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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/22/19

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Episode #13491 ~ 

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Eli: Word on the street is your shift's almost over.

Lani: [Chuckles] Yep. Why? You jealous?

Eli: Well, I was hoping you and I could continue our date from the other night.

Lani: You mean the one that was interrupted by us having to arrest haley chen?

Eli: Yeah, I hated that as much as you do. I just hope justin will be able to help her out.

Lani: I don't think that there's much that he can do. At this point, if she wants to stay here in this country, she's gonna need a miracle.

Claire: Hey.

Tripp: Uh, look, claire, I'm sorry, but we're gonna have to put dinner on hold for a minute. I've got something to tell you.

Claire: Sounds serious.

Tripp: It is, and you're not gonna like it.

Claire: Kinda freaking me out here, tripp.

Tripp: You might wanna sit down.

Claire: [Stammers] Why? Why do people say that? The bad news is not better when you're sitting down. Can you just say what you have to say?

Tripp: Okay, um... it's about me and haley.

Claire: What about you and haley? Is there something going on between the two of you?

Tripp: No, look, I--I am totally committed to our relationship, claire, okay? And I have no feelings toward haley at all... but we're getting married.

Jj: I didn't think you-- you would say yes, but I'm so glad you did. And don't worry, I'll take care of everything. We'll get married as soon as possible.

Haley: Jj... I'm not going to marry you. I'm going to marry tripp.

Jj: I don't understand. Why--why would you choose to marry my--my cousin and not me?

Brady: Hey.

Gabi: Hey.

Brady: Were you upstairs with ari?

Gabi: I was. Uh, do we have any news on how our plan went?

Brady: [Sighs] Yeah. Yeah, the news is that, we pulled it off perfectly.

Gabi: [Chuckles]

Brady: Right now, leo and stefan are sitting around somewhere, wondering what the hell just happened.

[Ominous music]

Leo: I see the windows are boarded up. I know that wasn't done for my benefit, since everyone in this godforsaken town wants me to melt away like the wicked witch of the west. But it does make me feel safe. You know you're supposed to play against someone, right? All right, don't get up. I'll pour myself a drink. Okay, now that I have helped you cain your abel of a brother by providing key intel on titan, I'm sure you will richly compensate me and give me what I so rightfully deserve.

Stefan: The only thing you rightfully deserve is getting tossed out on your ass like a dog. Now, tell me what kinda grift are you trying to pull here, huh?

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: [Gasps] What?

John: Honey, it's--it's okay. Just--just me.

Marlena: [Exhales] Hey.

John: Just me.

Marlena: Oh, it's you.

John: Hey. How are you feeling there, pretty lady?

Marlena: Well...I'm better. I'm better now.

[Exhales] I guess we can add poisoning to the list of things that cannot kill me.

John: [Laughs] That's because you're superwoman. Oh, doc, I'm so happy and thankful that you are on the road to recovery... no thanks to--

[Knocking on door] Yeah?

Diana: Oh, hope I'm not interrupting.

John: Hey, no.

Diana: I got your message, john. Everything okay?

John: Yeah, sure, come on in.

Diana: Well, you're looking well, marlena. Glad to see you're doing better.

Marlena: Thank you. I am.

Diana: So, john, what did you want to see me about?

John: Oh, I--I wanted to ask you some questions about marlena's poisoning.

[Tense music]

[Sweeping orchestral music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

[Tense music]

Leo: Stefan, get your hands off me!

Stefan: You got nerve coming in here like some sort of conquering hero.

Leo: I don't know what you're talking about. I did what you asked. I sidled up to brady and got intel on that company.

Stefan: That company you got intel on was bogus.

Leo: What?

Stefan: It was fake, a decoy. And when you sent me out on a wild goose chase, brady acquired a different company, secretly.

Leo: No, that's not--no way.

Stefan: Yes, and now the company dimera wanted is no longer available.

Leo: You're blaming me for that? I simply relayed the information brady gave me. If--if you didn't do your due diligence, that's not my fault.

Stefan: You know, I'm trying to figure out if you're just incredibly dense...or if you're intentionally helping your new brother screw me over.

Brady: You know what the best part was? The fact that stefan thought he was so smart...

Gabi: [Chuckles]

Brady: That he was playing one of his stupid chess games, and that he had checkmate on titan.

