Days Transcript Friday 5/3/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/3/19


Episode #13521 ~ Rafe and Hope try to find Holly, unaware of Ted's involvement. Maggie has an emotional reunion with Nicole. Marlena comforts a heartbroken Sarah. Gabi continues her plot against Stefan.

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Marlena: Has will headed out for his radiation treatment?

Sarah: Yeah, you just missed him--rex took him down a few minutes ago.

Marlena: Oh. How did he seem?

Sarah: Nervous. But...hopeful.

Marlena: Yeah. Like the rest of us.

Sarah: Exactly. With any luck, the radiation will do its job and shrink his tumor.

Marlena: Of course. I'll just wait for him here.

Sarah: Okay. That'll give us a chance to talk. I owe you an apology.

Marlena: You do? Why?

Sarah: I lied to you.

Eric: Okay, thanks. Please call me if there's any news. All right, bye.

Nicole: Well?

Eric: Hope said the D.A.'S questioning hector right now to see if he knows anything about the kidnapping.

Nicole: I-I don't understand. Why do they keep questioning this hector? I-I thought he claimed that his people weren't involved--

Eric: I know, he did, but he also has to check to make sure there's nobody on hector's team that went rogue and took holly against his orders.

Nicole: His team?

[Small laugh] A-a--uh...murderous drug cartel? Damn it, chloe. You were supposed to be looking after my daughter, not playing dinner date with stefan dimera!

Stefan: Tea?

Chloe: [Groans] I'm not even sure I could keep that down.

Stefan: I know you're still upset about the way nicole laid into you.

Chloe: It's just that... out of everyone in the world, she picked me to take care of her daughter, and I let her down.

Stefan: Chloe, what happened to holly is not your fault. Okay?

Chloe: I was so naive to think that the danger was over because hector claimed that he told the cartel to back off.

Stefan: Chloe, it would have--

Chloe: I let you wine and dine me while I should have been protecting holly.

Hope: So lani...she's taking a leave of absence?

Rafe: Yeah, she's adamant about it.

Hope: Well, I totally understand. Taking care of a baby, uh, is a full-time job.

Rafe: It is. Yeah. And david needs people around him who care about him and are familiar with him. 'Cause who knows? Whoever took holly might just strike again.

Ted: No need to worry about that. The person who took holly is already in custody.

Brady: Oh, hi, there.

Maggie: Oh, welcome home! Oh, brady, I'm so glad you're back.

Brady: Oh, I'm exhausted. But I think I managed to strengthen a lot of titan's european partnerships, so mission accomplished.

Maggie: I am pleased to hear that. Have you spoken to anyone in salem since you've been back?

Brady: No. No. Don't tell me grandfather gave kate my job or something like that.

Maggie: Oh, no. No, not that I'm aware of. But there is something important that I need to share with you, and it's gonna come as quite a shock.

Nicole: After how hard chloe fought me for custody of holly, you would think she would never have let my little girl out of her sight.

Eric: Chloe's been very protective. That's why she moved into the dimera mansion.

Nicole: Well, not protective enough to keep holly from being taken!

Eric: We can't change what happened! We need to focus on finding her and bringing holly home.

Nicole: But if it is these... cartel people-- they're just doing this to get revenge against chloe, right? So what if they decide to get it by hurting holly? God, I just miss her so much. I just need to know that she's safe.

Eric: Shh, shh.

Nicole: [Sobbing] I just need to know that she's safe.

Xander: Rock-a-bye, baby

in the treetop

when the wind blows

the cradle will rock

when the bough breaks

the cradle will fall

and down will come baby

cradle and all

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Brady: Do I have your attention now?

Gabi: You do.

Brady: Good. 'Cause we have to move on this fast--I think he's still raw from losing charlotte. If he lost chloe right now, I think he wouldn't be able to handle it.

Gabi: Okay, all right. But you know he's not gonna let her go without a fight.

Brady: [Sighing] I know. Which is where you come in.

Gabi: How? What--what could I do to come between stefan and chloe?

Brady: Seduce him.

Gabi: G--the guy disgusts me, okay? I can't even be close to him. The thought--[Groaning] No, no!

Brady: Hold on, hear me out.

Gabi: Brady, it's a no.

Brady: You've already told me that you're not interested in feeding anymore inside information on the guy to me, right?

Gabi: He's suspicious of me already!

