Days Transcript Friday 2/8/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/8/19


Episode #13461 ~ Chad desperately searches for Charlotte and lashes out at Ben; Jack tries to reach out to Abigail; J.J. and Haley share their first kiss; Ciara attempts to trick her captor.

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Eve: Some way, somehow, we are gonna land you in the mayor's office.

Jack: Love the attitude.

Eve: Oh, you're gonna love it even more when you're mayor.

[Knock at door] I'll get that. Oh, it's too early to be dealing with--

Jennifer: Get out of my way. Jack, abigail needs you.

Jack: What for? What's wrong?

Jennifer: How can you not know?

Jack: Know what?

Jennifer: Jack, your granddaughter's been kidnapped.

Jack: Kidnapped?

Eve: Oh, my gosh, that's terrible.

Jack: Well, yeah, it's horrible. But--but what can I do?

Jennifer: Jack, you are abigail's father, whether you remember that or not, and she needs her father right now. Please, please come with me.

Jack: I'll be back.

Eve: Jack, I--

Jack: I'll be back.

Eve: [Sighs]

Jj: Are there any leads?

Abigail: No, there's nothing. There's no clues. There's no leads. There's no ransom. There's--there's nothing.

Chad: Csi was here. They took fingerprints. Nothing.

Jj: Okay, what-- what happened?

Abigail: Stefan dropped by to give charlotte this gift--

Jj: Do you think it was stefan?

Abigail: I do. But chad confronted him, and he doesn't think so.

Chad: I did confront him. I don't believe he did it.

Jj: Is that because of what he said or...

Chad: It's because if he did it, he'd already be using charlotte as leverage to get control of the company. And he's not doing that.

Jj: Okay, well, who else do you think it could be? Ben weston? Do you think he might have taken charlotte?

Abigail: No.

Chad: Yes.

Ben: My sister? What are you talking about?

Eli: Jordan dropped in on abigail last night.

Ben: Jordan's in town?

Eli: Yeah. She was very concerned about your mental state. She told abigail that she was worried you might be dangerous.

Ben: I'm fine. She doesn't have to worry about anything.

Eli: Well, you were off your meds.

Ben: No, I was off them, and I'm back on. I'm gonna call her right now and let her know.

[Line rings]


Your messages are full.

Ben: Voice mail's full. Did she say where she was staying?

Eli: No, she didn'T.

Ben: You got more questions for me?

Eli: Not right now.

Ben: Great, well, then I'm gonna go find my sister.

Ciara: There's something wrong. I feel so weird.

[Gasps] Jordan, help me. What's wrong with me?

Jordan: I just gave you a little something to keep you calm. Took a lot longer than I thought to kick in.

Ciara: You drugged me?

[Tense music]

Introducing new

theraflu powerpods.

Ciara: Why would you do this to me?

Jordan: Don't fight it, sweetie. I'm helping you, remember? Everything I am doing is to protect you and charlotte from ben.

[Tense music]

There we go.

Abigail: No, no, ben has no reason to take charlotte.

Jj: What makes you so sure? The man was obsessed with you. He kidnapped thomas.

Abigail: If he's obsessed with anybody right now, it's ciara. He--he has no reason to take charlotte.

Jj: People like ben don't always need a reason.

Jack: Jennifer told me the news. I'm so sorry. I'm--I'm--

Abigail: You didn't have to come.

Jack: But--but I did. I-I wanted to be here. This is my--my--my granddaughter we're talking about. I-I'm concerned.

Abigail: Oh, don'T. Just--really? Just please don't do that, okay? What are you concerned about? You concerned about your daughter that you don't even remember? You concerned about your granddaughter that you never met? Are you concerned about the family that you don't know? You never even stopped by to meet charlotte, and you haven't seen thomas, and you could-- what, did chad not give you enough money? Did he short you a few thousand dollars to do that?

Jack: This was a bad idea.

Jennifer: Jack, wait. Please, just wait.

Jack: I'm only making things worse here. I'm very sorry.

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: I'm gonna go check on thomas.

Jj: That went well. I'm sorry for bringing up ben.

Chad: It's not your fault. She's been like that with everyone.

Jj: It just seems like he's the logical choice-- whatever his mental health is.

