xander's partner is revealed. Maggie comes in on Kate and Victor in a close moment and demands an explanation. Will lashes out at Marlena. John offers to help Marlena find Rolf's diary.

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John: Boggles the mind. How could Jack Deveraux, in his current vile persona, win that election?

Marlena: In this current persona, I wouldn't want him as my cat-walker.

John: [scoffs] What?

Marlena: We don't even have a cat. But--and now he's the mayor! Ugh.

John: What about the First Lady? She's a real prize, isn't she?

Marlena: Yeah. Xenophobic and vindictive.

John: God help us all.

Marlena: Yeah.

John: Hey, guys. Over here.

Marlena: Oh. Hi, honey. Oh, we're glad you could make it by.

John: Hey, kid.

Will: Hey.

John: Hey. Come on, sit down. Sit down. Have a drink.


Marlena: I'm hoping you have some good news from kayla.

Sonny: Well, we're definitely not giving up. But it was a little discouraging to find out that the first round of radiation did not shrink the tumor.

Marlena: I can imagine.

Sonny: And we also found out some surprising results about, you know, what may have caused the tumor.

John: Yeah, like what?

Will: It was me. I did this to myself.

Kate: Whatever you need, you can count on me.

Victor: Thank you. That's good to know.

Kate: We made a great team, didn't we?

Maggie: What's going on here?

[Tense music]

[Elevator dings]

Sarah: Hey, I got your text. Is everything all right?

Rex: I've been looking for you. Kayla spotted something in will's biopsy. Where have you been?

Sarah: I'm here now. What does it matter?

Rex: Are you not gonna answer the question?

Sarah: Fine. Since you're aching to know, I was with eric.

Eric: What do you mean, nicole's free from xander?

Brady: I arm-wrestled him, financially, into giving nicole a divorce. It won't be long before that marriage is history.

Eric: How the hell did you manage to do that?

Xander: [Grunts]

Nicole: Wow. Finally made yourself useful.

Xander: So what's champagne for, anyway? Celebrating our divorce?

Nicole: Actually, I am celebrating. The fact that my plan went off without a hitch.

Xander: Then it's good that I'm here. Seeing as it's our plan. You couldn't have done any of this without me... partner.

Nicole: And here I thought you were just the hired muscle.

Xander: Oh. You know better than that. Without my brilliance, my singular imagination, and my off-the-charts determination to finally get what I deserve and what you deserve...

Nicole: None of this would've happened. I get it. Hats off to you. You're amazing; you're a genius. You're god's gift to the universe.

Xander: Say it like you mean it.

Nicole: Oh, xander. You are the most brilliant man I have ever had the good fortune of conspiring with. And I am eternally grateful that you allow me to bask in your glory.

Xander: That's more like it. And now... to us.

Nicole: If you insist.

[Dark music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Sonny: Will, you-- you know that's not true.

Will: Well, it kind of is.

Marlena: Wh--what is it?

Will: The serum that I took to get my memory back...

Marlena: Uh-huh. What about it?

Sonny: The biopsy found a-- a trace amount in the tumor.

John: [Exhales slowly]

Marlena: Are you thinking that the serum caused the tumor?

Sonny: Well, kayla thinks it's a possibility.

Marlena: Well, even if that were true, it doesn't mean it was your fault.

Will: You know, you're right. It's not. It's your fault.

Victor: Kate and I were just discussing titan.

Maggie: Oh, don't hand me that. If it's about titan, kate should talk to the ceo, brady.

Kate: Well, unfortunately, the problem is brady.

Maggie: Oh. Well, just let me take your word for that. You're being so honest in everything. She's trying to undermine brady so she can take his job. It's her mo; it's always been her mo.

Kate: No, maggie. Brady undermined himself when he hired xander cook.

[Intense music]

Xander: [Sighs heavily]

Nicole: God, you're a class act.

Xander: I could get used to this stuff.

Nicole: Really? I think it's a little burned, actually.

Nicole: But what can you expect, in a place like this? Hmm? Note to self: Check for bedbugs.

