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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/18/19

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Episode #13487 ~ Kayla and Sarah attempt to revive Marlena; during an out-of-body experience, Marlena encounters a few familiar faces from the past; Marlena is caught in a tug-of-war for her soul; Marlena tries to find out if Kristen is dead.

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Kayla: Clear!

[Sighs] Come on. Come on, marlena. Clear!

Sarah: No change?

Kayla: Increase to 250 joules.

Sarah: Ready?

John: Come on, doc.

Kayla: Clear!

John: Come on, baby. You can do this.

Kayla: Come on...

John: Fight, doc. Fight, doc. Fight for your life! Fight for us now! Come on--

Sarah: John, just give us a little bit of room?

Kayla: Kay, clear!

[Sustained beep]

[Somber music]

John: What did we done? What are you doing? What-what-- why are you stopping? What's going on? No. Kayla, don't do this. Don't do this, kayla.

[Crying] Don't do this.

Kayla: I'm sorry.

[Dramatic ominous music]

[Dramatic whoosh]

[Ambient music]

[Ethereal whooshing]

[Harps glissando]

Tony: Where do you think you are, marlena?

Marlena: Andre dimera?

Tony: [Chuckles] Oh, my. My, my, oh, please, tell me you haven't forgotten your dear old friend tony.

Marlena: [Soft laugh] Tony? You're alive?

Both: [Laugh]

Marlena: Oh!

[Tearful laughter] Oh, my goodness. You're amazing. You were impaled, oh, my gosh. How many times have you cheated death?

Tony: Almost as many times as you have.

Marlena: Oh. Tony.

Tony: Hm?

Marlena: What is this place?

Tony: You don't know?

Marlena: Well, I'm--I'm feeling a little confused. I remember being in my office and I--and I-- and I ate a cookie and I-- my throat closed up. I couldn't breathe and--

Tony: Yeah, you suffered an anaphylactic shock.

Marlena: Well, no. No, that couldn't be. I'm not allergic to-- how do you know what happened to me?

Tony: I know and see all. I am dead, marlena. And so are you.

[Ambient music broods]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

[Ominous music]

Marlena: Oh. I--I'm not dead. I can't be dead. I can't be.

Tony: Well, maybe this will resolve the issue.

[Snaps fingers]

[Ethereal whooshing]

[Sustained beep]

Marlena: No. No, no-no. There's been a mistake. It's a mistake. Tony, I've gotta go back. You've gotta help me. You have to help me, please.

Tony: Marlena, I'm not exactly saint peter, but I am here to try to help you.

Marlena: Oh.

Tony: I don't want to rush things. This is a shock. But time is of the essence.

Marlena: Oh. Then--then it's real?

Tony: It is.

Marlena: Oh. Oh.

Tony: [Chuckles] You don't want to go that way. Trust me, you don't belong there.

Marlena: Why, is that hell?

Tony: Come on. Don't worry.

Marlena: [Stammers] Is this heaven?

Tony: This is where you belong.

Marlena: Oh, uh-huh. Okay, no, wait-wait! Wait! Wait!

Tony: What--what is it?

Marlena: Wait, I don't want to go. I don't want to go. I want to go back, tony. I want to go back. You've got to help me. I want to see my family. I want to see-- I want to see john again.

Tony: Oh, I'm so sorry, marlena. But that's no longer an option. But let me say this, to make your journey as easy as possible, I've arranged for someone to escort you to your final resting place.

[Door clicks open]

[Ethereal whooshing]

[Smooth ambient music]

Marlena: Hope?

Marlena: Uhh, I don't understand. Hope, are you dead? Hope? Seriously?

Gina: How could you possibly confuse me with such a peasant?

Marlena: Huh. Princess gina. This is my guide?

Tony: Oh, you couldn't be in better hands. Princess gina knows this place inside and out.

Marlena: She doesn't even belong in heaven!

Tony: Oh. Oh, she had a mental breakdown. Oh--but you, as a professional, can understand that. And whatever misdeeds that princess gina may have committed while on earth, all ills are healed in heaven.

Marlena: Well, that hardly seems fair.

Tony: Oh, marlena, haven't I always been a friend to you? Someone you can confide in? Someone to trust? I want you to trust me now. I want to make sure that you go to your rightful... place in the afterlife.

Marlena: You know what? I kind of thought when I died that I would get to see my parents, my baby, and--and, you know, my sister, samantha.

Tony: Yes, and you will see them. Princess gina will take you to them. Oh, as I said before, you don't have a choice. Your soul has left its body. There's no going back.