Chad: Yeah, that's why I paid him a visit earlier.

Jj: You did?

Ben: Yeah.

Jj: And what happened? What did he say?

Chad: What do you mean? What do you think he said? That he had nothing to do with it.

Jj: Don't tell me you took his word for it.

Chad: Hell no. Eli came in. I had to take off. Worth paying him another visit.

Jj: You know what? I think you should stay with abigail. She needs you. Leave weston to me. I'll see what I can find out.

Chad: All right.

Jj: I'll be in touch.

Abe: You know, under my leadership, this town has prospered, and its citizens are safer than they've ever been.

Melinda: Save it for the few people who still believe in you.

Eve: Now, isn't this a sight? Salem's two mayoral candidates bickering right in the middle of the square when a child is missing and a woman has almost been murdered.

Melinda: I was just expressing my concern.

Eve: I'm sure you were. So I have to ask you, mayor, since chloe lane was almost murdered by two members of a mexican drug cartel, should we be concerned about illegal immigrants here in salem? Because if it's become a problem under your watch, I do believe that the good citizens of this town should know about it, right?

Abe: You know that situation has nothing to do with the illegal immigration issue.

Eve: Kind of sounds like a nonanswer to me. So why don't you tell me where you stand exactly?

Abe: Something tells me that all this concern has more to do with your vested interest in the outcome of the election.

Eve: And what about you, ms. Trask? Where do you stand on illegal immigrants? Do you have mercy? Deportation? Prison? What?

Melinda: I'd love to discuss this issue, but... I'm late for a meeting.

Chad: How's thomas?

Abigail: He's napping. At least someone in this house can get some sleep.

Chad: Maybe his mother should try to get some rest.

Abigail: Don't even try to suggest I sleep. You know I can't sleep right now. I can barely keep my head from exploding. How is this even happening?

[Knock at door]

Chad: I got it. What the hell do you want?

Ben: I need to talk to abigail.

Chad: No.

Abigail: Wait, no. Let him in.

Haley: [Sighs]

Melinda: I can't believe you're still staying here.

Haley: It's not like i have a lot of choices since you kicked me out.

Melinda: Only because--

Haley: Yeah, the big race for mayor. What happens if you win, mel? What then? What happens to me?

Melinda: Let me help you find a new place, haley, please. It's not safe for you.

Haley: [Scoffs] There's no place safer. Jj's been a real friend.

Melinda: [Scoffs] A friend whose mother is a perky, overzealous reporter and whose father would kill to be running for mayor instead of me.

Haley: God, jj would never betray me.

Melinda: Sounds like you're getting close. Please tell me that you haven't told him anything.

Haley: Actually...I did.

Melinda: What the hell, haley? How could you do that?

Haley: It's all right, okay? I swear.

Melinda: How--how is this all right?

Haley: Jj won't tell anyone, okay? That's what he said, and so he won'T. I totally trust him.

Eli: Hey, commish. I just wanted to let you know that ben is still denying having anything to do with the kidnapping of ciara and charlotte. He just took off right now, but I got my guys on him, so we'll know every place that he goes. Uh, I'm--I'm at his place now, but, uh, I can't search it because we don't have a search warrant, so... I'll talk to you later.

Jj: Where the hell is weston?

Eli: Not here. Can I help you?

Jj: You searching the place?

Eli: No, there's no warrant. But what are you do--

Jj: Well, it's a good thing I'm here, because I'm not a cop anymore, so I can take a look around.

Eli: No, not a chance, jj. This is by the book.

Jj: This creep kidnapped my niece.

Eli: Well, there's no proof.

Jj: Then I'll find the proof.

Eli: Hey, look. I know what you're capable of when it comes to your family. This ain't happening.

Jj: Look, I need to do something.

Eli: You want to do something? Go home. You're not a cop anymore, jj. And last time you were, you almost blew ben's head off. I don't need you playing cowboy, blowing this case.

Ben: I just wanted to tell you face-to-face, so you can see it in my eyes... that I had absolutely nothing to do with charlotte's disappearance. And if there's anything I can do to help you find her--

Abigail: What are you gonna do to help, huh? What, are you gonna call the police and give them a profile of a-a psychopathic kidnapper so that it might help them catch the monster that took my daughter?

