Days Transcript Friday 2/22/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/22/19


Episode #13471 ~ Rafe gets Jordan to open up about her recent trauma; Ben admits to Ciara he's not sure he could've stopped himself from killing Jordan; Claire fights jealousy when she realizes Tripp's been hanging out with Haley.

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Ciara: Yeah, aunt kayla said all my blood work came back fine.

Hope: That's a relief.

Ciara: Yeah, it is. And, uh, aunt kayla said I can actually go home tomorrow too.

Hope: That is great news, honey. And jordan's in custody. Thank god rafe got there when he did.

Ciara: Right.

[Tender music] And ben too. Mom, um... can you please admit that you were wrong about him?

Hope: Ciara alice, your mother has been wrong about... an awful lot of things. Uh, I have a few more things to take care of, and then I'm gonna come see you. Is there anything I can bring you?

Ciara: Well, I wouldn't turn my nose up at a pub cheeseburger.

Hope: Uh, you got it, and a shake? I love you.

Ciara: I love you too. Bye.

[Ekg beeping] Wow. These are beautiful.

Ben: How're you feeling?

Ciara: [Sighs] A little sore, but... otherwise, everything's fine.

Ben: Good.

Ciara: I get to go home tomorrow.

Ben: Good.

[Melancholy music]

You should go to your mom's house. Not the loft.

Ciara: Why would I do that?

Hey. Are you okay?

Ben: No. No, I'm definitely not okay.

Jj: Dad--dad, how--how... how can I get in trouble for being friends with haley?

Jack: Illegal immigrants are a hot-button issue here. And you know it.

Jj: But no one's going to find out about it. You and I and haley'S... her family are the only ones that know that's what she is. And I'm not going to say anything. Neither are you. Right?

[Suspenseful music]

Melinda: No matter how much you trust jj to keep quiet, it's bad enough he knows we're sisters.

Haley: Mel. It's gonna be fine. I totally trust him.

Melinda: I wish I did. My first debate with abe is tonight. I don't want anything to go wrong.

Haley: No, it won'T. Because... lots of voters want a mayor who promises to deport people like me.

Melinda: Look. I'm here legally. And I still can't say anything that makes me seem un-american. After those two goons went after chloe lane, people think salem is crawling with mexican drug lords.

Haley: Well, it says here that it was mayor carver's fault.

Melinda: It happened on his watch. I will find a way to help you get your papers. After I win.

Haley: Guess that's all I can ask.

[Dramatic music]

Hope: Abe wants us to brief him on major open cases before the debate tonight.

Rafe: Yeah, it's too bad we can't tell him we got those drug dealers who went after chloe off the streets, but at least we got jordan, so she can't hurt anyone else. What're you doing here?

Ted: I, uh, I wanted to talk to hope. But you should probably hear this too.

[Mysterious music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Tripp: Man, sorry that took so long, but, uh... where'd she go?

Claire: Hey. Where did you go?

[Mysterious music]

Jj: Dad, haley is not using me.

Jack: There's gotta be someone else that she can stay with until she finds a place.

Jj: What--what--what-- what happened to you? The dad I grew up with, um, would have been on her side. You were always for the underdog.

Jack: I am not out to get haley. I'm just saying that she's a-- she's a frightened girl who needs a green card. She's desperate, and you are a single guy. With a job.

[Rock music plays over stereo]

Jj: So you're worried about me being taken advantage of by a woman? You're the one that shacked up with eve donovan.

Jack: I know you don't like her. I get it.

Jj: Yeah.

[Cell phone beeps]

Jack: Mm.

Jj: That's from her, right? What's her problem now? Is she worried you sat too close to mom during abigail's wedding?

Jack: Uh... I have to go. I'm sorry. I bought lunch.

Jj: So she texts you and you come running?

Jack: Look. I know. I got no place in--in telling you anything. But you're my son. And I care about you. I love you.

Jj: I love you too. We're good. Come on. We're good. No, no, no, I can-- I can take care of the tab.

Jack: I'm your dad. When we get together, it's on me.

Hope: Rafe and I don't have time to talk. We have to brief abe before the debate.

Ted: Well, abe is gonna tell you that he just appointed me as the new interim da.

[Dramatic percussive music]

Rafe: Abe appointed you?

Ted: Ask him.

Rafe: Must've needed someone in a hurry.

Ted: Well, with jordan ridgeway behind bars? Yes, he did.

Hope: You're the new... interim appointment?

Ted: Right. And for the time being, the three of us are gonna be on the same side. Isn't someone going to congratulate me?

[Suspenseful music]

Rafe: There have to be lawyers in salem who actually respect the law, so why did abe pick you?