Marlena: Oh. Well, if this is the end...

Tony: Oh, yes.

Marlena: Okay.

Tony: That's it, marlena. Because acceptance is best. Time to embrace your eternal reward.

[Ethereal whoosh]

Tony: No!

Marlena: [Startles]

Tony: Stop. Do not go through that door, marlena.

Andre: Oh, don't listen to him, that's andre!

Tony: Oh, marlena. It's tony, the real tony. That's the imposter! Andre's just trying to trick you so he can steal your soul, so they can take your place in heaven! And send you straight to hell.

Andre: Oh, damn it, tony! Why couldn't you leave well enough alone? I was so close!

[Soft dramatic music]

[Sighs] Don't look at me like that. You would have done the same thing in my position.

Marlena: You tried to take my soul so you could--you could make me replace you in h-h--

Andre: Hell. Say it. Say it, 'cause that's where you belong.

Marlena: I do not belong there.

Andre: Oh? Do you remember, marlena, people that you killed? Alice horton, choking on a powdered donut. And then with your ex-husband, roman, with his throat slit on the kitchen floor. And how about your dear friend maggie, bludgeoned with a bottle of liquor? Oh and let's not mention poor doug williams...

Marlena: I didn't do those things.

Andre: Oh?

Marlena: You just--you try to make me think that I did because you're messing with my mind.

Andre: Yes, have you forgotten that you committed adultery with john while you were still married to roman? I know you think of yourself as a saint, but you're not! You're as guilty as sin! And all of that will come out in judgment day. So why don't we have a good look as to who you really are?

[Snapping fingers]

[Ethereal whooshing]


[Dramatic music]

Marlena: [Demonic snarling]

[Demonic exhalations]

[Demonic exhalations]


[Crying] That's not me. I was possessed!

Andre: The truth is, the devil never left you. He wants you back. And tony or no tony, he will have you. So there you are with your depression

Marlena: No. No, it can't be true.

Andre: Oh, please. That little montage, it just proved that hell is exactly where you belong.

Marlena: Don't you touch me!

Gina: You do think you were so much better than I. But do you not remember how you tried to lead on poor stefano?

Andre: Yes. Do you remember all those years ago, when my father came into your sleep and made you his queen of the night? And you went along with him willingly and opened yourself up to the evil? It's who you are.

Gina: Yes, he's right about that.

Tony: Marlena! Don't listen to them. You do not belong in hell.

[Flames crackling] Marlena!

Andre: [Screams]

Tony: Oh! Oh, thank god.

Marlena: Literally.

Tony: I thought that you were gonna walk through that door.

Marlena: I was going to if you hadn't stopped me. I was going to, but... I just, like-- I can't believe that I'm dead.

Tony: That's what andre told you.

Marlena: You mean it's not true?

Tony: No, he was too eager. He wanted to snatch your soul before it completely left your body. But you're not ready to die yet.

Marlena: Oh!

Tony: [Soft laugh] But now that he's gone...

Marlena: I can go back?

Tony: Yes.

Marlena: Oh, how do i do that?

Tony: Look.

[Ambient music]

Marlena: What? Just through there?

Tony: All you have to do is open that door.

Marlena: Oh. Tony, thank you.

Tony: Oh.

Marlena: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tony: Oh, we don't have much time, we don't have time. You really got to go.

Marlena: Okay, all right. I'll do it.

Tony: Oh, by the way. If you see anna...

Marlena: I know. I will. I will. Okay.

[Grunts] Oh, I think--I think it's stuck. It's supposed to be-- you've been out of your body too long because of andre's games. You're losing the vitality you need to fight this battle. I can't do it for you, marlena. You gotta keep trying!

Marlena: I can't!

Tony: You gotta fight, marlena. You gotta fight for your life! Keep trying!

Unpredictable crohn's

symptoms following you?

Marlena: [Grunting] I can'T. I can'T. I'm too weak.

Tony: Remember, remember, remember how much you have to live for, and that will give you strength. Look.

[Snaps fingers]

[Ethereal whooshing]

[Gentle ambient music]

Marlena: Remember that lady gaga song you played for me once? Where she said that sexuality is like the color of your eyes?

Will: Uh-huh.

Marlena: It's a thing that you're born with. Well, I happen to agree with that. You were born with great good looks and charm and wisdom and a wonderful future. And if you're figuring out something about yourself now and acknowledging it, it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's a cause for celebration. Why are you putting yourself through this?

Claire: 'Cause this is all my fault. I was upset that theo dumped me so I made a move on tripp. And he and ciara have literally just broken up. What is wrong with me?

