Days Transcript Thursday 3/14/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/14/19


Episode #13485 ~ John is thrown when a nurse claims Kristen was the one who tried to kill Marlena; Sarah comforts Eric and impulsively kisses him; Rex confides in Chloe about Eric and Sarah; Leo offers to make a deal with Stefan.

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Eric: Is it my mother? Did she wake up?

Sarah: There's been no change. I'm sorry.

Eric: Wish there was more i could do for her.

Sarah: Me too. In the meantime, is there anything that I can do for you?

Eric: Will you pray with me?

Brady: You gotta be kidding me--what are you talking about? You're saying leo is my actual brother?

John: I'm really sorry that you had to find out like this. I would have told you--

Brady: Oh, dad, you know what, forget it, forget it. I don't want to talk about it right now. Why don't we just focus on marlena, please.

Kayla: Oh, hey, hi.

John: Oh, hey, doc in a room? Can I see her now?

Kayla: Actually no. You know, we have to do a few more tests, but I need to tell you something.

John: What, about doc?

Kayla: I think I might know who tried to poison her.

[Suspenseful music]

Diana: I almost pulled it off. But I am not giving up being with john. Not when I am this close. All I have to do is finish the job. Nurse shelly, everything all right?

Shelly: Dr. Evans will be through with her tests soon. I need to prep the room and hang a new iv.

Diana: Then I will get out of your way.

Shelly: Before you go, why don't you tell me how you tried to kill dr. Evans?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Stefan: I... I don't get it. Why would anyone pay $60 for this? I mean, it's not even comfortable.

Gabi: It's a throw pillow from the gabi chic home collection.

Stefan: I wouldn't even sleep on it.

Gabi: You're not supposed to. It's decorative.

Stefan: It's ugly.

Gabi: Well, I don't know which one of your qualities is more appealing, your lack of taste or your ignorance. Home décor is an $80-billion industry. That is billion with a capital B.

Stefan: Yeah, well, it's ugly with a capital U.

Gabi: Do--do you even know what a lifestyle brand is? Okay, gabi chic doesn't just sell stuff. We sell experiences, inspiration, self-esteem.

Stefan: [Scoffs] In other words, it's snake oil.

Gabi: I have put a lot of time and energy into this collection, and I know that it is going to be a money-maker. Now if you're blowing this off because you just have no interest in this market--

Stefan: Is it gonna mess up my "chi"?


Gabi: This is not a joke, okay? If you want reasons to green light my project, I will give you plenty. Number one: There are 25 million people that work from home, okay? More telecommuters that means more offices that need to be decorated. Number two: The revival of the housing market that's gonna-- it's gonna raise sales of home furnishings through the roof. Number three: The convenience of online shopping... stefan, are you seriously eating through my business meeting right now?

Stefan: You know, chloe made me these and they are fantastic. You need to sell these.

Gabi: [Sighs, chuckles] So you're still trying to get into chloe's cookie jar, hm.

Stefan: And you're still so damn jealous you can't see straight.

Gabi: What?

[Knocking on door]

Chloe: Hey, rex. I've got some treats for you.

Rex: Chloe, hi.

Diana: What an outrageous accusation.

Shelly: I don't think so. Considering that yesterday-- the day dr. Evans got sick-- I helped you access confidential hospital information including personnel files.

Diana: Yes, so I could write my exposé. I needed proof that dr. Evans knew nurse chen was undocumented and she didn't tell anybody.

Shelly: And while you were looking for that proof, you could've very easily pulled dr. Evans's medical history and found out that she was severely allergic to penicillin. You couldn't care less about this hospital's practice of employing illegal aliens. You're not really a journalist, are you?

Diana: Of course I am. I used to own "the spectator." And you can look it up.

Shelly: Or you could just tell me what you're really doing here.

Diana: All right. Now your suspicions are getting offensive. Not to mention unfounded. I have no idea why you would think I had anything to do with dr. Evan's unfortunate allergic reaction.

Shelly: You mean poisoning.

Diana: By the way, my sources tell me that nurse chen was taken into questioning by the police. So isn't that perfect? Because I don't need to tell you how dangerous these illegal aliens can be.

