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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 3/19/19

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Episode #13488 ~ Eric makes a promise to God to stay away from Sarah if Marlena lives; Diana worries she may have left behind evidence that she tried to kill Marlena; Ciara tries to persuade Ben they should reunite; Leo attempts to get inside information from Brady.

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Diana: Not now, I've got to give john his favorites-- french dip and fries-- because he must be starving by now.

Leo: It's not a good time.

Diana: Why not?

Leo: I just left him in marlena's room. She's flat-lined.

Diana: Oh, dear, no. Well, that's terrible.

Leo: Oh, you really think so? Or is this exactly what you wanted?

Diana: Now, how can you say such a thing? What kind of person do you think I am?

Leo: This is me, mother. I know exactly what kind of person you are, so spare me the phony indignation. You can deny it all you want, but you have decided that john black is the one, the love of your life. And you're not gonna be able to get your paws on him unless marlena is out of the picture. Permanently.

Diana: Hmm.

Kayla: Clear!

Sarah: No change.

Kayla: Uh, increase to 250 joules. Ready?

John: Come on, doc.

Kayla: Clear.

John: Come on, baby. Fight, doc! Fight for your life! Fight for us now, come on!

Sarah: John, just give us a little bit of room.

Kayla: Okay, clear!

[Monitor flat-lining]

John: Come on, what-- what are you doing? What are you doing? Why--why are you stopping? What's going on? No. Kayla, don't do this. Baby, come on. Don't do this, kayla. Don't do this.

Kayla: I'm sorry.

[Tragic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Ben: Ciara.

Ciara: Shut the damn door.

Ben: If you're here to try and convince me that you and I--

Ciara: I came here because you convinced me that you were a good person. But if you can work for scum like stefan dimera, then you're exactly the same kind of scum that he is.

Diana: I realized when I came back here that there will always be a special place in my heart for john. But I also accept the fact that his heart belongs to marlena.

Leo: Thank you, ms. Streep. Wow, that was a lovely line-reading.

Diana: I am being sincere.

Leo: You?

Diana: You know, it really hurts to know that my only son thinks so little of me.

Leo: What do you expect? All of those years when richard made fun of my limp wrist and my sissy walk, you never opened up your mouth.

Diana: Because I didn't know what to do.

Leo: You could have told me that richard cooper wasn't my real father. That my real father was an incredibly decent man who would have loved me no matter what.

Diana: I wasn't sure if john was your father.

Leo: You could have found out exactly the way that john did. But you kept john and me apart because that's what worked for you. You disgust me now more than ever.

John: I love you, baby. You're my whole life. I can't live without you. So if this is it and you're not coming back to me then you take me with you.


Kayla: [Sighs]

[Monitor beeping]

Sarah: Kayla?

Kayla: I know. John. John, her heart is beating. She's alive, john.

[Triumphant music]

John: [Relieved sobbing]

Limu emu & doug

Ben: I can explain it to you.

Ciara: Don't even bother, ben, because I already know what you're gonna say. I know what you're gonna say. That you had to take the job because no one else would hire you, but I'm sorry. Doing stefan's dirty work is wrong no matter what.

Ben: I'm not doing his dirty work.

Ciara: He paid you to kidnap gabi. Ben, if that's not dirty work then I don't know what is. I keep telling you that you're not a bad guy, and you keep telling me that I'm wrong, so... I guess this is your way of-- of making a point.

[Rueful laugh] I just--I am so scared to see what stefan's gonna have you do next.

Ben: Well, you don't have to be scared because you have this all wrong.

Ciara: Oh, I'm wrong? I'm wrong about stefan? He's a great guy?

Ben: You're wrong about me hurting women, because right now I'm trying to stop one from being killed.

John: I can feel it.

[Weepy laugh] Feel your heart, baby.

[Laughing] You did it. You did it, sweetheart. You came back to us. Can you hear me? Sweetheart, if you can hear me just open those beautiful eyes. Sweetheart.

[Laughing] Come on, come on. Come on. That's my girl.

[Laughing] Hey. Hey, baby.

Marlena: [Groans] What happened?

Kayla: Your heart stopped.

John: [Sniffles]

Kayla: We thought that there was no hope.

Sarah: But your family's here. And they're all a little scared, so I'm gonna go tell them the good news.

Kayla: Yeah, great.

[Both laughing]

John: You did it. You fought, and you fought, and you fought, and you came back to me. You came back to all of us, baby.

Marlena: Oh... john...

John: [Weepy laughter]

[Tender music]

Rex: Here, man. This coffee is awful but it'll get you through.

