Days Transcript Thursday 1/31/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/31/19


Episode #13455 ~ Eli questions Hope about Ted; Ben loses control as he tries to contact Ciara; Marlena runs into Leo's mom; Eli organizes a romantic surprise for Lani.

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[Dramatic music]


Diana: Oh, so did you bring my towels?

Will: Ms. Cooper?

Diana: Yes. Do you work here?

Will: Um, no. Uh, I'm sorry. My--my name is will horton, and I was hoping that we could speak.

Diana: About what?

Will: About your son, leo. I mean, uh, matthew.

Diana: Why? Are you a friend of his?

Will: Um,ot exactly. Uh, leo is married to my ex-husband, sonny.

Diana: So I'm guessing you think sonny's bad news and you want to warn my son to be careful.

Will: Unfortunately it's the opposite. Uh, you see, sonny doesn't love leo. Sonny loves me. And we were hoping that you could help us get leo out of our lives once and for all.

Sonny: Well, it's 5:00 somewhere, I guess.

Leo: [Coughs]

Sonny: Is everything okay? I mean, you seem a bit rattled.

Leo: You think you're smart, don't you? Digging up my mother, convincing her to come to town?

Sonny: Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about. I just wanted to reunite my dear husband with his family. I-I thought you'd be happy to see her.

Leo: Did you, really? Because I told you repeatedly that I couldn't stand her. You have no idea what you've done, but... if you think this little stunt of yours is going to get you out of this marriage, you are very much mistaken. I am going to make you pay for this.

Adrienne: What was that all about?

Hope: Ted, I'm so glad you called. I wanted to thank you again for dinner last night. Really got my mind off things.

Ted: I'm glad I could help.

Hope: So, uh... what can I do for you?

Ted: Do you have any free time today? Uh, I'd like to run an idea past you.

Hope: Uh... actually, I have time right now.

Ted: Oh, sorry, hope. Uh, I have a meeting with a client now, but, um, I'll come by the, uh-- the station afterwards?

Hope: Sure. Uh, I'll see you later, then. Bye, ted.

Eli: So...

Hope: Oh, thanks.

Eli: You're meeting with le ted again?

Hope: Yeah, I am. Do you have a problem with that?

Eli: Can I ask you a question-- as your family member, not as your employee?

Hope: Sure, of course.

Eli: What exactly is going on between you and ted?

[Knock at door]

Marlena: Uh, come in.

Ben: Dr. Evans.

Marlena: Oh, hi, uh, ben. Come in. Uh, well, do I have the date wrong? I thought our monthly appointment wasn't until next week.

Ben: Yeah, yeah, it is. Um... I just really needed to talk to you.

Marlena: All right. Is something wrong?

Ben: Yeah. Yeah, it is. I... I feel like I'm spinning out of control, and I don't know how to stop it.

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[Soft orchestration]

Sonny: You'll have to forgive leo's outburst. His mother just showed up in salem.

Adrienne: You found her?

Sonny: John's people managed to track her down.

Adrienne: Don't keep me in suspense. Tell me. Tell me. What's she like?

Sonny: Um, I mean, honestly, she's--you know, she seems perfectly normal. But leo acts like she's the devil incarnate.

Adrienne: Mm. Well, I can't say that I'm sorry for him after what he's done to you.

Sonny: Yeah, well, he's paying for it now. He's definitely on edge, and... he does not want her here.

[Both laugh] It's great.

Adrienne: So where is she?

Sonny: Uh, I put her up at the salem inn.

Adrienne: Oh, nice.

Sonny: Right? Yeah, I figured the accommodations might make her, you know, want to--want to talk a little bit, and--and will's there right now trying to get anything out of her. So I'm just praying that she gives us something that we can use against my darling husband.

Diana: It doesn't sound like you're a fan of my matthew.

Will: That would be putting it mildly.

Diana: How would you put it?

Will: I don't want to offend you, ms. Cooper.

Diana: Oh, no, no, no. Speak freely. And please... call me diana.