Gabi: Mm. So, I take it leo believed the bad tip?

Brady: Oh, leo swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker.

Gabi: Wow...

Brady: It's funny.

Gabi: I would've loved to see stefan's face when he found out--to know he'd been outsmarted.

Brady: Yeah, poor guy was so distracted, I was able to swoop in and make the deal that dimera wanted the whole time.

Gabi: Well, congratulations, brady. A well-deserved victory.

Brady: Thank you. And, gabi, couldn't have done it without you.

Gabi: [Chuckles]

Brady: Cheers to that.

[Ominous music]

Diana: Okay, so, why do you want to talk to me about marlena's poisoning?

John: Well, because you were here at the hospital at the time marlena's iv was injected with penicillin, right?

Diana: I really don't remember.

John: I want you to take a look at this photo?

Diana: Uh, john, I don't know what use I can be--

John: It's just a picture of kristen dimera. She's made several attempts on doc's life before. Did you see her, this woman, at the hospital?

Diana: [Stammers] So, this is the woman you think poisoned marlena?

John: That's a fact.

Marlena: Unless of course you think it could've been... somebody else.

[Music intensifies]

Lani: Everybody that we have talked to has said the same thing about haley: She's a great person, a caring nurse. She just wanted to create a life for herself.

Eli: Law says she's illegal.

Lani: I hate the idea that a person can be called illegal.

Eli: You know, I had a-- I had a buddy from baltimore. His cousin came from south america as a teenager. He went to school, had a decent job, family with kids. One day, he opens the door, and I.C.E. Is standing there to take him away.

Lani: What happened to him?

Eli: He tried to fight it, but he lost the court case. They deported him. Took him away from his family. I mean, the--the guy was an asset to his community. Never broke the law, except for being here in the first place.

Lani: And now haley is facing the same fate. Jj really cares about her, and after everything that he's been through, I just--I would hate to see him miss out on a chance at happiness.

[Soft solemn music]

Haley: I have decided to marry tripp, because it's cleaner and it's safer and-- I already explained it to you before, jj.

Jj: You still haven't gotten over that I told my father about you.

Haley: That's part of it, and also because if I choose you, your dad would never stop going after us, and things are already bad between you two.

Jj: Look, I can deal with my father. What I care about is helping you.

Haley: Jj, you know, I-- I really appreciate that, but you gotta understand that by marrying tripp, I'll not only be protecting myself, but I'll be protecting you too.

Jj: Look, but I--I don't need you to protect me. And I don't care what my dad does. Haley, he's not the man that I knew and loved. If he were, he never would've sold you out for his campaign.

Haley: Yeah, but before that, you guys were getting closer.

Jj: It was all a lie. It was a lie. He cares about himself and his campaign, which is why I'm going to make sure he never becomes mayor.

Haley: No, jj, no, no, you don't wanna do that.

Jj: What, do you want him to be mayor of this town?

Haley: No, no, of course i don't, but I don't wanna be the reason that you and your dad are on bad terms.

Jj: He is the reason... not you. Come on, haley. I wanna help you.

Haley: No, no, I-- I'm sorry, okay, but it's just too complicated for the both of us.

Jj: Is that it or--

[Stammers]--Is there more to it?

Haley: No. No.

Jj: Let's be honest... the real reason you don't wanna marry me isn't because of my dad. The reason you don't wanna marry me is...

Haley: Jj...

Jj: Well, I think you've kinda said it, but maybe--maybe not as bluntly as I'm about to. Look, you don't wanna marry me, because you still hate me.

Claire: [Laughs] I'm sorry, I think I misheard you. Did you just say you're marrying haley?

Tripp: I know it sounds strange.

Claire: No, no, no, no, no, strange is when you misplace your phone and you find it in the fridge. No, tripp, this is insanity.

[Laughs] What the hell is going on?

Tripp: It's a long story.

Claire: Oh, well, I--I've-- I've got time, nothing but ears and time. So, uh--okay, so, so far, you are committed to me, but you are marrying haley?

Tripp: Okay, look, you know how much trouble haley's in with immigration, all right? She's gonna be deported if she doesn't do something, so jj offered to marry her so she'd stay in the country.

Claire: Oh, that sounds like a fantastic idea. Why did you say you're marrying her?

