Days Transcript Thursday 3/7/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/7/19


Episode #13480 ~ Stefan tells Chloe he'd like to pursue a romantic relationship with her; Brady pressures Gabi to team up with him to take down Stefan; Jennifer is upset when Jack announces he's running for mayor; Claire fumes over Tripp protecting Haley.

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Sheila: Wow, did you get a load of those reporters?

Abe: Well, it's a very good thing. The more press, the better.

Sheila: Well, it'll be good for your campaign. I mean, it'll give a real nice boost.

Abe: Well, you know, this isn't about my campaign. This is about raising money for salem's homeless shelters. Where are the--the fliers? I want to make sure we have plenty to hand out to the public.

Sheila: Oh, yeah, I got you covered. I ordered an extra hundred from the printers. Oh, they're under the briefcase.

Abe: Oh.

[Idyllic music]

Jennifer: Abe, hi. Sheila, hey. I was wondering, do you have time to answer a few questions before the fund-raiser? I was--I was hoping to get your comment on the latest development regarding your opponent.

Sheila: I mean, what's there to say? Ms. Trask already dropped out.

Jennifer: No, I'm not talking about trask. I have it on good authority that the party is talking to a new candidate.

Abe: Really? Who?

[Game beeps]

[Door latch clicks]

Eve: Oh, my gosh, there you are! I've been sitting on pins and needles. So how did it go with the party leaders?

Jack: I got kudos all around for outing haley chen as an undocumented immigrant.

Eve: Okay, and feedback from constituents? What did they say?

Jack: All positive.

Eve: Oh!

Jack: They were so impressed, in fact, that the party has agreed to back my bid to become salem's next mayor.

Eve: Oh, jack! Oh, my gosh, I'm so happy for you! That's wonderful! Oh, that's so great!

Eli: So how long have you known haley chen?

Jj: Not long. Since last christmas eve.

Eli: And how long--sorry. How long have you known she was undocumented?

Jj: I don't know, a-- a few weeks. Is this all really necessary?

Eli: Look, I don't like doing this any more than you do. But I've been given orders by ice.

Jj: Well, be straight with me. If haley gets caught, you think there's any way to stop her from getting deported?

Tripp: Sorry, all we have is orange.

Haley: That's okay. I love orange. And, tripp, I just--I want to thank you so much again for letting me stay here.

Tripp: You've thanked me enough, and like I told you, it's no problem.

Haley: Yeah, not for you, but what about your girlfriend? I mean, are you--are you sure she won't have a problem with me staying here?

[Key jangles]

Tripp: You should hide just in case.

[Suspenseful music]

Claire: Hi!

Tripp: Hey, how was work?

Claire: It was boring as usual. Although, jj did stop by.

Tripp: Yeah?

Claire: Yeah, yeah. He thought you might be interested to know, your friend haley is on the run from the police.

Tripp: Yeah, yeah, I heard about that.

Claire: Yeah, he was really worried about her. Had, like, no idea where she could be. Do you?

Gabi: Hey, brady.

Brady: Hey, gabi. How you doing?

Gabi: I'm all right. How about you? You seem a little distracted.

Brady: Yeah, I-- I'm having an off day.

Gabi: You want to tell me about it?

Brady: Oh, it's chloe. She--she found out that I had one of my security men... follow her around.

Gabi: Oh, what, and she was angry about that?

Brady: Considering she almost shot him, yeah. She-- she noticed that he looked suspicious at the club and one thing led to another. She assumed that he was a member of the cartel sent to finish her off.

Gabi: Oh.

Brady: So you can understand that she's not--she's not too happy with me right now.

Gabi: Right. But I mean, still your heart was in the right place, wanting to protect her, right?

Brady: That's--yes! Yes, and she can't see it that way. She just got done ripping me apart in front of stefan. And he loved every minute of it. I mean, I just--I wanted-- I wanted to wipe that smug look off that guy's face and-- actually... you might be able to help me do that.

Stefan: It'll be okay. Do you trust me?

Chloe: I do now. What are you-- what are you doing?

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[Soft orchestration]

Gabi: I know we--we talked about working together to take down stefan dimera, but I don't know.

Brady: No, no, no, no buts. Come on, come on. Come on, you hate him as much as I do. I know you do. And now that you're working for dimera, we can--can-- we can get him from the inside and just rip that jerk apart.

Gabi: Wait, like--like a spy?

Brady: Like, that--that's a-- well, look, it'll be risky.

