Days Transcript Friday 4/5/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 4/5/19


Episode #13501 ~ Ted makes a move on Hope; sparks fly between Abe and Sheila; Eve drops a bombshell at Jack's rally; Eli is a little concerned when he sees Lani's instant attachment to another baby named David.

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Rafe: Jordan was telling the truth. She did have a baby. About six months ago.

Ted: So what happened to it?

Rafe: Well, the baby was with a friend just like jordan said, and I tracked him down and brought the baby back with me.

Hope: Where is he?

Lani: Hey, eli, I got the evidence for the case. I wanted to see--

[Baby fusses]

[Gentle music]

Tripp: So since my fiancée and I apparently passed our ice interview...

Haley: For now.

Tripp: Who wants to plan a wedding?

Jj: Might want to start with a date.

Tripp: But we actually discussed that on the day home, and we agree, right?

Haley: Tomorrow.

Jj: Tomorrow?

Tripp: Yeah, I mean, haley only has 30 days and the clock's ticking. Ice will be all over this, so why wait, right?

Jj: Yeah. Yeah, right.

Claire: Then you've got to do it. Release the recording of tripp and haley's lie, and we can blow up this demented charade once and for all.

Eve: Well, I will alert the media and jack's supporters that we are going to throw a big rally, and this time tomorrow

[Chuckles] Haley chen will be history, you'll get tripp back, and jack will be on his way to the mayor's office.

Jack: A word of caution. Don't play the friend card with me again. I'm proud of who and what I am. I'm every bit the man I want to be, so save your judgment, your moral superiority. You're smug, you're arrogant.

Abe: You did not just call me arrogant. The next thing you know, you'll be calling me well spoken.

Jack: What's wrong with that?

Abe: [Chuckles] I guess you wouldn't know. And if you did, the man you've become wouldn't give a damn.

Jack: The man I've become is sick and tired of being disrespected, condescended to, and all I'm trying to do is improve the lives of the people of this city.

Abe: Oh, what a lie. What a lie that is. All you're trying to do is chip away at the long-held values of this community and this country. And frankly, it makes me sick at heart.

Eve: Jack, do not let him get under your skin.

Jack: I can't wait to beat the hell out of him on election day.

Eve: You know what, we're one step closer to making that reality. Salem will be yours.

Jack: Ours.

[Dramatic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Lani: Who is this precious little guy? Oh, my god.

Eli: Jordan ridgeway's son.

Lani: She was telling the truth?

Eli: Yeah, rafe just brought him back from california. He asked me to take care of him while he makes some sort of arrangements.

Lani: Yeah. Hi, little guy.

Eli: Yeah, what's wrong? What's wrong, little man? I fed you, changed your diaper, gave you the little binky thing. I don't know what else to do.

Lani: Did you burp him?

[Baby belches]

Eli: That would be a yes.

Lani: Yeah. Let me try.

Eli: That would be a hell yes.

Lani: Hi. Hi. Hi, sweet boy. Hi.

[Chuckles] What's all the fuss about? You afraid of that big, old scary man?

Eli: I am not scary.

Lani: Oh. He's actually amazing.

[Both chuckle] Like you. You just wanted to see what was going on. Didn't you?

[Chuckles] What's your name? He does have a name, right?

Eli: Yeah.

Lani: Well, what is it?

Eli: David.

Rafe: [Chuckles] The baby's fine. David is with eli in the interrogation room.

Hope: Rafe, how can you be so sure the baby's jordan's?

Rafe: Ah, well, I tracked down california public records. I was able to find the birth certificate that listed jordan as the mother, and then I was able to track down jordan's most recent address. So I went door to door, and boom, I hit the jackpot. I went to a house and the woman said jordan gave her money and supplies and she would be back as soon as she could.

Hope: Except now she's in bayview.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah. But I did what I promised jordan I would do, which was find her baby and bring it back to her.

Ted: Because bringing the baby back to his mother who is a patient in a psych hospital is a huge improvement.

Rafe: Weren't you gonna resign?

Ted: Oh, you don't know.

Rafe: No, I don't--what are--

Ted: Abe wouldn't accept my resignation, despite all your best efforts to get rid of me. I'm sorry, rafe, but I'm not going anywhere.

