Days Transcript Thursday 4/25/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/25/19


Episode #13515 ~ Nicole makes a shocking return to Salem. Sarah tricks Marlena into spilling the truth. Stefan and Chloe have their first date. Ben and Ciara share a night of romance.

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Kate: Here to congratulate me on my new job?

Maggie: Oh...I'm on to you, kate. Don't think for a second that you can maneuver your way into my husband's life or his company.

Kate: Well, you're going to have to take that up with victor.

Maggie: Oh, I will.

Kate:Ou know, maggie, obviously, we don't like one another. But we are going to have to work on getting along, because it appears that we're going to be family.

Sarah: I overheard you and eric talking about something he didn't want me to know.

Marlena: I see.

Sarah: And I knew it was about me, so I confronted him and... he told me about his feelings.

Marlena: He did?

[Small laugh] Oh... great. I've been--I've been suggesting to him that he do that, you know, just open up and tell you how much he cares about you.

Sarah: What did you just say?

[Lightly suspenseful music]

Eric: Ooh!

Chloe: Whoa!

Eric: I'm so sorry.

Chloe: Whoa, buddy, watch where you're going.

Eric: Yeah, I--my mind was...

Chloe: Elsewhere. I can tell.

Eric: Hey, should you be out here alone? I mean, I heard about what happened last night, I mean--

Chloe: Yeah, uh, it's fine, we're safe now.

Eric: Well, that's good news.

Chloe: Yeah, it is. Finally, thank god this nightmare is over.

Stefan: Where are holly and parker now?

Ben: At a play date after school. My men were outside the house the entire time--now they're in a car on their way back here.

Stefan: Oh, great, that's perfect, 'cause the nanny's upstairs waiting to get them situated when they arrive.

Ben: So I guess they're not staying at the salem inn tonight?

Stefan: No, no, chloe actually wants them here. She and I are having dinner tonight. It'S...well, actually more of a date that I'm very much looking forward to. But, more importantly, she's no longer in danger, so...thank you for helping me fulfill my promise to chloe in keeping her and her kids safe.

[Electronic bleep]

[Suspenseful music]

[Intense chords]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Sarah: Uh, I'm sorry, uh, I'm just... actually, I'm--I'm curious what you think about what eric told me.

Marlena: Well... in all honesty, I think it complicates your situation. I mean, you're already engaged to rex, so you can understand why eric wouldn't want to tell you how deep his feelings were for you.

Eric: When I talk to my mom, it really doesn't matter.

Sarah: It does matter!

Eric: No.

Sarah: Yes! Because you're holding things back from me, eric, and I'm not gonna let it go until you tell me what it is.

Eric: Okay, I'll tell you. I'm still mad at you for sleeping with xander.

Sarah: No, I-I don't understand. I was honest with eric. Why would he lie to me?

Marlena: Because he wouldn't want to hurt rex. Because he wouldn't want a repeat of what happened with brady, and... and because he made a promise to god.

Sarah: Wait. What are you talking about? What promise?

Eric: Hey, um, I'm so glad you're all right. But you have been through a lot. I mean, if--you know what, if you need me to look after holly for a night or two, you need some time to yourself, I'm more than happy--

Chloe: That's so sweet of you. Thank you, uh, but we're fine, really. We're actually all staying at stefan'S.

Eric: You sure that's a good idea?

Stefan: Take the night off, ben. You earned it.

Ben: You wanna be alone with chloe...which I totally get. Boss, we are talking about the drug cartel here.

Stefan: Yeah. One of the guys is dead, the other guy is in custody, fully cooperating with the police to save his own ass. He gave the call for his men to stand down. Chloe and the kids are safe.

Ben: You think they actually will stand down?

Stefan: Not gonna take any chances. Got the front gate secure, 12 of your finest men patrolling the grounds.

Ben: I should stick around just in case.

Stefan: [Sighs] Go be with your girlfriend, ben. She got caught up in this too.

Ben: She's a tough girl.

Stefan: She's also smart. She had as much of a hand in ending this threat as anybody else. Take it from me when I tell you to do everything you can to make sure she feels appreciated. All right?

Ben: [Small laugh]

Ciara: [Sighs] Okay. All signed. Is that everything?

Hope: Yep.

Ciara: [Exhales] Okay.

Hope: Thank god you weren't hurt, baby. When that animal kidnapped you...

Ciara: Well, you can thank ben. Mama.