Gabi: Yeah, no kidding!

Brady: But--but think-- remember what he did to you. Don't you think it'd be worth it? Think about it.

Gabi: I don't know.

Brady: Think of it this way then. This would not only be for you, this would not only be for me, but we'd be doing a hell of a lot of people in this town a service. It's time for him to go down. Help me. Let's do it.

Gabi: Fine, I will think about it.

Stefan: Did I upset you?

Chloe: No. It's just I'm--I'm surprised.

Stefan: Well, you can't be all that surprised. I'm just following your advice.

Chloe: My advice?

Stefan: Yeah. You told me I should get over my obsession of abigail and... get out there and meet someone new.

Chloe: [Laughs nervously] I meant, go to a bar or try tinder.


Stefan: Why go through all that trouble when I have this fascinating, beautiful woman right in front of me underneath my own roof?

Chloe: So you're saying you kissed me because you're too lazy to look elsewhere?

Stefan: No. I'm saying I kissed you because I feel an attraction between us. Was it all in my head? -Guys, I want you to meet someone.

Tripp: Why would I know where haley is?

Claire: It's not so crazy, is it? She is your friend, so it would make a lot of sense if she turned to you for help. Tripp, if she did, I hope you know that you can trust me. I don't want there to be any secrets between us.

Tripp: I don't either. I just hope you'll hear me out before you make any snap judgments.

Claire: Yes, of course.

Tripp: Haley, you can come out now. Claire, meet my friend haley. And if it's okay with you, she's going to be staying with us for a little while.

Eli: I have no idea what ice will do if haley's found. But if you've got any information.

Jj: I don'T.

Eli: When was the last time you saw haley chen? Have you spoken to her recently? Come on, jj. Be honest with me.

Jj: Okay. I spoke to haley on the phone. Just briefly. She didn't tell me where she was. All she said is that she was safe. She didn't trust me to say anything more, and I really don't blame her. It's my fault she's in this whole mess. If I hadn't said anything to my dad, then-- I just never thought he'd use it against her. Now, haley's life could be ruined and it's because of him.

Lani: Well, if the rumors are true, your dad might be in a position to ruin even more lives.

Jj: What do you mean?

Lani: I was just speaking with rivers at the front desk, and apparently your dad met with some influential people today with the intention of running for mayor.

Sheila: Jack deveraux, who-- who's that?

Abe: He's the man who exposed melinda trask's secret at the debate.

Sheila: Damn. Oh, he's the reason she dropped out. That man seemed real shady, if you ask me.

Jennifer: He's also my ex-husband.

Sheila: Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't somebody say he had amnesia? I mean, I forget who--

Jennifer: No, it's true. He does.

Sheila: Then that's great. I mean, not for you. That has to be really weird. But there's no way you'll lose to a guy who doesn't even remember who he is, let alone what the issues are. You got this in the bag.

Abe: Well, I wouldn't be so sure about that. Jack had a thriving political career many years ago. And even without a memory, I'm pretty sure that he still has a killer instinct when it comes to winning a campaign.

Eve: It's a great occasion to crack open the minibar. To salem's next mayor.

[Glasses clink]

Jack: I like the sound of that.

Eve: Yes. So how quickly can we make the official announcement of your candidacy?

Jack: Right away. Now that trask is out, party wants to make sure that everyone knows they are still in.

Eve: Great.

Jack: So how about we-- we give jennifer a call and we'll give her--

Eve: No, no, no, no, no, no. Do not. She will rain on the parade, and we need to make a big splash. We gotta capitalize on your momentum.

Jack: Right, right. So--hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Eve: Wait a minute. I love it when those wheels are turning. What's going on?

Jack: I was just reading something where abe carver is heading up a fund-raiser today.

Eve: Well, we're not too late for it, are we?

Jack: No, here it is, right here. It's--it's running on even as we speak in the square. And it looks like there's gonna be a ton of press.

Eve: I think there's a party that we need to crash, jack.

[Glasses clink] Mm-hmm.

Claire: Wow. Haley, oh, my gosh. It's so nice to finally meet you. Especially after everything that I've heard about you. Not that that stuff is bad, you know.

Haley: It's nice to meet you, too.

Claire: [Laughs nervously] So... wow, so haley's gonna be staying with us for a little while?

Tripp: Yeah, the--the police are looking for her, and if they catch her, she'll probably get deported. So I offered to let her hide out here just until we can find out something more, you know, permanent. If that's cool with you.