Will: Okay, diana. The thing is, your son has done a lot of horrible things, a lot of them, especially to sonny.

Diana: His husband.

Will: Yes. Most of them occurred before they were--they were married. For example, leo filed a fake sexual harassment lawsuit against him.

Diana: When I was trying to find matthew, I saw something about a lawsuit online. But from what I read, the case never went to trial, which means it was never proven to be false.

Will: Well, trust me, it was. The whole thing was a scam to get sonny to pay him off. Leo made up the entire thing for money.

Diana: And if this is true... why would sonny agree to marry him?

Will: Because he blackmailed him. Leo trapped sonny in a loveless marriage.

Hope: There is nothing going on between ted and me.

Eli: Looked like something to me when I found you two having dinner last night... while your husband was out of town.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. What does rafe being out of town have to do with anything, eli?

Eli: Well, I just don't think that he would appreciate you having dinner or hanging around with a guy that he can't stand.

Hope: Well, you know what? Rafe has absolutely no reason to dislike ted. And he wouldn't, eli, if you hadn't made him think that i was having an affair.

Eli: Hey, in my defense, grandma thought the same thing.

Hope: Yeah, I know. Well, you and julie can rest assured that ted and i are just friends. What? Oh, I'm sorry. You have a problem with that too.

Eli: Honestly, yeah. Hope, the guy is a sleaze, and you know that. And more than that, I would think you would want nothing to do with that guy, not after he defended ben weston.

Marlena: Take a breath.

Ben: [Breathes deeply]

Marlena: Okay. Tell me what's going on. Why do you feel like you're out of control?

Ben: I don't even know where to start.

Marlena: Okay, well, start... the last time you felt in control.

Ben: About a month ago, I guess? I was on top of the world. Finally felt like my life was coming together, you know?

Marlena: I do. And I know it's been hard transitioning back into life in salem.

Ben: But I was doing it. I was finally doing it. I had a good job working for stefan. Uh... ciara and I had just started dating. We were so happy. Uh, but now it's falling apart. Lost my job. But more importantly, um, ciara left me. And I'm afraid I could lose her for good. Dr. Evans, I need your help, please. I need to get ciara back.

Marlena: Tell me what happened between you and ciara.

Ben: We got in a huge fight is what happened. It got pretty intense. Thought it was over between us. But once I cooled down, I went back to talk things out with her, and she wasn't there. So I swallowed my pride, and I went to go see hope. She was very happy to tell me that ciara went to go visit theo in south africa.

Marlena: I see.

Ben: Left her a ton of messages. I haven't been able to reach her.

Marlena: What did you and ciara fight about?

Ben: It started because she wasn't happy about me working for stefan. She didn't approve of the things that I was doing for him.

Marlena: Something illegal?

Ben: Dr. Evans, this is all-- this is all confidential, right?

Marlena: Well, we're talking about things in the past. But, ben, if you're thinking about committing a crime, then I would have to report that.

Ben: No, no, no, this was-- this was all in the past. Um, most of the things that I would do for him were legal--you know, just security-type stuff. But then on christmas... he asked me to kidnap gabi hernandez.

Marlena: Oh, ben.

Ben: No, listen, it's not what you think. Yes, I brought her to stefan. He tied her up. But I swear to god, I didn't hurt her, ever. She's totally fine now. Stefan let her go.

Marlena: Ciara found out?

Ben: Yeah. The cops couldn't prove what happened. I mean, salem pd, go figure, right? But, um, hope made damn sure that ciara knew all about it.

Eli: Ted not only represented ben. Hope, he took on stefan's case too. I mean, you--you can't tell me you approve.

Hope: Actually... ted defending stefan was my idea, eli.

Eli: What? Why?

Hope: Because I thought that if he defended him, he might actually get him to flip on ben.

Eli: How'd that work out for you?

Hope: It didn'T. But I appreciate that ted was at least willing to try.

Diana: You know, I-I can't say that I'm surprised to find out that matthew's marriage is troubled. I met sonny earlier with him, and the tension was apparent.

