Days Transcript Wednesday 1/16/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 1/16/19


Episode #13444 ~ Eric attacks Xander. Ted tries to get Stefan to turn on Ben. Rex and Chloe get reacquainted. Kate encourages Abigail to forgive Chad.

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Eric: Well, maybe you should tell sarah everything you told me.

Rex: I would love to do that, if I could just get face to face with her-- that's it. That's it. Could you--could you call her and see if she wants to come over here so I can, you know, talk to her just like one more time, convince her to do that for me?

Eric: And then what?

Rex: Well, that's easy, I would just take it from there. But when she gets here, you gotta make yourself scarce. Please? ComeN.

Eric: Rex.

Rex: Do it for me? Thank you. I'm gonna jump in the shower.

[Knocking on door]

Eric: Sarah, I was just about to call you.

Sarah: Eric, there's something that you need to know. Xander cook is still alive. And he's here in salem.

Chad: Julie, I cannot thank you enough for setting up that that dinner and for getting abigail to show up. It wouldn't have happened without you. I know jack being there was really important. Abby needs her family now more than ever. Just--it's the first step.

[Doorbell rings] Uh, someone's at the door. I-I just wanted to say thank you and give my best to doug.

[Phone beeps]

Gabi: Hi.

Chad: What the hell do you want?

[Dark music]

[Banging on door]

[Banging continues]

Kate: Abigail, I see you.

[Banging continues] Before you say anything...

Abigail: [Chuckles]


Stefan: Where the hell you been? What happened to me being out on bail last night and the arraignment this morning?

Ted: Well, the arraignment is in less than an hour. I've been working all morning preparing your defense.

Stefan: Well, it better be something brilliant.

Ted: Oh, it is. Take a look at this.

Hope: Ben. Here to turn yourself in for kidnapping gabi hernandez?

Ben: I was wondering if you heard from ciara.

Hope: Not returning your calls?

Ben: No. I haven't heard from her. I went by the loft a few times, nobody was there. I'm starting to get a little worried about her. Her motorcycle was there, but she just wasn't--

Hope: She won't need her motorcycle where she's going. Went last night to go visit someone very special to her.

Ben: Who?

Hope: Theo carver. I'm sure you've heard of him. They used to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Ben: Yeah, I know. I know who theo is.

Hope: Then you know that they used to date.

Rex: Whoa. Y-you're here. Uh, that was quick.

Sarah: What was?

Rex: Well, I asked eric if he would call you and see if you wanted to come over so we could talk. I mean, that's why you're here, right?

Sarah: No. I came here on my own because I had some unsettling news for eric and he asked me to wait here for him while he went and dealt with the problem, but now I'm starting to wonder if I should have gone with him.

Rex: There's a--aproblem? Eric has a problem? What's going on?

Sarah: Xander cook is alive. I had the displeasure of meeting him this morning at breakfast.

Rex: Wait, xander cook? I thought he died in that fire.

Sarah: Yeah, well, everybody thought that, but apparently, we were wrong. So after I made the horrifying discovery that he is, indeed, alive and roaming the streets of salem, I came here to tell eric and he just rushed off to go confront him.

Rex: Well, there's no surprise there.

Sarah: No, there's no surprise at all, I mean, eric holds xander accountable for nicole's death. I'm just worried what eric might do.

Eric: Xander!

[Grunting] You killed nicole.

[Grunts] Now I'm gonna kill you!

Xander: I know you let your morals slide a little bit on the adultery front, but somehow, I don't see you as a murderer, eric.

Eric: Yeah? How about now?

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[Soft orchestration]

Hope: Now you're not saying anything. That's not like you.

Ben: [Clears throat] I'm just surprised.

[Clears throat] That's all. Ciara never even mentioned the possibility of her flying anywhere.

Hope: Well, she was highly motivated, obviously. And thank god she finally realized that she deserved better than a serial killer whose idea of reforming is to become a kidnapper.

Ben: I never hurt gabi, and I never would.