Claire: Yes, of course. Of course. What's happening to haley right now is completely unfair. And I would love to help, really. See, the only problem with this is, is that I'm not sure that ciara would feel the same way. You know how moody she can get and her--her mother is the police commissioner.

Tripp: Actually, I've already told ciara. And she's fine with it.

Claire: Oh, really? Wow, great. Good.

Haley: I know this is asking for a lot. You guys could get in serious trouble for helping me like this.

Claire: Yes. I mean, yes, it is a little bit dicey since, like I said, my--my grandmother is the police commissioner. But like I also said, I-I am happy to help, really. Especially since you're such a good friend of tripp'S.

Haley: Oh, thank you so, so much. I-I-I--this is a huge relief.

Tripp: Yeah, thank you so much. Like, thanks a lot, claire.

Claire: Of course.


Eli: I need to make a call. I'll be back.

Lani: How are you doing?

Jj: Okay, I guess. I just can't believe that my dad is actually following through with his plans to run for mayor. Even after I blasted him for using haley to tank melinda's campaign. If he ends up running against your dad, I don't even want to think about how cutthroat he'll be.

Lani: You don't have to worry. My dad is a fighter, and I know he'll-- he'll be just fine.

Abe: Well, no matter who my opponent is, whether it's jack deveraux or someone else, I welcome the competition. I believe it's healthy to have an open discourse about the issues, and then it's up to the public to make up their minds.

Jennifer: That's great. Thank you so much, mr. Mayor.

Brady: And I hope that sound means that the mayor is now allowed to accept donations, right?

Jennifer: Brady, hey!

Abe: Oh, well, no time like the present.

Brady: Well, here you go.

Abe: Thank you very much for that. Would you give it to my assistant, sheila, please?

Brady: Sure. On behalf of titan.

Sheila: Thank you. Whoo! That's a lot of zeros. I'll just keep this for safekeeping.

Abe: [Clears throat]

Sheila: Or I'll keep it and put it with the other checks. Thank you.

Brady: You're welcome.

Jennifer: What are you two doing here?

Eve: Oh, we're here for the same reason everyone else is. To donate to a very worthy cause and to take the opportunity to make a very special announcement.

Chloe: It's just that I haven't really thought of you romantically. I mean, we--we hardly know each other.

Stefan: Well, I'm gonna have to--I'm gonna have to disagree there. I mean, I think we've already formed a fairly close bond, you know, after our-- our little near-death experience with the drug cartel. And you--come on, you must feel some connection with me after moving into my home.

Chloe: Okay, to be clear on that, I did that for my family, to protect my kids.

Stefan: Right, no, no, no. I understand. I'm just saying, in--in the brief time that you've been here, we've--we've shared quite a bit. We've opened up to each other. Look, I know we haven't known each other all that long, but living under one roof tends to bring people close together rather quickly, I think.

Chloe: Yeah, I suppose that's true.

Stefan: Yeah.

Chloe: And it's-- this is all really flattering, but I don't--I don't--

Stefan: But you don't find me attractive, right? Is that--is that right? Look, seriously, if you don't, I can--I can totally handle it.

Chloe: No, no. No, it's not that. No, no, you're not unattractive.

Stefan: Okay, good.

Chloe: You have nice, you know--nice eyes and a nice smile and you look like you work out.


Stefan: Thanks. Well, I think you have nice everything. Okay, since we've now established that we appreciate each other's respective physical attributes, and since-- and since we're both single, why don't we-- why don't we give it a trial run, hmm? What do you say? One more kiss? Really good kiss. See if there's any chemistry, a connection, perhaps. And if there's nothing, if you can honestly say that you feel absolutely nothing, then we'll put this whole romance thing aside and... continue to be friendly roommates.

Chloe: Well, okay. I guess that's a reasonable way to find out.

Gabi: [Clears throat]

Stefan: Oh, really?

Chloe: Gabi, hi.

Gabi: Chloe, stefan. Harold let me in.

Stefan: What do you want?

Gabi: I need you to sign this.

Stefan: Can't it wait?

Gabi: No, it cannot.

Stefan: Oh, for god's sakes.

Chloe: It's okay. I'm gonna go check on my kids.

Stefan: No, no, no, no.


Gabi: Whoo! Here I thought you had turned a new leaf, that you had given up your wicked ways.

Stefan: What are you babbling about?

Gabi: See, I thought you had moved chloe in here to save her from the big, bad cartel. But clearly, you just want to jump her bones.

