Days Transcript Wednesday 3/13/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/13/19


Episode #13484 ~ Diana goes to the hospital to comfort John about Marlena; J.J. urges Haley to let him help her; Tripp questions Claire on how authorities knew where Haley was hiding; Leo surprises Brady with news that they are brothers.

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[Tense music]

Leo: Oh, that is too bad. Wakey, wakey.

Brady: What are you do-- what--oh, my god. What are you doing here?

Leo: All right, brady, relax.

Brady: Get outta here! Relax? Last time you were around me, you stuck your tongue in my mouth, dude.

Leo: That's not gonna happen again.

Brady: You're damn right, it's not gonna happen again. Will you get out of my room?

Leo: Will you just listen to me for a second, bro?

Brady: Bro? Don't-- okay, don't ever "bro" me. I'm not your bro, all right?

Leo: Actually... you are.

Claire: Hey. Hey, how did it go at the police station?

Tripp: Terrible. They have haley locked away in some room, and they wouldn't even let me see her.

Claire: That is so unfair. I'm sorry.

Tripp: This whole thing is unfair. I mean, I still can't believe the cops just came and dragged her away like that. I mean, how-- how did jack and eve know she was even here?


[Line ringing]

[Phone rings]

Eve: Hello.

Claire: Hi, eve. It's claire. I need to speak to you right away.

Eve: Look, now isn't a good time, claire.

Claire: It's about haley chen.

Eve: Haley chen? Okay, you have my attention. So what do you know about haley chen?

Claire: Well, I saw jack's speech, I know that he's running for mayor. Is he serious about what he said, about wanting to bring her to justice because she's illegal?

Eve: Jack meant every word of it. He feels that it's his duty to the people of salem. So tell me, what do you know, claire?

Claire: Uh, we need to do this in person.

Eve: Okay, um... you know what, I will meet you in the park right off of the square, okay? Oh, there you are.

Claire: Sorry, sorry. I had to make up some excuse to get out of the loft. Tripp was asking me a lot of questions, and I really don't--

Eve: Okay, you know, you can worry about your boyfriend later. Tell me what you know about haley chen.

Claire: She's hiding at our place.

Eve: She's there right now?

Claire: Yeah, tripp brought her back to the loft, and he offered to let her stay there.

Eve: Oh, this is great. This is so great. Thank you so much, claire.

Tripp: Hardly anybody knew that haley was hiding out here, which means somebody ratted her out, but who? I mean, who would do something like that?

[Door closes]

Justin: Jj.

Jj: Hey.

Justin: I was just reading about what happened to your friend, haley.

Jj: So you know that she was brought in for questioning.

Justin: Yeah, the police picked her up last night.

Jj: It's my fault. Pretty much--pretty much all of this is my fault.

Justin: Well, according to what I read, your father was the one leading the charge.

Jj: He only knows that she's undocumented because I told him. She confided this huge secret in me, and I betrayed her by telling my dad.

Justin: Well, so he went public with it.

Jj: After I told him repeatedly not to say anything to anyone. And then after it came out, haley freaked and took off. And when the cops showed up at the hospital looking for her, I--I warned her so she could run, and I'm worried that makes her look even more guilty.

Justin: You're right, it does.

Jj: Haley's a great person. She's dedicated her life to helping people. She doesn't deserve to be treated like a common criminal. I care about her, uncle justin. She's gotta be really scared right now.

Justin: Yeah, sounds like she's in a really tough spot.

Jj: That's why I'm here. I want to get haley out of this, and I need your help.

[Phones ringing]

Haley: No. No, no. No more questions. I've already told you everything. I've been completely forthcoming about my immigration status.

Eli: This isn't about your status, miss chen.

Haley: Then what?

Eli: There was a serious incident at the hospital last night. In addition to everything else, you might be facing a murder charge.

Haley: [Sighs]

[Tense music]

Diana: Oh, my god. Is marlena dead? Oh, john. Oh, john, I am so deeply sorry.

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[Soft orchestration]

Brady: You're kidding, right? Yeah, we're not related, you and I.

Leo: We might be. There is a good chance that john black is my father too.

Brady: [Laughs] That's the biggest crock I've ever heard. What kinda scam you working now, leo? What is it?

Leo: It's not like I would be your first brother from another mother to emerge later in life. You didn't know about paul for years.

Brady: Do you really expect me to believe what you're telling me right now?

