Days Transcript Monday 2/4/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/4/19


Episode #13457 ~ John is shocked to realize he knows Leo's mom; Claire tries to win back Tripp; Chloe and Stefan find themselves in a dangerous situation when Chloe's past comes back to haunt her; Ciara encounters a familiar face.

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Chloe: Oh, my god. This is the same knife I used to kill el fideo, one of the most notorious drug lords in the world. They said they were gonna come after me, but what does this mean? What am I supposed to do?

Stefan: I don't mean scare you...

Chloe: I'm already scared.

Stefan: I know you are. Calm down. The knife is obviously a message. Whoever sent it wants you to know that your life is in danger, so we need to call the police immediately.

Chloe: The police, the police, okay.

Stefan: Hey. Here, let me...

Chloe: [Sobs]

Stefan: Let me do it. Please, just relax.

Chloe: Okay.

Put the phone down.

[Dramatic music]

Claire: Hey, tripp. Look, you won't return any of my calls or my texts, so I don't know what else to do.

Tripp: Take a hint.

Claire: Tripp, listen.

Tripp: No, look, claire, you should go. I'm working, okay?

Claire: Okay, well, I know you have a break coming up, so can you just take it now so we can talk?

Tripp: I have nothing to say to you.

Claire: Okay, well, I have something to say to you, okay? I'm sorry.

[Soft dramatic music]


Diana: [Sighs]

John: Diana?

Diana: Hello, roman. It's been a while.

Hope: Marlena, please. I am begging. I'm begging you, please, if you know something, if you know anything, tell me. Please. Help me find my daughter.

Marlena: I know you're concerned, and I would like to help you, but I can't discuss what ben said in the session.

Ted: We know you're bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. If you think for a second that one of your patient is in danger for himself or others, please feel free to speak.

Marlena: I don't think that's a concern here.

[Ominous music]

Ciara: [Gasping] Why are you doing this to me? Where am I? Please don't hurt me. Please.

[Sobbing] Please.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

[Tense music]

Did you really think you could murder el fideo and get away with it, huh?

Stefan: No one will be shooting ms. Lane today.

Oh, we have no intentions of shooting ms. Lane. We're gonna kill her in the same way she killed mateo.

Diana: Come in, so we can catch up. Oh, roman, I promise I won't bite.

John: Oh, no, it'S...

Diana: [Chuckles]

John: Surprise. So, you are leo starke's mother.

Diana: Yes, and you're the private investigator who tracked me down. I had the pleasure of meeting will horton. He filled me in.

John: Yeah, well, my search only revealed one photo. It's pretty grainy, so I didn't recognize you, but I never in a million years, that I figure that diane cooper would turn out to be diana colville.

Diana: Cooper's my married name. I met my husband after I left salem.

John: Mm, well, initials are the same. Should've picked up on that. I must be slipping.

Diana: Oh, I doubt that. After all, you did find me, roman.

John: Actually, the name's not roman. It's john black.

Diana: I know. Read all about it online, and I was just looking at an article about your most recent marriage to marlena. What is this, third time down the aisle?

John: Looked me up?

Diana: You get to investigate me, I get to investigate you. I have to say. Doesn't really surprise me that marlena turned up alive...

John: Mm.

Diana: Because alive or dead, she was always hovering around us, mm? So, imagine my surprise when I did see her in the flesh.

John: And when did you see marlena?

Marlena: Hope, we don't even know for sure that she's missing.

Hope: Her plane landed hours ago, marlena, and no one has heard from her. She hasn't contacted anyone. She hasn't text. She didn't go home. You're saying that isn't alarming? It's completely out of character for her.

Marlena: She has not been gone long enough for this to be a police issue.

Hope: I am asking-- I am begging as a mother for your help.

Ted: I can get a court order to compel you to speak to us.

Marlena: I didn't realize you were the da.

Ted: I'd be representing hope as a civilian, a parent desperate to find her child.