Stefan: You saved chloe from the big, bad cartel. You just want to jump her bones. Great, it's signed. Here you go! Bye!

Gabi: Is this how you get women? Is it? You take advantage of them when they're vulnerable. I mean, it is a step up from abigail. At least chloe's not mentally ill. Although she's gotta be a little crazy to let you shove your tongue down her throat. Poor woman. She must be pretty desperate to consider getting involved with a dirtbag like you.

Stefan: [Laughs] Oh, gabi. Gabi, gabi, gabi, gabi.

Gabi: What? What the hell is this look?

Stefan: I see right through you. Always have. Only an idiot wouldn'T.

[Laughs] You--you hide your feelings so badly. And you're such an amateur at lying. It amazes me that anyone believes anything that you say. That must be because everyone is an idiot.

Gabi: Okay, well, believe these words, dimera. You are the most despicable person that I have ever met in my entire life. You are the most disgusting human being that I have had the miserable luck to know.

Stefan: [Indistinct]

Gabi: What?

Stefan: Yes, lies. They're all lies.

Gabi: No, no, no, no, no. It is all true, every single word, every single syllable.

Stefan: None of it is true. None of it is true, not even a little bit. What you are really saying is... when you saw me kissing chloe, it made you really jealous. Didn't it?

Gabi: [Chuckles]

Tripp: Yeah, if you want, you can go upstairs and get settled. You know, you can have my room.

Haley: No, I can't have your room.

Tripp: No, no, don't worry about it. I can sleep on the couch.

Claire: [Laughs] Tripp, don't be silly. You can sleep in my room.

[Laughs] It's not like we don't spend most nights in bed together anyway.

Tripp: Okay, yeah. Thanks, claire.

Claire: Sure.

Tripp: Yeah, make yourself at home.

Haley: Oh, thank you guys so much.

Tripp: Now, I am very grateful that you're being so cool with this. 'Cause to be honest, I wasn't so sure you would be.

Claire: Really? Really, why?

Tripp: Because you aren't exactly thrilled about me being friends with haley in the first place.

Claire: Okay. I know, I know. But you know me. I know I can be a little bit insecure sometimes, but I'm totally fine with haley staying here. Really.

Lani: After theo got well, I thought we were done having our families on opposite sides. But now with our dads running against each other, I just--I really hope it doesn't make things awkward for us.

Jj: Mm-hmm. Trust me, I'm not exactly rooting for my dad. If haley gets deported, I-- I don't know if I'll ever forgive him.

Lani: You really care about her, don't you?

Jj: We kinda got close, but... doesn't matter now though. She hates me.

Lani: Well, I do hope that you guys get to work it all out, see where it goes. You deserve to be happy. And I want that for you.

Jj: Thank you. And... I want you to know, I'm happy for you and eli. I know you guys have been through a lot. And I'm just glad to finally see you find some happiness.

Lani: Thank you. That means so much.

Jack: Yes, yes, I'm happy to report that the party has given me their blessing, so I may formally announce my candidacy for salem's next mayor.

Sheila: You shouldn't let this guy hijack your event.

Abe: Well, I just said I welcome an open discourse, so I have to let jack speak.

Sheila: Along with free publicity. Way to hand over the keys to the mayor's office.

Abe: Well, I'm not concerned about that.

Jack: Jennifer, yes.

Jennifer: Mr. Deveraux, I was wondering if you could just give us some insight into your platform. I mean, what are the issues you intend to focus on?

Jack: Well, I have to admit, my platform is a work in progress, but I'll tell you this. I intend to put the people of salem first, and that means protecting them from the criminals that live in this town, and yes, that includes illegal immigrants. Exposing the hypocrisy of melinda trask was not my endgame. No, no, just the beginning. Justice will not be served until melinda trask's sister, haley chen, is found and deported.

Jennifer: Do you really think it's fair to call ms. Chen a criminal? I mean, she came here when she was a child. She had no options. But through perseverance and her determination, she became a nurse and she has served our community. She has no criminal record.

Jack: Well, she did come here illegally, and that makes her, by law, a criminal. We have to take a strong stance on this, and that means making an example of haley chen. Of course, we can't do that until the current mayor and his police department actually do something about it. They've been tasked with finding ms. Chen, but they seem to have trouble with that. Now, I'm not sure, are you--are you purposely allowing the police department to drag their heels on this because of your weak stance on crime? I mean, which is it, mayor carver? Under your leadership is the police department incapable, incompetent, or willfully defiant of this nation's laws?

