Days Transcript Tuesday 3/26/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 3/26/19


Episode #13493 ~ Leo leaves Sonny and Will with an ominous parting shot; Stefan confronts Chloe about her kiss with Brady; Brady puts the screws to Eric; Ciara expresses concern over Ben's injury.

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[Soft, dratic music]

Ben: Ciara. You are not supposed to be here. The last time, you were almost killed.

Ciara: Well, that's because the guys with the guns thought that I was chloe. But I am in disguise right now, as you can see.

Ben: Mm.


Ciara: Okay, I'll go. Fine. Um... at least take this coffee. I know you've been up working all night.

Ben: Thank you.

Ciara: What's wrong?

Ben: Nothing, just slipped.

Ciara: Ben. That cut looks terrible.

Ben: It's fine.

Ciara: It's--it's infected. No, that's it. Let's go. We're going to the hospital.

Ben: No, I'm not going anywhere.

Leo: You rang?

Sonny: I have something for you.

Leo: Ooh, what is it?

Sonny: Annulment papers. My dad drew them up yesterday.

Leo: And what do you expect me to do with those?

Sonny: Sign them so I can finally get rid of you and be with the man that I love.

Will: I--I'm so happy that you're feeling better, grandma.

Marlena: Oh, thanks. If I could just get out of this hospital...

Will: I--I still can't believe that leo's mom poisoned you.

Marlena: Well, honey, she figured if she could get me out of the way, she could have john all to herself.

Will: That woman is more delusional than her sleazebag son. And I'm sorry; I know leo is john's son too, so...

Marlena: Actually, he's not.

[Intense music]

Will: What?

Marlena: Diana monkeyed with the dna results. The whole thing was a big lie.

Will: I-- are you hearing this?

Brady: Yeah, yeah, no, I already knew. Yeah, leo told me last night.

Will: And aren't you massively relieved to know that you're not related to that dirtbag?

Marlena: Honey, you okay?

Brady: Yeah, yeah, sorry. Yeah, I just have something else on my mind.

Will: Whoa, leo is not your brother. This is huge. What else could you be thinking about?

Brady: I--I got to go. I'm going to get some coffee.

Will: Okay. What was that about?

Stefan: Room service.

Chloe: Stefan, you did not have to do this. It's so nice of you. And--oh, my god, I overslept. The kids!

Stefan: Are up, fed, dressed, and playing with the nanny. I wanted you to sleep in a little bit. I hope I didn't overstep.

Chloe: Uh, no, no. That's so sweet of you, and, um... I'm sorry that I ran off so quickly last night. I was just really exhausted.

Stefan: Mm. I know what happened, chloe. I saw brady kissing you.

[Dramatic music]

Sarah: Morning.

Eric: Good morning.

Sarah: Um, your mom's been cleared to go home.

Eric: Yeah, I heard. I came by to see her. I just want to thank you again for all you did for her. You helped save her life.

Sarah: I'm just glad that everything's okay.

Eric: Have a good day.

[Seping music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Leo: You want an annulment? You're going to pretend this marriage never existed?

Sonny: It didn'T. You blackmailed me, which is fraud. You should feel lucky I'm not pressing charges.

Leo: You can't just throw some papers in my face and make me disappear.

Sonny: Well, if the paper's green... which is why I had my dad include a one-time payment so we can finally end this. The amount's right there.

Leo: [Laughs] Hell, no.

[Dramatic music]

Will: Well, I'm going to let you rest, and I will hopefully see you on the outside very soon.

Marlena: Yes, you will.

Will: I love you, grandma.

Marlena: I love you.

Will: Hey.

Eric: Hey!

Will: I'm just headed out, but it's good to see you, and I like the haircut.

Eric: Oh, thank you. Good to see you too, will.

Marlena: Good haircut. Come on; come on. Mm!

Eric: [Chuckles] I can't tell you how happy I am to see you're okay.

Marlena: Yeah. There's something you're not quite so happy about.

Eric: No, I'm fine.

Marlena: No. I know you; I can tell. What is it? Is it something to do with sarah?

Brady: Heart trouble?

Sarah: Brady. You scared me.

Brady: Sorry. No, you should be. I mean, it could have been rex that walked in on you and my brother just now. You were like two magnets that just couldn't resist the pull. It's interesting.

