Days Transcript Wednesday 2/21/18

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/21/18


Episode #13216 ~ Steve and Tripp have a heartfelt reunion; Marlena comforts a guilt-ridden John; Eric and Jennifer have a tense run-in with Brady and Eve; Maggie learns of Victor and Brady's plan.

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[Soft music]

Eric: What happened to your date?

Jennifer: I'm looking at him.

[Knock at door] I brought you a doughnut.

Eric: Great.

Jennifer: Or maybe it was just an excuse to see you.

Eric: You don't need an excuse to see me, not after last night.

Jennifer: I sort of can't stop thinking about it.

Eric: I definitely can'T.

Ciara: Mom, stop! You are about to get married. That is what you should be thinking about right now. I'm fine. I love you too.

[Door clatters]

Claire: [Huffs]

Ciara: I have to go. Bye. What... what are you doing home? I thought you were gonna spend your entire vacation with theo.

Claire: Yeah, well, that's what I thought too, but that is so not what happened.


Brady: I cannot believe this. When--when will they know if steve's okay? All right, well, what about everyone else? All right. Okay, that's a relief. I'll call dad-- I'll call dad soon. Thanks for keeping me posted, paul.

[Sighs] So my dad's old boss at the isa went rogue and forced my father to poison steve.

Victor: Oh, charming.

Brady: Then when the whole thing backfired, she, uh, threatened to kill steve's son and ciara.

Victor: My god. Is she all right?

Brady: Yeah, ciara's fine. And steve's son is okay too.

Victor: So everything turned out all right.

Brady: Well, steve is not 100%, but he's-- he's feeling better.

Victor: John was actually poisoning him? Fun and games with the isa.

Brady: [Sighs] What are you doing here, by the way? I thought you and maggie were gonna be in chicago until next week.

Victor: Yeah, well, I got worried when I listened to your message.

Brady: Why? Granddad, it was-- it was your idea in the first place for me to romance eve, and it's working, by the way.

Victor: Yeah, I'm sure it's working on you too.

Brady: I'm gonna put the full-court press on soon, and when--when I do, she's gonna fall hard. I'm gonna take back our assets, and I'm gonna drop her like a hot rock. That's the plan.

Victor: Yeah, well, you better.

Brady: Will you trust me? I feel nothing for the woman.

Eve: Good morning, guys. You feel nothing for who?

[Dramatic music]

John: He shouldn't have gone through this. I should've found another way to handle this whole thing, maybe switched out the poison to something that wouldn't hurt him, anything but what I did. Anything but what I did.

Marlena: Look, your boss would've figured that out. She was watching both of you. And, john, for all we know, the--the isa could've hacked into the computer at the hospital. So if steve hadn't shown some visible signs of distress, she would've had him killed.

John: [Laughs softly] Thank you for trying to make me feel better.

Marlena: Pamela's dead, and steve is getting the antidote.

John: But what if he didn't get it soon enough? And that is a real possibility, doc. You and I both know it.

[Somber music]

Kayla: "Baby, I'm not real good with words. All I know is that I love you."



Tripp: Kayla, what's-- what's going on? Where--where's dad? What--what happened to him?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Ciara: Did something happen between you and theo?

Claire: Dream on.

Ciara: Then why are you back?

Claire: Um, I never left! O'hare got socked in and I spent 18 hours at the airport on the floor, and then my flight was canceled. And the cheap flight that i booked between london and johannesburg only leaves once a week, so... so much for my valentine's day surprise.

Ciara: Oh, my god. Theo must've been so bummed.

Claire: Yeah, he was a wreck. He was just hanging on, waiting for me to get there. Ugh, I cannot believe this!

Ciara: Well, if it makes you feel any better, my night with tripp was pretty much a total disaster too.

Kayla: Oh. No, steve's okay. No, he's--he's all right. They--they took him to the fourth floor for more tests.

