Days Transcript Wednesday 2/13/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/13/19


Episode #13464 ~ John confronts Diana with his suspicions about Leo's paternity; Leo presses Sonny to sleep with him; Rafe discovers Kate in a precarious state; Ben realizes he's being set up and takes drastic action.

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Diana: Ah. Oh.

John: Thanks for meeting me.

Diana: Well, of course. You said you needed to talk. And on valentine's day, no less. How could I pass up that opportunity?

John: Diana--

Diana: Oh, don't worry. Don't worry. I'm not so naive to think you had some sort of romantic rendezvous planned. Strictly business, isn't it? You want to ask me more questions about my son.

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: And what about her being leo's mother? Did you know she had a son?

John: Not a clue.

Marlena: Hmm. Well... I guess she had him shortly after she left salem, huh?

John: You're right. I do want to talk about leo... and his father.

Sonny: Will, how did you manage to sneak this in here?

[Tense music]

Leo: So you got my card.

Will: "Dear sonny." "Dear sonny," what? How--how am--how am I supposed to fit everything I feel for you on one card?

Marlena: Will? Something wrong?

Will: Oh, uh, no. Uh, I'm--I'm fine. Just valentine's day. Hey, I heard, um, ben weston was arrested.

Marlena: Yes, that's true.

Will: What does that-- so does that mean he's, uh-- he's gone psycho again?

Marlena: Oof, you know I don't care for that word. And I have not evaluated ben, so I don't know how he's doing. But even if I had, I couldn't discuss his mental health with you.

Will: I know. I'm sorry. I'm--I'm--I'm--I'm just...

Marlena: Concerned? I know. I am too. But like everybody else I work with, I wish him the very best.

Hope: Good work, detective. We have weston dead to rights on kidnapping.

Eli: The evidence is damning, but...

Hope: But nothing. We found ciara's phone and charlotte's blanket in his room. That's enough to send him to prison... or back to bayview for a very long time.

Eli: I hope you're right.

[Dramatic music]

Ben: Hope is wrong... I think.

[Sighs] What if she's not? My god. Could I have blacked out and actually hurt ciara?

Oh, my god. Ciara.

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[Soft orchestration]

[Dramatic music]

Ben: Ciara, you're all right. Oh, my god. Does your mom know where you are?

Ciara: Forget about my mom. Do you really think it's true?

Ben: What's true?

Ciara: That you did what they're saying?

Ben: You heard that? You're not really real, are you?

Ciara: Sorry. I'm here for you, like I was last night.

Ben: I must be really losing it if I keep imagining you.

Ciara: I think it's proof that you're not.

Ben: How do you figure?

Ciara: You know the difference between what's real and what's imagined. That's pretty much the textbook definition of sanity.

Ben: So you're saying if I know you're not really here... that means I didn't kidnap you or the baby? Ciara, I could have just done it and blocked it out.

Ciara: No. I think you care way too much about me to do that.

Ben: I do. My god, I swear I do. But how do I explain your phone and the baby blanket in my room?

Ciara: Easy. Somebody else put them there.

Ben: You think somebody framed me? But who?

Hope: Where are you, ciara?

[Cell phone beeps]

Rafe: Hey, it's me. Just wanted to let you know I landed. So hang tough, okay? I'll be there as soon as I can.

Gabi: Rafe?

Rafe: Hey, sis.

Gabi: What, you're back in town and you didn't tell me you were back?

Rafe: I just got in, and I would love to talk, but I need to go see hope right now.

Gabi: Of course, yeah. I mean, she must be worried about ciara.

Rafe: Yeah, abigail's baby's missing too.

Gabi: Ben was just arrested.

Rafe: Yes, and with any luck, hope's getting some answers out of him right now.

Gabi: Okay, well, if ben doesn't talk to hope, maybe his sister can help. Maybe she can get him to do the right thing.

Rafe: Jordan? She's in town? I did not know.

Gabi: Yeah. Actually, I saw her a little bit ago in the square. It was really weird.

Rafe: What was?

Gabi: She was with kate, and she had had one too many.

Rafe: Drinking in the middle of the day?

Gabi: Apparently jordan was helping her home?

Rafe: Huh. Why would she help kate?

Jordan: [Sighs]

Kate: What did you do to me?

Jordan: I'm sorry, but this is your own fault, kate. You just had to interfere, didn't you? But, then, you've always been such a nosy busybody. Well, I am gonna make sure that you don't bother me or anyone else ever again.