Hope: Oh, my god, of course not. I am so sorry. What was I thinking? Because you are such a stand-up guy, aren't you? Except... when you are in one of your homicidal moods and decide that some people just don't deserve to live, right, ben?

If you think that you've...

[Sighs] Gotten away with murder, and other crimes, but I wouldn't get too cocky, if I were you.

This isn't over yet, not by a long shot.

Stefan: "I've been assured that my head of security, ben weston, was completely rehabilitated, but totally unbeknownst to me, he kidnapped a woman named gabi hernandez and held her prisoner overnight on my property. As soon as I found out, I immediately released her. I was about to explain the situation to the police when detective rafe hernandez arrested me on unfounded charges of treason." Really? This is your brilliant defense? You want me to lie to the judge?

Ted: This statement is based on what you have told me, that ben weston is mentally ill. He was living on your property. He kidnapped a woman and you released her.

Stefan: But he didn't act alone! Gabi hernandez can testify to that.

Ted: Gabi hernandez has no credibility whatsoever. If she did, ben weston will be behind bars already and everyone knows she hates you and she will jump at a chance to screw you over. The police, the feds, everyone has been trying to put ben weston behind bars for years. If you help society get rid of that menace, you will be rightly rewarded. The cops get ben. You go free. Everyone's happy.

Stefan: Not everyone.

Abigail: All right, what do i gotta do to make you go away?

Kate: Hear me out.

Abigail: I don't wanna hear anything you have to say, kate.

Kate: Because you're furious with me?

Abigail: This goes way beyond me being mad at you. What are you here for? What'd you come to justify what you've done? Because you can'T. There is no justifying that you knew charlotte was chad's and you knew that gabi was setting me, and you did nothing. And to think, I actually-- I actually believed that you cared about me and chad and our little family.

Kate: I did. I do.

Abigail: No. You didn't, and you don'T. The only person you care about, kate, is yourself. You use people so that you can manipulate them and you can destroy their lives. That's how you get your kicks, right?

Kate: No. Actually not. And I know that what you and chad went through was very painful. And I know, because of circumstances beyond my control, that I was complicit in causing that pain. And I'm not making excuses, abigail. I'm here to tell you that I'm sorry and that I'm going to do what I can to make things right.

Gabi: I'm here on business, chad.

Chad: You're not here to schmooze? See how I'm doing? Check in on abby and the kids? Oh, wait. Your life's purpose is to destroy my family and to watch us all suffer to try tear us apart.

Gabi: I heard that stefan's in custody and that you are now ceo of dimera.

Chad: And?

Gabi: Well, dimera enterprises owns gabi chic. Must've occurred to you at some point that we'd be working together again. -These people, they speak a language we cannot understand.

Ben: I thought you weren't gonna be charging me in gabi's kidnapping. You obviously don't have a case.

Hope, if I remember correctly, the last time that you came up with evidence out of nowhere for me setting the fire, it didn't work out that well for you at all, as I recall.

Hope: This time... is different. This time, we're holding stefan dimera-- your boss-- who's in deep legal trouble.

Ben: What does that have to do with me?

Hope: Oh, it has so much to do with you. Let's see, where do I start? You see, if stefan's convicted, it's likely he'll lose all motivation to protect you, given that his own ass is on the line. So... who knows what he might be willing to tell the feds to save himself?

Stefan: Y-your defense is literally laughable, so unless you have a damn good plan B...

Ted: I don'T. There's none.

Stefan: Then you're fired.

Ted: Fine. Then your arraignment will be postponed again. You will have to spend another night in a cell, at least. Oh, really, mr. Dimera, what other good lawyer will jump at a chance to represent a client that has been just charged with treason, has no job to pay legal bills--

Stefan: You sure as hell jumped at the chance, didn't you, and why is that? Why are you so eager to have me as a client? Oh, wait! I know. So you can tank the case, put me behind bars, and that way I'm not a threat to you anymore.

Ted: I'm not stupid, mr. Dimera. I learned my lesson. I'd rather work with you than against you. You're about to jump in shark-infested water. Painted as a traitor for spying on top of it-- you will get nailed.