Brady: I understand that. What if... you controlled dimera? And then you wouldn't have to worry about it. You would also have complete control over gabi chic.

Gabi: Hold on a second. Wait a minute--wait. How did this go from I'm seducing stefan to now controlling dimera?

Brady: It's very simple. Step one--you seduce him. Step two--you marry him. Step three--you take him for everything he's got. You take his business, you take his money, you take his heart, and once you have all those things in your hands... we burn his ass to the ground.

Stefan: To my darling wife on our first anniversary.

Gabi: Happy anniversary, baby.

Stefan: Mm. Yeah. I can't believe how quickly we went from hating each other's guts to being mr. And mrs. Stefan dimera.

Gabi: Oh, no mystery there. You couldn't resist me.

Stefan: We couldn't resist each other. Yet beyond all the fighting and anger and bitterness, there was this...overwhelming attraction.

Gabi: You couldn't get enough of me.

Stefan: I'm hopelessly addicted to you... gabriella dimera.

Gabi: [Light laugh] Music to my ears.

Stefan: And to think I've never been happier and more grateful. I mean, I have a wife who is not only beautiful and sexy but smart and ambitious.

Gabi: My biggest ambition has been to have you fall madly in love with me.

Stefan: Well, you have achieved your goal. And with that, I give you your anniversary gift.

Gabi: Ohh!

Stefan: Happy anniversary. I hope you like it.

Gabi: Thank you. I'm sure it's gonna be perfect.

[Gasps] Ohh! More diamonds! Oh, my god! Oh, babe, you are just so... generous.

Stefan: No. For the woman who thrills me, completes me, makes my life worth living? There's no such thing.

Gabi: I have to admit I love hearing you say that.

[Light laugh] And, um, well, i guess now it's time for my gift.

Stefan: Oh. I'm excited.

Gabi: I hope you like surprises.

Stefan: I love surprises.

Gabi: So for the first anniversary, I heard it's supposed to be paper, so I got you this.

Stefan: Oh.

[Rustling] What can it be?

Gabi: You have to open it to see.

Stefan: Yeah? Don't wanna lose that.

[Gabi giggles]

[Dramatic music] What did you do?

Stefan: What the hell? You're suing me for divorce?!

Gabi: I'm just gonna take you for everything that you're worth. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

[Dark music]

Stefan: You need to take care of yourself, chloe. You haven't eaten or slept.

Chloe: I can't just sit here and do nothing--I've gotta go talk to the police, make sure they're doing everything in their power to find holly.

Stefan: Okay. Can I at least drive you?

Chloe: No. Parker's here with the nanny, but I would feel much safer if you were here with him too, okay?

Brady: Something happened to--to victor?

Maggie: No. No. Victor's fine.

Brady: What's going on? Wh-what's wrong?

Maggie: [Sobs] It's holly.

[Sobbing] Holly has been kidnapped, brady.

Brady: What?

Maggie: Yes.

Brady: Ste--uh, stefan was supposed to be protecting them. How did this happen? What do you mean, she was kidnapped?

Maggie: I-I don't know, not clear about the details, but I know, I can imagine chloe's quite upset.

Brady: All right, yeah, I'm gonna find chloe--I need to help her right now.

Maggie: Wait a minute!

Brady: Look, I want you to understand I've accepted the fact that chloe doesn't want me back--that's fine. I still care about her, I need to know what's going on--she's like a mother to holly. I need to--

Maggie: But that's what we need to talk about!

Eric: Maybe don't start... jumping to the worst-case scenario.

Nicole: How can I not? Someone broke in the house and took holly out of her bed.

Eric: And we're gonna find her. The three of us--we're gonna be a family just like we planned.

Nicole: How can you be so sure?

Eric: Do you remember the day that we made a plan of us being a family right before brady forced you to leave town?

Nicole: That's the only thing that kept me going when xander had me locked up. We were gonna get a house in the country.

[Both chuckle]

Eric: And we were gonna have a tire swing hanging in the tree for holly.

Nicole: Yeah. And a porch with ceiling fans and big old rocking chairs. And I never stopped hoping for that.

Eric: [Softly] It's gonna happen, nicole. I believe it. And I believe in us.

Nicole: [Sniffles] I do too. I do too. I don't know how I could get through this without you.