[Tense music]

You've tried moisturizer after moisturizer...

Kate: What are you-- what are you doing to me?

Jordan: Shh. It's all right, okay? I know it's not your nature, but don't fight it, all right? Just, shh, go to sleep. Go to sleep.


[Tense music]

Rafe: Kate and jordan are not friends. Why would they be together?

Gabi: Yeah, I thought it was really weird too. But listen, I know you're anxious to get to the station. I gotta pick up ari from sonny, so...

Rafe: Okay. Hey, give her a kiss for me.

Gabi: I sure will.

[Dramatic music]

[Line rings, beeps]

Rafe: Voice mail. Hey, hope, it's me. Listen, uh, I'm about to head to the station, but there's something I need to check out first. It's, uh... well, I'm not exactly sure what it is, but somehow, uh, my gut is telling me it has something to do with ben's case, so I'll see you soon.

[Cell phone beeps]

Hope: Oh, how did i miss you again?

Eli: Hope? I got something you need to hear.

Hope: You got something on ciara's phone?

[Cell phone beeps]

Ben: Ciara, hey, it's me. I don't know where you are, but if you're in any kind of trouble or if somebody has taken you, I'm gonna find you. I promise you.

Hope: Okay.

Eli: Did you hear his voice? Dude sounded really worried about her. Hope, ben didn't expect us to find ciara's phone, so why leave the message? Something about this just-- it's not adding up.

Ben: Your mother has had it in for me since the day we got together. I caught her and my former attorney going through my room. The guy's a snake. He's devious. It wouldn't--it wouldn't surprise me if he put the idea in her head to plant that evidence.

Ciara: You think my mom did this?

Ben: Or detective grant? He was alone in my room. Would have been the perfect opportunity for him to plant the phone and the blanket.

Ciara: Ben... I don't think the cops did this.

Ben: What makes you so sure?

Ciara: Well, because as much as they have it in for you and as much as my mom wants to throw you in prison, she wants to find me a whole lot more. How does setting you up help her do that?

Ben: Maybe she figures if I think they're onto me, then maybe I'll crack and I'll tell them where you are.

Ciara: Maybe. But with everything that happened with that can of accelerant, I'm pretty sure planting evidence would be the last thing she would do.

Ben: Yeah. You're probably right.

Ciara: So... can you think of anyone else who may have done it?

Ben: Oh, my god. I think I know.

Sonny: You know what? I am sick and tired of your threats. And I'm starting to think it's a good idea to get a lawyer to make the case that this evidence is fabricated, that you doctored those photos.

Leo: Any expert will tell you those photos weren't doctored.

Sonny: And with the resources at my disposal, I will get more lawyers who say it's impossible to know for sure. And I'm starting to think that's a really good idea.

Leo: Oh, yeah, you think so? You want to put your future-- not to mention your beloved will's--in the hands of 12 people who are too stupid to get out of jury duty? 'Cause that is exactly what you will be doing if you don't consummate this marriage right now.

Sonny: It's not gonna happen. It's never gonna happen.

Leo: Oh, come on, sonny. It's valentine's day. If you ask me, you're getting off easy. I'm not asking for hearts or flowers. I just want one thing... and you know what it is. So either you give it to me, dear husband, or I will have no choice but to send you and will to prison.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Marlena: I know this is taking longer than you would have liked. But that doesn't mean that diana won't reveal something. Isn't that why you wanted john to track her down?

Will: Yes, it is. And believe me, I-I was-- I was optimistic at first. Um... but the more I think about it, I-I don't know how john's gonna be able to get through to her. Why would she sell out her own son to someone she just met?

Marlena: Oh. Well, they--they didn't just meet. I mean, a long time ago, she and john were involved.

Diana: You want to talk about leo's father?

Leo: He was scum! I did you and the world a favor by getting rid of him.

Diana: Oh! You still think you did the right thing?

Leo: Yes, definitely. Even if that means that I have to live with the fact that i killed my father.

Diana: I'm not sure what you think you know about him, but I assure you, it's a dead end.

John: Then you won't mind if I ask a few questions.

Diana: What for? Oh, yes, of course. So you can use whatever information I give you as leverage to get sonny out of his marriage with my son. If that is why you have invited me here, you are going to be very disappointed, john. Matthew--leo-- has not always been the perfect son. In fact, he's done many things that... have shamed me. But I love him. I will not betray him. I am the only family he's got.