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with cologuard.

Abe: I can assure you that the salem pd is following the rule of law. They are doing everything they can to find ms. Chen and to question her. But to suggest that haley chen is some kind of threat to our society is a gross exaggeration. I firmly believe that there are much bigger issues facing the city of salem.

Jack: Well, you've heard it here first, folks. Mayor carver does not consider illegal immigration to be a priority. Rest assured however, I do not feel the same. So if anyone here knows anything about the whereabouts of haley chen, please contact me or my campaign manager, eve donovan.

Abe: You know, I think that mr. Deveraux has taken enough of the media's time. And I'd like to refocus your attention on the main objective of this fund-raiser, which is to raise money for salem's homeless shelters. That is unless you have something else to add, jack.

Jack: Oh. Oh, no, no. I think I've said everything i need to say. Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you.


[Laughs] Thank you.

Gabi: [Giggles sarcastically] You think I'm jealous?

Stefan: Mm-hmm.

Gabi: Have you not been paying attention these last couple of months? Do you just not notice that i cringe every time that you are around? Because let me assure you, that is what I do. Right now, that's what's happening. You make my skin crawl. You make my stomach turn.

Stefan: Yet I can't help but notice that you're constantly over here making excuses to be near me.

Gabi: Oh, my gosh. I can't stand your ego. You know, I would not be here unless my company was tied to yours, okay? You would never see me again.

Stefan: Okay. If you say so.

Gabi: You are seriously delusional. I wouldn't touch you with a 12-foot pole unless I was using that pole to beat you senseless.

Stefan: Oh.

Gabi: You know, you--you have this inflated opinion of yourself, because chloe has not seen the real twisted, damaged stefan dimera. But as soon as she does, she's not gonna be able to run away from you fast enough. Just--just face it, stefan, you are destined to be all alone just like your father.

Stefan: Oh, gabi, like you're the one to talk. Yeah, I know all about your relationship history. The only reason chad even looked at you is because he thought abigail was dead. And what about...

[Snaps fingers] Eli and--and jj? Right? What about them? Oh, right, they both cheated on you. Your healthiest relationship was with will horton, and he turned out to be gay!

Gabi: At least he was a real person and not some alter in someone's head!

Chloe: Guys, guys, please. Could you keep your voices down? The kids are sleeping.

Gabi: Oh, don't worry. We're all done here. Word of advice, chloe. Get out while you still can.

Limu emu

and doug.

Brady: You must feel very proud of yourself.

Eve: Oh, thank you, brady. But I think the person that you really want to congratulate here is jack.

Brady: I wouldn't use the word "congratulate." But I think I'm talking to the right person because I'm pretty sure, eve, you're the one that masterminded his decision to run for mayor, right?

Eve: Well, you say that as if it were a bad thing.

Brady: Destroying innocent people's lives?

Eve: Are you talking about haley chen? Well, she's no innocent, brady.

Brady: She's cannon fodder, eve. Just like jack.

Eve: What does that mean?

Brady: Don't you be coy with me. You know that every revenge plot has to have a little bit of collateral damage. You figure that jack has done this thing before. Why not manipulate him into doing it again? The harm in this, eve, is that he's not that kind of man anymore. You're encouraging him to regress into the man he was before jennifer, before he bettered himself.

Eve: Well, there you go, judging everybody just like you always do. Except this time, instead of judging me, you're judging jack, too. Well, for your information, jack is doing what is best for him and I am doing what is best for me.

Brady: [Laughs]

Eve: You think it's funny?

Brady: Yeah.

Eve: That woman over there, she blew up my life. The one, if you'll remember back not too long ago, that we were trying to build together.

Brady: Yeah, I do.

Eve: All right. So now, I'm just picking up the pieces and trying to make a new life.

Brady: That's good. The problem is you're not trying to make a new life, eve. You're trying to steal the one that belongs to jennifer.

Eve: [Sighs]

Jennifer: Can I talk to you in private for a second?

Lani: And if you hear from haley again--

Eli: If she makes contact at all, let us know.

Lani: And we're gonna do our best to make sure that this all works out. For everyone.

Jj: Thanks, you guys. I appreciate it.

Abe: Hey.

Jj: Abe. I just heard that my dad's boning up on some plans to run against you.

Abe: Yeah, yeah. He just made it official. Showed up at a fund-raiser. He said that he was going to protect this town from undocumented immigrants.