Sarah: I don't know what you're talking--

Brady: Sarah, sarah, save it. I know there's something still, obviously, going on between you and my brother.

Ben: I appreciate the concern, but I can't just leave here. I have to watch chloe and the kids.

Ciara: You won't be of much use to them if your hand falls off from gangrene.

Ben: It isn't gangrene.

Ciara: Well, it could be. It could be if you don't get it checked out. Look, I really, really think that we should go to the hospital.

Ben: Fine, fine. Let me just--oh!--Call my team and let them know.

[Sighs] Could you just dial?

Sarah: Yeah, just give me that.

I'm not picking it up.

Chloe: You saw brady kissing me? What, were you spying on me?

Stefan: Of course not. I just happened to walk in in the moment. Look, chloe, I know your personal life is none of my business--

Chloe: You're right. It's not.

Stefan: Which is why I didn't bring it up last night. Look, I know you're going through a lot with everything and you wanted to rest and relax, which is why I don't want to put any pressure on you.

Chloe: But now you are. Why? I told you that I need some time to figure things out, and you said that you were a patient man.

Stefan: I am. I just want to make sure that I'm not waiting for something that's never going to happen. Chloe, I just spent a lot of time pursuing a woman whose heart belonged to somebody else. I want to make sure I'm not going down that road again.

Chloe: Okay, I think this is a little bit of a different situation. I don't have any alternate personalities.

Stefan: Okay, but you do have an ex-husband, who you were kissing last night. You said you and brady are just friends. I just want to know, has that changed?

Sarah: There isn't anything going on between me and eric. And even if there were, it's none of your business.

Brady: Well, actually, see, it kind of is, sarah, because my brother has an impulse control problem. He has a thing for the women his brothers are in love with.

Sarah: Rex is not you, and I am not nicole. And eric doesn't have a "thing" for me.

Brady: How can you be so sure about that?

Sarah: Because he told me point blank. I admitted to him that I have... feelings for him, and he made it very clear it does not go both ways and that he only sees me as a friend and nothing more.

Brady: Didn't look that way a couple minutes ago.

Sarah: I'm gonna let you in on a little tidbit just in case you're too pigheaded to accept it. Eric is not over nicole. I don't think he ever will be. So whatever you thought you saw, it meant nothing.

Brady: Well, if you say so.

Sarah: I do say so. Rex and I are back together, and I want to keep it that way.

Brady: Well, hey, that's not up to me.

Sarah: See, it kind of is. I need you to forget whatever ridiculous, unfounded theories you have about eric and me and not say anything to rex.

[Dramatic music]

Ciara: Oh, hey, rex.

Rex: Ciara, hi.

Ciara: What's up? I didn't know you were working here.

Rex: Yeah, I decided to stick around salem. Today's actually my first day at the hospital.

Ciara: Nice. Congratulations.

Rex: Thank you.

Ciara: So this is ben. Ben, this is my cousin rex.

Rex: Ben, nice to meet you.

Ben: Hey.

Rex: Whoa, okay. Um, what happened here?

Ciara: Um, well, did you hear about the shooting over at the dimera mansion?

Rex: Yes, so intense. That was the mexican drug cartel going after chloe again, right? And I've read you two were there.

Ciara: Unfortunately, yes. Thank god no one was seriously hurt, though. But ben worked security over there at the mansion, and he cut his hand on some shattered glass, and I'm pretty sure it's infected. Pretty gross.

Rex: Okay, yeah.

[Laughs] Well, let's absolutely take a look at this. Let me see your hand, man. Oh, yeah. That is definitely infected.

Ben: Okay. Can you throw some cream on it, maybe prescribe me an antibiotic? I just got to get back to work.

Rex: Ben, I'm sorry. I can't let you go. I suspect there might be some tiny glass shards, like, deeply embedded in there. We got to get those out. Plus, I want to do some bloodwork and run your vitals.

Ben: [Sighs]

Rex: So I'm sorry. You guys hang out for a bit, and I'll be right back.

Ciara: No problem. Thanks, rex.

Rex: You got it.

Ben: Thanks, rex.

Ciara: Aren't you glad we came? I'm really glad we came.

Ben: Oh, yeah. I'm thrilled.

Leo: If you want me to even consider signing this thing, you better call your father and get him over here to negotiate some better terms, because that ain't gonna cut it.