Eric: When I thought-- when I lost you forever... but now that I have you back, i am never going to let anything stand in the way of those dreams coming true. I promise you that. Listen... I'm gonna take a shower. Here. I want you to hold my phone in case hope calls with any news, all right?

Nicole: [Whispers] Okay.

Eric: I'll be quick.

[Door opens, closes]

[Soft music]

[Dramatic chords]

Xander: Oh, yes. Everything's going as we planned. Just waiting to hear back from ted laurent. I must say, it is handy having a D.A. In our pocket. He's setting up our fall guy as we speak.

Ted: Well... hector has been playing us all along.

Rafe: Hector?

Ted: His people do have holly. And he's saying that they will release her only if we strike a deal with him and send him back to mexico.

Hope: You're willing to make a deal?

Ted: If I can... if I can have a judge confirming that, yes, maybe I can do that, yes. They will not have a lot of time. That little girl's life is at stake.

Hope: See if you can get a judge to agree with the extradition.

Ted: Okay.

Rafe: There anything that guy could tell you that you wouldn't believe? I'm just a normal person who got an awful skin condition.

Marlena: You lied to me about what?

Sarah: Eric. The other day when...we ran into each other, I... I misled you. I let you believe that eric had confessed his feelings to me.

Marlena: And he hadn't?

Sarah: Not for me, no.

Marlena: But you let me go on thinking that he had.

Sarah: Well, I knew that he was hiding something, and when i realized that you thought i already knew the truth...

Marlena: You let me go on betraying his confidence.

Sarah: I am so sorry, marlena. I should have absolutely never put you in that position, especially after eric begged you not to say anything to me. Are you angry with me?

Marlena: I don't like being lied to. But oddly-- I'm not angry with you.

Sarah: Why not?

Marlena: Because I-I had encouraged him to tell you how he felt about you. I felt that you needed to know.

Sarah: Thank you for that.

Marlena: Now that you know how he really feels about you, have you spoken to him? Did he talk about how much he cares about you?

[Tense music]

[Door opens]

Eric: Hey. Hey, did hope call?

Nicole: No. But I just can't stand here and do nothing anymore.

Eric: Okay. Okay, what do you wanna do? You wanna go to a police station--

Nicole: Well, it beats sitting around waiting for a phone call.

Eric: I understand. But you know what? Going down to a police station, pacing around there, getting in their way-- that's not gonna help either.

Nicole: Fine. We won't go to the police station, but...we're going out. Because there's someone I need to see.

Brady: I thought holly's kidnapping was the news, maggie. You're telling me there's more?

Maggie: There's a lot more.

Brady: Well, don't tell me it's worse.

Maggie: No. But it is definitely surprising. It's about nicole.

Stefan: No, ben, you're not going to try to find this child. You're going to find this child. It's what I pay you for. And if you don't, you're gonna find yourself scrubbing toilets at a rest stop outside of branson, missouri.



[Laughs] Oh, my god.

Gabi: Heard about holly. I hope chloe's not blaming you for her kidnapping.

Stefan: No. She's pretty much blaming herself.

Gabi: You two were having dinner?

Stefan: Yeah. That's right.

Gabi: A date? She finally let you go out on a date?

Stefan: I'm sorry, gabi, is there a purpose to... this line of questioning?

Gabi: I just wanted to know how far she let you go. I mean, did she spend the night or what?

Stefan: Don't be crude, gabi.

Gabi: Okay.

Stefan: It was just dinner.

Gabi: So it's really easy to be a gentleman now with chloe. Is that what it is?

Stefan: Wha--what does that mean?

Gabi: It means that after your wild night with me, you got rid of all that pent-up sexual frustration. I wanted more from

Stefan: What happened between us, gabi, shouldn't have happened. So I hope you didn't come here thinking that you were gonna get lucky.

Gabi: Oh, please! You're the one who got lucky.

Stefan: Oh.

Gabi: I'm here on business.

Stefan: Business. No, I'm not talking business, not with holly missing.

Gabi: Really?

Stefan: Yeah.

Gabi: Okay, you know what? Fine. I-I can deal with this without you.

Stefan: Hang on. Ga--

[Sighs] There's nothing I can do at this exact moment to help chloe anyway, so why don't you tell me what the problem is?

Gabi: Never mind.

> Stefan: Gabi, come on. What else am I gonna do?

Gabi: Okay. That's what I thought.

[Edgy music]



Ted: You haven't left this room today, have you?