Rafe: Huh. Great.

Abe: You know, this race is just--it's just gotten so ugly. Jack and eve, they've whipped people into a frenzy over this immigration issue. They've convinced people that haley chen is some sort of dangerous criminal, and I'm almost as bad because I've shown her some compassion.

Sheila: And wisdom and strength, and more brain cells than those two combined.

Abe: I don't know. I don't know, sheila. You know, for the first time, I think I might lose this race.

Eve: I am going to alert the media that we're gonna throw a huge rally here, and then after we drop that big old bombshell, there is no doubt in my mind that I am looking at salem's next mayor, jack deveraux.


Jack: I like the sound of that.

Eve: You bet.

Jennifer: I need a word with you.

Jack: Uh, I think after our last conversation, it's best if we just stay as far away from each other as possible.

Jennifer: I disagree.

Jack: Like I said before, I think it's best if we just avoid each other, hmm?

Jennifer: Come on, jack. We share kids, we share grandkids, and god forbid if you're elected mayor, given our jobs, we are going to be spending a lot of time together. Unless of course that's incentive for you to drop out of the race.

Jack: Almost but not quite. Anything else?

Jennifer: I wanted you to hear it from me first. "The spectator" is officially going to endorse abe carver for mayor.

Jack: Ah, so much for unbiased coverage.

Jennifer: It was adrienne's decision.

Jack: Oh, et tu, adrienne. My own sister. What do you think about that?

Jennifer: Your sister would have voted for the old jack in a heartbeat.

Jack: I thought I was nothing but a screw-up in my political days of yore.

Jennifer: No, because even the old, ruthless jack would never relentlessly pursue haley chen, sacrificing her at the altar for your blind ambition.

Jack: Stop right there. I may be ambitious, but this election is mine to win, because my message resonates with the public. And you know why? Because people are sick and tired of being taken advantage of.

Jennifer: Oh, really, jack? Who is haley hurting?

Jack: How about our son for starters? Jj obviously cares for haley, even though she's already roped his cousin into a green card marriage. Doesn't it bother you just a little bit that she's using both our son and our nephew?

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. Somewhere in there you care, don't you?

Tripp: Hey, thanks again for stepping up as my best man. I don't expect you to throw me a bachelor party or anything. Not unless you really want to. Hello?

Jj: I'm sorry, man. What'd you say?

Tripp: Are you sure you're on board with all this?

Jj: Yeah, yeah. No, I'm sorry, it's just my head was somewhere else.

Tripp: Dad? I mean, I'd be ticked off too if my dad pulled something like yours did.

Jj: Not my dad. Claire.

Tripp: What's going on with claire?

Jj: Look, it's the weirdest thing and it's probably nothing, but, uh, jordan ridgeway claims that she didn't set that first fire at the cabin that almost killed ciara.

Tripp: Yeah, and she's in a psych hospital now, so...

Jj: Yeah, no, maybe she's telling the truth, maybe she's not. But right after I found that out, haley and I had to put the ring back in claire's jewelry box. There was a lighter exactly like the one I found at the crime scene when ben tried to burn abigail alive.

Haley: That's right, I remember you were telling me about that.

Tripp: You don't think claire--

Jj: No, no, no, no. No, of course not, but I want to know where she got it. She told me that she found it around here when ben was living with you.

Tripp: I mean, during her brief smoking phase, she kept that secret away from everybody. What's the big deal? I mean, there's a lot of lighters in the world.

Jj: No, I know, but the cop in me can't help but wonder. What if that lighter is the missing dot that connects ben to that fire?

Claire: Sorry, guys, I was just--um-- what are you doing?

Jj: You and I, you and i talked about me taking this lighter to the cops.

Claire: Yes, I never said yes.

Jj: Is--is there a problem?

Claire: No, of course not. There's not a problem, but i just--it's just a lighter. What could--what could you possibly do with it?

Jj: I am not sure, and I know it's a long shot, but even if there's a chance we can connect that lighter to that fire...

Claire: It's just that it's been lying around here forever, and it seems like kind of a dead end to me.

Tripp: Maybe, but if ciara's dating the guy who tried to kill her, we owe it to her to find out whatever we can.