Tripp: Because with jj, things get tricky. I mean, his dad is running for mayor, and jack is the one who outed haley in the first place. So, if she marries jj, they're just gonna be under a lot of scrutiny.

Tripp: Oh, come on, tripp, you're jack's nephew. You think you'll fly under the radar?

Tripp: Well, it's different. I don't have a relationship with jack. Plus, haley doesn't want to make things worse between jj and his father. So, I suggested that she marry me instead, and she agreed.

Claire: Uh, wa--wait a minute, this was your idea?

[Music intensifies]

Feel the clarity of

non-drowsy claritin.

Leo: Okay, look, look, look, I am not working with brady.

Stefan: So, you are a moron?

Leo: Look, okay, if there were issues with the intel that I brought you, it just means that--that--that brady was onto us, and someone tipped him off to what I was doing.

Stefan: I hired you to do one job, and you failed... miserably.

Leo: Okay, look, I--I-- I messed up. Uh, brady tricked me. I can fix this. Give me another chance. I can still help you take down titan.

Stefan: Too late.

Leo: It's not too late. I--I can find something else out on them.

Stefan: No, I'm done playing these games. I don't need you anymore.

Leo: Stefan, please. I'm--I'm--I'm good at this. It's the only thing I'm good at. I--I can--I can still make a difference.

Stefan: We're done. Now, get out of my house before I call security and have them throw you out.

Leo: Wait, wait, wait, wait. If you give me another shot, I'll get to the bottom of who betrayed you.

Stefan: Pretty sure I already know.

[Solemn music]

Gabi: You know, it feels really great that we can stick it to stefan and nail that scummy jerk leo at the same time.

Brady: You know, that scummy jerk happens to be my brother. Did you know that?

Gabi: I'm sorry.

Brady: No, it's--[Laughs]

[Mumbles]--Sorry. Sorry that you called him a jerk or sorry that he's my brother?

Gabi: The second one. I mean, he's not competing with paul to be the best brother anytime soon, right?

Brady: No. [Chuckles] I don't think so, no. So, what are you doing? Do you have--you have big plans for tonight?

Gabi: No, actually, I, uh--

[Chuckles]--I plan on getting some sushi takeout and going home, crying my eyes out, catching up with "this is us."

Brady: [Chuckles] You should do something fun. You should celebrate. Have a good time.

Gabi: By myself? No, I'm not--no, thank you. I mean, everybody in this town hates me since what I did to abigail.

Brady: [Sighs] I've been in that boat, gabi. I know there--there was a time when my own family was against me for mistakes I had made. We've both made mistakes. So what? You know, you stay the course, keep going, and it'll get better, I promise you.

Gabi: I don't know about that, but I'm gonna just try to keep my head down and--

[Phone buzzing] Oh, hold on, I think my boss wants to see me, so...

Brady: [Chuckles] Um, about your boss...

Gabi: You wanna know if I'm gonna keep spying on stefan for you.

Brady: Will you?

Gabi: With pleasure.

Brady: [Chuckles]

[Slow solemn music]

Lani: And that, my friend, is officially the end of my shift.

Eli: Don't rub it in. I still got a couple more hours to go.

Lani: [Chuckles] Sucks to be you.

Eli: Maybe. I wonder what would happen if I gave you the key to my room.

[Slow sensual music]

Lani: And why would you do that?

Eli: So you could head over there and...wait for me to get off?

Lani: Well, that doesn't sound fun at all. I might get bored and just fall asleep.

Eli: What if I gave you a reason to stay up?

Lani: [Chuckles] How good of a reason?

Eli: I guarantee that I will make it worth your while.

Lani: You think they check these security cameras around here?

Eli: No, not unless there's an incident.


Lani: Because it's late, and we are the only ones here at the station.

Eli: You know you could get me in a lot of trouble for that, right?

Lani: Ask me if I care.

Diana: I thought that nurse already identified kristen dimera.

John: Yeah, she did, but, well, I was kinda hoping that maybe you could substantiate nurse shelly's claim.

Diana: Me? How?

Marlena: Well, maybe you have a clue we might have missed.

Diana: Oh, you know, I really don't recall seeing kristen. But my mind was probably on other things.

John: Yeah, I understand. Worth a try.

Marlena: Yeah.

Diana: So, are you thinking maybe it was somebody other than kristen dimera who tried to kill marlena?