Leo: Don't take my word for it, ask my mom. She was pregnant with me when she and john broke up.

Brady: Oh, I see, and diana, she just left town, she didn't tell my dad a thing about it? Is that what happened?

Leo: By the time she realized she was with child, john was back with marlena, and my mom had met someone who agreed to raise me as his own.

Brady: I can't believe I'm listening--that's a lovely tale that your mommy told you. It really is. You want me to believe it?

Leo: John did, enough to run a dna test.

Brady: And?

Leo: Well, I haven't seen the results yet, but my mother has no doubt they're gonna come back positive, and she would know.

Brady: [Sighs] Mm-hmm. I'm asleep still. This is a nightmare. I'm going to sleep.

Leo: Oh, come on, don't be such a drama queen!

Brady: Leave me alone, leo.

Leo: Can't we just agree to put the past behind us and move forward? We have so much time to make up for, and I know the perfect way to do it.

Brady: Does it involve you dropping dead and me going back to sleep?

Leo: No, silly. It involves you giving me a job at titan.

John: Oh, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. Marlena's--she's so-- she's not dead, no.

Diana: Thank god. Where is she?

John: They just ran her for a bunch of tests. She's been down there forever.

Diana: Did they give you a prognosis?

John: All I know is that she's still unconscious. They're trying to figure out how to bring her back, and they said they would let me know as soon as they got some news.

Diana: Do they have any idea what happened?

John: Yeah. She had a severe allergic reaction and went into anaphylactic shock. So far, they have confirmed that she ingested penicillin from a box of cookies that were left on her desk last night.

Diana: Penicillin in cookies? How is that even possible?

John: Well, obviously somebody knew about her allergy and did it on purpose.

[Tense music]

Diana: [Chuckles] You will be much better off without her, my darling. You'll see.

[Typing] I'm in. All right, let's have some fun. Dr. Marlena evans. Medical history. Medical history. Jackpot. Oh. Severely allergic... to penicillin. Oh. This is just so awful.

John: Well, the good news is we think we may know who did it.

Diana: Really? Who? Who would do such a thing?

Will: That was a nice service.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, your uncle eric really hit it out of the park and with all the prayers we sent up for marlena, I mean, she's gonna be better in no time.

Will: Yeah. There were so many people there. Everyone in the hospital really loves her. Do you think she'll be okay?

Sonny: Yeah, no doubt in my mind.

Will: Thanks for being here for me.

Sonny: Of course, I'm always gonna be here for you. We're never gonna be apart again now that leo is finally out of our lives.

Brady: Give you a job at titan? You're kidding, right?

Leo: No, I'm totally serious. It's a family company, and we're a family.

Brady: Whoa, I think you should wait for those dna results before you go monogramming any towels, leo.

Leo: The test is just a formality. What do you say, bro?

Brady: Stop calling me bro, all right?

Leo: Hermano?

Brady: Listen, even if what you claim is true, that would make us only, what, half brothers? So the other half of me that's not genetically attached to you keeps saying to me, there's no freaking way you're gonna work at titan, all right? Oh, wait, the other side just told me the same thing. Okay?

Leo: I worked there before. Why wouldn't you hire me again?

Brady: Oh, I don't know. Oh, wait, it might have something to do with the fact that you sued the former ceo for sexual harassment and tried to drive the company into the ground.

Leo: Ancient history.

Brady: Really? Really? You want to ask sonny about that? You know you almost ruined his life.

Leo: What kind of person do you think could pull that off?

Brady: [Sighs] Psychotic perv, maybe.

Leo: No, a smart person. Someone with vision, drive and guts. You may not like me, but you cannot deny that I have had complete control over this family for months. Trust me, you want me on your team.

Brady: Trust me, that's the last thing I want. As for you making this pitch now, I've talked to will and sonny, I know that you dropped the charges against them.

Leo: What can I say? I'm a great guy.

Brady: No, leo, you're desperate. You're watching your lavish lifestyle just come to a screeching halt. Now this is your last ditch effort to get a handout from me.

Leo: I'm not looking for a handout. A job. I deserve something. I'm a victim too.

Brady: You tortured people that I happen to love in this world with blackmail and threats, and you come into this room and you want pity? You're not gonna get it. I don't give a damn if we share a father, leo. I want you to get the hell out of our lives, you hear me?

Leo: I'm sorry to hear you say that. We would have made a good team, bro.

Diana: I'm just shocked that anyone would deliberately hurt marlena. Everyone adores her, john.