Claire: It's true. Yeah, of course. All right. Here you go.

Jj: Wish me luck.

Claire: Good luck.

[Baby fusses]

Lani: I can't believe his name is david.

Eli: Maybe he was named after someone special, like our son was.

Lani: Like david abraham? How old is he?

Eli: Rafe said about six months.

Lani: That's how old our baby boy would be. If he was born on his due date. Six months.

Eli: Yeah, I know.

Lani: Hi. Hi, sweet boy. Hello.

Ted: So who's the baby's father?

Rafe: Oh, the birth certificate leaves that field blank. And the neighbor had no idea.

Ted: No daddy. Mommy is in a loony bin. Uncle ben is a serial killer. Any other next of kin?

Haley: Clyde's in prison, thank god.

Rafe: There's no one else that we know of.

Ted: So what the hell are you going to do with the baby?

Sheila: You're not a quitter. And there's no way in hell you're gonna lose to a guy who doesn't know jack.

Abe: He's as sharp as a snake, and he and eve have me on record supporting haley's right to be in the country.

Sheila: But it was the right thing to do.

Abe: But it's not a popular position in today's political climate. He will twist my words into a weapon against me.

Sheila: Well, then fight back. You're standing up for what's right, abe carver, and plus you can sleep at night knowing you still have your integrity.

Abe: Yeah, I don't know about that.

Sheila: So what'd you do, like pay your parking ticket late or something?

Abe: Found out that my new interim da is a blackmailing son of a bitch.

Sheila: Well, fire his ass.

Abe: It'd all come out that I hired a crooked lawyer and never took the time to vet him.

Sheila: Because you trusted your commissioner.

Abe: Oh, it doesn't matter. And all on the heels of trask leaving the office.

Sheila: So that's why the jerk gets to stay? Optics?

Abe: For now.

Sheila: That's a hell of a risk.

Abe: Yeah. I know. But I decided that it was better for the town to have a corrupt district attorney than a corrupt new mayor.

Ted: Quite the hero, saving the baby. But didn't you think you needed more of a plan?

Rafe: Well, I wasn't going to leave david in the care of someone who couldn't look after him indefinitely.

Hope: No, of course not.

Rafe: Right.

Hope: Hey, I'll call child protective services, ask them to take the baby until we can confirm with jordan's doctors in the morning, make a more long-term plan.

Rafe: No. No, not yet.

Lani: Ooh, david needs a diaper change. Don't you?

Eli: I just changed him 20 minutes ago.

Lani: Then it's my turn.

Eli: Then you will need this. There you go.

Lani: Hi.

Jj: What's this?

Eli: Meet jordan ridgeway's son.

Lani: David.

Jj: David. Jordan has a kid?

Lani: Who needs a diaper change right away. Eli will explain everything.

Jj: That's not weird.

Eli: Rafe just brought him back from california. He was sure that that baby was some sort of delusion, but clearly jordan was telling the truth.

Jj: Well, if she told the truth about the baby, then maybe she told the truth about not setting that cabin fire. That's why I'm here. I'm hoping you can help me.

Haley: This wedding dress thing, man, it's way too hard. You know what, I'd rather talk about cake. What's your favorite?

Tripp: Chocolate.

Claire: Red velvet. Oops, sorry. Don't mind me. I'm just the dumped ex. Oh, come on, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Carry on.

Haley: [Chuckles] Chocolate is my favorite too.

Claire: Oh, my god!

Tripp: What?

Claire: Well, the deveraux campaign just tweeted and, guys, they're holding a rally tonight at the square.

Tripp: That sounds like something to avoid.

Claire: Oh, oh, my god. Get this. Hashtag, ice. Hashtag, haley chen.

Haley: Wow, they're not gonna stop until they've ruined my life, will they?

Claire: [Sighs] It's so unfair. So terribly unfair.

Jack: I may not remember my relationship with my son, but I care. I told you that.

Jennifer: It's just been so long since I've seen a glimpse of the old jack. Maybe he really is in there.

[Gentle music]

Hope: Why shouldn't I call child protective services?

Rafe: Because when david is placed in foster care, it will be a bureaucratic nightmare for jordan to ever get him back, you know this.

