Days Transcript Monday 2/25/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/25/19


Episode #13472 ~ Tensions run high as Jennifer moderates the first mayoral debate between Abe and Melinda Trask; Jack drops a bombshell; the truth is finally revealed regarding who set the cabin on fire last year and why; Hope apologizes to Ben for misjudging him.

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[Knock on door]

Haley: Don't you dare get that.

Jj: Mm-mm. I didn't hear anything.

[Knocking continues]

Jennifer: Jj, it's mom. Are you there?

Haley: [Laughs]

Jj: Shh.

Eve: Thanks. So it's confirmed.

Jack: Hmm?

Eve: They're gonna televise the debates live tonight.

Jack: They're televising the salem mayoral debates.

Eve: Yes, that's right. It'll be the perfect opportunity to expose that melinda trask has been lying about the fact that her little sister is an undocumented immigrant.

Jack: Whoa. Whoa, now, wait a minute--

Eve: You know it won't just be a temporary setback for her. It'll be permanent. And she won't just be out of the running for mayor--she'll be out of politics. And did I mention out...of...a job.

Jack: You are one scary woman.

Eve: Yes, I am. But lucky for you, I'm team jack.

Abe: Hey, how do I look?

Sheila: Where are the sneakers I gave you?

Abe: They're in my closet. What do you have to say about this--the suit, tie, shoes? It's, uh, you know, mayoral.

Sheila: Maybe, if you're running for mayor in 1954. The suit screams establishment, but the sneakers give you street cred.

[Phone rings]

Abe: [Laughs] Excuse me. Oh, it's valerie.

[Beep] Hey, have you landed? Oh, you're kidding me. Of all the...rotten luck.

Hope: Ben.

Ben: Is jordan on her way to bayview?

Hope: Yes. You okay?

Ben: I just can't stop hearing the things that she said to me. I don't understand what could have made her snap like that. Wish I had the opportunity to talk to her and just...ask her why. You know something, don't you? Tell me. Please.

Ciara: Jordan could have set both fires. And all this time, that thought never even entered my mind. She knew that everyone would blame ben, and they did.

[Small laugh] It had to have been her. Who else could it have been?

[Uneasy chords]

[Dark music]

Claire: You're wrong. It wasn't jordan who set the fire.

[Intense music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Ben: So you're telling me... that jordan killed our mom... on purpose.

Hope: That's what she told rafe.

Ben: All these years, she's just convincing herself it was an accident? Then the second car accident happens, and she just remembers what really happened?

Hope: It seems that, uh, once she got her memory back, that's when she started to lose touch with reality.

Ben: And became fixated on the idea of protecting people... from me. That was the last thing that she said to me-- was that I'm always gonna be the one to hurt people. Maybe she's right.

[Sighs] Maybe I just need to be locked away.

[Dramatic musical sting]

Ciara: What did you just say?

Claire: I said it wasn't jordan. And it wasn't ben either.

Ciara: Oh, my god. You know, don't you? You know who set the fire! Damn it, claire, tell me! Tell me who set the fire!

Claire: I can'T.

Ciara: You can't? You can't! I almost died!

Claire: It was me, okay? I'm the one!

[Intense music]

It's a brand new morning

Sheila: So what happened?

Abe: Well, there's a snowstorm in D.C., And valerie's flight was canceled, so she's going to miss the debate.

Sheila: I told you they were good luck--you should've wore the sneakers.

Abe: And lani and eli have to work, so it's pretty grim for me not having support for the debate.

Sheila: So what am I, chopped liver?

Abe: [Laughs] Well, it's your job. You're getting paid to be there.

Sheila: [Scoffs] Not enough. Okay, joking. And not joking. But seriously, I do have your back.

Abe: I know why. I lose the election, you lose your job.

Sheila: No, mr. Mayor, it's because I really believe in you.

Eve: All right, let me rephrase that. Not just team jack. Team mayor jack deveraux.

