Days Transcript Tuesday 4/9/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/9/19


Episode #13503 ~ Marlena decides to tell Sarah the truth about Eric's feelings for her; Will and Sonny await Will's test results; Claire helps Haley prepare for her wedding to Tripp; Eric offers to help Jennifer stop Eve and Jack's wedding.

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[Tense music]

Eve: The carver campaign is bringing you a fake marriage,

[Crowd cheers] That's right, but we are gonna bring you a real one. That's right. I'm happy and thrilled to announce that jack and i are getting married.

[Cheers and applause]

Jack: Oh. You're not wearing white.

Eve: [Laughs] You're very funny, jack. I'm not wearing this to our wedding. Okay, I like this one.

Jack: Oh. So, tell me. When we're married, are you gonna try to dress me every single day?

Eve: Well, I call it guidance.

Jack: Ah.

Eve: And you know what? I just can't believe that we are getting married today.

Jack: Why? You're the one that made it happen.

Eve: Well, I call it thinking fast on my feet, and you know what? We're gonna get tons of press at our wedding instead of, you know, haley and tripp because ours is real... well, at least it is to me, 'cause I think that we can really make a go of it as a married couple.

Jack: Yeah. You know...

Eve: What?

Jack: Making you my wife makes you my only family.

Eve: Well, they seem to not to want to have anything to do with you, so why not make a fresh start?

Jack: Yeah, why not?

Both: [Chuckle]


Eve: I will get rid of whoever that is.

Jack: Okay.

Eve: [Laughs] Oh.

Claire: Where was tripp's confession that he wasn't in love with haley and that he wanted to be with me?

Eve: I'm not sure.

Claire: Really? You're not sure?

Eve: I'm not sure, okay? I had it all queued up, pushed play, and it was gone. It was like it was erased.

Claire: Oh, my--how? How? How did this happen?

Eve: I don't know. I don't know. But you know what? It doesn't matter 'cause we will figure out a way to break up haley and tripp.

Claire: If I can make one video, I sure as hell can make another.

Tripp: So I'll just-- I'll stop by and get you some flowers...

Haley: [Laughs] You don't have to go through all that trouble.

Tripp: No, it's no trouble.

Claire: [Sighs, laughs] Isn't it bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding? I don't know. Maybe all those superstitions don't really count when it's a fake wedding, you know?


Sarah: [Sighs] I'm so happy.

Eric: Me too.

Sarah: [Giggles] You know, you were so convincing when you told me that you just wanted to be friends.

Eric: I thought I had a lot of good reasons to make you believe that's what I really wanted. But you know what?

Sarah: Hm?

Eric: The trouble is, I couldn't convince myself. Guess I love you too much.

Sarah: Well, thank god.

Both: [Laugh]

Rex: Hi, baby.

Eric: It's a done deal, mom. Sarah's marrying rex and there's nothing more I can do about it.

Marlena: You know what you can do? You could tell her how you feel about her.

Rex: Mom, please. Just don'T.

Marlena: Honey, I can't help it. I feel responsible.

Rex: I made a promise to god. I said if he spared your life that I would not complicate sarah'S. Here you are eating breakfast and beautiful as ever.

Marlena: The doctors at the hospital saved my life, and sarah was among them, and I'm--forever be grateful to her for that.

Eric: Mm.

Marlena: And I like her. I also--I like her. I want her to be happy, and I just happen to think that she'll be happier with you.

Eric: So, what am i supposed to do? "Heavenly father, about that vow I made--mm, not so much."

Marlena: Well, no. I didn't make a vow to god or promise or anything like it, so... I'm free.

Eric: And what is that supposed to mean?

Marlena: It means I can tell sarah exactly how you feel about her.

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[Soft orchestration]

Will: Being with you last night--so much better than a night at the hospital, so thank you again for talking rex into letting me come home.

Sonny: Of course. Of course. Well, I had to promise him that I would make you take it easy, okay, so you gotta sit down.