John: Well, I'm not so sure about that.

Diana: My husband, he died years ago.

John: Yeah, richard cooper did. I read an article about his death when I was tracking you down. But what I want to know is... was he actually leo's biological father?

Diana: What a very strange question. Who else could have gotten me pregnant if not my own husband?

John: Oh, come on, diana. You know damn well it could've been me.

Marlena: You see, when john began researching leo's mother, he had no idea that diana cooper was actually diana colville-- I mean, at least not until they met face-to-face.

Will: Wow. And, um, he doesn't mind pressing her for more information?

Marlena: No, not at all. Their relationship ended over 30 years ago. And you know john. He's so fond of you. I'm sure he will get to the bottom of whatever's going on with diana.

Diana: What would make you think you're leo's father?

John: I checked the date on leo's birth certificate and did the math.

Diana: Mm. I suppose I could deny it, tell you you're absolutely wrong. But I know you, john. This isn't something you'll let go of. All you need is a sample of my son's dna and you'll have your answer. I'll save you the trouble. The answer is yes... leo is your son.

[Tense music]

Leo: It would break my heart to see them take you away. And we both know it would break yours to see them lock up will. So don't make me do it.

[Dramatic music]

Sonny: [Sighs]

Gabi: Hey, sonny.

Sonny: Hey.

Gabi: Okay, you look like a man who's being led to the gallows. What's going on?

[Charlotte crying]

Jordan: Hello, little sweetheart. Hi! Have you been a good girl while auntie jordan was away? How was she?

Ciara: She was crying for a little while. I managed to calm her down.

Jordan: Oh, good. That means she's adjusting. And do you want to hear some good news, little cutie? My brother, ben... he was arrested for kidnapping both you and ciara.

Ciara: What? How could that happen?

Jordan: Simple. I planted your phone and baby charlotte's blanket in his motel room, and then I led the police right to it.

Hope: We found evidence that directly links ben to both kidnappings.

Eli: Look, I know the guy's got a history of pretending he's fine when he's not, but when we found that blanket in his room, he seemed genuinely shocked.

Ben: Could've been tripp.

Ciara: You think tripp framed you?

Ben: The guy hates me, ciara. You broke up with him and you ended up with me.

Ciara: Look, I'm not saying he wasn't jealous. But don't you think that's a little extreme? That he'd want to get back at you so badly that he would actually kidnap abigail's baby? That's his cousin, ben. I'm sorry, but I just don't see him doing this.

Ben: There had to have been someone who planted this evidence.

Ciara: Was anyone else in your room when you weren't there?

[Tense music]

Ben: Jordan?

Ciara: Ben? What is it? Did you think of someone?

Hope: Ben seeming shocked, surprised, whatever he was when you found that evidence, it doesn't mean he's not guilty. Eli, he admitted to being off his meds. You heard him say it. So it is entirely possible he is delusional.

Eli: So you think when he left those voice mails, he was genuinely worried?

Hope: Yes. Yes, I do. Because he genuinely didn't know what he had done. Look at him, eli. Look at him. He's talking to himself right now.

Ben: It just doesn't make any sense. She wouldn't do that to me.

Ciara: Who? Ben, please. You have to tell me. If you want to help charlotte and me, you have to tell me.

Ben: My sister came to see me, and I found her in my room. Jordan wouldn't do that to me. She--she cares about me. Jordan has taken care of me my entire life.

Ciara: And I know you believe she wants to protect you, but didn't eli say that she was the one who told abigail... that maybe you were the one who kidnapped charlotte?

Ben: She did. I was nowhere near that baby. She was. She went to go see abigail. She could have easily have taken that little girl.

[Charlotte crying]

Jordan: Shh. That's it. Go back to sleep. Shh. Oh, so sweet. Look, I hate what I had to do to my brother. But it was the only way to get him not to go after you and the baby. It was the only way to make sure that you're both safe.

Ciara: So ben's in jail?

Jordan: Where he belongs. And I mean, I was so afraid for so long, until I finally faced the awful truth. My--my brother grew into a very dangerous man, just like clyde. And now, thankfully, they are both behind bars where both belong and they can't hurt anyone ever again.

Ciara: So now that we're all safe from ben... you can let us go, right?

Jordan: No, I'm sorry. I can'T.

Ciara: Why not?

Jordan: [Sighs] Because I may be able to trust this little baby not to say anything, but I can't trust you.

