Days Transcript Tuesday 4/23/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/23/19


Episode #13513 ~ Stefan struggles to keep Chloe in the dark about Gabi. Jack is curious when he interrupts a tense moment between Abe and Sheila. Brady unpacks his relationship woes to Maggie.Hope is surprised to learn Lani spent the night at Rafe's.

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Rafe: Oh, damn it.

[Knock at door] Yeah.

Hope: Hi.

Rafe: Hi.

[Tender music]

Sheila: Oh, hey, big C.

Abe: Well, good morning. So...what's the word?

Sheila: The latest polls are out. I'm trying to see if we're getting slammed by jack and eve's wedding stunt.

Abe: And what'd you find out?

Sheila: Up by 5, according to these polls.

Abe: Ah, yes. You know, I knew the voters would be too smart to fall for that charade of a wedding.

Sheila: Except... for other polls say we're down by 10.

Jack: [Mumbling]

Eve: Jack.

Jack: [Mumbling]

Eve: Hey, jack. Jack.

Jack: [Yelps]


Eve: It's okay. Hey, it's--it's okay. You were-- you were dreaming, okay? You're awake now. You were talking in your sleep, actually.

Jack: I w-- I was?

Eve: Yeah.

Jack: Well... what was I saying?

Eve: Well, it was mostly gibberish, but you did mention a name.

Jack: A name?

Eve: Mm-hmm. Loretta. Does that mean anything to you?

[Suspenseful music]

Maggie: Oh, good morning. Or maybe not.

Brady: Oh, maggie, it's just--just work.

Maggie: Well, I may have just the thing for that. I'm gonna meet up with nancy later. We're gonna take the kids to doug's place for some ice cream. You should join us. They'd love to see you.

Brady: [Laughs] I don't think their mother would.

Maggie: And why is that?

Brady: Well, to say that i wrecked things with chloe would be an understatement.

Stefan: Good morning. Just calling to see how you and the kids are doing after all the excitement last night.

Chloe: That is so sweet. Uh, we're--we're-- we're fine. We're doing okay. My mom already picked up the kids, and believe it or not, I'm headed to work.

Stefan: Oh, good. Sounds like things are back to normal.

Chloe: Yeah, and I hope they stay that way. How are you after all the craziness at the mansion?

Stefan: [Sighs] It was a long night. But things eventually settled down.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Eli: Good morning, beautiful. I was hoping I could buy you breakfast.

Lani: Pancakes sound amazing right now, but I'm still looking after david.

Eli: Oh, I think it's really great that you helped out rafe all day yesterday and even spent the night, but...

[Baby cries]

Lani: Oh, somebody's awake and hungry. I'm sorry, babe, but I gotta go. I'll talk to you later?

Eli: Well--okay. Sure.

[Tender music]

Rafe: Come on. Come on. How's ciara?

Hope: Shaken. But she's okay.

Rafe: Good.

Hope: She, um, spent the night with me.

Rafe: Great. Great. How are you doing?

Hope: Uh... shaken.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Maybe I'm not quite so okay. I-- that monster was gonna kill her, rafe. I could have lost you and ciara all in the same day.

Rafe: Just makes you wanna hold onto her even tighter, doesn't it?

Hope: And have her accuse me of hovering?

Rafe: [Laughs]

Hope: No.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah. Mm. Well, um... I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to be there for both of you.

Hope: It's kind of hard to do when you're taking a bullet.

Rafe: Yeah, that's a good point.


Hope: How are you doing?

Rafe: I'm okay.

Hope: Yeah?

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Are you sure?

Rafe: I got lucky. It was a little flesh wound.

Hope: Yeah. A little flesh wound. Well, it looks--sorry. Uh, looks like you could use some help with this? Huh?

Rafe: This? No.

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: No, no, no. I can-- I can totally handle this one.

Hope: I got it. I got it. I got it.

Rafe: Oh, yeah?

Hope: Yes. It's like a bike.

Rafe: Okay.

Hope: It comes right back.

Rafe: I get it.

Hope: Amazing, isn't it?

Rafe: Yeah, how did you--

Hope: And that is how it is done, mr. Hernandez.

Rafe: Thank you.

Hope: Is david still sleeping?

