Days Transcript Tuesday 3/5/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 3/5/19


Episode #13478 ~ Rafe confronts Ted about making a play for his wife; Tripp hides Haley at the loft; Rex presses Eric to convince Sarah to accept his marriage proposal; Chloe finds evidence that someone may be watching her.

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Stefan: Hey. Off to work?

Chloe: Yes, and how about when I get home, you and I, head-to-head, over a chessboard? 'Cause I have a new opening that I think is gonna work.

Stefan: Really? Well, now I'm intrigued. Challenge accepted.

Chloe: All right. See you later.

Stefan: See you.

[Dramatic music]

Chloe? What is it?

Chloe: Someone really was here last night. El fideo's men know I'm here.

Ted: Go ahead.

Rafe: Yeah?

Ted: Hit me, rafe. It's not going to change what's happening between your wife and I. Nothing's going to change.

Ciara: Hmm. I must have left them at the hospital. Tripp, claire, are you guys home? Guys, my mom and I are out here and I don't have keys.

Haley: Your roommate...

Tripp: Ciara.

Haley: And her mother.

Tripp: Also known as the commissioner of police.

[Knocking continues]

[Twangy music]

[Elevator bell dings]

Sarah: Jj. Hey.

Jj: Oh, hey.

Sarah: What's wrong?

Jj: I'M... worried never gonna see haley again.

Rex: Hey, man.

Eric: Hey.

Rex: Dad said you were covering for him today.

Eric: Yeah, he's saving up his energy for st. Patrick's day.

Rex: Have you had a minute to think about the favor I asked you?

Eric: With sarah?

Rex: Yeah, convincing her to accept my marriage proposal.

Eric: I still don't know if that's such a good idea.

Rex: Why not? You don't think that sarah should marry me?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

[Uneasy music]

Eric: I find it somewhat immature, naive-- kind of downright juvenile, if you ask me--that you think anyone besides yourself should convince someone to marry you.

Rex: Well, I--you're not just anyone, eric. You're my brother, and sarah trusts you. Your opinion matters to her.

Eric: No, not my opinion on this. This one is personal. You know? You need to let sarah make her own decisions on how she feels, based on her feelings. Just--you know what? Give it some time.

Rex: That--that--that's just the thing. I--time is not going to work. The--the more the time drags on, the more chance there is that sarah's gonna talk herself out of being with me.

Eric: Oh, if that's the case, maybe it's not meant to be.

Rex: You know what? Maybe-- maybe you're right. But look, sarah is a beautiful, talented, accomplished woman, and there are so many guys out there, you know? Guys that haven't cheated on her, guys that haven't broken her heart.

Eric: What are you saying? You don't think you're good enough for her?

Rex: I don't just think. I know it.

[Somber synth music]

Sarah: I can't imagine how hard that must have been for haley, to keep that secret. She's a great nurse.

Jj: She's an amazing person, but the only thing they care about is her being undocumented.

Sarah: Look, I'm on break if you want to talk some more.

Jj: You know what? It's--it's--it's my fault that she's in this position, so I gotta--I gotta find her before the cops do. Thank you.

[Haunting music]

Claire: [Chuckles] I know someone who's probably just as miserable as you right now.

Ben: Melinda trask?

Claire: Yeah. Turns out she has a little sister who's not even allowed to be in the country.

Ben: The hell's that got to do with anything?

Claire: Well, it's just hard to convince people to trust you when you lie to their faces.

Ben: Guess you would know about that.

Claire: [Laughs] Okay. Yeah, it took a while, but tripp finally trusts me again, and I proved myself.

Ben: Good. So there's no more secrets between you anymore?

Claire: Nope. No. No more secrets.

Ben: Great. So then why are you so worried about him leaving you and going back to ciara?

[Knock at door]

Ciara: Hello? Are you guys in there?

Haley: What do we do? What do we do?

Tripp: Uh... here. Go hide in my room, up there. It's going to be okay. Just go. Go, go, go, go, go.

[Suspenseful synth music]

Tripp: Coming.

[Clears throat] Hey.

Ciara: Hi.

Tripp: Welcome home. Hi, hope.

Hope: Hey. What took you so long to answer the door?

Tripp: I was, uh, napping. Hi. You look great, ciara, and it must feel great, being out of the hospital.

Ciara: Yeah, yeah. Um... whose--whose bag is this?

Ted: Go on, rafe. Take a shot. You've been waiting a long time to do this.