Will: It's tough to miss.

Diana: In fact, matthew-- or leo was furious with sonny, accused him of tracking me down in order to get rid of him. Sounds like he wasn't wrong about that.

Will: [Sighs] My grandmother's husband is a private detective, and I-I begged him to find you because we thought you could help us deal with leo.

Diana: You seem like a very nice young man, as does sonny. So I wonder, what does leo have on you two?

Will: Okay... um, I'm sure leo will probably tell you this, so I'm-- I'm gonna be honest. Long story short, we thought we killed your son.

Sonny: You know... I think henderson already bought peanut butter.

Adrienne: They're two-for-one. And this stuff never goes bad.

Sonny: Mom, it was a joke. In case you haven't noticed, we have a butler.

Adrienne: Well, I should pay full price for peanut butter? Please.

Sonny: No, definitely not. If there's one thing that you've ingrained in me, it'S...

Both: Waste not, want not.

Sonny: Yes.

Adrienne: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: It's just kind of funny, because my entire life, you know, we've--we've had money, more than we've known what to do with.

Adrienne: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: But you never miss an opportunity to save a few bucks.

Adrienne: Well, honey, I grew up poor. And if there's one thing I've learned in this life is that there are no guarantees and all this could go away just like that. Don't you ever forget it.

Sonny: Believe me, I won'T. You'll never let me.

Adrienne: Good. Besides...[Laughs] With leo's spending sprees, he could bankrupt this whole family any day now.

Sonny: Yeah, if only his spending habits were the worst of it.

Adrienne: What's that supposed to mean?

Sonny: Oh, nothing.

Adrienne: Oh, no, no, no. Out with it, jackson.

Sonny: Ugh, mom, I don't know. I just don't feel comfortable discussing this particular topic with you.

Adrienne: You know what? I'm not doing this, not again.

Sonny: Doing what?

Adrienne: Well, I ran into your uncle jack earlier, and he couldn't get away from me fast enough.

Sonny: I'm sorry. I know that probably upset you.

Adrienne: Well, yeah. So don't do the same thing to me.

Sonny: Well, now you're kind of being a little... manipulative.

Adrienne: Oh, no, not kind of. I am. So spill it.

Sonny: All right. Um... leo has new demands for our marriage. And, uh, he wants me to perform... husbandly, uh, duties.

Adrienne: Hmm.

Will: The day before sonny was gonna go on trial for sexual harassment, I showed leo some dirt that I dug up on him. He was furious. He attacked me.

Diana: [Gasps] Oh, my god.

Will: Diana, he would've killed me, but sonny got there, and he-- and he pulled him off. And after he did, leo fell and he--he just hit his head. And he collapsed, and he--he was just-- body was lying there, unmoving.

Diana: And you didn't call the paramedics?

Will: Well, I mean, we-- we thought it was too late. It really--it really did look like he was dead. I-I swear to you-- I swear it was an accident. We had no intention at all of hurting your son, but... it just--like, with the-- the lawsuit...

Diana: It looked like you might have done it to shut him up.

Will: We were-- I mean, who was gonna believe us if we tried to explain the truth? So we... I mean, we rolled him up in a rug and we put him in his trunk, and when we went back later to try and get rid of the body, it was gone.

Diana: Hmm. And eventually, when leo showed up alive, he... blackmailed sonny into marriage.

Will: He has photos of us trying to dispose of what we thought was his dead body.

Diana: And where did these photos come from?

Will: Some guy named ted laurent.

Diana: Did you just say ted laurent?

Will: Yes. Why, do you know him?

Hope: I appreciate your concern, really. But you have nothing to worry about. And neither does my husband.

Eli: Have you heard from him lately? You know when he's coming back home?

Hope: I have no idea when he's coming home. We keep playing phone tag.

Eli: I bet his ass would be running back home if he knew you were being wined and dined by ted.

Hope: Oh, stop. Hold on, okay? Just stop. I am not being wined and dined by anyone. And not by ted. We are friends. That is it. Nothing more, eli. Period.

