Days Transcript Friday 1/4/19

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/4/19


Episode #13436 ~ Jack confronts Eve about lying to him; Rafe arrests Stefan for espionage; Hope interrupts Ben and Ciara's date to tell her daughter about Ben's role in Gabi's abduction; Abigail blasts Chad for betraying her trust.

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 Eve: jack! Come on, I'm trying to help you. I brought you home.

Jack: You are so good at this.

Eve: At what?

Jack: I may not remember a damn thing about my life here in salem, but I know when a person's talking around and around and around something to avoid talking about it. So, let's begin...with our marriage.

Eve: Well, you know how marriages are. We were happy enough.

Jack: Happy.

Eve: Uh-huh.

Jack: Yes. Okay. Tell me the truth, and let's talk about the happy part.

Eve: What, exactly, did jennifer tell you?

Roman: Hey! I heard jack's alive.

Jennifer: Yeah. And I need you to tell me how that's possible.

Kayla: So if you would call me back, seth, as soon as you get this, I would really appreciate it. It's regarding dr. Rolf's serum. I have another victim who's a candidate.

[Phone beeps]

Stefan: Well, listen, the year just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

Kayla: Well, for some of us. You can't imagine how ecstatic i was to find out that chad is the father of abigail's baby.

[Baby fussing]

Chad: How lucky I am. Little girl that I've always wanted right here in my arms.

[Baby snuffling] You know, bit of a shocker-- I made some mistakes, you know? Yes, I have. But you give me hope. All I wanna do is make you happy. Yeah. Make you happy.

[Baby gurgles] Give you and your brother and your mom the life that you all deserve. She's not exactly happy with me right now. Can't say that I blame her, 'cause...your dad was a little bit of an ass. Uh, a-s-S.

[Baby snuffles] But I'm gonna do my best on everything that I can to put all of this... back together again. I'm never gonna stop trying.

[Door closes]


[Soft, emotional music]

[Door opens]

Rafe: We just ran into the assistant D.A.--Is it true? Abigail won't press charges?

Hope: How is that possible?

Gabi: I know you think I'm a monster and that I should roast for this, but yes, it's true. Abigail refuses, and I still don't understand why.

Ben: For you.

Ciara: Why?

Ben: Christmas. A big ride... I canceled on you, and... I'm hoping that you'll forgive me.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Jack: When we were married, did we love each other?

Eve: [Small laugh] Jack, you know, there are different kinds of love.

Jack: Like love of money.

Eve: Yeah. Jennifer told you. Okay, yes. Yes. Um...we married so I could inherit a boatload of cash. But you wanted that money just as badly as I did, and you know what, jack? We were good. We were partners. We were good!

Jack: If we were so good, then why the hell did we split up?

[Baby fusses]

Abigail: What are you--what are you doing here? I left jj with charlotte.

Chad: I should have called.

Abigail: Hi, sweet girl. Yeah, you should have. Hi there.

Chad: It's just I wanted to-- I-I needed to see her. I just wanted to hold her, and then jj had to go to work, so i offered to watch her.

Abigail: Well, that wasn't jj's decision to make.

Chad: Don't be mad at him. Look, if this is the way it's gonna be, if you're gonna be angry at me--which I totally understand, don't get me wrong-- but if this is how it's gonna be, then we're gonna have to come up with some kind of schedule for the kids. Unless you...are you planning on not allowing me to see charlotte?

Ciara: You know, I'm not really a roses kinda girl.

[Gasps] Ah--

Ben: What roses? I'll get you any flowers you want--tulips, petunias, peonies. You name it, I will flood this apartment with vases and vases of them.

Ciara: Oh, my gosh, you are crazy.

Ben: So I've been told.

Ciara: I'm sorry, I-- sorry.

Ben: Don't be sorry. Because now...the only thing I'm crazy about is you. So...forgiven?

Ciara: Maybe. Just tell me what was so important that you had to do for stefan on christmas.

[Dark chords]

Gabi: Help! Help, somebody--

Ben: Shh, shh, shh. Just routine business.

[Small laugh]

Abigail: Gabi kept our daughter from you long enough. I'm not going to do that.

Chad: Thank you. What gabi-- what gabi did to you... to our daughter... our family--I hope she spends the rest of her life in prison.