Hope: Yeah.

Ciara: If he hadn't come to save me when he did, I--I don't know what--

Hope: Well, you know, don't-- sell yourself short, sweetie. You were in an extremely high-stess situation, and you kept your cool. You didn't lose your head about you.

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Your dad would be very proud...very proud.

Ciara: You know, uh... you didn't exactly agree with me that ben did something good, but you didn't exactly try to fight me on it either. So you know what? I'm just gonna-- I'm gonna call that progress. But enough about me and my drama, mama. How, did things go with rafe this morning?

Hope: Oh, well, um... at first, things were going really well. Ciara, I was so happy to see him. And I was so relieved to see that he was okay. Thank god. You know, I was really hoping that we could just sit down and talk it all out. Without any interruptions and-- and then, uh...

[Scoffs] We started getting into it again.

Ciara: Mom, I'm so sorry. I know it must be so hard for you, know what? You just gotta keep in mind that you and rafe love each other so, so much, and all couples go through rough patches. They do, and I have no doubt in my mind that you guys are gonna get through this.

Hope: [Softly] Yeah.

[Beep beep] Oh, it's your phone, honey.

Ciara: Oh, um... actually, that is ben.

Hope: Ben.

Ciara: I think I'm gonna go.

Hope: Okay.

Ciara: Okay?

Hope: Yeah. 'Course okay.

Ciara: All right. I love you, mom.

Hope: Baby, I love you so much.

Ciara: Thank you so much for everything.

Hope: My girl. Love you.

Ciara: I love you. Bye.

Hope: Bye, sweetheart. Drive safely.

Ciara: I will. I always will.

[Soft music]

[Lightly suspenseful music]

[Beep beep]

[Phone beeps]

Kate: Okay. You are aware that rex and sarah have set a date, right?

Maggie: Yes. And I certainly hope that my daughter comes to her senses before she makes the mistake of marrying your son, a serial cheater... who obviously inherited his mother's moral compass, or lack thereof.

Kate: I'm not going to discuss my son with you.

Maggie: Oh, please. We both know that sarah can do a hell of a lot better than rex.

Marlena: Maybe we should back up. Exactly what did eric tell you?

Sarah: Just... how much he cares for me. But our conversation got cut short, so that's where we left off. You were saying something about a promise to god.

Marlena: Well... we know how eric feels about his faith. He's no longer a priest, but he's still very devout.

Sarah: Yeah. We've talked about it. That promise to god... I-I know it has to do with you when you were poisoned. But I'm assuming... it was a promise to not come between rex and me if god let you live?

Marlena: Mm.

Sarah: And how did you react?

Marlena: Well, I told him how moved I was by his willingness to do that. But it was really just... ridiculous.

Sarah: Ridiculous?

Marlena: Well, no, not--not in terms of eric's faith. Just in terms of... of making that sort of promise. Anyway, that was the conversation you walked in on.

Sarah: And he was making you swear to never tell me about his real feelings for me.

Marlena: Yeah, well, and i was hoping to honor that, but I've got to tell you... it's just been killing me to think of eric... well, not being with somebody he cares about so very deeply.

Sarah: And somebody, meaning me.

Marlena: Yes, of course. Of course meaning you. And I know it causes a lot of chaos to talk about this now, but...I'm just so glad that he's talking about the depths of the feelings that he has.

Chloe: Despite what brady's told you, stefan has been nothing but wonderful to me.

Stefan: Yeah, but are you sure you wanna get involved with a guy like that?

Chloe: Who said we're involved?

Eric: You know what, it's none of my business, but I mean, after dealing with the cartel, what if they try to come after you again, or what if they try to hurt holly or parker or--

Chloe: They--they won't, okay? The new D.A., Mr. Laurent, he cut a deal with hector, that last cartel thug that they arrested, and he assured me that the threat to me and my children is over.

[Suspenseful music]

[Phone rings]


Ted: [Sighs] Yes? Chloe lane and her children were at the salem inn. Look, if they were not--

[Sighs] Fine. I'll track them down. I'll call you right back.

[Intense music]

Eric: Glad to hear the cartel backed off. I mean, that's a huge relief.

Chloe: Yeah, it is. I mean, I'll probably sleep with one eye open for a long time, but I can finally breathe again. I'm sure you feel the same way too. I know how worried you were about holly.