John: I know. But apparently the cookies were a gift from one of her patients, and that patient left a note, so we know who it was.

Diana: Did she have some kind of grudge against marlena?

John: No, not that anybody knows about. In fact, it seemed like she and this patient were getting along really well. Honestly, it really doesn't make any sense.

Diana: Well, I'm sure there are a lot of things you don't know yet.

John: Hopefully the cops will get to the bottom of it when they question this girl, which they're doing right now.

Eli: Dr. Marlena evans was poisoned at the hospital last night.

Haley: Oh, my god, is she okay?

Eli: She's alive. But it's touch and go.

Haley: I am so sorry, but I don't see how this has anything to do with me.

Eli: We found a box of cookies at her desk. They were laced with penicillin, which she's extremely allergic to. Apparently they were from you.

Haley: What? What? No. That's terrible but impossible, because I didn't give dr. Evans anything. No cookies, nothing.

Eli: Here's the note we found with the cookies, signed by you.

Haley: What?

Tripp: You know, I've been racking my brain, trying to figure this out.

Claire: Haley's story has been all over the news.

Tripp: Yeah, but only three people knew that haley was hiding here, which means one of them has to be the narc, and... please don't be upset with me for asking you this but--

Claire: I think I know who it was.

Tripp: Who?

Claire: Ciara.

Tripp: What--what are you talking about? Ciara said she was fine that haley was staying here.

Claire: I know, tripp. I know, but come on, her mother is the police commissioner.

Tripp: So what?

Claire: So things have been very rough between them lately because of ben, but they're finally in a good place and so maybe ciara just didn't want to mess that up by keeping this huge secret.

Tripp: No, no, no. You weren't here when ciara agreed to let haley stay, okay? She told us that her great-grandparents came here to make a better life for themselves and that she believes that other people deserve the same opportunity.

Claire: Okay, I know. I know she said that, but, tripp, just think about the position ciara was in with her mom, right? And how awkward that must have been.

Tripp: Not so awkward that she would rat out haley to jack and eve.

Claire: Maybe she found a way to leak the information without anyone knowing it was her. Like, an anonymous tip.

Tripp: You really think that she would do that?

Claire: Well, she hasn't been around much since she left the hospital, so... you think maybe she just feels a little guilty and doesn't want to face you?

Ciara: Face him about what?

[Suspenseful music]

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Jj: So it's all a huge mess. Haley could get deported, and i still can't believe my own father would stab me in the back like this.

Justin: Did you talk to jack?

Jj: Yeah, but I'm done talking to him. Tells me I can trust him and then he uses what I tell him in confidence to make an example of haley.

Justin: Yeah, he certainly could have gone about this in a much more discreet way.

Jj: It was bad enough when he stood up at the press conference and told the world about haley, but then to hunt her down, lead the cops right to her while eve is recording the whole thing.

Justin: Yeah, I saw that video online.

Jj: Oh, I'm sure they couldn't wait to blast it out to social media. They turned the most terrifying moment of haley's life and used it as a publicity stunt for their campaign. Talk about cruel.

Justin: Hey, jj, look. I feel for you, I do, but you have to remember one thing. Your father is not himself right now.

Jj: Yeah, that doesn't make what he did hurt any less, but that's--that's nothing compared to what haley is going through. Please, uncle justin, you have to help me.

Justin: Jj, I'm not an immigration attorney. And even if I were, I'm not sure it's a good idea for me to get involved.

Jj: Hmm. If I'd just kept my mouth shut like haley asked me to, none of this would be happening. I need to make it right.

Justin: Okay, why don't you just talk to haley and see what she wants to do.

Jj: No, she's--she's very mad, she doesn't want me anywhere near her.

Justin: Well, jj, if she doesn't want your help--

Jj: No, she doesn't, and she's made that very clear to me. That's why I'm hoping that you and I, together, can convince her to change her mind.

Haley: I swear, I did not write this. This isn't even my handwriting. Compare it to anything I've ever written.

Eli: We will.

Haley: I don't know what sick person did this or why, but I'm being set up. I have absolutely no reason to hurt dr. Evans.

Eli: You know, this type of thing happens more often than you think. All right, the patient gets upset with their therapist, they feel like they need to get back at them--

Haley: Upset? I was never upset with dr. Evans. I respect her. She listened to me. She understands how I feel.

Eli: About you being undocumented?