Eli: Does ted know that?

Ted: Hi. Does ted know what?

Hope: That I have a packed schedule today, so our meeting is gonna have to be a quickie--uh, quick.

Ted: Well, it--it shouldn't take long.

Hope: Okay.

Eli: [Scoffs] I'll see you later.

Hope: Yeah. Thanks, eli.

Ted: He doesn't like me very much, does he?

Hope: Oh, don't worry about him. So, uh, what idea did you want to run by me?

Ted: How would you feel about you and me working together?

Marlena: Ben, to tell you the truth, I share ciara's concern having you work for a man like stefan dimera.

Ben: Look, dr. Evans, I appreciate you. I appreciate your concern. But it really was just a job. And none of that matters now anyway, because as soon as stefan was arrested and chad took over, his first act of business was to fire me.

Marlena: And does ciara know that?

Ben: She knew that I was fired, yeah. What I didn't get to tell her is that I was on my way to quit working for stefan anyway because of her. I did it for her.

[Exhales heavily]

Marlena: Why didn't you tell her that?

Ben: Because she didn't give me a chance to. By the time I was going to tell her, she was already upset with me about something else.

Marlena: About what?

Ben: I made this stupid pact with claire to break up tripp and ciara-- not by, like, hurting them or anything, just... manipulating them a little, I guess. It wasn't even a big deal, but...[Sighs] Ciara felt like I betrayed her.

Marlena: Understandable, don't you think?

Ben: Dr. Evans... ciara was the only one who believed in me and believed that I've changed. Even after everything her mother did trying to convince her that I set that damn fire at the cabin, she still believed in me. She still had my back.

[Sighs] Just knowing that I was worthy of someone's trust... just made me feel like I could be a better person. Without her... without ciara in my life, I'm just-- I'm afraid I could turn back into that monster that I was before.

Real cheese people are

ham and swiss people.

Lani: Private party? That's weird. Eli. Are you here?

[Laughs] What is going on?

[Laughs] I thought this place was closed for a private party.

Eli: Oh, it is. Ours. I asked my grandmother if i could rent it a couple hours.

Lani: To do what, exactly?

Eli: You remember the other day, you said that you could not take, and I quote, "one more day of cold" and that if you had any sense, you'd be on the next flight back to miami?

Lani: Too bad I used up all my vacation days.

Eli: Well, I figured, if you can't make it back to miami, I'd bring a little miami sunshine to you.

[Both laugh]

Lani: This is your idea of miami?


Eli: Let's see. Does a mojito help?

Lani: Yeah, that works.


Diana: No. No, I don't know ted laurent. I've read about him. He represented that infamous serial killer, ben--ben--ben weston.

Will: Right, that-- that's him.

Diana: Yeah. I can't believe they'd let that psycho free. Killed four people, didn't he?

Will: Three, actually.

Diana: So how does ted fit into all of this?

Will: Well, it turns out, ted and leo were working together.

Diana: My son was in cahoots with ted laurent. Interesting.

Hope: Working with me, huh? Planning on joining the police academy, counselor?

Ted: [Laughs] Uh, no, not quite. But last night, detective grant mentioned melinda trask had resigned. Started thinking I might be a good fit for the job.

Hope: You're a defense attorney. You want to be the da?

Ted: Well, defending criminals is definitely lucrative. But it also takes its toll. I starting thinking it would be a little bit more satisfying to put them away.

Hope: That's a noble notion. I'm sure I don't need to remind you that you've broken the law yourself more than once.

Ted: No, you don't need to remind me. Thank you. But I want to change my life. I want to fight for the good guys now, to be a better person. It's because of you, hope. I want to do it for you.

Will: As far as we know, leo is working on his own now.

Diana: So he used ted's photos to force sonny into marrying him? Forgive me. I'm sure sonny is a fine young man. But why would my son be so interested in him?

Will: Sonny is a kiriakis. The name comes with a lot of money and power. And leo is... very attached to that.