Rafe: Oh, yeah, you'd like that. You'd like that, wouldn't you? See you. I know exactly what you want. You want to just put a wedge between me and hope--anything that would make me look bad to her.

Ted: Honestly, I think you're doing enough of that all on your own.

Rafe: You do not belong in this job.

Ted: Well, abe and hope seem to think otherwise. Look, we don't have to like each other to do this job, so--which is why--the reason I'm willing to overlook this incident.

Rafe: Oh, really? So big of you.

Ted: Moving forward, rafe, I'm not going to be so forgiving. I really hope I've made myself clear.

Rafe: Oh, yeah, you made yourself clear, all right. You made yourself clear that for the last couple weeks, you've been going after my wife. It ends now. So there you are with your depression

Claire: [Sighs] You know, I-- I don't know why I do this to myself. I just let my imagination get carried away, and it leads me to make some very bad choices.

Ben: Well, if you're happy with tripp, be happy. Nobody knows better than me: Paranoia and insecurity can mess up your life. Good luck.

Claire: W--ben, wait. Listen, you really don't have to give up on ciara.

Ben: [Scoffs] Here we go again, huh?

Claire: I'm not saying this because I'm scared of tripp going back to her. I'm saying this because I honestly want what's best for her.

Ben: Okay, and you think I'm what's best for her?

Claire: [Laughs] Can't believe I'm saying this, but yes, I really do.

Ben: I wish I could agree with you.

Claire: You're the one who just told me not to give in to paranoia and insecurity.

Ben: It's different. Claire, I'm a danger to her.

Claire: I get that. I do. I get why you're scared. But... if being perfectly sane was a requirement for being in love, then nobody would really qualify, right?

[Gentle chiming music]

[Both laugh]

Tripp: Must be claire's bag.

Ciara: I have never seen it before.

Tripp: Uh, I mean honestly, I don't really notice that kind of stuff. I know I should.


Hope: Typical guy.

Tripp: Uh, guilty as charged, commissioner. [Laughs] Uh, sorry I didn't clean up more for your big homecoming.

Ciara: No, it looks fine.

Tripp: All right, well, let me grab this for her.

[Clears throat]

Ciara: [Sighs] You know, you really don't have to stick around, mom.

Hope: Oh, yes, I do.

[Laughs] I want to spend time with you. I know you're hurting, honey.

Ciara: And I appreciate you being there for my little meltdown at the hospital.

Hope: I will always be here.

Ciara: Hmm, I know, but i will be fine, and I will call you later.

Hope: Ah, you're throwing me out.

Ciara: No.

Hope: Yeah. You're throwing me out.

Ciara: I'm sorry.

Hope: Okay. If you need me, call me.

Ciara: I will, mama.

Hope: I love you, sweetheart.

Ciara: I love you so much.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

[Tender music]

Ciara: Bye.

Hope: Bye.

Rex: When sarah and I met for the first time, it was in chicago, and it was in the dead of winter, and one day, there was a blizzard outside, and sarah was a brand-new resident. She was starting her rotation, and this old homeless woman walks into the hospital, and she's not wearing any shoes, and she's got frostbite all over her toes and her feet, and the hospital administrator at the time--he was A... he was an old crank, and the man made seth burns look like oprah.

[Both laugh] So he denies this woman treatment, says she's got to go to county hospital, which is, like, two miles away.

Eric: That's awful.

Rex: So an hour or so goes by. This woman comes back to the hospital, except this time, sarah is with her. Somehow, sarah left the hospital, tracked this woman down in the middle of a snowstorm, and not only brings her back to the hospital, but proceeds to give her treatment, and the hospital administrator's like, flipping out about this. He calls security, tries to get the woman and sarah thrown out, so a huge fight breaks out, but sarah's not backing down, and I'm thinking, "who is this insane woman?" And just as security is about ready to haul sarah out, I look down, and she's not wearing any shoes. Sarah had given her own shoes to this old homeless woman.

[Warm music]

Eric: Sounds like sarah.

Rex: That's when I knew i was-- I was falling in love with her. So you asked me, eric, if I'm worried that I'm not good enough for sarah. The truth is, I've never met a man who is.

[Door opens]

Sarah: What are you two talking about?

[Melancholy music]

Stefan: It's probably just the wind.

Chloe: You really think so?

Stefan: Ah, it was blowing pretty hard last night. It's happened before.

Chloe: Shouldn't we call the police, just in case?

Stefan: No, no. They're not going to do anything. Chloe, listen--listen to me. When I invited you to stay here, I promised to keep you and your children safe. I stand by that. Would it make you feel any better if I had my driver take you to the club?