Xander: Aren't you grand. I'm sure this isn't the worst place you've ever, uh, slept in.

Nicole: Well, at least i won't be in this fleabag for long. I am on to bigger and better things. I mean, what's the point of coming back from the dead if you're not gonna have it all? No, no, no. This is just the beginning.

Xander: [Sighs] I must admit, I am a little sad.

Nicole: And why is that?

Xander: Well, I had hoped that handing this recorder over to you would have been enough to satisfy brady, but no. Nothing is ever enough for that greedy, pompous swine. I also had to agree to give you a divorce.

Nicole: I can see your little heart is broken.

Xander: Of course it is. Those were some wonderful times, great memories. I mean, I'm not afraid to admit that i was at my happiest when I was mr. Nicole walker. Your adoring hubby.

Nicole: Yes, I really enjoyed sharing my life with you too, toots. But you did what you had to do if you wanted brady to give you that job at titan that you're completely unqualified for.


Xander: Really?

Nicole: Yeah.

Xander: And you think that victor's neurotic, alcoholic grandson is qualified? Come on. Guy falls off the wagon every five minutes, and he's-- doesn't got a single brain in his head. I'd be a much better ceo than that idiot. To whom I now have to answer. God, it's going to be so humiliating.

Nicole: Hey, patience. All good things come to those who wait. I'm living proof of that.

Eric: Brady, thank you.

Brady: Nicole's been through enough without being married to that sociopath. Although at this point, I'd probably do anything for nicole. And you know how that goes.

And I'd do anything for her. But I can'T. She keeps pushing me away. I think it might be over... for good.

Maggie: Well, that can't be. Brady is--he hates xander as much as anyone. He'd never hire him.

Kate: Well, he did. And I was just telling victor that I would keep an eye on xander for him. You know, maggie, you have been through a lot lately, and believe me, I am the least of your worries.

Maggie: Well, you will be, once you leave my house.

Will: You're a doctor. You should have known what would happen. You should have warned me.

Marlena: I tried to.

Will: Yeah, you didn't try hard enough! You should've talked me out of it, but instead you injected that thing into my body and now look what happened! This morning, I forgot holly was dead! That serum was supposed to give me my memory back, and now it's taking it away. And now it could kill me!

John: Will, will, listen. You begged--you begged her to give you that serum.

Sonny: You know what, maybe we should just, um-- we should get out of here. You've been under a lot of stress, and, uh... you know, we can do this another time.

Marlena: It's my fault. I shouldn't have suggested this. It was maybe not a-- not a good time.

Sonny: And you know that he didn't mean to attack you.

Marlena: It's all right. I'm fine.

Will: I'm sorry, what are you talking about? Wh-what did I do?

Rex: It's just, I don't-- I don't get it.

Sarah: What?

Rex: Why you wouldn't just tell me you were with eric. It's like you didn't want me to know or something.

Sarah: What? That's not true. I just-- I didn't tell you right away because I don't want to have to account every minute of my life to you. Would you like that?

Rex: I never asked you to account for every minute of your life.

Sarah: All right, well can we just drop it? I ran into eric at the pub, and it's not like I could exactly ignore him. So it made me late.

Rex: Okay, well, did you two get along?

Sarah: Yeah, we're fine.

Rex: I just know he had a hard time getting past you and xander.

Sarah: Can we please not talk about that?

Rex: You're right. It's a sensitive subject for all of us.

Sarah: Right. It is, and now it's ancient history, which eric understands. I just wish xander did.

Rex: What do you mean?

Sarah: Well, you might as well know, because you're gonna find out soon enough. He's back in town.

Rex: What?!

[Sputtering] Why would you not say this before?

Sarah: Because like you said, it is a sensitive subject, and I didn't want to just bring it up. But since you are--

Rex: This guy has the nerve to show his face in this town again. Wait a minute-- how did you find out about this?

Sarah: Oh, it was like old times. He made a pass at me.

Xander: [Grunts] You know me, nicole. I'm not a patient man. When I see something I want, I want it now.

Nicole: You need to get a handle on yourself. It's annoying to those of us who have to deal with you. The cocky, in-your-face pushiness.