Tripp: Oh. When I came in here and he wasn't in here and you were crying, it just--

Kayla: No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I think it just... it just all hit me, you know, just everything that's been going on and how bad it's been and how worried we've been and...

Tripp: Right. Uh, well, what--what are the other tests for?

Kayla: They just--they just want to make sure that the antidote is, uh, doing what it's supposed to. You know, I'm sorry. I've been so busy administering that to steve and trying to take care of billie and... I don't know any of the details about what happened with you and ciara.

Tripp: It was pretty hairy there for a while. But yeah, that pamela was, uh...

Kayla: A total lunatic. I can't believe that she would go after you or joey. Have I mentioned that I wish steve and john had never heard of the isa?

Tripp: Well, hey, pamela is dead, okay? And--and joey and I and ciara, we're--we're all okay, all right? And steve's getting better. So it's all--it's all okay.

Kayla: I guess we're lucky. Lucky.

[Tender music]

Steve: Now, that's the best medicine I could ever get.

Jennifer: And I just want to tell you again how incredibly stupid I feel for believing anna and not just coming to you.

Eric: Listen, I feel stupid for not getting rid of those pictures of nicole. I just--I just forgot about them.

Jennifer: And then I jumped to all these crazy conclusions.

Eric: You know, I regret the time that we lost.

Jennifer: Yeah, me too.

Eric: You know what it made me realize, though? How important you really are to me.

Jennifer: You're not eating your doughnut.

Eric: You know what? If I eat one more of your doughnuts two days in a row, I'm gonna have to start buying bigger pants.

Jennifer: No, I don't think so. But I would love to take you to breakfast and... have a healthy meal.

Eric: Breakfast with you sounds great.

Brady: I was, uh-- I was talking about theresa... you know, after valentine's day.

Eve: Oh. I see.

Victor: What happened on valentine's day?

Brady: Tate made a valentine's day card for theresa and he was wondering when he could give it to her.

Victor: Better off without her. He's got us.

Eve: And he always will.

Brady: Granddad and i were just discussing the resuscitation of "bella" magazine.

Eve: Hmm!

Victor: Which I still think is a nonstarter.

Eve: Well, in print, maybe, but people are reading magazines on apps and tablets. You do know what an app is, don't you, victor?

Victor: Yes, I do.

Eve: Well, "bella" will provide basic black the perfect platform to advertise its current lines or maybe even expand it. I think brady's idea was a brilliant one.

Victor: Well, we'll find out, won't we?

Eve: God, do you ever support him at all? Or is it just too much damn fun to tear down every good idea he has?

Victor: I don't discuss family matters with burned-out lounge singers.

Brady: All right, hey, that's enough.

Eve: You know what, brady? Forget it. Don't listen to him. I don'T. He's afraid of you. He knows that you have the brains to run titan better than he could ever think of doing.

[Tense music]

We gave people

cottonelle® to try and asked

Victor: I built this company. I didn't have it handed to me. I know it better than anyone.

Eve: We'll see. Your loss, my gain. I think brady and I are a force to be reckoned with.

Brady: And with that, let's get out of here.

Eve: Okay.

Brady: We can go have breakfast and talk business at the cafe.

Eve: Okay.

Victor: Afraid to discuss your grand plan in front of me?

Brady: No, not at all. I just think it'll go faster without your interruptions. And the sooner our goals are realized, the sooner you'll be eating crow.

Victor: The sooner you run basic black into the ground, the sooner I'll be rid of both of you!

Maggie: Oh!

Eve: Oh, excuse us.

Maggie: What was that all about?

Victor: What do you think? Brady's ditched us to throw in with eve.

Maggie: So you and brady are really on the outs?

Victor: Obviously.

Maggie: I found your phone on the nightstand. Um... how do you explain these texts?

Victor: I don't know what you're talking about.

Maggie: "Got your message. Keep up the good work. Reel the bitch in... and then gut her like a fish." What's really going on here?