Chloe: Yeah, I think so. I really appreciate that.

Stefan: Okay.

Chloe: You don't think I'm being paranoid?

Stefan: [Laughs] Chloe, I'm the one who got shot by one of fideo's goons. I'm the last guy to judge, and I'm not worried about him.

Chloe: Okay. Thank you so much again for letting us stay here.

Stefan: Of course. Of course.

Chloe: Okay, I'm gonna check on the kids one last time.

Stefan: All right. I'll have mike bring the car around.

[Suspenseful music]

[Phone ringing] I need to see you right away.

Ted: I'm so not surprised that you would jump into conclusion about your wife and i without any evidence. Excuse me.

Rafe: Funny, considering that you're the one who's been acting like there's something going on between the two of you.

Ted: What I meant to say was that during your absence, your wife and I have spent a lot of time together. We've grown close.

Rafe: Huh.

Ted: And in my new role as the interim da, I'm looking forward to working with the commissioner even more closely.

Rafe: You know, obviously, your english is not that good, so I'm gonna say this one last time: You stay the hell away from my wife, or it's not gonna end well for you.

Hope: Hey. Hi. Uh... what's going on here?

[Mournful guitar music]

I switched to liberty mutual

Rafe: I was just making it clear to our friend ted here that it's not going to work out for him as interim da.

Hope: And why is that?

Rafe: Because obviously, he can't be trusted.

[Suspenseful music] Okay, I'm gonna go speak to abe.

Hope: Rafe, wait.

Rafe: Okay.

Stefan: Thanks for coming over.

Ben: I was surprised to get your call. Didn't think I'd ever be back in this house.

Stefan: Well, I know chad fired you as dimera's security chief while I was in jail, but now that my brother's no longer in the picture, I'd like you to come back to work for me.

[Haunting pipe music]

Ben: I don't think that's a good idea.

Tripp: You know, it really is good to have you home.

Ciara: For a while there, i thought I was never going to make it back.

Tripp: Yeah, I... didn't believe I would ever say this, but I'm glad that ben was there for you. So is he coming over?

Ciara: I don't want to talk about ben right now. What I do want to talk about, though, is, uh... why did you lie to me and my mom?

Tripp: [Scoffs] What did I lie about?

Ciara: That bag on the counter. Tripp, even I could tell it was a knock-off, and claire wouldn't be caught dead with a fake. So what's the deal here? What, are you, like, hiding another girl in your room or something?

Claire: Jj? Hi.

Jj: Oh, hey.

Claire: Hey.

Jj: Hi.

Claire: You, uh-- you don't look so good.

Jj: Don't feel so good, either.

Claire: Was this about the mess at the debate last night?

Jj: You could say that.

Claire: Melinda's sister, haley--the one your dad outed for being illegal. She was-- she's living with you, right?

Jj: She--she was.

Claire: Oh, no. Did she get arrested?

Jj: No. Um... at least not yet. I--I don't know where she is, either. I'm trying to help her, but she thinks I betrayed her. Right.

Claire: Betrayed her? How?

Jj: I'm the one who--who told my dad haley's secret. I don't know why I did it. I... I was just bonding with him. I-I didn't think he'd go out and tell the whole town.

Claire: Well, I guess he's not the man you thought he was. I'm sorry.

Jj: No, he's not.

Claire: You and haley-- you guys were pretty good friends, right?

Jj: I actually think we-- we could've been--been more than friends, but I've ruined her life. I don't think she's going to forgive me.

Rex: Uh, eric and I were just talking about whether or not the white sox have a chance this season.

Sarah: Well, rex loves to root for lost causes.

Rex: [Laughs] Go figure that.

Sarah: I didn't know that you were going to be here. Have you eaten?

Rex: I have, actually, yes, and, um, I--I have to go, so... it's always nice to run into you. I love you.

[Melancholy music]

Eric: Hey.

Sarah: That was an abrupt exit. I assume rex told you about the talk he and I had after i rejected his proposal?

Eric: Yeah, he did. He said the reason you said no was because of me. Presenting downtherecare with cottonelle.

Sarah: When I said no to rex's proposal, it wasn'T... because of you. It's because we... I wanted to be sensitive to your feelings. I-I know that you're still mourning nicole, and it just--I don't know. It felt wrong for us to be celebrating our love when you're in so much pain still.

Eric: I want my brother, and I want you to be happy, and if getting married makes you happy, then I will never stand in the way of that.