Hope: You feel responsible.

Ted: Of course he does.

Rafe: Thank you, ted.

Hope: Okay, okay. What's the alternative?

Rafe: Well, david obviously has a father who might be able to look out for him. There's potentially next of kin. I don't know, I need to speak with jordan, so... do you not have somewhere else you can go?

Ted: I'll leave you to it.

Rafe: Yeah.

Ted: Enjoy your evening together.

Rafe: [Scoffs]

[Phone beeps]

Hope: Oh.

Rafe: Something important?

Hope: Mm-hmm. Reservation reminder. Our re-rescheduled anniversary dinner.

Rafe: Right. That's tonight.

Hope: Mm-hmm, yeah. I honestly thought that I was gonna have to cancel it when you took off to california, but now that you're back, I-- should I confirm?

Tripp: No, look, this rally is just more of jack and eve's bull, all right? They're gonna jump up and down, yell and scream about what a fraud we are and how our marriage is a big sham, but you know what? They can say whatever they want. They can't prove anything, so ignore this. It means nothing.

Haley: Mm-hmm.

Claire: Jack and eve really are just so horrible. But, guys, you don't by chance think that maybe we actually really need to be there?

Haley: Eh, no, no, I don'T.

Claire: But if we're there, if we're there then we can hear what they have to say. We can get a feel for their supporters and their angle, and that can help us prepare to fight back.

Tripp: I mean, maybe--maybe claire's right, we should go. You know, we can show people that we're a committed couple. You can flash your ring.

Claire: My ring. Which looks amazing on you.

Haley: Claire, I know how much this sucks for you, but I'm sorry, and again, just thank you so much for everything.

Claire: I'm just glad it's all working out for you.

Tripp: We should head over there.

Haley: Yeah, I guess might as well, right?

Claire: How bad can it be?

Tripp: Well, no, no, hold on. There's no way you can show up with us. You're supposed to be my ex.

Claire: That's right.

[Chuckles] All right, yes, yes. And don't worry, I will do my best to play the angry ex-girlfriend.

Tripp: All right, all right. We'll see you back here then?

Claire: All right.

Tripp: All right, cool.

Claire: Okay, bye. Only I will not be pretending, and haley chen will not be coming back here tonight. Or ever.

Sheila: If you want the opinion of an average person, nobody cares about your boring-ass policy positions.

Abe: So you're saying I'm boring?

Sheila: I mean, I'm just saying, people don't care about details. They just want to know that their lives are gonna get better.

Abe: Well, they are better. Things are better. Employment's up, crime is down. And yet there's all this anxiety, anger.

Sheila: And jack's put a face on it. And it looks like haley chen. So take a page, do something bold and get the people's attention.

Abe: Such as?

Sheila: Well, you know what they say, when they go low...

Abe: We go higher.

Sheila: Hell no. We go even lower.

Abe: They don't say that.

Sheila: Well, I do. So sit back and listen, honey.

[Clicks tongue] Okay?

[Gentle music]

Eve: Oh, hey. Is this woman harassing you, jack?

Jack: No more than usual.

Eve: Actually, I'm glad I ran into you, jennifer, 'cause we wanted to alert the media that we're gonna throw a big rally right here tonight, and trust me, it is something that you do not want to miss. Shall we, jack? So what was that about? Looked pretty intense.

Jack: Jj.

Eve: Jack, just do not let her get to you, okay? 'Cause you are doing the right thing for this community and for jj, even if he doesn't-- does not appreciate it.

Jack: I just--I feel for him a little.

Eve: Of course you do, because you have a heart. Now is not the time for us to lose our nerve because tonight we go in for the kill.

Rafe: I very much want to have an evening alone with my wife.

Hope: Good. Glad to hear it. What? What?

Rafe: Come on, hope, you gotta understand.

Hope: What?

Rafe: Jordan, she's worried sick about her baby.

Hope: Of course I understand that she's worried about her baby.

Rafe: Okay.

Hope: She abandoned him and didn't mention it for weeks.

Rafe: She wasn't thinking clearly, which obviously she regrets, which is why she tried to sneak out of bayview.