Rafe: Uh, for the moment. Yes.

Hope: I, um--I ran into kayla yesterday.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Outside the brady pub before all hell broke loose. And...she's a pretty wise woman.

Rafe: Oh, she is, yes.

Hope: I know... that we have a lot to work through.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: I wanna do the work. I thought maybe we could just sit down, you and me, without any interruptions and just work it--

Jack: Loretta?

Jennifer: I stormed off, and I boarded the loretta.

Eve: Jack? Well, that ring a bell?

Jack: I... I don't know anyone named loretta. I mean, no one that i can remember, anyway.

Eve: Okay. Well, I got some good news. Yes. I've been checking the polls, and look at this. We are up, up, up.

Jack: And what do you know. So our wedding really did make a difference.

Eve: Well, it certainly did in my life, but I do believe the voters agree here. Isn't that exciting? Hm? Jack... I hope... that our wedding night wasn't just a one-night stand. I mean, you are committed to me, right? To us?

Jack: Oh...yes. I am 100% committed to you. And nothing is gonna change that, mrs. Deveraux.

Eve: Oh, I love the sound of that.

[Both giggle]

Stefan: After all the drama that happened here last night, I'm hoping to get this place cleaned up and back to normal.

Gabi: Mm. [Sighs]

Chloe: Oh. What--what was that? Is someone with you?

Stefan: Uh, no. No, no, no. It's just the maid.

Gabi: The what?

Chloe: Stefan?

Stefan: Yeah, yeah. I'm just--after everything that happened last night, this place got a little torn up. I'm making sure the maid knows that the trash needs to go out.

Chloe: I'm just glad that you're all right. You could have been killed.

Stefan: I definitely saw my life flash before my eyes a couple of times, but it's all good now. And with hector in custody, the threat to your family is over.

Chloe: Stefan, I'm so grateful for everything you've done. Thank you again.

Stefan: No, no, no. You don't have to thank me, but I do wanna talk about that date I've been thinking about.

Gabi: For real?

Chloe: Okay, can we talk about it later? I really have to head to work.

Stefan: Yeah, of course. And, uh, chloe, I'm really looking forward to spending much more time together.

Gabi: Did you seriously just ask her out on a date while you're lying naked next to me in bed?

Stefan: I think she's gonna say yes.

Gabi: You're freaking unbelievable. That's what you are. Unbelievable.

Stefan: I get that a lot.

Gabi: [Scoffs]

We believe in the

power of reaL.

Abe: This is unbelievable. How can the voters be so stupid? How can a bogus wedding like this get this kind of response from the voters?

Sheila: I mean, weddings are about hope, the future. I mean, sometimes even love. It's hard to resist. I got it. You should get married too.

Abe: [Scoffs] That's a terrible idea.

Sheila: I'm serious. If you can't beat the jackass, join him at his own game.

Jack: So breakfast at the pub, mrs. D?

Eve: Oh, that sounds marvelous, mr. D.

[Both smooch, giggle]

Chloe: Whoa. Hi, newlyweds. Congratulations on the marriage. It--it certainly made the headlines.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you.

Chloe: Uh, hey, eve, can I talk to you alone?

Jack: Oh, certainly. I'll just meet you at the pub.

Eve: Okay.

Jack: Sugar in your coffee, sweetheart? No, you're sweet enough.

Eve: Oh, you are too sweet.

Jack: [Laughing]

Eve: [Laughs]

Chloe: Mm. Sorry to ruin your morning.

Eve: You didn'T. It--it sounds serious.

Chloe: It is.

Maggie: You know, I can understand why chloe is upset. You sound like a stalker.

Brady: I overstepped. But I can fix it.

Maggie: Well, now you sound obsessive.

Brady: Chloe, she could have died last night. It simply made me realize that i do still care about her. I don't want to lose her, maggie.

Maggie: Well, if you mean that, maybe it's time you take a step back.

Brady: No. Why would I do that? You think I'm gonna take a step back and let stefan swoop in? That's not gonna happen.

Maggie: Oh, come on, brady!

Brady: It's not gonna happen!

Maggie: This is not a competition! Just forget about stefan! Focus on what's best for you, and maybe right now what's best for you is that you take a long, hard look at yourself, and figure out why you are acting this way.

