Days Transcript Monday 2/11/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/11/19


Episode #13462 ~ Jordan urges Ben to check himself back into Bayview; Kate has a surprising run-in with Jordan; Chad and Abigail make an emotional plea for Charlotte's safe return; Eve pressures Jack to use Haley's secret to his advantage.

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Haley: This, uh... pretty wise guy told me that talking about my problems would make me feel better. Stronger. And you know what? He was right. He saved my life even when i didn't want him to. Gave me a place to stay. He even knows all my secrets. Because he makes me feel safe. turn, jj. Let me help you.

[Soft music]

Jack: Couldn't help my daughter. Can't help my son.

Eve: What's going on with jj?

Jack: Ah, it's not jj. It's a friend of his. Some immigration problem.

Eve: What immigration problem?

Jack: Ah, it's nothing. Never mind.

Eve: Jack, come on. I can tell that this is upsetting you. Talk to me about it. Trust me--come on. Let me be here for you. Come on.

Abigail: What if... what if I never get her back?

Chad: Come here.

[Abigail sniffling] I was the one that took her out of your arms when she was born. And I'm gonna be the one to put her back in them. Promise. If it's the last thing I do.

Abigail: I should check on thomas.

Chad: I got it.

Abigail: [Whispering] Oh, please...come back to us, charlotte.

[Doorbell rings] Oh, please, god... what do you want?

Hope: Rafe? Rafe, wh--hold up. I--hold on a sec--what? No, you're breaking up. What did you say? No. Still no leads on ciara. No leads. We have no lead-- what? Rafe. Your airplane what? I--I can't hear you. Can you hear me? Rafe.

[Sighs] Damn it.

[Beep] I lost him.

Ted: Rafe is coming home?

Hope: Your guess is as good as mine.

Ben: Jordan. Heard you were in town.

Jordan: Hello, ben. Come here.

Ben: Happy to see you. But you got some serious explaining to do, sis.

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[Soft orchestration]

Jack: Eve, I-I know you wanna help, but jj's friend is so afraid, and he is all about keeping her safe right now.

Eve: Yeah, well, that sounds like jj. Good guy. Protective. Huh. Immigration issue. She's scared. She's illegal.

Jack: She is.

Eve: [Sighs] Oh. Is jj involved with her?

Jack: Not romantically, at least. They're friends. I mean, she's the girl that he was with at new years eve.

Eve: That pretty asian girl.

Jack: She's staying with him right now.

Eve: Let me guess. She didn't have anyplace to go, and then jj and that big heart of his gave her a place to land.

Jack: That sounds about right.

Eve: Ah, jack, you know what? I don' I don't like it. She could be burdening jj by asking him to keep her secret. I don't know. I mean, maybe... for all we know, she could have an ulterior motive here.

Jj: Um, I'm sorry.

Haley: For what?

Jj: The kiss.

Haley: What? No, you're going through hell, jj. Your niece is missing, your-- your sister's crazed.

Jj: But you're just trying to help me. I, uh...I took advantage.

Haley: Well... maybe you didn't notice, but I kinda kissed you back.

Jordan: What do you mean? What do I have to explain?

Ben: I'm sure you've heard that I've been accused of kidnapping ciara brady.

Jordan: I have.

Ben: Well, if that isn't enough, now the cops are after me because they think I took chad and abigail's baby charlotte. Thanks to you. Why would you do that? Why would you put that idea in abigail's head that I would take her child? I thought we had each other's backs. Why would you throw your own brother under the bus? In an era of online retail,

Kate: Abigail, I heard about charlotte... and I am so sorry. If there's anything I can do to help you...

Abigail: I think you've done enough.

Kate: She's your daughter. She's chad's daughter.

Abigail: A daughter that he almost lost the opportunity to father because of you.

Kate: I know. And I take responsibility for what I did--I do. And going forward, I take responsibility for the future, for building my relationship with chad again and with you.

Abigail: So that's why you're here, right? For yourself. You're not here for us.