Shelly: I don't think nurse chen had any reason to hurt dr. Evans. But maybe you do. I think we should let the cops sort this one out.

Diana: You don't want to do that.

Kayla: Normally, an antibiotic wouldn't raise any red flags because it's not a controlled substance. But after what happened to marlena, I went to the medical records department to have them check for any irregularities.

> Brady: And what'd you find?

Kayla: Well, as it turns out, the day marlena got sick, someone did withdrawal a vial of liquid penicillin. And it was not given to any patient.

John: Who checked out the drug?

Kayla: One of our nurses on staff here. Shelly santos.

Shelly: Are you threatening me?

Diana: [Chuckles] No. I'm just saying I had nothing to do with marlena's most recent brush with death, but it is an odd coincidence that this all happened after you let me into her office, after you gave me access to the hospital computers, and after you loaned me your very own key card. Ah-da-da-da. When I say all this out loud it sounds like the police will be very interested in talking to you and to me.

Shelly: You used me. Lied to me. I had no idea what you were planning to do.

Diana: First of all, I didn't do anything. But if I'm accused of any wrongdoing, you are the one who's going to have a problem proving you weren't involved.

Shelly: I would never help you hurt dr. Evans.

Diana: Okay. So it is my word against yours. And just so you know, when I was going through those personnel files that you helped me get into, I took a peek at yours.

Shelly: You had no right to do that.

Diana: [Chuckles] You're not very popular around here, are you, nurse shelly? Seems you've had your own run-ins with authorities over the past few years. It seems that even your last job you got fired for repeated acts of insubordination.

Shelly: That was in the past.

Diana: No, I don't think so. Because since you've been here, again and again you have problems with authority. You have attitude problems. And dr. Johnson even reported you... for bad-mouthing the hospital to patients?

Shelly: All of that was cleared up.

Diana: Still, I get the impression your colleagues won't come to your defense. You really should have been nicer to them.

Shelly: I don't care that people like me. I care that they respect me. And around here, they do. I'm a damn good nurse. So I'll let my work speak for itself.

Diana: So you really do like this job?

Shelly: I love this job. I took an oath to help people. That's why I need to tell the truth about dr. Evans. About what you did to her.

Diana: And if you open your big mouth, you will go down right along with me. You hear me? You will lose your license, you will lose this precious job you say you love so much, which some illegal immigrant like the chinese chick will be more than happy to take away from you.

Shelly: Maybe that's a chance I'm willing to take.

Diana: Is it?

Eric: Amen.

Sarah: Sorry.

Eric: You okay?

Sarah: Yeah, yeah, I'm just... I'm not really good at... all this.

Eric: What makes you say that?

Sarah: Um... I guess it's kind of embarrassing to say it in here and to you but... I don't know if I buy it. The whole...praying thing.

Eric: In what sense?

Sarah: I just... I wonder if it works.

Eric: I can only speak for myself. I can't imagine my life without it.

Sarah: You don't think it's a little, like [Hums loopy tune] Talking to someone in the sky that never answers?

Eric: God always answers. Just not with words. Sometimes he...

Sarah: Or she...

Eric: [Laughs] Sometimes he or she just allows you to listen to your own voice... long enough to allow you to hear what's going on in your heart.

Sarah: That sounds like a good friend.

Eric: I think that's how he sees all of us. "Greater has no love than this and to lay down his own life for his friends."

Sarah: John 15:13.

Eric: I'm impressed. Sunday school?

Sarah: Sunday night football. There was a guy that used to hold this big ol' sign with that written on it at the bears games. And before I knew anything about the nfl or football, I just thought it was, like, some obscure stat, but then I looked it up and it's-- it's all about love. Can I ask you.... why did you stop being a priest?

Rex: I'm sorry about the lack of proper attire.

Chloe: Well, I'm sorry i interrupted your shower.

Rex: No, it's totally cool. What's going on?

Chloe: The kids and I baked some cookies and we had some extras, and I'm not sure if you eat cookies, but I wanted to bring some as a thank you for helping me with brady's goon.