Brady: Thank you. Thank you for sticking around, too.

Rex: Yeah, man. Look, marlena's been like a mother to you. She's always been very good to me. I know you'd rather have eric here, I get that.

Brady: [Scoffs]

Rex: [Stammers, laughs] All right, I--I understand. I know what happened between him and nicole, and... I want you to know, brady, he's told me time and time again he feels horrible about what he did to you.

Brady: I know, I don't-- I don't want to hear about how much pain he's been in or anything. Everybody around here has been excusing what he did. Like he's--like he's still some priest or something. You know what, he's not a priest. Guy's a dog.

Rex: [Scoffs] That's a pretty awful thing to say about your brother.

Brady: It is. It is, but I suggest that you take your blinders off, because he is going to burn you just like he burned me.

Eric: Oh, heavenly father, please help my mom through this... and I will never allow myself to come between my brother... and the woman that he loves. Just don'T... please let her live.

[Gasps] Is she, uh...

Sarah: No. She's awake, and she seems alert.

Eric: You're sure? You're sure?

Sarah: Yeah.

[Both laughing]

[Overlapping speech]

Sarah: It--it did get bad. Her heart stopped. We thought that we'd lost her. But john was... he was holding her, and he was telling her how much he loved her. And her heart just started beating, eric. I mean, it was--it was nothing short of a miracle. I know that I... wasn't sure if I believed in the power of prayer, but... whatever you said to god... he heard you.

Eric: Yeah. Maybe he did. 'Cause I meant every word I said.

[Dramatic music]

Ciara: You're trying to stop a woman from being killed? That's how stefan is spinning it now?

Ben: When stefan said that he'd give me my job back, I told him I would do it under one condition: That I would never mistreat any woman.

Ciara: And he still hired you?

Ben: He said that's what would work for him. What he wanted was somebody to look out for chloe lane and her two kids.

Ciara: Chloe... didn't she get threatened by those drug lords' goons?

Ben: Yeah. She did. So that's when stefan decided that she and the kids needed a guard that was just for them. She's a nice lady. The kids are great. And I feel like maybe I'm making a difference for them.

Ciara: Wow, uh...

[Laughs] I am a total jackass. I... jumped to all of the wrong conclusions. I'm so sorry.

Ben: You're not a jackass.

[Laughs] And I know your family's hated the dimeras since way back. But I promise you that this is a good thing.

Ciara: I could see it on your face when you were talking about the kids.

Ben: [Sighs]

Ciara: Which means... that I've been right all along... and you do have a big heart. So how could you be a bad guy?

Ben: Okay. Okay, maybe I'm not... you know, bad to the bone, but I am definitely damaged goods, which is why I know it was right for me to break it off with you.

Ciara: Nice try. But you're not getting rid of me that easily.

Diana: I explained to you about john and why I never told you about him. And even if he knew about you, do you really think he would want you to be part of his life? Or that marlena would allow it? Why do you think they got that paternity test?

Leo: John did it because they didn't trust you to tell them the truth. And when he told me I was his kid, he seemed genuinely happy. Imagine that.

Diana: So now he knows that I wasn't lying.

Leo: Oh, you would make this about you. Do you know what it meant to me to think that I might have a real family?

Diana: It just never occurred to me that john would be open to the idea of you being his son. This is wonderful news, for all of us.

Leo: Really? What exactly do you get out of this?

Kayla: Okay, here you go. I'm gonna wanna do a echocardiogram as soon as you're stronger, okay? But your ekg and your vitals look really good. You are a lucky woman.

Marlena: I know I am. Look who I married.

John: [Laughs] I'm the lucky one.

Kayla: Well, that's probably true. I'll, um, get your iv bag, okay?

[All laughing] Um... you know, I think I'll just-- I'll just do this later. Um... I'm gonna leave you guys alone. All right?

Marlena: [Grunts]

John: Thank you, doctor.

Kayla: Mm, my pleasure.

Marlena: [Sighs] Apparently... I died, and I came back to life.

John: That's what it looked like.

Marlena: What happened?

[Monitor beeping] I--I was in my office and I was waiting for you. And a patient of mine had... left me some cookies. I had one. But that's the last thing that I remember.

John: Yeah. Kayla had the forensic guys run some tests on those cookies. Each and every one was laced with penicillin.

Rex: Brady...

Brady: Huh?

Rex: Eric would never go behind my back.

Brady: Yeah. I thought the same thing. Until nicole came to me and told me that she was leaving me for him.

Rex: Sarah is not nicole. And there is nothing but a friendship between eric and sarah.