Xander: Keep it down. She's sleeping.

Ted: By the way, how do you make that happen?

Xander: Oh, I just put a wee dram of single malt in her sippy cup. Now we're both happy.

Ted: What?!

Xander: Do you really think that I would give booze to a toddler?

Ted: Xander, yes. Of course I do.

Xander: Well, I wouldn'T. She's tired because we were playing hide and seek all morning. And by the way... save the moralizing for someone who doesn't know you.

Ted: At least I'm trying to change my life.

Xander: Not doing a very good job of it, are you? I assume you're here to tell me that hector is cooperating with the police?

Ted: Well, the file you gave me didn't give him much choice, huh?

Xander: And everyone believes that his people are the ones that have holly.

Ted: [Sighs] Hope bought it. I told her that if a judge agrees to extradite hector... they will return holly. That is the plan, right?

Hope: I know, okay? I know... that ted has done some shady things in the past.

Rafe: [Laughs]

Hope: He lost a child. Just like I have. Rafe, you know when you've been through something like this, you will do anything and everything you can to bring that child home safely. You know that. I need to update eric and nicole.

Rafe: Did you say nicole?

Hope: What?

Rafe: Nicole?

Hope: Oh, my god, you haven't heard? Nicole's alive. And in salem, obviously.

Rafe: [Stammering] How did that happen?

Hope: It's quite a story, as you can imagine, but I'll fill you in later. Right now, I need to update nicole and let her know that we have a lead on her daughter.

Rafe: Yeah.

Sarah: As soon as I left you, I went right to eric and i confronted him about what you said. I asked him point blank if he was lying to me and if he did really have feelings for me.

Marlena: And...did he admit it?

Sarah: Yes. Finally.

Marlena: All right. Does that mean the two of you will be getting together?

Sarah: It's more complicated than that.

Marlena: Because of rex.

Sarah: No. Because of nicole.

Brady: Nicole? Don't tell me the authorities are giving chloe a hard time because she's not holly's birth mother.

Maggie: I-it's not that--

Brady: Because we both know that chloe has been like a mother to holly since nicole died and she's taken excellent care of her. I mean, if there's legal paperwork that needs to be finalized, justin can come and take care of it--

Maggie: Brady, listen--

Brady: I need to find chloe. I need to help her, I--

Maggie: Brady, wait, you need to understand--

Brady: I think every second counts here, maggie. I need to find her.

[Dramatic chords]

Nicole. Tremfya® can help adults with moderate to severe

Brady: You're alive.

Nicole: That's what they tell me.

Brady: How's this possible?

Maggie: [Sobs]

Brady: How did you--

Maggie: Welcome home, sweetheart.

Nicole: Oh, maggie.

[Overlapping greetings]

Maggie: Sarah and rex told me you were alive, but see, I could only believe it if I saw you with my own two eyes. Oh, my god, holding you--

Brady: I don't--I don't understand.

Maggie: Thank god!

Brady: I don't understand this.

Nicole: I'm so sorry... you all had to suffer thinking i died in that explosion.

Maggie: The only important thing now is you're home. Home where you belong.

Brady: I just--I don't--I-- I don't get it. I-I-I knocked eric out. I drag--I dragged him out of that building...

Nicole: I know. And I'm glad you did.

Brady: It was--it was the--it was the only way he was going to leave you. And...I had to hold him down from rushing back in. I thought you--I thought you were gone. How are you here? How are you here?

Eric: It's a miracle.

[Soft emotional music]

Maggie: [Whispers] I can't believe it. I can't believe it.

Marlena: I can't--I can't believe that nicole is alive.

Sarah: I'm sorry, I just assumed you knew.

Marlena: No, I was--I was helping a patient most of the night. I haven't checked my messages. Is it true?

Sarah: I saw her myself. Eric and I... we were on our way to break the news to rex that we wanted to be together, and... before we could get a word out, there she was. In the flesh.

[Soft sob] As you can imagine, eric was blown away.

Marlena: I can imagine.

Sarah: I mean, to realize that the love of your life isn't dead, he... he's overjoyed.

Marlena: I'm sure he is.

Sarah: [Sniffles] Eric is the best person I know. And losing nicole, it-- it nearly destroyed his life. I was there at his lowest point and I saw him suffer. So... for him to get a chance... a second chance at happiness, it-- I would never stand in his way. I just...I want what's best for him. And now with holly missing, he and nicole need each other more than ever.