Will: Sonny--

Sonny: I mean it. You gotta sit down. Sit, sit, sit. And what do you want? You want just coffee or you want something to eat? We have muffins--or is that gonna upset your stomach?

Will: I'm better. You know what? You don't have to wait on me.

Sonny: Until those test results are back and I know that you're okay, I will be your personal manservant.

Will: [Laughs] Thank you, jeeves.

Sonny: You're welcome. And I also got you something else. I replaced the necklace that broke. Now you are protected again.

Will: That is very sweet of you. But you thought this was a crock. What changed?

Sarah: You brought me coffee?

Rex: [Chuckles] Yep, a new man, 2.0.

Sarah: Well, thank you.

Rex: You sleep okay last night?

Sarah: Yeah, why?

Rex: You just seemed a little preoccupied. That's all.

Sarah: I...

[Sighs] Yesterday was just quite a day. I had crazy dreams all night.

Rex: I thought yesterday was the best day ever. You and kayla saved marlena's life and you accepted my marriage proposal finally.

Sarah: [Laughs]

Rex: I slept like a baby.

Sarah: Good. I'm glad.

Rex: Sarah, I want you to know that I've never been more sure or happier about anything in my entire life.

Sarah: That's great.

Rex: This is the part where you say, "me too."

Sarah: Sorry...

[Laughs] Me too. Me too.

Rex: You're not having second thoughts, are you?

Sarah: No.

Rex: Okay, good. So, why wait? Let's set a date.

Eric: You can't say anything to sarah.

Marlena: Mm. So, am I meant to just sit back and watch her make this mistake?

Rex: It's not a mistake.

Marlena: Oh, I disagree.

Eric: Mom.

Marlena: Mm?

Eric: Respectfully, may I remind you this is none of your business.

Marlena: You know, when you were making your bargain with god, why did you offer up your own happiness?

Eric: [Sighs] You know how conflicted I am about my feelings with sarah.

Marlena: I do.

Eric: Well, if you do what you're saying you're going to do, rex is going to go nuts on me. Brady's gonna go ballistic. And didn't you just tell me the other day that I need to make things right with brady because it's crucial to our sobriety?

Marlena: Yes. Sarah told you she has feelings for you and you lied to her. That's not good for you.

Eric: Mom, you have to keep this to yourself. I have the right to confidentiality.

Marlena: [Laughs] You're not my patient. You're my son.

Eric: Mom, please.

Marlena: Do you have any idea how hard it's been for me to see you so unhappy for so long?

Eric: Mom, if sarah's happy, it'll make me happy. Rex and sarah getting married will help me move on. You say that you love me.

Marlena: I do love you.

Eric: Okay, if you do, then promise that you will never say anything to anyone, ever.

Claire: I guess you two didn't do the whole, uh, "something borrowed, something blue" thing.

Haley: Actually, we just figured out that we did. My dress is new, my shoes are pretty old, and I borrowed your ring.

Tripp: But she doesn't have anything blue, so I'm gonna go out and get her some blue flowers for the ceremony.

Haley: Okay, what flowers are blue?

Tripp: [Laughs] We'll find some.

Claire: Why would you do that, tripp? You're just marrying haley so she can get a green card.

Tripp: I don't know what you're talking about. Haley and I's marriage is real. We love each other.

Claire: [Laughs] Um, I'm sorry, tripp. What did you just say?

[Tense music]

No, no, no, tripp...

[Nervous laugh]

[Stammering] You told me that-- you said that there was nothing going on.

Tripp: Just give me a minute.

Claire: You--you--left me at the salem inn so that you could come back here and "talk haley down." You--you made a play for him. You little bitch!

Tripp: Just shut up! Just shut up for a minute, okay? Where is your phone?

Claire: [Sarcastic laugh] I'm sorry, my phone is inside. Why the hell are you asking me about my phone right now?

Tripp: [Whispers] 'Cause I am not gonna take anymore chances of us being spied on. Will you keep your voice down?

Claire: [Stammers] Are you being serious?

Tripp: Yes. We don't know what ice is capable of. They could be hacking people's phones. We can't let our guard down, even when we think we're alone.