Stefan: I'm innocent!

Ted: It's all about perception. And you well know that. Which is why flipping on ben weston will go a long, long way.

Stefan: Go a long way with hope brady-hernandez. Right? Is that what this is about? Hm? I mean, she, uh, she helped hide you when you got back to salem. Is this you repaying her? Or is there, uh, something else going on between you two? Come on, who's better? Kate or--kate or hope? You can tell me.

Ted: You know what--

Stefan: Come on!

Ted: I'm doing my best for my client. I'm assuming you agree. I will see you in court. Otherwise, mr. Dimera, good luck.

Sarah: Damn. The longer I don't hear from him.. eric was so violent with brady over nicole's death, and xander, he's even more culpable.

Rex: D-d--hey, listen. Eric is not going to kill anybody, it's all right.

Sarah: But what about what xander might do to him? Oh, my god, why have I waited? I have to do something. I have to stop it.

Rex: All right, you know what, I'm gonna come with you.

Sarah: Oh, like hell you will. I don't need your help. I can do this on my own.

[Door slams]

[Both panting]

Xander: So, "father," whatever happened to turning the other cheek, eh?

Eric: Try turning yours and see what happens next. Nicole would still be alive if it wasn't for you. Holly would still have a mother. Since you like quoting scripture, I tend to lean towards the old testament. So how about "take an eye for an eye"?

Abigail: [Clears throat]

Kate: Like I said, no excuses. Although, I do hope you understand that I did not like helping gabi. In fact, I hated it. The truth is, it happened because she was blackmailing me.

Abigail: I'm sorry, what makes you think that I want to hear any of this again?

Kate: Okay, fine, fine. Seriously, I understand talk is cheap. It is. All these words must seem hollow to you. So no more words. Only actions, and I've already gotten started on that.

Abigail: How?

Kate: Well, the dimera board offered me the position of ceo of dimera, and I turned it down. I convinced them to hire chad. Because he is the true heir, I'm going to help him get back everything he lost, including the most important thing to him in the world, which is you.

Chad: You and I-- oh, okay.

Gabi: Hey, no! Listen, chad. I know that you hate me.

Chad: What gave you that clue?

Gabi: I'm here on business. You've been reinstated as ceo. I'm the face of gabi chic, okay. An emotional decision, it would be terrible to the board.

Chad: How about this? How about I liquidate gabi chic, just like stefan did with basic black, and I watch your career go up in smoke?

Gabi: Chad, you cannot do--

Chad: Oh, I can do that, and I will do that. I'm gonna wipe gabi chic off the map.

Ben: That's what you're hoping?

That stefan is gonna testify against me?

Hope: You're smart. I don't need to answer that.

Ted: Hello, ben.

Hope: He's just leaving.

Ted: What was he doing here?

Hope: Proving that I made the right call when I asked you to represent his boss. Did you get stefan to flip on ben?

Chloe: Rex?

Rex: Chloe, hi.

Chloe: Hi.

Rex: Sorry, please, come in.

Chloe: Oh, thanks. Uh, so when did you get back to salem?

Rex: Uh, late last night, actually. Um... sorry about this. I'm just crashing here while I settle in.

Chloe: Oh, so you're staying permanently?

Rex: I am. Yeah. I am.

Chloe: Oh, cool.

Rex: Uh, eric is not here right now, so...

Chloe: Oh, you know what? I didn't come here to see him. Holly, I think, might have left this little stuffed cat here. She can't sleep without it. Uh, have you seen it? We call her dirty kitty.

Rex: Uh, yes, wait a minute. I did see a--yes. Is this-- is this dirty kitty?

Chloe: There she is. Yes. Thank you.

Rex: You're welcome. Actually, I should be thanking you.

Chloe: For what?

Rex: If it wasn't for you, I would not know that I have a daughter.

Xander: Come on! If you're gonna do it, do it! Come on, you coward! Come on!

Sarah: Eric, no! Please stop.