Sarah: Before you go see your mother, I was just kind of hoping that we could talk about that kiss.

Eric: Brady already let me have it.

Sarah: Well, I hope you told him that it was my idea.

Eric: No, I would never do that. I just--just said that it was complicated.

Sarah: I appreciate you protecting my reputation. It's very gallant of you. But... that kiss puts you in a bad spot with brady, and-- and I'm really sorry.

Eric: The only thing that matters is that rex doesn't know about it. And it's gonna stay that way.

Sarah: But what if that's not what I want?

Eric: What are you saying?

Sarah: That I--I love rex, but... a big reason... why I haven't accepted his proposal is because... I'm falling for you.

Live from the starlite lounge.

Ciara: It's only been a few days... ben, but... oh, my god, I miss having you in my life. And I know I can find a way to prove to you that you're not the broken person you think you are.

Ben: I wish you were right. One of my shrinks told me that... kids who have been abused tend to become abusers themselves.

Ciara: Mm-hmm. The shrink also said "tend to"... which means it isn't a done deal. Ben, I think you are strong enough to fight this.

Ben: Maybe I'm just not as sure as you are.

Ciara: [Sighs] Well... I'll tell you one thing: It may be a good thing that you're staying here, but... stefan dimera is not a good influence.

Ben: No, see, I don't know. Stefan wrestles with the same kind of demons that I do. I mean, he wasn't raised by stefano, but he still fears that stefano lives inside of him the same way that I'm afraid clyde still lives inside of me.

Ciara: Not if you fight him.

Ben: Ciara, I try to fight it every hour every day not to be the person that he was. I still lost it with jordan. What if I did that to you? I'm not sure I could live with myself after that. I don't want you living in fear... even if it's just in the back of your mind.

Ciara: Do you wanna know what really scares me? Thinking of my life without you in it.

Brady: How is-- how is marlena?

Kayla: I was just gonna come find you. Well, it was a little rough in there. I--I hate to tell you, but she--she flat-lined. But--but she's okay now. She's okay.

Brady: She flat-lined but she's okay now? Can I--can I please go see her?

Kayla: Yes. Your dad is in there, but you can go.

Brady: All right.

[Elevator dings]

Rex: Kayla, do you have any idea how this happened?

Kayla: I'll have to explain it to you in a minute, all right? I need to talk to eli. Oh, thank you for getting here so quickly.

Eli: How's dr. Evans?

Kayla: Well, she pulled through. She's regained consciousness and, uh, her heart is strong.

Eli: That's great. I'd like to tell you I have a lead on kristen dimera, but I don'T.

Kayla: The reason I called is because I noticed a small pinhole in marlena's iv line. No hospital personnel would do that.

Eli: So what happened?

Kayla: I'm guessing that kristen snuck back in here. She saw that the cookies weren't working, so she injected penicillin directly in marlena's iv.

Diana: When I said that john being your biological father was good for all of us, I meant that finally... you will have a relationship with a father you can respect. And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to take john this sandwich before it gets stale.

Leo: Well, what do you know? I was gonna check on my dad and his wife, too. We can go to the hospital together.

Diana: Suit yourself.

Marlena: Kristen showed up? Well, that's impossible.

John: I don't know. I never believe anybody who's told me a dimera has died in a fire or an explosion.

Marlena: Oh, 'cause they're always rising from the ashes.

John: There you go.

Marlena: So... kristen poisoned me?

John: Hey.

Brady: Hi. You're okay. She's okay.

[Overlapping speech]

Marlena: I'm okay. I'm okay--oh.

Brady: Sorry. You gave us quite a scare. We--we thought we lost you, marlena.

Marlena: Oh, no. I wouldn't go anywhere. Not when the people that I love most in the world, my family, are right here.

Eric: You--you can't be falling for me.

Sarah: [Laughs] Then why did I kiss you?

Eric: How long have you felt that way?

Sarah: I don't know. I mean, that's kind of hard to figure out. You remember how decimated I was when I found out everything that had happened with rex, and was so grateful for your friendship. And--and then those feelings kind of got jumbled all together, and then there was something else going on inside me that had nothing to do with rex, which is probably why I was so determined to have sex with you. Try to get even with him.

Eric: Yeah, it's only because he slept with your sister and I'm his brother.

Sarah: It was more than that.

Eric: The important thing is, is that never happened.

Sarah: Rex was so determined to get me back, you know? And--and I was not used to him being the insecure one in the relationship, and to be honest with you I kind of enjoyed it. But then that threw me off-balance again, and then I had... this dream... that made things very clear. And... it was about you.