Marlena: All righty, then. You do what you need to do.

Ciara: [Sobs softly] Please, I'm begging you. Just let me go. Please just let me go. (Announcer) do you push through migraine?

Claire: I am so sorry for working with ben to try to break up you and ciara. It was stupid and it was wrong, tripp. You know, maybe you should be flattered that I would go to such extremes to be with you. Tripp, okay, look, honestly, I thought it was the only way to get what I wanted, all right? And what I wanted was you.

Tripp: I thought you were my friend, claire. I thought I could trust you, but this whole time, you've been lying to me, you've been manipulating me, you've been plotting with a psycho behind my back.

Claire: Yeah, well, I turned to ben because I was very, very desperate.

Tripp: Yeah, yeah, to get what you want, I know. But you know what? Your little scheme cost me what I wanted, and that was the chance to be with ciara.

Claire: No, you didn't lose ciara because of anything that I did. No, you made that happen all on your own.

Hope: Wait. Marlena, please wait. The clock is ticking. Please.

Marlena: I understand that. Don't you understand that the reason I can help somebody like ben is because he can trust me with his innermost thoughts and feelings, and that's why confidentiality is so important.

Ted: But so is keeping a patient from making a mistake that will end up in tragedy. One of your patient is on the verge of making that mistake at this very moment.

Hope: I pray to god that I'm wrong, but if there is even the slightest chance that I am right, that ciara's in danger, help me. Please? Help me. Help me find my daughter.

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: [Sighs]

Diana: Marlena and I ran into each other in the square, and we had drinks together-- well, she had coffee.

John: Mm. Did she know who you were?

Diana: No. I told her I was a fan from her radio days.

John: [Chuckles] Why'd you lie?

Diana: I didn't know how much you had told her about our past. Didn't wanna upset her.

John: You wouldn't have. There's no secrets between us. She knows everything about my life back when she was...

Diana: Dead.

John: Away. So, what about you?

Diana: What about me?

John: I mean, I haven't heard from you in years. You left town so suddenly. You never said good-bye. You sent a note saying you never wanted to be found. What about you?

Diana: I just felt really guilty when I realized I'd shot you by accident.

John: [Chuckles] You're not the only one who's put a bullet in me, diana.

Diana: It is so good to see you, roman--john, except for the hair and the name. You haven't changed a bit. I see I have caught you off guard.

John: No, not at all. It's just that you asked me to come in so we could get to know each other, but it seems like you already know everything about me. Kind of unfair, no?

Diana: I'm an open book. What can I tell you? What did you come here to discuss?

John: Well, for starters, let's try your son.

Chloe: Please don't hurt him! He has nothing to do with this!

Quiet. You may have forgotten what you did in mexico, but el fideo's friends remember very vividly how you stabbed him in the back.

Chloe: Oh, my god.

For you, this will not come as a surprise. You will see the knife before I spill the blood. Bye, ms. Lane.

Stefan: El fideo may be dead, but the mere mention of his name inspires both fear and awe. I don't know too many men who can make that claim. My father was one of them.

[Chuckles] Your father?

Stefan: Stefano dimera.

We know who he is.

Stefan: Good. Despite rumors to the contrary, he's very much alive, and if he were to hear that someone has here to harm ms. Lane here, he'd be extremely unhappy.

Why? Is she your woman?

Diana: So, you wanna know about my son the way everybody in this town wants to know about my son. There's probably a line outside my door right now.

John: Well, maybe so, but I'm the only one in here right now.

Diana: Wanting to know about matthew, wanting to know about leo, just like sonny and will and marlena.

John: Well, that's because your kid's bad news. You know, I just met him over at the kiriakis house and despite being married, he was coming onto my son.

Diana: Oh. Boys will be boys. So, you have a gay son too?

John: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do, but he's not the one leo was hitting on.

Diana: Uh-oh. Well, restraint has never been one of matthew's fortes. I will have to speak to him about that.