Xander: Come on now. It's all part of the charm.

Nicole: No, no, it'S... about you being a royal pain in the ass without a friend in the world.

Xander: [Stammering] And your humor... your biting wit, gorgeous face, and amazing body are what make you totally irresistible. And speaking of something I want, and wanting it now...

Nicole: [Struggling]

Nicole: Oh, yuck! Don't touch me! Read my lips: You repulse me, and I can't wait to divorce you.

Xander: You said you were moving on to bigger and better things. I'm both.

Nicole: Now you're delusional. You better yourself in line and stay in line. Or I will screw things up for you at titan. I promise.

Xander: You wouldn't do that.

Nicole: Wouldn't I? I don't feel any loyalty to you.

Xander: You should. Look at all I've done for you.

Nicole: Oh, here we go. "You'd be nowhere without me, nicole. I'm your hero, your lifeline, your savior." You know, I got news for you, buddy. You're none of the above. So I repeat: If you don't keep yourself in line and keep your paws off me, I promise you will be out on your ass at titan.

Xander: Whatever. It's your loss. 'Cause I promise you, I would rock your world.

Nicole: Oh, ugh. I can't even picture it, let alone live it.

Xander: I'm just saying, I have made some women very happy. References available upon request.

Nicole: References?

Xander: Sarah horton for one. I'm sure she would give me a glowing recommendation.

Rex: I can't believe that he would do that.

Sarah: Rex, it's fine. Nothing's happened.

Rex: It doesn't make it okay.

Sarah: It makes it over, and there's no point in confronting him.

Rex: Oh, I'm not just gonna confront him. I'm gonna punch that son of a bitch in the face.

Sarah: Okay, well you don't have to do that either. All right? Eric already did it.

Brady: I really am sorry about you and nicole.

[Laughs] I, I... I really wanted to make amends with both of you.

Eric: Listen, we're good. I know you've talked to her. And even if you couldn't get through to her, it's pretty clear right now you're the only person that she trusts or will talk to.

Brady: That's gonna pass. It's just the grief...

Eric: Yeah, well, I don't know. I mean, it could get worse before it gets better. I mean, she has to face the sheer hell of that funeral tomorrow. As much as I want to-- I want to be there, I just don't want to make it worse.

Brady: I get that, but what is it gonna do to you if you don't go? I mean, I mean-- I know how much you cared about holly.

Eric: I did. I truly did. Can I ask you one more thing?

Brady: What?

Eric: Can you go back to that inn and try talking to her one more time?

Nicole: [Gasps] Wow. I am so attracted to men who brag about their sexual conquests. Ah, my gosh, it's right up there with bad breath and dandruff.


Xander: Okay, now you're starting to get on my nerves.

Nicole: Oh, good. Then we're even. Actually, you know what, no, we're not even. Because you've been getting on my nerves since the first day I laid eyes on you. Getting on my nerves is actually an understatement. You've been making my skin crawl and turning my stomach since the first day I saw you, and since we're talking about sexual conquests-- sarah horton? [Laughing] Oh, has there even been a simpier little simp? Come on.

Xander: Book by its cover. I'll have you know that that simpy little simp put some rather deep scratches in my back.

Nicole: Okay, please, not again.

Xander: Oh, and on the subject of simps, really? Daniel, br--eric?!

[Scoffs] Not exactly macho men on parade, is it?

Nicole: Eric is history. "How can I be with you when i can't even bear to look at you? And my precious holly would still be alive if it weren't for you."


[Laughing] I mean, come on. I don't even actually give a damn about that whiny little brat.

[Giggling] Oh, god. -And we welcome back gary,

Will: [Stammering] Tell me, what did I do?

Sonny: You, uh-- you blamed your grandmother for the tumor.

Will: No. I wouldn't do that. I don't think that. Oh, my god. Oh, I did, didn't I?

Marlena: It's okay.

Will: No, no, it's not okay. Aw, that was so mean and so unfair. I'm--I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

Marlena: Honey, sit down. Don't apologize. It's okay.