Eric: Okay.

Sarah: [Laughs] Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell you the dream. It's just the important thing is--is that after the dream and with rex trying to be the perfect fiancÚ, honestly, it just--it made me sad.

Eric: Why?

Sarah: Because I knew it meant the end of you and me being more than friends. And eric, you are... the best, and kindest, and the most--

Eric: No, no, I'm not.

Sarah: Yes, you are. You are to me. And I think that we could be really good for each other. So I guess the big question is... did I wait too long to say all this?

Ciara: You keep saying... that I am better off without you. But I just--I cannot imagine my life without you in it.

[Laughs] You made me trust again. And I'm pretty sure I made you believe in yourself again.

Ben: You definitely brought out the best in me. That is for damn sure. I'm always gonna want to be the guy that you can trust. I just don't know if I can guarantee that's the way it's gonna happen.

[Melancholy music]

Ciara: Ben... why... why won't you let me help you?

Ben: 'Cause you don't understand. I don't expect you to. You don't have voices in your head telling you to do bad things.

Ciara: [Sighs] Oh, yeah? I am just as screwed up as you are, ben weston. And you know it.

Diana: Hello.

Brady: Hello.

Diana: I'm diana colville. And old friend of your father'S.

Brady: I know exactly who you are.

Diana: And you must know my son, leo.

Brady: Sure I do.

Diana: Uh, how's marlena?

Brady: Um, well, we--we had a bit of a scare, actually. But she pulled through, thank god.

Diana: Oh, that's--that'S... that's just wonderful. I, uh, got your father some food. Um, can you tell me where he is?

Brady: Well, he's-- he's with marlena, but I think he'd prefer not to be disturbed right now.

Diana: But he really needs to eat something.

Brady: I'm going to go to the pub and get him something, because I know exactly what he likes. And you know what, leo? Um, why don't you go with me?

Leo: Me? Why?

Brady: [Sighs] Because we got off to a rocky start. And we are brothers, after all. I think we should square things out. For our father's sake.

John: The cops are all over it, so if kristen is out there, you know, they're gonna find her.

Marlena: Mm. You really believe that?

John: I sure am trying.

Marlena: Oh, I know.

John: Yeah? Hey, detective grant.

Eli: Sorry to bother you.

Marlena: Not at all, come in.

Eli: I'm very relieved to see you looking so much better.

Marlena: Oh, thank you, eli.

John: So what do you got for us? Anything on kristen?

Eli: Well, we checked the security footage at the entrance to the hospital. No sign of her.

Marlena: Well, she rarely uses the front door.

Eli: I guess you know her well.

John: Well, when it comes to dimeras we're kind of experts, yeah.

Eli: Tell me about her.

Marlena: Well, she's a master of disguise.

Eli: Then it's possible shelly identified the wrong person.

[Monitor beeping]

John: There is one way to find out.

Eric: Sarah, I... I think you are the kindest... smartest... most loyal friend... I've had in a very long time.

Sarah: [Laughs] Is that all that I am to you is a friend?

Eric: You'll always be near and dear to me. But yes, right now what I feel is-- is friendship.

Sarah: Well, um... that--that'S... that's that, I guess.

Eric: I'm sorry if I misled you or hurt your feelings.

Sarah: No, no, no, no, no. No, you--you've done neither of those things. I'm, uh... I'm just embarrassed. Here I am pouring my heart out to you, especially while you're worried about your mom.

Eric: Sarah, please don't be embarrassed. Be glad that we talked. You said you loved rex. He's gonna spend the rest of his life making you happy. He loves you very much. And as far as I'm concerned... we never had this talk. And he will never find out about that kiss.

[Melancholy music]

Rex: Clears throat. Sorry, am I interrupting?

Sarah: [Clears throat]

Eric: No. Not at all, um... sarah just came to tell me the good news about mom.

Rex: Yeah, I just spoke with kayla. I was gonna tell you the same thing. And I've talked to brady, and he said that marlena has two of the best doctors taking care of her.

Sarah: [Soft laugh]

Eric: You're right. Sarah, thank you again for all you've done.

Sarah: What are friends for?

Rex: You okay? You just--you seem really wiped.

Sarah: Yeah, I--I guess I am.

Rex: When was the last time you ate something?

Sarah: I don't know.

Rex: Okay, well, we gotta fix that.

Sarah: [Laughs]

Rex: And eric, I--I really can't even begin to tell you how happy I am about your mom.

Eric: Thank you. It's an enormous relief.

Rex: You ready?

Sarah: Mm-hmm.