John: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Brady can take care of himself. The one I'm really worried about is will horton. You see, will and sonny, they love each other and all they want is just to be together.

Diana: And my son is making it difficult.

John: No, your son is making their life a living hell.

Diana: All right, so I'm guessing you are here for the same reason that will horton came here. You want information about matthew. You want dirt on him so you can get rid of him.

John: I couldn't have said it better myself, yeah. So, what do you say? Think you can help me out a little bit, diana, for old times' sake?

Tripp: No, I'm not gonna sit here and listen to you try to spin this, okay? You messed up, now own it.

Claire: I do. I just admitted to making a huge mistake, all right? And if it costs me my chance to be with you, it's on me. All I'm saying is, I'm not the reason ciara broke up with you.

Tripp: You always hated that we were together?

Claire: I guess. Yes, I did. That's why I turned to ben. Like I said, it wasn't anything that we did that made ciara walk away from you. She walked away because you lied to her.

Tripp: Oh, no, no, no, no. No, I was trying to protect her.

Claire: Come on. You were jealous of ben. And you tried so hard to get her to see that he was the bad guy, but she didn't listen to you. She felt sorry for him, defended him, and eventually invited him to move into our loft. And you couldn't handle that, so you planted the fake evidence.

Tripp: Look, I don't care what any evidence says. I know ben set that fire. And every day that sick freak is walking around free, he is a threat to ciara and everyone else I care about, so yeah, I want him gone.

Claire: All right, so you decided to set him up so he would go to prison.

Tripp: That's where he belongs. What, you don't think he's dangerous?

Tripp: Did you and ben team up to break up me and ciara?

Claire: Oh, my god. Tripp, no. Of course not, okay? I have no idea what this psycho is talking about.

Ben: Look, obviously, ciara didn't tell you why she left town, but that's the truth. That's the real reason why.

Claire: He is lying.

Tripp: Is he?

Ben: I'm not lying. I swear to god. What possible reason would I have to bring that up if it wasn't true?

Claire: Really good question, ben. Why the hell couldn't you keep your big mouth shut?

Tripp: [Scoffs] So, it is true.

Claire: Look, it was ben's idea, all him.

Ben: So is that why you had to talk me into it, claire-- look at me-- why I told you that it was wrong and that I didn't wanna lie to ciara, but you just kept pushing and pushing and pushing because that's what you always do. That's what you do, claire. You push.

Tripp: Unbelievable.

Claire: I promise. It was-- it was no big deal. The plan didn't mean anything. Nothing even came of it.

Tripp: Ciara and I broke up, didn't we?

Claire: Yes, but not because of anything that ben and I did, right? Look, all we did was just arrange for him and ciara to just spend some time together, all we did.

Ben: And why did you want that, claire, huh?

Claire: Come on, tripp. Look at me. Just listen. It was no big deal.

Tripp: It was obviously a big deal to ciara. You better believe that it was a big deal to me.


Claire: Just listen to me, okay? You stupid jerk! What, oh, you screwed things up with ciara, so you just had to turn around and screw it up for me and tripp, right?

Ben: No, I didn't come here-- I didn't mean to do that.

Claire: Oh, come on. Save it, ben. I know you hate me.

Ben: This isn't about you, claire. It's about ciara.

Claire: [Chuckles]

Ben: [Scoffs] Why you laughing? I came clean to her. I told her what I did. I told her why I did it, because I thought it was the only chance I had with her. Of course she got mad. I need you to help me make ciara understand that this whole little breakup plan was not my idea.

Claire: [Scoffs] Ben, why on earth would I help you? Really? You know, also, when you think about it, it's probably too late, 'cause as we speak, ciara and theo are probably getting back together.

Ben: Don't say that. You don't know that.

Claire: You need to get out of here.

Ben: No, you need to help me out. Get your hands off of me, you little bitch. You don't get to use me and throw me away like a piece of garbage, claire.