Abigail: Well, that's, uh, that's not going to happen. I spoke to the assistant D.A., And I'm not pressing charges.

Chad: I'm sorry--what?

Stefan: Your negligence caused this.

Kayla: Excuse me?

Stefan: You let gabi hernandez get her hands on those test results and change them-- you.

Kayla: She happened to be in my office when the paternity tests were delivered. I was not there. It's not my fault. Why don't you go and bother other people, okay? Because I have patients to see.

Stefan: Enjoy your job while you still have it. I filed a formal complaint with seth burns.

Kayla: If anyone should face charges, it's you.

Jennifer: After jack fell down the elevator shaft, y-you checked him, you saw him, right?

Roman: Right. I watched the paramedics try to revive him, and they pronounced him dead at the scene, took his body straight to the morgue.

Jennifer: Okay, but that's when jack said somehow rolf got to him and injected him with the same drug he used on will.

Roman: Yeah, with the same results--back among the living but with no memory.

Jennifer: Right, but can you remember anything, roman, anything that was suspicious?

Roman: No. No. But that doesn't mean that one of those emts wasn't in stefano's pocket. Or that rolf got to jack in the morgue like he did with will. But jenn, however this happened, I mean, it's a wonderful miracle, isn't it? Jack is alive!

Jennifer: But he doesn't even know who I am, roman. I need to know what happened to jack and how eve got her hooks into him.

Eve: We split up because you decided you wanted to go back to little miss perfect.

Jack: It's just a minor detail that we didn't like each other.

Eve: Oh, my gosh, she exaggerates. [Scoffs] We had a moment, or a couple of moments--some good ones too, actually.

Jack: Like when I swindled you out of that inheritance.

Eve: My gosh, she is such a blabbermouth. Okay, that one ticked me off a little bit.

Jack: So I stole a hell of a lot of money from you, we didn't like each other, wanna help me why?

Eve: It's A...frenemy kinda thing, maybe?

Jack: This has nothing to do with me. This is all about you hurting jennifer.

Roman: Here you go.

Jennifer: It's even worse than jack not remembering me. He doesn't want to have anything to do with me, roman. He looks at me like I am this horrible person. So this man that I never stopped loving doesn't even wanna be in the same room with me.

Roman: Jenn, listen, um, i know you're upset, okay? Rightfully so. But for the sake of perspective, 2018 wasn't a good year for the hortons. Jj attempted suicide, abigail's been to hell and back. You had your heart broken in pieces. So jack being alive? Like I said, that's a damn miracle.

Jennifer: Yeah, roman, I-i get that, and I am so grateful. But this is not about jack. It's about eve. He lost his memory, and she is taking advantage of that and turning him against me.

Eve: So maybe I am enjoying sticking it to that hypocrite just a little bit, but I don't know. That's just, um, whipped cream.

Jack: You just compared us to a sundae.

Eve: Jack, I know that you're not remembering everything, but I think you can still tell when a woman is enjoying your company, and I am. Immensely.

Jack: A woman I swindled out of a hell of a lot of money... who disliked me... and all is forgiven.

Eve: So? You know, we fought a little. Actually, it was definitely more than a little. But we had a mutual respect for each other. We have a lot in common, jack. We do.

Jack: Like what?

Eve: We're both not afraid to go after what we want.

Jack: And I bet you usually get it.

Eve: I used to. Yeah, I did. I, uh, tried to be the good girl, but that was a fatal mistake. I played by the rules, and i lost absolutely everything.

Rafe: Well, I'm gonna be cautiously optimistic, because without abigail's cooperation, melinda trask doesn't have much of a case, and I doubt she will pursue prosecution.

Gabi: Well, trask is the least of my problems.

Hope: You know, gabi, for someone who was just handed a complete miracle, well, you just--you don't seem very relieved about it.

Gabi: Well, there are scarier things than a self-righteous D.A. On a crusade.

Rafe: Like what?

Gabi: Like stefan dimera.

Kayla: You used steve and his bionic eye to steal confidential isa information. And now while you are free to live your life as you please, steve is circling the globe, trying to undo what you've done.

Stefan: Calm--calm down. I told you, kayla, I didn't have anything to do with that.

Kayla: Oh, well, you'll understand if I have zero reason to believe anything that comes out of your mouth.