Claire: Okay...

[Laughs softly] So you and haley are not actually in love? Okay...

[Laughs nervously] Well, you might've wanted to let me in on that little plan of yours before you said that you were.

Tripp: I'm-- I'm really sorry about that.

Claire: Yeah. I mean, come on. You don't think you're being a little bit paranoid?

Haley: Maybe, but with tripp's uncle jack and donovan watching every move that we make--

Tripp: She's right. She's right. Let's just-- let's go back inside and turn off your phone before we say another word, all right?

Claire: Okay, it's my phone, so I will do it.

Eve: Um, we're busy, jj.

Jj: Can I talk to you for a minute, alone?

Eve: [Laughs] Look, I don't know what you have in mind here, but we're actually--

Jack: Look, it's gonna be fine, eve. It'll be fine.

Eve: I, um...

[Sighs] Okay, okay. I--I'm gonna go pick up my wedding dress.

Jack: So? Here to rip into me because of what I've been doing to haley?

Jj: No, actually, I came here to rip into you for what you're doing to mom.

Marlena: Oh, hi, hello.

Jennifer: Marlena? Oh, my goodness.

Marlena: [Laughs]

Jennifer: It is so nice to see you looking so well.

Marlena: Thank you. Thank you.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. Am I interrupting something?

Eric: No, not at all. Hey, I saw the news about jack and eve donovan. I'm sorry.

Jennifer: Yeah. Well, I had the privilege of writing the story...


Marlena: It must have been very hard for you.

Jennifer: I'm dealing with it. It's hard to accept the fact that jack may never be the same man that I knew and loved, so, it's-- it's not easy right now.

Marlena: If you ever wanna talk...

Jennifer: Thank you. I'll keep it in mind.

Marlena: I'm gonna excuse myself. I wanna go and check on will.

Jennifer: Oh, will you send him my love please?

Eric: Yeah, mine too.

Marlena: I will. Of course, I will.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Marlena: And you, of course. Please reconsider what I said.

Eric: Thank you for caring, but no. My mind's made up.

Marlena: Oof. Love you.

Eric: Love you.

Jennifer: Bye, marlena.

Eric: Sit.

Jennifer: Yeah, thanks.

Eric: [Sighs]

Jennifer: Um, what was that about?

Eric: Nothing important.

Jennifer: I know a couple of days ago, you told me that you were having a hard time letting go of something that you couldn't have. I mean, is that what that nothing is about?

Eric: Jennifer--

Jennifer: I mean, I didn't push because I knew that maybe you weren't ready to talk about it--

Eric: And I am now?

Jennifer: Well, I know you pretty well, and I think I know what you're talking about. It's sarah, isn't it?

Sarah: You wanna set a date today? I just told you yesterday that I'd marry you.

Rex: Yeah, we were thinking about dates last fall.

Sarah: [Laughing] Well, a lot has happened since then.

Rex: I know. It was all my fault. I messed everything up.

Sarah: I didn't say that.

Rex: All right, well, we're back together again. Why not make it official?

Sarah: I guess no-- no reason not to. Um, what about next summer?

Rex: This june?

Sarah: [Laughing] I was thinking june 2020.

Rex: No, but I'm sorry, but I love you too much. We can't wait that long. Well, come on. We worked everything out. Let's do this.

Sarah: [Sighs] Okay. Um... when are you thinking?

Rex: Carpe diem.

Sarah: And what day are we seizing?

Rex: Today.

Sarah: [Gags]

[Coughs] Humira patients, you inspire us.

Sonny: No, I'm still not into uncle vic's curses. But I do have to admit. I was a little freaked out when leo said that he was laying one of the curses on you.

Will: I was freaked out too, but then I realized it was just a glare.

Sonny: A malevolent glare, which is the definition of the evil eye. I looked it up.

Will: If that's the evil eye, then I get that about ten times a day as a reporter.

Sonny: Yeah, but, like, you know, you passed out when you got it from leo.

Will: Eh, I mean, it's a coincidence.