Gabi: If we delay orders until next quarter sales figures, then we're gonna lose momentum.

Stefan: We'll get it back.

Gabi: No, you're not focusing on the opportunity here. Can you please stop thinking about chloe for just one minute? Get your head in the game?

Stefan: This has nothing to do with chloe.

Gabi: No?

Stefan: No.

Gabi: Okay, well, then why are you so distracted?

Stefan: 'Cause I'm-- worried about holly.

Gabi: We are all worried about holly, but we still have a business to run. So if you can't focus, then I'm just gonna have to deal with this on my own and not wait for your approval.

Stefan: Is that a threat?

Gabi: No, it's not. I will just get the board to sign off on this...and thank you very much for your time.

Stefan: Gabi.

Gabi: What? I shouldn't have even come here in the first place. I didn't know what I was--

Stefan: You're not going anywhere.

[Tense music]

Chloe: Rafe. Hey.

Rafe: Chloe, hi.

Chloe: Do you have any updates on the search?

Rafe: Yeah, actually, we do have some new information.

Chloe: So you know who took holly?

Rafe: Hope now believes that hector's people have her.

Chloe: Oh, my god, so the cartel does have her. I don't know if that's good news or bad news.

Rafe: Uh-huh.

Chloe: What--what does that mean? Is there something you're not telling me?

Rafe: Well, um, ted laurent is the one who got the information out of hector... and, uh, I'm not sure I trust him.

Chloe: Well, yeah, hector works for the cartel.

Rafe: Yeah. I was talking about ted.

Xander: May I offer you a drink, counselor?

Ted: No, thank you, I'll pass. I just want to get this over with.

Xander: Why don't you relax? Everything's going swimmingly. Why do you seem so stressed out?

Ted: "Swimmingly"? Xander, "swimmingly"? We just kidnapped a child. I've done some unethical things back in the days, but this is a step too far. I don't even know the end game, xander. What do you want?

Xander: All in good time, teddy. All in good time.

Ted: That is not a good answer for me. I'm sorry, but what is it, money that you want, ransom? Tell me.

Xander: I don't need money.

Ted: So what's the plan? You wanna play hero. You wanna return holly from the bad cartel. What's what it is?

Xander: It's an interesting idea, isn't it? Except there are two problems with it. One--with my history, who's gonna believe it? And two--unfortunately, holly will not be reunited with her mother.

Ted: What? Y-you--wait. You're not gonna return her? That's it, xander, I'm out. I'm not part of any of this! I'm out!

Gabi: What are you doing?

Stefan: Let's get something straight. You may be the face of gabi chic, but I run dimera.

Gabi: Not very well at the moment. That's why I'm gonna do things my way.

Stefan: You work for me. You do as I say.

Gabi: Oh, really?

Stefan: Yes, really. In case you missed the memo, gabi, I'm the one who's in charge here.

Gabi: You wouldn't know how to take charge of--

Marlena: Poor holly. Nicole must be terrified. Chloe too.

Sarah: Yeah, it's awful for everyone involved.

Marlena: I'm gonna check with eric, see if I can do anything at all to help.

Sarah: I think he'd really appreciate that.

Marlena: With all those two have been through... they did not deserve this.

Sarah: No, they didn'T. And for nicole, I mean, to be away from her little girl for all this time and... to come home to this.

[Whispers] My god. I'm just--I'm glad that eric's with her right now. That's where he belongs.

Brady: Hey. You have every reason in the world to hate me after what i did.

Nicole: Brady, let's--let's not do this right now.

Brady: I-I agree. I don't want to get into it either. I just wanna say... I really wanna say to you I am sorry. I'm so sorry. And I'm gonna do everything i can to get holly back. I-I'm serious, any resource we have at titan--it's yours, at your disposal, okay?

Nicole: Thank you. I-I appreciate that.

Brady: I'm really glad to see you. But I'm really sorry that this is happening to you as well.

Nicole: This happened because I trusted chloe with the most important thing in my life, and she failed. She failed me, and she failed my little girl.

Chloe: Ted laurent is the district attorney. Why wouldn't you trust him?

Rafe: I have my reasons.

Chloe: Personal or professional?

Rafe: Listen, all I'm interested in right now is finding the person who took holly and getting her back.