John: Don't have any reason to believe it'd be anybody else. I mean, after all, she already tried to kill doc once with penicillin poisoning.

Diana: Oh. Were the police able to get her fingerprints off the iv?

John: No, not yet. But detective eli grant took the bag with him. It's down at the station now, so they're gonna try to lift some prints off it first thing in the morning.

Diana: In the morning? Well, that's good.

John: Yeah, with any luck at all, we'll have definitive proof that kristen tried to murder doc.

Diana: Terrific news. Terrific. And with that, I should be going.

John: Yeah.

[Stammers] I'll walk you out.

Diana: Thank you.

John: I'll be back.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

Diana: Feel better, marlena. Speedy recovery.

Marlena: Thank you.

[Tense music]

John: Diana, I really appreciate you being here. This is, uh--it's been such a rough time. Your support has meant a lot to me.

Diana: Of course. I'd do anything for you, john. I hope you know that.

John: You know, I--I was thinking, uh, maybe once doc gets up and around, you know, we can all go out to dinner? We'll invite leo?

Diana: I would like that very much.

John: Yeah, sounds good.

Diana: I wiped my fingerprints off the iv, didn't I? I gotta get ahold of it. Make sure. Make sure.

[Atmospheric music]

Lani: Okay, we better, um...

Eli: [Chuckles]

Lani: Quit while we're ahead. I'm gonna clock out, and I'll meet you back at your place.

Eli: Okay, yeah, yeah. I--I--I'll be there as soon as I can.

Diana: Excuse me?

Eli: Hey, um, sorry, you're, uh...

Diana: Diana.

Eli: Diana. Yeah, yeah, diana, john--john black's friend.

Diana: Yes, that's right.

Eli: Well, um, sorry, I'm detective eli grant. This is detective lani price.

Lani: Nice to meet you.

Diana: Mm-hmm.

Eli: Is there anything we can help you out with?

Diana: As a matter of fact, there is something. I am a reporter. In fact, I used to own "the spectator."

Eli: I didn't know that.

Diana: Yeah. And now I own the paper in my hometown, and I have been working on a piece about the manhunt for kristen dimera.

Eli: You have? Why?

Diana: I have to admit, that's kinda personal. I know the hell that woman has put my old friend, john, and his wife, dr. Evans, through, and I want to help bring her to justice.

Lani: You're writing an article to help with the search?

Diana: Yes, the more attention I bring to the case, the more likely you are to find her, right?

Eli: Yeah, I guess that's true.

Diana: Yes, because you can't let a monster like kristen dimera remain on the loose after what she did. Poisoning marlena's iv. Woman's lucky to be alive.

Lani: She is. We almost lost her.

Diana: Yes, and wouldn't that have been a tragedy. So, if you don't mind... can you fill me in on where you are in the investigation?

[Tense music]

Haley: I never hated you, jj.

Jj: You were pretty disgusted with me.

Haley: Yeah, I--I was-- I was angry, and I was really, really hurt that you shared my secret with your father. But you didn't know he was gonna tell the whole world I was undocumented.

Jj: Still, if I hadn't opened my big mouth.

Haley: You trusted him... and he let you down. But that's just--that's just who you are. You have a really big heart, jj, and I have a feeling it's gotten you in trouble many times.

Jj: Once or twice.

Haley: Look, I need you to know that I--I appreciate everything that you've done for me, really. I can never afford an attorney like justin on my own.

Jj: Then why don't you let me help you with this one last thing? Don't say you're protecting me.

Haley: Jj...

Jj: What is it?

[Soft music]

Haley: I don't hate you, okay, but I--I don't fully trust you either. And I don't want you marrying me, because you feel guilty.

Jj: No, then give me a chance to prove myself, to earn back your trust.

Haley: I have 30 days before they force me out of this country. I don't have time, which is why I need to focus on making this work with tripp, okay?

Jj: Haley, tripp has a girlfriend. Does claire even know about his offer?

Haley: No, no, she doesn't yet, but he said that he was so sure that he could convince her to--to go along with all of this.

Jj: And what if he can't? What then?

Haley: I don't know.

Jj: Come on, haley. Look, I'm--I'm single... and I live alone. If you wanna--if you wanna talk about complications... you're jumping into the middle of someone's relationship. You're--you're asking even more people to lie.