Stefan: I made calls on steve's behalf, I cooperated with the authorities, I tried to help just like I told you i would.

Kayla: Great. More lies.

Stefan: [Light laugh] Do you think that maybe the isa is having trouble finding the real culprit because they had the right person in the first place? Hmm? Good old steve.

Kayla: You bastard.

Stefan: I mean, y-you had no clue that, uh, that gabi changed the test results. Maybe you have no clue what your husband is really up to. Perhaps he's selling government secrets. Perhaps he's the traitor. Happy new year.

[Edgy percussive music]

Ben: Stefan dimera gave me a job...when nobody else would. He rented me a room. He's not all that bad.

Ciara: How can you even say that after what he's done to the people I love?

Ben: Because I saw stefan when he found out that abigail's baby wasn't his. The guy was crushed, and I felt for him. I've been there. Losing a baby you thought was yours--there's nothing worse.

Ciara: Well, the flip side-- chad found out that he's charlotte's daddy. And I'm thrilled for him.

[Dark music]

Chad: So gabi just walks away, and you're--you're okay with that.

Abigail: No, I-I walk away. I walk away from the anger and the hate and the resentment. And I'm not that woman. I'm not gonna obsess about revenge and payback. I'm going to...

[Baby fusses] I'm gonna just focus on the positive things in my life like my children and being a good example to them.

Chad: What about justice?

Abigail: What about it? Gabi has to live with what she's done, and that's justice enough.

Chad: So then what, you just...then what? You're just gonna forgive her?

Abigail: No, I'm not gonna forgive her. But I don't need to forgive her in order to move on. We've all suffered enough here, chad. Putting gabi behind bars--that's not gonna undo any of the damage.

Chad: Yeah, maybe not, but i personally want her to suffer.

Abigail: Shh!

Chad: [Quietly] I want her to suffer every day of her life. Understand me? For what she did to you... charlotte, our family. I want her to suffer. I'm 53, but in my mind I'm still 35.

Jack: So...

Eve: Mm-hmm.

Jack: No more good girl. You're going over to the dark side.

Eve: Mmm. Maybe...that's my comfort zone. But you know, you weren't exactly a saint either. You had your brother beaten up once. And if I remember correctly, you never let any man or woman stand in the way of getting what you wanted.

Jack: So...I'm an ass.

Eve: Mmm. You became a very good guy. But your reward? Jennifer kicked you right in the teeth.

Jack: She seemed like A... kind, gentle person.

Eve: Oh, please. Do not get caught up in jenn's sweet... sweet, sweet little jenn from the hood act. 'Cause this is the same woman who, after you fought your way back to her and your family, she just strung you along because she was happy and having so much fun dating daniel. Now, really, jack, is that the kinda woman you can trust your heart with again? Huh?

Kayla: Jenn! I heard the news that jack is back--it's just unbelievable!

Jennifer: I know, I'm still-- I'm still reeling.

Kayla: I bet. I-I couldn't believe when jj told me, and I called steve, and he is beyond thrilled that his brother is alive. He wanted you to know that if he could be here, he would, but he can'T.

Jennifer: It's okay. Because jack doesn't remember anybody. But I have hope because of will, and I know it's a long shot, but can you do anything to help? Please.

Kayla: Jj already asked that question, so I put in a call to seth burns. He's the one that has the notes and the formula from dr. Rolf's serum, the one that helped will get his memory back.

Jennifer: Okay.

Ciara: You know, I get that chad isn't your favorite person, but he's a pretty awesome dad. I used to nanny for thomas for a little while, and the way chad related to him--I mean, he was loving and protective and really fun--

Ben: Yeah, I get it. Chad is the...greatest rock star dad who ever lived.

Ciara: Maybe I'm the idiot who kinda crushed on him big-time.

[Dark chords]

Ben: You crushed on chad?

Ciara: [Small laugh] Are you jealous?

Ben: It's not a place I like to go. Things I did to abigail because I was jealous of her and chad. I was a monster.

Ciara: I'm sorry. Again. For bringing up your past again.

Ben: No, no, don't be sorry. My's never that far away. People who aren't here because of me. People I hurt. Things I can't undo. Ciara, I wake up with it. I go to sleep with it.