John: How could you keep this from me? Why didn't you tell me that we had a child together?

Diana: If you recall, we didn't part on the best terms. I felt so guilty for accidentally shooting you, I left town. And by the time I found out I was pregnant, I had met somebody else. Richard cooper. And he agreed to raise my son as his own.

John: What, and after all these years, it never occurred to you to contact me?

Diana: What for? I never thought I'd see you again. We were so young when we were together, john. I just assumed that, like me, you moved on. Turns out, you did.

Will: I, um-- I want to say thank you. I-I really appreciate everything that you have done, you and--you and john. You've gone--you've--you've gone above and beyond.


Marlena: But?

Will: Well, but as much as i would--I would--I would love to believe that sonny and i are--are gonna be together, I'm starting to lose hope. You know, I... I-I--I have--I've been carrying around this valentine's day card all day, and I can't-- I haven't--I haven't put a-- I haven't written a thing on it because I...

Marlena: Oh.

Will: And I-I-I think i figured out that it's because if... what's the point of writing something special to someone you love if you're-- if you're never gonna be able to be with them? I'm sorry. You know, I'm--I'm the-- I'm not good company right now.

Marlena: No, no, no, you're not going anywhere. And I am not going to let you give up on being with sonny.

Gabi: Wow, I have missed a lot.

Sonny: Just my whirlwind marriage to the man who sued me for sexual harassment.

Gabi: Wow. And since I'm assuming that you didn't marry leo willingly, he was blackmailing you? Don't worry, I'm not gonna ask what he has on you.

Sonny: Thanks for that.

Gabi: After everything that I've done, I hardly have room to judge. But there has to be something that you could do to get the upper hand.

Sonny: Well, john is trying to squeeze leo's mother for something that we can use to negate the leverage. But the longer it takes, I just feel like it's a lost cause.

Gabi: But you can't give up, sonny, okay?

Sonny: I don't have a choice. He has made it very clear that he wants me to fulfill my husbandly duties.

Gabi: There's a euphemism.

Sonny: And if I don't, he's gonna make good on his threats. And I'm not letting that bastard send will to prison.

[Sighs] So I'm just--I'm just gonna-- I'm gonna go upstairs and get this over with.

Gabi: No, no, no, there is no way in hell that I'm gonna let that happen.

[Dramatic music]

So there you are with your depression

Diana: When I realized it was you who was tracking me down, I assumed that you finally figured out that you were my son's father. Imagine my surprise... when it wasn't paternity you were claiming. You were just searching for dirt.

John: On my own son.

Diana: Maybe now you realize why I was so reluctant to help you.

John: When I showed up at your door the other day and we were finally face-to-face after all these years, why didn't you tell me then?

Diana: Because... knowing that leo was making life very difficult for marlena's grandson... how could I tell you that your own son was doing that?

John: So leo...does he know?

Diana: He has no idea. He's always believed that richard cooper was his father. And I want it to stay that way. Please. I know this is a lot to take in, john. Let's have a drink. We'll talk about it some more.

John: I need to think about this... alone.

[Soft music]

Marlena: You must know that john and I have had our share of challenges.

Will: Mm-hmm. I actually talked to him a little bit about that.

Marlena: Mm. Then maybe he told you how we survived. Partly because we did not allow ourselves the thought of being defeated. Partly because we-- we faced every challenge together. Because we knew, we understood how special, how magical our relationship was and that it was worth fighting for. Honey, the love that you and sonny share... leo can't do anything about that. It's already yours. So own it. Keep fighting for it. It's worth it. And I know, one day, you and sonny will be together again.

Sonny: Are you planning on physically restraining me from leaving?

Gabi: Look, I'm gonna do whatever I need to do. I'm not gonna let that sleazebag come between my daughter's fathers.

Sonny: I appreciate the sentiment. I know you're tough, but, like, there's nothing you can do.

Gabi: No, I don't accept that. I have spent a long time wanting what you and will have, wanting to feel loved. So if you two are--are lucky enough to love each other the way that you do, I will be damned if you can't spend valentine's day together. And I'm gonna make that happen.

Leo: Hubby dearest! Oh, have you, uh, made up your mind about what we discussed?

Sonny: [Sighs] I'll be right there.

[Tense music]

Rafe: Middle of the afternoon. Huh, must be nice. Kate! Hey, kate, it's rafe. Listen, gabi said she saw you with jordan ridgeway. I just want to ask you a couple questions. Kate. Hey, open up. It's important.

