Days Transcript Monday 2/19/18

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/19/18


Episode #13214 ~ Stefan sees Abigail in a new light; John admits the truth to Steve, Kayla and Marlena; Paul and Will struggle to break free but their predicament has drawn them closer; Tripp and Ciara bond.

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Gabi: Looking for this?

Abigail: [Screams] Chad was wrong. It wasn't stefan. It was you! You killed andre!

[Abigail gasps]

[Phone beeps]

Stefan: Gabi? Gabi. Turn around. Abigail? What are you doing?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

[Soft orchestration]

Will: Paul. Paul. Paul!

Paul: Will... what happened?

Will: Your crazy dad. That's what happened.

Steve: John?

John: Hey, partner. Thought you were sleeping.

Steve: What's that in your hand?

John: It's nothing.

Steve: What were you gonna do to me?

Kayla: What's going on?

Steve: Ask john.

Marlena: John?

John: Just came in to check on steve.

Steve: [Grunts] And inject something into my iv?

Kayla: What?

Marlena: Oh, no. That's ridiculous. John wouldn't do that.

John: Actually, doc, I would. Steve's lying in this hospital bed because I've been slowly poisoning him.

Steve: [Gasping]

Stefan: What are you doing in my room, abigail? And why are you dressed like that?

Gabby: Abigail? [Scoffs] What the hell is your problem?

Stefan: My problem?

Gabby: Are you blind or just wasted?

Stefan: No, I'm fine, actually.

Gabby: Whatever you say.

Stefan: Okay, well-- what is this? What--what are you-- what are you trying to do here?

Gabby: I'm not trying to do anything. And my name's not abigail.

Ciara: Whoo!

Tripp: I'm not sure if I should kiss the ground or go to church.

Ciara: You didn't enjoy the ride?

Tripp: Enjoy? We're-- we're lucky to be alive. I mean, what, do you have a death wish or something?

Ciara: Don't be so dramatic.

Tripp: The roads are icy, ciara, and you're whipping around turns like we're in "fast and furious 18."

Ciara: Oh, stop. Okay? We were safe the entire time.

Tripp: That's your idea of safe? Do you not remember the time when we almost smashed into that truck?

Ciara: Well, that was the driver's fault. He cut us off.

Tripp: Oh, yeah, no. That would've made me feel so much better when I arrived home in a body bag.

Ciara: [Laughs]

Will: Hello? Somebody! Can you help? Hello!

Paul: Save your voice. Even if someone was out there, I doubt they could hear us. It looks like a solid stone crypt. Hmm.

Will: So john put you in here, too?

Paul: I guess he did.

Will: What the hell is wrong with him? He tried to kill me.

Paul: No, he didn'T.

Will: He didn't? He pointed a gun at me, and he fired.

Paul: He fired a gunshot in the air. And then he hit you over the head with the gun.

Will: How do you know that?

Paul: I was outside the crypt when I heard the gunshot. I rushed in to see john standing over you with the gun in his hand. I thought...

Will: You thought he had killed me.

Paul: Yeah. I did. It was awful.

Kayla: You're the one that's been poisoning steve? He's in this condition because of you?

John: That's correct.

Marlena: What? Why would you do that?

John: Because if I hadn't agreed to, he would already be dead.

Kayla: That makes no sense.

Steve: Who wants... to kill me?

John: It's complicated, partner.

Steve: Don't give me that!

John: Pamela van damme wants you dead.

Marlena: The head of the isa?

John: She gave me the order.

Kayla: Why would she want steve killed?

John: To protect herself, the organization.

John: As you know, after ava's death, pamela went to great lengths to cover up the truth. Then when joey made the confession, it just blew it all to hell and put her in a bad place.

Kayla: Why would she do this after everything that steve has done? How he's risked his life over and over again.

John: That doesn't matter. In her mind, she put her whole career on the line for steve. And now that everyone knows she lied, not only is her position at the isa in jeopardy, but she could be prosecuted for the cover-up.

Marlena: So she ordered you to kill him?

Steve: We're all expendable.

Kayla: Expendable?

John: It's very basic. A dead agent can't testify against her.

Kayla: How could you ever agree to do this? How could you? Your best friend? What is wrong with you? Have you completely lost your mind?

Steve: [Gasping]

Gabby: So can i get out of here or what?

Stefan: No, not--not-- not until you tell me why you're wearing this.

Gabby: What, you don't like my clothes? It's gabi chic winter collection.

Stefan: Wait a minute. The-- yeah. The hair, the coat, the gloves...

Gabby: What about them?

Stefan: You're the woman in the security footage everyone assumed was gabi.