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: Kayla began giving steve the antidote before his situation became life-threatening. There's every reason to think that he'll make a full recovery.

John: Yeah. But, one, he could have died, and, number two, he never would have done this to me.

Marlena: No. That's not what he told us.

John: Oh, he just said that to make me feel less guilty. Bottom line was, this whole thing went off the rails, and you know it. Paul and will, they find me out, and what do I do? I have to make it look like I kill them?

Marlena: You had to to protect them. And it worked. They're fine. And you're fine. It's over, thank god.

John: Baby, every night when I was lying beside you just staring at the ceiling, all I wanted to do was roll over and ask for your advice. And I couldn't do that, because to do that would have put you in danger. And you're my world, doc. You are my rock.

Steve: Think I'm feeling a little stronger this morning.

Tripp: Good. Are you comfortable?

Steve: Yeah, thanks.

Kayla: I, uh--I think I'll go down to the lab and check on your tests, okay? I won't be gone long.

Steve: Take your time, baby. I want to talk to my boy.

Tripp: Talk about what?

Steve: I just got off the phone with hope. She told me what you had to do.

Tripp: I never killed anybody before.

Steve: I know. Come here.

[Soft dramatic music]

I pray you never get put in that position again.

Tripp: That pamela, she was-- she was out of her mind, you know? She was gonna take out so many people.

Steve: I know. I know. Hope said... you tried to get pamela to take you instead of me.

Tripp: She didn't go for it, though.


Steve: I can't tell you how brave that was or what it means to me that you were ready to do that. But please, don't ever do it again.

Tripp: Come on. It's all my fault that she wanted you dead anyway. I mean, if I hadn't have framed kayla, joey would've never confessed for killing my mom, and none of this would've ever happened. You almost died! And it would've been all my fault.

Steve: No. Come on. Come on. None of this is your fault.

Claire: Oh, my god. Wait, were you really gonna use a baseball bat on that crazy lady?

Ciara: Yeah, it was the only thing I could find. It didn't really work out that well, but...

Claire: Yeah, but still, you bit her so that she couldn't kill tripp. That was pretty excellent. Huh. Sounds kind of like the plot of an adventure movie where the two leads end up falling in love.

Ciara: Oh, no, that's not gonna happen with tripp and me.

Claire: Sorry. That's right. You and tripp are just really good friends.

Ciara: Mm.

Claire: Friends who keep a deep, dark secret for each other.

Ciara: Oh, my god, claire, would you just let that go already?

Claire: Sure, yeah. Soon as you let me in on that big secret. It's all pop-culture trivia, but it gets pretty intense.

Ciara: You know, every time you bug me about the secret, I get more determined not to tell you, okay? So just drop it.

Claire: Fine. Why don't you just tell me more about your big adventure with tripp?

Ciara: It wasn't an adventure, claire. That woman wanted to kill us, and she ended up dead instead.

Claire: Right, so everything worked out. Lucky, lucky you.

Ciara: I'm sorry that you can't be with theo tonight, okay? I really am. But that's the way it is, so you need to focus on something besides me and my life, okay?

Claire: You know, I couldn't care less about your life, ciara.

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Claire: Where are you going?

Ciara: I'm going to make a video montage for my mother's wedding. Is that all right with you?

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Now, you listen to me. You can't blame yourself for anything pamela did. She was out of her mind.

Tripp: I know I can't blame myself for that, but I can blame myself for what I did to kayla. Joey's in prison because of it.

Steve: Joe wanted to pay for what he did to your mother since it happened. Kayla and I, we should've listened to him. But we didn'T. But you know what? He's more at peace right now than he's been in a long time. And kayla understands that what you tried to do to her, you were goaded into it and you were hurting because you never knew your mother. Now all of that is in the past. It's been dealt with. You need to let it go now.