Ted: Um, well, he knew I started out as a prosecutor. And he needed someone as tough as trask. I'm pretty sure abe could use a win in this election year.

Rafe: And we thought trask was bottom of the barrel.

Hope: I, uh, didn't get a chance to tell you that jordan was being brought up from holding. Her public defender wants her to, um, be arraigned as soon as possible. I got the go-ahead for you to question her.

Rafe: Mm-kay.

Ted: I suppose jordan, like her brother, will claim insanity. She will do a couple of months in bayview and walk out free as a bird. That doesn't work for me. Send me into that courtroom with a signed confession, please.

Rafe: Well, I know where I'd like to send you. Certainly not a courtroom.

Hope: Rafe.

[Dramatic music]

Ciara: Is it your head?

[Gentle acoustic strumming] You, uh, you got hit pretty hard.

Ben: No, I went to the er. They gave me a head scan. I'm fine. Physically, anyway.

[Ekg beeping]

Ciara: What jordan did... it must be such a shock for you.

Ben: What really shocks me is how close I just came to killing my own sister.

[Door handle shuffles]

Jordan: [Gasps] Are you the one that's questioning me?

Rafe: Yeah.

Jordan: Thank god it's you. You saved my life last night. You saw how ben was, right? People need to be protected from him.

Rafe: Ben was trying to stop you from doing anything else to hurt ciara.

Jordan: I was trying to help her. She and ben, they were-- she was kissing him. Okay? I had to stop him from doing to her what he did to all those other women. You know what will happen if she trusts him again. He'll kill her too.

Rafe: Well, I know that's how you see it. That you were taking care of charlotte, ciara...

Jordan: Because that's how it was. That's what I do. I-I take care of people. Like you. Remember, you couldn't even walk.

Rafe: Were you taking care of kate roberts when you injected her with a syringe full of barbiturates?

Jordan: I don't know what you're talking about.

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: I think you do. See, kate has given a statement that you injected her with an overdose and left her for dead. Kate didn't need protection from ben, did she?

Jordan: Look, she was trying to stop me from taking food and supplies to ciara and the baby. Okay, because that's what she does. Remember, she tried to stop me from helping you.

Rafe: Jordan, I'm gonna be honest. I see you sitting there. I mean, you look the same, but listening to you, I don'T... you don't sound the same. I don't hear the woman who got me walking again. I just...

hey. Talk to me. Talk to me, okay, because kate says you ran into her son rex last night and, uh, you told him you were in a car accident about a year ago. That that's when things started to go badly.

Jordan: It's true.

Rafe: Okay. Do you want to tell me about that time? I landed.

Jack: What's-- what's happening?

Eve: How was the wedding?

Jack: Short, sweet, and simple. What about this text? You tell me to show up, get here. You had something very important to tell me.

Eve: Well... I think I've got some information that might come in handy. Turns out jj's new roommate has friends in high places. Or at least a sister who wants to get there.

Haley: Oh. You're back early.

Jj: Yeah. Wedding was short and sweet. It's how abigail and chad wanted it.

Haley: You don't look very happy.

Jj: I found out today they're--they're moving to paris with the kids.

Haley: Paris? What? Really?

Jj: Yeah. They decided they needed a-- needed a fresh start. I agree with them.

Haley: And your sister, you guys are pretty close, right?

Jj: Mm, yeah, we are now. Yeah. Really gonna miss her.

[Moody music]

Did I say something to upset you?

Haley: No, no, it's not you. I just... was thinking about my sister. I know mel's done so much for me, but...

Jj: She drives you nuts?

Haley: Yeah.

Jj: Yeah, she drives a lot of people nuts.

Haley: Yeah, she does. You know, I remember when i really wanted a fresh start just like your sister does. That's why I came to this country. But sometimes, melinda just...

[Sighs] She just makes me wish I'd gone anywhere else but where she is.

Jj: I get what you're saying. I am really glad that you, uh, you came to where I am.

Tripp: Yeah, kitchen was busy, then when I came back with haley's pie, she was gone.

Claire: Oh. Haley. So you guys are on a first-name basis now?

Tripp: Yeah. Yeah, I met her at the hospital. She's the nurse who treated my burn.

Claire: Right, yeah. The one you said was cute.

Tripp: Yeah.

Claire: Yeah. She come here often?

Tripp: I don't know. It's just, I've never waited on her, so...

Tripp: Why are we talking about haley?

Claire: I just didn't realize you guys were friends. That's all.

Tripp: Yeah, we-- we hung out, like, once.

Claire: When?

