Days Transcript Friday 1/25/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/25/19


Episode #13451 ~ Sarah tries to make amends with Eric; Jennifer warns Jack that Eve is using him; Haley reveals her secret to J.J.; Brady and Chloe have a close moment.

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[Soft music]

Both: Everything's better

when we're together

life is a beautiful thing

this feeling inside

searched far and wide

and now is the time

for the ride

are you with me?

Are you with me?

[Soft music]

Jj: One chocolate latte. Light on the latte, heavy on the chocolate. Actually, two. Thought I'd give it a try.

Haley: You'll thank me. And...thank you for this. It's totally unnecessary.

Jj: Oh, I just, uh, I hope it's still hot, 'cause I got totally caught up in, uh... reading the main story in "the spectator." Time got away from me.

Haley: Must have been some story.

Jj: Around here, yeah. Better believe it. Abe carver just got a new challenger in the race for mayor.

[Uneasy music]

Jennifer: Mayor carver, would you like to make a comment about the story we ran this morning about the newly announced candidate running against you?

Abe: You bet I do.

Jack: For too long, salem has been run on tired, old ideas. I'm not going to bring you politics as usual. I'm a clean slate with a fresh vision for our community. So vote for change. Vote for me...jack deveraux for mayor of salem.

Eve: Oh, jack, you are a natural! This is great.

Jack: It felt good. I'm excited.

Eve: Well, you should be excited, my man. I do believe I am looking at salem's next mayor.

[Both laugh] You did great!

Jack: Yes!

Eve: [Laughing] Yes.

Chloe: Here you go.

Brady: Thank you.

Chloe: So what's the big news that you wanted to tell me?

Brady: It's no big deal. Um... you're looking at the new ceo of titan.

[Cup shatters]

Rex: Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Sarah: You're in pain, eric. And I am too. Don't you want that pain to go away? 'Cause I know I do.

[Soft music]

Xander: Morning, beautiful.

Sarah: What are you doing in here?

Xander: Up for round two?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Abe: I definitely have a comment. This... out-of-the-blue announcement by my so-called challenger is extremely cynical. And I-I'm surprised you didn't give me a heads-up last night. Would you care to comment on that?

Eve: So now all we have to do is upload this, and we'll be on our way.

Jack: Wait, wait, we need to schedule a press conference.

Eve: No, we got time for that later, jack. Social media is where it's at. We'll upload it, it'll go viral, and then you're on your way, okay?

Jack: [Snaps] All right!

Eve: What? Oh, no!

Jack: "Oh, no," what?

Eve: [Scoffs]

Haley: So it's for real. You said that your dad was thinking about running for mayor. I guess he's, uh, he's going for it.

Jj: No, no, not my dad. Someone else. Thinking maybe you already knew that?

Jennifer: Abe, listen. I really did try to get a hold of you last night. I left so many messages with your assistant.

Abe: [Laughs] Yes. Of course. Sheila. That woman has turned losing messages into an art form.

Jennifer: Well, I'm here now. If you would like to comment, i would love to print it.

Abe: Oh, I definitely have a comment. My challenger... has no business running for public office. She's a heartless barracuda who has absolutely zero empathy for anyone.

Melinda: If you're gonna trash me, mayor carver, at least do it to my face.

Once-daily toujeoŽ helps

you control your blood sugar

Jj: So... you knew your sister was planning on running for mayor, didn't you?

Haley: Melinda might have said something.

Jj: You didn't--you didn't think last night was a good time to mention it? Considering I told you my dad might run?

Haley: The truth? I was hoping she would change her mind.

Jj: You and your sister...

Melinda: Weird. I know.

Jj: What am I missing?

[Uneasy music]

Haley: God, how did-- how did it get to be so late already? I-I have to go.

Jj: You have another session with dr. Evans?

Haley: Nope. Thank you so much for the coffee, by the way.

Eve: Damn it! Ugh! I can't believe melinda trask beat us to the punch.

Jack: Trask. Trask. Did I know her?

Eve: Mm-mm. No, lucky for you, no. She was the D.A. Until yesterday. She even tried to prosecute abigail for murder.

Jack: My daughter?

Eve: [Chuckles] Look, I told you sweet little abs was dangerous.

Jack: She killed someone?

Eve: Not that trask could make stick.

Jack: Well, I suppose we could use that against her.

Eve: Yeah, I guess we could, but I mean, come on, according to this article written by jennifer... trask is challenging abe on the same issues that we wanna challenge abe on.

Jack: Well, so what? It's healthy competition. I say I run as an independent.

Eve: No, jack, you can't run as an independent. You can't get any financing that way. You need contributions. I mean, as horrible as this woman is... she has a base. You don'T.

Jack: Okay. Okay. Forget it. I'll just start writing another book.

Eve: No. That's an even worse idea. I'm not a quitter, and neither are you.

Jack: It sounds like the odds are against us.

Eve: Well, you know what? We're just gonna have to fight harder. .