Jack: I think you're getting ahead of yourself.

Eve: Mm-mm. First, we're gonna stick it to trask, and then we're gonna go after abe.

Jack: You are really something.

[Sighs] You can just sit there putting on lipstick and just casually talking about destroying people's lives.

Eve: Oh, please, jack. Trask deserves everything that we'll be dishing out.

Jack: What about her little sister? Haley's really gonna get hurt with all this--do you really think we should just ship her off to china so I can be mayor?

Eve: I'm sure her hotshot sister will pull the appropriate strings.

Jack: Yeah. And what about jj? How's he gonna react when he finds out that I betrayed his trust for my own personal gain?

[Knocking on door]

Jennifer: Jj! Are you okay? It's mom.

Jj: [Whispers] She has to go away at some point.

[Knocking continues]

Haley: Answer the door. It's your mom.

Jj: Shh. I'll be right there!

Jennifer: Hi, honey.

Jj: Hey.

Jennifer: Oh, haley, hi.

Haley: Hi.

Jennifer: You know what? I can come back.

Jj: No, no, no, no. Stay. What's going on?

Jennifer: Well, I came over because I wanted to bring some pictures for you that doug took at the wedding.

Jj: He printed them out? You can still do that?

Jennifer: Yes. It's sweet and old-fashioned. I love doug for doing that.

Haley: Abigail is so beautiful. She looks so happy.

Jj: Yeah. She deserves to be. I really wish you'd gotten the chance to really get to know her.

Haley: Well, I guess we have to go to paris.

Jj: Gee, what a sacrifice.

Jennifer: Here's a really sweet one of you and your dad. Isn't that good? It's just I really feel like the two of you are getting along.

Jj: Yeah...looks that way.

Jennifer: I mean, you have to admit that he's really trying.

Jj: Yeah.

Jennifer: At least with you.

Jj: Mom, he'S...eventually he's going to remember how much he loves you.

Jennifer: I don't know.

[Uneasy music] Not with eve donovan in the picture.

Tripp: No, cl-claire, that's nuts--you could never do something like that.

Ciara: Look, I know we fight, but trying to kill me?

[Small laugh] Are you covering for someone or--

Claire: No, I'm not covering for anyone, ciara. I did it. I set the fire. I tried to kill you. And when you were okay, i thought I could live with the constant reminder of what I did, but I can't do it anymore.

Ciara: Why are you saying this stuff? You didn't know where I was. Nobody did.

Claire: I figured it out.

Ciara: How?

Claire: Look, I went there to find you and to save you, i swear, and then I saw you there sleeping and all alone, and... oh, my god, what have I done!

[Music intensifies]

For all the moments we get closer -

Jj: Do you want me to talk to dad about I can try.

Jennifer: No. No. I'm sorry i even brought it up. I really just came over to bring you these pictures.

Jj: Well, can I keep them?

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, they're all yours. It's hard. I miss them already.

Jj: Well, like haley said, guess we gotta go to paris.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Jj: A lot.

Jennifer: Just wanted to bring those, and need to get going, because I am the moderator for the mayoral debate tonight. And I know that I have to be impartial, but just between us, I really hope that abe carver mops the floor with melinda trask, because that woman is a monster.

Eve: You know, jack, we talked about this. It's better for jj to deal with this now...okay? Jj will find another girl to console him.

Jack: What about how he feels about me? Our relationship is precarious enough as it is.

Eve: Okay, well, he might be angry for a while, but he will come to understand that you were just trying to protect him.

Jack: Right. Right. Blasting haley out of the water for his own good, and me becoming mayor is just a happy little by-product--

Eve: Okay, okay, you know what? You're over-thinking all this.

Jack: That's code for you do the thinking and I just do what you say.

Eve: Where are you going?

Jack: I think the least we can do is give jj a heads up.