Eric: That little girl means the world to me. I'm confident she'S... safe in your arms. Listen, I made a promise to nicole that I'd always take care of her.

Chloe: I know. You must miss her.

Eric: She's always in my thoughts.

Holly: I miss her too. And I know it's not the same thing, but... I'm ready to move on, and maybe you can too?

Eric: Maybe.

Chloe: Look, I know you're still mourning nicole, but... I'm pretty sure-- actually, I know that she would want you to be happy.

Marlena: Now, look, I know this isn't easy for you, but I-- I think it's a good thing that eric shared his feelings now. Before you marry rex.

Sarah: You--you're right. But it...

[Small laugh] It is a-a lot.

Marlena: Yes, it's a lot. And it's also very sudden. Having said that, do you... have any thoughts about what you might do?

Maggie: Oh, rex, I'm sorry you heard that.

Rex: [Laughs] No, you're not. But it's okay.

Kate: No, it's not okay.

Rex: Maggie, you've made your feelings towards me very clear. You don't like me, you don't trust me, and you definitely don't want me marrying your daughter. But look, I know that I have a very long way to go to prove to you and to sarah that I can be trusted. You were right about what you said before--I am not good enough for her. But you know what? No man is. I swear to you, I will spend the rest of my life loving her and honoring her and being the husband that she deserves.

Maggie: If you're lucky enough to get the chance.

Both: [Laughs]

Kate: Well, sarah has already agreed to marry rex, so in my mind, she's the lucky one.

Maggie: Since when does pledging one's eternal devotion to a notorious philanderer make a woman lucky?

Kate: Maggie, rex has just admitted that he made mistakes. He's doing everything he possibly could do to improve the situation.

Rex: Mom.

Kate: Did you not hear anything he said?

Rex: I totally got this.

Kate: You know, I know that it's a challenge for you to keep your nose out of other people's business, given all your idle time, but the last thing that a newlywed couple needs is an overbearing mother-in-law.

Maggie: And the last thing i need is a desperate, opportunistic shrew in my home. Sarah's not here, so would you do me a favor and escort your mother out...quickly?

Rex: I didn't come here to see sarah. I actually came here to see you. And I'm really glad my mom's here as well, because I have some really great news to share with the both of you.

Ted: Well, unfortunately, that is the most current information I have on chloe and her children. Well, I'm sorry if you're not satisfied, but I have other pressing business to attend to.

[Phone beeps]



Ben: How'd it go at the station?

Ciara: [Sighs] Fine. When you texted me, I thought my mom was gonna give me all sorts of grief about seeing you, but she, uh, she actually didn't say anything.

Ben: We've come a long way considering a few months ago it was her mission in life to put me behind bars. What do you wanna do tonight?

Ciara: Don't you have to work?

Ben: Nope. Stefan gave me the night off. Apparently, he and chloe have a hot date.

[Phone beeps]

[Line rings]

[Phone rings]


Chloe: Hey.

Stefan: Just making sure we're still on for tonight.

Chloe: Oh, absolutely. Nothing and no one is gonna keep me from our date.

[Tense music]

Oh, my god. What are you doing here?

Kate: The tumor's benign. Thank god!

Maggie: [Laughs] Well, he and sonny must be so relieved.

Kate: How 'bout a little gratitude for the surgeon who performed the biopsy?

Maggie: Thank you, rex. We're all very grateful that will's gonna be okay.

Rex: Yeah, it's good news. It's great news, actually, but we still need to reduce the size of the tumor.

Kate: Why can't you just remove it?

Rex: Well, given its size and location, it's just--it's too risky. So we need to shrink it.

Maggie: And how will you do that?

Rex: We are reviewing every possible medical treatment. But look, I just wanted to come by to tell you in person. I know how much you both love will.

Kate: [Softly] Oh, thanks, sweetie.

Maggie: I appreciate you stopping by.

Rex: Uh, maggie... I wanna prove you wrong. I'm gonna make sarah the happiest woman on the face of the planet.

Maggie: [Exhales]

Sarah: I-I have... absolutely no idea what to do. I haven't had a whole lot of time to, you know, process this.

Marlena: That's completely understandable.

Sarah: I mean, up until now, eric has been adamant about the fact that he only thinks of me as a good friend and nothing more. A-and he's still mourning nicole. I mean, just yesterday, he told me that he misses her.

Marlena: He will always miss her. But you and I both know that she's gone, that she's not coming back.