Ciara: You're a different man now. You were sick, and now you're better. And you're starting a whole new life.

Ben: And I have debts that I can never repay.

Ciara: Well, I have one that's an easy fix. You promised me that we would go for a ride and try this little baby out.

[Bell tinkling]

Ben: I did.

Ciara: So, let's do it. Come on. Come on, let's go!

Ben: Let me get my jacket.

Ciara: Come on.

Ben: All right.

Chad: I can't believe you're gonna let gabi just get away with this.

Abigail: I'm not, I--you know, we're not...we're not having this conversation, okay? My mind has been made up.

Chad: Yeah, well, I, uh, i think gabi needs to answer for what she did to you.

Abigail: You don't get to do this! You do not get to fight for me now! You don't get to protect me now. You did not believe me when I needed you. You chose to believe gabi, so it is too damn late.

Chad: Abby, don't, don'T. You don't get--

Abigail: Just go.

Chad: No!

Abigail: Just go, chad. I will bring the kids by the kiriakis house later.

Chad: That's not gonna work.

Abigail: Why?

Chad: Victor fired me, and he kicked us outta the house. That's why.

Abigail: Why? What do you mean?

Chad: Sexual harassment lawsuit. Sonny. I knew about it. I knew it was bogus, and i didn't tell him.

Abigail: And why the hell not, chad?

Chad: 'Cause I wanted to get back at stefan, and being the ceo of titan was the only way to do that.

Rafe: So you're worried that stefan might retaliate against you for having switched charlotte's paternity tests.

Gabi: He already has.

Rafe: What?

Hope: Why didn't you mention this when you first turned yourself in?

Rafe: What did he do?

Gabi: Well, when you guys thought I had bolted, he had me kidnapped.

Hope: He what?

Gabi: I was being held at the dimera mansion.

Rafe: Did he hurt you?

Gabi: Well, he, uh, he threatened to, but no, he...he let me go. But he was very clear that this was not over.

Rafe: That son of a bitch. I'm gonna kill him.

Hope: Wait, wait, wait, wait. The fact is, americans move more than anyone else in the world.

Hope: Wait, wait! Stop! Just stop for a second. Listen. You cannot go after stefan based on nothing more than gabi's statements.

Rafe: I'm not going as a cop. I'm going as a brother.

Hope: No, rafe, not like this, not out for blood. But listen. Look at me. We will protect her. But we do it by the book.

Rafe: Oh, by the book. By the book, huh? The way you followed the book with ted laurent, hmm?

Hope: Rafe--

Rafe: Keeping ben from ciara? Right? You know what? You asked for my support. I gave it. I could use yours.

Hope: You have my support. You have it. But going after stefan like this, it is...

Rafe: Is what?

Hope: It is not going to help--it is only gonna make things worse.

Rafe: Oh, yeah. This advice as my boss or my wife?

Hope: How 'bout both? Abigail went through hell because of you.

Gabi: And I went through hell because of abigail. Pretty sure she didn't press charges because... we're even. I mean, if it's enough for abigail, why can't it be enough for you?

[Phone rings]

Hope: Excuse me.

[Beep] Melinda. Okay. I understand. She's right here. Of course I'll tell her.


Gabi: Trask? What'd she say?

Hope: [Scoffs] She is, uh, furious... that abigail refuses to cooperate. She feels like she has a case she can't win.

Gabi: She's all about the win, even when she's wrong. Can I go now?

Hope: Yes. But before you do, gabi, I'd like to take your statement about stefan having you kidnapped. Any idea who grabbed you from the kiriakis mansion?

Gabi: Yeah, actually, it was his new head of security. Ben weston.

[Dramatic musical sting]

Ben: You're a speed demon.

Ciara: [Laughs]

Ben: Seriously, the way you hit those curves--are you kidding me?

Ciara: Mmm. Maybe it's 'cause I wanted you to hold on tighter.

Ben: Oh...

Ciara: And it worked.

Ben: Mm.

Ciara: So did this thing. Not a single evil spirit in sight, so...thank you.

Ben: Well, I'm glad you liked it.

[Breathy laugh] Thank you for the ride. I should probably get going.

Ciara: Um... tripp and claire are actually working right now. Would you maybe wanna hang out--

Ben: Yes.

Ciara: [Laughs]

Ben: Sure. That would be great.