Sarah: I guess if I'M... being honest, that's not the only reason I said no.

Chloe: Hey.

Rex: Chloe! Hi.

Chloe: How are you?

Rex: Good.

Chloe: Well, are you here to drown your sorrows over sarah again?

Rex: [Laughs] No. Well, I mean, not exactly.

Chloe: Well, the last time we spoke, you were in the doghouse for sleeping with her sister.

Rex: Believe it or not, she actually forgave me for that.

Chloe: No kidding? How'd you pull that one off?

Rex: Persistence.

Chloe: Ah. So why are you here alone?

Rex: Actually, I, um... I attempted to put this back on her finger. She said no, so I'm just sitting here, trying to figure out how to change her mind.

Stefan: I must admit, mr. Weston, I thought this meeting would go a bit differently.

Ben: Yeah, you thought I'd jump at the chance to take my job back, right?

Stefan: Well, I knew you were desperate for a gig, and you told me before no one was willing to hire you...

Ben: And that's probably still true.

Stefan: That you needed employment to prove yourself to your girlfriend.

Ben: Yeah, sarah and I broke up.

Stefan: I'm sorry to hear that. I know how important she was to you. She give you a reason why she ended it?

Ben: She didn'T. I did.

Stefan: Why?

Ben: 'Cause I was afraid of hurting her.

Stefan: [Laughs] I see.

[Spacey guitar music]

If I worried about that, I would be alone for the rest of my life.

Tripp: Look, I-I told you, I don't know anything about bags, so if it's not claire's, then maybe one of her friends--

Ciara: Can we just stop, please?

Tripp: Stop what?

Ciara: Tripp, I can tell when you're lying. Oh, my god. I cannot believe that you're actually cheating on claire so soon after you guys got back together! Oh, my god!

Tripp: No, I'm not cheating on claire.

Ciara: Who is she? Do I know her?

Tripp: Ciara, just drop it.

Ciara: Oh, my god. Here, skanky, skanky, skanky! Here!

Tripp: Ciara, please.

Ciara: Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Tripp: What are you doing?

Ciara: No, no, okay? This is my apartment, too, and I get to know who's in here, so there's no point in hiding.

Tripp: I just-- just stop, okay?

Ciara: Oh, my god. Just come out and show yourself, okay?

[Melancholy music]

Hope: Ted, would you please give me and rafe a moment alone?

Ted: Of course, commissioner.

Hope: Thank you.

Ted: Sorry if I caused any trouble.

Rafe: I can't believe you're still defending that guy. What--[Sighs]

Hope: Rafe. He deserves a chance at the job.

Rafe: What job is that exactly? Hm? Working you?

Hope: Just stop, just stop, just stop, okay? This has nothing to do with ted and abe. It has to do-- and we both know, it has to do with ted and me.

Rafe: Yeah.

Tech: At safelite autoglass,

Rafe: You're right. Hope, you are right. You are absolutely right. I do not like ted hanging around you, and i certainly did not like it that he was around you the whole time that I was gone. I mean, the guy has made it more than abundantly clear that his intentions when it comes to you are anything but pure.

Hope: I would never let anything happen between ted and me. Rafe, I love you. You're my husband.

Rafe: But does he know that? Hmm? Does he? Does he know it? Because he is always around you, and he's hanging all over you, and the more that he is hanging all over you, the more I begin to wonder, maybe you're okay with it.

Hope: It doesn't matter what ted does.

Rafe: [Scoffs]

Hope: [Sighs] Tis is you feeling guilty about not being there again for me. Ciara was missing, and you were with sami again.

Rafe: I went for johnny, hope! For johnny, okay? I am sorry that I was not there for you and ciara, but--

Hope: But sami needed you more. She always needs you more.

Rafe: No, it was not about sami! It's about johnny. Johnny, her son--he used to be my stepson, and I'm sorry. I was just trying to help him through a very rough time.

Hope: And what about ciara, your stepdaughter? That's present tense. And she was missing.

Rafe: I know.

Hope: So why wasn't she your priority? Why didn't you get on the first plane home?

Stefan: So you're worried that you might snap someday and hurt ciara?

Ben: Right now, I can't even imagine that... but I've done a lot of things in my past that I could've never even imagined. Still did them.

Stefan: I admire your sacrifice. I'm not sure I'd be able to make the same choice.

Ben: I just want to move on with my life.

[Guitar music]

Stefan: Every man needs a purpose, mr. Weston. Take the job.

Ben: You still want me to work for you after everything I just told you.