Sonny: [Sighs] Just put the necklace on, okay?

Will: The necklace broke, remember? And rex still let me come home.

Sonny: With an elevated white blood count.

Will: Yeah, which could be caused by emotional stress, you know, physical stress. Leo was stress in tight pants, but he's gone now.

Sonny: [Sighs] You're right. You are, okay, but it can't hurt to just have a good luck charm, okay?

Will: I guess not if it's a present from you.

Sonny: Turn around. Let me see.

Claire: All right. My phone is off.

Haley: You know, claire, you were right. We should've told you what was going on. I'm so sorry.

Tripp: Me too.

Claire: It's okay.

Tripp: Uh, actually, I have to go get my tux.

Claire: Tux?

Tripp: It's gotta look real, right?

Claire: Okay.

[Door slams]

Haley: If it means anything, I wish tripp and i didn't have to do this.

Claire: It's okay. It must be hard on you too-- and jj.

Haley: Jj is fine with it, you know? He and I were never a thing. He was there for me when I was going through a really hard time. I'll never forget it, but...

[Laughs softly] That's all it was.

Claire: Are you sure? 'Cause it looked like more than that when he was over here.

Haley: If there was something between us, there isn't anymore. Jj told his father that I am undocumented, and that's why this whole mess happened. I understand why he did it. I do, but I just-- I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive him.

Jj: Look, do you know what all this is doing to mom? Do you even give a damn?

Jack: She seemed fine yesterday when she was giving me hell.

Jj: Because you're marrying the woman who's been out to get mom since they were in high school. You're breaking her heart, man.

Jack: Jennifer hates eve. I know that, but a broken heart--she's too tough a cookie.

Jj: Okay, I'm gonna tell you the truth. Look, mom will kill me, but I guess I need to say it.

Jack: What? What truth?

Jj: Dad, she's putting this tough cookie thing on. Inside, she's a mess, okay? She always thinks that she's gonna keep it together and take care of everybody else, but you know what? I've decided that I'm gonna take care of her.

Jack: How?

Jj: By trying to get through to your thick head, man, that marrying eve is the worst thing that you could do to yourself, and it will destroy mom.

Jack: Because she hates eve?

Jj: 'Cause she still loves you, you moron!

Jennifer: I have eyes, and i just noticed that you and sarah have been spending a lot of time together since she came back.

Eric: I mean, we were both going through bad times. That's all I'm gonna say about it.

Jennifer: Okay. But if you do wanna talk anymore, I'm here for you.

Eric: Thank you-- same goes for you, if you ever wanna talk to me about jack and eve. It's ridiculous.

Jennifer: You think it's ridiculous?

Eric: Jack doesn't love her as much as I can't believe she loves him. It's gotta be for some publicity stunt.

Jennifer: Yes, that's what I think.

Eric: So, you gonna do anything about it?

Jennifer: Eric, eve has convinced jack that I am a cold-hearted, judgmental, lying witch, and he believes it, so what am I supposed to do?

Eric: You can't give up.

Jennifer: Why can't I? You gave up on sarah.

Eric: Jennifer, like I--

Jennifer: No, I know. You don't wanna talk about it. I'm sorry, but what I said is true.

Eric: Not to me. What sarah has with rex is real, and what jack has with eve is not. The only reason that eve is marrying jack is because she wants revenge on you.

Jennifer: I know. She blames me for her breakup with brady.

Eric: It's just ridiculous, so don't let her do the same thing to you either.

Jennifer: Okay, what am i supposed to do?

Eric: Stop the wedding. So there you are with your depression

Jennifer: Stop jack's wedding? Great idea.

Eric: Right? Well, come on. I mean, it happens all the time in this little town.

Jennifer: It does, but-- it does. Jack stopped one of my weddings once.

Eric: What? I don't remember that.

Jennifer: He did. I was--I was so in love with jack, but I was about to marry this man, emilio, and...

Eric: Why?

Jennifer: Because jack was being jack, and he couldn't tell me how he felt about me, but then he felt like he had to do something, so he waited till the very last minute, and I mean the very last minute...