Sarah: No, you're right. I don't know, marlena, I-- I'm so confused.

Marlena: The bottom line is we both want eric to be happy. And I think you're the woman that will make him happy. Okay, I'm gonna go check on will. If you need anything at all, you know where to find me.

[Soft music]

Chloe: No, nothing's wrong. I was just surprised, really happy to find holly's doll here. We've been looking for it, and with all the moving around and shuffling around, I thought for sure we'd lost it.

Stefan: Well, she has other dolls, right?

Chloe: Yeah, she does, but one's her favorite, and she's been having nightmares lately and I was just worried that maybe she wouldn't be able to sleep at your place tonight without it.

Stefan: Well, if you don't think she's gonna be okay, I--

Chloe: Oh, no, she'll be fine. Oh, your security guys just texted me and said that they picked up parker and holly and they're headed to you right now. And I'll be right behind them. I just have to take a quick shower and get dressed, and I'll join you for dinner. Okay, bye.


[Suspenseful music]

[Shower running]

[Soft dinner music playing]

Ted: I was thrilled to get your message. Sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier.

Hope: Thank you, ted.

Ted: But work has been crazy, thanks to you.

[Light laugh] So how about I order a nice bottle of wine and you tell me what's on your beautiful mind.

Hope: Well, what's on my mind is a question.

Ted: Oh? I'm intrigued.

Hope: Then I'll lay it right out there. What are you keeping from me, mr. Laurent? Hmm? I wanted more from

[Soft music]

Rex: [Grunts] Oh, hey, man. I have some news on will.

Eric: Yeah, I heard. I was with my dad when you called. Glad he's all right. I mean, he is all right, right?

Rex: Well, he's not exactly out of the woods yet. He still needs some treatment, but he's exactly where we want him to be right now.


Rex: That's a beautiful picture of nicole. Did you take that?

Eric: Yeah. It's all I have left. These photos, memories. I don't know why I'm looking at it.

Rex: Well, why wouldn't you? I mean, no one's expecting you to forget about her.

Eric: Well, there's no way i could do that--she's the love of my life.

Rex: You'll find someone, bro. Look at me. Even I did.

Eric: Yeah.

Rex: Hey, I'm making dinner for sarah. You wanna join?

Eric: Uh, no. You know i don't like to be the third wheel. I'll grab a bite somewhere else.

Rex: You sure?

[Keys jingle]

Eric: Yeah, you know what? You guys deserve some time alone without me hanging around. You know what, I'm really happy that you guys are, uh, working things out.

Rex: You and me both.

Eric: Have a good dinner.

[Phone rings]

Rex: [Laughs]

[Beep] Hi. I was just talking about you with eric.

Sarah: Is he still there?

Rex: Um, no, he just left. Why?

Sarah: Never mind. Um, I'll be home for dinner in a little bit.


Ted: Y-you really think i would keep something from you?

Hope: Rafe told me that, um, eli overheard a phone conversation that you were having at the station, ted.

Ted: Hmm.

Hope: Telling someone that you didn't want me to know who were talking to.

Ted: That was nothing. But I'm not surprised detective grant would run to your husband and blow it out of proportion.

Hope: So it was no big deal? Just a misunderstanding?

Ted: Exactly.

Hope: Good. Then I guess you won't mind explaining to me what it was that eli might have misunderstood.

Ted: Hope, in the past, i would have lied. I would have charmed my way out, have inspired me.

Hope: Meaning?

Ted: You make me wanna be a better man. Which is why I'm gonna tell you the truth. I'm going to tell you who I was talking to on the phone.

[Uneasy music]

Stefan: Well... aren't you a vision?

Chloe: Mm. You're not too shabby yourself.

Stefan: [Chuckles] The kids okay?

Chloe: Oh, yeah. They were so exhausted, they fell asleep the minute their little heads hit the pillow. And now that I know that they are tucked in and safe, I guess we can finally have that date.

Stefan: Yeah. Why don't i escort you into the living room for some champagne?

Chloe: Yes, please.

Ben: You know, when you said you were gonna feed me, this, um, this isn't exactly what i had in mind.

Ciara: [Chuckles] You didn't actually think that I was gonna cook, did you?

Ben: What's wrong with cooking?

Ciara: Well, nothing, nothing, nothing at all if you want to spend the night shopping and prepping and cleaning and all that. No. It's just--it's so much easier to do it with an app. You just swipe a couple times, and boom. Dinner is served.