Haley: What we discussed is confidential.

Eli: Being in this country illegally, that's a pretty big secret to share. Maybe you confided in dr. Evans and got scared she'd go to the authorities.

Haley: No.

Eli: You were angry at dr. Evans, weren't you?

Haley: No, I--no!

Eli: You felt she betrayed you.

Haley: Betrayed me? No. Jj and his father are the ones who betrayed me. Dr. Evans just wanted to help me, okay?

Eli: So you were nowhere near the hospital yesterday?

Haley: I was actually, but I was there early. I found out that you and your partner were looking for me, so I panicked and ran, and no, I did not stop to drop off a box of poisoned cookies for my shrink on the way out.

Eli: Then why would someone write this note and sign your name on it?

Haley: I don't know. I don't know, but with all the anti-immigration people who'd love to see me kicked out or locked up, you have no shortage of suspects.

Eli: When you left the hospital yesterday, did you return?

Haley: With ice on my tail? Hell no. I took off and I never looked back, and if you don't believe me, ask tripp dalton.

Ciara: Hello. I'm waiting.

Tripp: Look, ciara, I need to ask you something, and just answer honestly, and whatever you say is just--

Ciara: Okay, tripp, you're kinda freaking me out right now. Can you just ask me?

Tripp: Did you tip off jack and eve about haley?

Ciara: What? No, why would I do that? You told me not to tell anyone, and I didn'T.

Tripp: I'm not accusing you of anything, ciara. I'm just trying to figure out what happened, okay? Only the three of us knew that haley was hiding out here, and you've been mia, so--

Ciara: I've been gone for one night.

Tripp: Were you avoiding me?

Ciara: I was staying at my mom's actually. She was trying to help me feel better about ben.

Tripp: So you didn't say anything to hope about haley?

Ciara: For the last time, no. You obviously didn't say anything. That just leaves one other possibility.

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Will: That was--

Sonny: What are you still doing here?

Leo: Ugh, why are you so rude? I dropped the charges against you two, a little gratitude would be nice.

Will: We'll be grateful when you're gone.

Leo: Unbelievable, I do something kind and selfless.

Sonny: Oh, save it. We talked to john last night.

Leo: Oh.

Will: Yeah, we know the reason you're not trying to throw us in jail right now is because you wanted to get your grimy little hands on the dirt that your mother had on you.

Sonny: So stop pretending this is an act of charity on your part.

Leo: You're one to talk. Since we've been married, you haven't shown me a single ounce of kindness or anything else I wanted to see.

Sonny: Because I hate you.

Leo: Oh, I know, so much so that when you thought you killed me, you rolled me up in a rug and dumped me in the trunk of a car with the help of your trusty sidekick.

Will: Well, of course, I'd help sonny, 'cause we love each other.

Leo: Another fact I am acutely aware of. The two of you have been sneaking around since at least valentine's day, making a mockery of our wedding vows.

Sonny: We don't have a real marriage and you know it.

Will: You blackmailed him into marriage because you wanted his money.

Leo: Good luck proving that.

Will: We don't have to. It's over, leo, it's done. You are no longer a threat to us.

Sonny: Thank the lord, our prayers have been answered, and I can finally divorce you.

Eli: John.

John: Hey, eli, did you get a chance to question nurse chen?

Eli: Yeah, I went at her pretty hard. She denied sending the cookies.

John: Yeah, what about the note?

Eli: That too. She said it wasn't her handwriting.

John: You believe her?

Eli: Listen, she seemed genuinely upset and surprised by it all. I think she's telling the truth.

John: Yeah. If it's not her, who the hell could it be?

Eli: I was gonna ask you that. Do you know of anyone who would have had a reason to target your wife?

John: No, no, no, no, no. I mean, years ago kristen dimera tried a similar stunt, you know, box of chocolates for doc, they were laced with penicillin, note was left by susan banks.

Eli: Why would kristen do that?

John: She was obsessed with me, wanted doc out of the way.

Eli: Kristen's presumed dead.

John: Well, eli, you know, if there's one thing I've learned about kristen dimera, never presume anything.

Haley: What the hell are you doing here?

Jj: Look, haley--

Haley: Get out! Get out!

Jj: I am so sorry about what happened. I know that this is my fault, okay? I'm going to make it up to you. That's why I brought reinforcements.

Haley: What the hell are you talking about?

Jj: He's here to help you. I hope you'll let him.