Will: No--

Marlena: It's all right. No, there's a lot going on. We'll get to the bottom of it.

[Stammering] This is just like what happened this morning, right? About forgetting about holly?

Sonny: Yeah. And I don't want to upset you, but I think we should go back to the hospital.

Marlena: I think that's a good idea.

Will: Grandma, I'm so sorry. I love you. And I need you. And you've always been there for me 100%, and to have blamed you for any of this is so--

Marlena: Honey, honey. I love you more than anything in the world. We will sort this out, okay? We will do that. We'll do it together. We'll go with you.

Will: [Whispering] Okay.

[Sighs deeply]

Sonny: We're gonna get through this, okay? We're gonna do it together.

Will: I'm scared.

Sonny: I know. I know.

[Somber music]

Brady: Look, sure, I'll go talk to her again about you, but I don't think now's the right time, eric. I mean, nicole is still-- she's really raw, you know?

Eric: So you think I should go to the funeral.

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, I do. I mean, look. She's upset now. But I think deep down, she knows how much you cared for holly. And it may not happen tomorrow, but I think someday, it will be important to her that you were there.

Eric: You're right, it's not about me. I just pray to god that she can get through tomorrow. She's saying goodbye to her... precious daughter that... I just hope she doesn't break.


[Snorts] Oh, my gosh.

Xander: Well, aren't you a sick little puppy. Laughing at a child's funeral.

Nicole: What? Why not laugh? It's not like she's really dead. Oh, don't judge me. Do you have any idea how exhausting all that weeping and gnashing of teeth was? What, I don't deserve a little comic relief? Come on.

Xander: How difficult that must have been for you.

Nicole: Yeah, well, actually it was. I mean, [Sighs] You start to act miserable, after a while, you feel miserable. I was so happy when I actually got to switch gears and tear into eric. It was actually fun. He was so pathetically sad and guilt-ridden.

Xander: Yeah, to put it succinctly, he's a wimp.

Nicole: Yeah. When you're right, you're right. He's a wimp. No backbone at all. I mean, he made the decision to give the kid to chloe because he thought it was the right thing to do. So why not just stand by that and tell me if I don't like it, I can go to hell? I would actually respect him more. But no, no. No, he had to whine and cry and grovel and whatever else-- "oh, forgive me, forgive me. I'm so sorry. I'm such a bad person." Blah blah blah. Ugh. You know as far as I'm concerned, sarah can have him.

Rex: Right. Okay, thank you. That was sonny. He's bringing will back in. He's had another memory lapse, and apparently a personality change. I gotta call kayla.

Sarah: I'll notify admitting.

Rex: Thank you. Oh, damn.

Sarah: What?

Rex: I told my mom that i would call her and keep her posted on will.

Sarah: I'm on it.

Rex: Thank you.

Sarah: Mm-hmm.

[Soft dramatic music]

Kate: Maggie, this is victor's home. He asked me to be here.

Maggie: And I'm telling you to leave.

Kate: Victor?

Maggie: If you two want to conduct business, then meet him at the office. You're not welcome in my home. This is my home.

Kate: And it's victor's home too.

Maggie: Leave. Now.

Kate: Um, I think we need to get past this, maggie.

Maggie: Why? So you can get me all warm and fuzzy and forgiving? And then find a way to humiliate me? Well, kate... I am done with the warm, fuzzy, and forgiving, especially where you're concerned.

Kate: You know, I was just referring to the fact that my son is going to marry your daughter.

Maggie: Unfortunately. Unfortunately. The worst mistake my daughter has ever made. I really don't know what's happened to her self-respect, frankly. Tolerating your son's horrible behavior.

Kate: Well, I can see that you are still very upset about holly. I'm gonna go.

Maggie: Stay gone.

Kate: I... will be in touch.

[Somber music]

Maggie: I mean it, victor. This can't happen again. You're too smart not to know that she's up to something. So don't pull this naive act on me.

Victor: What act?

Maggie: This. This act right here. "Oh, I don't know what's bothering you, maggie. You just must be overreacting." It's such crap! Don't treat me like I'm stupid.