Claire: Stop, ben. You're hurting me.

Ben: You hurt people all the time, claire. You do it all the time, and it has to stop, and it's going to stop.

Claire: Or what?

Ben: You don't wanna know that, claire.

Hope: You said that ben came to see you earlier today.

Marlena: He did. You should know that he really cares about ciara.

Hope: Do you think he's losing it again?

Marlena: No, I don'T. I think he wants to make things right with her. That's really important to him.

Ted: So, it's possible he intercepted her at the airport when her plane landed?

Marlena: Well, I don't know where he went after he left my office.

Hope: Is there anything else? I mean, anything else that you think could be relevant? His meds, what about his meds? Is he still taking them?

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: He is, but he has missed a dose or two.

Hope: What? Oh, my god. Last time he was off his meds, he almost killed ciara.

Ciara: Please. I won't say a word to anyone. I'm begging you. Please just let me go. Just-- oh, thank you. Oh, thank you. No.

[Sobs] No.


Tripp: Ben weston took a job kidnapping people for stefan dimera. Do you honestly believe that he's done hurting people?

Claire: This isn't about ben.

Tripp: No, it's not. It's about me.

Claire: What do you mean?

Tripp: I--I am so angry about what you did to me, claire.

[Indistinct chatter] But when you think about it, I did the same thing to ciara. I lied to her. I manipulated her. I made a bunch of shady moves behind her back to get what I wanted.

Claire: You mean planting ben's fingerprint on the can of accelerant?

Tripp: Yeah, and it all backfired. Hope almost lost her job, but I almost ended up in jail myself. You know what the worst thing about it was? Ciara stopped trusting me. That was one of the main reasons we broke up, that and... she started having feelings for ben.

Claire: Come on, tripp. If you're gonna blame that on me, then please--

Tripp: No, no, I'm not. I don't, okay? I'M... I hate that you teamed up with ben, but... as for ciara ending things with me, you're right. You had nothing to do with it.

[Soft dramatic music]

Claire: Wow. Thank you. Thank you for saying that, tripp. You have no idea how relieved I am, that you don't think I'm a total monster.

Tripp: I don't think you're a monster, claire.

Claire: Does this mean that you could give me a second chance?

Tripp: I think we were better off as friends.

Claire: Really?

[Laughs] Tripp, that ship has sailed. Look, I understand why you wouldn't wanna jump into another relationship right away, especially one where trust is an issue. Come on, you have to admit what's going on between us is...

[Laughs softly] It's a lot more than just friendly, and I felt that when we made love, and I think you did too.

Tripp: Yeah, I definitely felt it...

[Laughs softly] Okay. Okay, apology accepted.

Claire: Really?

Tripp: I really care about you, claire, and I like being with you, and I want to give this another shot, but on one condition.

Claire: What?

Tripp: No more lies, no more games. We make that promise to each other right now.

Claire: Yes. Of course, tripp. It's a promise. Okay.

Stefan: You wanna live? Walk away.

But I'm curious to know what is so special about this songbird, because the son of stefano dimera could easily find another chicka to make music.

Stefan: This woman belongs to me, and if you harm her in any way, you'll deeply regret it. My father will hunt you down to the ends of the earth, and I'll be right behind him.

[Tense music]

Ciara: [Sobs]

[Door slams] Help!


Hope: I know sharing that information wasn't easy.

[Laughs softly] I can't--you know how much I appreciate it.

Marlena: Yes, I do, but I would never normally break confidentiality. I just hope you find ciara. Let me know when you do.

Hope: I will, of course. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Marlena: Good luck. Thanks, ted.

Ted: Thank you.

Hope: [Sighs]

[Dramatic music]

Ben has ciara right now. I can feel it. He's off his meds, obsessing over her. Ted, thank you for helping me convince marlena to talk.

Ted: I promise you we will find ciara.

[Phone beeps]

Hope: Excuse me. This is one of my officers. They found ben at a motel.