Eve: No, jack, you cannot go to jj with this, because jj will talk to haley, and haley will run to her sister, and then she'll be armed and ready for us. There has to be an element of surprise here.

Jack: For maximum effect. To make sure that we do the most damage. Because I haven't hurt enough people around here.

Eve: Okay. All right. Let's just go to the debate tonight, okay? And if you feel uncomfortable and you can't go through with any of this, then we'll just forget all about it. All right? It's completely up to you.

Jack: All right. Let's go then.

Sheila: Okay, your talking points about poor kids and the homeless--really strong. But when you talk about things that you did as mayor to help other people, you could talk trask was all about herself when she was D.A. I mean, but that's just me. Okay, I'll leave you alone.

Abe: Sh-sheila. Look... obviously, we're not compatible.

Sheila: You think?

Abe: But I'm getting used to you.

Sheila: See, you're making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Abe: I'm realizing that you care about the things that I care about, and maybe the fact that we're not alike makes us a good team.

Sheila: Well, tell me something I don't know.

Melinda: Hey, you two. Enjoy your good time while it lasts because, trust me, after the debate, you're not gonna have anything to smile about.

[Abe and sheila scoff]

Ben: Last night, jordan said I-- she looked at me right in the eye and she said I was a monster. In that moment, she was right. 'Cause she knew I was about to kill her.

Hope: Ciara said you were trying to protect her.

Ben: Ciara wasn't in danger anymore. I made sure of that. But jordan was. She was in danger from me. Hope, I had the syringe in my hand, and I was ready. I heard ciara screaming. I couldn't stop. I knew that. Jordan knew that. I think ciara knew that too.

Hope: Ben. Ben... you were fighting like hell to save ciara's life.

Ben: I just can't believe you're trying to let me off the hook. Hope, ever since I came back here, you've been the one to tell me that I haven't changed and that I couldn't change. I'm here to tell you right now that maybe you're right. Jordan thought so.

Hope: And I am telling you... I told ciara this morning that i have been wrong about a lot of things. I have. You. I really thought that you had taken my daughter... and charlotte. And I believed that you started that first fire. But I don't believe that. Not any longer. I was wrong. I was wrong on all three counts. Ben, I'm sorry. I am sorry. Truly...

[Ben exhales] For everything that I have put you through.

Tripp: Wait, wait, wait. How did you figure out that ciara was at the cabin?

Claire: The same way her mom did--when ciara turned on her phone, my laptop picked up her location.

Tripp: Why didn't you tell me?

Claire: Well, you had just left.

[Ding] Oh, my god! Ciara's cell. She must have turned it on.

[Uneasy music]

Wait a minute. No, no, no, no. For once in my life, I'm going to be the hero. I'm going to be the brave soul who rescued ciara brady. Look, I really was gonna save you, I promise. I was gonna make everything up to you. But then--I don't know-- something about when I walked into the cabin and then I saw you lying there, I could see your leg was hurt and... you just looked so helpless. And something just came over me.

Ciara: What? What came over you, claire?

Claire: Well, I saw how to get you out of my way. For good.

[Dark music]

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you control your blood sugar

Jj: I'm sorry for what my mom said about melinda.

Haley: She doesn't know she's my sister. Nobody does. And, uh, that's the way it has to be.

Jj: Way it has to be sucks.

Haley: Yeah. I know. But I get it. If anybody finds out that she has an undocumented sister, there goes her chance of being mayor.

Jj: 'Cause that's what matters? The election?

Haley: It does. To her. That's why she freaked out when I told you the truth. But, uh...I promised her that you would never tell anything to anyone. So... do you mind if we, uh, watch the debate tonight? I can't be there in person, and it's a really big night for my sister.

Sheila: Okay, here's the numbers on trask's conviction record--the ones she lost, and the ones that got reversed on appeal.

Melinda: Hello, sheila.

Sheila: Hmm.

Melinda: Where did you learn that terminology, from the jailhouse lawyers at statesville? Apparently, you think that a prison bid is good preparation for work in the mayor's office.