[Soft, jazzy music]

Jack: Is daniel...

Eve: Mm-hmm?

Jack: The man who died... was jennifer in love with him?

Eve: [Scoffs] Jack, you're missing the point here. And the point is that you did the right thing. You were the hero. You came back to town to the woman that you loved, to your family. She's the one that did all the wrong.

Jack: She's the mother of my children--we're gonna have to have some kind of relationship.

Eve: Yeah, well, probably in time you will, but... that's-- you know, as harsh as this is going to sound, I think you need to embrace your dark side to protect yourself. Because I don't want you to have to learn all those hard lessons all over again.

Jack: What lessons are those?

Eve: That nice guys... always finish last. And everybody--and I mean everybody--loves the bad boy.

Jennifer: I need to head out. Actually, I need to check on abigail and charlotte. Not that abigail even wants me around right now, but...

Kayla: You know what? Give it time, all right? And with jack too. And I'll do everything I can to persuade seth and the board to let jack have the formula, all right?

Jennifer: Yeah. That would be amazing. Thank you, kayla.

Kayla: Okay.

Jennifer: Roman.

Roman: Hang in there. Okay?

Jennifer: Thank you.

Roman: All right.

Jennifer: Good-bye.

Abigail: Who are you, chad? Where is that man that I married that had principles a-and ethics and integrity and always chose to do the right thing? I mean, you're--you--

Chad: He lost his way. Forgot what was important, and he stopped focusing on his wife and his kids and his friends.

Abigail: Well, I guess that makes you a true dimera then, right? Just like stefan and ej and kristen? Your dad would be so proud.

Chad: I'm not proud of what i did, but I'm gonna...I'm gonna make it up to sonny, and I am gonna do my best to make it up to you.

Abigail: There's no way that's gonna happen.

[Knock on door]

Ciara: Ignore them. Maybe they'll go away.

[Loud knocking]

Ben: They're not going away.

Ciara: Whoever it is, I'll get rid of them. You...don't move, okay? Mom.

Hope: Missed a button.

Ben: [Ahem]

Hope: Oh! Hello, ben. Would you mind giving me a moment with my daughter? Alone?

Ciara: Um, whatever you have to say, you can say in front of ben.

Hope: Perfect. Because this concerns ben. I wouldn't want you to feel left out. It is a police matter.

Ciara: Don't get started about the fire again, mom.

Hope: This has nothing to do with the fire--this has to do with ben kidnapping gabi hernandez.

[Unsettling music]

Stefan: Ah--uhh!


Rafe: Kidnapping?

Stefan: [Straining] What the--[Gags]

Rafe: Really?

Stefan: Ugh! [Strained] Well, hello, rafe. Let me guess. This is about--[Wheezes, laughs] About ted--ted laurent and his bogus claim against me.

Rafe: No.

Stefan: Uhh!

Rafe: It's about my damn sister. I know what you did to her, you son of a bitch.

Stefan: [Gasping, wheezing]

Chad: If you just give me a chance--

Abigail: [Quietly] Just give you a chance? I don't know how to give you another chance. You didn't see me. You stopped seeing me. You didn't trust in us, that we could get through this together. Y-you lied to me--how could I-- how could I ever--

Chad: Listen, for--

Abigail: No--just stop--

Chad: For what it's worth, i thought I was doing what was best.

Abigail: The truth is I am never, ever going to forgive you. I'm never gonna look at you and not see the man that ripped my child out of my arms. I'm never gonna be able to look at you and not see the man that I thought you were. So I am never going to get over this.

Chad: Not today, but someday. Because--listen. Through my actions, I'm gonna prove to you that I can be a better man. I'm going to do everything that I possibly can.

Abigail: Chad, just don'T.

Chad: You know, julie's rooting for us, all right? 'Cause she knows that you're the love of my life. She told me not to give up. And, yeah, I screwed things up in an epic...epic way, and i broke your heart and I broke up our family. But I'm not gonna stop fighting for us. Would you-- okay. Hi, honey. Would you tell your mom that I love her very much, and i am very patient and I am gonna fight like hell... to make things right.

Jack: It's so much to take in. And there's so many blanks. I mean, hell, it's all blank.

[Sighs] Maybe I shouldn't have sent abigail away. Maybe I should go see her right now.