Kate: I know how devastating it is--

Abigail: No, you don'T. Devastating? You have no idea. My daughter was taken from her crib. You have no idea what that feels like.

Kate: Actually, I do. Billie and austin were taken from me by my first husband, and he let me believe that they were dead, so... for years, I grieved them. So I do understand. I know how devastating it is. I do. You feel like your whole world's just been pulled right out from underneath you.

Abigail: But you got them back, kate. Your world is fine. What am I supposed to do if she never comes back? How am I supposed to move forward with my life knowing that she might never come home to me?

Chad: What's going on?

[Abigail sniffling]

Hope: The reception was so bad, but apparently rafe is sitting on a runway in iceland. The plane had mechanical issues. That's all I could make out.

Ted: Then you must be glad rafe is coming home.

Hope: Yes. I am. I know johnny needed him.

Ted: You need rafe too.

Hope: Yes, I do.

Ted: Perhaps a friend can fill in until he returns.

Hope: Hmm?

Ted: Or...I can get out of your way.

Hope: I appreciate your support, ted.

Ted: I wish...I was able to do more.

Hope: Do you have something?

Eli: Yeah, footage from the cashier's booth. Lani's at the airport now reviewing license plate images from every car that left the garage during the time in question.

Hope: Weston doesn't own a car, so he had to have rented one. Check all the car rental companies.

Eli: Yeah, yeah, good point. In the meantime, I'm gonna connect with the fbi and find out if I can reach jordan ridgeway.

Hope: Jordan. Jordan?

Eli: Yeah. She's in town. Abigail told lani and me that she stopped by because she was concerned about what ben might do.

Ted: That sounds like a lead to me.

Hope: Did she say something? Does she know anything?

Eli: I've left several messages. I told her it was urgent but I haven't heard back.

Hope: Stay on it. Right now, jordan might be the only one who can help us find ciara and charlotte.

Jordan: I didn't throw you under the bus. I just--I had some concerns.

Ben: If you were concerned, why didn't you come to me first? Why did you go to abigail at all?

Jordan: Well, I'm here now, and I wanna help.

Ben: Sis, I don't think i need any more of the kind of help you're offering me.

Jordan: This is all my fault. I should have never left town, because then you wouldn't have gotten so close to clyde and done the things that you've done.

Ben: It's past tense. I'm not my father. I'm better, I'm committed to staying healthy, I'm strong.

Jordan: Yes, I-I wanna believe that, I really do, but--

Ben: But what? Jordan, you're my sister. Nobody's been closer to me. Nobody knows me better than you. You--tell me you believe me.

Jordan: I just think, you know, do you really think it was the best idea, after you were released from the hospital, to come back here? With all those memories and the ghosts and all those people that hate you.

Ben: Thank you for reminding me. Not like anyone lets me ever forget for very long.

Jordan: All I'm--all I'm saying is that I think coming back here has caused you to regress.

Ben: No, I haven't regressed. Because I haven't done anything wrong, jordan. I haven't done any of the things that I'm being accused of doing.

Jordan: Okay, well, if you didn't, then who did?

[Intense music]

I'm jimmy dean and uh,

Jack: Ulterior motive? That's kinda dark. She's just a girl in trouble.

Eve: Well, I think you're being a little naive. And so is jj. Who knows, jack? She could be totally using him.

Jack: How?

Eve: We don't know anything about this girl, and all jj knows is what she's told him. I mean, think about this. Your son is a good guy. He's from a great family here, very substantial family. He has a great job. He puts a ring on that girl's finger, her problems go away.

Jack: They're just friends, eve.

Eve: Yeah. So were abigail and dario once.

Jack: Okay, y-you lost me.

Eve: Dario hernandez was in this country illegally. He was so desperate to avoid deportation, he convinced his "good friend" abigail to marry him. She obliged... nearly got herself killed.

Jack: What happened?