Abe: I believe everyone deserves a second chance.

Jennifer: Excuse me. Do either one of you have any questions before we start?

Melinda: Oh, I just have one. How did you get assigned to be our moderator? You worked as my opponent's campaign publicist.

Jennifer: I'm a journalist. I know how to be objective.

Melinda: I find that doubtful. But it doesn't matter. I'm not afraid of liberal bias. Good luck, mayor carver. You're gonna need it.

Sheila: Can you excuse us? We have some last-minute prep.

Jennifer: Yes.

Sheila: Thank you.

Jennifer: I'll see you at the debate, abe.

Abe: Thank you.

Jennifer: What are you two doing here?

Eve: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought the debate was open to the public, and even though jack was squeezed out of the race, we're still very interested in the issues.

Jennifer: Oh, yes, because you've always been so civic-minded, eve, right?

Eve: We think that this, um, one you don't wanna miss.

Ben: You don't think I set that fire? Well, what the hell changed your mind?

Hope: Jordan.

Claire: I remember picking up ben's lighter... then before I really knew what was happening, I was lighting the whole cabin on fire. Then I just walked away.

Ciara: And you just left me there? Why? God, claire, why? Why?

Claire: I don't know, okay? I really don't know. You know, when I was standing there looking down at you, all of these thoughts just started racing through my head about how you always took things away from me. Like that stupid bella contest that meant nothing to you and everything to me. You know, if I had won that contest, I would have been able to have a singing career.

Tripp: So you wanted her dead because she won a contest?

Claire: And because of theo.

Ciara? What?

Claire: Think about it, ciara--if you had not entered the contest, then I wouldn't have had to rig it, and theo wouldn't have dumped me. For some reason, you know, he always liked to take your side about everything. Even though I was his girlfriend and I was the one who really loved him.

Ciara: So much so that you wanted to get tripp into bed with you?

Claire: Oh. Oh, okay, well, that's the other thing. Tripp, before I got ciara's location, I kissed you. Do you remember that? And I told you that I was falling for you. Do you remember what you said back to me? You said that you only wanted to be with ciara. Just...totally rejected me.

Tripp: So because of that, you decided ciara should die?

Claire: Okay, I wasn't thinking straight--I was angry and I was hurt, and I couldn't stand the thought of losing to her one more time.

Ciara: So you lit that fire and waited outside for me to burn to death?

[Dark, intense music]

Jj: Here you go.

Haley: Oh, thank you.

Jj: Haley, before my mom showed up, things were...were moving pretty fast. Or I was moving pretty fast. I...hope I wasn't pushing it.

Haley: Did I act like i thought you were pushing it? Maybe after the next debate, we could, uh, pick up from where we left off.

Jj: Debates never go into overtime, do they?

[Haley laughs]

[Tv turns on]

Jennifer: Good evening, and welcome to the first salem mayoral debate of 2019. I'm jennifer deveraux, editor of "the spectator," and I will be moderating.

Eve: Jack, take a look at this. Trask. "Put americans first"? I don't think so. She wants to be first. This is fear and hate mongering at its best. She'll stoop to anything to be elected.

Jennifer: And I ask that for all who are in attendance to remain silent so that we can focus on what the candidates are saying. So again, thank you for your attendance in this very important debate tonight right here in our very own horton town square. And may I say that being a resident of this wonderful city, I am honored to be moderating. So let's begin. Our two candidates will make a brief statement, we'll take questions from the audience. An earlier coin toss determined mayor abe carver will begin.

Abe: Thank you. It has been an honor and a privilege for me serving the people of salem. I'd like to start by saying that as much as I feel I've done my best to better the lives of my constituents...

Haley: Oh, my god. Did you see melinda's face? She hates losing anything, even a coin toss.

Jj: Lady doesn't exude a lotta warmth.