Gabby: I don't know what you're talking about.

Stefan: Wait--wait a minute. Okay. Okay. If you were in andre's office that night, why would you set your best friend up and frame her for murder?

Gabby: See, now I think you're getting a little wacko, stef. Because abigail is my best friend. And I would never do anything like that to her.

Stefan: Look, I don't-- I don't know what this-- what this act is that you're doing right now.

Gabby: There's no act. It's not an act. See, abigail is the last person that anyone would ever believe would have killed andre. She loved him. She even defended him after he stole my company out from under me.

Stefan: St-- stole from... from you?

Gabby: See, I love abigail to death, but she can be a little naive; a little too forgiving. Andre took away my company, a company that I built with my own hands. He took away my daughter's legacy, and he laughed about it.

Stefan: I don't know-- I don't know what's happening here.

Gabby: I'll tell you what's happening. See, andre dimera is a lying, stealing creep who got what he deserved.

Stefan: What's that? What's that in your hand?

Gabby: Nothing.

Stefan: Is that the lid to tony's urn?

Gabby: So what if it is?

Stefan: It's part of the murder weapon. What are you doing with it?

Gabby: Oh, okay. Gonna go get all high and mighty on me now, huh?

Stefan: You killed him, didn't you? You killed andre.

Stefan: Uh-uh. Abigail. You better tell me what's going on right now.

Gabby: Shh. I'm in enough trouble as it is.

Stefan: Did you kill andre?

Gabby: That's what everybody thinks, right? Crazy gabi kills again. That bitch melinda trask, she'd do anything to put me away for life this time.

Stefan: Crazy gabi...

Gabby: But I'm not crazy! Circumstantial evidence is all that they have. But I see how they look at me. Because of my past, because of my family. They're gonna take away my little girl. They're gonna take away my life, because why? The dark-haired woman in a gabi chic coat? Hell, that could be anybody. Well, anybody with great hair and a killer body.

Stefan: Was it you? Did you kill andre with that urn?

Gabby: I'm tired of that question. But I will say getting out of the building with that badge? Bit of a problem. But still doesn't prove anything.

Stefan: What about this, huh? What about this? You're holding a piece of the murder weapon.

Gabby: No. You're holding it.

Stefan: It's got dried blood on it. How do you explain that? If you didn't kill him, why do you have it?

Gabby: The lid was a slight problem. That's why I'm trying to get rid of it.

Stefan: By planting evidence in my room.

Gabby: Mm.

Stefan: You're not trying to frame your best friend for murder. You're trying to frame me.

John: Believe me, kayla, I have questioned my sanity the last couple weeks, but hear me out. Pamela van damme made it look like ava vitali was a national security threat. She falsified documents. She fabricated affidavits, and she even coerced witnesses. And once joey's confession broke, there was all kinds of talks of indictments and prison time and-- that's when she called me in. So what can I do for you, boss?

Pamela: I try to do the right thing for my agents, don't I, john? I'm loyal to them so long as they're loyal to me.

John: Yeah, that's a fact. So what's going on?

Pamela: You know how I risked everything to bail agent johnson out of trouble after ava vitali's death. His son's confession could blow it all up.

John: I'm sure steve did everything possible to keep joey from confessing.

Pamela: I don't care. I'm not going down for this. The official story has to stay just that way.

John: Why are you telling me this?

Pamela: Because to protect the agency, everyone who knows the truth-- agent johnson, his wife... their son... have to be eliminated.

John: You want them all killed?

Pamela: Yes. And because you're the one who set this all in motion, you're gonna be the one to do it.

Kayla: And you agreed to kill all three of us?

John: I was in an impossible position. Now, you have to let me finish what I started here.

Kayla: Over my dead body.

Steve: Baby. Please, no.


Pamela: Agent reed?

Billie: [Yelps] Director van damme? What are you doing here?

Pamela: Funny, I was just about to ask you the same question.

Billie: My mother's husband, died, andre, and I came to offer moral support.

Pamela: And to help bury him in the middle of the night?

Billie: Ma'am, I--

Pamela: Assuming that's not your late step-father in the bag, who is it?

Billie: It's john black. I had to take him out.

Paul: When I saw you lying there, all I could think was I was the one that convinced you not to go to the cops about my dad.

Will: You were upset 'cause you felt guilty.

Paul: I was upset because I didn't want to lose my friend.

Will: Your friend?

Paul: You mean a lot to... to a lot of people in this town, especially sonny.

Will: Oh, okay. Of course you'd be thinking about sonny.

Paul: When I saw you lying on the ground, I confronted my father, and I accused him of killing you.