John: This gold ring is a symbol of my love and fidelity to you. It's made from a precious metal in the shape of a circle which has no beginning and no end. And so is my love for you. It is precious and never-ending. As this ring encircles your finger, never forget that your love encircles my heart. Every time I marry you, I think it's the best wedding ever, but this one...

Marlena: [Laughs]

John: Just topped 'em all.

Marlena: You know what, I agree with you. Let's not have any more weddings. Let's just have the most spectacular anniversaries ever.

John: How about next year in paris?

Marlena: I'm so in.

[Soft laugh]

[Exhales] You're right. I've got to go back. I have to.

[Grunts] Oh! [Panting] I can'T. I can'T. I'm too weak.

Tony: Yes, you can-- no-no-no, you can. You have to. Do you have any idea what will happen to your loved ones if you don't go back?

Gina: Oh, I do.

Tony: What the hell are you doing in here?

Gina: Oh, it is so boring down there. And you do know how I love a good cliffhanger.

Tony: Listen to me, marlena. You're not just loved, but you're needed. And without you, lives will change, and not for the better. Show me the future!

[Finger snap echoes]

[Ethereal whoosh]

Will: You bastard! How dare you refuse to divorce sonny.

Marlena: Wait a minute. This isn't the future. I remember it now. Right before I was poisoned, john was going over to diana's house to break into her safe and try to get some evidence against leo, evidence that would force leo to divorce sonny. And then will and sonny could be together. So, don't you see that diana clearly was lying? John is not leo's father.

Tony: If only it were that simple. But there is that little matter of dna.

Marlena: But--I'm sure she was lying, wasn't she?

Tony: Sadly, she-- it's all true.

[Sighs] In your absence, john, with his guilt after all these years of not being there for leo, it just got the better of him.

Marlena: So, john chose leo? Over will?

Tony: If you were only there to advocate for will... the future would've been different.

[Ethereal whooshing]

Leo: You are so sexy when you're angry.

Will: Get away from me.

Leo: I have a better idea.

Will: [Grunts]

[Blow lands] You're disgusting!

Leo: I'm adventurous.

Will: You're a monster. You give gay men everywhere a bad name.

Leo: If you just gave it a chance, you would see that bad can be so, so good. Come on, will. I'm thirsty.

Will: Oh, have some water.

Leo: [Laughs] You beast. I like the way you play.

Will: Get off of me!

[Dramatic sting] Leo?

Leo: Not dead this time either. Don't you know by now? You will never, ever be rid of me. Every day, after every day, I'll be here, married to the man you love, making his life and yours a very special kind of hell, and enjoying every minute of it.

Will: I hate you.

Leo: Such a thin line. What do you say we do something with all this passion?

Will: I want you to die! Bastard! Die!

Marlena: Will, no!

Tony: He can't hear you, marlena.

[Brooding music]

Marlena: Oh, stop it. Tony, please, please stop it.

[Finger snap echoes] Okay. Tell me it's not true. Tell me this doesn't happen.

Tony: Doesn't have to happen, marlena. If you go back, you make the difference.

Gina: May I? Truly it is such a pity. Your happily ever after does not quite look so happy, now, does it?

Tony: Oh, go to hell, gina.

Gina: Not quite yet, antony. Marlena, are you ready? Do you really have the stamina to fight that battle?

[Soft dramatic music]

Marlena: I don't know.

Tony: Oh, of course you do. John is the love of your life. And you're his. And it's not just john, it's the rest of your family. They desperately need your help.

[Finger snap echoes]

[Ethereal whooshing]

Belle: Oh, will. I'm so sorry, but you've been charged with murder one.

Will: [Stammers] Then what's next? How do--how do we fight this?

Belle: I don't think there's anything I can do. I-- I think that you will have to think of this as a learning experience.

[Soft dramatic music]

Claire: Mom?

Marlena: Oh, dear god. What has claire done?

Gina: Why so shocked? It's just a little bit of history repeating itself.

[Finger snap echoes]

[Ethereal whoosh]

Belle: Really, claire?

Claire: You always told me to go after what I want, so I did!

Belle: Not like this. Just when I thought I couldn't be more disappointed in you. You and ciara are family! You two were best friends! How could you sell her baby on the black market?

Marlena: Stop! I've seen enough.

Marlena: I can't watch any more.

Tony: No-no-no, marlena, no. Don't look away. And don't give up hope. Seeing the future, knowing what lies ahead without your loving hand to guide them, use that. Use that as strength to get back to your loved ones.