Hope: You have to call bayview right away. You have to let her know that david is okay.

Rafe: Well, she can't accept calls.

Hope: Okay, then call her doctors and they'll--

Rafe: She doesn't trust her doctors.

Hope: She only trusts you, right?

Rafe: I promised her.

Hope: Why do some promises mean more to you than others?

Rafe: Oh, hope, ple-- please. Can you just try and understand?

Hope: I'll cancel.

[Gentle music]

Sheila: You know my nickname at statesville was dozer. You know why?

Abe: I can only imagine.

Sheila: 'Cause I'm a digger and I don't stop until I get what I want. I mean, I'll go dark web if I have to. I mean, all this fancy opposition research is just digging up dirt, and I'm all over it. Okay, senator harper deveraux was a crazed killer. And jack deveraux, he's using his amnesia as a selling point. I mean, you should be beating the pants off this guy.

Abe: But I'm not.

Sheila: Because you're being too nice. I mean, deveraux is a rapist. You haven't even brought that up once.

Abe: The woman he raped is a friend of mine. I won't put her through that.

Sheila: Well, there's other stuff, and don't even get me started on that bitch, eve. I mean, the woman's like a lady macbeth.

Abe: What did you say?

Sheila: Don't give me that look, okay? I took a shakespeare class at statesville. I mean, the man's a genius. The two-backed beast, that gets me every time. But I got it, okay. How do you feel about playing matchmaker?

Jj: Hey, mom.

Jennifer: Hey. Hi. What are you doing here?

Jj: I heard jack and eve were having a rally. Wasn't gonna miss their latest circus.

Jennifer: He's worried about you, you know?

Jj: The hell he is.

Jennifer: How you doing? I know this can't be easy with haley marrying tripp.

Jj: Frankly, mom, I really don't want to talk about it.

Jennifer: I'm proud of you, you know that? You always stand up for what's right. All right, I need to go to the press area. I love you.

Claire: Wow. Guess this is the place to be.

Jj: Guess so.

Claire: Yeah. Um, by the way, what did the police say about the lighter?

Jj: They're gonna see what forensics can come up with.

Claire: Okay, that's great.

Haley: Are we sure this is a good idea?

Tripp: Just think of it as fact finding. And plus, who cares what anybody says here, all right? Tomorrow, you and I will be married, you'll be a legal resident, and no one can ever touch you again, okay?

Eve: Hello, salem.

Good evening.

Eve: Good evening, yes, yes. Our future mayor, mr. Jack deveraux...

[Cheers and applause] Thought it was critical to keep you informed on an important issue that concerns all of us in this community about our safety and our rights as american citizens.

All: Yes!

Tripp: It's okay.

Eve: Now as you know, we have an illegal immigrant living right here in our midst.


Claire: Boo!

Eve: A criminal--that's right a criminal that mayor abe carver doesn't think is a threat to our community. But I'm happy to say that after a fair trial, a judge has ordered haley chen to be deported within 30 days.

[Cheers and applause] But what did miss chen do, huh? Instead of obeying the law that she has been breaking for years, haley chen continues to game the system. She's planning a fraudulent-- she is planning a fraudulent marriage for the sole purpose of gaining her green card.

No way, no way.

[All booing]

Eve: Yes, and she will be entitled to those benefits, those--those benefits that you, the hard-working taxpayer have earned.

That's right!

Never! No!

Eve: Does she deserve a free ride here?

All: No!

Eve: No, she doesn'T. Oh, well, look who is here. Let's ask her ourself.

Haley: That's not what I want.

Send her back!

Haley: That's not what I want!

All: Send her back! Send her back! Send her back!

Claire: What? Come on. I have to play the jilted ex-girlfriend, right?

All: Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back! Send her back!

Rafe: Hope. Hope, you know that there is nowhere else that I would rather be than with you alone tonight. You know that, don't you?

Hope: Rafe... I love you.

Rafe: I love you.

Hope: I love you so much. But every time you take off, you make a choice to put that person first.

Rafe: You know I would be here for you if you needed me.

Hope: I need you. I keep telling you that I need you. Every time I turn around, you're off with another ex.

Rafe: Every time I turn around, you're with ted laurent.