Eric: Yet he stopped it-- like, what, he crashed the wedding?

Jennifer: No, it was more complicated than that. I mean, he set the place on fire...

Eric: What?

Jennifer: Well, I mean, not really on fire. He somehow made it smoky and then walked in dressed like a fireman and oxygen mask on, threw me over his shoulder, and...I've never been kidnapped on a fire truck before, or since.

Eric: Now that sounds like jack's style.

Jennifer: Yeah. Too bad he's not the same man anymore.

Eric: And why I know you're the same woman. I know you can do this.

Jennifer: You're joking.

Eric: No, I'm serious. Just--just think about it, okay?

Sarah: [Coughs]

Rex: Deep, deep breaths. Honey, are you okay?

Sarah: Mm-hmm, deep breaths.

Rex: Okay, I really admit. I sprung that whole, "let's get married today" thing on you.

Sarah: Kind of...[Coughs]

Rex: Yeah. So, thoughts?

Sarah: [Sighs] What about work?

Rex: We could go to the courthouse on our lunch hour.

Sarah: [Laughs] What's the rush?

Rex: I would've been married to you months ago if I wasn't such an ass.

Sarah: That's true, but...

Rex: But what?

Sarah: Don't you read the news? Jack deveraux and his nephew are having dueling weddings today--we'll get lost in the shuffle.

Rex: That's a really good point.

Sarah: And I really want a real wedding. And my mom will kill me if she's not a part of the planning.

Rex: Are you serious? If you call off our engagement tomorrow, your mother would be the dj of her own party.

Sarah: Rex--

Rex: Listen, I am gonna work things out with your mom. I am. I don't want her or anyone else to have any doubts about us.

[Tender music]

Will: Grandma?

Sonny: Oh, sorry. We didn't know anyone was there.

Marlena: Oh...

[Laughs] I'm so sorry to interrupt. It's just so good to see you together and happy.

Will: Ah, you look great.

Sonny: You do, yeah. It looks like leo's mom didn't try to induce you with a fatal allergic reaction, so...

Marlena: [Laughs] I'm gonna take that as a compliment.

Sonny: See? It's working already.

Marlena: What's working already?

Sonny: This charm. My uncle vic and maggie gave it to me and I gave it to will until I can get him a nicer piece of jewelry-- a wedding ring.

Marlena: Oh. There's going to be a wedding, huh?

Sonny: Yeah, one that we can all be happy about.

Eve: Wow, a tux. Going all out for that made-up wedding, huh?

Eve: Oh, but your wedding with jack--that's true love, isn't it?

Eve: Unlike you and your intended, jack and I have been a couple for months, okay?

Tripp: Yeah, and the only reason you've been a couple for months is because uncle jack has forgotten his whole life. You're playing him like a poker hand from a stacked deck.

Eve: [Scoffs] Yeah, you're one to talk. You're making the girl that loves you watch a phony wedding to another woman so she can get her--what, green card? Have you any idea how much this is hurting claire through all this, huh? Do you even care?

Tripp: And how the hell do you know so much about what claire is feeling?

Jack: I may no memories from amnesia, but I have my powers of observation and I sense no love from your mother. But even if we had something, and there was, why would you want us together? You claim that you hate my guts.

Jj: Oh, I never said that I want you back together. She deserves way better than you-- better than the you you are now, anyway.

Jack: So, why shouldn't I marry eve?

Jj: Because she's a bad person who's done disgusting things to the people I really care about.

Jack: But you and everyone in your mother's circle say I'm a bad person too, so maybe eve and I are meant to be together.

Jj: You weren't always bad. Look, if you can just remember the guy you were with me, and mom, and abigail--

Jack: I'm so sick of saying "I'm sorry, I can'T." I can'T. Kid, that ship has sailed. Eve and I are getting married. But I--you're here. I appreciate that so much. You are here. And I hate it-- I hate it that you and i are enemies.

Jj: Yeah?