Marlena: What if I can't help them? C--come on. You know claire. She's stubborn. She's willful. She knows no boundaries whatsoever. I mean, for her to try to sell ben and ciara's baby?

Tony: The child isn't ben'S.

Marlena: I--I-- I don't understand that.

Tony: As ben couldn't continue his therapy with you, he just felt too broken and not good enough for ciara. He left ciara. He broke her heart. And so ciara went back to tripp and nature took its course.

Marlena: Oh. Claire must have been devastated.

Tony: Yeah. Your granddaughter took extreme measures.

[Dramatic music]

[Finger snap echoes]

[Ethereal whooshing]

Claire: Ciara stole the love of my life away from me again! I had to do something. Please, just try to understand me!

Belle: But this? Stealing your aunt's child? How could you?

Claire: Oh, it really wasn't that hard.

Belle: My god, claire. My own sister tried to sell me on the black market.

Claire: Yeah, where do you think I got the idea?

Belle: Well, luckily, sami's plan failed and so did yours. I wouldn't be here today if she had gotten away with it.

Claire: Well, I wish you weren't! It's not like you're ever around anyways.

[Scoffs] I wish grandma marlena was here right now. She was the one person I could actually count on.

Belle: But I'm here for you now and I love you.

Claire: Oh, well if you love me so damn much, get me out on bail.

Belle: No.

Claire: [Scoffs] What do you mean, no?

Belle: No. I think you need to take responsibility for your own actions.

Claire: Oh, you are fired! I hate you! And you're a terrible mother!

Tony: Belle and claire are in pain because they've lost you. Belle and claire have lost their way. They need you desperately.

[Ambient music]

Belle: Grandma marlena would be rolling over in her grave if she knew what you've become.

Marlena: I am ready to do that right now.

Gina: No! Please. Please. Not quite yet. I do not want you to miss the best part.

[Finger snap echoes]

[Ethereal whooshing]

[Tender music]

Belle: It's okay, mom. I got you.

Tony: That looks so familiar.

Belle: I'm sorry it took me so long to collect you, but-- well, I've been busy.

Eric: Damn you!

Brady: You're too much of a coward!

Eric: You know!

Brady: [Yelps]

Eric: You know what?

Brady: Come on, man.

Eric: Just...

Brady: What? Oohh-oh.

Eric: Stand still.

Brady: I'm--standing still. Go ahead, take a shot.

Sarah: Eric, no!

Brady: Whoa. That--you missed me by about that much.

Eric: Okay.

Brady: What? Come on.

Eric: You're a bastard.

Brady: You've already called me that, like, three times, mr. Vocab. Why don't you find another word?

[Grunts] Not fair! Throwing a coat on me!

Marlena: Eric and brady? Are they--

Gina: Four sheets to the wind. Actually, make that five.

Marlena: They're so committed to their sobriety. This can't be happening.

Tony: Oh, not yet. It doesn't have to.

Gina: Are you sure about that? Like sands through the hourglass... so were the days of her life.

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Marlena: Why are eric and brady drunk? And fighting? I mean, I know they've had their differences and things have not been so easy lately--

Gina: The usual, as always. A woman.

Marlena: Well, nicole is dead. Isn't she?

Gina: Not nicole, this time. It is sarah. Sarah horton.

Marlena: Eric and sarah are together?

Gina: Yes. Well, [Soft laugh] Not exactly. Eric found brady and sarah "in flagrante" in the on-call room. Yes.

Marlena: Brady and sarah?

Gina: Yes.

Marlena: W--

Gina: It is like this. Rex finally came to his senses, that sarah had feelings for eric. So naturally he broke it off with her and she went to running to eric, who showed absolutely no interest whatsoever in her. So, of course, slutty sarah-- and she is deliciously slutty-- went "delicto" with the first available man who looked her way. And that man was...

Marlena: Brady.

Gina: Yes, bingo.

Marlena: I--I just-- I wish eric had told sarah how he felt about her.

Gina: Hm.

Tony: The reason eric didn't speak to sarah is because you, your love, your support weren't there.

[Dramatic whoosh]

Eric: [Grunting]

Brady: [Panting]

Eric: You slept with sarah to get back at me.

Brady: You're right, I did. I did and it was-- she's good.

Sarah: Oh, my god, stop. Stop it, both of you!

Eric: Stay out of it! How could you?

Brady: You needed to know what it was like to have your brother sleep with your woman, take her into your bed, have a squirm a little bit.

Eric: You're gonna pay for this.