Tripp: [Sighs] You and kayla, you... you were bending over backwards trying to make me a part of this family. I even started to see you love me.

Steve: We do love you.

Tripp: Yeah, but I couldn't love you back. And then I walked in here and you weren't in here and kayla was crying, and I just thought...

Steve: Come on. Okay.

Tripp: I thought-- I thought I had lost you and I'd never get the chance to, uh... you're a great dad. And I love you.

[Tender music]

Steve: I love you too, son. I love you so much.

Eric: No, you more than made up for it when you walked through that door and you gave me that kiss. That has to have been the best valentine's day ever.

Jennifer: I just looked in your eyes and it just felt like all the crazy and all the...

Eric: Stupid, stupid.

Jennifer: Yeah, just stupid, it just-- it just all fell away. And I feel like we were seeing each other for who we really are for the very first time. I'll never forget that moment.

Eve: Well, watch out, salem. When these two hook up, destruction can't be that far behind.

[Dramatic music]

Victor: You never struck me as the type to snoop into my cell phone.

Maggie: Oh, I wasn't snooping. I was looking for pictures of our beautiful valentine's day trip to chicago because I so cherish my beloved husband.

Victor: Oh?

Maggie: Mm-hmm. But that was then. Now I want to know what warped game my beloved husband and his grandson are playing on eve. So start talking... sweetheart. New knorr one skillet meals

Maggie: So let me see if I get this straight. You're dangling the ceo job in front of brady so that he will help you take basic black away from eve.

Victor: It's not as if she got it by hard work.

Maggie: And he's just pretending to romance her in order to accomplish that?

Victor: That's basically it. But as I said--

Maggie: Eve may have gone after deimos because he was loaded, but I don't think she expected him to get murdered. She inherited the company fair and square. But what she didn't inherit was deimos' grudge against the family.

Victor: She didn't have to. She had a grudge of her own!

Maggie: Eve is not my favorite person. But I think she's just looking to belong somewhere and finding a little security. And what brady is doing is cruel and wrong... and as bad for him as it is for eve. I want you to put a stop to it-- now!

Eric: We're not hooking up. We're seeing each other.

Jennifer: Are the two of you dating? I-I saw you at the new year's eve party, until you got thrown out.

Eve: We were at that lousy party, jennifer, on business, okay? But it's, um... it's turned to something a little bit more than that.

Brady: We're good friends now.

Jennifer: Brady, after everything that happened with nicole and theresa--

Brady: Jenn, I can-- I can handle myself.

Eve: He's a big boy. He can certainly handle himself.

Brady: It's actually you, jenn, I'm more worried about. I mean, I know my brother seems very caring and gentle on the outside, but he tends to leave destruction in his wake.

Eric: Are you really gonna do this, brady?

Brady: Eric, I'm just telling it how it is.

Eric: No, you're being a vindictive son of a-- shall we go?

Jennifer: You know what? Eric and I have both made our mistakes...

Brady: You're not in his class, jennifer.

Jennifer: And we have seen each other at our lowest points, but we fought our way back.

Brady: I can't bless this-- this holy union that you have with my brother. I'm sorry. He may be telling you that you're number one right now, but the fact is, if nicole called him right now and said that she needed him, he'd drop you like a bad habit.

[Tense music]

Marlena: I knew something was wrong when you wouldn't talk about it. I-I just--I figured it was isa business, so I didn't-- I didn't want to force you to. I know, when you don't tell me things, it's because you feel you have to protect me. And I-I get so frustrated with that, but it'S... it's also why I love you so.

John: Love you too. I'm just sorry all hell had to break loose on valentine's day.

Marlena: Well...

[Laughs] That pamela, she's got a flair.

John: Yeah, well... I don't want to talk about her anymore. Let's, uh... let's, uh--let's talk about you. And happy valentine's day. I'm sorry it's a little late.

Marlena: Oh!