Ben: I was sick. I'm not anymore. I thought, of all people, you would understand that.

Abigail: You know, jordan was here, and she said that you might have gone off your meds. Is that true?

Ben: No, no. I'm--I'm dedicated to staying healthy, abigail. And jordan needs to know that, which is why I need to know where she's staying. Did--did she tell you where she's staying?

Abigail: [Scoffs] I'm sorry, you think that in the time that I've been searching for my child who's missing that I have somehow had the time to track down your sister, that I may know where she is?

Chad: That's it. That's it.

Abigail: No, I don'T.

Chad: Let's go. That's it. We're done. Let's go. Come on. Get out.

[Dramatic music]

Jordan: Sleep tight, ciara.

Jennifer: Jack... what happened wasn't your fault.

Jack: It was my fault. Abigail is right. I didn't remember her. I don't know my grandchild. I didn't know what to say.

Jennifer: She was upset. She was just upset, jack.

Jack: I made things worse. She has every right to be upset. She needed her father, and I am not that man. And maybe I never will be.

Jennifer: Please don't give up on us. Our family loves you, jack. Our family needs you.

Jack: I think you better go. The last thing I need right now is world war iii between you and eve.


[Dramatic music]

Eve: Well, that was quick. Any word on the baby?

Jack: Nothing.

Eve: Oh. Poor abigail. Not knowing about her child? My heart goes out to her. But I bet you you were great. I bet you you said all the right things.

Jack: Actually, I didn't know what the hell to say. Abigail needed her father. She got a stranger.

Eve: Jack... it's not your fault. She understands that.

Jack: I don't think so.

Eve: You know what? Let's get your mind off that, shall we? Let's surf the internet and see if we can find some dirt on trask and abe and we can use it against them. What do you say? Come on.

Jack: I'm a failure as a father.

Eve: Look at me. You lost your memory. That does not mean you are a failure.

Jack: I have no instincts. I couldn't help my daughter. I can't help my son.

Eve: [Sighs] What's wrong with jj now?

Jack: Well, it's not him, really. It's just a friend, some immigration problem.

Eve: What immigration problem?

[Door slams]

[Items clatter]

Haley: What's wrong?

Jj: [Seethes] Well, uh, my niece is missing. Uh, my sister's a wreck. And there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

Haley: You're there for her. That's huge.

Jj: Yeah, what--what good is a--is a hug? You know, at least when I was a cop, I could be out there making things happen. And now I just-- god, I feel so useless! Just--ugh! What am I supposed to do?

Haley: You could always talk about it.

Jj: Yeah, what good-- what good will--will talking do?

Haley: Hey. You know, this--this pretty wise guy told me that talking about what was bothering me would help me feel better, stronger, and you know what? He was right. He saved my life, even when I didn't want him to. Gave me a place to stay. Knows all my secrets and makes me feel so safe. So my turn, jj. Let me help you.

Abe: Mm, eli, hold up. What's the latest on charlotte?

Eli: We're doing everything we can. Ben weston was a possibility, but he seems clean. We just don't have any concrete leads yet.

Abe: Nothing at all?

Eli: I'll let you know as soon as we have something.

Melinda: You'd better find that baby, detective, or your boss is gonna be out of a job come election day.

[Tense music]

Chad: One cup of tea.

Abigail: I'm surprised you, uh, aren't afraid I'm gonna throw this at you.

Chad: Yeah, I'll take my chances.

Abigail: I'm sorry. I know I've...

[Clears throat] I've been pretty horrible to everybody.

Chad: You have nothing to apologize for.

Abigail: I know, but everybody's just trying to help, and they're being kind, and... I'm just-- can't stop thinking about her, you know? I mean, I-- is she hungry? Is she scared? Is she alone? Is she--I mean, where is she?

[Tender music]

Chad: I was the one that took charlotte out of your arms when she was born.

I will be the one to put her back in them when we find her.

I promise, if it's the last thing I do.

[Suspenseful music]

Ciara: What happ-- oh, damn it. Damn it, damn it! Damn it! Jordan! Jordan, where are you?

Ben: Jordan?

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