Rex: Oh, yeah. How are you, by the way? You were, rightfully so, so shaken up after that, and i still feel awful about the whole thing.

Chloe: It's not your fault, and I'm fine. The kids are fine, so please, try one.

Rex: Oh, thank you. That's really sweet.

Chloe: Okay, you know what? I think I'm just gonna leave these on the table and go.

Rex: Actually, would you mind sticking around for just a bit? I could actually really use a friend to talk to.

Gabi: Once again, I am not jealous of chloe.

Stefan: Hm. That kiss you walked in on sure made you all hot and bothered.

Gabi: Oh, well, I think the word you're looking for is nauseated. I mean, it is sickening the way that you lured chloe into your home just so you could put your moves on her.

Stefan: Lured? No.

Gabi: Yep.

Stefan: I invited her to live here to protect her from a mexican drug cartel.

Gabi: Right. Yeah. I'm sure it has nothing to do with your preference of pursuing vulnerable women.

Stefan: You... are just dying to know what we did after that kiss, aren't you?

Gabi: Me? Ew. What? No, please, okay? For the record, my feelings about you and chloe, they fall somewhere between mild disgust and complete indifference.

Stefan: Hm. The lady doth protest too much.

Gabi: You know what? Get over yourself, okay? If you and chloe want to play house, that's none of my business. My business is getting this product into stores for the holidays.

Stefan: Well, my feelings on that product fall somewhere between mild disgust and complete indifference. No. I'm saying no. I don't like it!

Gabi: You're saying no to the pillow?

Stefan: I'm saying no to the pillow, the complete gabi chic home collection or whatever you call it.

Gabi: Are you--I'm not gonna let you ruin this for me.

Stefan: You can whine and complain all you want. I'm the ceo, okay? There's nothing you can do about it.

Gabi: I can call shin. Yes, I can. I can call him right now and tell him--what are you--

Stefan: What are you gonna do, call daddy every time I say no to you?

Gabi: No, just every time you're being a brat! Give that to me!

Stefan: No, you're not--

Gabi: Are you serious--

[Phone cover shatters] Give--did you crack my phone? You cracked it!

Stefan: I didn't crack your phone.

Gabi: Look at it, right here.

Stefan: You need glasses. It was probably already like that.

Gabi: You need...

Stefan: I did-- what? What--[Laughs] What are you gonna do? Attack me with your ugly pillow?

Gabi: You know what? Maybe I'll just smother you instead.

Leo: Is it hot in here, or what?

Limu emu & doug

Leo: My god, you could cut the sexual tension in here with a knife.

Gabi: Oh, please. I hate this creep! He makes me sick!

Stefan: You know, you keep saying that, but anyone with two eyes could see how bad you want me.

Gabi: I want you to disappear.

Stefan: You see what's going on here, right? How she can't contain her desire, how desperate she is to be with me, you see it, right?


Leo: I recognize that. You used that heinous thing to cover my private parts on valentine's day when you tied me up naked to the bed.

Gabi: Oh, no, that's a different one. I had yours burned.

Stefan: Wow, gabi. When you said "decorative pillow," I didn't quite know what you mean, but now I do. Thank you.

Gabi: Shut up, okay?

Leo: Be careful with this one. She's not just kinky. She's twisted, too. Once she had me all trussed up, she came at me with a pair of scissors.

Gabi: What is it that you want, you little worm? I know sonny gave you the iron boot.

Leo: Well, as I told the hottie guarding the front door-- I think he said his name was ben--I have some important business to discuss with you, mr. Dimera.

[Door opens]

Rex: [Sighs] Chloe, thank you so much for waiting. I figured I'd better put on some clothes if we were gonna talk.

Chloe: Hm, good call.

Rex: So are you sure you can stay? You don't have your kids or have to be at work or anything?

Chloe: You know what, a conversation is the least i could do since you almost took a bullet for me.

Rex: Well, I would take on an entire army if it meant getting another plate full of those cookies.

Chloe: Oh, well, I'm glad you like 'em. So what's going on?

Rex: By the way, what is the secret ingredient with these things? Is it like vanilla or...