Sonny: What do you want, leo?

Leo: Well, I'd like a roll in the hay for old times' sake, but since that's probably not gonna happen... have you spoken to brady today?

Sonny: No, why?

Leo: The dna test I told you about? The one john ran to find out whether or not I was his son? It came back positive, which means we're family.

Sonny: So?

Leo: So think about what I could do with all that information. 'M thinking tabloids, talk show, a tell-all book. I'll be so busy with all that, the divorce would drag on for years.

Sonny: No one cares about your story. We just want you to go away.

Leo: Well, then it sounds like you have a choice to make. Tack on a few more zeroes to that number, and we'll be out of each other's lives for good. Or don't, and uncle leo will make your life a living hell.

Will: Except, uh, he's not uncle leo.

Leo: This has nothing to do with you. Stay out of it. Call your father now.

Sonny: Wait, will. What are you saying?

Will: I'm saying leo knows damn well he's not john's son.

Sonny: But the dna test confirmed it.

Will: Only 'cause his mother tampered with the results. I just found out this morning. But leo knew before that, and now he's trying to bleed you dry before the truth comes out.

Sonny: If I don't give him money, he's going to take me to court.

Will: Oh, let him. There is not a judge on this planet that will give you a red cent. I landed.

Will: Leo has nothing. So, I mean, let him fight. He can't win.

Sonny: I know you're right, but think about what that means. A public trial? The media is going to have a field day. It's going to put so much stress on us and our family and titan. I just want this over.

Leo: Well, we can end it right now. Just take that number and make it bigger.

Will: No, no, no. Sonny, listen to me. Listen to me. Leo can keep running his schemes until the end of time but not on us. It is over. He has nothing: No power, no leverage, no control. He does not get to tell us what we can and cannot do anymore. You call the shots now.

Sonny: Last chance. Sign the original agreement, or I will throw this in the trash and you will get nothing.

Leo: You don't know that. A jury finds out my rich, powerful family is treating me like dirt, they're going to take pity on me.

Sonny: And who's gonna make your case to the jury? Ted laurent? No, because he's on the other side now. You don't have money for a good lawyer... or a bad lawyer. So you're gonna have to defend yourself, which I actually would love to see, by the way. I can see it now-- you sweating bullets in front of the judge. On second thought, I am going to throw this--

Leo: Ah, ah, stop, stop! I'll sign it.

Sonny: And, will, can you sign the part that says "witness"?

Will: Oh, of course.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Leo: You idiot. I'm giving you the evil eye. You are now officially cursed.

Rex: So, ben, some patients don't think a topical anesthetic is enough, so if you want something stronger--

Ben: It's fine. Let's just get it over with.

Rex: Okay. Ciara, you're more than welcome to step out if you want.

Ciara: No. No, no, no, I'm gonna stay right here, and I'm gonna hold ben's other hand.

Rex: All right, here we go.

Ben: You don't have to do that.

Ciara: I know. I want to.

[Soft guitar music]

Eric: Mom, I don't want to talk about sarah. What's important is that you're okay.

Marlena: I can see that you're not. Oh, honey, suppression and silence, it doesn't solve anything. You know, you need to hash things out with somebody you trust. I think you trust me.

Eric: Of course I do.

Marlena: Well, then talk to me!

Eric: I was praying in the chapel. Sarah came to see me, and we started talking about some... heavy stuff, and... she kissed me.

Marlena: How did you react?

Eric: I didn't have time. We got interrupted. So later, sarah came and found me back in the chapel. She told me you were awake. I got so emotional, and so did she, and these feelings started pouring out that she had for me.

Marlena: Then I guess the whole thing's out in the open now.

Eric: No. Because I told her the only thing I felt for her was friendship.

Marlena: Why? Why would you lie to her? Because of rex?

Eric: Because of you.

Brady: Sarah, you can't blame me for not wanting rex to get screwed over the same way I did.

Sarah: He won'T. I've already explained that to you, so why are you being such a jerk? Did all those failed relationships really screw you up that badly that you enjoy ruining things for other people?

Brady: No, not at all.

Sarah: Okay. Well, then instead of coming to my work and getting in my face, why don't you get a life and go find somebody that you care about and leave the rest of us alone?

Brady: Excuse me. I have someone. I found someone.