Ben: Oh. You make it sound so romantic.

Ciara: Mm. Well, you know what? Actually it, uh, it kind of is. Think about all the energy that I will be saving for you. Instead of keeping my eye on the stove, you, my dear, have my undivided attention.

Ben: You make an excellent point. You know that, right?

Ciara: I know I do.

Ben: And the chinese food-- that's a nice reminder of our first date. So that's nice.

Ciara: Oh, right.

[Small laugh] An outdoor picnic in december--that was...

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Ciara: That was really amazing.

Ben: Please tell me you have some general tso's chicken in here, because I've been dreaming of that.

Ciara: Come on. Back at the cabin, you waited on me hand...

Ben: Mm...

Ciara: And foot.

Ben: We are not gonna start that again.

Ciara: What? Am I not allowed to talk about it anymore?

Ben: Not if it's about you trying to pay me back for something that you've already done a million times over.

Ciara: Mm. See, the thing is, it's not about me paying you back. I, uh, I believe in reciprocating. And besides, I like... I like taking care of you.

[Soft, sultry music]

Ben: You know what? I will take some of that chow mein.

Ciara: All right. Coming right up.

Ben: [Laughs] No offense. You're kinda terrible with the chopsticks.

Ciara: I am not.

Ben: Okay. You're right.

Ciara: I'm trying.

Ben: I can see that you're trying. Maybe you should try with two hands.

Ciara: All right.

Ben: Or a shovel.


Ciara: Just be quiet, ben weston, okay? You're messing with my concentration. You know what? I think I got it. Ah... oh, my god!

[Laughing] I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Ben: For what?

Ciara: Your shirt.

[Sultry music]

Ted: The person I was talking to was a jeweler.

Hope: What?

Ted: [Exhales] A gift. For you. I-I bought this with the confidence that maybe one day you would want to be with me.

Hope: Ted, you'd better put this away.

Ted: No, hope, please. Understand that I had every intention of keeping my emotion and feelings a secret. And presenting this to you when you were free to receive the love of a man who truly understands the rare treasure that you are. Trust me, I-I didn't want to show you this. I wanted to honor your wish to fight for your marriage, but... your husband's interest lies more in fighting with me than fighting for you.

Hope: I can'T. I cannot have this conversation--

Ted: Hope, I wanna be a better man. And I have been. With you. I just want you to do the same. I want you to be honest about the feelings you have for me.

[Door closes]

[Soft music]

[Opera singer in background]

Chloe: Thank you.

Stefan: Cheers.

Chloe: Cheers.

Mm. "Don giovanni."

Stefan: Yeah. Will you sing me an aria from it sometime?

Chloe: Uh, sure. I would just have to work on it quite a bit beforehand.

Stefan: I'm a patient man.

[Opera singing continues]

[Tense music]

[Soft music]

Ciara: I can go get you a fork and spoon or something if you're still hungry.

Ben: I am.

Ciara: Mm?

Ben: Last night... I'm pretty sure we almost just made love for the first time. I know we started to get... like--

Ciara: Interrupted? Yeah. We did. But you know what? I have every intention of finishing what we started.

["Don giovanni" continues]

Chloe: It's really beautiful music.

Stefan: You know, I read a lot about "don giovanni." Even listened to an aria or two on youtube.

Chloe: Did you?

Stefan: Mm-hmm. I especially like "the champagne aria."

Chloe: Ah, okay, well, that's the one where giovanni gets hammered and wants to seduce all the ladies he can find.

Stefan: [Laughs] Yeah. That one. Well, I only have eyes for one.

Chloe: I'm really looking forward to dinner and... whatever comes next. You know, I'd like to check on parker and holly, though.

[Tense music]

[Music intensifies]

Hope: I can't accept this, ted.

Ted: Yes, you can. We both know you have already lost rafe, and rafe has already lost you. So choose to accept this necklace. And choose to be with me.

Eric: Rex is waiting for you at the apartment. He's making you dinner.

Sarah: I know. But we need to talk. Is there anyone else here, your dad?

Eric: No. Just me. You know, you should probably get going before you're late.

Sarah: Here's the deal. Neither of us are going anywhere until we're both 100% honest with each other.

[Soft, uneasy music]

[Knocking on door]

Rex: Oh, perfect timing.

[Chuckles] What's the matter babe, you forget your keys?

[Dramatic chords]

[Music intensifies]

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