Jj: Damn it. I can't believe he's still harping on that.

Abe: Oh, he's not gonna stop harping anytime soon. He talks about how he intends to make an example of haley.

Claire: You know, you were right, tripp. Haley is awfully cute.

Tripp: Yeah, and really nice, too.

Claire: Yeah. I mean, she seems to be. Anyway, I definitely get why jj's so into her. I really hope they can work things out.

Tripp: I don't know. I mean, he really screwed up by betraying her trust like that. I mean, she wouldn't even be in this mess if, you know, he'd just kept his mouth shut. Haley, what--what's wrong?

Haley: Jj's dad was just on the news and he says that they need to make an example out of me. He's determined to have me deported. Oh, god.

Tripp: I'm so--I'm so sorry. I am so sorry.

Chloe: So gabi really gets under your skin, huh?

Stefan: [Laughs] The woman had me believe I had a child just to torture me.

Chloe: Yeah, I heard that.

Stefan: Now, she's trying to worm her way back into my company.

Chloe: So you're kind of stuck with her, right?

Stefan: For now. But I'm gonna do everything possible to make that bitch's life miserable.

Brady: Hey. Uh-oh, is everything okay?

Gabi: No, everything is not okay. We need to wipe that smug smile off of stefan dimera's face, okay? I am all in. Let's just do it, do it, do it!

Brady: Sounds good. Good, this is what I wanted to hear. Why did you become so decisive all of a sudden?

Gabi: I was just reminded how awful and infuriating that man is, how--how cruel and spiteful and altogether horrible he can be. We need to destroy him. So there you are with your depression

Brady: This calls for a toast. To our new alliance. Let's just annihilate stefan dimera, okay?

Gabi: Hear, hear.

Brady: Hear, hear.

Gabi: Hmm.

Brady: Hmm?

Gabi: There is actually something that I think you should know.

Brady: Okay.

Gabi: I think stefan's got his sights set on new prey, and it happens to be your ex-wife.

Brady: What do you mean?

Gabi: When I was at stefan's earlier, I saw him and chloe locked in a kiss.

Chloe: Look, this is probably none of my business, but it can't be healthy for you to hold on to all that anger toward gabi.

Stefan: I don't want to talk about gabi anymore, okay? I'd very much like to get back to where we were before we were so rudely interrupted.

Chloe: Yeah, I think that moment's passed.

Stefan: Fair enough.

Chloe: And I have to admit, I'm still a bit conflicted about what we were talking about earlier, you and me. I just--I need some time to figure things out.

Stefan: All right. I'm a patient man. All right.

[Growls] It's okay. It's okay.

Jack: Over here, is--is this--this private enough?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Jack: All right. Well, go ahead, blast away. I can take it.

Jennifer: I'm not gonna blast you, jack. I mean, you're a grown man. You can say and do whatever you want. I just wanted to tell you that your little performance over there was really sad.

Jack: Sad?

Jennifer: Mm-hmm. It was really sad. Because when I met you, yeah, you had this horrible, ruthless streak. But you wanted to change and you worked so hard to change and--and you did, and you became a better man, jack. And I really want to believe that deep down inside you, that jack is still there. My jack, the jack that I married, the jack that I fell so deeply in love with. But I'm just telling you, if you keep walking down this dark path, you'll have not only lost your memory, you'll have lost your soul.

Jack: We have to take a strong stance on this, and that means making an example of haley chen. Of course, we can't do that--

Jj: I can't believe this. How could he go after haley like that?

Abe: I'm sorry. Sorry, jj.

Jj: No, I am. I am the one who is sorry for ever trusting my dad. If he wins, he'll definitely have haley deported, and that can't happen. So if there is anything that i can do to help your campaign, I'll do it. We have to stop my dad from winning.

Jack: So if anyone here knows anything about the whereabouts of haley chen, please contact me or my campaign manager, eve donovan.

Haley: Did you--did you guys hear that? Everyone will be looking for me, and they're not gonna stop until I'm kicked out of this country!

Tripp: No, no, no. Look, look, okay, no one here is going to report you. You are safe here, okay? That is not going to happen.

Haley: Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I'm just gonna go lie down.

Tripp: Here, I'll get you some fresh sheets.

Claire: Hang in there, haley.

Haley: Thanks.

[Suspenseful music]

[Cell phone rings]

[Cell phone rings]

Eve: Hello.

Claire: Hi, eve. It's claire. I need to speak to you right away.

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