Haley: You know that isn't what I want. I don't wanna put them in that position.

Jj: Then don'T. And if you're going to make this seem like a real marriage, you have to stay together for a--a long time, years. And investigators will come to your place, and they'll ask questions of--of friends and relatives.

Haley: I--I know all of this. I'm prepared for it, and-- and so is tripp.

Jj: Is that what you want?

To be in a--in a fake, loveless marriage with someone who's already in love with someone else? I know tripp is a great guy to even offer...

Haley: Jj, you...

Jj: He doesn't care about you like I do.

Haley: No.

[Warm string music]

Claire: [Exhales sharply]

Tripp: I understand why you're upset.

Claire: Tripp, you're-- you're marrying another woman. You proposed to haley.

Tripp: I didn't propose, okay? This marriage is only for convenience, all right? There's nothing romantic about that at all.

Claire: Oh, well, that's the craziest part about this, is that you--you actually think you're gonna get away with it. No, no, tripp, come on, you and haley hardly know each other. Jack deveraux and immigration are gonna see right through this sham.

Tripp: We can sell it.

Claire: Okay, well, what if they do a quick little search of my social media, huh? They'll see my posts about our relationship, and about the phone case you gave me.

Tripp: I'll tell them we broke up.

Claire: Yeah? Over what?

Tripp: The fight we had whenever you were working with ben.

Claire: Well, my family and my friends know that that's not the truth.

Tripp: We just have to convince them to go along with it.

Claire: Oh, how many people are you gonna have lying for you?

Tripp: Look, I know I'm asking for a lot here.

Claire: No, it's asking the impossible.

[Solemn ambient music]

When you get caught, tripp, you could actually go to jail. We could all get busted.

Tripp: I won't let that happen.

Claire: And what about you and me? Yeah, what'll--what'll happen to us?

Tripp: We'll still be together, just in private.

Claire: [Laughs] That's not gonna work, tripp. I'm not a private person. I'm a very public person. My social media presence is very important to me. I have hundreds of thousands of followers. Am i just supposed to lie to them too? For how long? For--for months? For years?

Tripp: You don't have to lie. Just keep things quiet.

Claire: What if I don't want to? It's my life, tripp. It'll be one big secret.

Tripp: Well, maybe that'll be exciting.

Claire: How?

Tripp: You know--you know, keeping secrets can be kind of hot. I don't know, just tell your followers that you met some mystery man.

Claire: Wow, you know what's really hot is--is having a boyfriend who is proud to be with you.

Tripp: I--I am proud, okay? You--you mean so much to me, okay? And I--I get how big of a sacrifice this is. But--but what they're doing to haley, this--this isn't fair. Okay, no one should be treated like that.

Claire: Why is this so important to you? You sure you don't have feelings for her?

[Music intensifies]

I landed.

Gabi: I got your text. If you summoned me here because you wanted to talk about the marketing for gabi chic, then you should have waited until tomorrow. What happened here? Did your resident diva hit a high c and shatter the glass?

Stefan: Are you working with brady black to sabotage me?

[Disquieting music]

Gabi: I don't know what you're talking about.

Stefan: [Chuckles] Then I'll spell it out for you. We've had a bit of corporate espionage at dimera.

Gabi: Oh, well, sounds like you need to run a tighter ship then.

Stefan: Did you tell brady that his brother leo was gonna spy on him?

Gabi: Leo... leo, le--oh, leo. The one that tried to ruin sonny's life? Did you ask him to spy on brady? 'Cause that would be a terrible idea.

Stefan: It was you.

Leo: What kinda brother are you?

Brady: Is that a real question?

Leo: You played me.

Brady: Again, you're gonna have to be more specific.

Leo: You fed me false information to pass on to stefan dimera.

Brady: [Laughs] Let me get this right, are-- are you angry at me for stopping you from spying on me?

Leo: You set me up.

Brady: Again, you were spying on me.

Leo: What choice did I have? You weren't willing to hire me. Stefan offered me a job.

Brady: A job. A job scamming your own brother? You are a con artist. The minute you stepped foot into this town, you've been focused on nothing but stealing from sonny and my family and my company. I don't give a damn who you are. I wouldn't trust you to watch my parking meter.

Leo: Go to hell.