Diana: It does carry a certain cachet.

Will: Exactly.

Diana: Again, I'm not surprised. Our family comes from money-- not as much as the kiriakises, but... but, uh, matthew got used to the finer things. And before I knew it, he was spending money like there was no tomorrow. He would've gone through our entire family fortune if I hadn't cut him off when he was younger.

Will: That sounds familiar.

Diana: He still resents me for it. He said that I was denying him the life to which he had grown accustomed. Can you believe that?

Will: Actually, yes, I can.

Diana: So when I suggested that he actually go out and make a living, he took an interest in art, which required a lot of money for supplies and gallery spaces.

Will: Oh, let me guess. He expected you to pay for all of it.

Diana: And I did... at first. But the more expensive the projects became and the more questionable his talent...[Chuckles]

Will: You don't think he's talented?

Diana: Have you seen his work, will? Something only a mother could love, and I don't love it. I was trying to get him to be realistic about his future and to learn to be responsible.

Will: Well, I-I-- unfortunately I don't think that lesson took, because he will still do anything for a quick buck. And because of that, sonny and i are living a nightmare. Diana, look, I-I-I know leo is your son. But would you be willing to help us? Oh! Oh!

Lani: It was really sweet of you to do this for me.

Eli: No need to thank me. I just needed a reason to see you in a bathing suit.

[Both laugh] I thought this was supposed to be relaxing.

Lani: [Laughs] I'm relaxed. You know, we should go to miami for real. I would love to show you all of my favorite places-- the art walk, the miami city ballet. And we would have to stop in for a cuban sandwich. That actually sounds kind of boring.

Eli: Are you kidding me? Lani, the last thing you are is boring. I want to know everything about you.

Lani: Well, when you meet my mother, you will know more than you ever wanted to know. Trust me.

Eli: Well, if she's anything like you, bring it on.

Lani: [Laughs] Actually, I... can't wait for you two to meet. I know my mom is going to... love you just as much as I love you.

Eli: Uh, wait. What'd you just say?

Lani: [Laughs]

Marlena: Ben, I've got to say that your last statement concerns me. Are you saying that you feel like you--you could kill again?

Ben: No, no. No, I didn't mean that, I swear.

[Sighs] I just... ciara makes me feel like I have purpose, like I'm worth something. Like...she's my anchor. Without her, I am... I'm lost.

Marlena: You cannot let ciara define you. You can't let somebody else create your self-worth. That comes from within you. And I know that you know that.

Ben: I do. You're right. I just...

[Sighs] I care about this girl so much. And the thought of losing her forever, dr. Evans... it's killing me.

Diana: You make a very compelling case for you and sonny. It sounds like you were both my son's victims.

Will: You're not sure?

Diana: [Chuckles] I would want to hear his side of things before I make any judgments. You just told me that you and sonny thought you killed my son. How do I know that's true, that it wasn't intentional or premeditated?

Will: Because I swear to you, it was self-defense.

Diana: And if it is the truth, how exactly do you think I can help you? Matthew and I aren't close. I honestly have very little sway over him.

Will: Well, I-I realize that. But sonny noticed that when leo talks about you, he gets very agitated. He gets upset. He shuts down.

Diana: Does he say anything in particular about me? No, it's all right. I'm tough. I can take it.

Will: Okay. Um... he said you were a monster.

Diana: [Laughs] That's it?

[Sighs] Believe me, he's called me far worse to my face.

Will: I'm sorry.

Diana: No, no. I'm tough, as I said.

Will: Anyway, um... we were really hoping that you could provide us with some information that we could use to neutralize his--his threats.

Diana: So you are looking for ammunition.

Will: Essentially, yes. So is there anything you could tell us? I landed.

Leo: Mother kiriakis.

Adrienne: Don't you "mother kiriakis" me.

Leo: Is there a problem?

Adrienne: Yes, there is, and it's you, you little piece of trash. It's time you and i got something straight.