Sarah: Oh, really?

Brady: Yeah, I'm good.

Sarah: Who? Oh! Wait a minute. It's chloe, isn't it?

Chloe: I meant it when I said that brady and i are just friends. He only came over here last night because he's concerned about me and the kids.

Stefan: So he kissed you out of concern.

Chloe: To be honest, I don't know why he kissed me. He just did, okay?

Stefan: Which is a clear indication that brady's feelings for you go well beyond friendship. I just want to know where I stand.

Chloe: Well, as you know, brady and I used to be married, so we have a connection. Sometimes I want to kill him, but the connection's still there, and I would be lying if I said that I didn't feel something when he kissed me.

Stefan: Oh. What did you feel when I kissed you?

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Sonny: The evil eye? Sounds like something you pulled out of your evil--

Leo: Wrong. It's called mati, and it dates back to ancient greece. I heard your uncle vic talking about it, so I looked it up, hoping it would come in handy one day. And now it has.

Sonny: Right, right. So what's next? You gonna turn me into a frog? Better yet, why don't you get on a broomstick and get the hell out of here?

Will: Sonny, hang on. Have you--have you heard of this?

A mati? Yeah, it's-- it's a superstition, okay? There is nothing to worry about.

Will: Yeah. Isn't that what everyone said about the amulet that chad found, the one that could, like, crash planes?

Leo: Don't you want to hear what the evil eye can do?

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: No.

Leo: It's simple, really. You glare at someone, like I did to young william here. Next thing you know, he's going to develop a small headache. Things will go from bad to worse until, ultimately, your entire life falls apart, which I sincerely hope it does. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to blow this popsicle stand. Excuse me.

Sonny: [Sighs] Leo is a bitch, not a witch, okay? You are not cursed. Hey, look at this. Leo signed the annulment, which means I'm free, and we can finally be--

Will: I know. I'm so happy.

Sonny: Mm. Not thinking about the evil eye anymore, are ya?

[Both laugh]

Will: No, well, I don't know. There was something weird about the way he was looking at me.

Sonny: Will, you know what? I got an idea. Wait right here. I'll be right back.

Rex: All right, ben, you are all done. Good job. You're a rock star.

Ben: Thanks, rex. Can I go now?

Rex: I'm sorry. I'm still waiting for your blood test results. You also have a slight fever, and to avoid sepsis, to be on the safe side, I would like to run an antibiotic iv drip. I know; I'm sorry. And you're dehydrated, so you could use the fluids anyway.

Ben: Great.

Rex: I'm going to go order the iv. I'll be right back.

Ciara: Thanks. I told ya.

Ben: You said gangrene. He said sepsis.

Ciara: Well, gangrene can lead to sepsis.

Ben: Okay, so you're the expert now. You're the gangrene queen.

Ciara: Well, I know a little more than you think. You know, I used to work here as a candy striper. What?

Ben: I was just thinking how hot you must have looked in that uniform.

Marlena: You lied to sarah because of me?

Eric: I know this may sound strange, but when I heard you were in crisis, I made a promise to god.

Marlena: What kind of promise?

Eric: If he let you live, that I swore that I would never come between sarah and rex. That is what happened. He spared your life.

Marlena: Oh, honey. Oh, I appreciate that you made that promise for me, but I think what helped me was great medical care.

Eric: Forgive me, mom. I know you're a woman of science, but I am a man of faith. And when I found out later, at almost the very exact same time, you flatlined.

Marlena: I know. Kayla told me. Honey, it's my belief that that was a coincidence.

Eric: Mom, I'm not naive. I believe in coincidences. But I also believe that god listens, so I cannot discount the possibility that my prayer had something to do with your recovery. And even if it didn't, I made a vow.

Marlena: I have so much respect for your beliefs. And I'm so happy to be alive. But I don't want that to cost you your happiness.

Brady: You're right; you got me. I have resurfaced feelings for my ex-wife chloe.

Sarah: I didn't expect that.

Brady: I didn't expect it either. But right now, what I feel for her is worry, sarah, because there's a-- there's a drug cartel that wants her dead, and she and her kids have targets on their backs, and she is shacking up with stefan dimera, of all people.

Sarah: Why?

Brady: Because the snake somehow convinced her that she would be safer with him than with me. He's pretending to protect her because he wants to get her in the sack, and it's-- it's a sick situation. And she doesn't even know what she's getting into.