Haley: [Sighs] I'm gonna talk to her after this. I think she definitely needs to smile more.

Jj: Smiling once would be smiling more.

Haley: Hey. Be nice, okay?

Jj: Sorry.

Abe: And finally, I would like to say...

Jj: It's just that... I don't get how you're on her side after the way she treated you.

Abe: Having this debate...

Haley: Jj, I told you, she took me in and she put me through nursing school.

Abe: It is the heart of this community...

Jj: Kicked you out as soon as you became a liability.

Abe: Where people of all walks of life come together...

Haley: That's my sister. And I know more than anybody that her career... it's her whole world.

Abe: It is a mosaic, and beliefs coexisting peacefully.

[Applause] Thank you.

Eve: Okay, jack, now I want you to listen carefully and see if this woman should be mayor. Okay?

Melinda: Mayor carver and i don't agree on much, but we do agree on the importance of this public space to the community. It's a place where family and friends should feel safe to gather and live out their lives. Sadly, under mayor carver's watch, horrific crimes have been committed here, and the perpetrators have oftentimes gone free. Just last summer, one of salem's most respected citizens, dr. Marlena evans, was gunned down at her own wedding right over there. As D.A., My office and I were eager to bring the shooter to justice. It was an air-tight case. The shooter was caught red-handed on security footage. But that man is still free today. Why? Because he was able to waltz into the mayor's office and gain access to the security footage so he could delete it. Thanks to mayor carver, xander cook continues to pose a threat to every citizen in this town.

Jennifer: Mayor carver, would you care to respond?

Abe: Yes, thank you, ms. Deveraux. What happened with xander cook was unfortunate. And I take full responsibility for the loss of that video footage.

Sheila: No. That's just not right. The mayor had nothing to do with it--it was all my fault. Cook isn't just a murderer. He's a con artist, and I fell for it. And since it is all my fault,

[Laughs] I'm resigning, effective immediately.

[Crowd murmurs]

Jennifer: Quiet, please. I think we need to give mayor carver a chance to respond.

Abe: Thank you, ms. Deveraux. And thank you, ms. Watkins, for your offer. I do not accept your resignation. We're only human. Mistakes happen.

Melinda: How do you know this was a mistake? Ms. Watkins is a convicted felon.

Abe: And she served her time.

Melinda: Still, you've given her access to highly sensitive materials. Who's to say that she wasn't just helping out a fellow ex-con?

Abe: You know, I am not surprised that you're willing to throw out baseless accusations. During your tenure as district attorney, you made a habit of rushing to judgment. That's why you kept prosecuting innocent people. And that's why you ended up with a conviction rate that can only be called dismal. You never took the time to do your due diligence, because you are only interested in the win...not in seeking justice. And something tells me that this bid for mayor is no different, that you are in this for all the wrong reasons.

Jj: Good for you, abe. Really nailed her.

Haley: Hey, melinda scored points too. It's still anybody's game.

Abe: Ms. Trask has used sarcasm and innuendo to imply that my passionate belief in justice for all means I'm soft on crime. I don't think that I would have won the endorsement of the police department if they thought that. The officers who served under me as commissioner of police believe I would be the better mayor. And I hope you all agree with them.

Melinda: And I would say it's almost criminally negligent to ignore what's happened here. Xander cook has terrorized this community and literally gotten away with murder. Could it be because mayor carver is so cozy with his uncle, victor kiriakis? A mexican drug lord was able to send a crew of his henchmen up to our town with impunity. We are all under attack.

Eve: [Sighs] Jack, this is disgusting. And abe's just standing there taking it. Well, I'm not going to do it. I'm gonna ask a question. Excuse me, ms. Trask--

Jennifer: Oh, please wait until the candidates have--

Eve: You've told us about the terrible things that were done by a member of the greek crime family and a mexican drug lord. So don't you think it's time you told us your position on immigration?

