Days Transcript Tuesday 05/7/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 05/7/19


Episode #13523 ~ Hope, Nicole, and Eric race to the site of the accident, where they make a horrific discovery. Maggie, Sarah, and Rex anxiously await word about Holly. Maggie finds Kate in a close moment with Victor. John and Marlena celebrate their six-month anniversary at the pub.

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Eric: Come here. Listen. I want you to know, as soon as holly comes home, we're going to do something really special as a family. We can go to the beach. We can go to the lake. We can go to our house in the country. You know, with the swing in the tree.

Nicole: Sounds wonderful.

Eric: It will be.

Hope: Anything?

[Cell phone rings] Oh, excuse me one second. Hey, rafe, I can't talk right no I'm waiting for news about holly.

Rafe: Yeah, that's why I'm calling. I was pursuing the kidnapper.

Hope: What do you mean you were pursuing? You're not supposed to be anywhere near this. What the hell is going on?

Rafe: There's been a terrible accident. Oh, my god.

[Radio chatter]

[Suspenseful music]

John: Hey, not so fast.

[Lounge music playing]

Kate: Well, at this hour you're usually in your study with a scotch, reading the financial papers. What, did maggie lock you out of the liquor cabinet to get you back for hiring me?

Victor: I'm still in the doghouse about that. No, I come to a noisy, crowded bar for the peace and quiet.

Kate: [Chuckles]

Victor: Now that nicole is back from the dead... a complete waste of a miracle, if you ask me. I've got rex and sarah living there.

Kate: You are so sensitive. You live in a mansion. You have 11 wings. Really? And rex is almost always at the hospital.

Victor: Oh, rex is all right. It's sarah that has me ordering doubles.

Rex: It's good. It's great. I mean, each one of us is with the person that we're supposed to be with: You with me and eric with nicole. I'm telling you, once holly's found, those two are going to be walking right down the aisle.

Sarah: They won't be the only ones. I know that we set a date, but maybe we can make it sooner.

Rex: Really?

Sarah: As soon as holly comes back home, let's do it. Let's get married right away. What do you say?

Rex: I--I say yes.

[Chuckling] Oh, my god, I'm so excited. This is going to be, like, the best wedding ever.


Maggie: I don't believe this. Sarah's niece is missing and you are still pressuring her into getting married.

Sarah: He wasn't doing that, mom.

Maggie: What the hell is the matter with you?

[Suspenseful music]

Hope: I'll be right there.

Nicole: What is it? What's going on? For god's sake, hope, tell me what happened.

Hope: Rafe said he saw the kidnapper put holly in his car, so he followed them--

Nicole: So he knows where she is?

Hope: Nicole, I'M... I am so sorry. The kidnapper drove off the road and over the embankment.

Nicole: So what are you saying? What happened to holly?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

[Upbeat music]

Marlena: Well...

[Chuckles] What are you doing here? And--and why is the pub closed?

John: Oh, I got your text saying you were going to swing by.

Marlena: I was going to take some food to will at the hospital.

John: No need. Forget about it. Roman made him dinner, ran it over to the hospital and gave me full run of the pub tonight.

Marlena: Oh... why?

John: Probably easier to show you.

[Enticing music]

[Ominous music]

Hope: Rafe said the car stopped at the edge of a ravine. He tried climbing down, but he wasn't able to because of his arm. So he really couldn't say whether or not...

Nicole: Whether or not what?

Hope: Anyone survived.

Nicole: Oh.

Hope: Rescue teams are on their way right now.

Nicole: Okay, we have to go to her.

Hope: It's an active rescue situation.

Nicole: Well, I just can't stand here and do nothing.

Hope: I understand. Come on, let's go.

Xander: Not here, leave a message.

Ted: Damn it, cook, don't you send me to your voicemail after everything I've done for you. Well, if you're interested, everything went according to plan. Rafe took the bait and chased the car like an idiot. Now, listen to me, I never wanted to get mixed up with a kidnapping, but now that I am, I don't want a dead kid in my hands. Now, where the hell are you?