Hope: All the evidence we have points to ben's guilt. How do I get him to tell me what he's done to ciara?

Ben: Jordan was at abigail's house when charlotte was taken, not me. And she was the one who told the cops that I saw you, when I made it crystal clear to her that I was just imagining you, just like I am right now.

Ciara: It's almost as if jordan twisted everything around just to make it seem like you were guilty.

Ben: And she convinced hope and eli to go to my room to find that evidence.

Ciara: You see?

Ben: Why would she do this? Why would she do this to me?

Ciara: I think you know why.

Ben: Because she has charlotte... and you.

Ciara: Jordan, you don't have to worry about me, okay? I won't say anything to anyone, I swear.

Jordan: No, I'm sorry, okay? I-I gave you every chance to believe that ben was dangerous, but you would never believe me.

Ciara: You got ben locked up, right? That's what matters, isn't it?

Jordan: No. You will go running back to salem. Ben will be released. Everybody's lives will be put back in danger because of your stupid crush, okay? No. It may be too late to save you, all right, but... at least it's not too late to help other people.

Ciara: I-I don't know how I can do that.

Jordan: Well, that's simple. You need to die.

Ben: How could jordan do this? How could she kidnap you and charlotte... and then set me up to take the fall?

Ciara: Ben, I'm so sorry.

Ben: I can't believe this.

Eli: Can't believe what?

Ben: Nothing.

Eli: Time to go.

Ben: Go where?

Eli: Booking you on two counts of first-degree kidnapping.

Ciara: Jordan, no. No, you can't do this, please.

Jordan: I wish I didn't have to, okay? What other choice do I have? You go back to salem, you tell the police what I did, they're gonna have to release ben, and then everyone is in danger of being hurt all over again.

Ciara: No, I told you, I won't say anything to anyone, I swear. What's that?

Jordan: [Chuckles] It's almost sweet, isn't it? Let me guess. This is what he got you for valentine's day? Yeah, which shows his obsession with you, which shows that he will never be able to stay away from you.

Ciara: No, yes, he will, okay? I will call my mom and-- and I will ask her to file a restraining order--

Jordan: We both know you're never gonna do that, okay? If I let you go, you're gonna go and undo all the work that I've worked so hard for. And then you're gonna end up putting yourself in danger all over again by running back to ben.

Ciara: No, I won'T.

Jordan: Listen to me. You've consigned yourself to die by the hands of my brother either way. But at least this way, your death is gonna mean something, because I'm gonna use it to make sure that ben says locked up for the rest of his life.

Rafe: Hey, kate, it's rafe. I'm outside your door, but you're not answering. Listen, call me as soon as you get this. I need to ask you a couple questions about jordan ridgeway. Okay, thanks.

[Muffled thud] Kate, are you all right? Is that you in there? Kate?

[Tense music]

John: Boy, are you a sight for sore eyes.

Marlena: Hi, hi, hi. Well? How'd it go with diana, huh? Did you learn anything about leo?

[Dramatic music]

[Door opens]

Leo: Hello, lover. Would you like some sugar?

Gabi: Huh. I can tell from your face, you were expecting somebody else.

Leo: Where the hell is sonny?

Gabi: Sonny? Oh, he's downstairs. I told him to stay there awhile so that you and i could get better acquainted.

Will: "All my love, will."

[Tender music]

[Cell phone rings] Sonny?

Sonny: Will, will you be my valentine?

Will: On this day and every day after.

Sonny: That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Um, leo's a little occupied at the moment. Can you meet me at the mansion?

Will: I'm on my way.

Rafe: Kate. Kate? Kate. Kate. Hey, wake up. Hey, hope, it's me. Listen, uh, I'm about to head to the station, but there's something I need to check out first. It's, uh... well, I'm not exactly sure what it is, but somehow, uh, my gut is telling me it has something to do with ben's case, so I'll see you soon.

Hope: [Sighs]

[Gun cocking]

Ben: Do not alert anyone, or I will shoot you.

[Tense music]

Ciara: Jordan. Jordan, you don't have to do this. Please.

Jordan: I'm sorry, but there's no other way. Ah, here it is. Ah, yes, this will work. A fire again, and then everyone's gonna blame ben, so...

[Sighs] Then this nightmare will finally be over.


[Suspenseful music]

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