Lani: I am so sorry for interrupting. I just-- I need to grab david's bottle.

Hope: Right here. Here you go.

Lani: Thank you. How's ciara doing? I was really relieved to hear that she's safe.

Hope: She's okay. Thank you so much for asking. Yesterday when I was here, um, you didn't say anything about staying the night.

Rafe: A lot of stuff--crazy stuff--happened yesterday, hope, you know.

Lani: With--with his arm and the medication that he's on, I offered to stay and help.

Hope: Where's gabi?

Lani: Out, apparently. Hope, it was my day off; I didn't have any plans; and I really wanted to help him out with david.

Rafe: Uh-huh.

Hope: Well, it's very nice of you. I'm sure rafe really appreciates it very much. And, uh... the shirt. It's rafe'S. Nice touch. My favorite.

Rafe: Wow.

Lani: The baby--he-- he did a number on my shirt. I put mine in the--in the wash.

[Baby cries] He's calling me. I got to go.

[Baby cries]

Rafe: Thank you. Hope.

Hope: Hm? Yeah.

Rafe: It's not what it looks like.

Brady: Clearly you have an opinion.

Maggie: Well, I think maybe you should ask yourself why you're suddenly trying to hard to force a reconciliation with chloe.

Brady: I'm not trying to force anything. I'm not. All right, maybe--maybe I went a little too far. But you--we were--we were good together, maggie.

Maggie: Until you weren'T. When you were married to chloe, you became addicted to drugs, and you entered rehab.

Brady: No, no, no. That was not chloe's fault. That was on me. She got caught up in her career in vienna, and we grew apart.

Maggie: That's my point. You grew apart. You weren't there to support each other. So whatever caused the cracks in the first place, it hasn't gone away.

Brady: There is a part of me that still is in love with her, maggie.

Maggie: Or you just don't want to face the idea of being alone.

Eve: You know, if you're here to preach about me marrying jack, I've heard everything and more. I love jack. He loves me. And we are husband and wife in every sense of the word.

Chloe: Okay. Tmi. No, that's not what I want to talk about. If this is what really makes you happy, then good for you.

Eve: Really? God. Thank you. I'm just...I guess I'm used to people throwing stones instead of rice.

Chloe: After everything you've been through, you deserve some happiness.

Eve: Oh, thanks. It's nice to know I have a friend in my corner. So if you're not here to talk about jack, what do you wanna talk about?

Chloe: Stefan dimera.

Stefan: What are you so upset about? This was your idea, remember? Hate sex. Blowing-off-steam sex. You came to me. So why all the sensitivity?

Gabi: And the idea of--of stefan, you know, begging on his knees, that does sound appealing.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Gabi: But I already told you, I am repulsed by him, brady. I don't--I don't wanna think about having to be in bed with the guy.

Brady: I get that. I do. But think about him having nothing, and you having pretty much everything.

Gabi: You know what? Maybe it was just sex, and maybe it wasn't terrible, but you so don't get to treat me like some random dimera whore. Entiendes?

Stefan: Ooh. What if I throw in a croissant?

Gabi: Oh...

Stefan: Ah!


Stefan: [Groans] Move your hand now!Favor.

Stefan: Por favor!


Gabi: Glad we got that cleared up.

Stefan: What the hell did you do that for?

Gabi: Well, I do resent being called the hired help.

Stefan: Oh, my god. What would you rather me say, gabi, huh? "Oh, hey, chloe, yeah, just laying here naked in bed with gabi."

Gabi: Well, you didn't even have to call her at all.

Stefan: She is important to me. I wanted to make sure that she and the kids were okay. Would you rather have me broadcast it out that you slept with the man that you claim sent you to prison, a man that you claim to loathe, a man that you could not get enough of last night?

Gabi: You are such a pig, you know that?

Stefan: Pig?

Gabi: Yeah.

Stefan: No, no, no. Gentleman.

Gabi: Oh, hardly.

Stefan: I protected that "spotless" reputation of yours. Maybe... maybe I should have gone with the truth. Maybe I should have told chloe that gabi came slinking over here like some bitch in heat looking to get laid.

[Barks] Oh!

[Laughs] These hands have touched me for the last time.