Victor: Everything is on the table. Of course she's after brady's job; she's not trying to hide that.

Maggie: Victor! You don't see it? She's after you! I wanted more from

Sonny: And it was clear, he didn't remember what happened.

Will: Can you tell 'em how I acted?

Sonny: He was, um, he was furious with marlena. He said everything was her fault.

Will: Which I know is not true. I... I begged you to give me the serum. And you had nothing to do with the second dose. That's on me. I--I did that.

Marlena: Please don't worry about this. It doesn't matter what you said. All that matters is what's happening right now.

Rex: Will, I talked to kayla, and she agrees that we need to proceed with another radiation treatment, and we're hopeful that once we shrink the tumor, these side effects will clear up.

Marlena: Maybe there's some chemical in the tumor that can give us a key to all this.

John: Yeah, but the thing is, the fda, they're not gonna release the drug.

Rex: I'm gonna keep hounding them on that.

John: That's good.

Rex: Yeah.

Kate: Rex, rolf was your mentor. Is there a chance that you worked on the serum with him?

Rex: Not that I knew of. I mean, he was very secretive. Sometimes I was doing research, and didn't even know why I was doing it.

Kate: Well, then, perhaps you did.

Rex: I don't know. I mean, I... kayla was the one who saw the parallel in the biopsy. And I looked at the same report. I didn't see any red flags.

Kate: Okay, well, it was just a thought.

Rex: You know what? It's a good one, though. I'm gonna go back in my notes from when I worked with him, 'cause I know what I'm looking for now.

Sarah: I think right now, we need to let will rest.

John: Yeah.

Will: Bye.

[Solemn music]

Man, I'm tired. See you in the morning?

Sonny: I'm not going anywhere. As long as you're here, so am I.

Victor: Look, I know that you're upset. And that I act like a jerk a lot, but I don't think kate is interested in me.

Maggie: Well then, why is it every time I turn around, there she is? She's gazing into your eyes, and she's softly putting her hand on yours.

Victor: That doesn't really matter.

Maggie: Well! What does really matter is that I came to tell you that my granddaughter had died, and you refused to come home with me. You stayed and had a drink with her instead.

Victor: I'm sorry about that.

Maggie: Well, I'm not here for words, victor. I just want you to promise me-- promise me!--That you will stay away from her!

Victor: I can't, damn it. Brady hired xander. Titan could go up in flames right in front of our faces. She's the only one I can trust. I have to talk to her.

Maggie: Talk to brady! Tell brady to fire xander!

Victor: He won't do it! If brady hadn't hired xander, xander would've turned nicole in for deimos's murder. Though I can't for the life of me figure out why he thinks she'd need him. You put nicole and xander in a room in a bare-knuckled fight to the death, nicole would be home by cocktail time.

Nicole: Okay, you can go ahead and open that other champagne bottle. I wanna look haggard tomorrow.

Xander: Coming back from the dead... it's hardened you.

Nicole: You try it. It takes a toll.

Xander: Damn. I'm a much better fit for sarah than eric.

Nicole: Are we really going back there again?

Xander: I felt a real connection to that woman. Tremendous chemistry. I really have to believe that if eric hadn't walked in on us the next morning that there would have been a round two.

Nicole: Ugh. Please. Do not elaborate further.

Xander: Well, you were desperate for all the gory details earlier.

Nicole: Mmm... I was just surprised that eric moved on so quickly after losing the love of his life.

Xander: Mm, he is a fickle s-O... B.

Nicole: Yes. And in spite of being a man of deep faith, loyal to the core, the guy is a 24 carat phony, is what he is. So... I guess that means I get to move on, too.

Calling all sunscreen haters.

Xander: So, I guess you're not going to suggest to eric that you two try couples therapy.

Nicole: Why do you keep banging on about... oh, hmm. I get it. You want me to get eric out of the picture, so you could have frau doktor horton all to yourself. But don't you think you should worry about rex? I mean, she is engaged to him.