Will: What did he do?

Paul: [Chuckles] He fired another shot in the air and then he knocked me out too.

Will: Yeah. Why fire the gun at all?

Paul: Well, he didn't want to kill us, but maybe he wanted someone else to think he did.

Will: Who?

Paul: I don't know. Maybe it was the person that was forcing him to poison steve. I guess that's why he tied us up and left us in this-- in the dimera crypt.

Will: Did you hear that?

Paul: I think someone's out there.

Will: Hey! Hello?

Paul: Help!

Will: Hello! A little help here?

Paul: Hello!

Ciara: Maybe I shouldn't have given you the big boy helmet.

Tripp: Excuse me, there's no shame in fearing for your life when it's actually in danger.

Ciara: I was in complete control.

Tripp: [Laughs] Really? Are you ever in complete control?

Ciara: Okay, now you sound like my mom.

Tripp: Yeah, and what's with all this daredevil stuff, ciara? Are you trying to prove something?

Ciara: Just... trying to live life?

Tripp: What, by risking it?

Ciara: I don't like living by other people's rules. Doing what they say, keeping their secrets...

Tripp: Look, next time we ride, I'm in front.

Ciara: At least then I won't have to feel your grip getting tighter and tighter around my waist.

Tripp: Maybe I like holding on to you.

Ciara: Oh, is that right?

Tripp: How often do I get to ride on the back of a hot woman's bike?

Ciara: First you accuse me of trying to kill you. And now you're flirting with me?

Tripp: Hey, we just shared a near-death experience. It makes you feel closer to a person.

Ciara: What about claire? I thought you were still into her.

Tripp: I told you. I'm moving on.

Ciara: I'm hungry. Uh, how about we go get some burgers and bring 'em back to the loft?

Tripp: Sounds like a plan. Uh, let me just check my messages. I've been waiting for an update on my dad.

Marlena: John, what are you doing?

Kayla: Do you really think that I'm going to stand here and let you inject steve with more poison?

John: It's not poison. This is the antidote.

Kayla: How do I know that? Where did you get it?

Marlena: Are you doing pamela's bidding or not?

John: When van damme called me in, doc, I had to think fast. Killing the entire johnson family, that's, um... that's gonna attract a lot of unwanted attention here.

Pamela: So cover your tracks.

John: You can trust steve. You gotta give him the chance to fix this.

Pamela: He's had his chances. You know steve as well as I do. He does what he wants. I'm surprised he hasn't been cut loose before this.

John: Cut loose or killed?

Pamela: Oh, come on, john. In our business, we don't get to walk away. Not with the kind of secrets we keep.

John: Steve won't talk. I'll make sure of that.

Pamela: I'm counting on that. Agent johnson is a liability. And so is his wife and son. If you don't take care of this, I'll find someone else who will.

John: All right. I'll do it. But only steve.

Pamela: Agent black--

John: No, no. Joey, he's in prison. Kayla is innocent. Steve broke protocol. Only-- only steve.

Pamela: If steve is killed, his family will sing like canaries.

John: Not if I make it look like natural causes. No one will suspect a thing; your hands will be clean. Yeah, boss, I can make this go away for you.

Pamela: All right. But don't let me down. If you do, steve johnson's family isn't the only one who will suffer. It'll be yours.

Marlena: She threatened our family, too.

John: She's off the rails, doc, none of us are safe. But by making it look like natural causes, I bought some time.

Kayla: Time for what?

John: To develop an antidote to the poison and to find a way to neutralize pamela.

Steve: How?

John: With a little help.

Steve: From who?

John: Pamela's trusted friend, and ours, agent billie reed.

Pamela: We've known each other a long time, billie.

Billie: Yes, we have.

Pamela: And you expect me to believe you killed john black?

Billie: I had to. He'd gone rogue. He was trying to stop your plan to kill steve johnson.

Pamela: He told you this?

Billie: When john found out I was in town, he asked me to get an antidote to stop the poison he was using on steve.

Pamela: Did you?

Billie: No. I just went along with it so I could get the full story. John had every intention of selling you out so that he could save his friend.

Pamela: So how did this happen?

Billie: I told john I would have to tell you the truth, and he pulled a gun on me.

Pamela: John was ready to kill you?

Billie: And then he hesitated for one moment, and I shot him.

Pamela: My people have been watching john. No one's reported that he's missing. On the other hand, john's primary contact has disappeared. So why don't you tell me who is in that bag, agent reed?

Stefan: You tried to set me up by planting this lid.

Gabby: Hmm. Figured that out all on your own, did you, stef? See, I'm facing murder charges. So... somebody's gotta take the fall.