Chloe: Yeah, me too. And, rafe, even though we know that nicole's alive now and, of course, she's holly's mom, I love that girl very much.

Rafe: Of course you do.

Chloe: So you'll keep me in the loop, right?

Rafe: Yeah. Yes. And, uh, listen, I'm sorry. I know how hard this must be for you.

Chloe: It is, but I'm grateful for your help and hope and stefan. He has been so wonderful, there for me 100%.

Gabi: What the hell? Okay, this cannot happen again. I'm gonna go. I'm leaving.

Stefan: Fine. Go.

Gabi: [Small laugh] Do you want me to stay? You want me to stay and watch you pine for chloe?

Stefan: I'm not pining after chloe.

Gabi: Yes, you are.

Stefan: No, I'm not.

Gabi: Yeah, you are. Prove it. You want me so badly.

Stefan: As badly as you want me.

[Intense music]

To most, he's phil

mickelson pro golfer.

Xander: Oh, you're in way too deep to back out now, mate. And you wouldn't want hope brady to find out you're not quite as...reformed as you pretend.

Ted: Well, if I return holly to her mother... hope will forgive me.

Xander: [Light laugh] The hope brady I've met would never forgive a guy who lied to her, let alone helped kidnap a child.

Ted: That's a chance I'm willing to take.

Xander: You're playing a dangerous game here, laurent. You're in over your head.

Ted: That a threat, xander?

Xander: Just letting you know if you don't play ball hope brady is only one of the things you'll lose.

Ted: Like I said... that's a chance I'm willing to take.

Hope: Nicole, alive and well.

Nicole: Please tell me you know where my daughter is.

Hope: I'm sorry, we haven't found her, but we think we know who has her.

Eric: You do? Who is it?

Hope: Right now, we have someone in custody named hector who confessed to the D.A. He's a member of el fideo's cartel, and he's claiming he'll return holly if we extradite him to mexico.

Brady: Where he'll likely go free because the police are owned by the cartel down there.

Nicole: I don't care what happens to hector. I just want my daughter back. Do whatever you have to.

Hope: We are. We're doing everything we can. Everything we can to find your daughter.

Nicole: Thank you.

Marlena: You know, you've suffered a terrible blow. You should give yourself some time to heal.

Sarah: I'll survive. I always do.

Marlena: I'm sure you will.

Sarah: At least I never got the chance to tell rex how eric and I felt.

Marlena: He doesn't know?

Sarah: No. And I'm glad, because I would hate for him to experience the pain that I'm feeling. And now he never has to know.

Marlena: So you're, uh, you're gonna go back to rex? So there you are with your depression

Sarah: Eric and nicole are gonna be together... as they should be. She's the love of his life and... he's the love of hers. I just--I have to accept that eric is gone. It hurts, but... I'm not gonna fall apart. It's just not me.

Marlena: What will you do?

Sarah: The only thing that i can do-- move on. Marry rex.

Nicole: My daughter is in the hands of a ruthless drug cartel. I mean, they tried to kill chloe. Who knows what they're capable of?

Maggie: Now, you heard hope. The D.A. Is working to strike a deal.

Brady: She won't let them gamble with holly's life.

Eric: Nicole, you can trust hope to look out for her.

Maggie: Uh, I'm gonna go and give an update to victor on the search. Brady, could I talk to you for a moment?

Brady: Sure.

Maggie: Uh...

Brady: What is it?

Maggie: Look, um...I didn't want to say this in front of nicole, but I think that you should let chloe know what's going on.

Brady: Absolutely.

Nicole: We can't trust hector or his people. And what makes you think he'll comply with the deal?

Eric: The police will know where to find her. You know what? There's a good chance holly will be found before the police even strike a deal.

Nicole: I can't even breathe knowing that holly is just out there.

Eric: She'll be back in your arms before you know it. I promise.

Nicole: I hope so.

Rafe: Chloe was just here looking for information about holly.

Hope: I just saw nicole.

Rafe: How was that?

Hope: Surreal.

Rafe: Yeah.

Ted: I know where holly is.

Gabi: Wow. That was...unexpected.

Stefan: I know.

Gabi: I didn't think that was gonna happen again.

Stefan: Me either.

Gabi: What the hell are we doing?

Stefan: I have no idea.


Chloe: Stefan. Stefan, are you here?

[Suspenseful music]

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