Brady: Think you're the one that's headed there, leo, in a handbasket. You see, you've finally shown your true colors to everybody, and now you've finally gotten what you deserve. Nothing.

[Slow blues music]

Marlena: [Laughs]

John: You okay? Feeling good?

Marlena: John, you don't have to keep hovering around my bed. I'm all right.

John: Let me hover. I like to hover, okay? I like to hover.

Marlena: Well, I'm not going anywhere, if that's what you're worried about.

John: I'm not gonna take any chances. The mere fact she came after my wife again is the last straw. Now I'm gonna take care of business.

Marlena: Well, you know what, what about if we just let the police handle this?

John: I think, once I can prove my theory here, we're gonna be able to deal with her, and we're gonna put this lousy chapter behind us.

Marlena: Yes, but I hope it's all that easy.

John: I think it will be. In fact, I think pretty soon we are going to have her right where we want her.

[Soft solemn music]

Diana: So, at this point, it sounds like you were just waiting for the fingerprints from marlena's iv.

Eli: That's the next step: Prove conclusively that it was kristen who poisoned the iv bag with penicillin.

Diana: That would be terrific. Good luck with that.

Eli: Is there anything else we can do for you?

Diana: I think I've got it. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Lani: Of course.

Eli: Uh, diana, just so you know, in the future, if you wanna do any interviews, just talk to our media rep. First.

Diana: Oh, dear, did I cross a line?

Eli: [Chuckles] It's fine. You're a friend of john black.

Diana: Thank you. And I won't reveal my source.

[Both chuckle] A pleasure to meet both of you.

Lani: Nice to meet you.

Eli: Thank you.

[Soft tense music]

Lani: Okay, I am out of here. Don't work too hard. I'll see you later.

Eli: Better not fall asleep.

Lani: Count on it.

Eli: Oh, hey, babe, before you go, can you take the iv from the evans case and lock it up in the safe in hope's office?

Lani: Why can't it stay in the evidence room?

Eli: This is the dimera's we're talking about. I'm not taking any chances.

Lani: Of course, I'll get on it right away.

Eli: Love you.

Lani: Bye.

Seresto, seresto, seresto.

Leo: You know, you're supposed to look out for your brother. I lost a very big payday because of you.

Brady: Whoops.

Leo: I'm gonna tell our father about this.

Brady: No, don'T. Please don't, please don'T. He might take away my allowance, or he might ground me.

Leo: Wait, you think this is funny?

Brady: No, you know what, I--I don't think it's funny. I think it's sad. I think you're sad.

Leo: You don't know who you're messing with. I lost my only source of income today because of you.

Brady: Why don't you do something crazy and get a real job, instead of always trying to scam other people, huh?

Leo: Oh, it's so easy for you, right? Born rich with a father who loves you, a billionaire grandfather. You wanna hear about the son of a bitch who raised me?

Brady: No, I actually don'T. I'd rather not. But if things get desperate for you, I was thinking about this: You could go back to being an escort. Although, you might have to lower your rate a little bit. You're getting a little long in the tooth there, leo.

Leo: I'm going to see john at the hospital.

Brady: I suggest you don'T. He needs to concentrate on marlena right now and what has happened to her.

Leo: I'm his son, and you will not keep me from him.

Brady: You mean his bank account, right?

Gabi: [Chuckles] Why would I sell out the company that underwrites my livelihood?

Stefan: Because you hate me.

Gabi: Well, that's true.

Stefan: You're the only one who knew about leo's offer to help me.

Gabi: I didn't say anything. You're the one that hired leo starke. I mean, why would you trust him with anything after what he did to sonny and his family?

Stefan: You make a good point. The man's hardly trustworthy. But, then again, neither are you.

Gabi: Okay, so we're on this again.

Stefan: Your daughter, she's living at brady's house, right?

Gabi: Yeah, a lot of other people live there too.

Stefan: Huh. Man, I really hope you're not lying.

Gabi: Or what, stefan?

Stefan: Oh, shin and the board, they saved your ass once, but they will not hesitate to toss you out if they find out you're double-crossing the company.

Gabi: Wow. You sound pretty paranoid. I mean, for all I know, you could be the one behind all of this.

Stefan: Why would I sabotage my own company?