Stefan: Why me?

Gabby: Why not you? Nobody around here likes you anyway. In fact, if you got locked up, I bet they'd throw a party.

Stefan: Hey, as much as I hate to say this, I'm calling the police.

Gabby: Ah, waste of your time. See, my brother is a cop and so is my boyfriend, eli.

Stefan: Okay, stop. Stop. Why--why are you talking like this? Like--

Gabby: What, like I'm innocent? Because I am innocent. Go ahead, call the police. What are they gonna do? Are they gonna come after lying, conniving dimera or single mother gabby hernandez?

Stefan: Damn. You really think you're gabi, don't you?

Gabby: Estas como una cabra? I am. I'm gabby hernandez.

Stefan: Okay, all right. I know you have a hist-- I know abigail has a history of mental illness.

Gabby: What does that have to do with anything?

Stefan: Well, clearly you're sick again. I'm gonna go get chad.

Gabby: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Stefan: And why is that?

Gabby: Because then I'll have to tell chad everything that you did to steal this company out from under him.

Stefan: Look, I know you think that I-- I know that abigail thinks I used insider information to sabotage dimera, but there's no proof of that, so--

Gabby: I don't need proof. I heard you say it.

Stefan: Say what?

Gabby: I overheard you and your mother, vivian, talking about it.

Stefan: When?

Gabby: The night of andre's murder. You were in his office. In fact, you were standing over andre's dead body.

Gabby: What's the matter, stef? Did I drop a bomb on ya?

Stefan: I don't believe you.

Gabby: Hmm. Well, I'm quiet like a cat when I want to be. See, I was getting ready to step into the room, and then I looked over and I saw you and mommy dearest standing over his body, arguing.

Stefan: You're bluffing.

Gabby: Really? Because I saw you reach into his pocket and take out his phone. Looks pretty bad from the outside. I mean, first you use andre so that you can take chad's company away from him. And then you get rid of him when you're done. 'Cause you don't want him to talk.

Stefan: You can't prove any of that.

Gabby: Just like you can't prove that I came in here to plant that lid. So it looks like to me we got ourselves a good old-fashioned mexican standoff. But only one of us is mexican.

Stefan: What do you want?

Gabby: Fresh start? I just want to walk out of here and pretend like none of this ever happened.

Stefan: Hmm. Pretend that you didn't come in here and try and plant evidence in my bedroom?

Gabby: Mm-hmm. I will take my little bloody lid and I will go. And I won't tell anyone what I saw in andre's office.

Stefan: Sorry. I'm not giving it back to you.

Gabby: Whatever. I wanted you to have it anyway. But you might want to find a safe place to hide it, because... you wouldn't want someone to find it and think you killed your brother.

Stefan: Can't let you leave.

Billie: Well, if you don't believe me, take a look in the body bag.

Pamela: Let me guess. I lean over to check and you club me over the head?

Billie: Oh, you really don't trust me.

Pamela: We both know the agent following john black is in that bag.

Billie: Well, I don't know anything about that.

Pamela: But he's not the only one leaving here in a body bag.

Billie: Oh, I don't think so. Right now john is giving steve an antidote. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Pamela: I can ruin you.

Billie: No, you can'T. When john and I found out the lengths you would go to protect yourself, oh, we did a little research. And we found out things that are shocking.

Pamela: You have nothing on me.

Billie: I have a dossier full of criminal charges, bribes, embezzlement, collusion, even murder.

Pamela: You can't do this to me.

Billie: I've already done it. As we speak, you're being declassified and removed from your post. Criminal charges are being filed. It's over, pamela.

Steve: Is joey safe?

John: Yeah, he is, partner. Not only did billie reed secure his protection; she's the one that brought me the antidote.

Steve: [Gasping] Did... anyone see you two together?

John: No, no. She found me at the dimera mausoleum.

Marlena: What were you doing there?

John: Someone else figured out what I was up to.

Paul: Okay, whoever's out there can't hear us. So we're going to have to try and get out of here ourselves.

Will: Okay, this is a new one for me. I've seen it done in movies, though.

Paul: [Laughs]


Will: You know, I get the feeling that this kind of stuff happens a lot in salem.

Paul: Well, you know, it really is a great place to live, though.

Will: Yeah. My grandfather held me at gunpoint, pistol-whipped me, knocked me unconscious, and tied me up in a mausoleum. So maybe now is not the best time for the hard sell on salem.

Paul: Fair enough. But I want you to know, whatever happens, I am not gonna let you get hurt again. There. Got it.

Will: Oh, my god.