Sarah: Well, um... thank you for being honest with me. I mean, now I understand why you're on the attack all the time.

Brady: Excuse me?

Sarah: Well, you're frustrated that chloe's living with stefan. That's why you're taking it out on me and eric. It has nothing to do with us.

Brady: Hold on. Hold--no, it does have a lot to do with the both of you. Sarah, I mean, holly is your niece, and nicole's dying wish was that eric protected holly.

Sarah: I don't believe this.

Brady: What do you mean? What's not to believe, sarah? Sarah, I was there. I heard nicole begging eric to "make sure that you"-- "make sure you protect my little girl." That's what she said to him.

Sarah: That is not what happened.

Brady: That is what happened.

Sarah: No. Eric was set to become holly's guardian. And as soon as that letter, the one from nicole to chloe stating what she wished for her daughter, showed up, you were team chloe all the way! You're the one that even planted the idea that they go to court. But eric didn't want to do that to a little girl that had just lost her mother, so he bowed out, and he gave chloe full custody, which is exactly what you wanted.

Brady: Opinions change, sarah.

Sarah: Yeah, well, people don't, especially not you. It broke eric's heart to let go of holly, but he did it because he put her needs in front of his own, which is the opposite of what you're doing. You're being selfish and vindictive, and you're trying to use a child as a weapon all because your old flame is just not that into you. So stop it, brady!

Brady: I can't believe you're not going to prioritize holly's safety--

Rex: Stop it! Are you kidding me? I can hear you from down the hall. What the hell are you two fighting about?

[Intense music]

[Soft music]

[Phone ringing]

Ciara: Heya, mom. Yeah, I went over there a little while ago to-- to check up on ben. How did you know? Really? The patrol cars? Seriously? Mom, don't the police have anything better to do than to follow me around all day? Yeah, I know. I know that I said that I would stay away from the dimera mansion, but I had to make sure that ben was okay. And thank god I did, because he has a pretty serious infection in his hand from a cut that he got while trying to protect me. I'm at the hospital with ben right now. And don't even try convincing me to leave, because I will not. I will not go. I'm going to stay right here, right by his side.

[Sighs] Okay, bye.

Will: What is that?

Sonny: A mati.

Will: Isn't--a mati? Isn't that what leo just did to me?

Sonny: Oh, it has the same name. Maggie and uncle vic gave this to me on my birthday.

Will: What is it for?

Sonny: Well, it's to ward off the negative effects of the evil eye.

Will: So you do think I'm cursed.

Sonny: No, I don't think you're cursed. Leo, he's a moron, all right? He probably cursed himself. But you do seem a little freaked out, so just in case there is any bad juju floating around, this pendant will protect you. Come here. Lean forward for me. Handsome. It's nice. And I just want you to know that the next piece of jewelry that I put on you is gonna be a wedding band.

Stefan: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound pushy or needy.

Chloe: Well, you kind of sound both.

Stefan: Fair enough.

Chloe: Well, when you kissed me, it was... nice.

Stefan: "Nice"? "Nice"?

Chloe: Okay, it was very nice.

Stefan: Oh. Do I stand a chance, despite your connection with brady?

Sarah: We were talking about holly. Brady is upset, understandably, that she is living in the dimera house, and he's not too crazy about her being around stefan, who's a dangerous guy himself.

Rex: And chloe has made it quite clear that she wants to be the one responsible for her safety and the safety of her family, so you need to back off and let her do that.

Sarah: Exactly. You want to get coffee?

Rex: Sounds good.

Sarah: Okay.

[Dramatic music]

(Dr. Kloecker) it's an encouraging time to be treating advanced lung cancer.

Sonny: I can't wait to plan our wedding now that leo is out of our lives. But first I want to... celebrate our freedom.

Will: Ooh. I just got a headache.

Sonny: Oh, you've never used that excuse before. Oh, I get it. You want to celebrate somewhere more special than the bedroom? We can go to--what about paris? How about rome or--

Will: No, I'm serious. It really hurts. It just came out of nowhere.

Sonny: Will, I think it's psychosomatic, all right? Leo just put that idea in your head, all right? Don't let him get to you.

Will: Sonny, I'm not-- I'm not imagining this.

Sonny: Hey, I'll get you some aspirin.