Stefan: You were a good employee for me, and I trust you.

Ben: Thank you.

Okay. [Clears throat] I'll come work for you again, on one condition.

Chloe: Considering everything that you've done, you should be grateful that sarah's even talking to you. I think that pressuring her is not a good idea.

Rex: No, I totally agree with you. In fact, I saw her a little bit earlier at the pub, and I-- I left right away and came here.

Chloe: Okay. What does that mean, you left?

Rex: Well, it's okay. Eric is--is there. I actually asked him if he could make my case for me.

Chloe: Hmm.

Rex: I really am crossing my fingers that he can pull it off.

Chloe: So you want your brother, eric, to convince sarah to accept your marriage proposal?

Rex: Who else is gonna make my case? I understand that he and sarah have had some bumps in their friendship, but I think he's the best friend she's got in this town.

Sarah: I guess, if I'm being honest, I used you as an excuse.

Eric: Then I'm not the real reason you didn't accept rex's proposal.

Sarah: Mm, part of it, but... I--I still have a lot of trust issues when it comes to rex.

Eric: I see.

Sarah: I mean, you saw what happened on valentine's day, when I had convinced myself that he had cheated on me with that nurse last year. I mean, and can you blame me? You understand how I got there, right? He's--he's done it before twice, and once with my own sister.

Eric: He said he's a changed man.

Sarah: Yeah, and I--and i want to believe him... you're my friend, right?

Eric: Yeah, of course.

Sarah: Okay, well, can you just pretend to not be rex's brother for a minute. If I came to you and I said that this guy who has cheated on me multiple times asked me to marry him, what would you say? Would you tell me that he's the right man for me to spend the rest of my life with?

[Melancholy music]

Jj: [Sighs]

[Hangs up]

Claire: Ah, is she still not answering?

Jj: No, straight to voice mail.

Claire: Um, what did she say when you talked to her before?

Jj: She said that she was someplace safe, but where would that be?

Claire: You don't know of any friends she might have in town?

Jj: When melinda kicked her out, she came straight to me. As far as I know, she--she doesn't have anyone else she can turn to. I mean, who else could she know in salem that would also help her out?

Tripp: Yeah, the kitchen was busy, and when I came back with haley's pie, she was gone.

Claire: Oh, haley. So you guys are on first-name basis now?

Jj: Claire.

Claire: Huh?

Jj: You have some idea where haley might be?

[Suspenseful music]

Ciara: You do know that tripp has a girlfriend who lives here, right?

Haley: Look, I--

Tripp: Ciara, it's not what it looks like, okay? I swear. I just only brought her here to protect her.

Ciara: From what?

Haley: I'm just gonna leave.

Tripp: No, haley, wait.

Ciara: Wait a second. You're haley? Like melinda's sister, haley? Like you're--

Tripp: Undocumented, yes...

Ciara: Oh...

Tripp: And the police are looking to arrest her.

Ciara: [Sighs] So you're hiding a fugitive in our apartment?

Haley: I didn't ask him to do this.

Tripp: It's only until we find out a way to help her, okay?

Ciara: Okay, but tripp, you do know that my mom is the police commissioner, right? I mean, what, do--do you expect me to just go along with this and lie to her?

Tripp: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

[Suspenseful music]

Claire: Jj, if you have no idea where haley is, how would i know?

Jj: Just had a look on your face.

Claire: Sorry. It's my thinking face. I didn't really mean to get your hopes up.

Jj: Oh. I'm gonna go track down melinda. If haley's really that desperate, maybe she-- she would turn to her sister for help.

Claire: Okay. Good luck. Really. Let me know if you find her.

Jj: Thank you.

Haley: I am just gonna grab my bags. I--I'm--I don't want to get anyone else in trouble.

Tripp: No, haley, you don't have to go.

Haley: No, no. Tripp, ciara's right. It's not safe for you to have me here.

Ciara: Actually, you're not going anywhere.

[Suspenseful music]

Stefan: Condition for employment. I gotta hear this.

Ben: [Laughs] Before chad fired me, I was actually on my way over here to let you know I'd be quitting.

Stefan: Really? Did I not treat you well?

Ben: Mm-mm. You were a fine boss.

Stefan: Then what was the problem?

Ben: Problem was that ciara was uncomfortable with what i did to gabi hernandez.

Stefan: Ah. When I asked you to deliver her here.

Ben: Yeah, and I did that.

Stefan: She was unharmed. You didn't do anything wrong.