Gabi: That's right, that's right, you are a big corporate raider, so maybe you could be bringing down stock prices, while you're trying to buy more up, right? Consolidate your power in your father's company?

Stefan: You, you are clever, I'll give you that. You better hope you're not lying, because if you are, the board firing you will be the least of your troubles. I would hate to see your daughter lose her mother again.

[Music intensifies]

Gabi: [Grunts]

Tripp: I promise you, I do not have feelings for haley. She's a friend, and I'm just trying to help her out.

Claire: [Mutters] Yeah, enough that you're willing to risk everything you have for a girl you hardly know?

Tripp: I know what it's like to feel all alone in this world, okay? To feel like you've been abandoned, to lose hope. It's how I felt before I came to salem and found my father and a whole family and now you. Haley needs to know that she's got someone in her corner.

[Soft music]

Claire: So, basically, what you're saying is, this wedding is gonna happen whether I agree or not.

Tripp: Well, I--I hope I don't have to make that decision. And I also know that you did not ask for this, so if you feel like you need to break up with me--

Claire: Oh, my god, is-- is that what you want?

Tripp: Oh, no. What? No. Of course not. I just-- I don't expect you to like what I'm doing--

Claire: I don'T. I really don'T. I'm happy to go on the record and say that I hate this and I think it's a terrible mistake.

Tripp: Noted.

Claire: Okay. So, uh, when is this-- this wedding happening?

Tripp: Soon. Maybe as soon as tomorrow.

Claire: [Chuckling] Tomorrow?

Tripp: Well, we have to do it now to give it validity.

Claire: This is insane, tripp. How are you gonna make people believe that this wedding is real, you know? Immigration is gonna be all over you, the both of you.

Tripp: I'm confident I can make them believe our relationship is real.

Claire: [Chuckles] I had to ask.

Tripp: Look, I know according to law, what we're doing is wrong, but I know it's the right thing to do, okay? Haley only has 30 days before she has to leave, so... what do you say? Can you--can you support me in my decision?

Claire: Will you excuse me for a second?

[Solemn music]

Tripp: What are you doing?

Claire: [Screams]

[Exhales] Okay...yes, I'll support you, but I really don't like it.

Tripp: Thank you.

[Both chuckle] Ah, thank you, thank you, thank you...

[Slow string music]

Haley: No, what am I doing? What am I do--we can't do this.

Jj: Ha--haley--haley, you are the best thing to come into my life in--in a long time. Look, I--I don't wanna lose you, and I will do anything to protect you. If you agreed to marry me, it wouldn't just be some fake marriage of convenience. I know that you and I would--

Haley: I'm sorry, okay? I'm so sorry, but I'm-- I'm going to marry tripp, okay?

Jj: Haley, haley...

[Soft solemn music]

Lani: Hey.

Jj: Hey.

Lani: I heard about the judge's ruling on haley's case. I'm really sorry.

Jj: Me too.

Lani: So, she's really gonna be deported in 30 days?

Jj: Yeah. I--I tried to help her explore other ways of--of staying.

Lani: What other ways?

Jj: It doesn't matter now. She, uh--she--she decided on a different solution.

Lani: I know how much you care about her. Is there a possibility that this other solution will keep her here in the country?

Jj: There is.

Lani: Well, that's great. Maybe there's still a chance that you two can be together.

Jj: Even if she's allowed to stay, I--I'll never get to be with her again.

Claire: Mm! [Laughs]

Here comes the bride

Haley: He told you?

Tripp: Yeah, I told her.


Haley: Claire, I know you can't be happy about this.

Claire: You know, it's definitely not the best thing to happen to me this week, but, uh--[Chuckles]-- Uh, I respect my boyfriend for wanting to help you.

Claire: You--you do?

Claire: Yes, uh, it's who he is, so...

Haley: Oh, my gosh.

Claire: I'm gonna find a way to deal.

Haley: Claire, thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means...

Claire: Yes.

[Disquieting music]

Stefan: You will never slap me again.

Gabi: You will never threaten me or my daughter again, because if you do, I guarantee, you're the one that's gonna be terminated.

[Tense music]

Leo: Hi. Where's john?

Marlena: What's going on?

Brady: God, I'm sorry. I told him not to bother you.

Leo: I'm not leaving here until I speak with my father. Where's john?

John: Hello, diana.

Diana: [Gasps]

John: Looking for this?

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