Eve: Well, here's the thing about dario. You take away his charm and his big, brown eyes--total slime. He double-crossed his business partner. His business partner decided to take him out with his car, but unfortunately for abigail, she was the one in front of the headlights. I mean, it--it's a miracle that she's alive now, jack.

Jack: Oh, my god, my god, my god.

Eve: Listen to me. You weren't there to protect your daughter that time. You're here now. And you can project jj.

Haley: So... what, uh...what happened when you went to see your sister? Is there any news?

Jj: Ah, no, there's no good news. There's no leads. But I have an idea. I-- I think this psycho ben weston might have kidnapped charlotte. So I went to his motel room to see if I could find anything out. Ben was gone. The police were already there. My buddy eli, I, uh... I wanted to help look for evidence, but...he pretty much kicked me out.

Haley: Because you're not a cop anymore?

Jj: And because I almost killed ben once.

Haley: You almost--you almost killed him? Why?!

Jj: My girlfriend paige.

Haley: Oh. Right. Because...

Jj: He's the one who murdered her. The necktie killer. He was in, uh, he was in custody back when I was a cop. He made a few cracks about killing paige, and I redlined and I pulled a gun on him. I didn't pull the trigger, obviously.

Haley: So this guy's really dangerous, huh?

Jj: Well, the thing is is he's convinced his doctors that he's sane. So they let him out of the psych hospital and, uh, he swears he's just a normal guy. I think he found a new hobby.

Ben: I don't know who took charlotte or ciara. I just know it wasn't me.

Jordan: Okay. You're awfully upset.

Ben: Because the woman in my life is missing. Because I'm being accused of crimes I didn't commit. Because my own sister doubts me.

Jordan: Okay, why don't we go talk to dr. Evans?

Ben: Not a chance in hell.

Jordan: I thought she was helping you.

Ben: No, the whole doctor/patient confidentiality thing--no, that was ruined. She blew that up. She told ciara's mother that i missed a couple doses of my medication.

Jordan: So you're off your meds?

Ben: I missed it a couple times. I'm back on them--never gonna happen again.

Jordan: Okay. Ben, i understand how dedicated you are to the idea of being healthy.

Ben: Oh, I am healthy again, and I didn't do anything wrong.

Jordan: Or...maybe you don't remember.

Ben: No. Not possible.

Jordan: Well, if you've been off your meds, can you be 100% sure that you didn't do something?

Ben: Why are you doing this? Why don't you believe me?

Jordan: Ben, you are my brother, okay? I love you. There is nothing I want more than to believe you, okay? I've always taken care of you, and I always will.

Ben: I love you too, sis.

Jordan: I think the best thing that you could do right now is to check yourself back into bayview.

Ben: What?

Jordan: To make sure that you're well, and you'll be safe there.

Ben: I'll be safe... or everyone else will be safe from me. Is that what you mean? You can forget it, jordan. Because there isn't a chance in hell I'll ever go back to that place. I'm mildly obsessed with numbers.

Ted: Look, maybe ciara reached out to ben.

Hope: Ciara was so angry and disgusted with ben when she left for south africa. I really thought that she finally saw the truth about who he really is. He could have contacted her. You know, with how obsessive he is. He could have text her... and text her and text her, begging her to come back till she finally agreed. Only, when she arrives... they end up having this huge fight. Ciara stands up to him, telling him that it really is--it's over. Ben, devastated, decides, well, if I can't have her... no one will.

Ted: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hope, stop. You can't go there. You can'T.

Hope: How can I not, ted? He murdered three people. He murdered three women in cold blood.

Abigail: She, uh, just came by to, um... no, you know what? I-I can't--I can't do this. I'm--I--I'm gonna check in with the police.

Chad: She's upset.

Kate: Please, I mean, I don't blame her. Her baby is missing. I'm the last person she wants to see right now after everything I've done.

Chad: You're not exactly my top ten either.

Kate: [Sighs] Chad, you know that I would do anything I could to help you, but--

Chad: I know.