Chloe: Stefan wants a relationship.

Eve: Hm... this is where I get to say, "i told you so."

Chloe: I don't know. I've just been--I've been putting it off, but I really do feel something for stefan, but i also don't want to make a mistake by leading with my heart or curiosity or whatever, then regret it. I should just walk away, right? I don't know. I'm really attracted to him. I need your advice.

Eve: I don't think I'm the right person to give advice on stefan dimera.

Chloe: Yes, you are. You're perfect. You know him better than I do. I mean, the guy double-crossed you and screwed you out of your company... and as kind and attentive and charming as he's been, I should just walk away, right? He's bad news?

Eve: So you came here for me to talk you out of getting involved with stefan dimera. It-- chloe, I can't do that.

Maggie: You know, just in the last few years, you've jumped from relationship to relationship and often with disastrous results.

Brady: Often? My god, I'd call it usually. I mean, every time I think something is real, I just--i screw it up. That's what I do.

Maggie: That's not true, brady! Come on.

Brady: Maggie.

Maggie: Your relationship with nicole was real.

Brady: Mm.

Maggie: But as much as she cared for you, eric was the love of her life.

Brady: I know. And theresa, my god. Theresa--relationships don't get more toxic than that. Every--every morning, I'd wake up with a knife in my gut knowing I'm not gonna see my son. Then there's eve. I mean, what happened there? That--

Maggie: Well, losing eve was a good thing. You're better off without her. And you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. You've had a great deal of loss, and it's not easy to deal with, but you know what? You held onto your sobriety. You stayed strong.

Brady: Yeah, but instead of diving into the bottle, maggie, I've... I'm obsessing over badgering my ex-wife to have another go with me. You know what I think? I think that I thought if I could just make one of these relationships work--just one of them-- that would mean I'm not a total failure. But I-- maybe I am. You know?

Maggie: Oh, brady, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Sheila: I guess you're gonna shoot down this idea too. Huh?

Abe: It's creative. And it's interesting. And I-- I do welcome that you think outside the box.

Sheila: But?

Abe: Marriage is a sacred covenant. And I will never use it as a publicity stunt.

Sheila: It's not a stunt, exactly. I mean, you and val are all about love. Well, even though she ain't returning your calls lately.

Abe: [Sighs]

Sheila: Oh, come on. I sit right outside of your office. And I bet if you dropped on one knee, she'd be on board. But who wouldn't fall for a nice, fine, honest man, good-looking, and happens to be the best mayor salem's ever seen?

Abe: Mm. You really think I'm good-looking, huh?

Sheila: I didn't say i thought that. It's just kind of general observation kind of thing.

Abe: Well, it will never happen. Val and I are not in a good place, and I'm pretty sure i know what her answer will be.

Sheila: Rough times, huh? Guess that's why you tried to kiss me.

Abe: I did not try to kiss you. You tried to kiss me.

Sheila: The hell I did.

Abe: You came that close to laying one on me.

Sheila: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. You leaned in on me.

Abe: That was all you.

Sheila: Are you serious? You're my boss. You're not even my type. Why would I pucker up for that?

Jack: Hey, what are you two crazy kids arguing about? -And we welcome back gary, always sneaking up? What's your problem?

Abe: Sheila, why don't you go back to the office.

Sheila: But--is--

Abe: Now, please.

Sheila: Fine.

[Suspenseful music]

Jack: Problems with your assistant? Sounded kind of personal.

Hope: All it looked like was lani wearing your shirt-- my favorite one, mind you. I was just surprised.

Rafe: Yep. Well, all right. I'm sorry that you don't approve of the sleepover.

Hope: Wait a minute. I didn't say that.

Rafe: I only have one arm here. I'm trying to take care of this kid. Gabi's not here. Lani saw that. She offered to help. Okay? That's all.

Hope: [Sighs] Never mind. I don't wanna fight with you. Okay?

Rafe: I don't wanna fight with you.

Hope: Good.

Rafe: Don'T. Okay. So let's talk about something else.

Hope: Sure. How about we talk about us.

Rafe: Great.

Hope: Okay.

Rafe: Oh, did you give ted an answer to his proposition?

Hope: Rafe, I already said that I made it very clear to ted that I'm not interested.