[Tense music]

I'm just a normal person who got an awful skin condition.

[Sweeping orchestral music]

Marlena: Oh, my. This is very romantic.

John: Yeah, well, you know, it's, um, yeah, that was kind of the idea. Mm-hmm.

Marlena: It's, uh... it's not my birthday. It isn't our anniversary. Well, I don't think it's any of our anniversaries.

John: You sure about that?

Marlena: Well, no, maybe i could've forgotten one. Did I forget one?

John: You know, yeah, it is an anniversary of our most current marriage.

Marlena: Honey, that was november.

John: That's a fact. December, january, february, march, april, may. We made six months, baby. And given everything we've been through, I say celebrate anything and everything. Before you start feeling guilty about this, just know that will is totally on board with it.

Marlena: Oh, well, if will is on board, I'm on board.

John: Good. I'm serious, sweetheart, with everything going on right now, I think it's really important just to be grateful and count our blessings, starting with you being my wife.

Marlena: And you my husband.

John: Happy six-month anniversary.

Sarah: You are so off base, mom. I'm the one that was talking about marriage. I said that I wanted us to get married as soon as we know that holly is safe.

Rex: And now that we have a lead, we can't help but feel a little optimistic, that's all.

Sarah: I was just going to tell rex that I want holly to be our flower girl, but I didn't get a chance because you came in, guns blazing.

Maggie: Well, uh, sorry. I... I mean to say that your optimistic notwithstanding, I just don't understand, you're making wedding plans when we don't know where holly is or who has her.

Sarah: Okay, I get it.

Maggie: And I'm not the only one on edge here. Henderson said that victor went storming out of here after talking to you.

Sarah: Okay, yeah, I mean, I admit, I went off on him, but he... he was saying that it was nicole's fault that she was presumed dead and that holly was kidnapped. As if she hasn't been through enough already.

Maggie: Yes, on the subject of nicole, victor verges on the insufferable.

Sarah: It's more than "verges." But I know that I am a guest here. I won't be surprised if he kicks me out of his house.

Maggie: This is our home. And he better damn well remember that.

Kate: So, the meek and mild sarah told you off?

Victor: That woman is neither meek nor mild. If I were you, I'd warn rex he's engaged to a real harpy.

Kate: Oh.

[Laughs] So is any woman that has the temerity to talk back to you.

Victor: She had the nerve to take up for nicole.

Kate: I'm sure she doesn't know nicole's history with you. I'm sure nicole didn't tell sarah that she tried to kill you.

Victor: So did you. Twice.

Kate: That was different. Nicole hated you, you know? She wanted your money. I was a woman scorned.

Victor: So yours was a crime of passion, is that it?

Kate: Yes, it was. I'm sure you recall that passion was an integral part of our relationship.

[Mischievous music]

[Suspenseful music]

Nicole: Oh, my god. Oh, my god, is holly in that van? It's going to fall. She could die.

Rafe: How long before fire and rescue gets here, hope?

Hope: A few minutes away.

Nicole: She could be dead by then.

Eric: I'm going to go down.

Rafe: Hold on, hold on.

Hope: No.

Eric: [Grunting]

Ted: What happened?

Rafe: I lost the van on the turn, I saw this broken guard rail. It's down there. Eric's on his way down.

[Sirens blaring]

Ted: I'll go help him.

Rafe: What? Ted. Ted.

Ted: [Grunts]

[Suspenseful music]

Nicole: Oh, holly.

Victor: You know, hiring a hit man seems fairly premeditated for a crime of passion. As I recall, you weren't particularly disinterested in my money. And you're more like ma barker than medea.

Kate: [Scoffs] No wonder women keep trying to kill you. Why are you getting in my face? Sarah is the one who told you off.

Victor: The nerve of that woman. I can't believe that pit bull is in any way related to maggie.