Brady: What are you gonna do?

[Thud] Oh, he missed.

Marlena: They promised me they were going to try to do better, try to get along.

Tony: But without you there, without your guidance, your unconditional love, what chance did they have?

Gina: Perhaps eric should've stayed a priest. No-no-no. That would have been a terrible waste.

[Ethereal whooshing] Mmm.

[Soft dramatic music]

Eric: [Exhales]

Brady: Oh, yeah, come on. Come on, ready to go now.

Belle: No, no, stop it! Stop it!

Eric: You stay out of my way!

Brady: Come on, give me your best shot.

Eric: Come on. You want some of this?

Belle: Are you two drinking again?

Eric: It's brady's fault.

Brady: Oh it's brady's fault? Why don't you be a man, be responsible for your drinking?

Eric: Yeah, you're going down brother, I swear.

Brady: Oh, what are you gonna take me down with your car, drunk driver? Is that what you're gonna do?

Eric: You know what, and that was an accident! But right now, this is not gonna be an accident.

Brady: That's tough talk from the guy that slept with my woman.

Eric: Ha-ha, you want some of this? Come on. Come on, you want a piece?

Brady: Give me some, man!

Eric: Come on, damn you! I get--

Sarah: Eric, stop, just stop! This is my fault, okay?

Eric: No, you shut up!

Brady: Stay out of it, sarah!

Belle: You two are brothers and mom would want you to be getting along.

Brady: Well, then-then, it's a good thing that she's not here to see all this, all right? 'Cause I don't really care.

Belle: She is!

Brady: I'm gonna cut up you--

[Urn clatters]

Marlena: That's me.

Gina: Was.

[Somber music]

Mm, sorry. Was.

Belle: [Soft cry] This is all we had left of mom, and now look at what you've done!

Eric: You son of a bitch.

Brady: Son of a bitch? That would be you, man.

Eric: Did you just insult my mother?

Brady: No!

Eric: What?

Brady: It's not like marlena ever loved me. She never considered me a real son.

Marlena: Oh, that's not true, brady. We got past that a long time ago. I--I love you like my own. You know that.

Brady: I mean, now that marlena is ashes, there's really no reason for you and I to consider ourselves brothers anymore.

Belle: Oh.

Eric: Fine with me.

Marlena: This is crazy. Isn't anybody I love happy?

Gina: Yes. Someone is very, very happy.

[Dramatic music]

Brady: You know what? Now that my father's getting married, I don't have to pretend that you or any of marlena's family ever existed.

Marlena: Married? John's getting married?

Brady: [Sighs]

[Blows raspberry] Look at the time. Wow. I don't want to be late for the nuptials, so I'm just gonna...


Belle: [Scoffs]

Brady: Oops. Oops...

Eric: [Sighs]

Gina: Oh, dear. Simply reduced to the dust on the bottom of brady black's shoe. It cannot possibly get any worse than that. And it shall. And it will.

Marlena: John's getting married? To whom?

[Finger snap echoes]

[Ethereal whooshing]

[Gentle music]

Oh, that's me.

[Dramatic music]

Hattie: [Soft laugh]

Marlena: Oh, no! It's hattie adams. (Announcer) do you push through migraine?

Marlena: Why would john marry hattie?

Tony: John misses you so much, marlena.

Gina: Does he? Really?

Marlena: She's nothing like me.

Gina: Well, apparently john disagrees, doesn't he?

[Finger snap echoes]

[Ethereal whooshing]

[Soft dramatic music]

Hattie: I promise to love and honor and cherish you and jump into the hay, whatever you want. So help me god. Oh--mm-mm-mm. Mm-mm.

[Spits] Yeah.

Marlena: [Snaps fingers] Stop. Stop. I can't stand it.

Tony: Then do what you have to do, the only thing you can do, and that's take action.

Gina: Why the long face? Belle still loves you.

[Finger snap echoes]

[Ethereal whooshing]

Hattie: Yo! Belle! Heads up, girly.

Belle: Oh!

Hattie: [Laughs]

[Tacky upbeat music]

Oh, you betcha, baby! You betcha, baby!

John: Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Marlena: That's it. I've had enough. I'm going to my family before it's too late.

Tony: That's the spirit, marlena. You gotta believe in love and hope, for your family, for john, for your life itself.

Marlena: I do.

Tony: You do, good. Then hurry. Hurry, before it's too late.

[Suspenseful music]

[Ethereal whoosh]

[Sustained beep]

John: Come on. No, baby, come on, baby.

[Tender dramatic music]

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