Tripp: I'm with you, claire, okay? I'm not interested in haley or ciara or anybody else. All right?

Claire: Okay. I know. Sorry. Sorry. Uh... I really do love the key lime pie here.

[Laughs] And haley's gone. Right?

Tripp: Mm-hmm.

[Tender music]

Ted: So, uh, how do you feel about you, rafe, and i working together? I-I know you weren't enthusiastic about recommending me for the job, so.

Hope: Actually, I had recommended you.

[Moody music]

Jordan: I was planning on coming back here when I heard that ben broke out of the mental hospital. I heard he crashed poor abigail's wedding, which proved that he was still dangerous, but... then I had my accident, and I couldn'T.

Rafe: Yeah. I actually looked into that accident. You were in the hospital for a long time.

Jordan: Yeah, I was in bad shape. It was a slow recovery. Even when I was myself again, physically, I-I never felt like the same person. I still don'T.

Rafe: Why not?

Jordan: Uh... I-I-- it just brought up a lot of horrible memories. Ones that I had buried a very long time ago.

Rafe: What kind of memories?

Jordan: Of another accident.

Ciara: Ben. You had to do what you did. Okay, jordan was attacking me.

Ben: But I got her away from you. I got the syringe out of her hand. I should've just stopped. I should've just called for help, but I didn'T. Ciara, I didn't do that. I lost it. You saw me. You saw me. I heard you screaming for me to stop it, and I couldn'T. I wanted to. I tried. If rafe hadn't gotten here and stopped me and gotten me away from her in time... I wanted her dead.

Ciara: No.

Ben: Yes.

Ciara: Ben, no.

Ben: Ciara, I might've done it. I might've stuck that needle in my own sister's neck and killed her.

[Ekg beeping]

[Forlorn music]

I didn't think I was that guy anymore. I'm scared. Ciara, I'm scared that he's still in there. I'm scared of who I really am. And you should be too.

Live from the starlite lounge.

Ted: Wait. You told abe you should hire me, even though you knew that we'd be working together closely if I get the job?

Hope: You, rafe, and I are-- we're professionals. And we can make this work, can't we? Besides, it's only temporary.

Jordan: Remember when i told you that my mom died in a car accident and I was driving?

Rafe: Yeah.

Jordan: Well, I thought that was the truth. Until I was in the other accident.

Rafe: What do you think now?

[Tender music]

Jordan: When I was a little girl, one of my jobs was to dead-head the snap dragons and geranium blossoms from the garden. You know what that is? Dead-heading?

Rafe: It's, uh, picking off the old growth. Right? Yeah.

Jordan: And sometimes I would say to her, "mama, some of this flower, you know, it doesn't look dead," and--and she would say that, "well, eventually, it will die, and until it does, it's going to keep the rain and the sun from the new growth." Well, when clyde came to live with us, he hated everything that mama loved that wasn't him. Including the garden and me. So he mowed the garden over and... and he put his mark on me too. And, um... I thought he would be so happy when she gave him a son, you know? But it wasn't-- and all little ben ever had to do was just, like, drop an apple core on the ground and he would start taking his belt off.

Rafe: Go on.

Jordan: Well... so when I heard that mama was pregnant, I knew what that meant for the baby, what kind of life that would be. So, when I was driving her to the doctor... I saw a big silver maple tree on the side of the road. And I knew what I had to do. Because mama was like those geranium blossoms, you know? She looked alive, but... but she was dead inside. And so was the baby that she was carrying. So I put my foot on the gas. I took care of them. And I-I was ready. I was ready to die with them. But I didn'T. So that's when-- so that's when I started making plans to take ben and run away. And I thought I did it. I thought I-I had saved the new growth. I thought I had. But I was wrong. Clyde had put his mark on ben too.

Ciara: Jordan just banged your head with a metal tray. Of course you would have lost it and wanted to kill her, but you wouldn't have done it. You wouldn't have, whether rafe came in or not.

Ben: I wish I was as sure as you are.

Ciara: You were in pain.

Ben: I was enraged.

Ciara: Well, why wouldn't you be? She--she framed you. She got you arrested. She tried to kill me twice.

Ben: Look, jordan has taken care of me since I was a little kid. It's all I had. When she and I left, she was--she was it. That's all I had. And now I'm, like...

[Tender music]

I have to go see her.

Ciara: I don't think you can. She's in custody, ben.

Ben: I have to try.

You know I don't want to leave you. But, um... you understand?

Ciara: You know I do.

[Door closes]

Claire: Mmm. This pie is so good. Um, you know, I think I'll take a slice of this to ciara at the hospital.