Ben: But if you did hurt her, I would've been part of it. I've been trying really, really hard to be a better person, and given my history, that means not doing anything else that even comes close to victimizing women.

[Tense string music]

Stefan: I'm glad to hear you say that, because for your first assignment, you'll be doing the exact opposite.

Chloe: Come on, rex. Get real. Sarah's not gonna accept your marriage proposal because her friend told her to do it.

Rex: She values his opinion, and he's helped me out before.

Chloe: Okay. If that works, you're very lucky to have a brother like that.

Rex: I do know that.

Chloe: Well, good luck to you.

Rex: Well, l--hey, hey. Thank you. Thank you for everything, and for--for having my back.

Chloe: Well, you know, glass houses, stones, all that. Us sinners gotta stick together.

[Glass shatters]

Rex: Are you okay?

[Uneasy music]

Eric: You have to decide for yourself if you're ready to make that commitment.

Sarah: [Laughs] How'd I know you were gonna say that?

Eric: Sarah, rex would want me to say this to you, but he doesn't feel like he's good enough for you. I mean, I know--he knows-- that he's made mistakes, and he's ready to commit the rest of his life making up for them.

Sarah: Yeah, but I don't want that. I don't want somebody to be driven by guilt.

Eric: All right, well maybe I just said it wrong.

Sarah: No, just--[Sighs] Forget it. I--I hate that he's put you in this position. I-- I should go.

Eric: Sarah--

[Tender music]

My brother loves you. I think you should give him a chance to make you happy.

Rafe: And of course, you know--know you and ciara--you are my priority, okay? But hell, if I'd have known that jordan was going to kidnap ciara, I would've never left--

Hope: But that's the point! That's it. You just hit the nail on the head. That is it. Things happen unexpectedly, although they always do seem to happen after your ex-wife snaps her fingers and you go running off to save the day again.

Rafe: Okay, that-- that is not fair.

Hope: Why isn't it? It's a fact.

[Melancholy music]

[Harp music]

Hope: I love you.

Rafe: I love you.

Hope: I love you. Okay?

Rafe: Okay.

Hope: And I would never, ever--there is no comparison between you and ted.

Rafe: Okay. Okay.

Hope: Okay.

Rafe: That's good. That's good.

Hope: Okay.

Rafe: Hmm. Imagine that. You're still here.

Haley: Are you trying to keep me here until you call the police?

Ciara: I am a brady.

Tripp: Ciara, just please--

Ciara: Da-da. My great-grandparents came to this country looking for a better life for themselves and their family, and I believe everyone deserves an opportunity to do the same.

Ciara: Wait, wait. You mean--

Ciara: Yeah. You can, uh--you can stay here for as long as you need to.

Haley: Thank you. Thank you so much, ciara. I--you have no idea how much this means to me. You too, tripp.

Ciara: I, uh, do have one concern, though.

Tripp: What's that?

Ciara: How is claire, your live-in girlfriend, gonna feel about haley staying here?

[Synth music]

[Cell phone beeps]

[Tender music]

Sarah: [Clears throat] Well, I-I know rex is anxious for my final answer to his proposal.

Eric: Yeah. Do you know what you're gonna do?

Sarah: [Laughs] When I do, you'll be the first to know. Well, uh, second. [Laughs]

Eric: [Laughs]

What is it?

Sarah: Earlier, before rex came in, you said that you wanted to tell me something. What was it?

[Uneasy music]

Stefan: Here. I don't know if el fideo's men are in town or not, but I want you to stick close to chloe, just in case they are. These guys are ruthless.

Ben: Understood. I'ma protect her.

Stefan: I want her to be able to live her life, you know? To do her job, be a good mother, and I can't have her walking around in constant fear, so you do just that. You keep her safe, but I do not want her to know we think she's in danger.

Chloe: I'm sorry. I guess I'm just a little bit jumpy these days.

Rex: Is this about the mexican cartel thugs that came after you?

Chloe: Yeah, but thankfully, stefan dimera was here to save my life that time.

Rex: W-what-- wait a minute. "That time"?

Chloe: Yeah, I got a threatening text the other day.

Rex: Are they still after you, chloe?

Chloe: I don't know, honestly. I heard something outside the mansion last night, and then there was a plant that was knocked over outside a door, and--I don't know. Stefan doesn't seem to be worried about it. Maybe it's just all in my head. I don't know.

Rex: Um... don't look now.

Chloe: What?

Rex: There's a man sitting at the bar, and he has a gun.

[Suspenseful music]

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