[Soft keyboard music playing]

[Music stops]

Ciara: Oh, come on! Do you have to do that here, claire? I'm trying to concentrate.

Claire: Uh, I'm working on a song for grandma and rafe's wedding, actually.

Ciara: Something you pulled together in one day? You're better off getting her a toaster. Hers only has one side that works.

Claire: God, you know, I am so sorry you have no musical talent, ciara, but that's not my fault, so...

[Music playing]

Ciara: Can you just please do that somewhere else?

Claire: God! No, the keyboard is here, ciara. You can do that in your room.

Ciara: I was here first.

Claire: God, why do you have to make such a thing out of everything? You know, if you hate me so much, you should've never moved back in.

Ciara: [Laughs] Listen. Living with you is no picnic either, but I don't see why I have to be the one that has to move!

Tripp: Shut up, both of you!

[Scoffs] So much for the big truce, huh?

[Tense music]

Tripp: Do you know how much I hate coming home to a war zone every day?

Claire: God, tripp, it's not my fault. My flight got screwed up and i didn't get to see theo.

Tripp: Yeah, yeah, I-I know the whole story. Theo texted me. And I'm sorry it didn't work out.

Claire: Yeah, well, I mean, ciara told me that that psycho isa lady tried to kidnap you guys. She said that you offered to let her take you instead of your dad. Thank god you guys are okay. Really, I'm--I'm sorry that you had to go through that, tripp. I don't know what I would have done if anything had happened to you, so...

Tripp: Well, I don't know what I would have done if ciara hadn't been in it with me. I mean, she didn't have to be. She could've just hid out in her room. But she didn'T. [Laughs] And when I saw you standing there with that bat, oh! That--that was great.

Ciara: Thank god I didn't have to do anything with it. My swing sucks.

Maggie: What you and brady are doing to eve is wrong.

Victor: She asked for it! Sashaying in here in her widow's weeds, trying to take over!

Maggie: I don't like this ruthless side of you.

Victor: You knew what you were getting when you married me. I am not mickey horton, and I never will be.

Maggie: Well, well, what do you know?

[Clears throat] You finally said something I can agree with.

Eric: Jennifer knows that I've put nicole behind me.

Brady: You--you bought that? I thought I was the only one that bought that.

Jennifer: Listen. You seem to really be enjoying yourself, hurting eric and me. I am so sorry that nicole hurt you so badly. But I am begging you, if you want to start a new life, please do it with someone else.

Eve: Oh, wow, jennifer. Um, I'm still here. And we share a boy named tate, okay?

Jennifer: I know that you believed in starting a family with nicole and with holly and tate. And I am sorry that--that-- that she left you and she started a life on her own, without you--

Brady: That's not how it happened.

Eric: What are you talking about, brady?

Brady: What I meant was... by the time nicole left, I was fed up with her. She's not the kind of woman that can commit to one man, and I won't settle for anything less. I had no idea that she would break up with you as quickly as she did. As far as you falling for, uh, her rejects... jenn, I-I can't do anything about that. I like you. I don't want you to get burned again, honestly.

Eve: Oh, jennifer can ruin things all on her own, brady. Come on.

[Soft dramatic music]

Jennifer: Wow. Well, that put a damper on the morning.

Eric: Yeah, brady hates me. And I understand why. But I want you to know, what he said about nicole... I promise you that I'm over her. Completely over her. So just please tell me-- tell me you believe me.

Maggie: I've always known that you weren't mickey. I love mickey. And I love you as well, victor. But, victor... I married you because I thought these activities were in the past. Hmm, seems like I was wrong.

Victor: Brady is not going to kill eve.

Maggie: Yeah, but what you're doing is cruel and it's sadistic.

Victor: Oh, come on! She's a big girl!

Maggie: She's a woman whose beloved daughter, her only daughter-- her only child-- was murdered and not that long ago. And she has no idea where her only sister is now or even if she's alive. And she gives tate, your great-grandson, the kind of love that she can't get and he can't get from anyone else. Hmm. Yes, breaking her heart is gonna have consequences for her. But you haven't even considered what it could do for you.