Tripp: Y--well, I mean, I'm about to clock out anyway, so what if I go wrap up some of that pie and then we both go see ciara?

Claire: Tripp. Come on, I don't know if I want you there when I beg her for forgiveness again.

Tripp: I want to be there.

Claire: Sure you don't want to wait for haley to come back?

Tripp: Give me a break, okay? Just wait here. I'll be right back.

Claire: Okay.

Melinda: Aren't you the girl who's the new face of "bella" magazine?

Claire: Hi. Uh, do I know you?

Melinda: My name is melinda trask. I'm running for mayor.

Claire: Somebody's gotta do it.

Melinda: Could I ask you to read this and share these with the rest of your friends?

Claire: Sure. Why not?

Melinda: Young people.

Eve: So you ready for this, jack? Haley's big sister is none other than melinda trask.

[Moody music]

Jack: The woman is running against abe. Are you sure?

Eve: Oh, I am very sure. I overheard them arguing right in town square. Melinda was telling haley to keep her mouth shut about the two of them being related.

Jack: No kidding.

Eve: Yeah. So having an illegal as a-a little sister kinda blows trask's promise to be tough on immigration, doesn't it? Makes her look like the hypocrite she really is.

Jack: Yeah, I guess so.

Eve: Oh, my gosh, jack. Can you believe this? Can you believe this landed right in our laps? Just when we were trying to find a way to get her out of the race.

Jack: No, I-I-I can'T.

Eve: [Sighs] You know, abe is gonna take the fall. He is, he's gonna take the fall for those two thugs that went after chloe lane. Now that linda's little sister is in this country illegally, I don't think that you are out of the running. In fact, mm-hmm, I think I'm looking at salem's next mayor. (Ariana) what is he doing?

Jack: We can't use this information against melinda.

Eve: Why not?

Jack: You know why not. I promised jj that I wouldn't tell anyone about haley. I should never have told you.

Eve: Oh, jack, breaking promises is part of being a politician.

Jack: I didn't make a promise to a constituent. I made it to my son.

Eve: I know, but--

Jack: You know... jj's the only person other than you that I feel a bond with. He trusts me now, and I'm not gonna betray that.

Jj: Yeah, my--my dad and i didn't have time to eat lunch today. I'm gonna make myself a sandwich. You want one?

Haley: Oh, I'm good. I actually had lunch at the square. And your cousin was there. He didn't even charge me. Isn't that awesome?

Jj: Ah. Tripp bought you lunch. He trying to win you over or something?

Haley: Well, you sound jealous.

Jj: What if I am?

Claire: Oh, I'm so glad you're all right. Really. I-I brought you a piece of the key lime pie from the café. If you want it.

Ciara: Thanks.

Claire: Yeah.

Ciara: Um, that's really nice of you, actually.

Claire: Mm-hmm. Look, I-I really hated the way we left things before you went to see theo.

Ciara: Yeah, I wasn't too crazy about it either.

Claire: I know that it's my fault.

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Claire: I'm sorry. It was my idea for me and ben to break up you and tripp, and it was a very, very crappy thing to do.

Ciara: Mm, yes, it was.

Claire: But you forgive ben, right? And tripp forgave me. We even got back together.

Ciara: Wow, um... hmm. That's a surprise.

Claire: [Laughs] Yeah, and--and you're with ben now, right? Sort of. Look, I-I know that what I did was... incredibly stupid and selfish.

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Claire: But if you look at it from a different perspective, um, you know, in the end, we all ended up getting what we wanted, right? Look, I just really want us to be friends again. And tripp forgave me, so I was just hoping that you could do the same.

Rafe: Jordan. Jordan... you didn't take care of your mother and the baby. You caused their deaths.

Jordan: I did the best that I could.

Rafe: Well, you should've contacted the authorities about clyde.

Jordan: The authorities? The authorities are the ones who released ben, who said he was cured. He killed four people. Anyone that does that is never cured, rafe. Okay, what did he do as soon as he was let go? He went and kidnapped ciara. Okay, he kept her in that cabin.

Rafe: He didn't kidnap ciara. He found her. She was injured, jordan.

Jordan: He started that fire!

Rafe: No. We have not proven that he started the fire. The only proof we have is that you started the second fire, jordan.

Jordan: I was trying to stop it, okay? He's just like clyde. And it's up to me, okay? It's always up to me. And I had to make sure that he doesn't do this to anyone else. Don't you see that? Do you see this is why I've done all of this?

[Sobbing] You're not saying anything. Why aren't you saying anything?

Rafe: I don't know what to say.

Jordan: Say that you understand, rafe. Say that you understand, please. Rafe. Rafe. I can'T.