Diana: My son is no angel. He's gotten in plenty of trouble over the years and left a trail of victims, including me. In some ways, it would serve him right if I gave you the ammunition you need. However... he is my son. And though I am sympathetic to your cause, he is my flesh and blood. And I do love him.

Will: Well, I mean, of course you do. Of course you do. But like you just said, your son has hurt a lot of people. What he's doing right now is not right. It is wrong. It is horribly wrong, in fact. And it sounds like you could do something to--to--to stop him.

Diana: I think you need to leave now.

Will: Diana, I mean, come on. You got to--you got to-- please, help me.

Diana: No. No, I cannot.

Will: You can't? Yes, you can! You just--you just won't! And that--that's wrong too. Don't you see that? What you're doing now is wrong.

Diana: I have given you enough of my time. Good-bye, will.

[Tense music]

Ted: Hope, you inspired me. Seeing how you fight for what's right... I want to do the same thing.

Hope: Okay. Even if your intentions are pure and you want the job for all the right reasons--

[Cell phone rings] Oh, sorry. Excuse me.

Ted: Sure.

Hope: Uh, just give me a moment. Hey, theo. Thank you, honey, for calling me right back. Yeah, I just want to check in with ciara. What? Oh, no. I had no idea. Uh, honey, send me her flight information right away, okay? Thank you. Bye.

Ted: Hope.

Hope: Huh?

Ted: What's--what's wrong?

Hope: Uh, ciara, she, um-- she left south africa. Booked an earlier flight home, apparently. According to theo, her flight should've landed hours ago. Wonder why she hasn't called or texted me.

Ben: I should get going.

Marlena: Ben, wait. Wait. Before you go... I know it's been really rough for you lately. Do you have some sort of a support system?

Ben: Father's in prison. And, um, my sister, jordan, um, we haven't been in touch for a while.

Marlena: Maybe you could reach out to her.

Ben: Maybe.

Marlena: What about your, um--your living situation? Where are you staying?

Ben: Just at the motel. I can't really afford to stay there forever, but, um... I don't know. Maybe I'll go back to the homeless shelter for a little while.

Marlena: I-I just--I wish your living situation were more stable.

Ben: Me too.

Marlena: What about your meds? Are you taking them?

Ben: I might have missed a dose, maybe two. I just ran out.

Marlena: Ben, it's important that you take those.

Ben: I know.

Marlena: I know you know that.

Ben: [Exhales heavily]

Marlena: That's another prescription. Take that to the hospital pharmacy. They won't charge you. They'll just fill it for you. And I want to see you more often, at least twice a week.

Ben: Thank you. Sounds good. Thank you again.

Marlena: Yeah, I'm here for you. I really am. I think you know that, don't you?

Ben: I do. Thank you.

[Dramatic music]

Before I had the shooting,

Lani: You heard what I said. And I meant it.

Eli: Well, in that case... I think I need to hear it again.

Lani: I said... I love you, eli grant.

Eli: I love you too.

Lani: [Laughs]

Adrienne: You may be married to my son for now. But if you try to force him to consummate this marriage, you're gonna live to regret it.

Leo: [Laughs] I don't believe it. Sonny went running to his mommy?

Adrienne: Well, mommy's gonna make sure that you keep your hands-- and other parts of your body-- to yourself. Because if you don't, you will never consummate anything again.

[Tense music]

[Cell phone rings]

Sonny: So? What happened?

Will: She definitely knows something we could use against leo. But, uh, I wasn't able to convince her to talk.

Sonny: Will, we're so close. We can't give up now.

Will: I won'T. Don't worry. I'll keep pressing her till i find out what she knows.

[Dramatic music]

Diana: [Sighs] Oh! I'm s--I'm sorry. Marlena?

Hope: Hey, ciara, it's me, sweetheart. Uh, I just spoke to theo. He told me you decided to take an earlier flight home. Call me as soon as you get this, okay? Can't wait to hear all about your trip. I love you, baby. Okay, see you soon.

[Suspenseful music]

Ciara: [Sobbing]

[Muffled screaming]

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