[Softly] I know.

Kate: What happened?

Chad: She said that she, uh, she went to put thomas and charlotte down for bed and then jordan came by--

Kate: Jordan...ridgeway?

Chad: Yeah.

Kate: She's back in salem?

Chad: She wanted to check on abigail 'cause she was concerned ben was back in salem. And, um, she left. Stefan dropped by to--he brought a present or something for charlotte, then he left. Abby went to check on charlotte, and she was gone.

Kate: Okay, so what--that's it, then. Stefan took the baby.

Chad: I pressed him. He said he didn't do it, and i actually believe him.

Kate: Do you think jordan did it? I mean, she's a lot of things, but I don't think she's a psychopath like her brother.

Ben: Volunteer for a padded cell.

[Laughs] I can't believe you just suggested that. I thought you were different, jordan, I thought you would be on my side.

Jordan: I am on your side. I just think it's for the best.

Ben: Well, there's not a chance. I'm not going anywhere until i find ciara.

Jordan: Okay, tell me this. When ciara left town, were you upset?

Ben: Of course I was upset. I lost the best thing that's ever happened to me because i was an idiot.

Jordan: Okay, so what'd you do?

Ben: The short version? Ciara had a boyfriend, tripp. I made a deal with claire to break them up. Claire would end up with tripp, and I would end up with ciara.

Jordan: And ciara found out.

Ben: She and tripp broke up on their own, but, yeah, she found out. She was pissed. She, uh, felt like I betrayed her and that she can't trust me anymore.

Jordan: And that's when she left to south africa.

[Phone rings]




Ben: You knew ciara was in south africa?

Jordan: Yeah. Abigail told me. So, uh, were you hoping that when she got back into town that you guys would work things out?

Ben: I mean, yeah, sure. I wasn't sure if she ever was going to come back and, even if she did, if she was gonna talk to me. I mean, my god, if I had just known about this in time, maybe I could have gotten there, and none of this would have happened. Don't look at me like that, sis. Come on, I...I didn't do this. Somebody is setting me up. But who?

Jj: Just...ben's targeted abigail and her husband before. He tried to kill them. He snatched their son.

Haley: Oh, my god, he's a monster.

Jj: He's put my sister through hell--more than once. And that's why I would love more than anything just to beat him to a pulp. But it wouldn't solve anything. It wouldn't help my sister.

Haley: Are you guys close?

Jj: Abigail has [Laughs]--Has been my lifeline more than once. I was always the screwed up little brother, and she was always there with advice and love. And she--[Chuckles] She laughs at all my jokes.

Haley: Wow.

[Chuckles] She must really be amazing. Mel doesn't really laugh at any of my jokes, but--

Jj: I don't think she laughs at anything. I'm just sayin'.

Haley: Okay, so she's not the warm, touchy-feely type, but I'm a nurse because she took me in and she put me through school.

Jj: Yeah, yeah. Props for that. But the woman kicked you outta the house. Pretty much doesn't even wanna be seen with you in public.

Haley: Because... she has this dream, and that's to be mayor. I...I don't want to get in the way of her, jj. She helped me realize my dreams, and if anybody finds out the truth about me, it wouldn't just ruin her chance to be mayor. She could be in serious legal trouble, and I--I am not gonna let that happen.

Jj: I guess I... I just wish that she would show you some love once in a while.

Haley: She has. She, uh, she actually stopped by earlier.

Jj: I'm sure she was thrilled you're still living here.

Haley: Yeah. Not so much. And when I told her about you knowing about my immigration status... her head exploded.

Jj: Hold you--you told her?

Haley: Yeah. And I also explained to her that you swore you'd never tell anybody. And I trust you, jj. 100%.

Jj: Haley's an undocumented immigrant... and she's scared to death of being deported.

Jj: Haley, you should know that, uh--

Haley: Oh, my gosh! I have to get to work. And, um, I will keep your sister and her baby in my thoughts. You too.

Jj: Thank you.