[Ominous music]

Chloe: I know that you want me to give you some sort of permission or encouragement to pursue something with me, but I just can't do that, at least not right now.

Stefan: You have a lot on your mind.

Chloe: Actually, only one thing: My kids. Until those people who want me dead are caught, I can only think about keeping parker and holly safe.

Stefan: I understand. I'll back off. But if you need anything, anything at all, I'm here.

Chloe: Stefan, wait.

Eric: So you're here to see my mom?

Brady: I already did. I saw some other people too.

Eric: Like who?

Bready: Your girlfriend.

Eric: What are you talking about?

Brady: Come on. You know who I mean-- the woman that you're trying to steal from your other brother.

Eric: Why are you still so hostile? I thought we settled this, brady. Nothing is or will ever happen between sarah and me.

Brady: Well, the goo-goo eyes that you guys were giving one another kind of told a different story. She actually told me that she has feelings for you.

Eric: Well, she'll get over it. It doesn't matter anyway, 'cause I don't have any feelings for her.

Brady: What about rex's feelings? I mean, does he know that you two kissed?

Eric: Why are you doing this, brady? Are you just trying to torture me because you still hate me because of what happened--

Brady: No, no, eric, I don't hate you. I'm trying to give you the opportunity to do the right thing for once in your life.

Eric: Meaning what?

Brady: Meaning I'm not gonna tell rex about your make-out session with sarah... on one condition.

Sarah: We just got to cross a couple of "t"s, and then you're out of here.

Marlena: Fabulous!

[Laughter] Congratulations on your job at the hospital, rex.

Rex: Thanks, marlena. I'm happy to be here and even happier that you're going to be okay.

Marlena: I've had some excellent care.

Sarah: There's a lot of great doctors, especially kayla. I mean, when she got your heart beating again--

Rex: It truly was a miracle.

Eric: What condition? What do you want me to do for you, brady?

Brady: I want you to use your influence with chloe. I want you to reason with her. I want you to use your priestly magic and make her understand that she needs to get herself and her kids out of that house.

Eric: We already talked about this, and I said no.

Brady: Eric, that was before el fideo's crew decided to shoot up the place. Now, by sheer luck, holly wasn't there, but she may be in the line of fire next time.

Eric: I care about that little girl's safety as much as you do. But I have no say in where she lives. Chloe is her legal guardian.

Brady: Then threaten to take the custody case back to court.

Eric: You can't be serious.

Brady: Of course I am. Don't you understand that every single minute that holly is in that dimera mansion, she's in danger? If you care about nicole's daughter, like I think you do, you will make this happen.

Eric: Listen to me. I told chloe I would not fight her for holly. I don't want to fight her.

Brady: Then you better think of something else, because if you don't, I will be forced to tell rex everything that's gone on between you and sarah.

Chloe: I know it's not what you wanted to hear, but, stefan, you have to know how grateful I am for everything that you've done for me and continue to do for me.

Stefan: It's my pleasure. The invitation to stay here was without strings. You know that.

Chloe: So you really do understand why I can't think of anything other than keeping my kids safe until those thugs are behind bars.

Stefan: I do, which is why I'm going to step it up and make sure that happens very soon. Enjoy your breakfast. That fruit salad's all harold, but the rose, that was me.

[Soft music]

Ciara: Sorry I woke you.

Ben: No. It was nice, hearing you stick up for me with your mom.

Ciara: I love her, but, as I'm sure you know by now, I make up my own mind.

Ben: Mm. Yeah, that, I do know. I still can't wait to get the hell out of here.

Ciara: No, no, not so fast. You're staying right here. You need to rest and recover, starting with taking your shoes and socks off so you can actually lay down in this bed.

Ben: What? Ciara, you don't have to fuss over me like this.

Ciara: Oh, excuse me? Excuse me, okay. When I had my motorcycle accident, you set my leg. You made me the best pancakes I have ever had. And you washed my nasty-ass feet. So like it or not, ben weston, I'm gonna fuss.

Ben: Ciara, I'm serious. You don't have to--

Ciara: No, stop it. No excuses. You took amazing, amazing care of me. Now it's my turn to take care of you.

Sonny: All right, well, this should take care of your headache.

[Ominous music] Will! Oh, my god, will. Will! Will, can you hear me?

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