Eric: [Grunts, sobs]

Sarah: Please, eric.

Eric: [Sniffs] Get out! Now! Please!

Sarah: Eric, I am not gonna go. Please, you're not-- you're not like this. You would never take somebody's life. You're not like--

Eric: Yes, I am! You made me this way when you killed nicole


Sarah: Think of her! Think of her! Do you think that this is what nicole would want? That she would want you to go to jail for murder? She wanted you to be there for her little girl.

Eric: [Crying] Holly has chloe now.

Sarah: But she needs you too. She does, she needs you in her life. And I do too. Please, eric. Please, please.

Eric: [Sniffs]

[All breathing heavily]

[Dramatic music]

Xander: Cheers, babe. I owe you one.

Eric: Xander. Shut the hell up.

Ted: I made a compelling case for stefan dimera to flip on ben. If he doesn't do it, he will have to find another lawyer. His options are pretty limited if he doesn't heed my advice.

Hope: Thank you. And for agreeing to take stefan's case. I don't know what else I would have done, if you hadn'T.

[Dark music]

Rex: As much as it turned my whole world upside down to find out I had a daughter, she's the best thing that ever happened to me. I mean, besides sarah. But that's different, right? I mean, it's a different kind of love. I mean, your child is-- is part of you.

Chloe: Yeah, I know. It's the best feeling ever. I know that lucas started to feel that way towards baby bonnie--emily, that is. That's why I hated having to tell him that she wasn't his daughter.

Rex: That must have been so rough.

Chloe: It was. For me too, actually. We'd made plans to raise her together, and I know that parker was looking forward to having a little sister, so...

Rex: Chloe, I really am so sorry.

Chloe: I know. Hey, you know what? It's okay because parker did end up with a little sister, holly, so it's a happy ending, right?

Rex: Yeah. Yes. Happy ending.

Chloe: Anyway, I had no idea that she was your daughter. I just knew that something wasn't right about bonnie and mimi's story.

Rex: Yeah. Yeah, look, um... well, lucas, I actually tried to call him and I've left messages. He's not getting back to me.

Chloe: Oh, well, that's probably because he hasn't been getting them. Lucas left the country.

Sarah: Thank you for getting here so quickly.

Eli: Is that xander cook?

Eric: It is. He obviously survived the explosion in nashville.

Eli: Salem's starting to look like "the walking dead." Somebody want to fill me in on what's going on?

Eric: I know nashville's out of your jurisdiction and it may be impossible to prove that he's responsible for nicole's death, but he did shoot my mother.

Eli: That he did. And we got the hard evidence to prove it. Get up. Xander cook, you're under arrest.

Xander: Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I'm the one that was attacked here. He threatened me with a knife, and then knocked me out cold.

Eli: Which I didn't witness.

Xander: No, but she did.

Eli: What I did see was a closed circuit video of you shooting dr. Marlena evans. You're under arrest for attempted murder. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Gabi: I know that you're too angry right now to consider my feelings.

Chad: You're damn right I am.

Gabi: But maybe you can consider arianna'S.

Chad: What does arianna have to do with this?

Gabi: You know that gabi chic is my life and my livelihood. I know that you care about arianna. I know you don't want her to suffer, so please don't do this because you're trying to punish me.

Yeah, will and sonny are gonna make sure she never suffers. Arianna will want for nothing.

Gabi: Except for a mother who's happy and fulfilled with what she's doing, with what she's fought for. The kind of mom that's setting and example that every child needs. I have lost so much time with arianna while I was in prison. This means so much more than you know.

Chad: This is not about arianna.

Gabi: I was in love with you, chad. And I know that you were in love with me, just obviously not enough. I never wanted to be selfish. I wanted you to be happy. That's why, when abigail came back, I stepped aside so that you two could be happy together. A-and what do I get? Just misery and grief?

Chad: And that justifies what you put us through?

Gabi: Oh. You know, abigail hurt people too. She's--she killed one of your brothers, she cheated on you--

Chad: Abby was mentally ill. What's your excuse?