Ted: I'm going with you.

Hope: No--oh, wait, okay, no. Ted, you stay here.

Ted: I'm not--no.

Diana: I'm sure you must remember how hard it is for me to say no to you.

John: So then, do you think maybe you can give me a little something I can use just to get him out of this sham marriage to sonny?


Leo: Mother, it's me.

[Mysterious music]

What is he doing here? Are you two talking about me behind my back?

Tech: At safelite autoglass

Leo: Someone wanna fill me in on what's going on here?

Diana: Relax, matthew. John and I are old friends.

Leo: Oh, save it, mom. I already know he's the one who tracked you down. You don't have to pretend like you two know each other.

John: No, we know each other from a long time ago.

Diana: John had a different name back then.

Leo: But-- so, what's the connection? Did you two work together? Play in the same bowling league?

Diana: I used to live in salem a lifetime ago.

Leo: You never told me that.

Diana: You never asked.

Leo: I hope you weren't trying to use your prior relationship with my mother to take advantage of her.

John: I don't use people like you do. Think about what I asked.

[Dramatic music]

Just so you know, I'm not the kind of guy who just sits back and does nothing while some pathetic creep hurts people I care about. Just ask your mother. She'll tell you all about it.

Tripp: What's that smile about?

Claire: I'm just grateful that you forgave me. And I'm excited to start fresh, no secrets.

Tripp: Yeah, you think you can stick to that?

Claire: Yes...

[Laughs] Yes, I do. Actually, there's something i wanna share with you right now.

Tripp: Uh-oh.

Claire: [Laughs] After you left the loft yesterday, I started thinking about what happened between us, and I ended up on the guitar.

Tripp: Really? You haven't worked on your music in a while.

Claire: Yeah, I know. I've just been stuck on this one song, getting very frustrated. I finished it, which is actually what gave me the confidence to come here and ask you for a second chance. Do you wanna hear it?

Tripp: Yeah, I'd love to.

Claire: [Giggles] Cool.

[Gentle music]

Tripp: Oh, are these...

Claire: [Laughs]

Tripp: Thank you.

Stefan: I'm sure you've seen el fideo do some pretty horrible things to those who've crossed him. Make an enemy of me and my father, you'll wish your old boss had killed you.


[Tense music]

I'm out.


Vaya con dios, amigo.

Stefano dimera hasn't been heard from in a very, very long time, so I'll take my chances with his son.

Hope: Where'd you learn to jimmy a door like that?

Ted: Law school.

Hope: Look at this. Ted. Look at this. Keep looking. Keep searching. Don't stop. Damn it, there's nothing here.

Ted: Maybe we should look somewhere else, really.

Ben: What the hell's going on here?

Hope: Where is my daughter?

Ben: What are you talking about?

Ted: Are you saying you have any knowledge on her whereabouts?

Ben: Ciara's away. You're the one who told me that yourself. What, are you going through my stuff?

Hope: She came back early and now she's missing.

Ben: What do you mean, she's missing? What happened? Is she okay?

Hope: No one has heard from her since. She just disappeared are you saying you know nothing about that?

Ben: Of course not.

[Tense music]

Ciara: [Groans]

[Muffled] Come on.


[Breathing deeply]

[Grunts loudly]

John: Hey, sweetheart.

Marlena: Oh, hey, honey.

John: What's going on?

Marlena: Oh, I'm just... concerned about a patient. That's all.

John: Ah. I know you can't talk about specifics, but hey, anything you need, I'm here for you.

Marlena: I know you are. How was your day?

John: It has been interesting. I had a talk with leo's mother.

Marlena: I did too.

John: Uh-huh.

Marlena: That's so weird. I ran into her, you know, at the square, and she recognized me from the ad for the radio show on sides of buses, you know, ages ago, but then she invited me for a drink, I declined, and... and she sort of insisted. No, then she really pushed.

John: Mm.

Marlena: What do you think of her?