Rafe: Right. That's right. I'm sorry. You did. You did, and it's just that obviously you're on his mind.

Hope: What? What are you talking about?

Rafe: Yeah. Well, next time you talk to ted, you should ask him what he's lying to you about.

[Soft music]

Chloe: I need perspective. Stefan's been nothing but wonderful, romantic, and seemingly sincere, but is that the real stefan, or is he the monster who stole your business?

Eve: He's both.

Chloe: You're not being very helpful.

Eve: Look, stefan is not my favorite person. And he does have a dark side, but if he--if he makes you happy, if you feel something, then I say you should give him a chance, 'cause if I've learned anything, it's that you never know where you're gonna find real happiness. I mean, look at jack and me, right? And I admit I denied it at first. I had an ulterior motive when i first found jack.

Chloe: Yeah, sticking it to jennifer. Mission accomplished.

Eve: Maybe. But you know what? Along the way, I realized that jack was so much more than just finding a way to hurt jennifer, and I couldn't be more happy or more in love now. So stefan--he may bloody the waters when it comes to business, but you know what? He's got a boatload of money. He's powerful, good-looking, and he likes kids. And you have done a hell of a lot worse.


Chloe: Thanks a lot.

Eve: We both have. Guys like stefan and jack don't come along every day, so I think you should grab him before he's gone.

Gabi: I am never, ever gonna touch you ever again.

Stefan: Are you like this with all the men in your life? Because it is exhausting.

Gabi: You know, my personal life is none of your business.

Stefan: I'll take that as a yes. No wonder you're single. Hot, but loco only goes so far, gabi.

Gabi: Oh, wow. At least I'm not some predator who circles around damsels in distress like cray-cray abigail and la traviata.

Stefan: Oh, real women-- women with heart, integrity, vulnerability, they threaten you, don't they?

Gabi: They what? Look, I believe you had more real woman last night than you can handle.

Stefan: I'd say you were proficient.

Gabi: Proficient?

Stefan: Yeah.

Gabi: What?

Stefan: It's a pity that all you have to offer is sex. Ooh.

Gabi: It's a pity you didn't have more to offer.

Stefan: You are such a clever girl, gabi. Such fire in your eyes, that mouth on you. It's really a shame that all you've got is dust around that shell of a heart of yours.

Gabi: You are unbelievable. Stefan.

Stefan: Yeah?

Gabi: Don't insult me again!

Stefan: Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?

[Intense music]

Limu emu & doug

Abe: Not that it's any of your business, but miss watkins and I were arguing about the sham wedding of yours. She's afraid the voters of salem will fall for your story of true love, but I'm confident that they're smart enough to see this wedding for what it was: A shameless, cynical ploy to grab some votes.

Jack: Ding, ding, ding. Ms. Watkins wins the round. According to the polls, my marriage to eve, my true love, is playing very well with voters. I think that eve will make an excellent first lady.

Abe: It'll never happen. Not when you're sitting on a pack of lies, half truths, and hysteria.

Jack: You can call it what you want. We're unstoppable. So why don't you wise up. Conceit defeat, drop out.

Abe: There's not a chance in hell. You may have seduced the voters of salem with this little sideshow of yours, but once the fog lifts and the hangover sets in, they'll see you and the new mrs. Deveraux as nothing but snake oil salesmen. And then when they see that reality, they're gonna want someone who's decent and moral.

Jack: And that's you.

Abe: Yes. It is.

Sheila: Shouldn't the man who saved chloe lane's life look a little happier? What's going on?

Eli: Lani spent the night with rafe.

Sheila: She slept with him?

Eli: No, no. It's not like that. She--she stayed at rafe's to help take care of david. I'm afraid she's getting too attached.

Sheila: To rafe?

Eli: To david.

Sheila: Well, I have to admit, she did look pretty gone over the little guy.

Eli: Yeah, she was so devastated when we lost our son. I'm just--it just kind of worries me that she's bonding so quickly with this david.

Sheila: Well, maybe she shouldn't be taking care of him.

Eli: Yeah. But convincing lani is a whole nother story.

Sheila: You and lani are good together, though, and you're good for each other. You'll find the words.