Kate: Oh, victor, I really think you're being delusional. I mean, she seems lovely to me. Uh, she certainly was forgiving of everything that rex put her through.

Victor: Reason she can forgive him his sins is because she knows exactly what those sins are.

Kate: Ah. Okay, is this your not-so-subtle way of trying to tell me something? Because you do know that I do not involve myself in my children's personal lives.

Victor: [Laughs]

Kate: [Chuckles]

Victor: You're just like me, hands off.

Kate: You are trying to tell me something, aren't you?

Victor: [Sighs] Rex is not the only one with a wandering eye.

Kate: [Sighs] You're going to have to be more specific than that.

Victor: Specifically, sarah horton cheated on him.

Kate: [Exhales deeply] Specifically, with who? Oh, god, it's bad, isn't it?

Victor: I'm afraid sarah has totally debased herself. She did it in the bedroom with the gardener.

Kate: Ugh.

Victor: That's right, my nephew xander. Seems little sarah likes it rough.

Kate: That little slut. I knew that rex was too good for her all along.

Sarah: Rex, are you hungry? Why--why don't you go make a sandwich in the kitchen?

Rex: You know what? I'm feeling a little hungry. I'm going to go make a sandwich in the kitchen.

Sarah: That's a great idea. Mom. I don't mean to pry, but I heard you and victor arguing the other day, and I... is everything okay?

Maggie: No. He hired kate to come back to titan, and I just-- I can't let it go.

Sarah: He hired kate? What do you...? Why would he do that?

Maggie: He said he wanted to patch things up with philip.

Sarah: That's a terrible reason.

Maggie: Yeah, I agree. Huh.

Sarah: Doesn't victor realize that the only person that can patch things up between he and his son is him? You know, by maybe apologizing for all of his horrible past behavior. What happened between victor and philip anyway?

Maggie: Oh, the same thing that goes wrong with victor and everyone.

Sarah: Oh, he treated him dismissively and then made him feel unloved, shunned and disrespected?

Maggie: Yeah, that kind of sums it up, I'm afraid.

Sarah: Huh. Mom.

[Solemn music]

I--I just--I don't get it. You are... you are such a kind and moral person, not to mention beautiful and smart as hell and strong.

Maggie: [Sighs gleefully] So why do I put up with victor? Is that what you're getting at?

Sarah: Yeah, actually.

Maggie: It's a simple answer. I love him. And more often than not, I used to believe that he loved me.

Sarah: You don't believe that anymore?

Maggie: No, I don'T. I mean, now that he hired kate... oh, sarah, I asked him point blank not to hire that woman. And he turned right around and he did it. And now that holly is missing, he's not here. Why? Why doesn't he know that I-- that I need him? I mean, why doesn't he care?


John: So will seemed okay after the treatment?

Marlena: Uh, yes. He's tired, but that's to be expected.

John: So everything went okay, then?

Marlena: Radiation really is the most effective thing we have for reducing his kind of tumor, so I am cautiously optimistic.

John: He and sonny are far too young to be having to go through something like this.

Marlena: Thank you.

John: For what?

Marlena: For not pretending this isn't going on. I know you wanted this to be very special tonight.

John: Hey, come on, it's still special. We're together. And you wouldn't be you if you didn't love and worry about your family. And I love you just the way you are.

Marlena: Mm, back at you.

John: Hey. So what do you say? Ready for a little dessert here? I made something kind of special for you.


Marlena: Oh. Wow, what could that be?

John: Ah, come on, don't roll your eyes 'cause you know it's strawberries and whipped cream, because it's not.

Marlena: It's not?

John: No, you see, they kind of lost their romantic appeal once hattie tried to poison you with them. And then when those cookies were poisoned, I figured we had to go a whole nother route here, so I slaved away back there in the kitchen and I produced something magnificent.


Marlena: Wow. Wo... wow. Looks like somebody took a bite out of it.

John: Well, somebody had to taste test it for you. And it's killer. No I--it's delicious, not lethal.