Gabi: All right, so just because I haven't been diagnosed with did or whatever the hell she's got, that means I have to suffer in silence? I went to prison because my so-called best friend framed me for murder. Okay, I was beaten so badly that I will never be able to have children again. Do you have any idea what that feels like? No. No, you don'T. Okay, I was alone and tortured and no one gave a damn about me.

Chad: No one gave-- I gave a damn! I was there for you! You're one of my oldest friends. You should have been there for me. Instead, you were trying to destroy my family, gabi!

Gabi: I never tried to hurt you. I-I would never wanted to hurt you.

Chad: I'm not trying to hurt you. This isn't about revenge. I just can't stomach the sight of you anymore. Things have changed. And I'm a better man. I am the man that my wife and my children deserve. Now, this is not a request. This is an order: Stay the hell out of my life.

Abigail: I get that you want to make amends to make yourself feel better, kate, but I can't help you out there.

Kate: No?

Abigail: No. Because-- some things are just not forgivable. You were complicit in a lie involving my child. And you encouraged someone who was like a son to you to betray his best friend. You're not a good person, kate, and I'm not gonna fall for it again. So if you want to make amends, you know, someone that you could start with would be chad. And the way to do it would be to get the hell out of his life.

Chloe: Lucas went to go spend thanksgiving with ali in europe and then, I guess, realized she was having some problems and decided that she needed her dad nearby, and so he packed up and left to be with her.

Rex: Well, when's he getting back?

Chloe: I don't know. He actually broke up with me before he left.

Rex: Ah, man.

Chloe: Yeah, that sucked, but I guess the plus side is your mother was thrilled.

Rex: Oh, god! [Laughs] My ma--you know not to take that personally, right? I mean, my mom has never liked anyone that her kids have been with.

Chloe: True.

Rex: I mean, she didn't despise sarah, but that's 'cause she didn't really get a chance to know her. [Laughs]

Chloe: Yeah, so I know that that's over now. Are you and mimi together?

Rex: Uh, no. No. Um... I mean, I helped mimi move to chicago so she could be nearby and we can raise our daughter together, but I-- I don't love mimi. I love sarah. And that's why I took a leave of absence from the hospital and I came back here to salem and I'm gonna fight for her.

Sarah: You know, with all of our advancements in medicine, a bag of frozen peas is still the best thing for swelling.

Eric: It's better already. Thank you.

Sarah: Leave it on there for another minute. Doctor's orders.

Eric: Yes, ma'am.

Sarah: I hope you're not upset with me for showing up and calling the cops.

Eric: Upset? No. Thank god for you that you were here to save me from myself.

Sarah: I'm sure that you would have done the right thing, whether I showed up or not. The truth is, I felt responsible for inciting you.

Eric: What? Why?

Sarah: I shouldn't have just run straight to you when I found out that xander was alive, but you were just the first person I thought of.

Eric: You did the right thing. I needed to know he was back. How he survived that explosion, how anyone could, I--

Sarah: Does it make you wonder?

Eric: What?

Sarah: If xander survived, maybe nicole did too?

Eli: All right, as you know, we have surveillance footage of you at the horton town square the day of john black and marlena's wedding.

Xander: Yeah, lovely affair, don't you think?

Eli: You shot her in broad daylight, cook. And yeah, you slipped away, but there is no doubt that that is your ugly mug on those tapes.

Xander: Now, now, no need--

Eli: Why don't you do me a favor and let me write up your confession?

Xander: I'm not saying a word without my lawyer. That's how this all works. You do know that, right? And if you think you're getting a confession out of me, you're dead wrong.

Hope: Counselor. How did the arraignment go? Did stefan do it? Did he flip on ben?

Ted: There was no arraignment.

Hope: What do you mean?

Ted: Well, before I could present my defense, the federal prosecutor announced they have someone else in custody.

Hope: Someone else? No.

Ted: Yes.

Hope: What?

Ted: The head engineer confessed of using the bionic eye to steal classified information from the isa. Stefan dimera was exonerated. And all the charges against him were dropped.