Claire: [Gasps] Excuse me, I did not narc on haley.

Ciara: But you pointed the finger at me? What the hell, claire?

Claire: Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I really am. I don't know what I was thinking, I know you would never do something like that.

Tripp: Okay, then who did?

Claire: Oh, god. You know what? I bet it was mrs. Carney down the hall.

Ciara: The old lady with the cats?

Claire: Oh, no, no, no. She might look like a space case but I'm telling you, that woman does not miss a beat. The old hag is up into everybody's business all the time, and I think she listens through the walls. So as hard as we tried to keep haley hidden, mrs. C obviously got an earful and called the cops. Wait a minute, you guys believe me, don't you?

[Tense music]

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Claire: Tripp, come on. Say something, please.

Tripp: Yes, claire, of course I do.

Claire: Okay. Thank you. You know, I'm so sorry about what happened to haley. I just--I feel like this is all my fault.

Ciara: Why?

Claire: Mrs. Carney hates me.

Tripp: She hates everybody.

Claire: Well, no. After she complained to the building manager for the third time that I always play my music too loud, I kind of confronted her on it.

Tripp: Kind of?

Claire: Well, I went to her place and I told her that if she has a problem with me, she should just say it to my face. And then I called her a nosy, old witch.

Tripp: Look, if ms. Carney did this, then we'll deal with her, but the bigger issue here is that haley is still in deep trouble no matter who turned her in.

Ciara: Yeah, she needs a lawyer. A good one.

Tripp: Wait, before jack came, you left a message for your mom to see if she could help us. Did she call you back?

Claire: Not yet, no.

Tripp: Could you try her again?

Claire: Well, don't forget, she's in hong kong, with the time difference.

Tripp: It's the middle of the afternoon there.

Claire: Right, right, sorry. Like I said last night, math is not really my thing. So, you know, I need to update my mom and grandma marlena anyway, so I'll go call her right now.

Ciara: I know that you're really into claire and everything, but don't you think she was selling that mrs. Carney story a little too hard?

Tripp: You didn't buy it?

Ciara: Did you?

Diana: I couldn't help hearing what the detective said. He thinks nurse chen is innocent. What do you think, john? I'm sorry, I know it's none of my business, but I can't help being concerned about you, you and marlena. I hope you know that I am here for you if you need anything, anything at all.

John: All I need is for my wife to wake up. Actually, diana, there is something I need to talk to you about.

Diana: Let me guess, about leo, or matthew. He told me what you did, that you broke into my safe and found the envelope that was there.

John: I only did that because I had do to that for will and for sonny, I'm sorry.

Diana: I know, I'm not angry. I'm not surprised. You always do what you have to do to protect the people you love. And leo-- matthew--told me that you and marlena ran a dna test.

John: Yeah. Had to know for sure.

Diana: And?

John: And you were telling the truth. Leo is my son.

Leo: Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, fellas. There's no need to use the d word.

Sonny: I do not want to be connected with you legally or otherwise for another second.

Leo: Yes, you want to be with will. I'm cool with that.

Will: Really? Because you have done nothing but try and keep us apart.

Leo: Let's just say I've evolved. People want what they want, and they should have it. All of it.

Sonny: So what, you're suggesting that we stay married in name only and then I sneak around behind your back with will?

Will: No, that's not happening.

Sonny: We have waited so long to be together. I want the world to know that this is the man that I love, the man that I'm committed to for the rest of my life, and you are a parasite that I want to get rid of.

Leo: Yes, but why go through the whole rigmarole of a divorce? Let's just keep things the way they are, or better yet, we can bring will into our relationship.

Sonny: We don't have a relationship, you moron.

Leo: But we could. I mean, why not? We're all modern, forward-thinking people.

Sonny: Okay, enough. Pack your bags and get out.

Will: Hello. Do you hear him? He said time to go for good.

Leo: Eh, not quite.

John: Regarding the dna results, diana, I'm really sorry that I doubted--

Diana: No, no, no, no, no. I completely understand.

John: All right. See, the plan was that once I got the envelope out of your safe, I was gonna come to the hospital, meet doc, we were gonna go to the office and go over the dna results together.

Diana: But as you were leaving my room, leo came in.

John: Yeah, and he said he was gonna call the cops on me, and I just said, "you sure you want to turn your father in?" And, I don't know, it just kinda dribbled out of me.

Diana: Was he furious? He certainly was when I saw him.