Haley: Oh, and, uh... about that kiss?

Jj: Yeah?

Haley: It was nice.

Jack: I wanna help my son. But jj's a grown man. I am not going to interfere in whatever decisions he makes.

Eve: Okay. You do nothing, this girl gets caught... jj could be made an example of.

Jack: I tried to help abigail. I just went barreling into that situation, only made everything worse--I am steering clear of this.

Eve: You know what, jack? You might not have a choice here. Because trask was really laying into abe about that drug cartel thug that almost killed chloe lane. You know, it's a big issue. That immigration issue is gonna be a big one. It's all over the news.

Jack: The girl's hardly a criminal.

Eve: She's in this country illegally. That makes her a criminal, and if it comes out that jj is harboring her...trask, who's tough on crime, is definitely gonna go after that girl. She's gonna go after jj. I mean, you want that? Do you want jj in trask's crosshairs? No, you don'T. I mean-- jack, think about it. Jj has overcome so much in his life, and you missed a lot of that. But you're here now, and you can protect him.

Jack: Eve, it's not like i can just make that girl disappear from his life.

Eve: Maybe you can. You expose her, she goes away, jj's safe.

Kate: So you think it's ben. 'Cause you said jordan was worried... you think she knows something that we don't know?

Chad: She came by and she said that ben was off his meds. That's why she wanted to warn us, so he'd be at the top of my list. I actually went to his motel and tried to beat the truth out of him, but eli stopped me. I-I don't know where she could be.

Kate: Honey, you're going to get your little girl back. You are.

Chad: Every hour that goes by, every--every minute is just a punch in the gut all over again. Abby, she doesn't deserve any of this. And just what it's doing to her...

Kate: You don't deserve it either, okay?

Chad: Well...I just need to find her.

Kate: I know.

[Footsteps approach]

Chad: What did the police say?

Kate: Okay, look, I'm going to go and give you two some space.

Abigail: Kate, uh... hold on. I-I want to say something to you.

[Dramatic music]

Jordan: Hey, come here. You do have a lot of enemies in this town, okay? So I guess it is possible that someone could be framing you.

Ben: No, they are framing me. And when I find them, I'm--

[Exhales] All I care about is finding ciara. I promised her I would.

Jordan: Wait, you saw ciara? You spoke to her?

Ben: No, it's not like she was here.

Jordan: Well, what does that mean--you hallucinated her?

Ben: No, I... I just imagined her.

Jordan: Ben, you imagined her?

Ben: Come on, don't make it sound like something like that. We just got very close, you know? I-- we just get each other. I feel like she was reaching out to me and...she asked me for my help, and I told her I would. I wouldn't let her down. Look, I know you thought you did the right thing going to see abigail. I mean, hell, you haven't seen me in what, over a year? You had every right to think that maybe I...cracked up again. But now you came here, you see me, you see that I'm in a good place. I'm not trying to hurt anyone. Least of all ciara and charlotte.

Jordan: I mean, there's nothing more that I want than to believe you. But all I have is your word, and in the past, you have been really good at telling people what they want to hear.

Ben: I'm gonna find ciara... and charlotte too. I'm gonna prove to you, I'm gonna prove to this whole damn town, that I'm innocent. And sane.

Jordan: Well, there's nothing more that I want for you, okay?

Ben: Okay.

Jordan: I love you.

Ben: Love you.

Jordan: Gotta go. Come here. I'll call you tomorrow, okay?

Ben: Okay.

[Unsettling music]

Abigail: I owe you an apology.

Kate: You have nothing to apologize for.

Abigail: I do. Y-you came here out of genuine concern, and I don't forgive you, and I'm not gonna forget what you've done, but it wasn't fair of me to attack you the way I did. So I'm sorry.

Kate: Abigail, your child is missing. You're entitled.