John: About the same as when she knew me as roman.

Marlena: You two knew each other?

John: Turns out that diana cooper used to be my ex, diana colville.

Leo: You knew john black?

Diana: I knew him as roman brady. I guess we all have aliases, huh, leo?

Leo: That's hilarious, really. My fate hangs in the balance and you're making jokes.

Diana: Dial it back, kiddo. He's just asking questions.

Leo: He's trying to ruin my life! I need to know what was your relationship with him. Hello?

[Sultry music]

Diana: We were romantically involved for nearly two years.

Leo: That sounds serious.

Diana: Yeah, you could say that.

Leo: For god's sake, mom. You look like you're still in love with the guy.

I heard you sing at el fideo's compound. Such a beautiful voice. I truly regret having to cut your throat.

Chloe: Please don't hurt me!

Good-bye, ms. Lane.

Chloe: [Screams]


Chloe: No! Oh, my god.

[Dramatic music]

Chloe: Oh, my god.

Stefan: Sit down, sit down.

Chloe: Oh, you saved me.

Stefan: Are you okay?

Chloe: Yeah.

Stefan: Are you okay?

Chloe: Yeah. Stefan, look out!

Leo: Please don't tell me you're into him.

Diana: Into whom?

Leo: Jimmy fallon. Who do you think? John black. Are you trying to start things up with him again?

Diana: Matthew, he is a happily-married man.

Leo: That has never stopped you before.

[Soft dramatic music]

Marlena: Wait, wait, wait. Diana colville. That's the woman that you were with when I was presumed dead, isn't it?

John: It's like a million years ago, pretty short-lived, yeah.

Marlena: Uh-huh. I wonder-- I wonder why she would lie and say that she just remembered me from the radio show.

John: Well, she said that she was trying to spare your feelings.

Marlena: Yeah. I'm feeling like she was sizing me up.

John: Mm.

Marlena: And what about her being leo's mother? Did you know she had a son?

John: Not a clue.

[Chuckles softly]

Marlena: Well, I guess she had him shortly after she left salem, huh?

[Gentle music]

Tripp: Wow, this-- this sounds great, claire. Like, seriously. I think this is your best song yet.

Claire: Thank you...

[Laughs] Well, what can I say? You inspire me.

Tripp: [Chuckles]

Claire: Don't worry. I won't forget that when I hit it big.

Tripp: [Groans] Fran's gonna kill me if I don't get back to work. But, uh, oh, what do you say you pick me up after my shift ends, you know, and go home and I give you a little more inspiration?

Claire: [Laughs] You know how much I would love that, but there's something you should know. My grandma hope called earlier and ciara's back from south africa.

Tripp: Already?

Claire: Yeah, I know. So much for her and theo riding off in the sunset together.

Tripp: So, is ciara back at the loft?

Claire: No, actually. She hasn't been home yet. My grandma hope was pretty freaked out when I told her that because, apparently, ciara's flight got in hours ago.

Tripp: So then, where's ciara?

Claire: Well, I'm assuming she's with ben.

[Foreboding music]

Hope: How'd you do it? How did you convince ciara to come back early?

Ben: I didn'T.

Hope: What did you do, play on her empathy?

Ben: Hope, I haven't seen ciara since she left salem.

Hope: But you wanted to see her real bad, from what I heard.

Ben: What the hell does that mean?

Hope: I spoke to marlena.

Ben: You spoke to my shrink?

Hope: You still on your meds? Ben, answer me. Are you taking--

Ben: I missed one dose, hope, maybe two, regardless, you shouldn't be talking to dr. Evans and she shouldn't be telling you anything about me because it's a violation of my rights-- so is breaking into my room. She can go to hell, and so can the two of you. I'm out of here.

Ted: Dr. Evans thinks you're a danger to yourself and others, and I agree. So now, where the hell is hope's daughter?

Ciara: [Grunts]

[Door rattles]

[Door clicks] Oh, my god, jordan?

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