Victor: What do you expect me to do?

Maggie: Oh, come on, now. You're a smart guy. You know the answer to that. Tell eve what you're up to.

Marlena: "Doc"...

[Laughs] "This certificate is good for one trip for two"... "to any place in the world the bearer wishes to visit. Only condition: That the bearer's companion must be john black." Wow. This...this idea, a romantic trip, just the two of us, this means more to me than any gift you could buy in a store.

John: Really?

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

John: Because I-I think that maybe you--you missed something from the store.

Marlena: Oh! Oh, wow! Oh! Those are beautiful.

[Tender music]

John: [Sighs]

Marlena: [Sighs]

Steve: Man.

[Sighs] Hey, baby, this thing's starting to bug me. Can I be done with it now? Is that antidote working or what?


Eric: I'm not gonna deny that I was in love with nicole.

Jennifer: I was in love with jack. But we're not teenagers. We're not each other's first loves. So what?

Eric: Nicole is part of my past. I know that now. 'Cause when I look at you... for the first time in a very long time, I can see my future.

Jennifer: I see the same thing when I look at you.

Eric: You know, I kind of feel bad for brady and eve because they don't have what we have.

Jennifer: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I guess I kind of do. But I don't want them to ruin what we just found. Are you okay with that?

Eric: Anything that keeps me closer to you.

Victor: Eve trots out that poor dead daughter of hers every time she thinks it'll get her somewhere. Can't believe you fell for it. And I can't believe you expect me to put her feelings in front of my company.

Maggie: Believe whatever you want. That's what I'm asking you to do.

Victor: I-I'm really taken aback by this. I mean, you're my wife!

Maggie: Yes, I am. But that doesn't mean I'm fine with anything that you do.

Victor: So what do you expect me to do? If I don't do what you say, what? You're gonna tell eve yourself?

Brady: Did we come in at a bad time?

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: Your latest blood work shows a marked improvement. You are almost at the bottom of the normal range.

Steve: Bottom of normal. Sounds pretty good.

Kayla: Mm-hmm. Your sodium levels are still too low, though, and that's important, so I'm going to adjust your diuretic that I've been giving you.

Steve: Mm. I didn't go to medical school, baby. Gonna have to translate.

Kayla: Okay, how about if I show you? Scoochy-scooch. Okay. Let's see. Okay, so... this is your column. Those are your numbers. And this is the normal range over here. You see what I'm saying?

Steve: Sweetness... I think we have a problem.

Ciara: Mm. Oh, my god. I cannot finish this. Do you want some?

Claire: Oh, no, I'm good. I think I'll just go and try and get some sleep since I didn't get any last night.

Ciara: Okay.

Claire: I'll just finish my song later in my room so it doesn't bother you.

Ciara: So do you think steve will be able to come to mom and rafe's wedding?

Tripp: Uh, I know he wants to be there.

Ciara: Oh, that's what he told mom and rafe.

Tripp: Mm-hmm.

Ciara: Yeah.

Tripp: I think she's mad.

Ciara: Not at you, at me. Hey, I'm--I'm sorry that we were fighting when you walked in. And I'm sorry about claire's trip with theo falling through. That really sucks.'s like she wants the whole world to stop just because she got disappointed. And after what happened yesterday, I wasn't exactly in the mood to go, "oh, poor baby, it's gonna be okay. Tell me all about it."

Tripp: She'll get over it.

Ciara: But she won't get over wanting to know about that thing I told you. She still thinks it's about her, even though I told her, like, ten times that it's not.

Tripp: What, she bring it up again?

Ciara: Oh, yeah. Not that it'll do her any good. You're the only one I trust with something like this.

Tripp: It could blow up the lives of the people you care about.

Ciara: Exactly.

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