Paul: Okay. Here we go. Okay, just a little bit. Here, let me get yours.

Will: Okay. You get tied up often?

Paul: Eh. Comes with the job.

Will: Well, never a dull moment--ow! With you.

Paul: [Laughs]

Will: At least right now I've got my own personal bodyguard.

Paul: Oh, there you go. Yeah. It goes both ways, huh? We got each other's backs.

Will: Okay.

[Both sigh]

Paul: Okay, let's figure out a way to get the hell out of here.

Will: Yeah.

Tripp: Still nothing on my dad.

Ciara: He's probably sleeping. That's a good thing.

Tripp: Right.

Ciara: I know how worried you are about him.

Tripp: I just got to know him. And after everything that happened with joey, it's just-- I just hate to think about him being so sick.

Ciara: He's gonna be okay. Hey, he's got kayla and he's got the best doctors around, doing everything they can for him.

Tripp: Steve's the strongest guy I ever knew. To see him weakened like that is just... and he's scared too. Him and kayla both.

Ciara: It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than that to bring steve johnson down. He's gonna get through this. I know he will.

Tripp: Thanks.

John: Paul and will, they heard me talking on the phone. They saw me with a vial of poison.

Marlena: They suspected you of poisoning steve?

John: And I knew pamela's people were watching me. So when they confronted me, I had to take action.

Marlena: What kind of action?

John: I had to make it look like I'd killed them.

Marlena: What?

[Steve gasps]

[Monitors beeping]

Kayla: His bp is elevated. His c2 is dropping.

John: Kayla, he needs the antidote now. Give it to him now. Give it to him.

Kayla: He is the love of my life; the father of my children. You swear to me right now--

John: It is his only hope! Kayla, give it to him now.

Kayla: You'd better be telling the truth.

[Steve moaning and gasping]

John: Hang in there, partner.

[Steve gasping]

John: Hang in there, partner. Hang in there, partner.

Stefan: I'm not letting you just walk out of here. You need help.

Gabby: I've got all the help I need. Justin is a brilliant lawyer, and rafe and eli are working 24/7 to find another suspect. Hint, hint. It's you.

Stefan: That's not the kind of help I was referring to.

Gabby: Why are you pushing this? I know you don't want me to tell anyone what I saw.

Stefan: I'm worried about you, okay?

Gabby: [Scoffs] Don't be. In fact, you can forget that I was ever even here. I'll just walk out. It'll be our little secret. I know how much you like secrets, right? Almost as much as you like my good friend abigail.

Stefan: This is officially weird.

Gabby: Oh, come on, stef, I'm not stupid. Your little crush on your brother's wife is totally obvious.

Stefan: I'm not talking about this with you.

Gabby: Oh, look at those hurt eyes. Oh, I know. It's hard. But it's a losing battle. Chad and abigail: Soulmates. Learned that the hard way. It hurts to want someone you can't have, doesn't it?

Stefan: Yes.

Gabby: You can't have abigail. It's a losing battle. But... if you wanted to play ball with me, then maybe I could be the next best thing. Hmm. It's not bad. That's not bad at all. I should get back to my man before he realizes I'm gone.

Stefan: Your man?

Gabby: Mm-hmm. Eli, the cop. And I think he's the jealous type, so might want to lay low. I'll see you soon. I'm on the new weight watchers freestyle program,

Kayla: I can't believe that I just injected him with something, and I have no idea what it is.

Marlena: Kayla. He's going to be all right. We can trust john.

[Steve gasping and groaning]

[Phone beeps]

Kayla: Steve. Steve. Okay. Okay. Okay, good.

John: [Sighs]

Marlena: Who's it from?

John: It's from billie. She neutralized pamela.

Marlena: Oh, thank god.

John: Yeah, this is a good thing. Now we can go release paul and will.

Paul: I don't see anyone. Whoever it is must've left.

Will: Let's find your dad before he hurts anybody else.

Tripp: Thanks for hanging with me tonight.

Ciara: Hey, it's the least I could do after I almost killed you on my motorcycle.

Tripp: [Laughs] So you finally admit it.

Ciara: Mm.

Tripp: And I admit that it was kinda fun-- in a terrifying way. Thanks.

Ciara: Anytime.

Tripp: You know, I'm glad to have you as a friend.

Ciara: Ditto. I'm gonna go to bed. Um... I'll see you in the morning.

Tripp: Yeah. Yeah. Uh... good night, ciara.

Ciara: Good night, tripp.

[Knock at door]

Tripp: Uh, can I help you?

Pamela: Yes, I believe you can.

Gabby: Good night, chad. Good night, gabby. It's been a very long evening.

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