Jack: I-- is there something, is there some way that we could work through this?

Jj: Is there? You know, I don'T... how?

Jack: Something. I don't know. Just, uh, just meet me halfway, and I will do the same for you.

Jj: Meet you halfway with what?

Jack: Just... come to my wedding-- better yet, be my best man.

Eve: I don't know what claire feels now. I just know her from the magazine. But I do see how she looks at you. And I know that she's a lot more fragile than she wants people to believe--and needy.

Tripp: I know that.

Eve: Well then, you gotta know that it's killing her to be dumped because "you just happened to fall in love at first sight" with haley, even if you are lying through your teeth, which you are.

Tripp: Look, claire and i have broken up.

Eve: Mm-hmm.

Tripp: It happens. And I thought it was better to be honest with her.

Eve: [Scoffs softly] Really? The only person you're being honest with is haley, and I'm sure she doesn't have any grand illusion that it is a perfect match. Yeah, you probably think that you're doing the right thing-- a good thing, don't you? Well, I'm telling you. You're not. Marrying an american citizen doesn't automatically guarantee haley her paperwork, okay? Yeah, you need to read up on that, college boy. You could go through all this and haley could still be deported, and then what? You will have hurt claire for absolutely nothing, all because you just couldn't help yourself. You just had to play hero.

Tripp: That's not why I'm doing this.

Eve: Really? It's not? Yeah, you go ahead. You judge jack and me all you want, but for my money, the real bad person here is you.

Claire: Now, are you sure that you don't want me to do smoky eye?

Haley: Not if I wanna look as sneaky as eve says I am.

Claire: [Laughs]

Haley: But, now, thank you for doing my makeup.

Claire: Oh, really, it's no problem at all.

Haley: I don't know if this helps, but I really-- I feel terrible about what this is doing to you.

Claire: Oh, haley. Don't you worry. I am gonna be just fine.

[Gasps] Oh, here we go. Sweetie, you're gonna look so good.

Haley: Oh, I'm excited to see it. Are you almost done?

Claire: [Laughs] Oh, no, no, no. I am just getting started.

Jj: [Laughs softly] Only you would have the nerve to ask me to...

[Scoffs] Be your best man at your wedding to eve.

Jack: You're my only son, right?

Jj: [Scoffs] As far as I know. But I'm already booked for another wedding. I'm tripp's best man.

Jack: [Laughs softly] Why would you wanna waste your time and your best suit on a wedding that's not even real?

Both: [Chuckle]

Jj: Your wedding's real?

Jack: Eve gets me. We're good together.

Jj: I get that you're a lost cause. And I'm sorry I wasted my time trying to talk sense into you. Go ahead. Marry eve. It's not going to get you anywhere. And haley is going to stay in this country. And you are going to lose the election. And all you have left is a marriage to a real bitch when you had the chance to win back the best woman in the world. So, you do what you want. It's your life. You do whatever the hell you want with it...


[Door clicks]

Jennifer: I mean, I couldn't possibly try to stop jack's wedding.

Eric: What--sure you could. I'll help you.

Jennifer: Really? I mean, but even if I were to consider that, it doesn't mean that jack and I would be getting back together.

Eric: True--

Jennifer: But it would keep him from making a horrible mistake with eve.

Eric: Right, and haven't you and jj already tried reasoning with jack?

Jennifer: Yes, till we're blue in the face.

Eric: Perfect. Well, it seems worth every effort to keep him away from eve.

Jennifer: Why are you doing this?

Eric: 'Cause that's what friends do for each other. And I know that I-- I hurt you when I went after nicole.

Jennifer: You had no other choice. It was an awful situation.

Eric: And I never wanna see you hurt like that again. And anything I can do to keep that from happening is worth it to me. Besides, it'll help me keep my promise off my chest. I mean...

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Eric: That's what friends do. They care about each other,

Jennifer: Yeah, I guess so.

Eric: So, what do you say? I mean, it would be kind of fun.

Jennifer: Maybe, maybe.

Eric: And, you know, it has been a very long time since I had any fun, and I think I know exactly how we can do it. Are you in?