Eli: Yeah, I hope so. Anyway, what's up with you?

Sheila: [Laughs]

[Sighs] My problems start with the letter a and end with the letter E.

Eli: You and abe fighting again?

Sheila: The man's down in the polls, and he's fighting with your mama, so you need to get on the horn and have a conversation. Because she really needs to get her doctor butt back to salem asap.

Hope: Ted's lying to me?

Rafe: He is.

Hope: But you don't know what he's lying about.

Rafe: No. I don'T.

Hope: Okay, then how do you even know that he's lying?

Rafe: Because eli overheard him last night at the station on the phone talking to someone--

Hope: I know exactly how eli feels about--

Rafe: Saying he didn't want you to know who he was talking to!

Hope: Well, he could have misunderstood, couldn't he?

Rafe: He didn't misunderstand anything, hope. He's not gonna make this stuff up.

Hope: Don't get upset.

Lani: So, so sorry. I-I--I just need to grab his bib, and it will only take a second.

Hope: You take as long as you want. I got to go.

Rafe: Wh--

Hope: I got to go.

Rafe: All right. Good talk.

Hope: Bye, lani.

Maggie: Just because you had one or two failed relationships--

Brady: One? How about 20?

Maggie: Oh, stop it! None of this makes you a failure as a person. Oh, brady, I know what you're capable of. You're warm. You're sensitive. The big-hearted man that you are. I mean, god, you saved chloe's life. Someday... someone out there is gonna be incredibly lucky to find you. But before that can happen, maybe you need to take some time to sit back, get comfortable with yourself, let go. Just let it happen. Let love find you, and don't force it. Do you think you can do that?

Gabi: I did not mean for that to happen.

Stefan: And yet it did again.

Gabi: So what are you gonna do? You just gonna wait by the phone, wait for chloe to call you? I'm sorry to break it to you, but she didn't say yes.

Stefan: Eh. She didn't say no either.

Gabi: Uh-oh.

Stefan: What?

[Tense music]

Chloe: Stefan. You here? Hm. Thought he would be here. Let's see. "Hey, where--"

[Suspenseful music]

Eli: Ain't no way I'm stepping in the middle of my mom and abe. All right, if they're gonna work things out as a couple, they gotta work it out on their own.

Sheila: You're chicken.

Eli: Wh--I'm respecting their privacy.

Sheila: Chicken.

Eli: There you go. Look. I'm taking my butt to work.

Sheila: [Laughs]


Eli: Love you.

Sheila: I love you too.


[Laughs] Hey, so did you sweep the floor with deveraux?

Abe: Well, you know, I prefer to think of it as solving a problem, so I solved it, obviously. Totally, totally took care of it. So jack has no idea what we were talking about.

Sheila: Good.

Eve: [Giggles] Mm. I hope that smile is a testament to wedded bliss.

Jack: It's better, if possible.

Eve: Really?

Jack: I just ran into my opponent, and I think I've stumbled onto something that we can use against honest abe.

Eve: Oh, do tell.

Jack: I am certain that he has something going on with his assistant. We just need to figure out what it is.

Lani: Rafe, I am so sorry if I ruined things with you and hope.

Rafe: No, it's not your fault. Our problem is a certain frenchman.

Lani: Yeah. He may be the interim da, but I really think he's a dirtbag.

Rafe: Yeah, you're right. He is. I just pray that hope sees it before it's too late.

[Line trilling]

Hope: Ted, it's-- you know who it is. I need to speak to you right away. Please call me as soon as you get this. It's important.

Brady: I really don't know what I would do without you. You're always there for me, talking me down, setting me straight. Thank you for listening to me and just keeping my feet on the ground.

Maggie: I'm always here for you, brady.

Brady: Does victor know how lucky he is to have you?

Maggie: Well, maybe I'll just go and remind him.

Brady: Hold on. I need-- before you go, I need one of those hugs. Come here. Need this. Thank you, thank you. You are the best.

[Device dings] You are. Sorry.

[Sighs] What the hell?

Maggie: What's wrong?

Brady: You're not gonna believe this.

Chloe: Good morning.

Gabi: Hi.

Chloe: I'm guessing this belongs to you? Hi. Okay. Who wants to go first?

[Dramatic music]

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