[Dramatic music]

Hope: [Sighs] I don't know if I'll ever be 100%...okay with you being with my daughter. But you did save her life, and for that, I'll always be grateful. So... going to recommend--[Ahem]-- To the, uh, new D.A. Not to pursue charges against you for escaping custody and for what happened with jordan.

Ben: Thank you.

Hope: You're a free man, ben. You can go.

[Soft, emotional music]

Claire: It all just happened so quickly. When I was about halfway to my car, I realized what I had done. Oh... what am I doing? Oh, my god!

Ben: I didn't do it! I was trying to save her.

Ciara: Mom, don't--

Hope: It's okay. It's all right, sweetie. It's gonna be okay. Oh, ciara.

Claire: But you had already been saved. So... I just ran out of there as fast as I could. And then, uh, the next morning when grandma julie called me, I just--I pretended to be very, very surprised.

Ciara: I... I can't believe this.

Tripp: You little bitch! What the hell is wrong with you, huh? Answer me, claire! Claire! Claire, answer me! Claire! Claire.

Claire: What?

Tripp: haven't said a word the whole time you've been standing there.

Claire: Sorry. I was just thinking. Um... what were you guys saying?

Tripp: That it must have been jordan who set the first fire.

Claire: Wow., yeah. Yeah, you're right. It must have been jordan. Until I actually saw her.

Tripp: Are you sure you're okay? You seem a little out of it.

Claire: No, I'm fine. Really. I just...I didn't realize how worried I'd been about ciara until I actually saw her.

Tripp: Well, she's gonna be okay now, okay? Now that jordan's locked up, she's out of danger.

Claire: Yeah, you're right. I know.

[Exhales] I'm really glad we can all finally just...move on.

[Door opens]

Ciara: Hi.

Hope: Hi. Hi, sweetheart. I was hoping you'd be awake.

Ciara: Yeah, tripp and claire just left.

Hope: Shake, burger.

Ciara: Oh, thank you.

Hope: So sorry it took so long, sweetie.

Ciara: That's okay. Aunt kayla already signed my release form for tomorrow, so i get to go home.

Hope: That's good news.

Ciara: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Hope: Yay!

Ciara: Yay! Do you think you could give me a ride home?

Hope: Is that-- is that a serious question? Yes, of course, I can drive you home.

Ciara: Thank you.

Hope: Here you go. Try that. See if you like it. Where's ben? He's not here?

Ciara: What do you mean? He went to go see jordan.

Hope: No, he couldn'T. She was being transferred. We had a, um...we had a nice talk, and then he left and i thought--well, I thought for sure he would come here to see you.

Ciara: No, he didn'T. Wonder where he went.

[Eerie music]

[Echoing voices]

Ciara: Wait, stop.

Ben: Ciara, get away--

Ciara: You're not a killer anymore, ben. You're better than this!

Jennifer: We will wait to ask questions--

Melinda: Ms. Donovan, sit down and let me finish.

Jack: You're not in court! You can't just bark out orders here. A citizen has asked a question of a candidate, and you damn well better answer it. Both of you. What is your position on immigration? Or more specifically, what do you think about illegal immigration?

Jj: Oh, god.

Haley: You told him?

Abe: Well, I believe that's more of a federal issue.

Jack: Okay. Okay, then, ms. Trask, your campaign literature paints a very scary picture of salem being threatened by an "influx of criminals." So clearly, you think it's actually a very local issue.

Melinda: Of course it is.

Jack: So let's just can it with the dog whistles and answer a very simple question. Do you think illegal immigration is a clear and present danger to this community?

Melinda: Well, I certainly think that there are cases--

Jack: Yes or no? Do you think illegal immigration is a threat to the people of salem?

Melinda: Yes, I do.

Jack: And you would take a firm stance against it?

Melinda: Of course.

Jack: Interesting. Considering the fact that your very own sister is an illegal immigrant... and she lives right here in salem.

[Crowd murmuring]

[Heavy music]

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