Marlena: Great. Well, then let's share it.

John: 'Ey.

[Sweeping orchestral music]

What's wrong? You don't like it?

Marlena: Oh.

[Clears throat] No, no, honey, it's delicious. I just... I was just hoping we'd have some word about holly by now.

[Suspenseful music]

Nicole: [Whimpers]

[Sirens blaring]

Hope: What happened? Rafe, what're you doing here? Ted was supposed to meet--

Rafe: I followed him, okay? I followed him.

Hope: You don't--

Rafe: You don't think it's weird that hector denied having anything to do with kidnapping holly until he talked to ted?

Nicole: Oh, my god. Do you smell that?

Rafe: It's gas. Hey, get out of there!

All: [Scream] the mousse. I got a feeling tonight wasn't the right night for a celebration.

Marlena: I'm so sorry.

John: Nah, nothing to be sorry about. Like I said, we're here together, we get to talk. God knows there's plenty to talk about. Nicole coming back from the dead and little holly being kidnapped.

Marlena: And eric, I'm so concerned about him with all this going on.

John: Yeah, why is that?

[Exhales sharply] Come on, doc, it's me. I'm not going to talk to anybody about anything that you tell me. Besides, shrinks have to talk to somebody, right?


Marlena: Yeah. Eric told me weeks ago that he was in love with sarah. But because of what happened with brady, he didn't want to have the same thing happen with rex.

John: Ah. There's more going on here, isn't there?

Marlena: Yeah. Sarah is, um, in love with eric. When I was in the hospital, eric made a promise to god that if he would let me live, he would, uh-- he would push sarah away.

John: I see. Right towards rex. Mm-hmm. I see, so that's why they got engaged together, right?

Marlena: Right, yeah. And then I inadvertently told sarah about...

[Rousing music]

...What eric had done. So she went right to eric and told him she knew that he had feelings for her and that she had the same feelings for him, so together they went to rex to tell him, but when they got there, nicole was there.

John: Oh, wow.

Marlena: Yeah. Nicole's always been the love of eric's life. I just feel so sorry for sarah.

John: Yeah. Yeah, now she loses eric and also has to break off her engagement to rex.

Marlena: No. She's decided to go ahead and marry rex, even though she doesn't love him the way...

John: She loves eric.

Marlena: We both know how that turns out.

Victor: You know, I can almost see the little wheels turning in that devious, little mind of yours. Sarah slept with xander. How can I take this little piece of information and get the maximum amount of damage out of it?

Kate: Ah. I am worried about my son's happiness. There is nothing devious about that.

Kate: So did this happen while rex and sarah were separated?

Victor: What do you care?

Kate: Because I want to know. I want to know if this was before or after she made my son grovel to get her back.

Victor: Well, I'm sure she enjoyed the groveling as much as she did the passionate sex with xander.

Kate: Ugh, god. Well, I'm going to have to be very, very careful about this. I mean, I do want to get her back, but I don't want to alienate rex. You men can be so touchy about these kinds of things.

John: Yes, well, he already knows about it and has apparently completely forgiven her.

Kate: Really? Well, maybe I can get him to un-forgive her.

John: If anyone can...

[Menacing music] You know, on second thought, you don't have to do a damn thing. I think sarah and rex will implode without your help.

Maggie: Let's just talk about you and rex.

Sarah: [Laughs]

Maggie: I--I don't understand why you were pushing to get married as soon as possible, unless it's a reaction to nicole coming back.

Sarah: It's not. It's not a reaction to nicole.

Maggie: No? So this has nothing to do with the fact that now you have no chance of ever getting eric back?

[Dramatic music]

Sarah: I was lying when i said that I was okay with us being just friends. I'm not okay with it. It's killing me. And I pushed you away because I had no hope for us, and if I'm being honest, I said yes to rex because i thought that I could never have you and that you would never, ever be over nicole.

Don't you see? This changes everything.

Eric: I made a vow to rex that I would never come between you.