Abigail: It's just-- you know, every second goes by, and I can't, you know, think about her every...second. And I just think she's out there with some stranger, and I don't know...what's happening, you know? Does this person know that she is teething or that she has a rash on the back of her left leg or that she can't fall asleep unless you pat her back? Just--

Kate: [Softly] Abigail, I'm here for you, okay? I'm here for you.

Chad: I'm done with this. Enough waiting around. I'm gonna do what I should have done a while ago.

[Phone rings]


Eli: Eli grant.

Jordan: Uh, this is jordan ridgeway. I-I got your message?

Eli: Hey, jordan, uh, thanks for calling back. I-I have a few questions i wanted to ask you about your brother ben.

Jordan: Of course.

Eli: Abigail told me that you warned her about ben. You think he kidnapped charlotte dimera?

Jordan: Well, uh, I know my brother and how he thinks, and when he was released from the psych ward, you know, he could have gone anywhere, but he came back to salem, to abigail.

Eli: You think he's fixated on abigail?

Jordan: Well, he swears he's not but, I mean, do you think it's a coincidence that he started working for stefan dimera right after abigail married him?

Eli: Wait. Do you have any proof that links ben to charlotte?

Jordan: No, but I see the pattern. First he kidnapped thomas, and now it's charlotte.

Eli: Jordan, I need--I-- I need more than just a theory.

Jordan: I just saw ben, and he was really upset and agitated, like he was hiding something.

Eli: What did you two talk about?

Jordan: I was asking him to get committed voluntarily, you know, get himself checked out, and he swears that he's sane. But, you know, then I asked about ciara, and he got really upset and he said something really strange. He said that he talked to her last night.

Eli: Wait, wait, you said he talked to her?

Jordan: I-I don't know if he meant literally or not, but i asked him if maybe it was a hallucination. He swore that it wasn't, but you can see why I'm concerned.

Eli: Thanks for the information. I'll be in touch.


Hope: Eli.

Eli: That was jordan ridgeway. You need to hear this.

Jack: I don't know, eve. You're suggesting that we sandbag some poor girl's life. It's just--it's cruel!

Eve: Jack. It was her decision. She chose to break the law, and she's choosing to play jj.

Jack: You don't know that.

Eve: Okay, okay, we don't know that exactly. But we do know that she's drawn him into her problem, and it is a very big problem. One that could actually possibly harm him. But you can fix it, jack.

Jack: I want to help him, I do, but my gut is telling me to stand back. I barreled into this whole situation with abigail and-- and it just made everything worse and upset her more. If jj needs me, let him come to me.

Eve: Well, you know, maybe jj never has to know. You make one quick phone call, and the whole problem goes away.

We've posted all of the details on our website.

Chad: Thank you.

And this will air on all of our broadcasts and online as well.

Chad: Yeah, we really appreciate it.

You guys ready for this?

Chad: Yeah.

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Can we roll? Chad and abigail dimera's daughter has been missing for over 24 hours. Mr. Dimera?

Chad: Uh...o-our daughter was taken from her crib. Um...

Abigail: This is, uh, this is a photo of her. Um... she is the most precious thing to us in the whole world... and to her brother thomas, her older brother. Um...our house has been really quiet without her, and usually it's, uh, it's full of love and laughter. Um...

Chad: So we--we just want her home safe. We're willing to offer a reward for any and all information that will lead to her coming home. If you have our daughter... or if you know where she is, just...bring her home. We just--we just want our daughter back. Please.

Abigail: Thank you.

Back to you in the studio.

Kate: Oh--oh, sorry!

Jordan: Oh!

Kate: Jordan ridgeway. I heard you were back in town.

Jordan: Mm. Kate. Hi.

Kate: [Small laugh] Well, what do we have here?

[Phone beeps]

[Line ringing]

Ben: Come on, ciara. Pick up the damn phone.

[Phone rings]


[Continues ringing]

[Ominous chords]

[Ben breathing hard]

[Continues ringing] What the hell?

[Knock on door]

Hope: Police!

Eli: Open up!

[Ringing continues]

[Ben panting]

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