Eve: No, no, no, jack, hey, wait, wait, no, no. You need to give it some time here, okay? Maybe you're gonna remember things and maybe you won't, but right have to rebuild your life.

Jack: I'm a grandfather. I'd like to see my grandkids. I think.

Eve: Of course you wanna do that, and you time. But right now, I don't know if it's such a good time, you know? Because abigail's a little whack-a-doodle. I mean, she's juggling between fake baby daddy and real baby daddy. They're both her ex-husbands, and one even married her alter personality. So...definitely, she needs to unsnarl her own life before you start asking her questions about yours.

Jack: You're right.

Eve: Yeah.

Jack: You're right. But I want the truth.

Eve: And you...question me. My motives. I understand, jack. But you know, I'm the only person in this town who's not trying to force you to be the man you were. And what the hell fun is that, anyway? You don't belong with a woman like jennifer horton any more than I belong with a man like brady black. We... we're bad. But we were so good. Maybe we could, uh... do that again.

[Slow, dangerous music]

Hope: So... while the rest of the world was opening gifts and celebrating a day of love with family and friends... ben was kidnapping gabi hernandez at the kiriakis mansion while her daughter was in the next room.

Ciara: Is this true?

Ben: Are you going to arrest me?

Roman: According to my contacts, the feds have been trying to tie the espionage charge to stefan.

Kayla: Really? Did they find anything?

Roman: Look, I don't know the specifics, and I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but the grand jury did meet to decide whether or not to indict stefan.

Kayla: And?

Roman: The decision was sealed. But if they did vote to indict him, he could be arrested any time.

Kayla: Or he could get away scot-free.

Rafe: Hmm? Hmm?!

Stefan: [Chokes, wheezes]

[Strained] Hey, rafe, this whole brotherly love thing you got going on--it really works for you. But I didn't do anything wrong.

Rafe: You kidnapped my sister, you son of a bitch.

Stefan: Ohh!

[Panting] Too--too bad there isn't any proof except the word of your sister, and we both know what that's worth in this town. Now get the hell out of my house. You wanna arrest someone? Arrest your sister. That woman is seriously out of control.

Rafe: Yeah. But this... isn'T...over.

Stefan: Oh, course it isn'T. Never is.

Rafe: No.

[Phone rings]


[Beep] Yeah, what? You gotta be kidding me. Gladly.

[Beep] Well, looks like you're under arrest after all.

Stefan: [Laughing] God, you're still--you're still on this? I--who--who--who's gonna believe the word of your sister over mine?

Rafe: It's not about gabi. See, uh, a federal indictment just came down. You're under arrest for treason.

Stefan: [Scoffs] What--

Rafe: Yeah.

Stefan: Oh--uhh! Really?

Rafe: Yep.

Stefan: [Scoffs/wheezes]

Gabi: Hey, baby girl. Listen, I'm coming home right now. Yeah. Would you like to go to the skating rink? You--okay, great. I love you.

[Beep] Chad.

Chad: You seem pleased with yourself.

Gabi: I was on the phone with arianna.

Chad: It looks like she got what she wanted for christmas. Mom's not going anywhere.

Gabi: Yeah. Abigail's been very compassionate.

Chad: That's because she's a better person than either one of us. I haven't forgotten what you did, and I sure as hell will never forgive you.

[Uneasy music]


Jennifer: Hi.

Abigail: Hi.

Jennifer: I'm glad you're home. How are you?

Abigail: Um--

Jennifer: I heard. That you saw dad.

Abigail: Yeah, um... he doesn't remember me, mom. He doesn't remember anyone. He...

Jennifer: He doesn't remember anyone who really loves him.

Abigail: Yeah, but, I mean, will got his memory back, right? So we just have to... we have to work at it and--and we'll snap him back, right?

Jennifer: Yeah. Before eve talks him into doing anything that we'll all regret.

[Dark music]

Eve: You feel it too, don't you, jack? The pull? You know... we've always had it.

Jack: You are a very sexy woman.

Eve: And you are a very sexy man. You know, it's kinda crazy that all this sexiness...we never made love while we were married. Not once. Now, ain't that a shame? But we have now. So, uh... it's a new year, new man, new life. I think we need to celebrate.

[Dark music]

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