Xander: Engaged, yeah, but eric's the real competition. I saw what happened when he burst in on us in bed together. He looked like he wanted to take my head off. And she looked like she was into it. Like she was a damsel in distress, and he was some knight trying to slay a dragon for her. Not the typical reaction to a man standing up for his brother's fiancée, no. He may be engaged to rex, but she wants eric.

Sarah: Nicole, chloe, my mom... I don't know how they're gonna get through that funeral.

Rex: I know.

Sarah: Hey. [Sighs]

Rex: What's up?

Sarah: My poor mom. I don't think victor's gonna be any help for her at all.

Rex: Well, you're gonna be there. Tell you what. You look after your mom. And I'll look after you. And we'll all get through it.

Sarah: That sounds like a really good plan.

[Warm music]

[Door opens]

Maggie: [Laughs softly]



[Ominous music]

[Gasps] Oh! Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!


[Phone ringing]

Kate: Hello?

Maggie: Don't play innocent with me. How could you?!

Kate: Maggie? You need to calm--

Maggie: You know how much i love this little figurine. And so you smashed it and you left it in a place where you knew I'd find the pieces!

Kate: Why the hell would i do something like that?

Maggie: To hurt me! To upset me! Like everything else you've been doing!

Kate: You are not making any sense at all. You're really losing control, maggie.

Maggie: Yeah, isn't that what you want?

Kate: I really don't have time for this at all. I really don'T. Will is back in the hospital, and you're yelling at me about your stupid figurine?

Maggie: Will? What happened to will?

Kate: He had a setback, maggie. You're not the only one who has problems, you know that?

[Foreboding music]


Limu emu & doug

Nicole: You can go now. Tomorrow is going to be endless grief on parade. How tedious.

Xander: I know what you mean. I hate funerals, even when the person's actually dead.

Nicole: Y-- you know, maybe maggie will provide us with some excitement.

Xander: Excitement?

Nicole: Mm-hmm. I saw her flirting with the vodka bottle. Maybe she'll make a drunken spectacle of herself. Oh, it's so nice to have something to look forward to.

[Foreboding music]

Brady: Maggie, you still up? Hey, I was just, uh... oh, maggie.

Maggie: [Sobs]

Brady: Hey. You all right?

Maggie: It's broken. It's broken, brady. Everything. It's broken.

Will: What is happening to me? I'm forgetting things, I... I yelled at grandma. It's like... it's like I'm not me anymore.

Sonny: But you heard rex. Okay? It's the tumor. So once we're able to--

Will: What if we're not able? Wh-what if they still can't fix it? What if this is just how it's gonna be for--

Sonny: Stop, stop it. No, no. Okay? You're just scared, and that's okay. We are going to get through this. Right? And right now, we should just get some sleep.

Will: You're not gonna leave?

Sonny: No. Not gonna leave.

Will: Thank you.

Sonny: You don't have to thank me. There's nowhere else I'd rather be.

[Gentle music]

John: Let's just hope that rex can find something in those files he has, huh?

Marlena: Yeah. I didn't want to say anything in front of will, but... I'm not holding out much hope for this. I mean, why would there be anything about this serum in those notes? We need the diary. That's where the formula is.

John: Well, that's easier said than done.

Marlena: You know, if seth was the last one who had it, I just can't imagine why it would have disappeared into thin air.

John: Well, lucky for you, you're married to someone who just might be able to help. No, no. Scratch "might." I know I can find that damn diary.

Rex: I really would have appreciated punching xander myself, but thank you for doing that and for looking after sarah. Maybe now he'll leave her the hell alone.

Eric: Well, he was bothering nicole too. And thanks to brady, they're getting a divorce. She won't ever have to deal with him ever again.

Nicole: Fun's over.

Xander: Okay, okay. I'm going. But remember, we're partners for the long haul.

Nicole: Emphasis on "haul."

Xander: Seeing as we're still married for a little bit longer, how about a goodbye kiss?

Nicole: How about a handshake? Ugh.

[Suspenseful music]

Kate: What the hell is going on with that?

Nicole: Oh, I do like it when everything works out exactly as I planned.


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