Chloe: Hm, okay, rex, what's bothering you?

Rex: Okay, fine. So brady was here, and he and eric actually got into a pretty big fight.

Chloe: About what?

Rex: A few things. But mainly about nicole.

Chloe: Oh, no. What happened?

Rex: Well, eric brought her up, but brady just took that ball and ran with it.

Chloe: Oh, I remember the bruises on their faces after their last fight. Please tell me no punches were thrown.

Rex: No, no, punches, but it was pretty heated. You see, apparently, brady's not over the fact that eric stole the woman that he loved. But more than that, brady said that he hoped the same thing would never happen to me.

Eric: Why did I leave the priesthood? Well, it's complicated.

Sarah: If you don't want to share, you don't--

Eric: No. No, no, it's okay. I have nothing to hide. Okay, long story short, it goes back to when brady was engaged to kristen dimera. He heard from my mother that kristen had done some things, so he officially called off the wedding.

Sarah: Knowing what I do about kristen, I take it that she wasn't too happy about that.

Eric: She wanted revenge and used me to get it by making a nonconsensual sex tape. Kristen drugged me, got me into bed, and videotaped us. Eventually, brady and kristen got back together, but the tape had resurfaced and, unknowingly, my mother, she had played it at the wedding at which I happened to be officiating.

Sarah: Eric. I am so sorry. That had to be so painful.

Eric: It was devastating.

Sarah: Was it... did it make you lose faith?

Eric: [Exhales] Almost. And there was a time that i was lost. Found myself in some troubled times. I knew I had to kind of work through it. I had to find my own path, even though I wasn't a priest. In time, I found my way back to god and in my life.

Sarah: I'm really proud of you. That took courage. So in a way... nicole really wasn't the first woman to come between you and brady.

Eric: I wasn't with kristen, I mean, brady thought initially I was, and the way the tape was edited, the church, they thought it was consensual.

Sarah: They saw it?

Eric: Yeah. Yeah, the bishop opened an investigation. Then I was officially suspended and relieved of all my duties.

Sarah: But you did nothing wrong.

Eric: Not with kristen, but with nicole, even though it was driven by my love for her. It hurt my brother very much.

John: I want to see that nurse, kayla. Where is she?

Kayla: Well, I don't know exactly. I just know that she's on duty.

Brady: We gotta find her. Let's start looking--

Kayla: No, no, listen.

Brady: Why not?

Kayla: Because if she's involved, we need to page her.

Brady: No, you don't want to page her. Why would you want her to know that we're coming for her?

Kayla: No, look, I know you guys are upset. I'm upset too, but we need to let the hospital administration and, if necessary, the police handle this.

John: Forget protocol here. I want to talk to nurse santos right now.

Shelly: I'm right here. In an era of online retail,

Leo: Information, as they say, is power, and I have a boatload of it.

Stefan: On what?

Leo: Titan.

Gabi: Wait, what do you mean titan? You haven't worked there since you framed sonny for sexual harassment.

Leo: I've been living at the kiriakis mansion. I've had the pleasure of listening to victor and his merry band of morons plotting their evil deeds. In other words I'm sitting on a giant pile of inside dirt that I'm happy to shovel in your direction.

Stefan: [Chuckles] How do I know it's not a giant pile of poo?

Leo: [Scoffs] I detest that family. I want nothing more than to watch that company go down in flames. Even if it means I have to go head-to-head with my new brother, brady.

Sarah: I thought that you and brady had moved on from what happened with nicole.

Eric: Yeah, we tried. But things are still pretty bad.

Sarah: Something happen with you two?

Eric: Right before you called to tell me about my mom, brady and I started getting into it again. Thankfully rex was there to break it up.

Chloe: [Chuckles] Brady can be very passionate about things. He'll say or do things without thinking them through.

Rex: Like hiring an armed bodyguard to protect you and not tell you about it?

Chloe: [Sighs] Yeah, and I'm still mad at him about that, but I know that he was just looking out for me, and that's what friends do.

Rex: And the friendship goes both ways? Like, you have his back too?

Chloe: Yeah, I try. I mean, I care about brady a lot, and I just... I want him to be happy.