So there you are with your depression

Chloe: So what's your strategy?

Rex: My strategy?

Chloe: Your strategy for winning sarah back?

Rex: Oh.

Chloe: I mean, she's obviously not happy with you. Why would she be? You kind of did the worst thing any fiancÚ can do, right? Get another woman pregnant?

Rex: That literally is the worst thing a fiancÚ could could possibly do.

Chloe: Yes, well, at least you're owning up to it. That's good. So what's your plan? You gonna just charm your way back into her heart? Send her flowers? Grovel at her feet?

Rex: Grovel? No. Flowers. Flowers is the play.

Chloe: Oh.

Rex: I don't know about gro-- no, I don't know about groveling.

Chloe: Groveling's good.

Rex: No, I--okay, my strategy? My strategy is to... just remind her that we were really great together. And remind her that we were so in love. And to remind her that we had such a--a strong connection. And that connection is still there, in spite of everything that's happened.

Chloe: Hm. Are you sure about that? I mean, you didn't exactly just flirt with another woman at some party, you know.

Rex: No, no. I didn't, but... look, like, all kidding aside, I mean, I did something so terrible and it's so unforgivable, and it's presumptuous of me, I guess, or it may seem arrogant or egotistical for me to just show up back here in salem and I'm gonna win her back and all this, but chloe, this has nothing to do with ego. I swear. I love this woman. I'm a seriously flawed person and I really screwed up, big time. 'Cause she's so special to me.

Chloe: Hm. Well, I get it, then. Why you'd want to fight to get her back.

Rex: And I know this is just between me and sarah, but anyway, it seemed lame to have outside influences involved, but still...

Chloe: Still what?

Rex: Still, my brother eric, who has a great ability to connect with other people, you know, he and sarah have become friends and he's-- he's gonna help me and having his support, I think it's gonna be great.

Eric: Nicole alive? You know, when I saw xander, my mind went there for a second. There's no way that nicole could have survived that explosion. She was trapped in a confined area. And somehow, xander must have got his way in and out of that building.

Sarah: I know that you-- you said you were right there with her, right before the building blew.

Eric: Yeah, we were... there. I was in and out of there. We were so close.

Sarah: I'm so sorry for what you've been through.

Eric: No, what nicole went through. What that little girl lost forever. And that's what breaks my heart. Now I know that xander's gonna pay the price for what he did.

Eli: Fine. I don't need your confession. We got you dead to rights. You'll never make bail. Oh, hey, uh, congrats on rising from the dead. Yeah, that was cool. But your life on the outside is over.

Hope: I-- this, it can't be real. It just-- stefan had to have gotten someone to take the fall for him.

Ted: As far as I know, it's real. Dimera gave me no indication that someone took the fall for him. If he did, I would have told you.

Hope: This was my best chance to get ben. Maybe my only.

Ted: For what it's worth, hope, I'm really sorry.

Hope: Don't be. I know you did your best. And I appreciate it.

Ted: Hope... we're even, right?

Abigail: [Clears throat]

Kate: How's charlotte?

Abigail: She needs her mother so we're done here.

Kate: Well... you know, abigail, you say that you can't forgive me, and yet, you let gabi off the hook. And she's behind this whole thing.

Abigail: I didn't press charges against gabi because I didn't want arianna to grow up without her mother. I didn't forgive gabi. I'm not gonna forgive you either.

Kate: Okay. That's fine. I can live with that. But for your sake, for your children's sake, you need to forgive chad.

Chad: You know what? Um... dragging this out is gonna be pointless. It's just gonna be a massive waste of time.

Gabi: Meaning?

Chad: Meaning I will break the contract that gabi chic has with dimera--no more ties.

Gabi: Really? You would do that for me?

Chad: Not for you. For arianna.

Gabi: Thank you.

Chad: I'll have to get it approved by the board, but that's just a formality. Now that I have total executive control, I'm in charge now. Stefan's out of the picture.

Stefan: Guess again, little brother.

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