John: He was shocked, angry. But you know what? I think he was more concerned about that envelope and all the dirt you had on him.

Diana: So you know what leo did.

John: No, I never opened the envelope. I just used it to get him to back off will and sonny, just to get him to drop the charges, you know? What he did in the past, that's none of my concern, so I just let it go.

Diana: So we can all just move on?

John: Well, that's what I was hoping. Then I came to the hospital and went into doc's office, and... you know, I need to--I need to see what's happening with those tests or why nobody is telling me anything.

Diana: I know how hard it is to wait, john. The important thing is marlena survived. Thank god for that.

John: Thank god.

[Tense music]

[Elevator dings]

Brady: Hey.

John: Hey, kid. What are you doing here?

Brady: Came here to be with you, dad. How's marlena? How's she doing?

John: Still critical. Still unconscious. I thought I'd know more by now, but I've got nothing. In fact, I was just going to try to get an update on her.

Brady: Well, I'm going with you. I'm going with you.

[Phones ringing]

Haley: Who's he?

Jj: He's my uncle justin. He's a lawyer. You met him on new year'S. I've been trying to convince you for a while to let him help you.

Haley: I told you, jj, I don't want your help.

Jj: I know you're angry.

Haley: Angry? You know what? Angry is an understatement, jj. I might be thrown out of this country.

Jj: Which is why you need an attorney, and I don't see your sister stepping up.

Justin: Maybe I should give you two some time to talk.

Jj: No. Wait. Haley... my uncle is a great guy. And he's the best lawyer in salem. He's willing to help you. Even though I'm responsible for all this, you do need help.

Haley: Jj, I don't think there's anything he can do to help me.

Justin: What have the police told you?

Haley: Just that they wanted to bring me in for questioning, but I am a thousand percent sure that they want to deport me.

Jj: You can fight it.

Justin: We can fight it. Together. You just have to give the okay.

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Ciara: I'm actually surprised that claire agreed to let haley live here.

Tripp: Why? Because she's undocumented?

Ciara: Because she's cute.

Tripp: Come on.

Ciara: What? In case you haven't noticed, claire can be a little insecure sometimes.

Tripp: Yes, I know that, and so does claire. She freely admits it about herself, but I think she's getting better. You know, she was nothing but nice to haley, welcoming actually.

Ciara: Just keep your eyes open, okay?

Tripp: Meaning what?

Ciara: Meaning that claire is a good person, but when she feels threatened, she's capable of doing some pretty messed up things, like rigging the bella contest. I think you heard about that, right? And making that secret deal with ben, remember?

Tripp: Yeah, but you honestly think that she'd try to get haley deported?

Ciara: I am just saying. If claire did something that was bad or secretive because she was jealous, it wouldn't be the first time.

Eli: It's time to go.

Jj: Where?

Eli: The courthouse. Ice is here. They're waiting to escort miss chen to her hearing. You her lawyer?

Haley: Yes. He is.

John: What the hell is going on here? I can't believe there hasn't been any change.

Brady: Marlena's a survivor. She's gonna fight this thing. You know that. Kayla and the other doctors, they're fighting for her as well.

John: Yeah, yeah, I know that, I know that. I just--she's got to pull out of this soon, kid. I'm starting to get scared.

Brady: She will, she will. I wish there was more I could do though.

John: No, I'm just glad that you're here with me.

Brady: Of course. Um, dad, I gotta--gotta ask you about something.

John: Yeah, what's that?

Brady: Leo stark. He said something to me this morning, and I'm sure it's one of his ridiculous lies. He claims that he's my brother.

[Chuckles] I mean, that's-- that's a bunch of B.S., Right?

John: I'm sorry, kid. I'm afraid it's the truth.

Will: You might be john's son? No, no, no. I don't--I don't believe that.

Leo: I didn't believe it either at first, but my mother swears it's true, and while i haven't seen the results of the dna test yet, I'm certain they'll confirm it.

Sonny: I just--I can'T. There's--no.

Leo: Okay, I can tell you're both a little overwhelmed by the happy news, so let me connect the dots. John, my dad, is married to your grandmother. Which means we're family. So you may find a way to divorce me, and I won't be mr. Jackson kiriakis anymore, but... but, but, but, but, but... I will still be uncle leo. And that, dear boys, means I'm not going anywhere. Well...

Diana: I almost pulled it off, but I'm not giving up being with john, not when I'm so close. All I have to do is finish the job.

[Dramatic music]

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