Rex: Do you ever talk about what exactly went down with nicole or...

Chloe: Yeah, I was there, and I helped him work through a lot of that. It was just a really bad time in his life. He was angry and drinking.

Rex: Well, look, as somebody who almost detonated his own relationship, I can definitely speak to the importance of taking responsibility.

Chloe: Yeah, especially after so much time has passed, I'm sure that brady can now clearly see the situation and has moved on.

Rex: And that warning that brady gave me about eric?

Chloe: Well, like I said, brady's passionate. Sometimes he just says things. He might have been lashing out or... unless you think something's going on between eric and sarah?

John: Don't you even think about lying to me.

Brady: We know you took the penicillin from the pharmacy and you used it to poison marlena.

John: What are you doing? Why would you do that? Why would you try to kill my wife?

Shelly: I didn'T. I swear. But I know who did.

Kayla: Who?

Shelly: There was a woman. She convinced me to give her my keycard.

John: What woman?

[Sinister music]

Diana: If you breathe a word, you will pay.

Diana: I might as well come clean. The cops are gonna find out that I helped you eventually.

Diana: Not if they have somebody else to blame.

Shelly: Like who?

Diana: Oh, believe me, I have the perfect person.

John: Who's this woman you're talking about? I want to know who tried to kill my wife.

Shelly: Her name is kristen dimera.

Brady: Kristen dimera's dead.

John: It wouldn't be the first time she came back from the grave. Keep talking.

Shelly: I know that awful woman came here and tried to kill dr. Evans once before. Her face was all over the news. That's how I recognized her.

Kayla: You're saying that you saw kristen here yesterday?

Shelly: She approached me. She said that she'd kill me if i didn't do everything she asked.

John: Including giving her access to the pharmacy?

Shelly: I was terrified. I'm so sorry about what happened to dr. Evans. Please forgive me. What are you doing?

John: I'm calling the cops.

[Line trilling] We gotta track down kristen before she hurts anybody else.

Gabi: So you couldn't stay married to sonny, so now you're going around town, telling everybody your brady's brother. What's next? Are you gonna tell everyone that prince harry's your long-lost cousin?

Stefan: [Laughs] I'm assuming that you have dna tests to back this up.

Leo: John is having one run down at the hospital. I haven't seen the results yet, but I'm certain they'll prove I'm half black.

Stefan: I'm sorry?

Leo: You know what I mean.

Stefan: Yeah, okay. So is brady aware of your familial connection?

Leo: I told him this morning. He didn't believe me of course, but once he sees the results, he'll have no choice but to embrace me as his own flesh and blood.

Stefan: Doesn't always work out that way.

Leo: Well, I have every intention on getting close to my new brother, who also happens to be the ceo of titan--you see where I'm going with this.

Stefan: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, you're gonna pump brady for information and then pass it along to me?

Leo: Bingo. In exchange for some sort of compensation.

[Both scoff]

Gabi: There you go. See, there you go. The sneaky little weasel. He struck out over at the kiriakises so now he's crawling on over to dimera, trying to sell something he cannot deliver.

Leo: This is a legit offer.

Stefan: [Clears throat]

Leo: You want to bring down titan, and I have what you need to do it.

Gabi: Thank you, but no thank you. We're not interested.

Stefan: Habla por ti mismo. I make the decisions here.

Rex: Eric and sarah are... they're friends. They're just friends.

Chloe: Hm. You don't really sound so convinced.

Rex: Look, when sarah first got back to salem, she and eric were--they were tight, and in spite of a rough patch, they still are.

Chloe: Yeah, you mentioned that. So it doesn't bother you at all that they get along so well?

Rex: No. No, it doesn'T. I... I like the fact that my brother and a woman that I love are close. Just not too close.

Chloe: Okay.

Rex: I see that look.

Chloe: I know that sarah was there for eric when he lost nicole and helped him through a dark time in his life.

Rex: And I'm glad for that. I really am. But you--you didn't notice things go from, like, supportive to romantic?

Chloe: Hm. No? I don't know. I mean, even if there is a hint of chemistry between them, there's no way eric would go there after what happened with brady.