[Sobbing] I can't do this. You don't understand. I thought you would understand.

[Sobbing indistinctly]

Rafe: Oh, jordan.

Jordan: Please.

Hope: Rafe.

[Dramatic music]

Before I had the shooting,

Haley: This roommate thing, it's complicated enough. I think we should just stay friends.

Jj: Friends? Is that what you and tripp are?

Haley: I can't get into a relationship with anybody. Especially someone who's been as good to me as you have. And it's not just me being here illegally. I can tell your dad doesn't like me.

Jj: He doesn't know you.

Haley: Jj, I don't want to-- I don't want to get in between you and him.

Jj: Who cares what he thinks? It's what I think that matters. I like you a lot.

Haley: Yesterday, after we, uh, after we kissed, we agreed this wasn't a good idea.

Jj: That's because my sister's baby was still missing. All of that is--is over now. And, uh... I think it was a really good idea.

Haley: Jj.

Jj: I still do.

Ciara: Well... I am feeling pretty lucky to be alive, and my mom and I decided that we're sick of fighting all the time. I was hoping that you and i could cut it out too.

Claire: Is this you saying that you forgive me?

Ciara: Mess with my life again and we're done, okay?

Claire: I promise, I won'T.

Ciara: Then we're okay.

Claire: Wow. Thank you so much.

Ciara: Wow. Claire, um... you know, I am still pretty banged up.

Claire: Sorry. Sorry. I just, wow, you have no idea how much this means to me.

Tripp: Me too. I was actually hoping that you guys could work things out. You sure you're okay?

Ciara: Yeah. Yes. Just a little stiff and sore, but aunt kayla said I can go home tomorrow.

Tripp: And, uh, how is ben doing?

Ciara: How would you feel if your sister went off the deep end and tried to blame you for all the crazy things that she did?

Tripp: I actually feel sorry for the guy. I mean, it's bad enough that I tried to make him look like he set the first fire, but then, I mean, his own sister? Trying to make him look like he did it again?

Ciara: The only reason mom found me in time is because of ben. He saved my life.

Tripp: I was so sure that he set the first fire. Wait a minute.

Ciara: What?

Tripp: What if it was his sister who set the first fire too?

Ted: So not only we do have jordan admitting to kidnapping ciara and charlotte and attempting to murder kate, there is also ciara and kate's victim statements. And even if jordan skates somehow, we should have two additional counts of murder one for the old car crash. It's done.

Rafe: Is it? See, if I were you, I wouldn't get ahead of oneself. Anyone can clearly see that jordan is not fit to stand trial.

Hope: Marlena agrees. Jordan is in no shape to participate in her own defense, and counselor, if you insist on taking this to trial, then you risk her attorney arguing temporary insanity.

Rafe: But if she pleads it out, she gets sent to bayview where she will get the help she so desperately needs.

Ted: All right. All right. Family full of nutcases. Too bad the westons ever set foot in salem.

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your car insurance

[Tender music]

Jj: I hope I didn't come on too strong.

Haley: No. You were perfect.

Eve: Jack, don't you think it's best to nip this in the bud before jj gets too serious? I mean, she's gonna be deported anyway. You don't want him to lose her that way.

Jack: We have no way of knowing what's ahead for her.

Eve: Yeah, I know, but it doesn't mean you can't keep your guard up where your child is concerned. Look, I lost my little girl. And there's not a day that goes by that I don't wish that I had done things differently with her. And I know that you promised-- you promised jj that you wouldn't say anything, but I just think it's too much to ask of a parent here.

Jack: Yes. Yes. If I keep his confidence, and it becomes a big disaster for him...

Eve: Yeah, and you know what he tried to do himself a year ago.

Jack: Yeah.

Eve: You can't let this blow up in jj's face. You can'T. And you can't let melinda trask keep pulling the wool over everyone's eyes.

Jack: Right. Right. You're right.

Eve: Okay. I think I know how we can drop this bomb.

Ben: It's for sure? You're not gonna press charges against jordan?

Ted: I talked to her attorney about remanding her directly to bayview. He sold it to her, I-- I sold it to the judge.

Ben: I hope they help her.

Hope: They helped you.

[Door opens]

Jordan: Ben.

Ben: I'm sorry. About what I did to you last night. Look, I didn't mean to hurt you.

Jordan: It's okay. You can't help yourself. It's who you are. It's who you always will be.

Rafe: Let's go.

Ciara: Jordan could've set both fires. And all this time, that thought never even entered my mind. She knew that everyone would blame ben, and they did. It had to have been her. Who else could it have been?

[Cymbal shimmering]

[Intense music]

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