Sarah: And you didn'T. You kept that promise. You never told me how you felt about me. You just kept saying that we were friends and we were talking about you taking pictures at the wedding, and ever since you found out that your mother was going to live, you honored that vow. You never came between rex and me. You were honorable and decent and kind. But now it's time for you to be honest... with me and with yourself.

[Rousing music]

Eric: You're right. I do have feelings for you.

Sarah: Let's just stop, please. I don'T... I don't want to talk about eric.

[Sniffles] I have forgiven rex, and we are fine now.

Maggie: Okay, so just like I have forgiven victor for all the transgressions over the years...

Sarah: [Sighs] Okay, I get it, I just--I won't talk to you about you and victor.

Maggie: Thank you.

Sarah: Just, please, under one condition. You have to stop reminding me of all of rex's shortcomings.

Maggie: Fine. I--I can do that. But I'm allowed to ask a question?

Sarah: Depends.

Maggie: Well, you don't have to answer. But sarah, I'm wondering, does rex know how you felt about eric? I mean, does he know that you probably will never love him the way that you loved his brother?

Sarah: Don'T.

Maggie: Doesn't he deserve to know before he marries you?

Sarah: Stop, just stop. Please, okay? I want to marry rex. I want to marry him and I am going to be his wife. It's the end of story.

Maggie: Oh, I'm not so sure about that.

[Suspenseful music]

Nicole: Holly!

Rafe: Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, let me go. Let me go. Holly!


Eric: [Coughing]

Rafe: Eric!

Eric: Rafe!

Rafe: Hey. Come on.

Eric: [Grunts]

Rafe: I got you. You okay?

Eric: Yeah, I'm fine.

Nicole: Where's ted?

Eric: Ted, he was right behind me. Ted, come here. Come on, reach.

[Grunting] Come on.

Ted: We smelled gas. We had to back away before it blew up.

Nicole: Oh! No! Holly!

Eric: Nicole.

Nicole: [Crying] Holly.

Marlena: I remember when roman came back to me, and I thought we could just pick up where we left off. I thought I could forget about how I felt about you. I was so wrong and I--I hurt so many people.

John: So you don't think that sarah is going to be able to forget about eric, huh?

Marlena: Well, not if she feels the same way about him that I feel about you.

[Sweeping orchestral music]

John: You know, after all these years, I still like hearing you say that.

Marlena: And after all these years, I'm still glad it's just the same.

Nicole: [Crying]

Eric: Nicole, I want you to listen to me. Just listen to me, okay? We were next to the van right where it blew. It was dark. I couldn't see inside. I think they got themselves out.

Nicole: Then where are they? I can't see them. Where are they, then? Holly!

Hope: We'll find her, nicole. No one's giving up until we find her.

[Somber music]

Ted, your hand, you're bleeding.

Ted: Uh, it's fine. It's fine.

Hope: You need to have someone look at that.

Nicole: When we were in the warehouse, you saved holly. God wouldn't be so cruel after everything we've been through to take her away from me now. No, she can't be gone.

Eric: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Nicole: She can't be gone.

Eric: No, okay? All right. Look, look at this. You see this? You see? Remember? It brought you back. It worked. You got to believe. You got to have faith. It'll work. Just keep your faith.

Nicole: [Crying] I wanted more from

[Romantic music]

Marlena: Look, I--I know I shouldn't be thinking like this.

John: Like what?

Marlena: Well, it occurred to me that--that nicole, you know, was alive and xander is alive and--and jack is alive. So what about kristen?

[Ominous music] You know, she's like her father. He--he was always returning from the dead, you know?

John: Sweetheart, I think if kristen were alive, we would know about it.

Marlena: That's kind of what I'm afraid of.

[Lounge music]

Victor: I wonder if philip is seeing anyone.

Kate: Not that I know of.

Victor: Well, if he was, he'd be wise not to tell you. You may be the reason he left town.

Kate: He left town because you drove him away. Again.