[Somber music]

Hope: Someone told me that I need to figure out whether I really... want to be in this marriage.

Rafe: What?

Hope: I don't know. Do I?

Rafe: No...

Hope: I have to go.

Rafe: Hope. Oh, come on. This--

[Somber music]

Sheila: So all we have to do is get jack away from that bloodsucker eve and then give him a friendly little push towards his sweet little ex. Then jack will come to whatever sense he has, problem solved.

Abe: Look, there is no way in hell that I'm playing matchmaker, and jennifer is too good for the man jack's become.

Sheila: Okay then. Well, I'll keep digging. But there has to be something. Like, he had to pay off, like, a hooker back in the day or maybe he did a deal with the russians or--

Abe: Sheila, stop. Please.

Sheila: [Sighs]

[Cheers and applause]

Jack! Jack!

Eve: So it's my honor and privilege to introduce to you salem's next mayor, mr. Jack deveraux.

[Cheers and applause]

Jack! Jack!

Claire: Yeah!

Jack: Thank you, everybody. I love you too. Thank you! Thank you! Jack!

[Cheers and applause] I want to thank you all for coming out here tonight, for supporting these issues, issues that impact all of us. Now, this issue in particular, we wanted to make sure we avoided media spin, so we wanted to bring it directly to you, the people.


Jack: Right? Ms. Donovan, please.

[Cheers and applause]

We love you so much!

[Overlapping shouting]

You're amazing!

We love you, jack!

We love you!

Eve: Let the fireworks begin.

Yeah! Yeah! So there you are with your depression

Lani: Oh, it's okay. It's okay, little guy. You're gonna be just fine. Yeah.

Rafe: [Exhales]

Eli: Perfect timing.

Rafe: Hey. How's he doing?

Eli: He's all yours.

Lani: He's great.

Rafe: Yeah?

Lani: So good. Yeah.

Rafe: Good, good. Listen, I hate to ask you guys this, but I gotta go see jordan right now, and I can't take him with me. I was just wondering if maybe you could watch him a little while longer.

Lani: Of course. Of course.

Eli: I kind of have plans.

Lani: It's our pleasure.

Eli: Oh, what she said.

Rafe: Yeah?

Eli: Yeah.

Rafe: Thanks, you guys. I really appreciate it, really. Really, I do. You're the best. Thanks.

Lani: Guess what. We get to keep you a little longer, yeah. That little smile. Say hi.

[Smooth music]

Ted: Well, this is a surprise. I thought you and rafe would be here celebrating his return home. Where is he? Jordan. Hope, you okay? You okay? I'm sorry.

Hope: Me too.

[Smooth music]

Abe: Sheila, I'm grateful for you help.

Sheila: Really? 'Cause I can't tell, 'cause you shot down every idea.

Abe: They were enthusiastic, they were colorful. They're just not right for me.

Sheila: So I guess "law and order abe" doesn't need advice from ex-con sheila from the hood. You know, I'm gonna get going.

Abe: Sheila, sheila, wait, wait, wait, wait. You have no idea how much your support means to me.

Sheila: Thank you.

Abe: No. Thank you.

[Indistinct chatter]

Jack: Uh, what's the problem?

Eve: I don't know. I'm so sorry, everyone. We seem to be having a little bit of a technical difficulty up here. We'll be right with you, okay?

Jack: Eve...

Eve: Jack, the file is gone.

Jack: Gone? How can it be gone?

Eve: Don't touch it. It's just gone, okay? There's no confession here, no proof the engagement's a fake, there's nothing.

Jj: This is the big announcement? The screen's as blank as jack deveraux's brain.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

[Crowd grumbles]

Tripp: It seems like a pretty big build-up to nothing.

Jennifer: Excuse me, I'm going to go file my non-story.

Jack: This is a disaster.

Eve: No-no-no, it isn'T. I'm sorry about this little technical snafu here, but we really do have a very big announcement for you today. The carver campaign is bringing you a fake marriage.

[Crowd boos] That's right, but we are going to bring you a real one. That's right, I'm happy and thrilled to announce that jack and I are getting married.

[Cheers and applause]

Way to go, jack!

Way to go!



All right!

[Cheering continues]

[Dramatic music]

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