Haley: You followed me?

Jj: You, uh, took off without your phone.

Haley: [Sighs] Thanks.

Jj: Look, haley, what I--what I saw just now, it didn't exactly seem warm and fuzzy.

Haley: Can I please just have my phone? I really--I really have to get to work, jj.

Jj: See, that's a funny thing, because I called the hospital to leave a message about your phone, and your shift doesn't start until this afternoon.

Haley: Must have gotten my schedule mixed up.

Jj: You know, you're really good at that, the bobbing and the weaving and changing the subject and flying out the door when you don't wanna answer a question. But haley, all I am trying to do is help you. And I can't do that unless you talk to me. You're obviously in trouble. You need someone who can help you. You need a friend.

Haley: Jj, you--you've... you've done so much for me already. I--I-- I can'T.

Jj: Yes. Yes, you can. Haley, talk to me. You don't have to do this alone.

[Suspenseful music]

Haley: You were right the other day.

[Whispers] I'm a criminal.

Jennifer: Jack, please, sit down. Listen, I... I think that you would make a terrific mayor. I am not talking about your ability. I am talking about your past, and I seriously doubt with your history that you would ever get elected.

Jack: Because I raped kayla. I regret that moment. You know.

Jennifer: No, I understand that. But it is public knowledge. I mean, don't you think it will be an issue in the era of metoo?

Jack: Absolutely. It would absolutely be an issue. But I'm not that man. Literally. I'm the clean slate candidate.

Jennifer: You may not remember who you are, jack, but the public will, and I'm not just talking about what happened to kayla. When you were working with your dad, your company dumped toxic chemicals, polluted the water in salem. Abigail had contact with it and developed aplastic anemia.

Jack: I poisoned our daughter.

Jennifer: No, jack, but she had a bone marrow transplant that saved her life, but the point I'm trying to make is that all of this is going to come out if you run for mayor. Are you prepared to handle that?

Chloe: Mm-hmm. The kitchen staff will take the delivery. Okay. Thank you.

[Phone beeps] Oh. I'm guessing that didn't go so well? Not her favorite anymore?

Rex: No. Apparently, some other guy got to her first. So, here. These are for you.

Eric: You said you wanted to hurt rex for sleeping with your sister.

Sarah: I did.

Eric: But you could have slept with anybody in this town, but you chose xander...the man who was responsible for nicole's death.

Sarah: Because he was there.

Eric: No, because i refused to sleep with you.

Sarah: That's not true.

Eric: The hell it isn'T.

Sarah: Will you stop making this about you?

Eric: Admit it, sarah! Because I wouldn't jump into bed for payback... you jumped to bed with xander? If you can't admit to me, admit it to yourself.

Sarah: Okay, fine! Yeah. I wanted to hurt you.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Jack: I made mistakes, horrible mistakes. But I regret them. I'm truly remorseful. So I'll confront what happened head on. I'll admit what I've done, get it out there, nothing hidden. I will fight crimes against women, I'll make a clean environment a key part of my platform.

Jennifer: I don't care about your platform, jack. I care about you. But the big issue is when eve was urging you to run for mayor, did she bother to remind you about any of this, jack?

Jack: No.

Jennifer: Right! Because she has an agenda. It's not about you. It is all about eve. It always is, jack. Why are you letting her use you?

Jack: At least she supports me--it's more than you're willing to--

Jennifer: Jack, I'm trying to protect you.

Jack: Protect me--I got that, I got that. Don't you think I'm smart enough to see through eve?

Eve: What the hell are you doing here?

Xander: You and I have unfinished business.

Jj: You're a criminal. What, some... unpaid parking tickets?


Haley: I wish. I-I already said too much. You won't understand.

Jj: I understand that you tried to kill yourself. I understand that you feel completely alone. And that your sister has pretty much abandoned you.

Haley: No, it's not--it's not what you think.

Jj: Then tell me. Let me help you.

Haley: I'm illegal.

Jj: Illegal?

Haley: As in undocumented immigrant.

Jj: Wait--what? What?

Haley: It could ruin--it could ruin everything for my sister, and--

Jj: No, no, the hell with your sister. What about you?

Haley: I'm sorry, I can-- I can't talk about this.

Jj: No, haley, haley, hale--

Chloe: Whew. Hey, I see you managed to clear xander outta here.

Brady: Yeah. I told him to go to hell. It was immensely satisfying. What--what is this? Tell me you don't have a secret admirer.

Chloe: Well, maybe I do.

Brady: What?

Chloe: [Giggles]

Sarah: I was so angry at rex, and then you rejected me, and--

Eric: I was trying to stop you, sarah. I was trying to stop you from doing something you would regret.

Sarah: It didn't feel that way. It gutted me. Because all I saw was a guy that I have come to know and--

Eric: And what?

[Whispers] What is it?

Sarah: It's just... you've been...

[Door opens]

Rex: Huh. What the hell is going on between you?

[Intense music]

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