Victor: So sensitive.

Kate: And you're an emotional bulldozer.

Victor: Hey, don't forget, I'm your boss now. I'm the one that writes your evaluations. And acts on them.

Kate: Oh, I'm so glad to see you haven't lost your light managerial touch.

Victor: I wonder if philip knows that you're back in the family fold with titan.

Kate: Really? Is that why you hired me back, to make nice with philip? Because it's going to take a hell of a lot more than that to make him trust you again.

Victor: Oh, I know I've made a mess of it with philip, and he may have had something to do with my hiring you. The company was never more successful than it was when you were helping me launch the publishing division.

Kate: I was magnificent, wasn't I?

Victor: I want to get the company back to those roots. And destroy dimera enterprises.

Kate: Those are lofty goals. I am all in.

Victor: Keep brady in tow too.

Kate: Hmm. And you too, vic. You too.

[Ominous music]

Maggie: Hate to keep harping on this, but I don't understand why you're in such a rush.

Sarah: Well, I wish you wouldn't characterize it as that. I am eager to get married. I am excited, so I'm impatient. I don't want to wait, and why should I?

Maggie: So you have given it some more thought.

Sarah: You know what? To insinuate that I'm going to change my mind, and not just insinuate, but hope.

Maggie: Because... oh, dear sarah, you know why I have reservations. It's for a very good reason. He's a cheater and he's cheated on more than one person.

Sarah: Stop it, just stop. I don't want to-- I don't want to hear about it anymore, okay? It is negative and it's depressing. We have been over it a zillion times and it's in the past and I am past it.

Maggie: Why? Why is it in the past? Because he swore to you that he'd never do it again? Like men never swear to anything and then turn right around and do the opposite. Like a womanizing philanderer doesn't just change his ways because you insist upon it. Mm.

Rex: Uh, so sorry to interrupt. I--I was just wondering, is there any news yet?

Maggie: No. No, not at this point. And I'm afraid, um, that no news no longer is seen as good news.

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: Brady.

[Rousing music]

Thanks, al. That was the fire chief. They recovered two bodies from the van.

Nicole: And?

Hope: One was a male adult. The other one was a female child. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

Nicole: [Sobbing]

John: Sweetheart. There is nothing that kristen can do to us that she hasn't already tried. Besides, love beats hate, every time. Always has, always will.

Marlena: I agree.

John: Now, I think talking-wise, we've pretty much covered all the bases here.

[Tender music]

Marlena: Yes, I--I think we have covered about all the bases.

John: So what do you say about shutting it down here and taking this party on home?

Marlena: Thought you'd never ask me that.



John: Save it.

[Blows twice]

Victor: You know, I just wonder that I won't be able to make things right with philip before... well, you know, there's a question of time.

Kate: Come on, don't talk like that.

Victor: Mm, like shaw said, "parents and children, sad, sad, sad."

[Piano music playing]

Kate: Well, I'm glad to see there's still a heart in there. Don't--don't worry. I'll work something out with philip.

[Foreboding music]


Maggie: Holly's dead.

Sarah: [Sobbing] I'm sorry, it's just, mm, I'm sorry.

Rex: Sarah, honey, please, don't apologize.

Sarah: I, like, keep thinking it'S... is if I feel like this, then what this must be doing to nicole.

Rex: I know, I know. It's--it'S... it's hell, all the way around.

Sarah: Rex.

[Sobbing] I know that... I know I've been a mess the last few days, but thank you. Thank god I've had you to lean on.

Rex: You always will. Always.

[Rousing music]

Nicole: Holly, holly. I want to see my baby...

Hope: No, no, no. Nicole, not like this. Not like this.

Nicole: [Sobbing] Oh, no! No. No.

[Sobbing] Oh, my...

[Somber music]

Oh, my god.

[Foreboding music]

[Door opens]

Ted: Where the hell have you been? Is holly all right?

Xander: Fine. Sleeping peacefully on her way to her new home.

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