[Tender music]

[Phone beeps]

Rex: Mmph.

[Groans] Oh, no. Sorry. Will's test results are in. I have to go to the hospital.

Sarah: Oh, can you wait for me to get dressed? My mom is worried sick about will and I promised her that I would stay on top of it.

Rex: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. You go first.

Sarah: Okay, I'll go fast.

Rex: [Grunts, laughs]

[Door slams]

[Laughs softly]

Will: Rex told me there are a lot of different reasons someone could pass out. You know, it could be dehydration. It could be temporary drop in blood pressure, you know? But I'm fine now.

Sonny: Yeah, and he did some more tests, just to be sure.

Marlena: Good...


[Phone rings]

Will: Oh, sorry.

[Grunts] Oh, it's rex.

Marlena: Mm.

[Keypad beeps]

Will: Hey, rex.

Rex: Hey, will. Your, um, your test results are in.

Will: What did they say?

Rex: Could you meet me at the hospital in about an hour?

Will: Uh, sure.

[Keypad beeps] Um, my test results are in, and rex wants me to meet him at the hospital.

Sonny: Okay.

Will: If it were good news, wouldn't--wouldn't he just tell me over the phone?

Marlena: Well, maybe he hasn't even read the results himself yet.

Sonny: And when you were released from the hospital yesterday, he did say he wants you to come back to get the results, remember?

Will: Yeah, right. I forgot about that.

Sonny: Yeah. So, it's no big deal.

Will: Yeah.

Marlena: Hm. Why don't we all go together?

Will: Okay.

Tripp: None of this would be happening if you and jack hadn't decided to ruin haley's life. This is on you.

Eve: You know, I don't--

[Cell phone ringing] What?

[Keypad beeps] Who is this?

[Russian accent] Eve donovan?

Eve: What do you want with me?

I have dirt on mr. Deveraux opponent.

Eve: You, um, you have dirt on abe carver?

Da. I think you will like very much. We meet, yah?

Eve: Um, you know what? Today is actually not a good day 'cause it's my wedding day.

Eric: [Russian accent] We can meet. You must make time.

Eve: Well, where are you?

Eric: Brady pub.

[Foreboding music]

Jack: What the hell? Presenting downtherecare with cottonelle.

Tripp: Hey, how's everything going on here?

Claire: Hey, good. How are you?

Haley: So, how do I look?

Tripp: You look, uh, beautiful.

[Tense music]

Eve: [Whistling] What are you doing here?

Eric: Well, I help every now and then. What can I get you?

Eve: Um, nothing. I'm gonna meet someone here later.

Eric: Well, can I get you anything while you wait?

Eve: Mmm, okay. Well, you know what? I'll have a mimosa-- light on the oj.

Jack: It's not my imagination. It's smoke. Oh, thank god for--

[Fire alarm goes off] Whoa, whoa, okay, this whole place is on fire. All right, all right...

[Grunts] Oh, it's not too hot. Okay, it must've only begun. Okay...

[Muffled speech]


[Dramatic music]

[Phone beeps]

Marlena: Oh, oh. Excuse me. I'm so sorry.

Will: What?

Marlena: Oh, dear.

Will: What?

Marlena: I, uh, I've got a patient in the emergency room. She's, um--overdosed. Gotta go.

Will: Yeah, you gotta go.

Marlena: I do, I do. Hey, listen to me. This is all gonna be okay. It is...

[Exhales] Okay. I'll be back.

Will: Okay.

Sonny: Hey, come here.

[Door rattles] She's right. Okay?

[Soft dramatic music]

Will: [Sighs, laughs]

Sonny: I promise, yeah.

Rex: Hey, guys.

Sarah: Hey, will. I hope you don't mind if I sit in.

Will: No, not at all. What's up? What's--um, why couldn't you just give me the results over the phone?

Rex: I just-- I wanted to go over everything before I talk to you.

Will: Okay, and?

Rex: Will, I really am so sorry, but I have to give you some bad news.

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