Eli: This might take a little time. I have to fingerprint any hospital personnel who might have handled this.

John: Now you know who you're looking for.

Eli: Right. All right, well, I'll be in touch.

Leo: So, uh... how do we do this? Get along I mean.

Brady: I suppose for starters I welcome you to the family, and maybe you say "thank you," and then you start acting like a decent human being.

Leo: I'm working on it.

Brady: I know you are. I know you dropped the charges against sonny and will. That was a good move.

Leo: So if I prove myself, will you re-hire me at titan?

Brady: [Sighs] You just don't waste any time, do you?

Leo: Well, I really loved working there.

Brady: [Sighs] I'll think about it, leo.

[Phone ringing] Um... speaking of titan, I'm sorry, I have to take this. It's about a big acquisition. Brady black.

Ciara: I was conceived when my parents were still mourning my big brother. So I was just a weird little kid from day one. My dad was always off on secret assignments for the isa. The last one was when I was in middle school, and he didn't come back for years. And when he finally came back, he had cancer. He died about a month later. And that just drove my mom crazy. She went absolutely crazy.

[Sighs] She actually ended up in prison.

Ben: I'm so sorry.

Ciara: And, uh... I already told you... that I got raped by the guy who used to be my best friend and actually was my step-brother. Do you want me to go on? Should I...

Ben: Hey. You wanna tell me about it?

Ciara: What I'm trying to say... is, um, I have not had a normal life either. At all. But you and I get each other. And that is why I am not scared of you, but... but you keep telling me that I should be scared, so... I'm just starting to think that it... maybe it's because you're just not that into me.

[Tender music]

Ben: That could not be... any further from the truth.

Ciara: Then stop trying to make my decisions for me, all right? Just...

Ben: [Sighs]

Ciara: Ben, just be with me.

So there you are with your depression

Brady: Make this deal as quickly as you can. And I do not want dimera enterprises getting wind of it. Do you understand? Right.

[Phone beeps] Ah, I'm sorry that took so long.

Leo: It's all right. Your dad's, uh-- dad's food's not up yet anyway.

Brady: This could be a big one, this deal. I mean, it could be a game-changer for titan. Excited about it.

Leo: I hope it works out, then.

Brady: Thanks.

Leo: And thank you for being so decent to me today. I promise I won't push any more than that. All right, I'm gonna take off.

Brady: Bye.

[Phone beeps]

[Phone beeps]

[Phone beeps]

[Phone line ringing]

Brady: Hey, gabi, it's brady. Um, listen, I wanted to thank you for tipping me off about leo spying for stefan. Appreciate that. Make sure you give me a call later, because I would love to tell you about the trap I've set for him.

[Both laughing]

Eric: I guess when they told me you were getting better they weren't exaggerating!

John: Good timing, kid. I was just leaving. You gotta take care of your mom, here. Um, I--I'm gonna go take care of a little bit of business and then I'll be right back. Okay?

[Both laughing]

[Monitor beeping]

Eric: I've been in the chapel. Obviously, god heard my prayers.

Marlena: Mm. I do feel like the luckiest woman alive. And this--this whole experience has given me clarity on things that matter.

Eric: Yeah, me, too.

Marlena: I want you and brady... to do whatever it takes to work things out.

Eric: Yeah, we'll try.

Marlena: No, no. You'll do more than try. Honey, your sobriety depends on it. So does his.

Eric: You don't have to worry about that anymore. No matter how I feel, I'm not gonna come between any brother and the woman he loves. It's best for everyone.

Marlena: What about you?

Eric: Especially me.

Diana: Oh, john! I just heard the news about marlena. Wonderful, wonderful news!

John: We're all feeling pretty blessed right about now.

Diana: Yes, I'm sure. And what about the woman who left her the poison cookies?

John: Oh, you mean kristen. Nah, afraid not. Nothing.

Diana: So she's still out there?

John: Mm, worse than that. Marlena's crisis was caused by someone who injected even more penicillin into her iv line.

Diana: Good heavens.

John: Well, salem pd, they've got the iv line right now, and hopefully they'll pull some prints off it.

[Soft music]

Ciara: [Gasps] So, I, uh-- I guess I was wrong about you, um, not being that into me.

Ben: That does not mean... that I think we should be together.

[Clears throat]

Ciara: [Laughs] Okay. What if we take things slow? Like we did in the beginning... when it was just you and me in the cabin. And you were so good to me.

Ben: I do like being good to you.

Ciara: [Soft laugh]

Ben: I'd give you the whole world if I could.

Ciara: All I want is you.


[Both breathing heavily]

[Dramatic music]

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