Sarah: I'm sorry about you and brady.

Eric: It's like taking one step forward and ten steps back. We did have a nice moment at my mom's bedside. We both said that we would try harder to get along. Brady might have just been saying it for her benefit.

Sarah: Well, at least things with rex are all right.

Eric: So have you made a decision? About his proposal? Sarah. I meant what I said to you the other day at the pub. Rex loves you. And he is committed to doing whatever it takes to make this happen. And I know you have your doubts about my brother, but I really really think you should trust him.

Sarah: What if he shouldn't trust me?

Diana: I'm glad I saved some of this for you, marlena. Kristen and I both tried it with sweets. Now it's time for a more direct approach. Here's hoping the third time's a charm.

John: The salem pd sure got here fast. Santos has got to be down at the station giving her statement right now.

Brady: I just can't believe that kristen is still alive, dad. And she had the nerve to come back and go after marlena again.

John: It doesn't surprise me. She's been gunning for doc for years.

Brady: I just thought that this time--this time she was gone for good, and she's not.

John: You know what I've learned, kid? Never make an assumption when it comes to the dimeras. Oh, hey, hey, doc. Hey. Hey, sweetie. I'm right here, sweetie. I'm not going anywhere. I'm right here. I'm gonna take good care of you. I'm gonna watch over you until the minute you come back.

Leo: Do we have a deal?

Stefan: I've heard about you. Mr. Cooper. Mr. Starke--I like that one. Mister, uh, whoever. I know that you are completely untrustworthy.

Leo: You can't believe everything you hear.

Stefan: In this instance, I can.

Leo: So that's it? You're not even gonna give me a chance?

Stefan: No, no, no, hold on. I didn't say that. Now, if you can back up all this big talk here and bring me something of real value, I might be interested in doing business with you.

Leo: You won't be sorry. I'll let you get back to your foreplay.

Gabi: [Sighs] You're an idiot. I mean, he totally played you.

Stefan: I can handle leo. Without going to the lengths that you did. Did you really tie him naked to a bed?

Gabi: Who's jealous now?

Rex: You know what? You're totally right. I love sarah, she loves me, and I trust my brother.

Chloe: Yeah, eric's a good man.

Rex: He is. Speaking of eric, he's actually still at the hospital. He's been keeping vigil for marlena, and I'd like to get down there to see if there's any updates.

Chloe: Yeah, please tell everyone I'm praying for marlena.

Rex: I will do that. Hey, thank you for sticking around and being such a good friend.

Chloe: You're welcome.

Rex: And thank you for these.

Eric: Why wouldn't rex be able to trust you? Is this about what happened with xander? It was a mistake, and we all know this, and it's never gonna happen again.

Sarah: I'm not talking about xander.

Eric: What are you talking about?

Sarah: Listening to my heart. (Announcer) do you push through migraine?

Stefan: Sorry to disappoint you, but you're not my type.

Gabi: Yeah, we've established that you clearly have no taste. He's all yours. I'm gonna tell production to go full speed with the home collection, okay? And I'm gonna leave you to your cookies.

[Door closes]

[Line trilling]

[Sighs] Hey, brady, it's gabi. Listen, I have some information that I think you're gonna find useful. Call me back.

Eric: Brady, this is--

Brady: Oh, this is what? It's not what it looks like? 'Cause it kind of looks like history repeating itself, brother. Kind of looks like you moving in on one of your brother's women yet again.

Rex: What's going on here?

Diana: John.

John: Oh.

Diana: Is there anything i can get you? Maybe something to eat? Be happy to go out.

John: No. No, no thank you. I can'T.

Diana: So... any news on marlena?

John: Yeah, big news actually. It turns out that, um, kristen was the one who tried to kill doc.

Diana: Really? Well then we have to call the police.

John: That's already done. They're searching for her as we speak.

Diana: Good. Good.

John: Yeah, yeah. The hospital, everybody's on high alert here. I've got a guard posted right outside her door, so she's safe. She's safe, and no one-- no one can get to her.

[Monitor beeping]

[Sinister music]

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